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  • ladyymoonlight
    15.06.2021 - 3 hours ago

    if marinette had plagg the world would be already destroyed i’m just saying

    what a chaotic duo they would make tho

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  • notasiren21
    15.06.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Well... @airi-p4 asked for one of my WIPs and now I’m actually trying to write the entire damn thing. So-

    #miraculous ladybug#luka couffaine #luka x marinette #marinette dupain cheng #miraculous lb#love #marinette dupain cheng x luka couffaine #miraculous luka#mlb luka#lukanette
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  • capesandshapes
    15.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    In My Dreams (Ladrien)


    Adrien sees Ladybug at the ball and cannot resist dancing with her.


    I'd like to dedicate this to the five people on my dash who are starved for Ladrien content. Nothing but love for you.


    She was beautiful.

    At least, that’s what Adrien would think, if he could have thoughts and he wasn’t insanely captivated at the moment. Truth was, she was even more than that. She always had been.

    She was Ladybug, there in the flesh at this stupid Parisian ball that his father had put on. She was there for… Who knows what reason. Really, if he could just transform for five seconds, he would ask.

    He desperately wanted to ask.

    To bad he was stuck there as Adrien Agreste. The famous model garnering even more attention that a hero of Paris would have. He couldn’t transform, not now—

    But he could—If he was lucky enough—touch her.

    He could look at her and that cloth-made mask and wonder who she really was, take in the artistry of her gown that had everyone staring—Marinette made it, no doubt—and memorize the way she looked in something other than a superhero costume. He could pretend to know her in another way, if only for a moment.

    And it was stupid, and it was selfish, and it was everything he shouldn’t have done. But for just five minutes, he could pretend to be someone else, someone who Ladybug would let dance with her the way that he desperately wanted to. Someone who could talk to her outside of the mask and have those stupid, mindless conversations he always craved.

    Adrien Agreste was a selfish man, and yet…

    “Hi,” because there were no eloquent introductions in his repertoire, “if it isn’t too much, could I bother you to dance?” He’d repeated the proposition a hundred times before walking up to her, amazed that in this ball, for once, she was not the most important person in the room. No, she was somehow lost in an array of heroes and supermodels and bloggers and whatever else his father deemed moderately respectable.

    And really, when he was talking to her, it was easy to ignore the way that his father watched him in the background.

    She blushed a lovely light pink color that he’d wasn’t sure the origin for, but that he wanted to memorize and keep to himself for the rest of his life. Her hand touched his, devoid of the latex and leather that so often separated them, and her fingers slid into his far too easily. A part of him worried that she would realize why.

    Maybe a few years in the future when he finally told her his identity, she would look back at this moment and laugh. Maybe she’d realize how ridiculously excited he was at that moment, that he was fighting every natural reaction in his body to not present her with sweaty palms. Maybe she would realize that when he slid his hand around her waist his hands knew how to grip her just right because he had done it hundreds of times before and her body’s shape was practically implanted in his palms.

    Adrien swallowed as she drew close to him, one hand at his shoulder and the other tightening around his. Her blue eyes drifted up to meet his and that dusting of rose across her cheeks only became darker, a blush appearing across his own face to match it.

    “You don’t have to be nervous around me,” he said. “I’m just Adrien, but you…” She was so much more—to him, to Paris—God, he wished he could tell her, but those words died on his tongue, replaced by the need to hold her and only that. He had to focus on what little he had in the moments that he had it for.

    But it was like she knew that, that those fleeting, dreamlike moments were an anchor for him. They would be what he repeated in his head over and over again before he went to bed at night. Her cradled against his body, the two of them moving in perfect sync like they belonged together—like she was some creature that existed outside of his wildest dreams.

    “You could never be just Adrien to me,” she whispered.

    She had to make it better, didn’t she?

