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  • Want to travel the world with my soulmate, my partner in crime, best friend and lover. Explore the beauty of the world how it’s given to us until we humans will destroy it.

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    What does the perfect couple look like? It is indeed hard to say anymore. The cultural landscape is changing, the move toward gender and marriage equality is becoming a reality and our vision of an aspirational couple is changing along with it. We have been thinking about this a lot lately. Frank and Claire Underwood, the political couple at the center of House Of Cards, are childless, nonmonogamous, and equally power hungry. They are miles away from the old-fashioned, cookie-cutter archetype of an ideal marriage and yet, to us they are unlikely role models in love. They are so deeply connected, so tolerant and supportive of one another’s pursuits, that one can not help but envy what they have. But the Underwoods are just one of many new examples of transparency and acceptance linked with intense romantic love to be found in the culture right now. It might seem silly to cite the Underwoods as an exemplary modern couple, given that they are fictional.

    But when you think about it, our perceptions of the relationships of actual people, famous or not, are not very “real” either as we see a carefully constructed image, or the projection of our own fantasies, but we have no idea what really goes on behind the scenes. No matter how much we speculate, or how many think pieces we write, we will never know what was actually said inside the elevator. But what is interesting about fantasy is how it can still inform our reality. Fantasy allows us to think more creatively about our own lives, which is why one hopes that good fiction is always slightly ahead of the culture. “I love that woman, I love her more than sharks love blood,” Frank says of Claire early on in Season One. It is clear the feeling is reciprocal. The Underwoods are a team, infinitely stronger together than apart. They also both occasionally sleep with other people. Sure, that is not so unusual, except that the Underwoods hide nothing from each other. They are sexually lenient, both confident that their marriage is always most important. While we do not ever see them make love, watching them share their nightly cigarette is a far more intimate experience than most hardcore sex scenes one sees on television.

    And we became far too giddy when, on a hit American show, a political power couple had an MMF with an insanely attractive and cool Secret Service bodyguard some twenty years their junior. “You know what Francis said to me when he proposed?” Claire asked in Season One. “He said, ‘Claire, if all you want is happiness, say NO. I am not going to give you a couple of kids and count the days until retirement. I promise you freedom from that. I promise you will never be bored.’” Boredom is the death of a relationship, and the Underwoods have found a way to avoid it. “Fire needs air. Desire needs space,” therapist Esther Perel said in her widely viewed TED Talk, The Secret to Desire in a Long Term Relationship. Perel’s book argues that the totally merged, comfort-seeking nature of the modern marriage is killing novelty and adventure. Clearly the Underwoods’ openness is not just a facet of their intense romantic love, rather it is integral to it. Remember that marriage should never mean the end of chasing career goals and pursuing sexual urge or fantasies, rather it should be the beginning.

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  • I may be a footnote…in the script of your Life….

    But my absense will make your text just an ensemble of words….

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  • Values are dear to us …


    Relationship Know Your Partners Values Beforehand

    We acquire our values from different sources. In the beginning our values are given to us by our parents. Speak truth, help others, do this and do not do that and things like that. After sometime, we get more values in our education. We read about values of great people and try to live by some of them. Our religion gives us many values. How to live, what is right, what is wrong and what is allowed, what is not allowed are some values that we get from the religion? Today if you observe the difference between pro and anti abortion lobbies, you will find a values conflict. In your relationship, have you found out values of your partner? Have you spelled out your values?

    Values are dear to us For some of us, values are very dear. It is found that some people even give away their life to safe guard their values. Such value contradiction can play havoc with your relationship. Some of us sympathize with poor and try to help them, while others opine that poor need not be helped, as it is their karma that is giving them this pain. Let them suffer. This singular value difference can kill your relationship, if you both are not ready to compromise on them.

    Please talk to your partner about your values in the beginning of the relationship. Spell out your values very clearly and be honest that you will not compromise on any of them. Let your partner do the same. Compare the values and discuss the differences. Decide at that point about the relationship. Both of you should be aware that the difference can kill the relationship in future. Take any step forward only after this value comparison.

    So for more info “how to bind him forever”

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    minsan, kapagod na mag-antay sayo.

    minsan, kapagod na rin maghanap sayo.

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    Let us face it, in today’s dating world finding a guy who has all the necessary qualities of a real man is like winning a lottery. However, becoming this man is even harder because taking a walk in an aristocratic man’s shoes takes a lot of responsibility, hard work, effort, and energy. So, what are the characteristics every such desirable man should possess? What are the traits which make him stand out from the crowd?


