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  • Welcome to: Friends in The Rain, Cave Buddies, I keep changing the name of this fic- The Fic


    whats up yall i keep forgetting to upload my fics to Tumblr so here’s my most recent fic, a Secret Santa gift for @mythicalartisttm!!!!!


    “I told them we shouldn’t split up, but no, we just had to split up to cover more ground,” Four grumbled, batting a spider web away. Hyrule laughed.

    “Oh, come on Smithy, it isn’t that bad. At least we’re out of the rain!” Hyrule exclaimed, placing a hand on the smaller man’s shoulder. Four jumped, shooting him an unsettled look. The two men had been exploring the southmost area of the place they had appeared in under orders of Time. The place was nice enough: mostly wooded, with some cave mouths randomly popping up. Then it started raining and Hyrule pulled Four into one of the caves. Four did not appreciate being in the cave, to say the least.

    “It’s still wet.”

    “It’s less wet than outside!”

    “Half this cave is smaller than you.” Four grumbled, continuing to walk further into the cave. Hyrule followed him, ducking down.

    “It’s okay, I spent plenty of times in caves smaller than me as a kid.”

    “That doesn’t make me feel any better, Traveler.”

    “Come on, where’s your sense of adventure?” Four stopped, turning around with a slight glare.

    “Not. Here.”

    Hyrule raised his hands and took a few steps away from the blacksmith. Four huffed and glanced around, taking in the cave. There were cone-like rocks rising from the floor and on the ceiling, slowly dripping water onto the ground. Some were very small, only inches long but others were very large. Four snorted. Compared to him, most of them were a decent size, maybe half his height. Glancing further into the cave, there were columns, stretching from ceiling to the ground. They seemed to be taller, like the roof of the cave was higher there.

    “This must be a very old cave,” Hyrule muttered, drawing Four’s attention away from the cave’s wonders. He raised an eyebrow at the man, curious.

    “What makes you say that?” He questioned. Hyrule hummed and opened his mouth, quickly closing it again as he searched for the words he needed to explain.

    “It’s… okay, so the ones on the top of the cave are called stalactites, and they drip down water and minerals and create the stalagmites, the ones on the ground. With them being this big, it means it’s been happening for a long time since it’s a slow process,” Hyrule hesitantly spoke, but was assured in his knowledge and it showed. Four blinked, surprised at the understanding the other boy showed. He didn’t think Hyrule was dumb, but he was shocked by this information.

    “Where’d you learn that?” Four asked in awe. Hyrule blushed, scuffing the ground with his foot.

    “The town I liked to hang around the most had a man who liked to investigate caves. He took me with him a few times since I spent so much time around the caves, so in return for my guidance to and through the caves, he would teach me about them. He called it ‘science’.” Four blinked again, processing this information.

    “Huh,” Was the only thing Four could think of to say. Hyrule shrugged.

    “Yeah. So. Fun facts with Hyrule,” He muttered.

    “Well, alright. So… what now? Do we just sit down and wait out the storm?” Four asked quietly, his voice echoing slightly against the cave walls. Hyrule cocked his head, surveying the cave and the distance from the mouth.

    “Yeah, I think so. We should be far enough in to stay out of the wind and rain, but not far enough in that we’ll find anything nasty that’s camping out here. So we should be good!” He said brightly. Four nodded and sat down, taking his bag off his shoulder. Hyrule sat down across from him and took off his own pack.

    Setting out their bed rolls, the boys talked quietly, not to attract the attention of anything else hiding in the cave.

    “So what’s your Hyrule like?” Hyrule asked his companion. Four smiled thoughtfully.

    “It’s spralling, somehow so big and so small… Hyrule Town is nice, kind of small and homey feeling. The castle is beautiful, full of stained glass, but it’s tiny compared to some of your guys’ castles. But I like it that way. Lake Hylia is gorgeous, big and vast. It was frozen for a while. Kakariko Village is simple but lively. The Lost Woods are terrifying and shadowy, but nice enough if you spend a lot of time there. Death Mountain is huge and hot and full of caves like this one,” Four crinkled his nose. “I didn’t the caves, but it was really pretty there. Mount Crenel has hot springs that are nice, and it has a giant silver mine.” Four paused.

