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    This was SO delicious! 😍 It’s shrimp & cauliflower rice with crisp roasted broccoli. ❤

    I used a whole bag of Green Giant cauli rice medley, a whole bag of Kroger mini salad shrimp, 2 tbsp of butter and 2 tbsp of pimento cheese - all that dumped in one skillet & heated/mixed. EASY ✔

    Then I stirred in leftover roasted broccoli (olive oil & garlic) that I crisped back up in the oven. Freezer to table in minutes, and tasted like a gourmet restaurant meal! 😁

    What are you eating today?

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  • Breakfast

    • Protien shake • 170 cals


    •2 WW whole wheat toast • 1 egg • 180 cal


    • 1 breaded fish, steamed veg & noodles • 360 cal

    Total • 710

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  • Saturday!

    Today is great Saturday. It’s sunny outside and I got off of work super early. I cleaned my house, did a short cardio workout, and listened to Eminem’s new album.

    I was in the mood for tacos, so I made some chicken and loaded up three low-carb tortillas with it. I added lots of jalapeños. My mouth is on fire.

    I’m so full and happy omg.

    I’m going to take a fat fucking nap and then go out with friends because Aquaria (rupaul season 10 winner) is going to be at one of our local clubs!

    I let myself eat freely on the weekends, but I find I don’t really have a big enough appetite for more than one full meal after doing OMAD all week. But this is great because I can drink later without worrying about how many calories I consumed throughout the day.

    I hope everyone is enjoying this weekend and gets the opportunity to do at least one fun thing. 💕

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  • easy diets

    Have you listened to regarding KetoLogic?

    If you have actually been investigating keto-friendly healthy protein bars and supplements, you may have found their products.

    While both KetoLogic and also Perfect Keto aim to comply with the ketogenic way of living, their technique and also item schedules have significant differences you’ll want a head’s up about.

    That’s why today’s overview studies the Perfect Keto vs. KetoLogic concern to learn the reality about:

    • The KetoLogic backstory
    • Perfect Keto’s background
    • How they pile up alongside each other
    • Perfect Keto’s items vs KetoLogic’ s

    Before you can actually see just how Perfect Keto and KetoLogic compare and also contrast, you need to have a much better concept of their core concepts first.

    The KetoLogic Backstory

    Both Dave Asprey, creator of the Bulletproof Diet, and also Dr. Anthony Gustin, creator of Perfect Keto, started their keto experience with a mission to better their very own health.

    The KetoLogic story is a little bit different in this regard.

    Instead of enhancing his own wellness, creator Mike McCandless was concentrated on boosting his mommy’s health.

    In 2011, McCandless’s mommy was detected with a growth in her lung.

    He invested plenty of hours researching the very best methods to assist her when he stumbled upon Dom D'Agostino’s work on ketogenic diet plans and also the light bulb went off.

    After attempting it as well as seeing its outstanding benefits, McCandless made it his objective to help others adhere to a ketogenic diet plan for far better health too.

    Similar to Perfect Keto’s style, the objective of KetoLogic’s diet regimen plan is switching your body from utilizing carbs and sugar for power to running off fat instead.

    However, this is where the resemblances end.

    McCandless believes nourishment is as well overwhelming for the majority of people - and also specifically difficult for those attempting to transition to a keto lifestyle.

    Since McCandless intended to develop products to aid people attain ketosis one dish at once, KetoLogic’s product focuses the majority of its attention on meal replacement items and nutrition.

    While there are a couple of products that overlap in between PK and KetoLogic, the Perfect Keto strategy to keto is way different, as you’ll see next.

    Here’s What You Required to Know Concerning Perfect Keto

    Dr. Anthony Gustin, a sports chiropractic doctor, practical medicine provider as well as entrepreneur, started Perfect Keto after examining the BS diet and also nutrition suggestions fed to him in his doctoral degree nutrition classes.

    After testing the dietary standards, his study led him to find the positive results of the ketogenic diet.

    By testing a keto diet plan on himself, Dr. Gustin enhanced his wellness, lifted his psychological haze, substantially lowered his body pains and saw a visible distinction in his body composition.

