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  • riverview97
    24.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    I can’t explain how much I love this diaper. It feels amazing. 🥰

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  • assasenach
    24.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    PARIS FIGHTS ALONGSIDE THE DARK ARCHER BUT WITHOUT ANY SEPERATE IDENTITY OF HIS OWN. He has no interest in developing an alter ego, and as such does not bother with a specialised outfit. He simply covers the lower half of his face with a neck gaiter, and wears tight, dark clothes. Once, when asked who and what he was, Paris responded only an emphatic “his” referring to Malcolm Merlyn, to whom he is undyingly loyal. Weapons-wise, Paris will use military issue firearms to maintain his cover, but his true weapon is his psychic abilities. He can bend his telekinesis entirely to his will.

    #headcanons ( arrow verse. ) #the thing here is that paris is not looking for individuality #he wants to show that he's an extension of his lover and nothing more because he's comfortable in malcolm's shadow #that's where he wants to be and he won't let himself be coaxed out of it
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  • melpetz
    24.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    first words out of his mouth as soon as he was made. ungrateful little bastard

    also if anyone has a Decorative Bowl of Fruit background for trade let me know… i can offer stuff on my UFT lists here

    #i saw this background and the fruit/veg chia lover in me was like #I Need Another #now i am totally broke. on neopets dot com #i had 300k saved up and now i have 50k i think #around there somewhere #neopets#tangeloe
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  • bxti
    24.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    rant because this is what tumblr is to me lol

    #maybe i'm not cut out for this science stuff #maybe i'm too dumb to o solve these questions #maybe i'll never get into the uni i want #maybe this is all just me wasting my time #seriously doubting myself #i've always wanted to give all my life to science #but if i can't even do two fucking math problems without having a breakdown #maybe i'm not cut out for it. #maybe i am just an average science lover after all #maybe i don't deserve to do it as a career #maybe i should've just choose the easier path #become a translator or some shit like that #since that's the only thing i can do with my eyes closed #or maybe i just need a break #maybe i'm burnout #maybe this isn't me speaking #maybe i'm just stressed out #maybe i think that i'm still not doing my best #maybe i'm still comparing myself to my friends #my cousins #maybe i feel like a failure #maybe i feel like nothing #maybe i just want this to end quickly #maybe i'm just sad about the fact that i'm at exactly the same place i was one year ago #maybe. yeah.
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  • 90sagony
    24.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    #159 Domestic study: Only Lovers Left Alive (2013)

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  • wordsbyjenpoetry
    24.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    An empath knows what it takes to fix, mend and heal, someone’s heart. It takes a whole lot out of us. Yet, there are some rare, giving hearts that bring the light with them, just to help nourish your soul. So when you find that someone who wants to replenish what you’ve lost, hold onto them. Because they’ll make such a difference to your world with their soothing hands. I will be here, to give you back everything you have lost.

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  • idsb
    24.10.2021 - 21 minutes ago
    #although i think its very interesting how red and lover get compared a lot etc etc #Taylor has taken pride in that its kind of a collage of all these things and yet #it doesnt work for either albums benefit and both could still cover a wide spectrum while not SEEMING long #bc both are just as long as folklore and folklore feels sooo short when i listen
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  • frogdialover
    24.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    -Shu x Ruki -


    Two cold looking boys together hell no

    Ruki is one who is cooking and taking care of house but Shu will get little bit active too.

    They will have Daughter and maybe a boy too

    Ruki is cooking and Shu is never going to kitchen.BUT when Ruki wants help with naughty things food Shu will maybe find energy

    They both love moment when Ruki is sitting on sofa and Shu have head on his lap

    Shu love when Ruki is playing with his hair

    They have old but pretty house faaaar away from Sakamaki brothers but close to Mukami brothers (I will do headcanons of just how will they live)

    They are both really quiet but they are using body Language most of time

    Shu love how Ruki is cooking

    But nothing is just sweet so...Ruki gets sometimes really angry because Shu is sleeping too much and he is not helping.

    Soooo lot of punishments

    They listen to audio books sometimes.When they are eating or just when they want to spend time together

    They are later talking about that book.

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  • that-one-weeb-buts-its-the-main
    24.10.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    The New Kid| Fushiguro Megumi

    Reader: male

    Warnings: none,

    Part: one

    "New kid? Alright!" Itadori cheered.

    "I'll pass," Fushiguro spoke, "I'm not worried about meeting new people."