    #ladrien#love square#miraculous ladybug #marinette dupain cheng #ladybug#adrien agreste#ml fanfic #miraculous ladybug fanfiction #my fanfic#my fanfics #it's three in the morning and my life is falling apart #I'm finishing wips and requests and stuff
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  • adriensclaw
    15.06.2021 - 10 hours ago

    I think i just wanna see chat noir making puns around ladybug but in post-reveal way 🥺

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  • marichatdeservesbetter
    15.06.2021 - 11 hours ago

    ah yes kids this is a sacred place

    #never thought i could love a place as much as i love this one #the fact that it’s also a FICTIONAL place #lmao#miraculous#miraculous ladybug #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste#ladybug#chat noir#marichat#adrienette#ladrien#ladynoir
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  • gorgeousgetawaycar
    15.06.2021 - 12 hours ago

    This is so beyond random but the next fic that’s coming will be a MariBat fic. I don’t know how but I fell down the Miraculous rabbit hole and discovered this whole DCU x Miraculous world and it’s amazing. So a Marinette x Damian is on its way. After that I’m hoping to get back to my absolutely irregular schedule of posting/writing fics. I also have a new Peter Maximoff x Reader fic in the works as well 🥰 Sorry about the super long wait, school has been a lot lately. My stress levels are just beyond.

    #marinette x damian #maribat#miraculous#ladybug #marinette dupen chang #damian wayne #I don’t know how this happened but I love it #peter maximof x reader #it’s coming!
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  • copdog1234
    15.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Anybody got some multi-chapter love square fic recs? Preferably marichat/adrienette centric and in-universe, but I'm not too picky.

    #i havent been finding any fanfics that interest me lately #so i figured someone might have recs #miraculous ladybug#ml #ml love square #adrien agreste #marinette dupain cheng #marichat#adrienette#ladynoir#ladrien
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  • alexseanchai
    15.06.2021 - 13 hours ago

    where the firelight fades [the annotated edition] (107812 words plus annotations) by AlexSeanchai

    Chapters: 17/17

    Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug

    Rating: Mature

    Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings, Graphic Depictions Of Violence

    Relationships: Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir/Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Alya Césaire & Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug & Paris, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir & Gabriel Agreste | Papillon | Hawk Moth

    Characters: Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Alya Césaire, Gabriel Agreste | Papillon | Hawk Moth, Miraculous Ladybug Ensemble

    Additional Tags (Genre): Alternate Universe - Canon Divergence, Akumatized Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Identity Reveal, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Romantic Angst, Angst with a Happy Ending

    Additional Tags (Content Notes): Character Death, Temporary Character Death, Suicidal Ideation, Fire, Lies, Truth Spells, Unreliable Narrator, Queer Het, Queer Themes, Puns & Word Play, Miraculous History

    Additional Tags (Characterization): Autistic Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, ADHD Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Demigirl Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Stressed Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Stubborn Marinette Dupain-Cheng | Ladybug, Autistic Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Demiboy Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir Has Issues, Adrien Agreste | Chat Noir Needs a Hug, Nonbinary Alya Césaire | Rena Rouge, Angry Alya Césaire, Good Friend Nino Lahiffe, Badass Alix Kubdel, Chloé Bourgeois Redemption, Protective Kagami Tsurugi, Gabriel Agreste | Hawk Moth is an Asshole, Emilie Agreste Lives, Master Fu Is Doing His Best, Lila Rossi's Lies Are Exposed, Implied Future Lila Rossi Redemption, Everyday Heroes of Miraculous Paris

    Additional Tags (Relationships): Minor Chloé Bourgeois/Kagami Tsurugi, Minor Alya Césaire/Nino Lahiffe, Minor Juleka Couffaine/Rose Lavillant

    Additional Tags: Inspired by Fanart, Podfic Welcome, Fanart Welcome


    Some say the world will end in fire,
       Some say in ice.
    —excerpted from "Fire and Ice", Robert Frost

    Ladybug's smirk isn't even vicious. Wouldn't even look vicious without the nightmarish argon glow outlining a butterfly mask.

