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  • pamperedcashew
    20.01.2022 - 37 minutes ago

    So I finished what I wanted to do with this first bit of the comic…

    It shall be posted here soon…

    It’s already posted on my Instagram tho…

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  • bobthebobking
    20.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    lu fic writers you GOTTA tag your fics with the linked universe tag on AO3. your wonderful fics aren't getting the attention they deserve!!

    #theres so many fics im only finding by chance of searching a specific tag on tumblr at the right time #i have an ao3 tab open just for the linked universe tag like throw your story into my grubby little hands please #linkeduniverse#lu legend#lu wind#lu sky#lu four#lu warriors#lu hyrule#lu time#lu twilight#lu wild#linked universe #happy fun time with good ol bob
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  • ace2flame
    20.01.2022 - 12 hours ago

    I’m always in the mood for Hyrule angst.

    Fairy! Hyrule getting trapped in a bottle or iron bird cage and being used by people that aren’t the Chain.

    The Chain finding out he has the entire Triforce and what it has cost him to keep it away from everyone in his own time.

    Running from monsters of everyone’s time because they automatically know his blood can revive Ganon.

    I just.....I crave the sadness

    #linked universe#lu hyrule #legend of zelda #do I enjoy hurting him? #Yes #yes I do #any character I consider a favorite I just need pure angst #and Hyrule is practically begging to get all the angst #I don't make the rules
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  • stickchilddraws
    20.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    I drew this the other day and put it on the server but forgot to put it here

    So here you go :)

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  • tentimesthecourage
    19.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Four: Hyrule, what are you doing?

    Hyrule: I’m making breakfast!

    Wild, barely awake: Who the fuck is burning down my kitchen

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  • 4tea3
    19.01.2022 - 19 hours ago
    #my art#hyrule lu #he is sat on a shroom #gender neutral fae thing sat on a shroom #linked universe#fairy hyrule
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  • emp-echoes
    19.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    Got the first half done. Now.... To the second half. Chapter 5 is long. And... I wanted certain things to happen but then I got distracted at how bamf hyrule can be. And I had to. I just had too.

    Now i have to look up some canon side characters from TP. Have the bois chat. Regroup fun stuff.

    #for my fic #lu #chapter 5 in the works #blood curse #so much re-reading #bamf hyrule#linked universe
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  • nerdypear4
    19.01.2022 - 20 hours ago

    As a fae, Hyrule can sense/is drawn to magical energy. This is part of what drew him to Legend. He's practically dripping with magic from all of his enchanted items.

    Hyrule can also sense the shadow magic around Twilight and the bit of it that lingers around Four (Legend too if not for all of his items). While it's a bit unsettling, shadow magic and dark magic are different, and he's sure they have good reasons.

    Sky carries an insane amount of divine magic from his time around Sun and it's very intimidating. Because of this, Hyrule feels a need to treat Sky with high respect, much to the other hero's dismay. 

    The artificial magic of the Sheikah that envelopes Wild sometimes makes him feel sick, and when they first visit the Champion’s era, it causes him to grow physically ill, and no one knows why.

    On the other hand, the fae magic that clings to Time can help him regain small amounts of energy if he spends enough time around the old man. Likewise, the presence of a fairy has the same effect, and can even give him a boost to his magic abilities. 

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  • transzeldas
    19.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    ✨Lu nonverbal headcanon post bc I was thinking✨

    Sky: Not nonverbal just not much of a talker. Genuinely prefers listening to talking most of the time. Can how ever go semi nonverbal due to compete and utter rage. It's happens bc he's clenching his jaw too hard that it's actually hard to open his mouth, not that he notices when he's that enraged

    Four: They stopped talking post adventure bc Green, Blue, Red and Vio all have wildly different personalities and people stared noticing that there was something clearly up with them. Once people started disliking and distrusting them for their "mood swings" and the fact that they never knew what was going on they decided to avoid people and avoid talking until they could figure out how to seem like one person. They talk now, and people brushed off how they were post adventure as something they picked up during their adventure but is gone now

