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  • urlbecca
    22.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    gonna start calling the person I'm dating 'my lover'

    #anyway i can't get my lover out of my head and it's insane #i want to **** *** **** really badly #like right now #literally i want to be on my knees #sometimes in my day i think about what's been whispered in my ear and have a moment before going back to living #personal#crush#lover#me #the inner machinations of my mind are an enigma #hrny in tags #as always #and if ur my lover and u see this shhhhhhhhhhhh i miss you
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  • renjunn1es
    22.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago
    8:17am | ninety eight percent

    “all right class,” the teacher, mr.young grabbed a large stack of papers from his desk. “it’s time to pass back the tests you took friday.”

    the class groaned, no one liked to receive tests back. except, you. you had been anticipating this since you took the test. you were always on top your of school work and grades. it was something you prided yourself on.

    finally, mr. young reached you. he slid the test in front of you. “well done as always, miss l/n.” mr. young said, smiling. then he passed your friend’s test, ningning, to her but faced down. “miss ning, meet me after class and we can talk about it.

    “well, it was gonna happen one day.” ningning shrugged. “i never even liked math.” she huffed. you chuckled, eyes shifting from her test to yours. the numbers ‘98’ were written in bright red ink. a small grin of victory spread across your face.

    “hey y/n, what’d you get?” the boy behind you, chenle leaned in between you and ningning and peered at your scores. “not you getting your test handed faced down.” chenle grimaced at ningning.

    “shut up, zhong.”

    “i got a ninety eight, you?” you turned to chenle (ignoring a very bitter ningning) who held up his test, which had a 81 in corner of it. “i cheated and i still didn’t get a ninety.” he tsked.

    “tryna see what score i got, y/n?” chimed a new voice. you met with the gaze of classmate!renjun who had a cocky glint in his eyes. “no, but i bet you were trying to see my score.” you retorted competitively.

    “well, i got a ninety seven.” he said, his lips forming into a smirk. you feigned a sigh. “shame, i got a ninety eight.” renjun shook his head, his lips becoming more of a smile instead of a smirk. “always one-upping me, y/n.”

    “don’t you forget it, huang!”

    but, you failed to notice renjun covering the corner of his test, which had a bright red 100 written on it.

    although, renjun’s smile never left his face as he watched you happily skip onto your next class.

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  • sorbeo
    22.10.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Ramblings of an eldritch lover

    Why must you always be so sweet? Your smile, your scent, your laughter... why?

    It pains me to think about it, where this will lead. I know sooner or later, your perfection will unleash in me things unwanted. I have been doing everything in my power to avoid it. I have never been so in control of myself, and yet… here I am, at your side. I keep telling myself it’s only out of love and caring. 

    Who am I kidding? 

    Love you as I may, that is not all. Love alone would tell me to leave you safe and alone, and on the contrary, I only seem to be getting closer. How much closer could I get, is what that voice deep inside my mind keeps wondering.

    Again, those intruding thoughts. It’s been months living on birds and sheep and what have you. I never wanted to be like this. To have the needs I have. To be born of starvation, torn between control and anger, to be doomed to engulf everything I care for, to be a slithering premonition of loneliness and rejection.

    Fear is all I see in the eyes around me, all that’s left in the eyes that are part of me. I create so much fear around me that, much like me, it gained consciousness. Yet fear is nowhere to be found in you. Your eyes are as warm and tender as your words. In them, I have only ever seen love. Isn't that the worst part of it all? 

    I had a nightmare in which I saw it, the glimpse of terror before you grew quiet. I cannot see the future… can I? I asked mother, and she didn't say a thing. Why can't I leave you?

    The very thought of one slip being enough to end it all… no. 

    I dare not think of it anymore. You’re different, Paloma, dear.

    I won’t make the same mistakes again. I'm sure of it.