    "What's wrong, Chat?"


    annotated chapters 1 and 2 for @mlwritersguild June challenge to create bonus content for a completed work:

    I'm trying to have every mention of fire, water, or temperature throughout this story do at least two things at once. In the epigraphs, it's setting the emotional temperature of the chapter, as well as whatever the poet intended; it's also worth reading the full poem from which each epigraph is drawn.

    Ladybug hurtles southwest along the rooftops, glance whipping every which way. Adrien trudges southwest along the street, hands in his pockets and head downcast, toying with his Marinette lucky charm and hoping—

    Of course the charm is in his pocket. Where else?

    She drops to the pavement before him. Adrien jolts: she draws his attention as she always does, magnetic. "Adrien!" she says, sounding startled. "What are you doing out so late? And no coat—" Adrien shrugs one shoulder and opens his mouth; Ladybug shakes her head. "No, listen, there's an akuma—I have to get you to safety," she says, scooping him up bridal carry before he can protest and taking off northwest. "And then catch up with Chat Noir; did you see where he went?"

    Adrien being out without a coat is something one might not pick up on first read as indicating it's cold out—it is; I was pulling from TimeAndDate.com weather data and sun/moon data for 2020 January 29 and 30, and it wasn't much above freezing that night—but one might indeed notice that, and observe that Adrien doesn't notice the cold. Not yet.

    #miraculous ladybug #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste#alya cesaire#love square #gabriel agreste's a+ parenting #mlwritersguild #where the firelight fades #by alexseanchai
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  • miraculously-incorrect-quotes
    15.06.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Marinette: You know when you have already coughed 20 times in class but you just need to cough one more time but everyone is already staring at you?

    Nino: And you just need a cough drop?

    Marinette: Yes!

    Adrien: So, know when you have cough drops and you tell your teacher they taste like candy so they ask for one and you be like 'do you have a cough? No, I didnt think so'.

    Alya: Wow agreste, I didnt realise you were so savage.

    Adrien: Well, I only said that in my head.... Ms Mendeleev scares me....In reality I just laughed it off.

    Alya: Welp.

    #My life #This is often how I talk so... #Bless my family #Actually #They are why I talk like that #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste#nino lahiffe#Alya cesire #I love adrien nicknames #Miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir #Source: me
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  • notasiren21
    15.06.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #miraculous ladybug#luka couffaine #luka x marinette #marinette dupain cheng #miraculous lb#love #marinette dupain cheng x luka couffaine #miraculous luka#mlb luka#lukanette #accidental pregnancy trope #answered asks#WIPs
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  • notasiren21
    14.06.2021 - 16 hours ago
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  • miraculousbeast
    14.06.2021 - 16 hours ago

    part of my marichat one-shot

    "She’s staring at him now, with her big brown eyes that were enough to drown him. She was radiant in the ambient light, she was enough to light his entire night sky. Her eyes were a vast ocean of darkness that swallowed not only the stars in the sky, but his soul- and he was willing to give it to her. For her, he'd give anything. The way she looks at him in this moment makes him want to scoop her up and kiss her and let her know that his soul was hers."
    #marichat#love confession #marinette has brown eyes lol #miraculous ladybug #marinette dupen chang #chat noir
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  • notasiren21
    14.06.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #miraculous ladybug#luka couffaine #luka x marinette #marinette dupain cheng #miraculous lb#love #marinette dupain cheng x luka couffaine #miraculous luka#mlb luka#lukanette#phantom au
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  • notasiren21
    14.06.2021 - 17 hours ago
    #miraculous ladybug#luka couffaine #luka x marinette #marinette dupain cheng #miraculous lb#love #marinette dupain cheng x luka couffaine #miraculous luka#mlb luka#lukanette#wip
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  • notasiren21
    14.06.2021 - 18 hours ago
    #miraculous ladybug#luka couffaine #luka x marinette #marinette dupain cheng #miraculous lb#love #marinette dupain cheng x luka couffaine #miraculous luka#mlb luka#lukanette
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  • notasiren21
    14.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Send me an Ask:

    1. Send 1-18 for a Lukanette WIP sentence or scene spoiler (ex. 1. 6)

    2. Send 1-4 for a Felileth WIP sentence or scene spoiler (ex. 2.3)

    3. Send 1-2 for a Zutara WIP sentence or scene spoiler (ex. 3.2)

    4. Send 1-7 for a Video Game WIP sentence or scene spoiler (FO4/Mass Effect/Code Vein/MTAP) (ex. 4.6)

    5. Send me a character you want to know a personal hc of

    6. Send me a character you want me to dissect or give an analysis of

    7. Tell me your mood and I’ll give you a song recommendation

    8. Random fact about me if you’re just bored

    9. Ask me any question

    10. Ask for advice -my life is boring but apparently that makes time for people to get decent advice from me

    #miraculous ladybug#luka couffaine #luka x marinette #marinette dupain cheng #miraculous lb#love #marinette dupain cheng x luka couffaine #miraculous luka#mlb luka#lukanette#felileth #felix x female professor #Felix x Byleth #fe3h #fire emblem three houses #code vein#fallout 4#FO4#Deacon#mass effect #mass effect trilogy #garrus vakarian #garrus x shepard #shakarian#MTAP#MTAP mint#Zutara#Atla #ask me questions #Felix Fraldarius
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  • weirdo-with-no-beardo
    14.06.2021 - 18 hours ago

    Like A Damn Sociopath Chapter 2

    Heyo! New chapter!

    Disclaimer: All songs sung by Marinette in this chapter and eventual new chapters do not belong to me. Every song I’m going to use belongs to Olivia Rodrigo. But in this story her album SOUR will be created and sung by Marinette.

    Characters belong to Thomas Astruc (even if he’s butchering the show) and other various creators.

    Plot is mine. I don’t appreciate stealing.

    Enjoy little lemon drops!



    Marinette was used to sitting in the back.

    She was used to sitting in silence and sketching alone.

    What she was not used to was having Chloé sit with her.

    The second Marinette walked through the doors, she noticed the blonde heiress sitting in the usually unoccupied seat next to her own, filing her nails.

    Despite their talk the day before, Marinette was thoroughly confused.

    Marinette sat quietly beside Chloé and gave the blonde a quizzical look.

    “What? You seemed lonely up here.”

    Marinette couldn’t help the aghast expression that crossed her face, she continued to say nothing as Chloé studied her.

    “Look, Dupain--Marinette, I can go if you want. It’s not like I really wanted to sit here anyway.” Despite her flippant attitude and annoyed expression, Marinette could see the insecurity in Chloé ‘s eyes. As the blonde stood to leave, Marinette grabbed her arm.

    “Wait!” Chloé turned to look at her, hope lighting up her sharp features. “I would like it if you sat here. I mean, if you want.”

    Oh god, please say yes.

    A week ago, if someone had told Marinette she would be silently praying that Chloé Bourgeois would sit with her, Marinette would have laughed in their face. Or maybe even thrown a croissant at them Now, she couldn’t help but hope that her sort-of-maybe-hopefully new friend would choose not to leave her.

    The blonde sat down with a small, almost imperceptible smile.


    That was four months ago.

    Now, Marinette and Chloé spent every waking second with each other. They sat together in the back making fun of Lila and her outlandish lies and sharing pastries.

    It was wonderful.

    For once in Marinette’s life, she wasn’t worrying about how much time she had to complete a demand from her classmates, whether it be cookies or dresses or new set designs. Chloé never asked for something ridiculously above the ravenette’s pay grade like her ex friends had done almost on a day to day basis. Chloé was helpful and smart and kind.