    Time: Was nonverbal bc of autism bc I'm auststic I said so. He has the "I think too fast and cant talk fast enough" stutter that I have but a lot worse, and Mido used to be a prick about it so he stopped talking to anyone but Saria for the most part. Later he was so distressed during his adventure that he just went nonverbal during oot, which worked out bc Navi was an aide. After Navi left and during Termina he started talking again partly because he was less distressed and more angry during mm compared to oot. This was a coping mechanism he was still very distressed, and if he let the anger slip he'd go nonverbal again. He also started not caring about what other people had to say about his stutter, because their opinion ment less than nothing after he got cursed by a mask fighting the moon. Now hes fine and doesn't tend to go nonverbal but he is quiet most of the time because if he doesn't think before he speaks he will get a little stutter again

    Legend: Was semi nonverbal post Alttp due to severe truama (they're uncle died Infront of them and they had to kill brain washed people at like 12~13 this kid was not ok), it got better after meeting Marin and got so much worse after LA. Stopped talking in an attempt to self isolate, it didn't work so now they're a dick to keep people away

    Hyrule: Not nonverbal just didn't speak much Hyruian at the beginning of his adventure bc that's not his native country and that's his second language. Used the Triforce of Wisdom to learn it. Anxiety also keeps him from talking when some one is nice to him because he doesn't have much experience making small talk, or talking to people who don't barely tolorate him in general, but it never made him go nonverbal. Just made him quieter

    Twilight: Was also just not much of a talker like Sky but also straight up stopped talking multiple times. You know how Midna was a dick for like the full first half of tp? Yeah that was not good for Twi's mental state, especially after he was trapped as a wolf and couldn't speak??? Multiple times he stopped talking completely because he decided they're was no point to it. (Add in the fact that barely anyone even knew that the Twilight had invaded? And Ouch) This is what made Midna realize that she wasn't attacking someone who already hated her and was likely going to verbally attack her as soon as he got the chance, but just some guy. She apologized soon after, and Twilight accepted her apology and they worked though it and quickly became friends now that they weren't expecting the worst of eachother. The only lasting effects is that Twilight will give people the silent treatment if they talk over him or ignore him too much, but this out of spite

    Wind: Wasn't nonverbal during his adventure. He was just mostly sad and upset and didn't feel like talking because his sister was gone. After that he started talking more

    Warriors: Extreme anxiety. I mean like can't say a word with out nearly having a panic attack levels of anxiety. Warriors just has "I used to be anxious like you, but after I decided to mask 24/7 and pick a new personality Im perfectly fine! Do not look under the mask" to me. He needed Proxi to translate for him for the first half of the War while he figured out the best way to beat his anxiety into the closet. He's still anxious and can go completely nonverbal if someone says something that cuts a little too deep tho

    Wild: Ok we all know why he was mute before the Calamity. Stress of saying the wrong thing with so many eyes on him, which is a big anxiety mood. I think at first didn't affect him but after he got his first memory the crushing weight of anxiety stated effecting him. Normally he could careless what people think of him and runs around in his underwear setting things on fire but if he really repeats the person, or of he's in a very stressful situation he goes nonverbal again. This usually means not talking after a fight, or going silent when seeing the champions, and it doesn't last longer than a day.

    #linked universe#linkeduniverse #linked universe headcanons #lu headcannons #linked universe wild #lu wild #linked universe warriors #lu warriors #linked universe wind #lu wind #linked universe twilight #lu twilight #linked universe hyrule #lu hyrule #linked universe legend #lu legend #linked universe time #lu time #linked universe four #lu four #linked universe sky #lu sky#system four
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  • just-some-brainrot
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    hyrule: who’s your favorite artist?

    warriors: my mom

    hyrule: woah, i didn’t know your mom was a professional artist! what art did she make?

    warriors: she made ✨me✨

    #source: instagram #incorect linked universe quotes #incorrect lu quotes #linked universe#lu warriors#lu hyrule
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  • emp-echoes
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Wild: Cooking with the others is like a box of chocolates…

    Twilight: Oh? *curiously inquires* How so?

    Wild: You don’t know which one is nuts.

    *somewhere off in the distance*

    Hyrule: *Exclaims very seriously* NOT TODAY, POTATO!!