    The first difference between a high value man and an immature boy is self-awareness. A real man knows who he is, knows what he is capable of, and most importantly, knows who and what he wants in life. This is a great guy who does not live in the moment and does not go with the flow. He does not expect his life to magically fall into place without him having to move a finger. Instead, he is the kind of person who has a plan that he is always working on, even when you do not see it He knows what he is looking for, and he will always be clear when it comes to his expectations from others and from himself. He does not waste time on people and things which might hold him back, and he will not allow anyone to distract him from his path. This is a man who has a vision of his future, and he will not give up until he accomplishes it. This goes for all aspects of his life, including his career, romantic relationships, and all the other little things. For example, a noble will not end up with a woman who does not deserve him, who can not give him everything he wants or who does not meet his high standards. It is not that he asks for the impossible, he just knows he has a lot to offer and is not ready to settle for less than what he deserves.


    A good man is not only smart, he is also emotionally intelligent. The best part is that he applies this emotional intelligence to himself and others, as well. This man is not scared of getting in touch with his vulnerable side. He does not think that showing his feelings will make him any less of a tough guy. He does not have a habit of suppressing his emotions and acting like they do not exist. A guy like this is not embarrassed to cry if he feels like crying nor is he ashamed to admit that he is heartbroken or hurt. In fact, he is aware that these are not the signs of his emotional weakness but indicators of his mental strength. He never ignores his issues nor does he push his problems under the carpet, expecting them to magically go away. When you fight with a noble man, he will not ignore you or give you the silent treatment. Instead he realizes the importance of healthy communication, and he will do everything in his power to talk things through and to make your arguments as productive as possible. Most importantly, a man like this has incredibly high empathetic skills and the ability to understand everyone around him, especially his romantic partner. He never judges others without walking a mile in their shoes and always does his best to find justification for someone else’s actions. He is an incredible listener and ever better adviser. When you are around him, sometimes you feel as if he can read your mind and knows how you feel even before you become aware of it, which is all due to his extremely developed emotional intelligence. Also, this great guy has incredible intuition, especially when it comes to girls. He feels their vibe and feminine energy right on the first date, so women usually have a hard time tricking him and convincing him they are something they are actually not.



    Another personality trait of the right man is the fact that he is trustworthy and reliable. It does not matter what your relationship with this guy is, whether he is your boyfriend, husband, family member, friend or a coworker, if you are important to him and have a place in his life, he will never stand you upt or leave you hanging. Instead, he is the kind of man you can always count on. It does not matter if you need someone to pick you up in the middle of nowhere, if you have an emotional emergency, if you need to borrow some money, if you just need someone to hear you out or give you some precious advice, this guy is the one you should call and the one who will always answer. This is a great man who always has his loved one’s back, a man who sticks with the people he cares for through thick and thin, and a man who will never abandon you when you need him the most. When he promises something, you can be positive that he will do everything in his power to make it happen and when he tells you that he is there for you, you can be certain that he really means it.


    A desirable man does not need anyone raising him and showing him the way. He is capable of taking good care of himself (and of others surrounding him, if necessary). He does not need another parent or a life teacher. This guy is perfectly capable of making life decisions on his own and even if he asks someone for advice, he is the one who makes the final call about his own life. He has learned how to make a balance between his mind and his heart, so he rarely takes any impulsive decisions which he might regret later. This is an independent, self-sufficient man who has what it takes to go through life on his own. He knows how to determine his priorities and how to keep himself emotionally and financially stable. When it comes to love, this man wants to find an equally mature woman who has the capacity to be his life partner. A woman who will not walk behind or in front of him, but a woman who will be able to follow his pace. He is not looking for a woman he will follow around, someone to financially and emotionally support him. He does not need a girl to save him or to force him to get his shit together. He does not need a girl to solve his problems, he needs a woman who will not become one.


    You know those stuck-up guys who think they are better than anyone? Those who are convinced nobody could outwit them, who think they are the smartest and most attractive men in the entire world? You know those guys who think they could never be replaced and whose self-love is the only thing they care about? The guys who are convinced that they are never wrong and always crave the spotlight, even when they have nothing to offer? Well, an aristocratic man is nowhere near that. He is not a self-centered, cocky, ego maniac with obvious insecurities he is actually trying to hide from the real world. However, what he does have is high self-esteem. He knows his self-worth, and he is not the guy you can convince that he is not enough. This man is sure about himself and his abilities, but he is not ashamed to admit if he does not know anything nor does he find it humiliating to ask for advice. He believes in his inner strength and knows that he can achieve anything he sets his mind on, if he just has enough faith. Nevertheless, the best part about this guy’s sense of self-worth is the fact that it does not depend on anyone else besides himself. He does not wait for other people’s approval to think better about himself nor does he ever wonder what someone might say about his rather weird life.



