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  • breitzbachbea
    21.09.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    The terrifying realization that you may have bought your friend a shirt a size too small, but just hope that it fits anyways.

    #beablabbers #hewwo from the void #I kicked tumblr off my phone cuz I noticed how bad for my mental health everything was getting #I cleaned my desk today tho! so that's nice! #idk when or if I'll return any time soon #I'll try using not being constantly on my dash to answer old asks and write some holiday posts #I'm also so happy to get back into LFLS. Like. So happy. #it really lifts a burden from me because ... only I can tell that story. And I really DO care about it. #Like Hetaverse stuff is fun for other reasons but I miss the sheer amount of family lfls has #biological like the fun stunt I came up with involving Francis' mom #and just found family things. Michele is so lonely at his core in the hetaverse but in lfls he got the twins. #and the Irish ... I love me a good chaotic UK Brothers Hetalia situation but nothing will ever compete with that Chaos #Paddy Charlie Harry and Soph are just a loving assortment of bastards #ok enough tag rambling bea out
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  • glittertimes
    21.09.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Realizing I've never been led by my thoughts or rational side, it feels more like all the things I learn support my ability to care for others and work through my emotions.

    I love reading so much because it makes me feel more connected, and idk I guess it makes me feel more human lol! Experiencing abuse and a really uncaring education system as a kid was honestly really dehumanizing and alienating.

    And feeling connected to other people, and learning about the systems that harmed me helps me feel more like me. Learning more also means I can understand other people better and do better social justice work.

    It's like that James Baldwin quote about how reading helped him realize other people were going through similar experiences to humans that he wasn't alone in the world.

    #my values have always been so incompatible with the education system like i read for fun bc i love stories so much #and then i'd get in trouble for not reading books on my lexile level and i'd fail book quizzes even though i really enjoyed the book #and i'd get yelled at for not tracking every page i read to get credit like i'm not doing this for your silly reading lig #i just wanna know what happened after percy jackson fell off the cliff and that really pissed some teachers off lmaoo #personal
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  • amie1st
    21.09.2021 - 25 minutes ago


    I just published "CHAPTER 17" of my story "I BELONG WITH YOU". https://www.wattpad.com/1132560906?utm_source=android&utm_medium=other&utm_content=share_published&wp_page=create_on_publish&wp_uname=AnnaStephen1&wp_originator=cS1gUqZMHg%2B%2FeuLgMH24JUkjyR0BT36b%2FbZTsjdB9ogBuy6VZOUS%2BpBte%2B2B9XDcktfT4Z%2BJX7EyOGpA%2BjjYesZJCiATgDNWMg%2FLUOls3fm1G59Abi0Xvc3DBLsUwRjH

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  • magentasaiyan
    21.09.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    my humor is literally this LOL

    #Donald love#Toni cipriani #Jeez he talked about another type of vitamin toni tsk tsk #Gta Lcs #liberty city stories #my art#fanart
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  • minniethemoocher
    21.09.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    i accidentally made ats*shi the biggest scumbag ever in the batb au LMAO

    #censored his name bc i’m scared of ppl seeing this post LMAO #anyway he’s gaston in the au but instead of a huntsman #he’s a rich socialite who has a nice house and basically has the entire village wrapped around his little finger bc everyone loves him #for being popular and rich and handsome and charming #well #except for mayu #and unfortunately for mayu he’s very much interested in her and wants to marry her #and anyway i could hyperanalyze his role in the story but i just woke up and i’m tired af so maybe later
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  • goddessssims
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Operation "Kill the Mother" is in effect!

    #sims 4 stories #sims 4 story #ts4 stories#ts4 story#adulting#ts4 gameplay #Hungry for Love #black simmer #black sims 4 #black simblr#Cleo Dawson
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  • zerounitrgb
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #An Ask! #Anon #That's it I think #There are some caveats here and there for certain series #Like I prefer the manga for FMA and Ass Class over the anime even though the animes are still good #Or like My Brother's Husband only has two volumes but they're so good #And also I love the Total Drama series and hate Total Dramarama #Also more people should watch Sense8 if you haven't already and read Blue Flag #Especially if you're queer and/or identify anywhere on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum! #I am also praying that So Not Worth It gets a second season I need to see Terris's gay love story develop! #Also for the music fandoms Purple Kiss is a very recent development #As in yesterday #Still learning the members names and roles #I also like The Circle and Big Brother (although I've only started watching the newest season) #And I definitely don't like interacting with reality tv fandoms because it's like extra toxic and weird #Great British Bakeoff however is perfection and I can't wait for the next season to drop #But yeah I think that is everything and again I use the term 'fandom' very loosely here
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  • voltage-knowledge
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    In the original Japanese story of Diary of a Step-Sister, Shuichi Saionji is 180cm tall.

