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  • a-complete-weird-disaster
    14.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    imagine thinking the song betty by taylor swift isn’t a heartbreaking story about two girls in love 🙃

    #yeah yeah #me posting about taylor swift #just deal with it #just this song as a stand-alone is absolutely gay #even this song in context of the folklore love triangle is tbh #they are gay your honor! #anyways #betty taylor swift #betty#taylor swift #also completely irrelevant but this song reminds me of kie and sarah from obx
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  • spiritualchange
    09.10.2021 - 6 days ago
    #kie's writing#scandal saturday #powerful love au #steve rogers x reader #ceo!steve rogers x reader #high school!steve rogers x reader #college!steve rogers x reader #steve rogers x reader x bucky barnes #stucky x reader #college!stucky x reader
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  • purgatorical
    07.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    *draws stupid/cringe/nsfw art* I must share this immediately

    *draws dozens of pics at work of the most D O M E S T I C kie and Levi including kie teasing Levi about them getting married soon* this must never see the light of day

    #ignore this if you want #I used that one design where Levi has some lip stubble and a mullet and 😳😳😳 #*covers face* how did this happen #I was a Beel Stan to begin with and yet #is this how the evolution works Beel -> luci -> levi???? it’s downgrade after downgrade but I love them so much #‘this is the best secret ending to any dating game ever’ leviiiiiii #using his envy to tell him ‘I’ll be YOUR husband and you’ll be MINE’ #him still telling kie to warn him before they kiss #OH MY GOD #kie warning levi at the wedding that he’s about to kiss him #😍🥺 #I’m in deep fam #I’m not even like a big wedding/omg husbands person #cuz polyam and life partners is easier in my head but 🥺🥺🥺🥺 #sorry so many tags lol
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  • kiesapphic
    05.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I'm sorry I don't like hate her or anything but I can't help but feel the group is so much more engaging and tightknit without sarah. like the original pogues have such clear dynamics and established bonds with everyone and then sarah is just sort of there

    #like the scene with jb running and hugging the pogues something just felt right it felt organic #when jb is with sarah it doesn't feel like he's really friends with the others as much #and she hasn't really formed any friendships outside of jb and kie (and that's me being nice it's not like they're doing anything with #kiesarah anyway) #so it's like. why is she here #to move the plot along? as a love interest? it just isn't compelling! #her becoming friends with topper isn't helping 🙄 boring ass mf #obx2 lb #.txt
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  • antitheory
    04.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    me when i have three different very major tasks due on october 15 (+very big exam on oct 18) but my fav illustrator is having a talk at my uni😭😭

    #kie-thought #i love u rob cham
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  • alphinias
    04.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    #and JJ somehow makes it worse #he thinks he’s finishing it but Pope and Kie usually do #I love my idiots #ask
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  • dailypankow
    02.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    rudy pankow | tings magazine

    #actual love of my life #i love him so much it hurts #rudy pankow#jj maybank#outer banks#obx#obx netflix #obx season 1 #obx season 2 #jj outer banks #jj obx#john b#sarah cameron#kiara carrera#pope heyward #jj and kie #jj and kiara #jiara#the pogues#poguelandia#tingsmagazine
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  • maybankssurftrip
    29.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    I believe in kiara carrera supremacy

    #just had the worst argument with an anti kiara #srsly leave her alone #i love my gurl #kiara carrera#kiara#madison bailey#obx#outer banks #jj and kiara #jj x kie #jiara #jj and kie
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  • maybankssurftrip
    27.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago
    #jiara #jj and kie #jj and kiara #i love them #them laughing together added ten years to my life span #outer banks#obx#jiara endgame#jj maybank#kiara carrera
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  • spiritualchange
    26.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Stress Reliever

    summary: you and steve finally have each other to yourselves, until bucky walks in
    warning: 18+ minors dni, smut
    pairing: ceo!steve rogers x fem!designer!reader, wife!reader

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    powerful love au

    gif is not mine

    The two didn't even make it to the bed, he had grabbed you the minute he walked inside, hoisting you up, wrapping your legs around his waist, his lips already attacking your neck, letting him guide you to the bedroom.

