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  • Someday I’ll wake up to see you lying next to me, bathed in the golden morning sun, and everything will be good.

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  • Request: A rainy Sunday morning of cuddles, movies, and breakfast with a female love interest

    You wake up to the sound of a gust of wind beating against your bedroom window and the pattering of rain. Normally, this would give you a sense of dread, but this morning you have the luxury of sleeping in, and you had no significant plans for the day, so it doesn’t matter.

    There’s a nice contrast in the cool air in the room against your face and any other parts of your body that are exposed and the warmth underneath the blankets. Next to you is a warm, sleepy figure, and you glance over at her.

    Perhaps it was the sound of the wind and the rain, or perhaps it was your stirring, but she also begins to stir a little. A soft sigh escapes her lips as she rolls onto her side to face you. You glance down at her sleepy face, her closed eyelids, and her messy, untamed hair that’s usually perfect. You feel a deep stirring of affection deep within you as you gaze down and see her long eyelashes flutter open, and the most adorable, sleepy smile graces her face when she looks up at you.

    “Good morning,” she says. Her eyes reflect the same deep affection you feel for her, and you brush one hand over her adorably messy mane, and the other arm wraps around her waist and draws her nearer to you. Her hands gently rest on your shoulders, and the two of you share a few playful, messy morning kisses.

    There’s a soft roll of thunder as the two of you lay together, and the sound of the rain outside intensifies. Suddenly your cute little cuddle bug transforms into an energetic kitten as she props herself up onto your chest.

    “Hey! Are you hungry?” She asks suddenly.

    You gaze at her with somewhat tired confusion, but answer after a moment: “I could eat.” You answer. You’re not excessively hungry, but you know how she can get when she is, so you’re happy to go along with her.

    “C’mon, lets go make some breakfast!” She urges, and the two of you get up and head to the kitchen.

    Together the two of you find ingredients and begin prepping some of your favorite dishes. At some point, a bit of pancake batter splashes off your mixer and onto her bare arm, and she exclaims and starts to wield her own messy spoon at you. The two of you laugh over your mini food-fight, but before it can get too serious, you both realize you’re too hungry to keep it up, and you resume preparing your food.

    After everything is ready, instead of eating at the table, you two decide to enjoy your breakfast on the couch. You look through your DVDs and Netflix/streaming services and decide on one of your old favorites. The two of you only halfway pay attention to the movie, feeding each other bits of pancake or egg or meat while talking over your beverages.

    After you finish your meal, the two of you cuddle up on the couch and pull one of your favorite blankets over the two of you. You laugh at your favorite parts of the movie or recite your favorite lines together. The rain doesn’t let up all morning, and before you know it, it’s already mid-afternoon, but rather than feeling badly for not doing anything productive, you feel a sense of happiness and refreshment at having been able to enjoy this rare time together.

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  • image

    Originally posted by cozyhoodies

    You had grown up in a very unhealthy environment, from a young age you had been pick-pocketing and behaving in a manner that people saw as the potential for a villain. Now in your 20′s you were just that, a villain. You had dropped out of school to join small gangs that were hidden in the shadows of the city you grew up in. Most of the things you did were kept on file. One person had been studying that file, a certain winged hero. He had figured out your pattern and knew where you was going to attack first so he prepared to intercept you.

    It was 11 at night and you was watching the rich couple leave their home from a roof nearby, using shadows to your advantage as you assessed how their security system worked and then once they were three blocks away, you made your move. Approaching the house, you decided to jump the fence so you didn’t make much noise but before you could, you heard the beat of wings behind you and you spun around to see the pro hero; Hawks. 

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  • #crush imagine#crush imagines#cute imagines#love imagines#bunny’s imagines#cute imagine#love imagine #friends to lovers #friendship to love #friendship to romance #female crush #female crush imagine #reader x crush
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  • News news news 🥳

    Hey guys ! As promised, there’s some news about my moving ;

    I have the date ! The 14th and 15th of August ! It’s veeery soon and I’m very excited !! Soooo I still have a lot to do, but I’ll still be around to talk to you guys, and promised, I’ll try my best to do as much requests as I can, but fear not : once I’m fully organized in my new place, I’ll be back to my fullest !! ❤❤❤

    Love y’all !!! 🤩🤩🤩

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  • Mini Imagine 3

    Imagine it’s late afternoon/early evening. School and work are done, and it’s those lovely twilight hours where you feel the most sentimental and warm.

