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  • novantinuum
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago


    ft. me finally drawing some pre-calamity link references for my records

    (i would say "glow-up," but all that happened was that he got an unwanted destiny and also trauma, so- ;D;)

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  • fandomcringe
    20.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Putting them at the top bc this drawing is really cute lol. The redhead on the right is Iris! She’s not mine, she belongs to @emerald-echeveria-plant Isn’t she just the prettiest tho? I love her. She’s a total badass too, massive respect for the queen ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

    I don't think I've introduced Anthea, she's Equests youngest sister. A meek, paranoid, indecisive girl. She's sitting on a big secret and it consumes her thoughts. She has a hard time self soothing, and she is very codependent. If you're one of three people she trusts, she's kind and sweet and thoughtful. She frets over her loved ones and it's very obvious she cares a lot for her family.

    And Theo, my beloved ♡ a kleptomaniac that Equest likes to keep around for fun. They're a gerudo! Abysmally short for one, they got teased a lot for it, so they left Gerudo town! They're living their best life now tbh, they love Castle Town. Sometimes they get homesick, and they HATE the cold, so during the winter months they return to Gerudo town(or rather to a camp outside Gerudo town, they're not allowed in anymore). They're a very relaxed and chill guy, taking life as it comes.

    Massive lore drop under the cut. I came up with most of this today so if it contradicts anything I've said before uhhhh I'm working on it.

    Wanna talk about the princesses bc I love them.

    So I'll start off by saying I have them in a different reincarnation cycle.

    Instead of Zelda being the reincarnation of Hylia, she is actually the reincarnation of Naryu herself.

    Equest is Din.

    Anthea is Farosh.

    Quick note, this does NOT instantly imply they have the power of the correlating triforce. The triforce is a separate power and its irrelevant to the story I'm telling. It's in the sacred realm, nobody is messing with it.

    So the Legends always tell of the three goddesses incarnate and the hero. The eldest who stripped Ganon of his Power, the Courageous chosen warrior of the youngest dealt a decisive blow, and the Wisest middle child seals him away.

    Anyways, this is cool and good and all, but what does this mean for the princesses????? I'm glad you asked :)))) it means they've got latent power as the incarnations of the goddesses. This is mostly passive stuff. Zelda has an inclination for learning and knowing more and discovering and experiencing. Equest has a burning passion and uh, just power in general(things like how she controls the military, or how she has power over her father in debates, or things like her own fighting power. She can also use magic!). And Anthea,,,, well in Antheas case it's how she's absolutely devoid of courage. She's frail, she's lacking all the things she should have. It's all stored away so she can bestow everything she can onto her Hero.

    So, Equest is the oldest and you can tell. She's got the spirit of the goddess Din. Divine power and all it entails.

    Everything she does is the sake of her sisters. She very rarely does things for herself.

    Now, Equest is very competent. Extremely competent. Nobody doubts her abilities. She's held to an almost impossibly high standard and she manages to exceed them.

    She's 19 years old and basically running the kingdom. She's tricky with her words and can often convince the king of her own plans before he forms his own opinions. The military power is really her own power. It's not even a secret that she is the driving force behind all of this.

    Zelda is Zelda, I'm not gonna rewrite her character(too much). She's still got the weight of the world on her shoulders, still can't activate her powers until the very last second.

    But! With Equest being so competent, she isn't as heavily burdened. Zelda's sealing powers are a backup plan they don't ever think they'll need.

    So, instead she gets to spend a lot of time on her real passions, the ancient technology! She's a lead researcher and one of the most well informed people on the subject. She goes as far as to create versions of the tech for herself. Ancient weaponry she has figured out how to harness and utilize. I'm saying I gave Zelda a gun. Zelda has a gun and it's great.

    She also spends more time with the Shekiah tribe, even learning about their combat techniques and styles and such. She's very heavily involved with that group, and she adores it. She gets to do "practical tests" where she goes out into the wilds and basically fights monsters as a test of her own inventions as her combative abilities.

    Basically. Sheik with a gun.

    I mean, she's still the same person, but I really wanted more Shiek and Zelda already has a very clear interest in the ancient technology and the sheikah are the ones we see dealing with that!!!! I think it's fun lol.

    Anthea! Her big secret is that the Master Sword is talking to her :) it's got a robotic and feminine voice and it can be very blunt. But it tells good stories and makes a fantastic conversation partner.

    It tells her stories about the past heroes(her favourites being about the first, Skyward Hero. The one who killed Demise amongst other magnificent feats). And it tells her about the purpose of the sword and the roles of the Hero and the goddesses incarnate and the triforce. Anthea knows it's all Legends, but the sword is a great storyteller and she loves the fantastical myths.