    Call him old-fashioned or even out-dated but one of the main personality traits every good man owns is good manners. This guy is a gentleman and knows his way with the ladies, which is also a part of his charm. He is not into modern dating practices and he will never pretend to be this unavailable man when he is head over heels for someone, so a girl he likes will never have to crack her mind open about interpreting his mixed signals. She will never have to wait for his text or question his intentions because he is only calling her to meet him in the middle of the night or at his place. Instead, this man is someone who respects his partner’s personal boundaries and feelings. He is not interested in wasting his time or energy on playing different mind games or on calculating his next move. When he takes a woman out on the first date , he will pay attention to all the little things: he will buy her flowers, pick up the check, and treat the staff kindly. He will open the door for her and make sure she got home safe. A good man will always be at his partner’s service and ready to give her a hand, even when she does not ask for it. It is not that he does not think of his woman as his equal, he just cherishes her feminine energy and wants to make sure she always feels loved and protected next to him. The same goes when it comes to break ups . Even when this man is dumping a girl, he will do it with style, as a real gentleman. However, this guy’s good manners do not only apply to his romantic partner. No, because this is a man with amazing social skills which make him desirable in all social situations and circles. He is someone who will help an old lady cross the street, his neighbor go grocery shopping or stop along the road when he sees someone with a flat tire. The desire to help everyone in need is simply in his blood and a part of his up bringing.  


    Let us face it, how many guys do you know who claim they have all (or at least most) of the qualities mentioned above? Almost every man will characterize himself as a high quality guy, just to make himself more desirable. However, the difference between this great man we are talking about and every other guy who is just pretending to be him lies in the fact that a high quality man is a man of his words. His promises are not empty, he never lies, and he never pretends to be someone he is not. He is not one of those guys who will sweet-talk their way into a girl’s bed or heart. He is not a people-pleaser, and he definitely will not talk trash about you behind your back and then smile right in your face, pretending that he is your friend. He is not one of those guys who will be telling their romantic partner how much they love her while they go around and use every opportunity to have to cheat on her. They will not be promising her the world, just to end up giving her nothing. The truth is that this man might sound harsh or even inconsiderate at times, simply because he does not hesitate spilling the truth right in everyone’s faces, no matter how painful it might be. Nevertheless, this is actually one of his most appealing qualities that he is always honest.


    Another important personality trait high quality men possess is the ability to admit when they are wrong. This guy knows how to stand behind his actions, has no trouble owning up his mistakes, and never runs away from responsibility. He is not someone who blames everyone around him for his failures. He is aware of the fact that every healthy relationship, including a romantic one, is a two way street and that it is not possible for the other person to always be the only one guilty when things go downhill. He knows he is only a human being who is allowed to make mistakes and does not act as this perfect man who can not be wrong. He does not behave like he is above everyone else and does not feel intimidated when someone, especially his romantic partner, points out on his mistakes. This man is the kind of person who knows when it is time to apologize, and he doesn’t find it humiliating to say he’s sorry. However, he will also call you out on your actions when you do him wrong or misbehave with him.



    A desirable man has the vibe of an Alpha male . He is a born leader, and people look up to him, whether he would like it or not. However, he is not bossy nor does he demand that others obey him blindly. Everyone simply sees him as a father figure and as a role model. His friends and other people in his surroundings know he is the one who can help them go through hard times. Also, he is not one of those unavailable men and people often turn to him for dating advice or for help with some other problems and see him as the leader of the pack. This is because of his incredible social skills, his bravery, and his inner strength. He can not be easily scared. He has a strong moral compass, does not chicken out at the first hint of inconvenience, and is ready to do whatever it takes for the people he loves. Therefore, he is in the spotlight everywhere he goes around the girls, in his social circles, and even on the job. Other men often admire him and look for ways to become just like him, without knowing how much hard work and self improvement it took for him to become the human being he is today. It is not that he is a skillful manipulator. People just believe everything he has to say and trust him to always make the right move, even when they initially disagreed with him. The same goes with the girls around him: he is so persuasive that they get knocked off their feet the second they meet him.


    The thing about this guy is that you always know where you stand with him. As it was already stated, he knows what he wants and is always completely honest, so it is natural for him to have a consistent personality as well. It is not that he is not prone to changes. In fact, he is constantly working on self-improvement. However, he will modify some things about his personality when he decides it is time to do so. His moral compass will never be affected by others, and he will never change the essence of who he is. When you are in a healthy relationship with an aristocratic guy , you do not have to worry about a breakup in which he ghosts you. You do not have to be concerned about whether he will change overnight as soon as he gets what he wants, and you do not have to worry about him disappearing and reappearing in your life. If he is committed and if he promised you some things, remember to be certain that he is not going anywhere because he is a man of his words, and his inconsistent behavior would mean he has to betray all of his principles.