    This was the first time the two of you truly had any time together, both swamped with work. By the time Steve had gotten home from work, you were asleep and he was going to have to leave before you woke up.

    "I missed you." He placed you on top of the dresser, pulling down your blouse, massaging your tits through your bra. "I missed my girls too."

    Your hands attaching to the back of his head as he placed sloppy kisses down your chest, his hands wrapping around your back, unhooking your bra before throwing it behind them. His lips wrapped around your nipple sucking soundly, massaging your other breast, pinching the other nipple.

    "Steve." You whined bucking your hips to him.

    "I know, baby." He lifted you off the counter lifting up your skirt to your stomach, seeing the wet patch adorned on your panties. Your legs found again to his waist, one of Steve's arms wrapped around your waist while the other was unbuckling his pants and pulling out his cock.

    His thumb toyed with your clit, while his cock teased your entrance, Steve couldn't help but play with you.

    "Stevie." You whined again. He heard your call, removing his thumb letting his arm support under your ass, before he bottomed out.

    "Hmmm." Your head dropped down to the crook of his neck, your lips sucking on the skin leaving your own set of marks.

    Steve maneuvered the two of you so you had your back to the wall. Steve was relentlessly, snapping his hips back and forth, skins slapping echoing the room.

    It was messy, his lips on yours, your tits bouncing against his chest, his hand kneading your ass.

    "Yes, yes, yes!" You screamed.

    "Cum for me baby cum-"

    "Hey, holy shit!"


    You shrieked at the man who entered the room, while Steve paid no attention to him, continuing to fuck you, your cunt clenching around his cock knowing you were about to cum.

    You bit down on Steve's shoulder, his skin covering your moans as you cummed. Steve stayed in the same position turning his head around to face his best friend.

    "What's up?" He said nonchalantly.

    "Was gonna ask if you wanted to go get some drinks but you seem occupied." Bucky shrugged.

    "You could join us." Steve smirked.

    "Steve!" you slapped his shoulder.

    "I'm gonna pass, that was a one time thing." Bucky stepped back starting to walk back down the hallway.

    "Suite yourself!" He hollered before turning his attention back to you.

    "You're in for a long night baby, I'm not stopping till you squirt for me."

    #kie's writing #powerful love au #scandal saturday #steve rogers x reader #ceo!steve rogers x wife!reader #ceo!steve rogers x fem!designer!reader #ceo!steve rogers x designer!reader #designer!reader #steve rogers x fem!reader #steve rogers au
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  • drewstarkee
    25.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago
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  • starlight889
    21.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    all that I know is  you caught me at the right time keep me in your glow cause I’m havin’ such a good time with you

    golden hour - kacey musgraves
    #essentially jj being grateful for kie and the surf trip #because he's in love with her obviously #jj maybank#kiara carrera #jj x kiara #kiara x jj #jiara #surf trip 2023 #kacey musgraves#golden hour#obx#outer banks
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  • spiritualchange
    19.09.2021 - 3 weeks ago


    summary: it’s steve’s first social gathering since he’s been ceo and you want to make it a little more special
    warning: fluff
    pairing: ceo!steve rogers x fem!designer!reader

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    gif is not mine

    You never left your studio, working day and night trying to finish the suit. Making suits was something you've done hundreds of times but you kept retrying, wanting it to be perfect for your husband.

    The gala was being held at the Met, celebration of him being the new CEO of Rogers Inc. The penthouse the two of you lived in the heart of the city, was filled with planners, running around, making sure everything was perfect. Steve had been in his office, trying to have a quiet moment.

    It made your job easier, knowing he wouldn't come and find you and if he did you had reinforcements, Bucky. Bucky was at the penthouse helping with planners and making sure Steve doesn't make his way towards your studio

    The event was black tie, making your job a little easier. The whole suit was cashmere, with his lapel velvet. The suit sat on the mannequin letting you add the final touches. Your assistants help you through the whole process.

    Zipping up the suit, walking out the building, getting to your car easily, heading back home to more chaos. You got the clear from Bucky before heading up, being a b-line to the bedroom, pushing the suit in the back of the closet on your side.