    "I'll stay back, I'm sure they're just from around here anyways." Nobara spoke, busy picking at her nails, "Ew I got dirt in them, I just got them done."

    "What a shame, me and Itadori will just go pick him up from the international airport then."

    Nobara and Itadori's heads snapped towards him, "International!?" 

    Gojo smiled and nodded, "Come on Itadori!"


    "Hey! We're coming too!" Nobara argued.

    "We?" Fushiguro complained, "No I'm staying here- Hey!"

    Fushiguro was pulled away by the collar of his shirt, "You don't want to make bad impressions on an international student!"

    "Where's he from!? Rome?! Canda!?" Itadori cheered.

    "I bet he's from the United States! Is he from New York!? Chicago! San Fransico!" She cheered in question, her and Itadori with stars in their eyes as Fushiguro was dragged away into the SUV, "I bet he's from San Fransico! No! Miami! Los Angeles!" 

    The two excited teens looked at one another, "Reno! Las Vegas!" 

    "nope!" Gojo smiled, Kiyotaka starting the car and shortly driving off. 

    "Where's he from! Come on tell us!" 

    "Alaska!" Gojo cheered.

    "What?" Itadori asked, "Alaska?"

    "That big chunk of ice they call land!?" Nobara complained, "Sounds boring." 

    "You should get to know the person before you call them boring." Fushiguro defended looking down at his phone.

    "You didn't even wanna come!" Nobara complained, "What's there to do in Alaska anyways? Nothing."

    "That's not true!" Gojo spoke, "He says he likes fishing!"

    "Ugh great," Nobara complained 

    "I've never been fishing," Itadori explained. 

    It was silent the rest of the 45-minute trip, Itadori had been looking up fishing the whole time, and Nobara was online shopping, while Fushiguro slept a bit. It wasn't till they were about five minutes away did the two start up again.

    "yeah! And they fish right into the ice!"

    "That's impossible!"

    "No look!" 

    "Oh wow!" 

    Fushiguro sighed, Why did he have to come along? None the less be placed in the middle of them while there was a whole back seat he could have had to himself?

    "Haha! We're here!" Gojo cheered the car stopping as he hoped out.

    "Well I hope he's at least exciting," Nobara spoke as they all made their way out, walking towards the doors as they walked in. 

    "Fushiguro here! Hold this!" Gojo cheered handing him a sign.

    "What is it?"

    "So he knows where we are!"

    Fushiguro looked at the sign, in neon colors it was decorated with flowers and what he assumed was a fish, the name in bold colors and outlined in black ink as well.

    "This is embarrassing I'm not holding this," Fushiguro complained.

    "What's wrong with it?" Gojo complained, "I worked hard on that." 

    "Uh-huh," Fushiguro spoke.

    "Just hold it."

    Fushiguro sighed as he held the sign with one hand, his phone in the other as the other three explored. His phone died making him sigh and pocket it as he mindlessly let his eyes drift around. Some people were lounging around waiting for their own pickups. or waiting to pick others up. That's when an announcement came on, a plane just arriving and luggage was being available for pick up at the baggage claim. About ten minutes later he watched the mod of people migrate to the baggage claim. 

    What did someone from Alaska look like? He imaged someone with white hair like Gojo, with blue pale eyes, that made them blend into their surroundings, perhaps a few rare people would have different colored eyes making them outcast. Someone who wore a large parka. He thought of a snowcat, snow lion? He didn't exactly know.

    He watched people start to leave, finding their partners, or kids who ran up to their parents hugging them happily. That was when he saw it.

    Well, seen him.

    The teen perhaps his age or maybe a year older with a duffle back across his back, strap across his chest. He wore boots that were black, and shiny, cargo joggers with straps down to his sides with a chain on each side. He was wearing what seemed to be a mock hoodie with a shirt that had a renaissance style skeleton on it drawn in bleach his ears were pierced beyond count from the distance. He wore a mask over his nose and mouth and his hair was pulled back in a ponytail.

    Fushiguro watched, his eyes seemingly stuck on him as he stood out so much more than anyone else. He pulled down the mask with a finger pulling it to his chin he looked around, but a smile came to his lips as he walked towards Fushiguro with a smile. Waving as he made his way over.

    It was seemingly in a blink of an eye that he was in front of Fushiguro.

    "Wow..." Y/n spoke, "Did you make this?" 

    "Huh?" Fushiguro questioned, looking down at the sign, shit that was embarrassing, "What! No- No- It's embarrassing I know-'

    "I like it." Y/n smiled.

