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    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    -- "You need sleep." He spoke, his voice quiet over the hissing of the cooling unit.

    "The pot is calling the kettle black, then."

    "And this 'pot' will keep doing it." He kissed her head. "Go to sleep, Emmy."

    She couldn't help but smile.

    "... Fine. Metalheaded twit..." --

    //Doing what I can to boost my mood before I sleep, so have a sweet bit of Metalworks 💙

    Both of them have sleeping issues and constantly need to remind eachother to rest at least a little bit. You can get pretty exhausted working physically for days on end...//

    #oc#resident evil #resident evil village #re8 #resident evil oc #resident evil village oc #re8 oc#karl heisenberg#heisenberg#lord heisenberg#re8 heisenberg #heisenberg x oc #karl heisenberg x oc #lovelywingsocs#lovelywingsart#traditional art #expect alot of these #its cute tho #i really like making these sketches #i hope you guys like them too
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    21.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Sketched out my friend Annabelles little squish Mo because he's fucking adorable 🥺

    //Gonna hang out in my sketchbook for a few days... Got hit with a small bit of depression so opening my computer seems like a daunting task... So the next few doodles will be traditional!//

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    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    'We made plans to grow old Believe me there was truth in all those stories that I told Lost in a simple game, cat and mouse Are we the same people as before this came to light?

    Am I supposed to be happy? With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price Am I supposed to be happy? With all I ever wanted, it comes with a price You said, you said that you would die for me

    You must live for me too'

    'Cat And Mouse' - The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


    Before I say anything else, I'm sorry- 🙃

    Trust me, I actually fucking cried while making this.

    There was a promise made many years before the end, and then another mere days before Ethans arrival to the village.

    Neither knew that those promises would effectively be broken. By the time they figured it out, she was dying, and he lost more than just the factory and his army-

    He lost the chance to be 'normal'. Both of them did.

    As it faded, they were simply left with memories and broken dreams of what could have been, only seeing eachother in the afterlife where none of it really mattered.

    #oc#resident evil #resident evil village #re8 #resident evil oc #resident evil village oc #re8 oc#karl heisenberg#heisenberg#lord heisenberg#re8 heisenberg #heisenberg x oc #karl heisenberg x oc #lovelywingsocs#lovelywingsart#im sorry #it hurt me too
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    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Somebody shine a light

    I'm frozen by the fear in me

    Somebody make me feel alive

    And shatter me

    So cut me from the line

    Dizzy, spinning endlessly

    Somebody make me feel alive

    And shatter me

    'Shatter Me' - Lindsey Stirling


    Not the best, but not the worst, and happy to have it done... Not too happy with the glass though but that's because I gave up on it 😂😅

    Might actually go back and do a FULL full piece like it instead of just a sketchy mess, but it's ok for now I think! QuQ

    //Also happy to work with ShadowDemon!Mica again, especially after playing a bit with her abilities in the RE8AU. uwu//

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    18.01.2022 - 5 days ago

    Sketchy flat color commission for friend and fellow artist Annabelle of her character Vulca- this time given a Cadou mutant form for Resident Evil Village! uwu

    Done in the same sketchy style as I did for my own characters, she was VERY fun to figure out!!! 💙

    //You should definitely recognize her, I've actually drawn her normally before~ Mostly because she happens to very much be damn near in love with Emelia and Karls son, Adalwulf. 😂

    This was also to make sure she could absolutely harass Emelia FAR more than she already does. 😏

    Sorry Emmy, she's stuck with you now!!//

    #others oc#friends oc#au#resident evil #resident evil village #re8 #resident evil oc #resident evil village oc #re8 oc #resident evil au #resident evil village au #re8 au#alternate universe#commission#art commission#commission art#commissions open#open commissions#lovelywingsart
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    15.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    What happens when you mix the psychological horror of Beneviento with the physical horror of Moreau?

    You get two highly protective and lethal mutant assistants who would wholeheartedly kill for eachother once they're in love.

    //Wanted to do something for them since I made the designs~ uwu This was also to kinda visibly show along the lines of what Mica can do before Emelia helps with her own physical mutation. She can produce a thick smoke/shadow from her breath and pores, though sometimes it seems... sentient...

    And that's without Boris lurking around her.

    If you add him in and his willingness to do absolutely ANYTHING for her because that's how in love with her he is, you're in danger if you even sneeze wrong in her direction.