    And, similar to McCandless, now his mission is to assist other individuals do the same using a ketogenic diet.

    But Dr. Gustin doesn’t think nutrition needs to be made complex.

    He created Perfect Keto, the globe’s # 1 keto blog, with a concentrate on educating individuals concerning just how a ketogenic diet regimen jobs as well as all the advantages of being in ketosis.

    The switches the emphasis from products you have to get as well as consume to expertise regarding which real foods you need to be consuming and avoiding on your very own.

    Even still, nutrition is simply one element of obtaining your body right.

    Dr. Gustin states you’ll get the most out of life only when you maximize the four pillars of health:

    1. Nutrition
    2. Movement
    3. Stress/Mental Wellbeing
    4. Sleep/Rest

    So with the Perfect Keto site covering the “just how to’s” of maximizing these locations of your wellness, Dr. Gustin increased to produce keto supplements and items to help you get there.

    This is the major distinction between the keto-focused product schedules supplied by each brand.

    The Key Difference In Between Perfect Keto and also KetoLogic

    The short solution is: Perfect Keto assists you optimize your body to aid you get to ketosis sooner and keep it for longer periods of time.

    KetoLogic is much more concerning assisting people stick to keto by utilizing dish substitutes and various other dietary supplements.

    To provide you a far better idea of the different techniques, here is KetoLogic’s Keto 30 Obstacle:

    easy diets

    As you can see from the picture above, this strategy has dieters consuming:

    • 1 meal replacement shake
    • 2 low carb meals
    • BHB powder 1-2 times per day

    People are likewise advised to enhance their workout on the KetoLogic plan.

    Perfect Keto, on the various other hand, doesn’t rely on meal substitutes.

    The foundation of the keto diet regimen is consuming whole, unrefined, genuine foods with as couple of carbohydrates, sugars and additives as possible.

    Meals are not to be replaced on keto, but upgraded to mirror these goals.

    And with all the delicious keto recipes around, utilizing dish replacement drinks takes all the enjoyable out of reaching eat more fat.

    To assistance people preserve ketosis in the real life (i.e., where they’ll be eating food expanded on a ranch as opposed to created in a laboratory), Perfect Keto uses products to help you:

    • Reach ketosis faster
    • Perform better mentally
    • Have more energy for your workouts
    • Meet your greens and micronutrient intake

    So while the goals may be different, there are two products that overlap between both brands. Their contrast is precisely what’s in shop next.

    Perfect Keto vs KetoLogic Products

    While these products aren’t the same, they will certainly function similarly for our purpose today to contrast and also contrast Perfect Keto products and KetoLogic’s versions:

    Both Brands Deal Powerful BHBs (But One Has 2x the Quantity)

    Beta Hydroxybutyrate, or BHB, is a powerful molecule that helps your body produce energy when glucose is depleted (like when you’re dropping sugar).

    Both Perfect Keto as well as KetoLogic make a BHB supplement to assist individuals transform fat right into gas and enhance their energy stores.

    But their strategy is slightly different.

    Here’s the nourishment facts for KetoLogic’s unflavored BHB powder:

    easy diets

    And this is Perfect Keto’s Delicious chocolate Sea Salt Exogenous Ketone Base:

    easy diets

    When comparing both, you’ll discover Perfect Keto’s BHB matter is 11.38 g while KetoLogic’s can be found in at concerning half of that (6g).

    You’ll additionally locate more necessary minerals to keep away the dreaded keto flu in the PK option as compared to KL:

    • 54mg more sodium
    • 228mg more calcium
    • 165mg more magnesium

    KetoLogic’s formula does have more potassium than Perfect Keto’s (383mg compared to 0).

    However, there’s additionally one more active ingredient KetoLogic includes that PK doesn’t: silicon dioxide.

    You might not be familiar with this active ingredient, however it’s essentially an additive that prevents the powder from clumping.

    Perfect Keto’s items are devoid of chemical additives, chemicals as well as flavors, as well as this one is no exception.

    That’s why you’ll just discover cocoa powder, natural delicious chocolate taste, monk fruit as well as stevia fallen leave powder in the PK exogenous ketone base.