    “But my favorite place is the Four Sword Shrine. It’s full of huge trees and moss and it’s so quiet… it’s beautiful and simple, almost serene. I love it. I would go there when I got upset after my journey.” He finished softly. Hyrule placed a hand on Four’s shoulder, but didn’t say anything.

    Four sighed and shivered. He reached for his blanket, throwing it around his shoulders gently. Hyrule cocked his head a little, before realizing the small man was probably much colder than he and definitely not used to the chill of a cave.

    “I used to live in a cave!” Hyrule suddenly sputtered. Four’s head shot up, eyes wide.

    “You what?!” Four shouted. His exclamation echoed in the cave, ringing out. Before Four could continue, Hyrule shoved Four onto his back, leaning over him.

    “Hey, what are you-” Four started, but was quickly cut off by the familiar screech of keese. Four fell silent, watching the keese flee the cave, flying off into the night. There were tens, maybe even hundreds, flying over head, and Four was shocked. Finally, the keese dissipated. Hyrule backed up, letting Four up.

    “How… How did you know that was going to happen?” Four asked, shaking slightly. He didn’t like caves and he didn’t like keese. Something about their pointy faces made him shiver.

    “I told you, I lived in a cave. For a while, anyway.” Hyrule bit his lip. “Keese like caves, and don’t like sound.”

    The two fell silent, staring towards the mouth of the cave where the keese had escaped. The rain was gone, but twilight had fallen. Hyrule made a growling noise in the back of his throat, causing Four to look at him.

    “What?” Hyrule turned to him, face full of annoyance.

    “It was raining. That means no dry firewood. That means no fire.” Four groaned. He was right. They were in for a chilly night.

    “Might as well get some rest,” Hyrule mumbled, grabbing his blanket. He removed his sword and Four followed suit, removing his equipement, but leaving his tunic on. It was too cold to sleep in anything else. Four shivered again. Hyrule spared him a pitying look.

    “Um. Hey, smithy, uh. Do you want to, uh… push our bed rolls together? Sleeping close together will make us both a little warmer.”

    Four thought for a moment before nodding. Shifting, he pushing his bed roll closer to Hyrule’s. Hyrule did the same, careful to make sure they weren’t near any stalactites or stalagmites. The boys curled up on their respective bed roll and tried their hardest to fall asleep in the cold cave.


    Morning came like it always does; whether you liked it or not, and always much too soon. Four groaned, burying his head in his pillow. He could hear the birds outside chirping and… was that giggling? Why was his pillow moving?

    “Look at them! Champion, take a picture on that contraption of yours!”

    “Hush Sailor, you’re going to wake them!”

    Four opened one eye and glanced around. Above him stood Wild, Twilight, and Wind, all giggling like children. Raising his head, he looked around.

    “Ah, damn it, I didn’t get it soon enough,” Wild complained. Four looked down and froze. That would be why his pillow was moving. Apparently, he had been laying against Hyrule, who was still asleep.

    “Not a word of this to anyone,” Four hissed at the three others.

    “Awh, come on Smithy, it’s funny!” Wind whined. Four shot him a glare and shook Hyrule’s shoulder. Hyrule mumbled and rolled away from Four, rolling off his bed roll and into a puddle of stagnant water. He shot up.

    “Cold! Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold!” The man said, struggling to get out of the water. The four others laughed at his struggle, but eventually helped him stand up. Grumbling, Hyrule looked around.

    “Morning already? Ugh,” He rubbed his eyes before turning to the Wild and Twilight. “So how you’d find us? Decide to check ever cave you found?”

    “Nope!” Wind said, popping the ‘p’ in the word. “We had Wolfie’s help! It took a while because of the rain, but he eventually found you two and then took off to grab Twilight, who was checking out some caves South of here.”

    “I see,” Four said. He stretched before putting his sword back on. “Well, let us get our stuff together and we’ll go ahead and go find the others. I’m sure Wolfie would love to help if we could find him again,” Four shot a look over to Twilight. Twilight glared back, causing Four to smirk.