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    You would all probably agree that love is a complicated thing. There are so many factors that can affect what will happen in a love relationship and if you want to check all of them, you will need a lot of time and nerves because that is not an easy thing to do. Love is even difficult for either gender to understand, and I think that guys have more problems figuring out some love things.

    They do not have a sixth sense like women, so they can not feel when someone feels something for them. So this text is written for guys because we do not want to neglect them, right ladies? It will help them to realize in good time when a woman is in love with them and that she badly wants to be a part of their life. So we are bringing you a list of proven signs that she loves you deeply. Read this and find out what kind of things she will do if she is in love with you.



    You all probably remember how you were shy when you were faced with your crush for the first time. You could not even look them straight in their eyes and you were afraid that you would say something that they would not like. Also if she has bad posture, it can be a sign that she is in love with you. She will want to be low-key all the time when she is around you because she is terrified to say anything or to make the first move. She has butterflies in her belly and she can not even express her emotions so she decides to be quiet and comfortable as long as you are there.


    For her, what you have to say is of a high importance. That is why she will try to help you if you can not remember some word or she will try to show you that she agrees with your opinion. Maybe she will not talk too much because she will be afraid of making a mistake but she will definitely listen to you carefully and try to react to every word you say as a sign of approval. This is an obvious sign that she loves you deeply but she does not want to make the first move, so as to not look like a sick or rather clingy girlfriend. So, give her time to relax and when she realizes that it is a safe place for her and that she can say what she means, she will approach you wearing her heart on her sleeve and you will know what she really feels about you.


    When a girl wants to spend some time with you alone, without anyone interfering, it is a sign that she is into you and that she wants something more than a friendship. Since she is no longer in love with her ex, she wants to try something with you and she wants it to be successful. If you decide to spend some time alone with her, she will probably try to get to know you better and impress you with her thinking. If you like her, give her some private time for her to show what she has to offer and don’t be too harsh on her if she feels anxious all the time. This is a sign that you really matter to her and that is why she chooses to act like this.



    If a girl touches you ‘accidentally’, you should know that it means more than an ordinary touch. She wants to feel your skin on hers and that is why she will use any chance to be close to you and touch you. You should also be aware of the places she touches you. If for example she touches your ears, shoulders or your head, you can see those as sexual tension signs. In this way, she wants to show to you that she really likes you and that she would indeed become and feel like the happiest woman on earth if you accepted to be her boyfriend.


    When a girl is active on your social media sites and if she likes and comments on your posts all the time, it definitely means something. She is in love with you but she doesn not know how else to show you that. Her friends already told her that she is too into you and they are showing her ways on how to stop obsessing over a guy. But she will never admit that she is crazy in love with you and she will continue with her small-scale ‘stalking’ of you on those sites. If a girl you know behaves like this, you can be sure that she loves you deeply, so it is up to you if you will give her a chance or you will just ignore her. Be wise and make the right decision.


    Maybe she is not very stylish in her private life but when she is with you, she is as hot as hell. All the way from her sexy outfit, her hairstyle, nail color and make-up—everything about her is perfect. And she does not look like that without a purpose. She wants to look attractive for you and she is not afraid or shy to show you that. She is aware of the fact that guys are visual human beings, so she wants to seduce you in that way. And if you see all her efforts and compliment her, she will know that all those hours that she spent on making herself look better and beautiful actually paid off.



    If she looks you straight in the eyes even if you are preoccupied with something else, it means that she really loves you deeply. She doesn’t want to spend a minute not looking into your eyes and she wants to create a deeper bond between the two of you by doing so. She thinks that by looking into your eyes, you will see that sparkle in hers and realize that she wants something more with you than just being a friend. She will use her seductive looks to put a spell on you and she will have her fingers crossed that you feel the same for her.


    If a woman remembers all those small things about you that even you do not seem to remember, it is an obvious sign that she loves you deeply. In this way, she wants you to know how much you mean to her and that there is no man who is above you in her life. She will remember all the way from your favorite food, band, music or clothes brand. She is soaking in all these things because she once heard you speak about them with a huge passion. Maybe a girl like this loves you more than she is aware of or maybe she just wants you to make the first move. So again, it is all entirely up to you.


    If a girl loves you deeply, your happiness will be more important than her own. That means that she will do anything to make you satisfied, including sacrificing all her spare time to help you with some urgent things you need to handle. A girl like this will be with you no matter whether she had a rough day at work or not. She will be there to hug you and to tell you that everything will be fine and once she spends some time with you, she will forget all her own problems because you make a good impression on her. If you have a girl like this next to you, you should be satisfied because that is all you will ever need to be truly satisfied and happy.