    #original work#implied vore #v.ore #monster lover #here I am again thinking of eldritch abominations and how all they really want is love #and food #sometimes both at once #oc
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  • katana252-blog
    22.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #frases en español #frases #i love u #loveislove 🏳️‍🌈#lovers #frases de amor #citas de amor #i miss you #citas de motivación #texto en tumblr #texts from last night #textos#text post #lo que escribo #art #para mi sr f
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  • thezipzap
    22.10.2021 - 15 minutes ago

    "It's fascinating. How so much of live is about who you are with someone."

    #emily henry#books #friends to lovers #i got to the end and restarted it
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  • gaygel
    22.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    Figuring out my favorite tropes to read then realizing I can write them is a great feeling ngl >- >

    *i say but never write <3*

    #enemies to lovers #hero x villain #the main character finding out they've been lied to about what they've been doing #villain that shows the mc a new way to live #anti hero!! #these are a lot of tags lmao #writing#story ideas
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  • paintmewithmemories
    22.10.2021 - 18 minutes ago

    to do: joon ✔️

    If Yoongi's personal definition of hell is wasting his youth in this stuffy office, then surely paradise must be in Kim Namjoon's pants because there's a gigantic snake in there.


    #fic rec #bts fic rec #namgi#mentioned vmin#a: beebalm #5k to 10k #office au #enemies to lovers #sort of#pining #fluff and humour #smut#finished
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  • mothmans-sexy-lamp
    22.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago
    #moth lover not mother #i answered a thing #food tw#bugs
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  • mothmans-sexy-lamp
    22.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago
    #moth lover not mother #i answered a thing
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  • juicygossip23
    22.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago
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  • paintmewithmemories
    22.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    what it feels like for an omega

    “Miss me with that natural division shit." Yoongi picks up another shot from the tray on the table and knocks it back. It doesn't even burn going down anymore. "I've decided. An alpha wants to be with me, he's gonna let me fuck him up the ass first."
    Yoongi is an outspoken omega who is tired of every alpha thinking he’s fair game just because he doesn’t have a mate.


    #fic rec #bts fic rec #namgi#minor jikook#minor taejin#a: beebalm #10k to 25k #abo au #non-traditional abo dynamics #trope subversion #friends to lovers #pining#smut#finished
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  • pencilscratchins
    22.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    taking a minute break from my hiatus to let everyone know i love lower decks [ID in alt text] (twitter)

    #bradward boimler#beckett mariner#d’vana tendi#sam rutherford#star trek #star trek lower decks #lower decks#art#my art#fan art #my fan art #IM NOT BACK FOR REAL #maybe half way through MAYBE #i just felt like posting this because i thought it was super cute ☺️ #i fucking lover lower decks #THAT FINALE….. #am i too bold to say its the best episode of trek ever? i think not #did i make rutherford too handsome…. or is he just handsome enough
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  • mrs-mischief-209
    22.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago

    When The Leaves Fall

    AN: Ok this is a piece for my fellow Ellie @lokithealligator 2K Spooky Challenge. There are mentions of blood, bites, war all my work is 18+ Minors DNI. Pictures in the mood board is not mine all from Pinterest all credit goes to them. It is over 5K words. Prompt in bold Is that your blood?

    Smelling the forest, you smell the pine and the rain. Walking barefoot during the storm is never smart. But the pull of the moon was too much tonight. She called to you and pulled at you like if you both were tethered. You walked out of your home which sat at the edge of town secluded from the main road. You liked the solitude. It allowed for when this happened you could walk out of your house in nothing but a sleeping t-shirt that barely covered your ass. You stepped out without a coat and shoes. This is something that needs to be done now. It could not wait. Making it to the center of the forest to the center clearing of trees that surrounded you. If you had not been from this land, you would have been lost walking in the dark through there. Once there the thunder clapped, and lightning snapped. Leaving a peculiar burning smell in the air. You discarded your clothing and let the rain soak you to the bone. You chanted and sank to the earth. Slowly picking the herbs and flowers that were around you. they would be needed for your tonics later. When you stood the lightning flashed again. That is when you saw his shadow. He moved faster than any animal you knew. Your baser instincts told you to get away from there because it was not safe. You picked up your clothes and turned and walked to the tree line. You felt their presence as you walked the forest. Your skin felt an odd sensation: it felt flushed with heat but also the sting of cold. Kept your skin in a constant state of goosebumps. You felt whoever came closer to you. What you could only explain is that hot and cold tingles increased. You were scared so you did what you knew to do. You stated an incantation under your breath. It put a barrier around you so no one could reach you to hurt you. Entering your home, you closed the door and locked it behind you.