    "I mean." Fushiguro spoke, "No, as in. Yes."

    Y/n chuckled, "I'm Y/n, but I think you knew that. I'm assuming you're-"

    Y/n looked down at his phone, "Gojo-"

    "No, I. No, I'm Fushiguro, Fushiguro Megumi." 

    Y/n nodded, "It's nice to meet you, am I going to school with you?"

    Fushiguro nodded, "Jujutsu High it's nothing huge but it's better than nothing."

    Y/n nodded, the silence awkward for Fushiguro.

    "I uh, so you like fishing?" 

    Y/n nodded, "Yep, it's fun, do you fish?"

    "No, No I've never been," Fushiguro told.

    It was awkward silence again in Fushiguro's eyes as Y/n looked around, "Uh, this is for you."

    Y/n was handed the sign, "Oh I get to keep it? Thanks, I'll put it up in my dorm." 

    Y/n grabbed the sign carefully with a smile, "What a great first poster." 

    Fushiguro nodded, his wanting to rock on his heels he stopped himself from doing so, worried he'd make a fool of himself.

    "Hey," Y/n spoke.

    "Yes?" Fushiguro answered, his voice a bit laced with a bit too much excitement causing him to clear his throat.

    "Wanna grab-"

    "OI! Y/n!" 

    They turned their gaze, Gojo running towards him with a smile.

    "That's Gojo." Fushiguro explained, "He's a bit much for a teacher."

    Y/n smiled as he was immediately pulled into a hug, "Aren't you the cutest thing! Trying to be all dark and broody!"

    Y/n looked up at the eye-covered teacher as his cheeks were pulled, "Ah thank you, sir?"

    "These are your classmates!" He smiled, "Say hi kids!"

    "Woah! I love your outfit!" Nobara cheered pushing the teacher out the way.

    "Ah thank you." Y/n spoke, "You look good too."

    "You think!? The uniforms are plain but I think I still rock it-"



    "Your so cool looking!" The pink hair boy told him.

    "Thank you."

    "Are you really from Alaska! I heard that you guys have monster fish over there!" 

    Y/n nodded, "it's true." 

    "I'm Y/n."

    "I'm Itadori! Itadori Yuji! you can call me Yuji though!"

    Y/n nodded with a smile.

    And I'm Kugisaki Nobara! But can me Nobara!"

    Y/n nodded once more with a smile.

    "It's nice to meet you all." 

    "Megumi did you say hi?" Gojo scolded playfully.

    "Fushiguro? He gave me this sign he made, it's nice huh?" Y/n spoke showing off the sign.

    "Hey But I-"

    Gojo was stopped when Fushiguro stood in front of him, "We should go, the cars over here,"

    Y/n listened as he followed the teen, "You can call me Megumi."

    "Mhm? Okay Megumi," Y/n told.

    He stayed silent, glad he was leading his nose had started to go red with Y/n speaking his name, "We can put your bag in the trunk."


    Y/n was helped in putting his bag in the back of the trunk and with thanks and climbed in the back row of seats with Fushiguro next to him, a small middle seat between them.

    "So,"  Y/n spoke, "What do you like to do for fun?'

    "Fun?" Fushiguro spoke, "Ah..."

    Well, this was going to be an interesting car ride back.

    He was semi glad for the two rest of thr car they all throwing questions Y/n's way.

    What's your favorite color? Favorite fish? Favorite animal? What did you want to become before a sorcerer?

    Yet when family questions came along Y/n stirred in the other direction, asking the others questions instead. Just for more questions to be shot back at him.

    "Ooo! Ooo! My turn!" Nobara smiled, "Gotta girlfriend?"

    There was a loud Ooooo in the car from Gojo and Yuji causing Y/n to laugh, "no. I don't."

    "Whats your type of girl?" Yuji spoke.

    Type of girl?

    "Oh come on your not Todo." Nobara complained as Yuji laughed.

    "Hmm? Type of girl?" Y/n questioned causing him to shrug, "I don't know, and I guess that goes the same for the guys too."

    "You're into both?" Yuji questioned.

    Y/n nodded, "Openly Bi-Sexual. Im still trying to figure out if Im pan though."

    "What's the diffrence?" Yuji questioned.

    "Pan means I like everyone no matter there sex, but bi just mean girl and or boy." He spoke.

    "Wow! Really! Nobara! You learn something everyday huh!" Yuji smiled, "so. You go by he? Or she? Or they? I don't know all the pronouns."

    "He/him." Y/n spoke, "but I think Im more of Bi with a lean towards guys."