    When you are with her, she will always check you out. You look so damn sexy to her and she can’t take her eyes off of you. That is a proven sign that she is in love with you deeply and that she just wants you to be alone with her so she can show you how much she wants you. If you think about it, you will see that guys do this for the women they are attracted to, so it is no strange thing that she behaves like this. Now, it is up to you whether you will do anything about it or if you will just skip her hitting on you. Decide carefully.


    If a girl you know gives you a present for no reason it means that you are a special person in her life. For some reason she wants you to feel special and satisfied. From her doing things like this, you can see that she has some strong feelings for you and that she would like if the two of you could be a couple. By buying you some gifts she wants to impress you and make you think of her more often. She thinks that her gifts will remind you of her when you are alone and that it will maybe make you think about having a love relationship with her.


    If a girl you spend time with starts to defend you from all those people around you who don’t think the same way as you, it is an obvious sign that she is badly in love with. She is ready to stand by your side even if that means that she will have to work against herself. When a woman starts to defend a man, it means that she is really in love with him and that it is only a matter of time when she will admit that to you with confidence.



    If a girl is trying so hard to impress you, it means that she likes you and that she would want to make a deeper bond between the two of you. She wants you to look at her like she is the main reason for your happiness and she will do anything to prove herself. By trying to impress you, she wants you to see what you will be missing out on if you refuse to be her partner; that’s why she will be the best version of herself when she is with you.


    If you are talking to other girls and give them all the attention she wants you to give her, she will be extremely nervous and anxious. She is in love with you and she simply can not stand it if another woman talks to you, looks at you or touches you gently. If she sees something like this, she may even make a jealous scene in front of you, just so you never do that to her again. This is what any woman in love would do if she saw her potential partner with another girl, so do not be too harsh on her. She just wants to love and be loved.


    If you wanted to have the biggest sign of a woman’s love for you, here you have it. When a woman says that she loves you, there are no more words you need to hear. She is wearing her heart on her sleeve and she admits this to you no matter whether you will refuse her or you will ask her to be your date. She has decided that she can’t keep her emotions inside anymore and that she has to break free from all those bottled-up feelings inside. So, if you were lucky enough to have a woman who will come and tell you that she loves you, be smart enough to cherish her. A woman like that is rare, just like the unconditional and true love she can give you.

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    Let us not beat around the bush here and let us admit that it happens in many cases that when a man meets a good woman, he has no idea what to do with her. He does not know how to treat her, what to think or how to behave even to begin with. Sometimes, when a man meets a good woman, he knows instantly that he wants her in his life, but somehow he messes things up. It often happens that he will start overthinking and overanalyzing everything, from the smallest situation in his life, and he just ends up being toxic for himself and for the woman. At some point, it appears to him that it is too early to become serious about life, he is not ready or he is unwilling to settle down or to commit to a single woman, but he also does not want to miss out on this opportunity to tie an amazing woman to himself. So he will drag this good woman into something that might be a relationship, but it might also not be a relationship. And it is just wrong. It is wrong on so many levels.

    When you meet a good woman, and there is a mess in your head, there is one of two things you should do: either step up your game or let her go. You either tell yourself, “This is what I have been waiting for my whole life,” or you say, “She is amazing, but I am not on the same page, so I will just let it go.” When you are unsure whether you want to commit or not, you do not make empty promises, you do not talk to her about the future and you do not plan things if you are not ready to make them happen. You do not drag a good woman into what you yourself have no idea what it is.

    You do not confuse her and you do not hold her next to you and make her wait until you are ready to commit. Sometimes life spices things up for us, but at most other times things are not that complicated, you know? Life is easier when both happiness and sorrow are shared with the right person. So when you meet the right woman, you do not come up with excuses of how you are not ready or how now is not the time or God knows what. You either make it happen or let her go. There are women who love wholeheartedly, laugh from the bottom of their hearts, cry out loud, do not play games and always tell the truth no matter what happens.


    There are women who make things happen for themselves, women who do not need men to complete them in life and who are not scared to live their lives to the fullest; you know the kind of women who your mother talked to you about and your father told you to marry? These kinds of women are not afraid to commit to a single man. They are not afraid of spending the rest of their lives with a single man or building a family together with him, to invest in him and their relationship. They are not at all afraid to say “No” to other men and all the other golden possibilities.