    In Love 365, he is 181cm tall.

    #diary of a step-sister #shuichi saionji#love 365 #love 365: find your story #voltage inc#voltage knowledge#admin aero
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  • stanzoeywade
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Something I commissioned from the light and salt of the earth Gabi, @somewillwin I fucking love you so much bitch. I'm 👁👄👁 I love you omgg ruiabfjsbdhd I'm so ready for Queen B tomorrow. All the poppy simps I can't wait to see yall tomorrow.

    This is so fucking good I'm crying. @playchoices make Poppy a LI PLEASE

    #poppy min sinclair #playchoices#queen b #poppy x mc #choices #choices stories you play #pixelberry#bea hughes #Gabi so fucking good #i love her so much
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  • kaciefaithkress
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I remember when I thought I was straight and would always write hetero romances... but from the first person POV of the guy 🙃

    #like kacie#darling #don't you see #that perhaps there's a reason #you're writing love stories #where YOU #as the first person character #fall in love with a girl? #and describe her in great detail? #but noooo you're straight lmao #gay#lesbian#lgbtq community#writer#writing#am writing#am querying#writeblr#wlw #women like women #women love women #queer#lgbtq#lgbtq writer
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  • blogygold
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

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  • kittywritesmistress
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Love is the sparkling sensation in your presence
    Void feeling in your absence
    Silence becomes the love peck stuck on my lips
    since your absence feels like the world is stopped for me
    my own words turns out to be stranger to me
    where the sunshine becomes shadow
    rains touches like fire droplets
    Love is not compromising yourself selfishly
    tis' compromising yourself selflessly
    the rain showers of love pecks pours down on our albums of memories
    In the crowd of sadness , I am getting lost with your hand entangled in mine without any worries
    The fragrance of love is locked in our breathes
    like a jasmine tied in my locks of hair silks
    Hugging your careworn heart
    drunken in the song of love
    leaving the permanent scar of our love poetry making the Cupid blush
    by watching the two souls' crush
    As your loud silence is tearing me apart like a paper
    I set sail our love ship in the vast ocean of life amidst the storm of differences
    chilled out to be ice of similarities
    dipped in the addictive wine of love
    mixed with minute poisons of jealousy
    bubbling out the small fights out of furiosity
    squeezing the sour lime of rants
    stirring some sweetness of prunes
    on the background of dreamy tunes
    for the heart gave birth to love
    which became my comfort cove
    My eyes gleaming in your eyes
    This mysterious feeling is unmeasurable like the infinite twinkling stars in night sky
    Love is like Ocean waves fiercely hitting and crossing the shoreline but always coming back to heart cave like a fly
    Hell, I feel the undervalued shit inside you more than you know yourself
    which I adore to define myself
    Moon goddess witnessed our love tension
    I heard your heart whispering my name without any mention
    Love is an enigma yet to be unravelled
    Love cannot be defined
    Indeed , its the most difficult feeling to be confined


    #writers block #ebooks de crecimiento personal #writer blog#female writers#lovely writer#love poetry #dark acadamia aesthetic #dark art#love story#love quotes#poetry#beautiful words#love poem #poems on tumblr #daily poem #original poets on tumblr #original poem#spilled poetry#poets corner #writers and poets #poets #poem on love #poem on life #writeundertheinfluence
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  • arrowdigitalmarketing
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Good or bad advice, your decision is final

    What do you think? There’s a big difference between educated intelligence versus the intelligence you acquire through experience. Should you let people believe you’re not as intelligent as you really are? Not everyone appreciates intelligence, especially if it shows up their lack of it.