    Imagine the two of you sitting together somewhere. Maybe a park. Maybe one of your back yards. Maybe you’re on vacation and it’s the beach, or the mountains, or the Grand Canyon.

    You can hear, and maybe even see young children playing not too far from you as they expend the last of the day’s energy, but the two of you are only vaguely aware of anything besides each other.

    It’s a comfortably cool evening, and the sunset has painted the sky a myriad of magical pinks, purples, blues and oranges, and soft puffy clouds only add to the beauty and ambience, and stars are beginning to dot the sky.

    The two of you are sitting in comfortable silence, or maybe making idly philosophical conversation. It’s that time of day where a spell is cast on everyone, and both of you are feeling safe and vulnerable to speak gently and openly to each other.

    Maybe you’re not touching at all. Maybe you’re holding hands. Or maybe you’re nestled quietly in each other’s arms like two birds settling in for the evening.

    Imagine the comfort and warmth of this sweet and vulnerable moment of knowing how loved you are and how safe you are with your person.

    I promise one day, this won’t just be a dream or an imagine for you. 💕

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  • you know it’s natural to feel, right? no matter how you’ve been raised, what you’ve gone through, the lives you’ve touched, you are allowed to feel. feel angry, feel sad, feel empty, just.. feel. it’s human. emotions are human. im sorry the world forced its sexist and shitty stereotypes on you. its okay to cry.

    #loving #i love you #love #i miss you.. #love imagines#imagines#imagine #i miss you #im really sad #but its okay #i think im worth it? #...maybe?
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  • ❤🌺❤

    I’m gonna be absent for a few days, cauz my love @mangolkey33 is coming to visit me from the 26th to the 29th and I want to seize every moment with him ❤ I’m gonna try my best to do a few requests before and I’ll be more active after that ! 🥰

    Love y’all ❤❤

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  • So sorry about the lack of post / slowness about the requests but my moral is not really good these days 😔 Big personal issues + the moving preparations, it’s a little much. I try my very best here and of course I won’t forget you guys ! ❤

    Take care, and ILY ALL 🥰

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  • napping in your S/Os’ arms, listening to their hushed breaths as you slip into a light sleep with them by your side. it doesnt matter who wakes up first because you know they’d watch you sleep with a smile on their face, just as you would if it were them still sleeping.. <3

    #i love you #loving you.. #love imagines#love#imagine#imagines #i miss you..
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  • Prompt 76

    “If you do this then you die.”

    “If I don’t do this then you die. People need you alive. They need you to lead them. I’m just another person who can hold a weapon. You’re the one who can save us all.”

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  • Imagine 4

    Imagine it’s been far too long since you’ve seen them, at least a few months, and they’ve been on your mind like crazy. Even if you have their number, you haven’t been texting or calling them, and they’ve been quiet on social media.

    Then one day, you’re visiting a place the two of you used to go often. Maybe you didn’t go together, but it was a place both of you frequented and ran into each other. Maybe it’s a coffee shop or a restaurant. It could be a bookstore or a gym or an arcade. Anywhere really. Yours and their schedule hasn’t been aligning that you two meet up here often anymore, and perhaps there’s been physical distance preventing one of you from coming here as often anymore.

    As you settle in and begin to do your thing, you hear a small group of people nearby. You recognize a familiar voice and turn around immediately. It’s them. But they seem so caught up in their conversation that they don’t even see you looking their way. It’s like a dark cloud billows over your head at the realization that, after all this time, you probably won’t be able to talk to them. However, after a few minutes, the group’s conversation finds a lull.

    Suddenly, out of nowhere, you hear your name. You turn your head to see your crush’s face light up with a brilliant smile. There’s a skip in their step as they rush over to you. Meanwhile their friends are looking a little nonplussed.

    “It’s so good to see you,” they say to you and give you a big bear hug. You feel a little embarrassed and mumble that it’s good to see them too. You’re feeling slightly giddy, but your brain is still trying to catch up with what’s going on.