    This kind of a woman should be your priority, not an option. This kind of a woman should not be lied to, should not be played or led to believe she has a future with you when you yourself are confused about what you want from your life. You deserve this kind of a woman when, and only when, you know exactly what you want from her. When you meet a good woman, you forget all about why it could not work and you start thinking about what you could do to make it work. You do not come up with excuses, but you step up your game and make it happen. You tell yourself this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you do not let yourself miss it. When you meet a good woman, you put her at the top of your priority list. There are no buts, no other options, no playing games like douchebags.

    When you meet a good woman, you simply man up. You start building your life up, you start building yourself up and you start realizing what it means to truly commit to someone. You finally realize that you were not born to wander through this life, but to find your other half and be happy. I remember the words my mother said me when my head was messed up: "If she respects you, if she is loyal and generous, kind and smart, do not let her see any other man but you. If she is a good woman, do not let her wait for you or give her space to doubt your intentions. You take her hand, you tell her how much she means to you and you put her at the top of your priority list". If this is not golden philosophy on how to treat women with honour, I do not know what is.

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    Men are not so subtle when it comes to them falling for you. Which is, let us be honest, a good thing. But even when women have all the signs they do really like, when all of their girlfriends have said it, he is still stuck in one place and his making a move is as impossible as going into space. Women are wondering could it be that we have misread the signs. Looking for signs that he likes you is as easy as looking for the Hulk in a nightclub. Men are so obvious to everyone except the woman that’s attracted to them. Yes, love has a way of making us blind. But what about men that are not so obvious? What about men that treat you in a special kind of way, but not so special as you had expected?

    Men that make you feel like a Goddess with compliments and call you ‘buddy’ the next minute. Then, it is time to look for signs that he loves you, but he is just afraid of rejection. Because, you see, every man has three main fears: the fears of irrelevance, disappointment and rejection. Men are terrified of letting women down, especially ones they truly care about. He will seem like the toughest of them all, but deep down, he will go crazy trying to figure out why you’re suddenly sad. Another fear that breaks them is feeling irrelevant. Men hate feeling like a piece of furniture or a walking paycheck in a relationship, so naturally, if they are treated that way, they will treat you back the same.

    Or he will simply walk away, looking for relevance somewhere else. And lastly, fear of rejection. You can say it is both of the fears before combined. He is afraid that his charm and work will go unrecognized, that he will let you down in some kind of way. And this is also a reason why men just adore women who initiate dates and things in relationships. There is no facing rejection and it there is hardly a man who will reject you, unless he is taken. It is completely natural that he is taking some time to see if you are feeling the same as he does, to see whether you really want to go out before he pops the question. Because, no matter how thick-skinned you believe they are, they are not. Every rejection hurts, regardless of the level of commitment or drunkenness. It stings and burns your confidence like acid. So, to ease your worries, we have henceforth gathered signs that he actually likes you, even if he still has not made a move.



    This is something he can not really control. His words could be distant and cold, but his body will tell you a whole different story. You will catch him more than once looking at you with that look, you know which one. As soon as you catch him, he will look away or he will keep on staring because men are visual creatures. When they like something, they look at it. A lot. So, this one is actually a good sign that he likes you. Prolonged eye contact is never a coincidence. Another clue to look for is the way he behaves around you. If he seems nervous and keeps on fixing his appearance (hair, tie, shirt etc), that is because he wants to look his best for you and he wants to charm you off of your feet. And fear of utter shame or disappointment is making him nervous, so he could be fidgeting with his fingers a lot. It will even seem like he forgot how to use them. His body will always be angled towards you and he will lean in closer to you. He will also find any excuse to touch you. Whether it is a strand of hair that got lost on your face or to touch your back while you are sitting down. To him, you are like the strongest magnet he simply can not resist. And to be honest, he is not even trying. He will also smile a lot. The moment you enter the room, a stupid grin will be stuck on his face from ear to ear. When we are spending time with someone we are interested in, we are happy. Nervous and nauseous maybe, but still happy. It is the same with him spending time with you. His face will light up when he sees you and his eyes will smile. That is a genuine reaction to you which he cannot fake. While fake smiles will stop at the mouth, his will light up the entire room around him and not only his face.


    He will smell his best, fix his hair and dress better than usual. This one is easy to catch on to if you have seen him with his friends. If he is not trying so hard with them but you can see he tried hard for you, that is the only sign you really need. He will fix his appearance while you’re around all the time. Fix his tie, his jacket or pop a breath mint in his mouth. He wants to be the best version of himself, so he can show you that he is actually worth it. While we are at the best version of him, he will talk himself up. He will keep on talking about how he is successful at his job but not in a douche, asshole, arrogant kind of a way. He will give you enough info for you to know what it is about, but not too much to smother you, often called as ‘humble bragging’. On the other hand, if he is talking about himself and nothing but himself in that ‘I-amm-the-best-one-out-there’ kind of tone, it is time for you to back away. He is nothing but a narcissist and that is not someone you really want to have or commit to in your life.


