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    25.10.2021 - 3 minutes ago

    Lads on tour!! Halloween came early, I accidentally dressed up as Louis today

    #its going to rain #im feeling cozi #Louis#Louis Tomlinson#Adidas#sponsor me#lol#toms #you apparently can't afford to sponsor me #if you cant do the buy a pair give a pair thing #✌#❤
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    25.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Louis' new Twitter follow - 25/10/2021

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    25.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    Hallouween: Day 1 - Lyrics

    pour mercy, mercy on me, I’ll fall upon my knees

    #OTB ''horror'' AU? #LouiesForHallouween#LFLtracks#louis tomlinson#my edits #thank you for organising these projects!
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  • everlasting-sonder
    25.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago

    A kiss won't bring it back..

    Copy of a Copy of a Copy - Louis Tomlinson

    Hallouween Countdown Day 1: Louis' Lyric

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    25.10.2021 - 25 minutes ago

    Louis’ recent follow on Twitter - 25/10

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    25.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    Louis’ recent twitter activity - 25/10/21

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  • sunflowerim
    25.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago


    Intro / Part 2

    In about 5 minutes Harry reemerged from the back of the shop, having changed from his work t-shirt to a floral buttoned up shirt, carrying a few boxes which Louis assumed contained the cupcakes. Behind him, the manager Liam was also carrying out some boxes. Louis took them from Harry and went outside with Liam while Harry went inside again to get more boxes. After strapping all the boxes safely in the backseat of the car, Louis sat in the drivers seat. It had started to snow slowly. Harry came out in a minute carrying a rucksack, bits of snow sitting on his curly hair. He was cute. Louis' family would like him.

    As Harry sat in the passengers seat, Louis shot him a smile.

    "So Harold are you ready to be my fake boyfriend for the next 48 hours?"

    Harry decided he would blame his blush on the cold weather and not on anything Louis was saying.

    "Yep, I'm ready. Although I'm beginning to think, it might not have been a good idea."

    Louis' smile faltered. "What- what do you mean?"

    "I mean, for all I know you could be a very charming kidnapper and this was definitely an impressive way to lure me into your den."

    That sent Louis into a fit of laughter and it pleased Harry incredibly to know that he could infact make Louis laugh.

    "Lure you into my den," Louis said, trying to catch his breath. "Okay you're funny, keep it up in front of my family."

    As they drove on Louis told Harry about who they were going to meet - his parents, his five sisters and one brother, his grandparents and his dog. Louis already knew about Harry's Christmas story but they decided on a different story to tell if asked. So now, Harry's family had gone on a vacation and Harry was supposed to go to but he couldn't refuse his adorable and persistent boyfriend Louis when he invited him over.

    The drive was beautiful. As they left the roads and the bustle of the city, it only got better. Snow covered trees and rooftops, Christmas trees standing in people's garden, children decorating said trees, workers removing shovelling snow from the road - it lifted Harry's heart. A lot of it was because of Louis sitting next to him, but he obviously wouldn't admit that out loud.

    After driving for a while Louis suddenly left the main road and drove into an alley. There weren't many houses on either side of it, but a huge gate loomed ahead.

    "Um," Harry cleared his throat, "I certainly meant the kidnapping thing as a joke but I don't think it's a joke anymore." He laughed uncertainly.

    Louis only added with a smile, you'll see" and drove on.

    Louis didn't look like the serial killer type, but the location felt very eerie to Harry. They were still a long way from Doncaster. The gates opened as they arrived and the gateman smiled at Louis. As Louis drove up the path to the big house, Harry took in the surrounding. The building stood in the middle of a huge compound with a park at one end and a frozen lake in another. The little windows of the house were lit up with Christmas decorations, even the main door had banners put up on it.

    As he parked his car in front of the entrance, an old woman came outside, smiling.

    "Oh Louis you're here, the kids have been expecting you. Happy Birthday my dear!" She said and hugged Louis as he got out of the car

    And Harry's worry changed to embarassment. It was Louis' birthday and he hadn't known. He didn't even have a present for him and Louis on the other hand had generously brought him along to whatever this was.