    She's not dumb, she makes the comparison between the three princesses and the three goddesses and she probably makes up a fun story in her head about how she and her sisters are they,,,,, her elder sisters fit the mould almost perfectly! But she is such an outlier, she dismisses the thought entirely.

    Anthea is the reincarnation of Faore the Goddess of Courage who created all life. The irony here is that she is so lacking in courage herself.

    The fun twist here is that she is the one to chose the hero. To inspire them to have courage. It's not an aspect she shows in herself, it's the hero that gets all of her gifts.

    And she's drawn to one of the pikemen she catches in the courtyard.

    She's never made a decision for herself in her life, but somehow she knew this was the only right option. This person who she has never seen before and knows nothing about. This would be their hero.

    Of course it's Link.

    He's timid, easygoing, shy, and nonverbal and Anthea loves it. He's got a serious aura that reminds her of her eldest sister and the soft charm of her second sister. She immediately feels drawn to him and he doesn't disappoint.

    It's very shortly after they meet that her powers awaken,,,,, though not in Anthea,,,,,,

    Link finds his mind a mess. Somehow his thought process is entirely derailed. It's flipped around and it's wrong but it makes total sense. His actions all become easier to follow through with, and despite all the doubt that used to plague his mind, he can clearly see his own goals through his driving force.

    His combative prowess is still much the same, but it flows easier than before, and he doesn't find himself as afraid as he once was. I have a lot written abt how Link's character changes. He's still nearly silent, he doesn't show his inner turmoil, and he doesn't think people would believe him if he actually spoke about it. There's two exceptions, Mipha and Anthea. Also Fi, but that's bc she's literally always there. But she only talks to Link and Anthea(she doesn't like this Equest or Zelda)

    Basically, Anthea's courage poured into him.

    He gets assigned as Anthea's personal knight after Anthea makes the case. Fi trusts Anthea to choose her master, and only slightly reluctantly accepts Link when he's offered the Master Sword, cementing him as the chosen hero.

    It's nice, Anthea and Link get along really well. They're similar and they're working really hard together to try and figure out how this whole situation is going to work.

    I feel like I should also clarify, Anthea is 14, it's DEFINITELY not a romantic relationship, it's very much a master and servant relationship where they're both seriously codependent on the other. I've been saying it's like, Anthea is the Pokemon trainer and Link is the Pokemon. Or like, Fate? Y'all know Fate? Master/servant exactly. I wouldn't say it's like a JoJo's stand, but it's not too far off from that either lol. Anyways. They're close. It's soft.

    (Also this would be very different "post-calamity" where Link has lost all his memories. Anthea would be a stranger to him. She would be heartbroken. He's also a totally different very feral person and so honestly Anthea still grieves like he died 100 years ago)

    Uh anyways yeah! Still a work in progress, it's a lot to change and rework lol.

    I think,,,, eventually I want to rewrite all the games,,,, or at least,,,,, my favourites(OoT, TP, SS).

    I like this dynamic a lot and it's a lot of fun.

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  • reblog-things-i-just-like-uwu
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Idk what Zelda fan needs to hear this, but you have the right to not ship Zelink

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  • hiyorism
    20.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure wolves aren't monsters, ma'am...

    #miss he was running from me i dont think you had anything to worry about #botw#loz
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  • ravioxhilda
    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Hylian Revali and Mipha finally together in my new AU

    #revali#miphvali#revamiph #revali x mipha #mipha#master revali#lady mipha #legend of zelda breath of the wild #botw#loz#loz botw
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  • legendofzelda-fan
    20.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Dark Red✨ (BoTW!Link x Reader)

    Warnings⚠️: Use of a dagger.

    Summery: Link is hired to stop an assassin.

    Word count: 1114

    (Let me know if I should do a Part 2!)

    Link wiped any emotion off his face before his meeting with the king. He had to keep up his reputation after all. He stepped through the grand oak doors with his head held up high. He calmly walked to the center on the room before kneeling down. King Rhoam nodded his head toward Link and signaled him to stand up. Link rose up while taking in a shaky breath. He kept his head slightly down so he wouldn’t look the king in the eye, that could be taken as a sign of disrespect.

    ”Link, Champion of Hyrule. I have summoned you here today with the intent of giving you an assignment.”

    Link gave the king a sharp nod. He assumed that the task will be simple, easy for the proclaimed legendary hero. The king cleared his throat before continuing to speak.

    ”We have discovered that there is a hired assassin somewhere within Hyrule. We do not know who they are meant to kill. Please apprehend the assassin before they are able to cause any damage. Any questions?”