    "Hey! Im sure you'll find someone no what what!" Yuji smiled, "You're pretty nice after all! Hey! Maybe it'll rub off on you Megumi!"

    Yuji was only teasing of course, but the dark haired teen stayed quiet at the comment. The three contuining to talk, yet it soon died off. Y/n turning back to Megumi with a smile.

    "You never answered my question from earlier." Y/n commented, "what do you do to have fun?"

    Gojo looked in the mirror watching the two have a conversation not paying attention to the other two who were playing a game off battleship on there phones.

    "Nothing really." Fushiguro explained, "Watch Tv I guess? Listen to Music?"

    Y/n smiled at his answers. Listening to Fushiguro talk about his favorite genere of music and tv show. The two going back and forth. Gojo watched with a smile, Fushiguro listening intently as Y/n talked in response to his answers. The topic traveling to other hobbies, Y/n told him he was an avid artist, and enjoyed to do it on the side, they talked about cooking and reading. How a hot cup of tea was nice while enjoy a new book. Or while the rain was pouring.

    Gojo was happy, Fushiguro had found a friend, was he already shipping them?

    Oh absolutely, but he knew where he could push Fushiguro and knew where he couldn't.

    Fushiguro even let out a small laugh no one even seemed to notice.

    This was going to be good for him. And Gojo was happy for him, he discovered it after all.

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  • noemitenshi
    24.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago
    #troy otto#crazy dog#nick clark#ftwd#ftwd fanfic #troy otto x crazy dog #fanfic#my fanfic #enemies to lovers #lots of fluff in this chapter
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  • jaimebrienneonline
    24.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    JB Week Day 7 - Enemies to Lovers

    Coraleeveritas has contributed a lot to this fandom, particularly a lot of great fic like this.


    #JB Week 2021 #Jaime Lannister #Brienne of Tarth #Jaime x Brienne #Day 7 #Enemies to Lovers #JB Week
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  • pumpkincocoa90
    24.10.2021 - 27 minutes ago
    Autumn the season that teaches us, that change can be beautiful.
    - Heather A. Stillufsen
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    24.10.2021 - 29 minutes ago

    wallpaper taylor swift album

    #taylorswift#taylor swift#speak now #red taylor’s version #red taylor swift #1989taylorswift #taylor swift album #taylor swift rep tour #taylor swift lover #lover#folklore#evermore
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    24.10.2021 - 32 minutes ago
    #eli's asks #jo my lover #tw caps
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  • tharukanayanahari
    24.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    The Best Gift For Your Foodie

    The Best Gift For Your Foodie

    This is for the person with a particular interest in food. this gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandma, grandpa, bestie or whatever. I think this will be surprised your partner. I also loving with foods. I also know this feeling when someone buying me a gift. So this mug is the best gift ever! pattern design is also perfect for those who love doughnuts. design is…

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    #food lover#foodie #gift for foodie
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  • rottedlilpeach
    24.10.2021 - 38 minutes ago

    Maybe I'm selfish baby,

    dramatic and overused.

    But there's something about

    needing more than what you're told

    that keeps me going back.

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  • yurithefrog
    24.10.2021 - 39 minutes ago



    New bride is standing in Cordelia's old room.She was dating (diaboys name) for really long time now and they are about to have weeding next month but...she found old diary. every bride left note in it.Most of them were in love with Shu they were writing about how happy are they with him how he love them back and how are they about to get married with him how I said most of them were writing about Shu but others were there too.Notes ended with words like „he changed his mind" or thing like „He is about to kill me"„I I regret it".You were really happy with your boyfriend but when you think about him loving another women...it hurt.He was doing same thing with another brides and not just one...You are just one of maybe hundred other womens.Sakamaki were playling same game called love story with them.He is just with you because he need to kill you to get another bride send here ? is this just a game ? Does he even love you ? Does he love you or your blood ?

    (This is sooooo random but I love it )

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  • theskzvibe
    24.10.2021 - 40 minutes ago


    break your rules

    PAIRING-- jake sim x y/n

    GENRE-- bffs2lovers, fake relationship au, fluff, angst

    SYNOPSIS-- in order to get the schools playboy: choi yeonjun off your back, you make a plan with your best friend jake, to fake a relationship. 

    100% fake relationship but 0% fake feelings, or is it fake?

    STATUS- - 50% done

    FORMAT — not a series, just one long au!

    TAGLIST — lmk if you want to be tagged, by sending an ask or commenting on this post!

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