    "Thanks Miss Eyre. I've been waiting to meet them too. Would you gather them all in the hall? I brought cupcakes."

    Miss Eyre patted Louis' cheek affectionately. "Always so kind. Come along." She smiled at Harry before turning to go inside again.

    Harry and Louis got all the boxes from the backseat and made their way inside.

    It all slowly started to make sense to Harry, but he didn't have much time to think about it because no sooner did they cross the threshold than they were greeted with raucous cheers. To their left, the door to the hall was open and it was filled with children.

    Louis beamed at the sight and gestured for Harry to follow him.

    Inside some 40 children were scattered around the hall along with some staff members. An enormous Christmas tree was set up in the middle of the room. The children were of varying ages from 4 year old to 16 year old. As soon as they saw Louis they broke into a loud happy birthday song. Louis was grinning ear to ear now. The staff took the boxes from Harry and Louis as Louis introduced Harry to the kids.

    "Kids this is my friend Harry. Say hi."

    "Hello Harry!" they chorused.

    Louis turned to Louis, "I hope this little detour is not a problem. I've been coming here every year since I was a kid. During school mum used to drive me here. From the last 3 years I've been coming on my own.

    "No no absolutely not. Louis I'm honoured you brought me along. Thank you." Harry smiled earnestly.

    Harry didn't think it was possible but Louis' smile seemed to brighten.

    " Cool then I-." Louis didn't get to finish because just then two girls came forward carrying a chocolate cake and said, "Happy Birthday Louis!"

    Louis was stunned, " you, you made this for me?"

    "Least we can do after what you do for us."

    Throughout the cake cutting ceremony Louis kept sniffling. He was having a hard time keeping it together. Louis is sap, Harry noted with pleasure.

    Harry was yet to be surprised more, because after cakes had been distributed, some of the younger kids almost dragged Louis into the next room which was apparently the music room and led him to the piano and Louis performed a beautiful rendition of 'Do You Wanna Build A Snowman'. Harry couldn't like him more.

    "He's a gem, this Louis," said a voice behind Harry and startled him. He hadn't noticed when Miss Eyre had come up behind him.

    "Yes, yes he is," Harry smiled, eyes settling back on Louis.

    "This place was previously called 'Children Of The God Residence' and then little Louis came along who couldn't pronounce the whole thing and demanded the place be called 'HOME' instead, that way the kids can say they have a home." She wiped a tear. "And that's it, this place became 'HOME'. He's been winning hearts a long time. Have you been friends for long?"

    "Not really. Um, those girls back there said Louis had done something for them?"

    Miss Eyre smiled, "Oh they were talking about him and his family. His family is among the ones who send presents for the kids on holidays. And young Louis decided to share his birthday cake with everyone here. That's how his visits started. The kids who stayed here back then have all grown up, just like him but new kids are always coming and Louis hasn't missed a single birthday."

    Harry mentally ticked off his Louis list :

    Beautiful? Check.

    Can sing? Check.

    Kind and has a big heart? Check check check.

    Louis was the whole package.

    After an hour or so, they were back in car. As Louis was driving out of the orphanage, Harry's hands brushed against a box shaped indentation in his rucksack and then he remembered. The special cupcake. He'd put it in his bag to take it back to dorms, but the cake was afterall destined for Louis. He brought it out and pushed the box towards Louis. Louis stopped the car in the alley right before it joined the highway again.

    "What is this?" He asked taking the box.

    "Happy Birthday."

    "How did you-" Louis said as he opened the box, "aaa red velvet cupcake my favourite!! Thank you Harry! But you didn't know it's my birthday how did you get this?"

    "Well I'd made it for you because of the holiday season and all and then thought I probably won't give it you but then I found out it's your birthday so now I feel it was destined for you."

    "That's sweet," Louis said, breaking the cake in half and offering one half to Harry. "Share with me?"