    They then ask if they can introduce you to their friends, and soon you join their group as a more-than-welcome addition. Their friends seem like a fun group, and they’re all good about including you, but your crush especially seems very excited to have you. They’re always making and holding eye contact with you. They give you a goofy smile every time your eyes meet, and they try to take every opportunity to make physical contact, whether it’s brushing against your shoulder, letting your fingers or hands brush against each other, or even leaning their shoulder against yours when you’re sitting close together.

    After a while it starts getting late, and people are heading home. Your crush and you seem to be lingering around each other, but then you remember you have to be up early, and still have some things to work on at home.

    “Do you have a ride?” They ask. You tell them you we’re going to take the bus, and they offer to drive you home.

    On the way way home, in the dark quiet of their car, you can feel the electricity between you. A part of you desperately wants to reach out and touch them or confess your feelings, but your nervousness pushes you to keep your eyes fixed on the road instead and only say anything when they need directions.

    Once you get home, you feel a sense of dread that you won’t see them again for another long period of time, and that dread pushes you to speak.

    “Will I see you again soon?” You feel your heart race as the words rush out of your mouth.

    They look a little surprised, and they bite their lip, and then gaze directly into your eyes. “That depends, would you like to?” They give you a playful grin, and you feel your nervousness be replaced by excitement.

    “I mean… yeah. Well… if you want to,” you say.

    They walk a step closer to you and brush a piece of hair out of your face. They hover close to your face, and it feels like your heart is going to stop. “Well, I guess I have to then.” They tease as they playfully ruffle your hair and back off.

    You naturally feel yourself pouting a bit, and they chuckle, “What?” They ask with fake innocence.

    “Don’t worry about it,” you shake your head and push your thoughts away before they run away from you any farther.

    “Oh; did you think I was gonna kiss you?” They ask. They then begin to narrow the distance between you again. You can feel the warmth radiating off their body, and their breathing is a little shallow as they gaze into your eyes, and then back off once again, leaving you in agony.

    “Well, I wouldn’t want to do that without knowing it’s totally ok. Maybe next time. If you still want me to.” You nod, and they back towards their car. You bid each other good night , and then a couple hours later, you get a message from them asking when you want to hang out again. From there, the conversation evolves, and you find yourself falling asleep texting them for the first of many many nights.

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  • Mini Imagine

    Think for a moment about hugging them. If you’ve never hugged them before, just try to imagine it. What do their arms feel like? Do they go over your shoulders or around your waist? Or do they go for the awkward yet adorable one arm over, one under hug? Do they hug you tightly or gently? Are they warm or cool? Where is your head? Is it laying on their shoulder or on top of their head? Or maybe you’re smaller than them, and you can nestle into their chest and hear their heart. Is it racing? Does their body tense and then relax as they get used to the hug, or are they completely receptive immediately? What are their hands doing? Are they stroking your hair or back, or are they still? What does their body feel like? Are they particularly skinny and bony? Are they muscular and firm? Or maybe they’re a little bigger. That’s fine too. You don’t care, because they’re your person, and you’d love them no matter what their size or shape right? Imagine just basking in this hug. Maybe it’s not perfect, but it’s with your person, and it makes you happy.

    Now imagine they say something softly to you. It’s up to you what they say. Maybe it’s just a soft coo to indicate how happy they are. Maybe they tell you they love you. Maybe they just mumble your name peacefully. Only you know in your heart what you want them to say, but just imagine them saying it. Only you two can hear.

    And just know that this moment is just as perfect for them as it is for you.

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  • ‘Hi’

    Am I saying it right?

    Oh no

    Why did I even think of talking to you?

    My mind is racing

    No no no please just ignore me

    My voice wasn’t that loud was it?

    Oh you noticed me


    I am now walking away

    I’m gonna regret this

    I’m never forgetting this day


    But I think I like you


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  • Love is Love

    #notas de amor #love imagines#love quotes #frases de amor #citas de amor
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  • I’m so stressed I want to be in someone’s arms as they play with my hair and kiss my forehead

    #ill be ok tho #love imagines#relationship#or whatever #im tagging for the clout #babethoughts.jpeg
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  • Your Wedding

    Been a bit hectic as school picks up, so here’s something to replace your (semi)regular daily imagines.