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  • bend-me-shape-me
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    "Okay, what is wrong with you?"

    "I don't know what you mean, Dean."

    "Yeah, sure you don't know." Dean huffs and this isn't the gentle approach to the situation he wanted to go for, but he is certain something has been up with Cas since they had their second beer at the bar they went to tonight, and he wants to help him.

    Castiel sits down in front of the tv, he turns it on, staring annoyed at Dean when he picks up the remote and turns it off once again, stubbornly refusing to drop the subject. He sits down too, with a tired sigh, "just talk to me, please. I want to help, that's all."

    Castiel, that usually can't look away from Dean when they talk, is now doing all he can to avoid his gaze, "I," he pauses, for a brief moment that feels like an eternity to Dean, he is starting to worry he was the one to cause this, always ready to mess shit up, "there is no need for you to," he starts again, " try and help me get intimate with any waitresses or women at bars." That wasn't what Dean was expecting, at all.

    "Huh," he replies, eloquently, he soon rushes to say something else, to apologize and try to make it better "I'm sorry I made you feel uncomfortable, Cas, I really am, I was just trying, well," he doesn't know what to say next, what was he even trying to do? Get Cas to loosen up and have a good time? Maybe. Prove to himself once and for all that he isn't enough for Cas and that the angel will never see him that way? Probably. He needs to stop hoping, because hope brings pain, the sooner the pain of rejection arrives the sooner he will get over it. Sometimes he thinks he is just torturing himself, pushing everyone away, because he is poison, he brings pain and death with him, and Cas doesn't deserve that.

    "Just stop please, it's all I'm asking." Castiel gets it, of course he gets it, Dean sees those women in a way he will never see him in, and he wants Castiel to understand that without having to say it out loud, "I could never be interested in any of those men or women anyway," he is sure he can see a shift in Dean's expression at his choice of words, Castiel is a fool for believing it looks a lot like a spark of hope, "because they aren't-" he winces, catching himself just in time. They aren't you. They are strangers, Castiel could never feel a connection with them, not even at a simple physical level. Dean is staring at him, waiting for him to finish, "they are strangers." He doesn't see the appeal of the kind of exchange Dean seems to enjoy so much, the emptiness and coldness of it, the lack of a feeling behind it all. He doesn't say anything out loud, not wanting to make Dean believe he is judging him, even if he can see Dean is not one hundred percent satisfied by his answer.

    Castiel simply refuses to fill the hole in his chest because of Dean's clear lack of interest with quick counters with people he has never seen before or will see again when morning comes, he craves the intimacy and closeness, the touch, but not empty of a real meaning, he wants those things with Dean, the man that is so keen on playing matchmaker for him.

    "Look, I get it," but part of Cas knows he doesn't, not completly at least. Castiel gets up and busies himself preparing the clothes he changes to for the night even if he doesn't need to, he is more than happy Sam decided to go visit Eileen once they were done with the case, not ideal to have this type of conversation with an audience, " I won't do it again, unless at some point you want me to."

    "They will never be you, okay? So no, I don't want you to do any flirting for me, not now, not in the future." He raises his voice, he regrets it the moment it happens, he regrets his words even more, he is gripping his bright orange t-shirt tighly, refusing to look at Dean, even when he hears the telltale sounds of him getting up too to face him instead of looking at him over the back of the couch. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to lose my temper like that, I will leave if you want me to." Of all the ways he had pictured having this conversation with Dean, in the long hours of the night, daydreaming while waiting for the world to wake up again and for Dean to make breakfast and explain to him again how to make their coffee machine to function, behind the steering wheel, daydreaming away from home that things could be better when he came back, none of them went as poorly as this one. The real one. He always has to find a way to ruin everything.

    "What did you say?" Castiel finally looks up, Dean suddenly looks so small, standing there, the couch between them, so far, he looks shocked, but there it's again, that shift in his expression, and Castiel would be a fool if he didn't believe what he is seeing is a spark of hope.

    "You heard me." Yeah he heard him, loud and clear, doesn't mean Dean dares to believe his ears, he was starting to think it was simply an angel thing, he was sure Cas just feels things in a different frequency, without any common points with Dean's own experience.