    He had been traveling when the storm hit. Being a child of the night, he had nothing to fear of the night. Even though he felt a strange ominous feeling in the pit of his stomach. It was reaching the witching hour. That is when he saw you emerge from the tree line. His breath was taken away. He felt like his cold dead heart started beating. He looked at you as you presented yourself to the moon. Then when your bare skin glowed with moonlight, he knew he had to have you. Then lightning struck. Your eyes connected. You knew in that instant that she would turn around and leave. He ran to the forest to get a better look at you. He knew he had to hold back his need for you. He saw how you put your clothes back covering your skin. He almost let out a hiss at the loss of your exposed skin to him. He noticed you did not hear it. Which was strange. As he followed you, he had his suspicions. It couldn’t be. As he got closer, he heard the strange words that pushed him back, not allowing him near you. He circled your home, unable to enter. He would be back even if it was to watch you from afar. Tonight was just the first of many to come.

    Waking when the sun filtered in your room. You had slept far too little for your liking. You needed to wake early but the full moon always took precedence to your sleep. Being the last living member of your former coven. The coven your bloodline came from was a strong one. It used to be the strongest and oldest in your region. That was until the war. That single war left you an orphan alone without your siblings. Their parting gift to you was to feed you, their essence. You gained the knowledge they had when you were a newborn. The only living family member you had was your grandmother after that war. So, she raised you. At first you pushed the knowledge down with the help of your grandmother to grow up with the children of the town. When you became a teenager, your grandmother had taken you to your first rite. That is when the knowledge flowed through you. Also, that was the night your magic coursed through your veins. The static electricity snapped around you. You had to get used to the feeling. You had to learn to mold it. You couldn’t let your magic mold you. The knowledge of your family came, and you practiced their favorite incantations. You also had texts that your grandmother had made you learn. She also made sure to teach you about a person in particular. James Buchanan Barnes. He was a vampire who she had encountered during the 40s. Your grandmother lived as long as she had based off of her magic. When maintained properly you were practically immortal. She spoke of his charm and how handsome he was. As the talks drew out is when she told you. He was a vampire. She had enchanted his dog tags allowing him to roam during the daytime and suppress his need to feed on human blood. The years passed your grandmother met your grandfather and had your mother then in turn got married and had your siblings and you. Right after you were born is when James’s coven attacked. That was the start of the war between covens. It had many casualties on both sides.

    Taking the walkway between your home and the store which was your source of income. You felt someone watching you, the prickling behind your neck. You ignored the feeling and continued on your path. You did not run or alter your route. Knowing this might cause your would-be watcher to take the moment of fear against you and overpower you. You made it to the store. It had its own incantation around it. Not that it stopped people from entering. It was just a neutral land. So, the laws of being in the store and property. As a witch you could not perform your craft. Werewolves could not transform. Vampires could not use any of their abilities. So, you were all as human as possible. Your grandfather had set up everything wanting to have a way to keep his family safe. That is how your grandmother and you had survived the war. You both were in the attic during the attack. Letting out a sigh of relief when you pass the threshold of the store. Starting your routine, you dusted everything off in the store. Most of the things in the front were for the general public. It was just Knick-knacks that did nothing really. It was a way of tourism that you had going for you. The dark theme candles, the perfumed oil that you sold as a mixer to bath water that would attract a lover. Nothing more than bath oils that relax you. Now the further you go into the shop the crystals come in. Anyone who knew anything new that the crystals could change your energy and change your life. Once in the back of the store is where your actual potions and tonics stood. You made different versions, never once using one to control another person. It was against your own moral code.