    -okay well first, he went all out on the proposal

    -like, ALL out

    -doves, flower arches—he told you he’d even tried to hire a violinist

    -of course when it came to the actual proposal, the flower arches never showed up, the doves had refused to leave their cage and the few that actually came out flew away from us and never came back

    -and it was raining


    -but a proposal in the rain was a beautiful cliche and you loved it anyways

    -so, to the wedding

    -it was small

    -close friends and family only

    -you’d always dreamed of a big romantic wedding

    -but after you fell in love with C/N, none of that mattered

    -at the end of the day you just wanted to celebrate with people you cared about and be married to him

    -both the ceremony and reception were at a local park

    -fairy lights hung from the branches of the trees

    -a long strip of silk lay over the aisle

    -you’d decided to get married under a viney arch, with orchids tucked in between the leaves

    -C/N kept making jokes about how late the flower arches were

    -instead of traditional seating, two long tables faced each other, making the aisle

    -guests lined the tables and watched the ceremony

    -the ceremony took place in the middle of the aisle, so everyone could hear

    -and you just moved the arch to start the reception

    -everyone applauded your ideas for the wedding

    -you were elated the entire day, but it was tiring to say the least

    -at the end of the night as guests started to move to the parking lot—preparing to see you two off on your honeymoon

    -C/N pulled you to the side before you could leave as well

    -the few staff from the catering business you’d hired had started clearing the area

    -but soft music was still playing through the speakers

    -“dance with me” he whispered in your ear

    -exhausted, but so in love with the man before you—your husband

    -you danced with him

    -and he held you close as you rocked

    -you slipped off your heels

    -and he pulled you tighter to him, letting you rest your feet on his

    -so he carried you around, dancing like you used to with your dad

    -and it was worth any amount of stress and sleep deprivation

    -to have celebrated with loved ones

    -and to be dancing alone and quietly

    -with him

    -your true love

    -and now your husband

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  • #8-Cuddling

    “I don’t wanna move,” I whined into C/N’s chest. I felt him laugh beneath me.

    “Then don’t.” His fingers were tangled in my hair and I felt him begin to curl a few pieces around them.

    “It’s not that simple.”

    “Why not? Why can’t you just blow off responsibility and cuddle me for the next few hours? Hm?”

    I laughed, pressing my forehead harder into his chest. “Not sure that’s a good enough excuse for my boss.”

    C/N sighed and loosened his grip on my body. His lip slipped out as he pouted and I wasn’t entirely sure he wasn’t actually that sad to see me go.

    “Well I don’t have to go right now, silly.”

    He gasped and the next thing I knew, I was lying with my back against the bed as he sat on top of me. “You liar!” He laughed as he grabbed my hands. He kept them apart and on either side of my head as he thread his fingers with mine.

    “I’m no liar! I never said I had anywhere to be soon, I just said I had to leave at some point.” I stuck my tongue out at him and he rolled his eyes.


    We chuckled together and he let go of my hands. He slowly slipped down so that he wasn’t sat on me but laying on top of me. He secured his arms around my waist and tucked his head into my neck.

    I fought the urge to move underneath him while the feeling of him breathing tickled my neck. I hugged his torso, pulling him as close to me as I could.

    “I love you,” he whispered as he pressed light kisses to my neck.

    I began to rub small circles on his shoulders. He let out a small moan, to which I giggled. He swore he was never as relaxed as when I would give him shoulder rubs. “Not as much as I love you.”

    “Now you’re definitely a liar.” C/N reached his head up to plant a soft, slow kiss on my lips.

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  • Send A heart to my muse and a 🔁 if you want it reversed

    ❤️ - “I love you!”

    🧡- “You’re my best friend.”

    💛 - “I..don’t like you the way you like me.”

    💚 - “I don’t want you loving anyone but me!”

    💙 - “I don’t know how I feel about you….”

    💜 - “I love you. Make me yours!”

    🖤 - “How can you love me?”

    💔 - “You don’t love me…not like how I love you…”

    💕 - “I have a crush on you.”

    💞 - “You have a crush on me?”

    💖 - “Love at first sight, never saw this coming..”

    💘 - “I couldn’t help falling in love with you!”

    💝 - “I want to give you my heart…can I have yours too?”

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