    Another staple of ketogenic diet regimens is bulletproof coffee.

    Let’s see just how these 2 tackle this one.

    Perfect Keto vs KetoLogic: Keto-Friendly Coffee

    Both brands comprehend an excellent keto-friendly mug of coffee can be the key to starting an effective and mentally-focused day.

    So to assist people achieve that, they each produced a coffee product to give both mind gas as well as energy.

    Here’s exactly how each version contrasts, beginning with KetoLogic’s Coffee Creamer:

    easy diets

    And here’s Perfect Keto’s Matcha Latte MCT Oil Powder:

    easy diets

    While they’re not practically the exact same item, they’re meant to be made use of similarly as well as with the very same objective (for boosted power).

    You can see both brand names consist of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), however KL does not list the number of grams remain in each offering. PK’s is 10g per scoop if you’re wondering.

    The remainder of the nutrition facts aren’t as well far off from each other: PK has 70 calories while KL has 90, as well as total fat for PK is 7g whereas KL delivers 9g.

    Now check out the overall carbs:

    KetoLogic will set you back 2g, generally from sugar as well as added sugar. There’s simply one carb in PerfectKeto’s, which originates from fiber, so it nets itself out.

    If you truly intend to begin your day on the ideal keto foot, it should be with as little carbs (and also sugar) as possible.

    But that’s not even the biggest distinction with these two products.

    It’s really in the active ingredient list.

    Take a look at KetoLogic’s component listing again:

    easy diets

    And here’s Perfect Keto’s again for reference:

    easy diets

    Notice anything various regarding these two labels?

    KetoLogic has 5 times the amount of active ingredients, the majority of which are simply chemicals, such as:

    • Sodium caseinate, a chemical variation of casein which is one of the cornerstones that gives people allergies to dairy.
    • Phosphate, a flavor improving additive which has actually been researched for its link to boosting individuals’s risk of cardio events as well as also death. This is not to be perplexed with natural phosphate found in foods.
    • Disodium Phosphate is an additional artificial additive to help food taste far better and it’s one ideal avoided.
    • Silicon Dioxide once more makes an appearance here. As a fast recap, this is an additive that prevents the powder from clumping.

    Now when you compare those to Perfect Keto’s 2 component listing of natural ceremonial grade matcha as well as stevia leaf powder, you can see the striking difference.

    Both brands may be concentrated on aiding people achieve the benefits of a ketogenic diet, yet they’re tackling it extremely differently.

    You can trust there’s no chemical flavors, ingredients or preservatives prowling behind the Perfect Keto label.

    But ultimately, everything boils down to which one is right for you.

    Perfect Keto vs. KetoLogic: Locating the Right Fit

    When you’re simply starting out with keto, products like KetoLogic feel like they’ll be the quicker, much easier path to fulfilling your fat burning as well as energy goals.

    Bad information: this shortcut doesn’t bring about the goal. You may go down a few extra pounds and really feel better, but you will not discover exactly how to sustain your body correctly with real foods.

    Perfect Keto is the total opposite.

    You’ll discover how to take control of your diet and identify how certain foods impact your physical as well as psychological wellness.

    The enhancement of chemical-free supplements is meant to optimize your initiatives to obtain healthy and balanced, refrain all the effort for you.

    So if you prepare to discover out exactly how to begin a ketogenic diet plan genuine, check out our best guide on the topic.

    And to see how Perfect Keto’s products can assist you on your keto journey, visit this page next.

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  • I mean.. I MEAAANNNNNN


    Should i start posting my food again? I feel like i’m totally out of that community but i miss the good ol days of posting food and workouts and that whole biz.

    #chaffle is such a faster and cheaper i think version of gf bread #keto#low carb#whatieat#gluten free#celiac
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    Spinach Feta Chicken Sausage fried & tossed over fresh baby spinach with mozzarella cheese, topped with ranch dressing.

    The chicken sausage is delicious and always at Publix or Aldi stores. Super fast easy meal idea! 👍

    What are you eating today?