    Like Karl and Emelia, these two are totally inseparable once they fall for eachother.//

    #oc#freakshow oc#arias freaks#au#alternate universe#resident evil #resident evil village #re8 #resident evil oc #resident evil village oc #re8 oc #resident evil au #resident evil village au #re8 au#lovelywingsocs#lovelywingsart
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    14.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Guess who just found out 'Caramelldansen' turns 21 this year


    It was me

    (it came out in 2001 and i want to die)

    I love this stupid fucking song and I had to do a stupid sketch to 'celebrate' so have two best friends being best friends and a very confused and concerned metal man

    Also dancing Moreau <3

    #oc#resident evil #resident evil village #re8 #resident evil oc #resident evil village oc #re8 oc#karl heisenberg#heisenberg#lord heisenberg#re8 heisenberg #heisenberg x oc #karl heisenberg x oc #salvatore moreau#moreau#lord moreau#re8 moreau#lovelywingsocs#lovelywingsart #karl is questioning everything #please dont judge me #i love this stupid song with all my heart #good memories#caramelldansen
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    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    Did another smut thing, this time for Metalworks because I've had it in my head all day but I ended up REALLY loving it, alot more than I thought I would.

    Censored smut under the cut <3

    Replace my broken parts

    I need someone to fix me

    My heart won't heal

    Cause something's missing

    Machines don't bleed that easily

    Fix me now

    Replace my broken parts

    Machines don't bleed that easily

    Fix me now

    'Broken Parts' - Smash Into Pieces


    //This wasn't about to be a song related sketch but the song itself came on and kinda felt the situation I guess so there we go :'D The song itself is also REALLY good, and definitely a song from Karls perspective, in a way.//

    I very much enjoyed the squish and thick bodies, working with these two is always a joy simply because of their body types QuQ And Karl has given me SO much more appreciation and practice with body hair, I'm happy~

    Enjoy <3

    //If you'd like to see the uncensored version, you can check out the twitter post here!~ 18+ ONLY, please!!//

    #smut #smut smut smut #smut under the cut #resident evil #resident evil village #re8 #resident evil oc #resident evil village oc #oc#re8 oc#karl heisenberg#lord heisenberg#heisenberg#re8 heisenberg #heisenberg x oc #karl heisenberg x oc #karl heisenberg smut #heisenberg x oc smut #lovelywingsocs#lovelywingsart#Metalworks Fanfiction#Metalworks Smut
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    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago

    'So tell me what you want to hear

    Something that will light those ears

    I'm sick of all the insincere

    So I'm gonna give all my secrets away

    This time

    Don't need another perfect lie

    Don't care if critics ever jump in line

    I'm gonna give all my secrets away'

    'Secrets' - OneRepublic -----

    This was SUPPOSED to be a sketch, but... y'know...


    This is actually pretty painful if you're familiar with the storyline, especially if you notice the shape of the water in her hand;

    She loved him LONG before 'A Crystal Heart', but never told him until she died.

    She fell for him slowly, but she fell HARD. And as soon as she realized it, she knew she was absolutely fucked and was legitimately terrified to even bring up the subject because of how he was.

    Unfortunately, that confession more or less cost her her life, and all that remained in their wake was a storm and rain that washed away the dust.

    But she knew, and she regretted not telling him until those final moments.

    Because god damnit, he loved her too.

    #oc#resident evil #resident evil village #re8 #resident evil oc #resident evil village oc #re8 oc#karl heisenberg#heisenberg#lord heisenberg#re8 heisenberg #heisenberg x oc #karl heisenberg x oc #lovelywingsocs#lovelywingsart#Metalworks fanfiction
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    05.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    EDIT: I messed up, Mica is actually 5'9"(175.3cm) :'D

    In true 'me' fashion, I have created yet another AU for some characters...

    And again, in 'me' fashion, it's a Resident Evil Village AU. uwu

    This will kinda be a small Spin-off of the Survival AU because I don't like killing these 3 in particular, so everyone gets to live. (These three are my other main characters, with Aria and Mica being my two mascots. No way in hell am I killing them off.) I have thus made small sketchy 'reference sheets' of the new 3 with their fully mutated forms, as well as added Emelia because I wanted to have the full set because obviously:

    House Dimitrescu - Aria House Moreau - Boris House Beneviento - Mica House Heisenberg - Emelia

    Yes, Emelias mutation is the shortest of the 4, but as far as I know, she's the most physically powerful. I've also made it to where it's the actual sizes of them compared to their other forms- in the cases of the new 3, I've just added how tall they are if they stand straight on their hind legs, hence why Boris very obviously doesn't look like he's over 7 feet tall.