    As the boys left the cave, there was a sigh released, barely heard by Twilight. He turned, looking into the cave, but saw nothing.

    “Twilight? Is everything okay?” Hyrule asked, worried. Twilight nodded slowly, still staring into the cave. Nothing moved. Shrugging, he swung around and faced the rest of the group, who were all looking at him.

    “Just thought I heard something. It’s fine, let’s get gone,” Twilight muttered, and pushed forward through the group, headed North. The rest of them glanced at each other but ultimately followed him.

    None of them saw the red eyes glittering in the dark of the cave. They blinked slowly, before vanishing.

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  • Legend: I see! He’s trying to lure me into a false sense of security! Well jokes on him, I’ve never been secure in my life!

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  • Here’s some Shadow from Four Swords art!


    This was inspired by some angsty shenanigans in the LinkedUniverse Discord! I had lots of fun designing Shadow to look more like @linkeduniverse ’s Four design.

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  • 9dl

    For @milkcartkid !
    The entire LU crew finally makes an appearance here

    #linkeduniverse#lu #sky is the one handing out the crowns #and he made extra #so someone's getting two crowns now #sky#time#warriors#wind#legend#four#hyrule#twilight#wild#loz#tloz#flower crown #its nice drawing them being all friendly and comfortable with each other #I cant do that with the darks #so its a nice change #secret santa#linked universe #legend of zelda
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  • Bye ‘OOPSIE’ ㅠㅠ
    Now, let’s meet with ‘BingBing’~!!

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  • @dawncrested​ moved from (x)

    Ok, so the video of Mira drawing on Macao’s face had been pretty funny, she couldn’t lie. Her favorite part had probably been the massive, mischievous grin on the barmaid’s face as she did it. But that was entirely irrelevant. “My late nights are perfectly fine without you disturbing my writing with weird texts, Bickslow!” She retorted, though a small grin curled her lips. She had to admit that there had been several times where she’d hit a writer’s block and had been growing frustrated and overwhelmed…and then one of the Seith mage’s texts would come in and distract her.


    The distraction in those situations always proved helpful, not that she would ever tell him that. He didn’t need the ego boost, or the encouragement. Still, the question remained, who’d given him her number? And for what possible reason? So he could spam her at two o’clock in the morning with random texts that were literally so odd she couldn’t help but laugh at them? Shaking her head, she rolled her eyes as she huffed quietly. “Seriously. How did you get my number, and why did you even want it in the first place? And why do you only ever text me in the middle of the night? You could just as easily text me during the day, now that you have my number, you know.”

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  • Bye ‘OOPSIE’ ㅠㅠ
    Now, let’s meet with ‘BingBing’~!!

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  • Bye ‘OOPSIE’ ㅠㅠ
    Now, let’s meet with ‘BingBing’~!!

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    Getting a bit personal here. I got pancreatitis because of my drinking habits. I went and got sober in Feb 2019- then in April 2019 I was hospitalized for it. I was not drinking, but my body was unable to properly heal it self. I was in the hospital till September 2019. So when going through what I have, I did a lot of reflection and growing from the experience. Yes I slipped, it’s happens. However I do have help. So when I make posts of Twilight reacting to warriors drinking it’s because that is my mood. I use to be that person who showed I was drinking and having food. I was that person. I oddly feel I have explain things, when I am sure nobody really cares. Looks, I am glad you are enjoying a drink or out drinking with friends, however it does not make you look great when you just litter your own social media with “look at my drink, I am drunk now.. woohoooo!” Like I was that person, so I know! However it makes me concerned when all anyone I know post just a lot of drinking photos. I make me wonder like “I know you are not drinking to excess for just fun reasons. Something is going on and you feel alcohal is the only way to deal with it.” It’s moments like that I just groan. Talk to your friends, be open about when you are having an issue, instead of posting publically how drunk you are because life is getting rough. I literally will listen and comfort anyonenone of my friends right now if they needed to vent, if it could help prevent them making themselves look poorly online. You may not care now, but years later you will look back and go “ooof did I really do that?!” Yeah bruh, you did. Please drink responsibly and don’t forget water. You are loved and cared about.

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  • Its a bit Windy today


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