    While he is trying to find a way to touch you, how does he react when you touch him? Does he flinch or move away when you touch him? Or he is relaxed and actually enjoys when you do it? This is a big sign that he likes you because he would move away if he did not. Pay attention to the subtle moves he makes. If your legs are touching and he doesn not move his away, he is more than okay with touching you. Or if your high five or handshake lasts longer than the usual ones do, maybe it is time for something little bit more intimate than that. But with this one, you need to look at the bigger picture. If he is moving away but you know that he is shy, that does not have to be a sign he does not like you. It could simply be saying that he is just too shy to make a move. Or if you know that he is a player, he could be welcoming touches from any woman out there. Always look at the bigger picture instead of the tiny pieces. Look at the way the two of you move together and the types of chemistry present between the two of you.



    This one is really important and goes both ways. My friends always say that they can notice when I am in love just by looking at where is my phone when I am with the guy. Because of the rhythm and the way we are living our lives today, our phones are a necessary evil. They are everything we need and essential to our existence. Sadly, but they are. If you notice that he did not even get his phone out of his pocket while sitting with you, there are no worries that you will waste your time with him. His focus is entirely on you; it seems like there is no one but you. Like the whole world disappeared to him and you are the only thing that is left. And even if he gets phone calls or texts, he handles them quickly and apologizes multiple times. To him you are more interesting than thousands of phones and that is something worth fighting and protecting for.


    This is a great way for him to check the ground, to see if you are up for something a little bit more than just goofing around or hanging out as friends. He will playfully tease you or slightly push you, just to keep the atmosphere light and easy-going. Plus, it is a great way to make an excuse for touching you. Men do not ever really grow up and neither do women. From pulling your ponytail to teasing you about the stain on your shirt, it is all about game and finding a way to your heart through smiles and laughter. And another way of teasing is that he will joke about liking you. This is a great way for men who are afraid of rejection to cope with their feelings and see where they stand with you. A lot of men who are shy or afraid of rejection will joke about being together with the exact person they want to be with. You will never hear him joking about that with other women, trust me. This way, even if rejection does happen, he can say it was all fun and games, no feelings. If you find this sign alongside with others on the list, there is no need to look any further. Your heart already belongs to him.


    And I mean, really get to know you. He is not interested in stuff you tell everyone when you are chit-chatting. He is interested in dreams you are dreaming and passions you are following. And he will truly enjoy listening to you while you are talking. He will remember all the little things you mentioned once before and ask you about them. And even if you feel uncomfortable talking about yourself all the time, with him it will not be the case. You are the one person he wants to spend all of his free time with and you do nott have to look for any signs to prove this one.

    If he is texting you and calls you to go out all the time, not because he wants something from you but because he just wants to spend some time with you, he is interested in you. If you know that he is not going out of his way for anyone else and that he is even cancelling some of the plans he already made just so he could be with you, it not because he is a great friend. It is because he really likes you and wants to move things to the next level, but he is afraid and shy to admit it openly.

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    Some guys love to flirt through the power of touch so instead of fidgeting when you see he is trying to touch your lower back, for example, let him near you and feel whatever is happening to your body at that moment. If this is your first time together, there are ways that you can break the touch barrier and make the experience more enjoyable for both of you. Even if you are with one of your close friends or even your best friend, it is not going to feel normal at first, simply because this is the first time he is touching you in somewhat of a personal area (lower back, upper back, the upper part of your calf etc) Other than your waist, a guy can touch you in many other body areas that will equally excite you, if this is what you want, of course! Good luck figuring out what it all means and keep in mind to watch his body language as well as making eye contact.



    If he is slowly and softly caressing your hair, it means he is genuinely into you. If this is the case, you will get the romantic vibes. If he is talking to you as he is putting your hair gently behind your ear, all the while looking you directly in the eye, he is not shy about letting you know how he feels. Deepen his desires and get him to devote to you with his secret obsession. His body language will be very evident here, as he will be very close to you, doing everything in his power not to be too obvious, yet deeply wanting to grab you and kiss you. He will have a genuine smile on his face and even if this is just a guy friend, trust me, he wants more. This is a definite sign that he is into you in a physical and possibly romantic way. What he wants is to cuddle you and make you feel loved and cherished, so do not ignore these signs of attraction. Guys do not just touch your hair for nothing. They are trying to tell you something, so pay close attention!