    Link shook his head. King Rhoam nodded in acknowledgment to his answer.

    ”Link, our spies have reported that they wear a black cloak at all time. Our spies also said that-“

    He got interrupted by Zelda bursting through the doors. She ran across the throne room before skidding to a stop in front of her father. Her left hand plunged into her pocket before pulling out a piece of paper and unfolding it.

    ”Father the science team and I have made an extraordinary discovery! This document says-“

    ”Zelda, what have I told you about working on such trivial things?”

    ”Well, you told me not to work on them and focus on unlocking my powers, but I believe that this document right here can-“

    King Rhoam interrupted his daughter once more to scold her. Link felt guilty for not saying anything but he knew his place. He was not in position to say anything. Link stood there awkwardly as King Rohan and Zelda argued with one another.


    King Rhoam’s voice boomed across the room. A tear ran down Zelda’s face before she stormed out of the throne room, dropping her document on the ground as she ran out. The King sighed and rubbed his temple with his hand as if he got a headache.

    ”I apologize for the inconvenience Link. You are dismissed.”

    Link nodded and turned towards the door. He bent down quickly to pick up the document that Zelda. He stuffed the paper in his pocket and swiftly walked out of the room. Link made his way towards Zelda’s quarters to return the paper. He knocked on her door a few times before the door cracked open slightly. Zelda’s nose was puffy and red lines showed the tears that had fallen. Zelda opened her door all the way to allow Link in. He sat down on her bed as she sat down on her desk chair.

    “What did you come here for Link?” Zelda hiccuped. Link searched through his pockets for the document. He pulled out the crumpled piece of paper and handed it to her. She burst out into tears once more before launching herself into Link’s arms for a hug.

    “Thank you.”

    Link’s shirt became wet with her tears as she cried into his chest. Link knew it has been a tough time for Zelda. Considering that her father has talked about marrying her off to a neighboring prince after they defeat the calamity. Zelda wasn’t exactly attracted to men, in fact, she has a crush on the bakers girl in Hyrule town. She could never tell her father about that though because she’s afraid that she will only be more of a disappointment. She rants to Link about her issues and feelings which is why Link knows so much about her. She sniffed out last time before releasing Link and going back to sit at her desk.

    ”Thank you for that.” She croaked, her voice raw from crying so much. Link nodded for what seemed to be the hundredth time today before exiting her room. He walked through the corridors of the castle while thinking about the assassin. ‘Could this task really be that hard?’ He thought to himself. Link had to admit, he does have a little bit of an ego. Perhaps not as big as Revali’s though. Link stopped in his tracks when he heard a bang at the end of the corridor followed by voice saying, “Shit.”

    Link raced to the end of the hallway. Could catching the assassin be this easy? King Rhoam made it seem as if this would be a difficult task. Link slowed his steps so the assassin wouldn’t hear him. He hid behind a marble pillar and scanned his surroundings, searching for a black cloak. He noticed movement behind an identical pillar across the room from him.

    He knew neither of you would move, for that would give away their positions. You both stood there in complete silence, you were terrified to move, you knew that the legendary hero was behind the other pillar. You knew that you could get caught instantly. You began to calculate exit routes. Your employer expected the job to be done by tonight, but he would have to wait another night. You noticed an open window five feet away from Link. You reached down into their boot and pulled out a dagger. You waited for Link to peek around the pillar.

    Both of you stood in silence for what seemed like forever before Link popped his head out from behind the pillar. You threw their dagger with deadly accuracy towards Link’s head. Link pulled back immediately and turned to see a dagger embedded into the wall where his head was a second earlier. Using Link’s shock to your advantage, you ran for the window to escape. Link noticed your escape route, but it was too late.

    The only thing Link saw was the black cloak billowing around the hired assassin, and enticing dark red lips pulled up into a smirk, before you fled into the darkness.

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  • emerald-echeveria-plant
    19.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Hey y'all! I made a botw discord server! It's mainly about us sharing and talking about ocs in the botw universe. I based this off of my friends discord server. So, I decided to make my own!

    Join if you'd like!

    #botw #breath of the wild #loz #legend of zelda #link#zelda#mipha#daruk#revali#ocs#discord
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  • chemmerson
    19.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    whoa i saw zelda trending and thought i missed something like i almost shit my pants but i think it’s just trending bc it’s awesome and that’s it hahaha

    #fr tho i gasped #botw#loz
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  • zelda-photography
    19.01.2022 - 6 hours ago
    #loz #legend of zelda #botw #breath of the wild #horse
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  • starrforge
    19.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    *replays loz botw for 15th time*

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  • venterry
    19.01.2022 - 7 hours ago
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  • fairyarmour
    19.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    My third and final contribution to @zelink-fanzine, the stickersheet!