    Sometimes Marinette would share her designs with Chloé so the heiress could help out with a few problems Marinette would be stumped with.

    Somehow, despite being enemies in the past, the two got along like two peas in a pod.

    The friendship between them was refreshing and wonderful. Marinette no longer felt like she had to do everything on her own, she always had Chloé there to help with anything she could need. And it went both ways.

    When Chloé was having a particularly rough day, Marinette would bring the blonde her favorite honey scones and some new gossip about Lila’s newest fib.

    When Marinette was feeling down, Chloé would offer her a spa day at Le Grand Paris or a sleepover in her fancy suite.

    They became so close that Marinette revealed herself as Ladybug and Monarch--Chloé’s new identity using the bee miraculous--became a permanent part of Ladybug’s team.

    Chat Noir had been pissed, he refused to fight any Akumas or go on any patrols until Monarch was retired.

    But it was fine, Ladybug didn’t need him. She had a new team: Viperion, Ryuko and Monarch were the most efficient Miraculous Team to ever fight Hawkmoth. They were swift and trusted each other with everything they had. They moved like water and fought viciously and tirelessly.

    Later, when Marinette took Chat’s miraculous, she wasn’t even surprised to see Adrien Agreste. The boy was a coward and frankly an asshole on both sides of the mask. He had refused to stand up for Marinette when she needed him and refused to back down when Ladybug rejected him.

    He was unfit for the miraculous and for Marinette’s love.

    But it didn’t matter, the new Miraculous Team defeated Hawkmoth within months of assembling.

    And the whole time Marinette had been writing. Not in her diary but in a songbook.

    She wrote about her ex friends and how she felt when they rejected her.

    About Chat Noir and Adrien and her lost loves. The loves she now hated.

    She wrote about Chloé and how much her friendship helped and saved her.

    About her new team

    About Lila.

    About everything in her life, as both Ladybug and Marinette.

    And then one day, someone heard her singing.

    Jagged Stone. Marinette’s honorary uncle and occasional client for designs.

    She had been singing a rather sad song she wrote about Alya and the way that the girl had rejected Marinette’s friendship in favor of Lila’s.

    Called you on the phone today

    Just to ask you how you were

    All I did was speak normally

    Somehow I still struck a nerve

    Marinette was thinking about Alya. About the final call where the girl told Marinette they couldn’t be friends if she was just going to be jealous over Lila.

    You got me fucked up in the head, boy

    Never doubted myself so much

    Like, am I pretty? Am I fun, boy?

    I hate that I give you power over that kind of stuff'

    She had allowed Alya and the rest of her classmates to step on her for years. They demanded gifts and treats and dresses and other unreachable goals for Marinette to complete. She had bent over backwards twice a day to complete their backbreaking requests.

    Cause it's always one step forward and three steps back

    I'm the love of your life until I make you mad

    It's always one step forward and three steps back

    Do you love me, want me, hate me? Boy, I don't understand

    No, I don't understand

    Marinette didn’t get it. She had worked so hard to be a good friend, to give them anything they wanted. A banner for Alix’s and Kim’s bet? Done. A new dress for Alya’s date with Nino? Check. Four dozen cupcakes for a class picnic? Free of charge.

    And maybe in some masochistic way

    I kinda find it all exciting

    Like, which lover will I get today?

    Will you walk me to the door or send me home cryin'?

    She had cried herself to sleep every time any of her friends chose Lila over her. Chose fools gold over Marinette’s sparkling diamonds.

    And every time Marinette crawled back to them on her knees. She had begged them to take her back.

    It's one step forward and three steps back

    I'm the love of your life until I make you mad

    It's always one step forward and three steps back

    Do you love me, want me, hate me? Boy, I don't understand

    No, it's back and forth, did I say something wrong?

    It's back and forth, goin' over everything I said

    It's back and forth, did I do something wrong?