    That is when the bell of the store rang. It pulled you out of your routine. You walked up to the front with a smile on your face. “Hello, welcome to” your voice was sucked out of your lungs. His black suit and tie hair slicked back elegant. Too elegant it was out of place. The store was rustic and old; he looked like a shining black diamond that radiated oddly in the confines of the walls. His piercing gaze kept you still like a predator with its prey in its sights. Wishing at that single moment you could use your incantations to still time and give you the opportunity to flee into the forest. You stiffened your back and stood at your full height and fixed your posture. That is when you heard him chuckle. “I am looking for someone. Her name is Martha.” It surprised you that this very handsome, yet frightening stranger knew your grandmother. You walked to the counter to stand behind it keeping as much distance between the both of you. “She is not here.” You see him groan and hiss. That is when you become hyper aware of him more than before. You couldn’t help but whisper out. “vampire”. He snapped his head up walking up to the counter. “So, you are aware of the children of the dark.” You were captivated by his steel blue eyes. You were grateful that he couldn’t compel you to do his bidding. You turned to put up some tonics and that is when he saw your birth mark on the skin behind your ear. Martha had the same one. He figured it was a family mark. He stepped closer to the counter. He could see your skin prickle with bumps. If he didn’t know any better, he would think you were afraid of him. “When will she be back? I have something I need her help with.” Hearing his voice so close to you sent a zap down your spine. You had never experienced anything like that and it left your mouth dry. You couldn’t help but lick your lips before you could speak. You hardened your resolve and looked into his steel blue eyes. You couldn’t help but feel the electricity again from last night. “She won’t be back today, maybe I can find someone to help you. Now if you would excuse me, I have work to do.” He couldn’t help but be left confused. He saw how your body reacted to his voice and that is when he felt it. When his steel blue eyes met with your e/c. The electricity last night was not just from the storm it came from you and him. But seeing you harden yourself to his presence confused him. More when you stated she wouldn’t be back and to find someone to help. He couldn’t help but sigh. “Well, miss, I am in quite a predicament. Martha had done me a great service in helping me control my blood lust and it also allowed me to walk during the day without burning my skin.” He pulled out his dog tags to rest above his shirt. It caught your attention. The stories your grandmother told you of him your breathing hitched. You looked at him again. “Like I stated, she is not here right now. You could find someone else to help you. Thank you very much, have a good day.” You turn and walk to the other end of the store to grab one of the containers filled with dried rosehip. That is when you felt him behind you. Not his body heat he lacked it you felt his breath against your ear and neck. It caused your hair to stand on end. You let an involuntary shiver at his proximity. The bells in your brain rang alerting you he just used his vamp speed to reach you. He could use his powers inside the sacred ground of the store. Before you could start to utter your incantation to put your barrier up you felt the tip of his nose run on the pulse point of your neck. You involuntarily granted him more access. The cold feeling against your heated skin grounded you in a way that you had never experienced. That is when you heard and felt the rumble of his groan coming up from his chest. Before either of you could figure out what was going on or why it was happening. You felt the cold metal slip into the valley of your breasts. Before you could even tell him to take it with him, he was out of the store.

    Bucky POV

    He needed to put distance between you both. Your blood sang to him even with the dog tags on. When he left you. He needed to drink your blood and went into overdrive. Not just drink your blood, he needs to claim you. Make you his. He has never felt a pull this strong. Yes, he had a relationship with a human that is why he was away for 70 years. But it was nothing like this. It seemed so fake in comparison to what he was stirring in the pit of his guts and stone-cold heart. He knew it was something deep within him that yearned for you. He had to physically stop himself from the thoughts he was having of you. How he wished to sink his fangs in your supple skin. Not only on your pulse point to taste that lovely blood that he could smell so sweet and rich. No, he wanted to mark your body, your thighs, back arms, breast ass. He needed to see your body marked by him. Good thing it was dusk when he left the store, he could walk in the shadows to avoid burning his skin. He took the long way home. The castle that was built into the mountain side. It was always shrouded in darkness. The iron gates open upon his coming onto the property. As he walked into his home, he still couldn’t shake the feeling he had. He couldn’t help but chuckle his own mind and the need for you reminded him of a song he heard. He never understood the implication of the song. Until now “And I’ve got no defense for it. The heat is too intense for it. What good would common sense for it do? ‘cause it’s witchcraft, wicked witchcraft. And although I know it’s strictly taboo. When you arouse the need in me. My heart says “Yes, indeed” in me “proceed with what you’re leading’ me to”” He knew it could be dangerous it was hardly heard of. But if his suspicions were correct, you were not using your incantations of seduction on him. No, it was that you where both weaved with the same string and cloth. Molded from the same cosmic dust. If that was the case, he would take you as his as soon as you brought back his dog tags. He made sure to send your invitation for tonight’s full moon masquerade ball.