    How many times has a purely platonic guy friend touched your face just for the sake of it? It does not happen that often. Because a touch on the face from a guy means a little something extra, especially if we’re talking about a shy guy! He can give you all the high fives he wants but what he’s doing here is very simple, he is being a flirt! To shy guys, it is not particularly easy just being open about how they feel, so watch out for his body language clues to tell you what he really means. Do not be checking your phone for text messages while he is putting himself out there. This is a pretty big deal and you should take it as such. It is a good sign that this guy has honest intentions and is willing to take it slow. Respond to his vibe and see where it takes you.



    He is definitely being upfront and forward here. Touching your lips is as personal as it gets. He wants you and he does not want to waste any more time. He is openly expressing his interest in you and now the ball is entirely in your court. Will you respond in a romantic way or will you keep him guessing a little bit longer? It is totally up to you. Just know that out of all of the body language signs, touching your lips is the most obvious one. He likes you and the only question is if you feel the same way.


    When a guy touches your head, it is similar to when he touches your hair. If you two are currently kissing, this means he does not want to let you go. He likes what is happening and wants it to stay that way for as long as possible. If he slowly nudges you, whispers something in your ear and makes direct eye contact, these are all signs he is deeply into you. It is a playful, flirtatious way to cement his feelings and let you know he is not going anywhere. The head is a safe area to touch you, it is not too forward but also not too innocent. It is just enough to make you see where he is at.



    A person’s neck is a delicate part of their body. Just imagine the feeling of a guy gently caressing your neck with his fingers from one side to the other. How does it make you feel? I think I know the answer and I believe you know where I am going with this. Touching your neck is a clear sign he is extremely into you and he does not want to hide it.


    Normally touching a person’s shoulder does not imply a romantic interest. It is one of the safest places to touch a person (if you must) without them getting the wrong impression. You may be talking and the guy touches your shoulder as a sign that he agrees with what you are saying. He just does not want it to be weird, that is all. If he lingers for a while or if a simple touch turns into rubbing your shoulders to the point of giving you a massage, it may mean he is into you after all. You just have to decipher what he wants by making eye contact and pay attention to the vibe he is giving out.



    If he is touching your arm, there might be a few possible explanations. An arm is not a personal area of one’s body so it may be a bit trickier getting to the bottom of this. If you two are engaged in conversation, touching your arm might simply mean he is really into the conversation. But if he links arms with you, it signifies more than just a platonic touch. You do not link arms with just anyone. It is with people you are close with or with somebody you wish to be closer with. So keep in mind that if he does not normally link arms with you like this, perhaps he is trying to tell you something.


    Holding hands is clearly a romantic gesture but is he holding your hand or giving you high fives? Those have different meanings. Holding your hand means he is into you in a way that’s pointing to a relationship and high fives are something buddies would do. If you find that he keeps finding excuses to touch your hands, perhaps he is trying to break the touch barrier. If he ever interlocks fingers with you girl, he could not be more upfront than that. Good luck because this guy is a keeper.



    It depends where exactly on the back he is touching you. Upper back does not mean anything more than a friendly nudge. But if he is touching you on the lower back, it is of a more flirtatious, playful nature. Unless he is leading you through a crowded place, touching your lower back is a cheeky way to let you know he secretly likes you.


    Now this is a sensual, sexy gesture. A man will touch you on your waist if he wants to pull you closer to him. He might approach you from the back, put his hands on your waist and turn you around into a soft embrace. Or he might just hold his hand on your waist while standing close to you. Either way, he wants you near and he wants it to be known you are his.

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  • I’m supposed to be blogging every day. my therapist thinks it will help with my anxiety because (hypothetically) I’m getting all my thoughts out. Probably better that they’re not just rattling around in my brain. I guess.

    So a few weeks ago I told the guy I was dating that I was going to leave him alone (he was a basketcase of “I’m trash blah blah blah) because honestly? At this point in my life I’m not going to play mind games with someone. I don’t have time and I don’t have the patience. Now, I’m aware that every one has some sort of baggage, but ideally I’d like to be with someone who is secure in who they are despite that. I’ve also grown bored with those who get mean and stupid when they drink. I don’t deserve that shit. "Know your worth” is some of the best advice I’ve been given and I spent the better part of a decade ignoring it. But I’m a different person than I was even 5 years ago and I like who I am now. I feel grounded and sure of myself. It’s a nice feeling. Surprising to me, I also enjoy being single. I feel content in my own company and…. really there’s no finding my other half because I’m already whole. It feels good to decide I don’t want anything in the romance department at the moment. And that’s the complete opposite of where I was at in my 20’s (ugh, involuntary shudder when I think about the hot mess I was).

    Anyways, if you actually read this, thanks. And if not, that’s OK too. It’s for me.

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