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  • helping and taking care of people is my love language tbh

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  • Sending cat videos is a love language.

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    When you need someone & they don’t question it or doubt it. Those are the moments I cling onto.

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  • okay so @leewiththetea brought up the excellent point that zuko’s love language is touch and that got me thinking. sometimes. our love language is the thing we get all the time, like people get used to it and see love as being something. but sometimes, our love languages are something we never get, therefore when we get them we really see the weight of it, and really understand that someone loves us.

    what i’m saying is that it’s hard for zuko to accept that people love him, after touch being treated in a negative way for so many years. the majority of the touch zuko’s felt pre-redemption has been harmful.

    when people finally just start casually touching him, like patting his shoulder as they walk by, tapping his hand to get his attention, hugging him hello or goodbye, he’s so confused cause what could they possibly want?

    but then it registers that they just,,,, like him. and they just,,, touch their friends casually. so he starts treasuring every hair ruffle, pointedly not flinching away whenever someone’s hand gets near his face. it takes awhile, but once he initiates his first hug?? unstoppable hugging machine.

    i just want post-war, adult zuko being totally comfortable hugging the avatar for five minutes in front of his council. that’s all i want.

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  • Fun little secret about me, if I text you “good night” were probably just friends, but if I text you “goodnight” I’m like head over heels in love with you. Like that little space makes all the difference. And sure I mess up sometimes but overall, that’s how I work.

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  • i’m an incredibly physically affectionate person who thrives on telling my friends how much i love them and i think it’s really funny because it’s the exact opposite of my parents’ “love language,” like i would shit myself if my mum hugged me without me forcing her or either of my parents said i love you to me or each other lmao 

    #i love hugs so much i want to hug all my friends all the time #love language#personal#text post#not kpop
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  • Giving gifts is my sort of love language

    #love language#love languages#love #was goining to spend twenty bucks of spooky cups #and give it to my sisters but I know my mom doesn’t really like spooky stuff #so I spent ten minutes thinking on what to get her and decided to leave everything behind #if one person won’t get anything then no one will #it’s only fair #i hate playing favorites #personal
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    I took the love language test and tbh I’m not even surprised! 🤷‍♀️

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  • there’s such a sweet intimacy about when someone gives you a gift or you borrow an article of clothing and it smells like them… like i dont know what this smell is but it’s you

    #s.txt #someone just gave me a hand- knitted mug sweater #🖤🖤🖤#love language
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  • All of these love language lists and tests are bullshit, “acts of service” what the fuck

    You know what my love language is? Annoying the shit out of someone.

    I like you? Congrats youve unlocked absolutely insufferable behaviour and light physical violence, youre going to love me

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  • My love language is bringing you things that I wish for you to experience (i.e a bug I found, a post on Twitter, etc.) and have you nod at with them with the face of neutral approval before papping my head and sending me back out to bring more offerings.

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  • i think cooking breakfast for someone is it’s own love language✨

    #lovecore#food#breakfast#love language#love#heart#star talks #ik its technically under acts of service but #it feels more intimate in a way #ok to rb #hopefully others feel the same
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    can’t say im surprised but im also surprised

    #i was expecting physical touch #or receiving gifts #but this makes a lot of sense too #im a bit stupid so most times idk what ppl mean unless they say it straight up #love language#love languges
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  • I’m the type of friend who will keep your doodles in a specific folder and look at them when I feel melancholy.

    A friend of mine once drew me as a my little pony 😂 I’m not a fan of the show but seeing her draw me as something she loved made me all warm and fuzzy and of course I still have the drawing.

    Another friend drew my Pokémon team of Alpha Saphire and every now and then I go back to check on my shiny Pokémon’s.

    I’m the type of person who- if you gift me something I’ll do my damnest to protect.

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  • “Sometimes I feel like I have so much love in my heart and no one to release it on. I’m a loving person with few I trust enough to make a deep connection. Which means my high physical touch and gift giving love languages get focused on my closest friends. Even those who hate touch so I have to request a hug and I have to be okay if they say no.

      Quarantine has not been fun, I miss teaching my kids in person and their little hugs and well meaning and weird compliments. (My favourite being “you’re not pretty Mr. Sokka…. but you are strong and brave”) I miss seeing more than one human in person.

      I’m one second away from holding a strangers hand and rubbing circles with my thumb against their fingers because again I’m overflowing with love.

    In my bubble I try and cuddle with my friends when they can come over. But Aang and Katara don’t need me, they have each other. Toph allows one hug per visit and she just taps me on the back, not a very comforting hug if I say so myself. Thinks with Suki haven’t quiet returned to normal yet, she asked for a bit of space. I can’t keep treating her like my girlfriend and… well I have to respect that, because she’s my best friend.

    Toph did ask if she could bring her moping adopted brother/cousin (Iroh is her dad and adopted Zuko and Azula after the burn)

    Who knows maybe this guy needs a new friend as much as I do….

    Wow Toph didn’t say he was smokin hot, well I guess he’s family, and she’s blind

    Holy shit our shoulders are touching

    Stay calm Sokka stay calm

    our pinkies are overlapping

    We’re holding hands

    That smile could melt the tundra

    I wonder if Zuko would like a tea and some cookies?

    I wonder if Zuko wants to hang out while I make new finger puppets for my students?

    I wonder if Zuko would take a nap with me?

    God this man is a heater! Perfect I’m freezing with AC running.

    He’s drawing Japanese characters on my arm, he thinks I’m asleep. but I don’t want to miss this.

    This is love isn’t it?”

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