    You were still rooted in your place when your grandmother walked into the room. “Lovie, where are you?” She walked through the store until she got to the back counter where the specimen jars were. That is how she found you with the look of bewilderment and fear swirling in your eyes. As in one hand you held the jar of rose hips and the other held a pair of dog tags. “Where did you get those Lovie?” That is when your eyes snapped out of the daze that you happen to be caught in. You looked at her. “Nanna, he came into the store. He stated that they weren’t working like they used to. He…he was able to use his vamp speed how he could in here.” You were starting to hyperventilate everything that was swirling within making you hyper aware and hypersensitive. It must all be some kind of cruel joke. “Nanna why, how, what’s wrong with me, why do I feel like this?” that is when you broke down crying, dropping the jar of rose hips and collapsing to the floor. She rushed to your side and held you close to her chest and ran her fingers through your hair while rocking you back and forth. It took a couple of minutes for you to finally calm down. “Lovie, it will all be fine. Based on those dog tags it must have been Bucky who came in. It is normal to get this reaction when you first meet.” You looked up to your grandmother confused. “How is this normal.. to feel like this when meeting a stranger and knowing that they are the cause of your family’s death?” She shook her head allowing our silver hair to sway with the movement. “Oh, Lovie it isn’t because you are strangers, quite the opposite actually.” She took a deep breath. “He wasn’t the cause of our family’s death, it was his family members that started the war. Now that he is back, we might get recognition and a pardon and be welcomed back into the fold and allowed to join the next closest coven.” She stood up and helped you up from the floor then she walked up to the second floor which held a study and your hiding place. She placed a cup of angel blend tea. It always calmed you and centered your powers. It allows you to think clearly. She also drank some tea as well and sat across from you. “Lovie, I am going to tell you something I need you to keep your mind open ok.” You nodded your head. “Yes Nanna” You saw her take a deep breath. “So, 70 years ago when James Buchanan Barnes walked through the doors of the store. It was a stormy night. He was going through bouts of blood lust. He had killed many humans by the night of the full moon. He begged for help. You know we never deny anyone in dire need. I asked for something that meant the most to him. That is when he pulled out his dog tags.” She motioned to your hand which still held them. “As you know I was gifted with divination when I touched the dog tags when I saw you. Not as a child but, as you are now, how you two are bound together through more than the bond any mere human can give. No this is the binding that happens when the goddess binds you at birth. So, I caught onto a portion of your essence and was able to use an incantation to make his dog tags control his blood lust and allow him to walk among humans during the day.” You drank the whole cup of tea once your grandmother spoke your feared truth. You had to take a moment to breathe. Not that it mattered. You could never be with him. Your soul and body called and needed him. But you couldn’t just let all the pain and suffering from having their essence in you knowing that you didn’t get to have time with your family because of his family. You couldn’t just forget that. “Nanna I can’t not Nanna I won’t just allow this to make me forget all the pain and all the useless killing that happened because of the war. I will just help him this one time then disappear from his life.” She grabbed onto your shoulders. “Lovie you can't, it would break the both of you. This is something bigger than the both of you. It was decided upon when you both were created by the goddess. You know better than anyone to go against her will.” You shook your head. “I am not going against her Nanna. I

