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    21.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #blaseball#Lottie Ceilingfan#Famous Owens#Hades Tigers#art #uhhh reblogs appreciated ofc #please let me know your favourite part? if you have any lmao #and pls be nice to me about this tyyy <3 #also listen to Berties stuff on bandcamp or spotify or wherever it slaps SO hard #the new Lottie songs are so good and I am OBSESSED
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    06.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #blaseball#blaseball fanfiction#blaseball fic#mine#lottie ceilingfan#famous owens#hades tigers #breckenridge jazz hands #i wrote this all in one sitting and did not edit at all #also im not Back back im just posting this and running away please enjoy #thank you cola for talking tigers with me my beloved
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    05.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #thank you so much for your super sweet ask!! ;-; #I'm thrilled people enjoyed what I wrote I was worried it would be too niche lmao #now I understand. we are all love lottie ceilingfan #answered
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  • majestic-salad
    03.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Breaking News!!! Lottie Ceilingfan discovers Famous Owens. Tigers desperate for new babysitter!

    Uhhh I am so deep in the Lottie brainrottie, this one meme came to mind, Tigers chat mentioned it’s perfect for them both holding masks. I believe Lottie made her mask herself with a lot of glittery glue and it may be stuck to her face

    #Lottie Ceilingfan#Famous Owens #blesties I love her so much #art#blaseball
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  • queen-eevee
    03.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #hi lottie welcome to the crime au you are trouble <3 #I've been thinking about ways to bring her into this au all day this was the perfect opportunity thank you anon #Lottie: [steals literally the only thing Famous might value as much as their life] Famous: well we have no choice but to hire her #also I read six of crows recently and I think it shows lmao #my writing#blaseball#crime au#hades tigers#hiroto wilcox#lottie ceilingfan
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  • majestic-salad
    02.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Hi Blesties I’m on the Lottie brainrottie and I think she should be Blesties with Zion so they could go zoomies and do crimes together

    #blaseball#zion aleciakeyes#Lottie Ceilingfan#hades tigers#art #Hi I love them so much #Lottie has become my absolute BELOVED in the past days she deserves the world #and Zion my BESTIE #catch me having fun with wild colours <3
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  • majestic-salad
    02.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Lottie Ceilingfan skips up to bat!

    I’ve really enjoyed Lottie this past season, she’s proven herself such a Tiger and I’m love

    #blaseball#Lottie Ceilingfan#Hades Tigers#art #blesties I love her so muuuuch
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  • jirnkirks
    11.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    He ghosts through halls, the lounges- tv’s off, set to reality shows, no, no-

    (Nagomi isn’t very fond of games, you know. I can see where you’re looking.)

    “Shush Cookbook. Look at them. They look so lost.”


    stares at my list of sideblogs going do i even have a writing sideblog out of my gazillions of urls. a scene from me writing about the tigers' newly unshadowed, where they came from and our two dead sorta dads in the sky. sorta moody cookbook/landry violence? they chillin together.
    for wip amnesty: a bunch of tigers fics & feelings i want to share
    cw: a lil depersonalization? its a shadows becoming people fic

    “And now coming to you live, it’s a balmy 28 degrees today. The eclipse shines brightly in Hades, and the Hades Tigers take the field against the New York Millenials. For our watches out there, be sure to bring a raincoat and your grounding rods as oracles have forecast a 34% chance of red lightning today…”

    A rumble.

    (And is today a lightning type of day?)

    “Eh… maybe. That York Silk is looking sharp today. I don’t trust him not to hit a ball.”

    A pause.

    (This isn’t the debt from our time, is it?)

    “It’s been disappearing players. No protection against that. I’ll just keep watch over them, no matter where they go”

    (Thank you Landry.)

    “Hey, it’s not just for you. And it’ll be a good game besides that.”

    “....and there we are, Baltimore Crabs Nagomi McDaniel is back in Hades and up to bat against Hades’ very own Famous Owens, let’s take you to sports…”

    Daniel wants to watch so badly, to see the game that’s making shades scream out even as it storms. The shadows- no a shadow laughs, settling next to him. His room is still the same, the weather outside at his back. Not the real one, no, an image, a dramatization. Nothing real inside the studio, save the shadows. Maybe him.. he’s not sure. Maybe.

    What was he doing again?

    The game, the shadow hisses, winding around him. Yes, the game- where was it..? Daniel walks past the great big cameras, entering the carpeted hallways of the Umbra. His shadow follows him, a smaller shadow with its jagged edges tagging along with Daniel’s own.

    He ghosts through halls, the lounges- tv’s off, set to reality shows, no, no-

    (Nagomi isn’t very fond of games, you know. I can see who you’re looking at.)

    “Shush Cookbook. Look at them. They look so lost.”