    It's back and forth, maybe this is all your fault

    And it was. It was her classmate’s fault. Marinette hadn’t done anything wrong. She had attempted to save them from Lila and her false promises only to be kicked to the side.

    Instead it's one step forward and three steps back

    And I'd leave you, but the roller coaster is all I've ever had

    Yeah, it's one step forward and three steps back

    Do you love me, want me, hate me? Boy

    I don't understand

    No, I don't understand

    Marinette stopped playing the piano Jagged occasionally let her practice on. Without the insane requests of all her ex friends, Marinette had a lot more time to do what she wanted. And she loved to play.

    Chloé always told Marinette she had the voice of an angel. “If you had seriously fallen from heaven, Mari, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

    Marinette wiped a few stray tears from her eyes and snapped her head up at the sound of clapping.

    “Holy cow, Little Rocker! I had no idea you could sing like that! Very rock ’n roll!”

    Jagged had a feral grin on his face as he and Penny walked to where Marinette sat behind the piano. “You have a beautiful voice, Marinette.” Penny said softly, moving to sit beside Marinette at the piano while Jagged jumped up to sit on the instrument.

    “We really need to get you up on stage, Little Rocker! I can see it now: Marinette Dupain-Cheng, famous throughout all of Europe! No! The world!”

    At this point, Marinette had turned a bright red, the color of a tomato. “I--uh what?”

    “Yeah, kid! How about you open for me at my next concert! That would be totally rock ‘n roll! Can we do it Penny?”

    Jagged was swinging his arms around, now standing on the piano. If she wasn’t so overwhelmed, Marinette would be wondering if he would break the piano. She hoped not.

    Jagged looked to his manager with large, puppy dog eyes. It would be cute if he weren’t a thirty year old man with spiky purple hair.

    Penny nodded, already checking her phone and calendar to see if they could. “I think that’s a wonderful idea, that is, if Marinette would agree to it.”

    The girl in question was frozen, shock overriding her system. “Me? On stage? Opening for you? Why? I’m not that good--I mean my songs aren’t very good and neither is my voice or--”

    “Oh come on, Little Rocker! You’re very rock ‘n roll! Pretty please?”

    Marinette bit her lip and thought for a moment.  Chloé would scream if she refused. Luka would insist she follow her dreams. And Kagami? She would carry her right back to Jagged if she said no.

    And Marinette? She wanted to do this. She wanted to sing. She loved it even more than designing. It helped her express herself in a way that no words could ever do.

    Marinette took a deep breath.

    “I’ll do it.”

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  • sweetjupiterr
    14.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    my entry for @pattiemayigen ‘s dtiys on instagram!! congrats on 1k+ pattie, i’m so excited for you!!

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  • notasiren21
    14.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Stole from @airi-p4

    Almost fucking had it.

    #miraculous ladybug#luka couffaine #luka x marinette #marinette dupain cheng #miraculous lb#love #marinette dupain cheng x luka couffaine #miraculous luka#mlb luka#lukanette#viperbug#vipermouse#Viperion#ladybug #Viperion x ladybug #vipernette#lukabug#Zutara#Atla#Atla katara#Atla zuko#WIPs#mass effect#garrus vakarian#jane shepard #garrus x femshep #garrus x shepard #deacon x sole survivor #fallout 4#Deacon
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  • readzilla13
    14.06.2021 - 19 hours ago

    My top predictions for Miraculous Ladybug

    1. Marinette will meet past wielders

    2. WHEN Gabriel gets both miraculous he uses them to get Emilie back, but will lose Adrien somehow

    3. Gabriel WILL get both miraculous

    And my favorite theory

    4. Marinette will create a new miraculous

    Let's discuss!

    #chat noir#ml spoilers#love square #marinette x chat noir #marinette dupen chang #miraculous ladybug#mlb #adrien x ladybug #adrien x marinette #adrien agreste #ml season 4
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