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    I meant to post my breakfast this morning 😗 I don’t normally eat breakfast, but my mom wanted to order Sushi so, since it was earlier in the day, I decided to make myself breakfast so I wouldn’t starve. I had a sunny side up egg with cheese and lots of pepper and ham that I seared on the pan. I loveee searing deli meat on a pan because it just gives it such a different flavor, and I personally like the taste of it when it’s hot rather than cold.

    For lunch, I ordered a Naruto Roll. It was shrimp and Kani wrapped in cucumber. It’s typically very hard to find rolls that taste good without rice in it, but this is one of my favorites. I also had a few edamame because I know that I should have it in limitation.

    I topped it off with my mini Keto dessert which is a homemade coconut flour and almond flour shortbread cake layered with strawberry and homemade whipped cream(not pictured, but you can see it in yesterday’s post!)

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    I forgot to take a picture of my whole dinner before eating it 😗 BUT, I had ½ a cup of this Keto Broccoli Cheddar Bone Broth Soup. It was OK, needed salt and I would have liked it a little creamier. Although there were tiny pieces of broccoli in it, I added my own roaster broccoli as well. I also had a baked chicken breast, and buffalo cauliflower which was deliciousss. For my “dessert” I had peach flavored Greek yogurt which is SURPRISINGLY good. I’ve had tons of different low carb and Keto yogurts that pretty much disgusted me into never having yogurt. I saw this at a grocery store and decided to give it a try. I’m glad I did!

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    I drank most of it already, BUT, I had an iced green tea, sweetened with 1 equal packet. This is what keeps my energy going every day at work. 😴

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  • Keto Arancini Balls Recipe - Low Carb Cauliflower Risotto Bites (Fancy K…

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    14/365 tried something new for dinner tonight- shirataki noodles- which are supposedly good if you are told to be low-carb (like me, even tho I’ve failed spectacularly at that 🤪).

    I figured maybe I could put together a basic version of egg drop soup and then drop the noodles in after rinsing them, but unfortunately I don’t think gelatinous noodles really fit my textural palate 😔

    tho I have another package of shirataki noodles and I have another idea of how to eat them, so im not giving up quite yet! 🍽

    #low carb#food#food photography#photography #photographers on tumblr #365 photo challenge #nikon coolpix p900 #new jersey#201
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  • Food log 1/14/2020

    - Cold brew with unsweetened almond milk and a scoop of protein powder (160)

    - cottage cheese (80)

    - 2 mini fried marinated crabs from the Asian grocery (~20 cals)

    - 1 cup green tea (0)

    Total so far: 260 cals


    Still need to go work out today. Will prob do an hour on the elliptical and some muscle toning exercises if I feel up to it. Usually I burn 400-500 cals at the gym.

    Not feeling hungry today, but I’ll probably eat a bowl of this low carb beef and vegetable soup I’m cooking in the Crock-Pot right now. A large bowl comes out to under 250 cals and it’s loaded with protein and veggies (kale, zucchini, Italian green beans, cabbage, tomatoes).

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    Last night’s dinner: burger with cucumber, tomato, feta and carrot slaw, topped with homemade tzatziki in a low carb tortilla.

    Breakfast: Meal prepped bacon and scrambled eggs with cheese, avocado and everything bagel seasoning.

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    Great find: Kentucky Legend smoked pork chops (fully cooked, zero carb). Lunch is on! 🥦 I’m roasting some broccoli in garlic & olive oil, and will pan fry this in butter for a few minutes. ✔ What are you eating today? 🙂

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    almond flour biscuits in a bread basket
    almond flour biscuits in a bread basket
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    i know i’ve made some goals for this month but i’ve definitely been slacking. i’ve eaten lower carb but i’ve also cheated here and there. i can’t afford to do that the rest of the month. i have a lot of activities this year (weddings, birthdays, vacations, etc.) and i don’t want to feel terrible about myself. so i need to make changes here and now. so today, i’m going to stop cheating. everything i eat that doesn’t help me with my goals is negatively impacting me. every time i skip a workout, i’m choosing that over feeling good in a bridesmaids dress or bathing suit. i have a lot to look forward to and i don’t want my body to hold me back.

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