    In Philadelphia, Sun 2 shines brightly.

    Waters fill the Hellmouth.

    The Core remains pleasantly cool under another eclipse.

    Daniel sees them better than these halls. Not the cities but the infinite skies stretching over them. He’s the weatherman after all. The sun warms his back, it is dark, he hears the roar of salmon darting upstream even as his feet continue to step on plush carpet.

    The shadow at his feet tugs, or tries to. The small slip of a thing barely has substance in the shadows, but Daniel isn’t wholly of the shadows like it, not completely. But of all the shadows filling up the hotel, only the two of them like watching the games.

    (It is a little sad.)

    “That Daniel’s been pacing a lot these days. And that shadow’s been doing shit all around the hotel recently too. I wonder…”

    (Just help them already Landry.)

    “Yes, cap’n, sir,”


    Glitter in Chicago. Black hole over Hawaii. Today’s weather is-

    “-aaand strike! A third out! An immaculate inning from our very own Famous Owens! Tigers seeking to close the seven run lead caused by the same Owens who just pitched that-”

    An Eclipse over the Sixth Circle Stadium. The shadow jumps from his feet to the shadow under the sofa, curled up tight. Golden eyes await from the dark as Daniel blinks back the afterimage of a thousand suns. He rubs his eyes as the lounge slowly slips into focus around him.

    (It’s a habit, one he picked up from Meng. His own hands feel like nothing, like static, but the gesture remains.)

    “Dang, looks like the Tigers are losing pretty badly, shadow,” Daniel murmurs as he takes a seat. The shadow winds around his ankles in delight especially as it watches the Tigers get striked out one after the other.

    Through the screen, red lightning continues to crackle over Hades and in Daniel’s bones. It feels..it feels like something. Some days, no, most days, it feels like the only thing he can feel is the weather, the lightning crackling over the Stadium is no exception. And he’s heard of the rumors too- that when Landry Violence, may he rest in violence forever, was released, he never left the team. That he was still here, waiting.

    Lightning cracks over the stadium again, and even on the small screen, Daniel and the shadow can see the red light throw Castillo’s armor in menacing relief for one short moment, illuminating them as they hit a home run. Daniel shivers- he didn’t need to see the lightning hit- he could feel the static in his bones the moment before it hit like a wakeup call.

    “Good job, Randy!”

    (Doing it for the love of the game.)

    There are rules in the ILB- about living, dying, and the states inbetween. They’re not very good rules. Four people quietly, impossibly, enjoyed the game between the Hades Tigers and the Baltimore Crabs.

    #blaseball wip amnesty #blaseball#hades tigers#blaseball fic#daniel koch#moody cookbook#landry violence#lottie ceilingfan #but u cant rly tell yes theyre the lilk babey shadow #my writing
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  • leonstamatis
    05.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    blaseball non-flowers masterpost

    so, okay. not everything i write is for the flowers. this post has... almost everything else. feel free to browse through it for whatever piques your interest. (flowers content can be found in this other masterpost, though!)

    published lengthy fic:

    “title,” team; summary.

    “against the wake,” atlantis georgias; an initial take on where they came from.

    “weights and measures,” baltimore crabs; a story about who keeps score. also, alston cerveza.

    “rest my spirit if i can,” chicago firefighters; about conrad twelve and clare mccall. inspired by hen @fourteenfifteen’s thoughts on conrad twelve as a haunted trucker.

    “the long way down,” hades tigers; about hiroto wilcox, the burden of a captaincy, and lost players in the hall.

    “distance to measure out,” hades tigers; about famous owens and lottie ceilingfan in the feedback.

    “keep with me in the moment,” hawai’i fridays; a 12x100 about sutton dreamy finding a home on the fridays with the help of juice collins. inspired by snips @sunflowersnips‘ fic about dreamyjuice.

    “of all the things my hands have held,” hellmouth sunbeams; about lars taylor, the season eleven championships, and NaN. a sequel to jamie @waveridden’s “put your hand in mine.”

    additional NaN/lars ficlets: “in the grass,” “cooking”

    “roll it back,” new york millennials; about an introduction and initial meeting between dominic marijuana and andrew solis.

    additional ficlets: “the subway,” “tourists,” “the winter,” “traffic,” “sharing a bed,” “on instability,”

    “inside your blinding light,” san francisco lovers, charleston shoe thieves; about yosh carpenter and sebastian woodman, meeting, falling, and loving.

    “this house built by heart,” san francisco lovers, charleston shoe thieves; about yosh carpenter, the loss of sebastian woodman, and the house they built together.

    additional ficlets: “in a moment of rest,” “in a dream,” “in the winter,” “indigo skies”

    “to the archer from the arched,” seattle garages; a 12x100 about chorby soul’s first season after resurrection.