    The day of the gala was calm, everything was set, all the two of you needed to do was arrive. You and Steve followed through with your normal morning routine, a workout before breakfast, then a walk to your favorite coffee shop and back to the penthouse to get ready for the night.

    "I have something for you." You told him Steve, looking at him through the mirror as you finished the final touches on your makeup and hair.

    "Yeah." He smiled watching you skip into the closet coming out with the bag.

    "Open." You were practically jumping.

    "Honey." He smiled looking at the suit. It wasn't the first time you've made him something, it was rare, the first time was the first male piece you ever made and second was your wedding day.

    "I just wanted your day to be a little more special." You pressed a kiss to his cheek.

    Steve instantly flipped over the left side of the suit, seeing the small heart sewn in on the inside. It has been something you've been doing since you were in high school. Sewing a heart onto the inside of his sleeve so he would always have your heart.

    "I love you." He cupped your cheeks, kissing your one, two, three times before adding more force, your hands resting against his chest.

    "Now why don't you go get dolled up so everyone can see me loving up on my wife." He smirked, leaving kisses down your neck knowing they're going to leave marks.

    #kie's writing #powerful love au #steve rogers #steve rogers x reader #ceo!steve rogers #ceo!steve rogers x wife!reader #steve rogers x wife!reader #designer!reader #steve rogers x designer!reader #ceo!steve rogers x fem!designer!reader #ceo!steve rogers x designer!reader #ceo!steve #chris evans #chris evans x reader #chris evans character #marvel#mcu#avengers
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  • whomst-the-fck-asked
    14.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    smiling Kie appreciation post

    #beautiful#love#cute#pretty#outer banks#obx #outer banks s2 #obx2#madison bailey#kiara carrera#kiara obx #jj x kiara #kiara outer banks #kie carrera#kie #pope x kiara #jiara#obx s2 #outer banks netflix
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  • w1segirl
    11.09.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #kie would do this constantly no one can tell me otherwise #love you liane #summer is forever sleepover
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  • bobandrews
    08.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    concept: Kiara has a character development were she realises her privilege and stops pretending to have the same horrible life as the other pogues when she doesn't. Kiara being a supportive friend, making fun of them in a fun way and not a condensending one. Kiara being a lesbian, us dating,,... just thoughts in my head

    #kiara carrera #my toxic love for her ahahah #like i love you butnuou need to change whoops #obx#outer banks#jjpope #just tagging it since most jjpopers want lesbian kie #lesbian kiara#mine#3ob4ndrews
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  • pakfiction
    06.09.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #keep going I love it #jiara #jj x kiara #jj x kie
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  • lydiaas
    06.09.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #jiara #jj x kie #jj x kiara #jj maybank#kiara carrera#outer banks#obx#obx2#obxedit#outerbanksedit#obx* #committing grand theft auto together season to season #love that for them #he's so goofy
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  • waiting-for-my-hogwarts-letter
    06.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Some Are Not Meant To Belong

    Kiara x fem OC, mostly canon compliant

    After almost a year of lawyers and hell, Becca “Beck” Chase is emancipated just in time to have a summer full of actual freedom. But just as it’s drawing to a close and there’s barely a month left before school, Beck and the other Pogues are running headlong into a high stakes, guns blazing treasure hunt.

    Well, even if they don’t end up finding the gold from the Royal Merchant, at least she’s got her best friend JJ, and her barely concealed crush on Kie to keep her steady.

    And if they do find the loot… well, that’s just a 400 million dollar bonus. Isn’t it?

    Sure, there might be a couple of brushes with death along the way… but stupid things have good outcomes all the time, right?

    OBX Season 1 Rewrite with OC Rebecca “Beck” Chase.

    (link in reblog)

    #fic: some are not meant to belong #obx fic #outer banks fic #oc#fanfiction#my works #oc: becca ‘beck’ chase #original character#outer banks#obx#kiara carrera #kiara x oc #kie x oc #jj beck brotp #love those dumbasses #outer banks fanfiction #outer banks oc #obx oc#obx fanfiction #kiara carrera x oc
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  • thebestkindofmessemokid
    06.09.2021 - 1 mont ago
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