    am helping him and always will. But I can’t just forgive the practical genocide of our coven. We were the strongest in the region of Nanna and they used dark arts to kill everyone Nanna. How can I just forgive that and move on to be happy with him? How could I ever be safe with him? No, it is best to do this my way.” Your grandmother sighed in resignation. “It is your life and choice Lovie; I just hope you won’t regret your decision.” That is when you both were disrupted by a knock on the door. Your grandmother went to the door and that is when the invitation was handed to her. The woman who dropped off the invitation turned around and walked away without a word. She broke the seal and opened the invitation. It was a summon to attend the masquerade. You went and grabbed your incantation tomes and a bouquet of dried flowers. You went upstairs and changed into a white lace dress with gold trim. You took your hair down from its bun to let your hair run wild. If you are going to attend, you will attend in your full glory and power. There is a storm brewing tonight. It was the second night of the full moon, and it was the brightest night. Instead of taking a mode of transportation you decided to walk to the castle. You didn’t bother to take the invitation. If he wanted you there you would be able to walk in. So, you trekked in the dress to the castle. By the time you arrived the festivities had started. You stood at your full height, head held high, you sauntered into the castle. You would be the seductress everyone assumed you to be as the young witch. The gates opened when you came close. That was interesting. No guards, no watchmen, nothing to stop you from walking into the castle. You allowed your instinct to pull you in the direction you needed to go.

    You descended the stairs into the candlelight party. Everyone was surrounded by shadows. They morphed and moved with them. The flickering soft glow of light allowed for your nerves to settle. He wasn’t in sight. You knew he was here. Your instinct couldn’t be wrong about that. You walked on the edge of the room keeping a hand on the wall. He felt you before he saw you. He knew when you stepped your foot on his grounds. His possessive need rose. He wanted to find you before you entered the party. He wanted to be the only one to see your beauty. Wanted to be the only person your gaze fell upon tonight. When he was about to part from the festivities he was interrupted. He wanted to snap their neck to stop his need to find you. Then he saw you. In your white lace dress. The gold that caught with the soft glow. Your supple skin aglow. Your hair cascaded down your back and rested by the small of your back. How you descended the stairs oh you exude power and sensual energy. A strange turn of events from the scared and meek girl no you weren't a girl woman your curves and attitude showed you were not a girl who did not understand her own power over men. He tracked you like his prey as you walked around the dance room. He couldn’t help but praise you in his mind for being so smart as to not walk into the crowd. No, you made sure you had a wall next to you so you could protect your back. He noticed your times and dried flowers. When his eyes finally traced up to your neck the gleam of silver caught his eyes. He had no idea that seeing you with his dog tags on would make him burn in a way that he has never felt. As if you could feel his gaze, you slowly turned to him. your eyes connecting with his cold steel blue eyes. Something in your gaze seemed to warm him. Cause his veins to flow with nonexistent blood instead of venom. Then he did what he knew would cause you shock. He disappeared into the shadows.