    Once again Harry hoped Louis would not see his cheeks turning red as he accepted the piece.

    They drove on after that. There was some music, some beagles Harry had slipped in from the bakery and a packet of leftover lasagna from Louis' midnight birthday party.

    Harry wasn't so worried about meeting Louis' family anymore. He felt like he knew Louis after this last detour. He could manage being Louis' fake boyfriend for two days.

    Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

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    25.10.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    Louis followed this account on Twitter recently! (25 October 2021)


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    25.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    Let me see your secret heart. Let me see the way you, the way you really are. If you let me see it. I promise I will keep it. - LT

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  • latetothegamelarrie
    25.10.2021 - 42 minutes ago

    First time I watched this video was a few months ago and I literally started crying while watching it.

    I just watched it again and got really emotional - seeing the reaction on their faces, how the whole crowd came together to do this...

    This fandom rocks. You guys are amazing.

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    25.10.2021 - 46 minutes ago


    #this is me screaming btw #louis tomlinson #tam rewatches the four hangout
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  • lwt369
    25.10.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    Hallouween Countdown by @louisprojects: day 1

    Lyrics from Louis
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  • sunflowerim
    25.10.2021 - 59 minutes ago


    Intro / Part 1

    Harry put his phone down and got to work. Owing to the Christmas eve, the cafe was bustling. The demand for baked goods and warm drinks goes up considerably during festive season. And most people were taking big orders, probably for the family back at home.

    Not that he was complaining. He loved working at the bakery. It was his part time job alongside his college. Kept his mind off "certain things" and provided with some extra bucks. Plus Harry loved to bake, and people loved his baking.

    Usually he works the morning shift, which was over an our ago, but decided to stay and help out Liam, the manager of The Sweet Retreat. It was certainly less lonely here than back at his dorms in college. His roommate Niall was away and most of the dorm was empty anyway. The bakery on the other hand was a little short of crowded - beautifully adorned with fairy lights and Christmas decorations.

    Harry was contemplating all this when the bells at the door tinkled and Louis came in. Louis Tomlinson, aka, Harry's crush at first sight.

    Harry had been working here for a few months now, and Louis was one of the first people Harry made a brew for. For an adult, Louis had a wierd fascination with hot chocolate and knew just how to make a perfect one. Louis liked his hot chocolates and basically everything he made, but they never talked. Louis would almost always keep his nose buried deep in some book everytime he came here and Harry would just steal glances from the counter.

    Today Louis looked adorable in a dusted grey sweater with a tiny ribbon on his chest, skinny jeans and black sneakers, typing away at his phone as he walked towards the counter. Normally the sight of Louis would have considerably bettered Harry's mood, but today he couldn't help thinking that Louis must be going back to his family 9r friends with 200 cupcakes and he'd be spending his Christmas alone.

    Louis looked up from his phone to find Harry at the counter and smiled.

    "Fancy seeing you here. I thought you worked the morning shifts?"

    "I do," Harry replied in a somewhat dejected tone. "Your cupcakes are ready by the way. Do you want to have your usual?"

    "Yes please," Louis replied, a bit concerned now.

    Louis and Harry hadn't really talked much but he'd seen Harry - always smiling always buzzing around. He's probably never heard him sound this sad.

    Louis looked around while he waited for his hot chocolate with marshmallows. The bakery had been beautifully lit up in fairy lights - his favourite and as usual smelt of baked good and chocolate and burnt marshmallow. This really was his favourite place to spend his mornings in before the college hours started.

    Harry came back with his drink and tried for a little smile but failed. As he moved the cup toward Louis, Louis tapped his knuckles. Harry froze momentarily. He was internally screaming but didn't let it show. He raised his eyebrows as Louis smiled.

    "Are you okay Harry?" Louis asked and Harry absolutely melted from that gesture. Louis had noticed? Wow.

    "Yeah yeah I'm fine," Harry said hastily.

    "You don't look fine. Something bothering you?"