    Here's some little things about the other 3!~

    -- Long post, so more info under the cut~ uwu --

    All four are considered 'assistants' of sorts (or at least the new three are).

    - Aria is, of course, in the presence of the lovely Lady Dimitrescu, acting kinda as a mediator for the girls and a... much kinder go-between for the maids. She may look rather smug and somewhat vicious, bit she's still the sweet older woman who isn't fond of violence that we all know and love. Her Cadou is in her stomach and has granted her wings in small resemblance to Mother Miranda, as well as minor elemental manipulation. (Not creation, just manipulation) Her fully mutated self, in true Dimitrescu form, is a draconic creature with a split jaw and cadou tendrils. It also holds resemblance to and is a reference to her demon in her normal timeline!

    - Boris is the assistant to Moreau, and the two actually make a DAMN good team with Moreau having medical knowledge and Boris being highly intelligent. He doesn't really help with experiments, but he will offer ideas and suggestions on certain things. He's still kind and nervous, but he's definitely alot more confident. His Cadou is in his lower back and has granted the ability to communicate/manipulate other living creatures (animals, specifically reptiles and also the Lycans/Varcolacs) via highly concentrated brain waves and a gas from his lungs, as well as a mild venom spending on his stress levels. His mutated form resembles a reptilian and mildly aquatic Varcolac with another pair of arms. His IS highly venomous in this form, and Moreau worked with him to create of antivenom of sorts if anything goes wrong. This is also odd because the man can't swim, so... WHoops ouo" He can also unhinge his jaw!

    - Mica is a resident of house Beneviento and is probably the most unexpected one to reside with the dollmaker- She's quiet, bitter and 'pissy' so to speak, and also HEAVILY despised Miranda but for a completely different reason, kinda. But she assists with the creation of dolls and clothes, having been very skilled with sewing before she was experimented on. She stays in the basement of the house, in a small comfort area that Donna created for her mostly in order to assist with her own trauma and mental illness and to prevent her from hurting herself and others. Her Cadou is in between her shoulder blades in her back and has granted her the ability to produce smoke/fog from her pores/breath and control it, as well as mild telekinesis. Her mutated form is... odd. This may not even be how it truly looks, and she believed she couldn't mutate for the longest time until Emelia assisted her with it. It resembles a monstrous porcelain doll, mostly.

    -> Mica and Boris DO end up together, as always, I'm just not entirely sure how at the current moment...

    -> They all meet at... well, a Meeting! Emelia and Heisenberg were decently surprised when Miranda called for everyone to bring along their assistants, though Emelia did kinda know about them beforehand- She was only slightly aware of Aria and Boris having caught small glances of them when visiting Dimitrescu and Moreau, and the only reason she knew Mica even existed was because Angie said something about it. But she had never met them until this meeting, so of course she wanted to make small introductions. Moreau pretty much dragged her over to meet Boris first because he was excited, and then Aria took it upon herself to introduce herself next. Mica was in the corner and promptly told Emelia to go fuck herself once she came over. :'D

    And there we go!~ uwu I love them all. Again, not sure Micas will stay the same, but it was what I thought of initially... Hers may be one that alters itself slightly with each use of the mutation like Emelia(because hers can also revert to a more quadrupedal stance depending on what she needs it for) Also not sure how often I'll work with them, but I absolutely went ham on the designs and I don't regret it at all. uwu

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    04.01.2022 - 2 weeks ago

    A commission for friend Annabelle of her two Faerin babs, Miranda and Egarron~ 💙

    I've never drawn a Faerin before but they're super cute and I love them 🥺 Looks like Egarron has a little crush, too!~

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  • lovelywingsart
    02.01.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Managed to get this out as a small comfort-sketch-thing of sorts, because sketching these two and his snide comments makes me happy.

    Emelia doesn't really go to meetings very often, but when she does, her and Heisenberg are like a mini comedy act all on their own.

    What you don't see is Dimitrescu going on and on about plans for the village and being the 'favorite'.

    Karl isn't amused.

    //She(Alcina) absolutely snapped at him after the comment, leading to /yet another/ argument because obviously, and Emelia more or less held back laughter while also managing to calm Karl down.