    Your heart rate picked up. You could feel his eyes. They tracked you like a hunter. That is until you turned around. That is when you locked eyes. The involuntary chill that ran through your veins left you feeling cold and exposed to him. Just as you felt your own warmth return to you. You saw him fade into the shadows. You continued your search. Being inside was causing you to become stifled; you needed the rush of air. You needed to feel the dirt. Needed the moonlight on your skin. So, you went out of the dance hall through the French window doors. You kicked off your shoes and walked down the stone stairs. Once your feet touched the dirt you sighed. You felt the need to walk into the tree line. As you walked you could hear breathing. You couldn’t see anything. You tried to keep your heart rate down. You were in vampire territory; it didn't benefit you to let fear run into your sweat. As you walked between the trees you felt a hand on the small of your back. Before you could grasp onto the hand to draw a hex it went away. “No more games come out. I am here to do you a favor. I am not some toy for you to play with. I have to work to actually get you what you need.” You hear a laugh echo through the trees. The chill was back and your fear also came in. You walked towards the clearing. As you reach the middle of the clearing soaking the stream of moonlight you kneel on the ground opening your tome and crumbling the dried flowers and stems and putting it in a semi-circle before you could start the incantation. You felt him again behind you. You are in such high alert that you couldn’t help but yelp at his sudden appearance. His hand on the small of your back as he leans into your ear. “No need to fear my moonlight. Hmm your heart is racing. I can hear it and also feel it right here.” He runs the tip of his nose on your pulse point. You could feel when he ran the tip of his fang over your pulsating artery. You couldn’t help but moan. Before you could get lost in the feeling of him. “James, I need to do this please.” You felt his hand splay on your abdomen pulling you close to his chest. “Moonlight why are you resisting me you don’t feel the same feelings I am?” He draws circles on your abdomen. You try to hold back a moan “James please... you know if you want your dog tags that you need, I must do the incantation for it to work and I don’t have enough time…” He runs his fangs across your pulse point again and your eyes roll back in your head. You take his pause to look at you. You take your cleansed dagger out and cut your palm to start the incantation. You read from the tomes as you dropped the blood on the flowers and dog tags. The smell of fresh iron and flowers filled the air. You heard him hiss as his grip tightened around you. Is that your blood I smell? You ignored his question as you allowed your magic flow as you focused the tome, pulverized flowers, the blood and dog tags levitated in the light of the moon. You chanted a moon protection spell “o nuri oy, meni o'rab ol, meni himoya qil, zarardan saqla.” As the dog tags absorbed the blood and pulverized flowers it started to glow in a red tone. As the incantation came into an end the tome and dog tags came back to the grass. Once the red glow evaporated you came back into yourself healing your cut. “Yes, James, that was my blood. It is the source of protection. Before it was my essence now it actually is bound with my blood. You won’t need to have it renewed as long as I live.” You heard him groan. “Moonlight I am sorry, but I can’t help myself” that is when you felt it. He sunk his teeth into your neck. Causing you to yelp then moan into his embrace. Your pussy pulsated at the bite. As he drank you felt yourself clench around nothing moaning out to the expanse without a care. He controlled himself kissing and licking on your neck until the puncture holes closed. One moment your back was pressed to his chest. The next your back was on the grass, and he was on top of you settled between your legs. “Goddess you are so beautiful my moonlight. I can’t wait anymore I

    will have you today and you will be mine from this moment forward.” He leaned forward and captured your lips in a kiss before you could respond. Wanting to push him away but unable to. You melt into his kiss and touch. He takes his time savoring you. He spoke between kisses. “My moonlight, you are my guiding path in this dark life. The light I never knew I honestly needed until I found you.” You pull him down and kiss him furry and needy. That is all he needed. Both of your hands roamed each other’s clothed bodies. He slowly undid her dress. Tugging down the straps exposing her shoulders and clavicle. “I must thank the goddess for you, my moonlight. You are so beautiful it hurt.” Being unable to hold back he nipped sucked and licked your shoulders clavicle neck. Your soft whimpers echoed into the trees. The slow torture he was putting on your body was driving you dizzy. You didn’t even notice when you started to arch your back and press onto him. He hummed in delight, lowering his lower half to be pressed against you. With each gyration of your hips, he pressed down into you causing both of you to stifle your moans in each other’s mouths. It had gone from slow and sensual to just a need to feel each other to unite. Your dress was discarded at your side. He let out a hiss when he saw your black lace bra and matching panties. He ran his fingers across the lace. Slowly circling your nipples causing you to moan out loud. He takes off your bra and panties. He is left without words or thoughts outside of you. The way your supple skin glowed with the moon light soaking it up and radiating the light. That is when he felt the first drop. Your skin became littered with small droplets of water. The storm was here again. He didn’t have the time or patients to bring her to his chambers. His need to claim her as his was roaring in his ears. He discarded his clothing. He kneeled at her entrance. She could see him looking completely in charge but also waiting. “Bucky, I need you to touch me please” his cock twitched at the sound of her begging him to touch her. A few had begged before, but none affected him as much as she did. He couldn’t ignore her plea. His mouth connected with her hardened nipple he lapped at it, sucked and nipped at it before doing the same to the other. Leaving bite marks all over her chest abdomen and specifically on her pelvic bone. Down to her inner thighs nipping and sucking leaving hickeys of his claim on her skin. He then licked a long thick stripe through her folds circling her clit. Her moans told him she enjoyed the action, so he continued wanting to learn everything about her. He slowly fucked her with his tongue as his thumb circled her clit. Causing her to buck into his face. He just held her down. He removed his tongue and replaced it with his finger slipping one in. As he teased her, he added the second finger, and he began to suck on her clit. Her beautiful mewls echoed all around him. As the rain increased from a sprinkle to a drizzle, she came on his palm. He couldn't help but scrape his fang against her clit. Her yelp was the most divine that has ever heard. She started to shift. She wanted to feel the weight of his cock in her mouth. The weather was not cooperating in their predicament. He did not give her time to get up. Before he was slipping the tip inside. That caused you to fall back on the damp earth. He used her momentum to thrusts and fully sheathed himself in her fluttering folds. He stilled until he felt her relax. Once she felt that she could, she started to rock her hips up to him. Causing him to grunt. He took that as a sign to start to pull out and push back in. It was slow at first like the drizzle around them. Before their own darker instincts took over. The pace quickened and became brutal. He was pulling out and snapping back in so fast she couldn’t think beyond him and his cock deep inside her. She didn’t even register when he bit her repeatedly and fed slowly. She drew incantations into his skin. This is a soul binding of two children of the dark. The yells and moans from