    I loved brainstorming what items in each game represented the bond between the pair that was unique to that game (with bonus Hilda and Ravio 😉) and y’know, managing to squeeze plants in even into this.

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  • lordganondork
    19.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    Silent Princess 🥀

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  • mayonnaise-and-anarchy
    19.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    There are only 2 ways that people draw Link

    -big beefy macho man

    -Androgynous Gremlin (the right way)

    #legend of zelda #loz#loz link#link#zelda#nintendo #the legend of zelda #botw #loz breath of the wild
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  • eponas
    19.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    caught this fine moment that reminded me of a renaissance painting

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  • gigili-jiggly
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    strangled by the red string 🪡

    #art boop #legend of zelda #loz#botw#zelda#ibasedthestringplacementonshibariknots #I wanted the string to wrap around her in a pretty way #ehehehehe
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  • k-1-b-o
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    My sibling came up with an au and I haven't been able to get my mind off of it since.

    You know how botw link has memories and stuff you unlock in the game? Well, what if, while he's remembering everything before his 100 year long nap, he's also remembering things from his past lives (aka, all the other games)? So he remembers things from the ruins of things from his past lives, like the temple of time, the goddess statues, the Lon Lon ranch, ect, ect. The places named after people he knew, Saria lake, Mido swamp, tingle island, linebeck island, all the ruto areas, ect. (All the clothes and stuff too! Imagine seeing Majora's mask and being like ".... Yo wtf" or tingles outfit 💀) And of course, he would probably mix up the memories and people and stuff. As he remembers more and more, he would start to tell the differences between it, maybe, but it would still be confusing lmao.

    Imagine him trying to go into Gerudo town without the disguise, thinking he had that Gerudo pass from OoT 😭

    Somebody probably already thought of this but shhh

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  • starkittentriestodraw
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Revali's dialogue translated from Canadian French

    (I was curious to see how the dialogue would differ in French. I actually highly recommend checking out a video of the dialogue in French. I've only translated Revali's parts so far, but I think the VAs did a really great job).


    Revali (beginning to Windblight Ganon battle):

    Beware of that creature Ganon.

    Me, I lacked vigilance, 100 years ago. It was a mistake that cost me my life.

    It pains me to ask you that, but...

    You have to avenge me! You hear me?

    Revali (after you defeat Windblight Ganon):

    No? Don't tell me you managed to defeat it?

    How annoying you can be. That said... you have to admit that it's thanks to you that we were freed. I was even able to regain control of Medoh.

    Hmm...You did well, I have to admit. A reward is in order, I imagine.

    I will give you the power of the updrafts! Revali's Rage is now yours!

    (Link receives Revali's Gale)

    I will now take charge of moving Medoh, and prepare her for our confrontation with Ganon. When you're ready to fight him in Hyrule Castle, we'll both be there to help you. And don't thank me, above all!

    (Link begins to disappear, called away by Zelda)

    Go ahead, I'm not holding you back. You still have a lot to do, am I wrong?

    (He turns)

    The princess... She's been waiting for you for so long...

    Revali (after moving Medoh):

    Good, Medoh... You couldn't choose a better place.

    From here, you won't risk missing Ganon...

    When the weakling confronts him... I'm counting on you to calm this monster in one fell swoop. For now, we have to wait.

    Ah... It's been 100 years... 100 years that we've been waiting for this moment, you and me... We're not that close anymore, are we?

    I am obliged to admit that I misjudged him. He may not know how to fly, he made it to the divine creature...

    And he succeeded where I failed miserably...I bow Link. You won.

    You are our only hope for victory.


    my god, I love the English voice acting, but the french VA did a great job. I'll translate the other champions' parts too.

    In the beginning, when Link is about to fight wind blight, he talks about his "lack of vigilance" and his defeat and truly does sound defeated.

    I also think that when he moves Medoh and has his dialogue after that, he sounds pretty sad as well. This line in particular, "Ah... It's been 100 years... 100 years that we've been waiting for this moment, you and me... We're not that close anymore, are we?" really struck me because I don't think he says something similar in English. Personally, I think he might be talking about how isolated he and Medoh were over the last 100 years, or how Medoh was corrupted and therefore they didn't have as good of a connection as they used to. What do you think?

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  • ganonfan1995
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    She's still only 17, and fate has been so unfairly cruel. I think she'll be okay, but it's going to take time.

    Let her grieve...

    #this isn't romantic zelink dont get it twisted #you'll know when i write explicitly romantic stuff b/c this aint it #my art#botw#zelda#link #breath of the wild #loz
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