    "Uh, well," Harry thought for a second before deciding to tell Louis. "My family ditched me right before the holidays and now I'm spending Christmas alone." He sighed.

    "Oh no, that's- what about your friends?"

    "Well my best friend left for his home a week ago. And my family told me today that I can't come home for Christmas. And now he feels bad and wants me to attend HIS family Christmas, which is in Ireland. So obviously I'm not going."

    "Nobody should have to spend Christmas alone," Louis said and that's when it hit him. "Um Harry, I'm heading out for my home anyway. Doncaster. You could come with me?" He added nervously

    Harry's brows shot up in surprise, "Are you inviting me to your family Christmas?"


    "But why? I'm a stranger. That's a very generous offer Louis, but I can't. Your family doesn't even know me."

    "Well, here's the thing. My mum had been badgering me for a boyfriend and just to get her off my case I told her I have one." Louis said, like it explained everything.

    "And?" Harry looked so confused that Louis wanted to laugh. Little did he know, Harry's heart had broken a little at the mention of Louis' boyfriend.

    "And now she expects him to show up with me at home."

    "Louis I'm not sure I get what you're going for."

    "What I'm trying to say is I don't have a boyfriend and I cannot come up with an excuse about why he won't visit. So would you come with me?"

    Harry felt like he'd been dropped from a cliff. "Come again?"

    Louis huffed a laugh, "Harry, would you pretend to be my boyfriend for the holidays? So you wouldn't have to spend them alone and my family would stop pestering me?"

    Harry didn't know whether to laugh or cry. On one hand Louis himself was offering him to be his boyfriend, but on the other hand it was- well, fake.

    Louis expectantly waited for Harry to say something. After a while Harry asked,

    "Um, how long are you staying there?"

    Louis' face broke into a smile. Well I leave in thirty minutes. It's a three hour drive and I was going to return on 30th. But if you go, I'll try to return day after Christmas. Don't worry I won't put you through much trouble."

    Harry considered this for a while. Two days of being Louis' fake boyfriend is more than he could ask for right now. But he still felt nervous about the whole situation.

    "I don't have a problem Louis but I don't know, I hope this won't be a problem later?"

    "If you're worried about our cover being blown, rest assured. There are too many people in my family. Nobody would be paying that much attention to particularly us, especially when there are kids around."

    "Or they could all fixate on us?" Harry asked, worried.

    Louis smiled and tapped his knuckles again, a gesture Harry was beginning to like.

    "Hey don't worry okay," Louis assured, "it'll be fine ofcourse and we'll be back in 2 days."

    "What will you tell them about us coming back early?"

    "Oh you leave the complications to me. Are you in or out?"

    "Oh god I hope this is not awkward but yead I'd love to come with you."

    Louis was grinning ear to ear now.

    "Perfect. So I already have my luggage in my car outside. Do you need to get anything?"

    "Well I already had packed my bag and brought it to the shop before l got to know I'm not going home. So I have everything here. I just need to change a bit and we explain Liam my change of plans."

    "Yeah you do that and I'll text my mum."

    PART 1 // PART 2 // PART 3

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    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago



    Smau where Harry works at Louis' favourite bakery and has been ditched by his family right before Christmas. In a moment of bravery Louis invites him over to his family Christmas to solve problems of his own.

    Part 1 // Part 2 // Part 3

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    #tam rewatches the four hangout #louis tomlinson
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    25.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    @louisprojects day one countdown to hallouween: louis' lyrics 

    copy of a copy of a copy: theres no use crying over spilled blood, caring only kills love, a kiss won't bring it back

    #louiesforhallouween#louisprojectstracks#louis tomlinson#mine #yes this is from the Dune trailer sldfkj
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    Larry at their wedding

    Harry : i do

    Guests : aww

    Harry : or do i !?

    Guests : OOoooo

    #1d incorrect quotes #one direction quote. #harry 1d#one direction#louis tomlinson #louis and harry #1d meme#niall 1d#1dreunion#1d
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