    the both of them rang around them as their own personal amphitheater. He hissed as he felt her clamp down on his cock, she was levitating off the floor by a few inches as she came around him in a silent scream. He doubled his effort. Needing to have her come one more time before he could paint her walls. She was a whimpering mess. She had no understanding of time or space. It could be twenty years from now or could be in a different reality for all she understood. The only thing that this binding did was she could hear his heart flooding with love and adoration for her. Made her own resolve to weaken. Then he snapped into her and she was falling over the edge one more time yelling into the storm that raged around them. He painted her walls with his seed. He relaxed and waited for the both of them to come down from their highs. Once you came back to reality Bucky let you get up. You didn’t bother to put your clothing on. You picked up your garments. “Bucky, I have a question for you.” He looked at you, and it broke your soul. He looked so happy. “Sure, Moonlight, how can I help you?” You swallowed your thickened saliva. “I need you to feed from my wrist.” He was confused why he needed to feed her again. “Moonlight there is no need for that, let's just go to the castle. I will show you why.” You shook your head. “I need you to feed from my wrist please.” He agreed. As his fangs sank in to feed you allowed for the essence of your family to flood into your blood so their memory and the war could be transferred to him. His eyes widen with anger, fear, regret, sadness. He felt everything she did. Her life caused it. Once he let her, she let that mark heal without magic. Before he could fully process what was happening, she walked off into the darkness.

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    It's simple, really.

    You and me and sun flower fields.

    You and me and cherry blossoms and formal balls.

    You and me and little wars and battlefields.

    You and me and board games and waterfalls.

    You and me and lover letters and picnics.

    You and me and infinite libraries and starry nights.

    You and me and Japanese food and chopsticks.

    You and me and time travels and flights.

    You and me as enemies to lovers.

    You and me as best friends to lovers.

    You and me as lovers.

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    #moth lover not mother #i answered a thing
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    When star husband is extra sneaky and wants to put some more babies inside you while you’re still knocked out from the previous round of getting knocked up... Will he manage?

    Shaazgai and Erro are from our City and the Beast novel that you can read for free at sharadrass.com or on AO3>> Or if you prefer something shorter, here’s a side story about mainly Shaazgai (High Priests of America)>>

    You can follow the novel art and updates at @cityandthebeast​ !

    Ps. And if you like my ns*w stuff, you can follow me on twitter at https://twitter.com/spicyprogress where posts don’t get nuked everyday :D

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