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  • jay-the-local-acetronaut
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Linked universe as things my friends have done/said

    Time: Asks the teacher for pictures of their microwave periodically

    Warriors: asked the math teacher if he could use both of his calculators during the test for no other reason than to be extra

    Wild: Steals plastic knives from the cafeteria regularly and has a running total of around four hundred

    Hyrule: played Minecraft on his phone during English and still has a better grade than anyone in that class (this one was me lol,)

    Wind: balanced a fencing sword on the palm of his hand and was surprised to be nailed in the head by the sword’s pommel

    Twilight: saw a picture of a pirate ship and said “ye-HAW”

    Sky: threatened to make hot chocolate during the middle of math class

    Four: climbed on a desk to stab the ceiling with a fencing sword because they are short

    Legend: sprawled out on the floor of the common area of the school during lunch and yelled at anyone who came near him

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  • emp-echoes
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    I have been thinking about Hylia and how she is one in the same as Zelda/Sun, or any who awaken the Bloodline. We all know that both the Hero of Spirit and The Goddesses Bloodline have to take separate journeys. Zelda/Hylia even shows great guilt in putting her chosen through so much. She wishes she can take the pain away.

    Think about it, the Chosen Hero usually is unknowingly thrust out into the open. Going on adventure after adventure. While facing unspeakable dangers and having high stake risks. Hylia wouldn’t know the full extent of how this sort of stress effects them….

    Until Zelda I and II…

    As you know, I’m obsessed with this headcanon. So here I am talking about it again, but from another angle…

    Since Zelda in the 1986 game cannot use the Triforce of Wisdom; she opts to break it. It is Link/Hyrule who awakens Hylia within his self and seals away Ganon.

    My point is that Hylia finally carries the burden in both Zelda I and Zelda II.

    All of it.

    It’s not two separate journeys like most other entries of LoZ.

    Now don’t get me wrong, the awakening of the Goddess is hard too, but not to the Hero’s scale. Most Zelda’s don’t have to venture alone. They usually have Impa or some sort of History to look back on. They have someone or something to guide them. Even some of the Chosen Hero’s have a guide aka Fi, Navi, the red lions, and so forth.

    But Hyrule doesn’t.

    Even if you do consider the villagers in Zelda II as help, they really don’t offer all that much; save for the wisemen who teach spells.

    But he had to find those wiesmen.

    He also found the dolls scattered across the Kingdom. Not that he understood what that meant. I mean…think about it. Why is there dolls in his likeness? With no rhyme or reason?

    That’s terrifying!

    Hylia vicariously lives through those who’ve performed the Awakening Ceremony; where as Sun/Skyward Sword’s Zelda is reincarnate. The Goddess only has seen one side of the coin.

    By Zelda II, The Triforce of Courage’s crest appears on Hyrule/Link’s left hand; it was time to fully awaken the Hero’s Spirit. She witnesses everything. The Goddess also explores the lands to find that it’s people are struggling. With Ganon’s influence wreaking havoc and striking fear across the land, Hylia finally understands. Hylia has to watch Hyrule/Link fight tooth and nail to survive and be hunted down like a dog.

    Hylia is guilty.

    Within the Chain Hyrule is a simple teenager. He doesn’t want the glitz and the glamour that Royalty have. This could be Hylia’s guilt bleeding into his own personal emotions and feelings. Self doubt and being highly empathetic is part of his character. He thinks he had it easy. Hylia thinks she had it easy. Demise’s Curse did more than just put them in a never ending cycle…

    The Goddess is in the Heroes Favor

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  • twurger
    19.01.2022 - 1 day ago


    #linked universe#lu #shitpost! #twurger #i think i’m funny #lu legend#lu hyrule#cars#car edits #Twurger King shitpost for .69 cents #I’m mcloving it #pls gimme more #Hyrule can’t drive #he got stuck because the car’s locked and he can’t Technology:tm: #Legend descendantsits#lu warriors#lu wild#lu four #FOUR SHOULDNT BE FIRED I KNOW BUT I COULDNT RESIST #Wild has no regrets #warriors is Disappointed:tm:
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  • tentimesthecourage
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Hyrule, reading from a fortune cookie: If you kill a killer, the number of killers in the world stays the same.

    Legend, mouth full with noodles: Kill two killers

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  • jay-the-local-acetronaut
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Linked universe but I put all the links through an incorrect quote generator


    Wars: Do you cook?

    Time: I made a cake once.

    Four: Yeah, it was good.

    Time: Really?

    Four: Don’t make me lie twice, Time.

    Sky: *Answers phone.* Hello?

    Legend: It's Legend.

    Sky: What did they do this time?

    Legend: No, it's me, Sky. It's actually me.

    Sky: What did you do this time?