    But now he has to accept he was wrong from the start, "no, I don't want you to leave," he hears himself saying, his voice sounds like he is far away, as if he was experiencing all of this from outside. Nonetheless, it was the right thing to say, Cas relaxes a fraction, dropping the t-shirt he was about to rip in half, Dean takes it as his cue to try and move closer, slowly closing the distance between them, every step reminds him of those images of astronauts walking on the Moon, like they take a year instead of a second, but soon enough he is facing Cas. "Why didn't you say anything sooner?"

    "I didn't want to put an unnecesary strain on our friendship, I didn't want to burden you, both of us, with the uncomfortable weight of this secret." Castiel gives him a look, blue eyes big and sad, and before Dean can think twice about it he is impulsively wrapping his arms around Cas, and then Cas follows, and they find themselves standing in the middle of the room, holding each other tighly like it's the end of the world. "You don't have to do this, you don't have to pity me, we will forget about what I said and-"

    "Shut up, Cas," Dean interrupts, abruptly, but with a gentle tone, "I don't want to forget about it. It's not fair, you know?" He dares to press a kiss to the side of Cas' head, the arms around him hug him even more tighly, and it feels like coming home, and his heart is about to jump out of his chest, "It's not fair that I asked you why you never said anything when I did the same thing." Castiel takes a shaky breath, he shifts, resting the side of his face on Dean's shoulder.

    "You mean...?" He doesn't finishes, doesn't need to, he looks up instead, and Dean finds himself missing the perfect way they fit together in their embrace, like two pieces of a puzzle. Dean nods firmly, still not ready to say it all out loud. He isn't worried, though, Castiel knows him, he understands him, what he says and what he doesn't.

    "I'm bad news." He moves back, just enough to press his forehead against Castiel's, breathing in, breathing out, mind reeling, trying to process all that has happened in the last twenty minutes. He has to be honest with Cas, he is going to try his damn best, but maybe that will never be enough. One of Castiel hands reaches out to touch the side of his face, his gaze so tender it hurts.

    "And still, announcing that you were saved were the best news of my whole existence."

    #destiel #double pov because they both are idiots and i needed that to be clear #i was just thinking about that moment you know on 12.10 #that was cringe af #like it was awkward and all but is deeper than that also demisexual cas rights 😌 #long post #demisexual!cas #or at least i tried my best like i know what is like believe me but putting it into words is a complete different story #i actually wrote everything else to get to those last lines #like established deancas stuff is to die for but i love me some getting together plots too #is important to me on a personal level
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  • watttine
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    A First Love Story is seriously just the coziest BL. I feel blessed 😥🥰

    #a first love story #strongberry #if you liked wyel and to my star as much as I did I highly recommend #only problem is that this one is much much shorter still #but I still spent over 1h watching it bc I kept going back to rewatch #the fact they did an ep2 #i seriously feel blessed
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  • c1r3ta-tt
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Drew this on Roblox the other day lol

    #mcsm#mcsm jesse#jesse mcsm#art #minecraft story mode #minecraft story mode telltale #i love the little clouds #why am I praising my own drawing #whatever #idk what else to put here #lol
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  • cinamun
    21.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Kissing triggers her

    **DISCLAIMER: Hey y’all, if you’re not familiar with this story, I tend to jump ahead sometimes.  We went from Hope barely talking at her birthday party to her back-talkin her daddy in the back of a Bentley.  SO: In the timeframe of this story, she’s a preteen.  A tweenager if you will.  I could go on to explain how the aging in this game goes from diapers to elementary school to acne, but I won’t.  Just know that I am an adult and a parent so this is not meant to be gross.  Hope is about 12 here and 12 year olds talk about and maybe even experiment with kissing.  The end.

    #ts4#ts4 story#indya#disclaimer needed #i've seen the memes about inappropriateness #this isn't that #love y'all #sims 4 story #black simblr
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  • mereshabdonkajahan
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

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  • soracities
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #lit#quotes#prose#clarice lispector #gertrudes asks for advice #collected stories of clarice lispector #fragments of selfhood #with your love as my witness #buber#reading #south american lit #brazilian lit#m#x #all the world's a queue
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