    “i'll have you in between,” seattle garages, hall stars; about sebastian telephone, ghost, visiting mike townsend after the hall stars.

    additional ficlets: “phone call,” “early morning,” “music”

    tumblr ficlets:


    what an eclipse looks like

    what the hall looks like

    the hades tigers:

    on shanties and stories

    crossing the styx

    moody and scorpler in the hall

    elysium lore dump

    andrew solis/mike townsend:

    mike is a streamer here go with it

    after they get together

    the garage adopts andrew solis

    andrew solis and mike townsend moving in together

    derrick krueger/mike townsend:

    “townsend in deadland,” an unfinished project about mike townsend traveling into the afterlife to retrieve one person, and finding derrick krueger instead.


    clothes theft

    top ten ways to die

    highways at night

    i wore his jacket for the longest time


    bruises (based on marn’s “elephant joke” and the sequel, “all things devour.”)

    toothbrush (once again based on marn’s elephant joke universe)

    blood (guess what universe. guess.)

    mike entering the trench (derrick isn’t here but I do not know where else to put this)

    music calls you home (sebastian is also here)

    ghost hunter au (and associated lore dump)

    derrick krueger/sebastian telephone:


    after hall stars


    a kiss for luck


    clothes theft

    scrunchie theft


    vanishing acts

    the host au

    jaylen hotdogfingers


    jaylen and parker meng

    jaylen and hiroto wilcox

    jaylen and percy wheeler

    jessica telephone

    abandoned home

    jaylen and jessica, bitter

    lenny marijuana

    lenny/chorby, ice

    lenny/chorby, scissors

    lenny/chorby, coffee

    lenny/chorby, lying down

    lenny/chorby, missed texts

    andrew and lenny, bread

    andrew and lenny, crimes

    mike and lenny + kitchen knife

    mike and lenny + scissors

    birthdays (ft. teddy duende)

    luis acevedo/tot clark

    pyrrhic victories

    nerd pacheco/val hitherto

    on hands

    kiss as a lie

    kiss in public

    polkadot patterson/wyatt pothos

    overhearing conversations

    when we were happy

    crime au (an invention of marn @kentuckycorpsereviver):

    andrew solis/dominic marijuana, an agreement

    derrick krueger/sebastian telephone, hospitals

    hiroto poole + derrick krueger, retirement

    pushing daisies au (an invention of myself and jamie @waveridden)

    derrick, sebastian and general embarrassment

    derrick, mike and regret

    sebastian, derrick and figuring things out

    meeting lenny marijuana

    on the importance of mittens

    the way things were

    meeting finn james

    lore drops: sebastian; derrick; sebastian and mike; lenny and chorby;

    stardust au (this one’s just me, hi!)

    staying up late

    something buried

    meeting jess telephone

    alternate take where derrick is the star

    lore drop!

    #blaseball fic#mine #some of these are SOOOOO OLD #masterpost #im so sorry
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  • majestic-salad
    20.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #blaseball #uhhh this is mainly incoherent yelling lmao #I'm just very into reading way too deep into these silly little characters and then getting emotional bc uhhh yeah
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  • majestic-salad
    20.08.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    #blaseball #I'm just. coöperative storytelling. aaah. #I may have misunderstood multiple questions but uhh english isn't my first language and I am also illiterate so you'll have to forgive me < #<3
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    03.08.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #blaseball#hades tigers #never did i expect a blaseball question to this blog lmao THANKS SO MUCH
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    26.06.2021 - 2 monts ago

    [ID: Graphic containing election information for blaseball season 21 and memes of people looking confused overlayed over a desert landscape. At the top a series of joke quotes. On either side of the picture, in black text: "Shout out to sharks but we're built different" "How did we get to finals" "What's a defense" "The last time we tried tanking, we got to finals, we should do it again but harder so we win" "Thank you Dudley we love you" In the center, in white text and larger font: "what" attributed to the Tigers. In a green box, in black text: "BLESSINGS - 60% Shadow Evolution (in bold) Play to Find Out (in bold) Darkside Flip, Shadow Brooms Supply Run, Recruit Ego, Double Negative" "WILLS - 40% Shadow Infuse Irnee Bluesky, Swap Dunlap Figueroa and your choice out of: Dominic Woman, Lottie Ceilingfan, Daniel Koch, Moira Ball, Wesley Vodka" Under a black and yellow striped bar, inside a red box in black text: "AVOID Liability, Strong Armed, Handful Alternate Trust, Shadows Alternate Trust, Lineup Alternate Trust, Rotation Alternate Trust."]

    Here it is as promised! Thank you for tuning in to blaseball season 21, let's see each other again on Sunday for the results.

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