    Legend: *watching their house burn down*


    Legend: *starts filming* Waddup, guys, welcome to my vlog, today's topic: how to get away with accidentally committing arson because you forgot Spaghetti O's cans are metal and thus non-microwavable! Step one: deny everything.

    Time: I’m gonna mix a can of Red Bull with seventeen shots of espresso in a fishbowl and then chug it while Kids by MGMT plays in the background so I can perceive twenty-three spatial dimensions and fight my own soul.

    Wind : Mint is just cold spicy.

    The Squad: ...

    Legend: What the actual fuck is wrong with you.

    Wind : We've got to find a way to cut down our expenses. What can we live without?

    Twi : Wars, probably.

    Four: I like wearing oversized sweaters. Not just because they're extremely comfy and cuddly, but because whenever the sleeves are really big, I get to flop them around and smack people.

    Time: I’m telling you, my team is competent.

    Wind , rushing in: Time! Wars tried to make pasta in the coffee pot and now it's broken!

    Four: If you put 'violently' in front of anything to describe your action, it becomes funnier.

    Four: Violently practices.

    Wars: Violently studies.

    Twi : Violently sleeps.

    Wild: Violently shoots pictures.

    Wind : Violently boxes.

    Legend: Violently murders people.

    Twi : Violently worries about the previous statement.

    Wars: Dumbest scar stories, go!

    Legend: I burned my tongue once drinking tea.

    Twi : I dropped a hair dryer on my leg once and it burned.

    Sky: I have a piece of graphite in my leg for accidentally stabbing myself with a pencil in the first grade.

    Hyrule: I was taking a cup of noodles out of the microwave and spilled it in my hand and I got a really bad burn.

    Time: I have emotional scars.

    Legend: I'm going to take a shower, I'll be right back.

    Hyrule: Why are you telling me this, I don't care.

    Hyrule, right after Legend leaves the room: I miss them already.

    Time: You know the sound a fork makes in the garbage disposal? That's the sound that my brain makes all the time.

    Twi : Why is Legend crying on the floor?

    Four: They took one of those 'what person are you?' quizzes.

    Twi : And?

    Four: They got Hyrule.

    Hyrule: I am darkness. I am power. I am your worst nightmare. I could kill a man in more ways than you can imagine. I am the night. I am fury, I am a weapon, I am-

    Legend: A doll.

    Four: A cinnamon roll.

    Twi : A sweetheart.


    Hyrule: ...stop it.

    Sky & Legend:*Playing video games*

    Time: You guys woke up at 5:30 in the morning just to play games?

    Sky: *silence*

    Legend: *silence*

    Time, finally figuring it out: ...You two never went to sleep, did you?

    Sky & Legend in shame: Yeah…

    *The squad's reaction to being told they're the chosen one*

    Wild: I will not let you down.

    Four: Sounds fun.

    Hyrule: K.

    Time: No, I'm fucking not.

    Legend: Do I have to be?

    Twi : Please Hylia, I am so tired.

    Twi : I have the sharpest memory here - name one time I forgot something!

    Four: You left me, Wind, and Legend in a Walmart parking lot at 2am a day ago.

    Twi : I did that on purpose, try again.

    Wars : Are they stupid? Legend : Yes, but they prefer to be called Hyrule

    Hyrule: Like they say, "If you can't beat them,

    curl up in a ball and protect your organs.“-

    Four: I dare you-

    Time: Hyrule is not allowed to accept dares


    Four: Why not?

    Hyrule: "I have no regard for my own or

    others personal safety", as some would say.

    Twi : Wild! For the love of god, please turn

    down that music. I have a hangover.

    Wild: *blasting the mi theme at full volume*

    That sounds like a you problem, not a mi

    problem. ——-

    (ok, so I realize that some of these have probably already been done, but I’ve been laughing for the last half hour over these)

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  • forestwhisper3
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Teaser for the next chapter of Turning Back Time. Don’t mind the formatting. 

    Now, it’s off to work. 

    #Turning Back Time- fanfic #Chapter 5 teaser #Some Hyrule for your enjoyment #I love all the LU boys
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  • dinkus-and-shelda
    18.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    i combined the prompt D4, Rickroll with Hyrule instead of time since I drew him twice yesterday (: for @catrinmelldansen and @linksmadness

    #lu #linked universe fanart #linked universe#lu hyrule#lu legend#hyrule#legend #linked universe hyrule #linked universe legend #binkus posts lu #binkus is an artist
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