    What can she say, his comments are legitimately funny sometimes!

    Also, yes, she does wear the eyepatch at meetings. She actually wears it any time she leaves the factory, as rare as that is. It's mainly for her own comfort since the temperature change(from constantly warm to whatever the outside is) can mess her up if she's not careful.//

    #oc#resident evil #resident evil village #re8 #resident evil oc #resident evil village oc #re8 oc#karl heisenberg#heisenberg#lord heisenberg#re8 heisenberg #heisenberg x oc #karl heisenberg x oc #lovelywingsocs#lovelywingsart
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  • lovelywingsart
    29.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Had this in my brain ALL DAY and had to sketch it before working on a commission...

    Lycanberg does NOT understand, or respect, personal space. Especially when it comes to King, who has a massive crush on the dude. 🙃

    Paracosms are fuckin weird, man... 😅

    //Lycanberg(or just... Karl in general) is one of the few 'outsiders' King(I) is alright with not binding around. Since I haven't had top surgery, neither has King, and I'm not even sure if we will... But we're still He/They!! We just happen to have a very nice chest. uwu

    And Yes, Karl is still an obnoxious asshole even in my head.

    And he takes advantage of it EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.//

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  • lovelywingsart
    27.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    Taking a cue from a close friend of mine and doing the art summary for 2021!

    I... really didn't think I did anything great for EVERY month, but I apparently proved myself wrong again???

    This year was pretty bangin' uwu It also came with some pretty hard choices close to the end of the year, but I had some help because I'm indecisive. 🙃


    //Also, like one of the previous years, I'll also give the 'Runner Up's for some of the months! Because I actually had quite a few hard choices... My mom and my fiance helped choose. uwu

    June --

    August --

    November --

    December --

    And there we go! I was honestly SUPER proud of all of these, and it was really hard to choose. But this year was really fun either way art-wise, and I hope next year brings on more challenges and fun!

    #art summary #art summary 2021 #2021 art summary #lovelywingsart#lovelywingsocs
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  • lovelywingsart
    27.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    ⱠØ₦₲ ⱠłVɆ ₮ⱧɆ ₭ł₦₲

    //Had this idea for King for a few days since I haven't drawn him in a hot minute, and I've started fully cosplaying him so I decided he needed something else!~ uwu It is... also VERY odd actually drawing myself, but I mean. I'm happy with it so it's ok. ^^//

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  • lovelywingsart
    25.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    More gifts~ uwu Told y'all there was alot, and I still don't think I'm done. 😂💙 There's a few more that I'm not sure will be done tonight... - Fable for Spaced0utalien on twitter - Yezer for iezeradd on twitter - Kay for kimmiekummie on twitter

    //Honestly drawing all the Resi8 OCs is legitimately making me want to just draw them all in one big group with Emelia And maybe another version with all the fully mutated forms that I know of, but Emelia would absolutely be wrestling with at LEAST two of them And then poor Heisenberg watching to the side because most of them are with him and half of them are fucking idiots (and I mean that in the most loving way)//

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  • lovelywingsart
    25.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    More gifts, and this time it's a whole Resident Evil page 😂💙 Which... Honestly, I adore this fandom and the people in it, and knowing you all makes me happy 💙

    - Alice (mutated) for RedReaper3114 on insta

    - Faye for @auryborealis

    - Juniper for @draconic-ichor

    //Also I'm sorry if I got any colors wrong for Faye and Juniper...!! QuQ"//

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  • lovelywingsart
    24.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    I think I got all my good and close friends, now for some gifts for other friends and just really cool people!~ uwu

    There's ALOT of awesome people! QuQ

    - Goralzki for rabid.monsters on insta

    - Rebeka (mutated) for duma_drawz on insta

    - Petunia (mutated) for mangletube on insta

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    24.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Back on the grind!~ uwu

    Next gift is for friend Annabelle of her bab Quinn!

    I LOOOOVE HER???? I've been in love with her ever since I SAW her, I love her so MUCH and I want to draw her MORE 😭💙

    Also I wanna draw her with Emelia kinda because SPIKEY MONSTER BAB 🥺 (She also looks like she would be in a circus and I LOVE IT)

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  • lovelywingsart
    23.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    Gift for friend MysteriousRoseArt of her shiny new Demon Slayer OC, Sae!~ uwu

    I LOVE this girl!!! I gotta draw her and DemonSlayer!Mica eventually...

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