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  • emp-echoes
    25.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Hyrule speaking words of Wisdom to the chain: Possibly because of the Triforce; Native American Proverbs:

    Hyrule: *puts a hand on Twilight’s shoulder* Day and night cannot dwell together.

    Twilight: *was looking at the dusk sky. Turns to Hyrule.* I guess your right.


    Sky: *plays the harp, melody sad. Sighing heavily.* I miss her.

    Hyrule: *has been listening to the music and turns to Sky with a smile* We always return to our first loves.


    Legend: *huffs and puffs very annoyed as he is walking with Hyrule* I can’t stand them. They… *crosses arms and leans on a tree* They don’t know what their doing…

    Hyrule: *smiles a little and steps over to Legend* Don’t let yesterday use up too much of today.

    Legend: … *listens* Yeah… yeah. *doesn’t show his astonishment* I guess you have a point.


    Wild: *doubting his self and his abilities. As his hand hovers over the master sword. Feels as though he’ll be shunned and rejected again, faltering and ends up not taking the blade.*

    Hyrule: *sees the internal struggle and goes up to Wild as he whispers encouragingly* You already possess everything necessary to become great.

    Wild: *eyes widen and nods as he takes up the master again with renewed confidence* …. *smiles at Hyrule*


    Warriors: *After a battle with shadow tainted Monsters* That took everything we had and some still got away. If only we could blot out the evil here and now. *frustrated as he grips the hilt of his sword about to chase down the runaways*

    Hyrule: *runs up to Warriors and stops him from chasing them down. Sees warriors needs to heal.* Man has responsibility, not power.

    Warriors: *grits teeth as he looks back to his team, everyone hurt* You’re right. *goes to aid the wounded*


    Time: *Sighs exasperated and worried* I have to lead them. How am I to do it…*looks over to the seven heroes, feeling the weight on his shoulders*

    Hyrule: *pats Times back as he, too, looks over to the seven* No river can return to its source, yet all rivers must have a beginning. 

    Time: Wise words from someone so quiet. *chuckles* I’ll keep that it mind.


    Four: *having a particularly hard day and struggling with asking for help. Pushing some of the team away in something he cannot do alone* I can do this. *determined and failing and nearly hurts himself by lifting up something heavy.*

    Hyrule: *runs over and helps before an injury can occur. Once they get the heavy item out of the way. He sighs*

    Four: *embarrassed and does not look at Hyrule ashamed.* You.. really didn’t have too.

    Hyrule: *smiles a little* One finger cannot lift a pebble.

    Four: *turns to Hyrule and nods* Thanks.


    Wind: Wild just doesn’t understand. The King dreams of a future.. and he.. *crosses arms* I-Wild’s just- *groans and turns to Hyrule* Your close to him. What do you think of this whole thing? Does he even have a dream anymore?

    Hyrule: *sits quietly letting Wind pace back and forth while ranting* All dreams spin out from the same web.

    Wind: *stops and tilts head really staring at the traveler* You’re weird.. you know that, right?

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  • pamperedcashew
    25.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    Someone with better art skills please draw this

    It's Malon and Time btw...

    If you want more details just ask me!

    @transzeldas I got the idea on "paper" at least!

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  • randomwriteronline
    25.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Do you think Time and Lullaby have like. A weird sort of non-relationship.

    Time knows a version of Lullaby that does not exist anymore. He had a bond with her, but this is not her. She has her face and body and voice, but he doesn't know her. Do you think he looks at her and thinks of Sheik? Do you think hes politely distant because he reasons that she has no need for him, that she would be bothered? Do you think it hurts him when people ask him why he's so cold to her, if he holds a grudge against her? Do you think he might feel like he wants to get a little further than this amiable awareness of each other to try and get his friend back? Do you think he has just... Desisted?

    Do you think Lullaby wants him as a friend? As a confidant? She was not believed until he came around with excruciatingly precise descriptions of the future she had nightmares about. He was the only one in her corner. Do you think she was happy to see him again, for the first time after years? Do you think she tried to goad him into a friendship by allowing him little childish rituals, like calling for her by hitting her window with a pebble? Do yoy think she eventually gained the memories of the person she was in another timeline and found herself desperate to reconnect with the only one who would have understood?

    #linked universe#time lu#lullaby lu#oot#random talks #do you think her hand is reaching over to his tentatively and he just cant bring himself to accept it
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  • transzeldas
    25.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Warriors thought Time was with Zelda despite technically knowing him the longest because as a child Time has the hugest crush on Sheik

    I stand by this headcanon. Cool ninja man reads poetry and does magic what 10 year old bisexual would resist!

    Anyways Warriors thought Mask would follow though with this crush, and date Zelda, completely missing the part where it was Sheik he had a crush on

    Time would mock him for this if he wasn't afraid that Warriors would tell the chain about the way he talked about Sheik as a child

    #linked universe#linkeduniverse #linked universe warriors #lu warriors #linked universe time #lu time #linked universe lullaby #lu lullaby #linked universe mask #lu mask#rus's rambles #linked universe headcanons #lu headcannons
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  • ginger375
    25.01.2022 - 8 hours ago

    Another link (haha) in my Chained Stories.

    Twilight should be resting after his encounter with the Shadow. He should be, but he isn’t.

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  • shadow-and-purgatory
    24.01.2022 - 9 hours ago

    If lu were a movie, which character would be played by chris pra- *is immediately killed*

    #my mind is a cursed place #I personally think the obvious choice is either Warriors or Time #but the WORST choice would be fucking... hyrule #so obviously that’s who hed be cast as #anyways#linked universe#lu
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  • afterthegoldrushes
    24.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    @lemonsundrop held me at gunpoint and made me draw this

    #sorry lu for making u read that caption three times #the monkees #the monkees prince au #mike nesmith#micky dolenz#davy jones #the monkees fanart #my art
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  • i-cant-thinkof-anything-new
    24.01.2022 - 14 hours ago

    LU boys as cookies (bc i need something to fuse my two current fixations)










    #if you think i'm tagging all these characters....yea #cookie run kingdom #linked universe#lu time#lu legend#lu hyrule#lu four#lu twilight#lu sky#lu wind#lu warriors#lu wild#almond cookie#espresso cookie#herb cookie #strawberry crepe cookie #werewolf cookie #pure vanilla cookie #sorbet shark cookie #madeleine cookie #fire spirit cookie
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  • mrows-fan-works
    24.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    True Courage

    Chapter Four; Meet the Fur Thing.

    Rating: Teen

    Words: 1,181

    Tags: None

    Summary: Wind wakes up and meets a new furry friend :) and Elenor but the cat is here!

    Previous Chapter -> Next?

    Ch. 1/ Ch.2

    A03 link:

    Warm. Soft. Wind came back to the world slowly. He felt heavy, like a rock was sitting on his chest, forcing him down. Numbness had switched places with pain and ache.

    The wound on his shoulder stretched where stitches had been sewn in. That was strange, War's stitches never hurt. Wind couldn’t hear anyone nearby, surely Time had posted someone so he wouldn't wake up alone? He hated to admit it but his brothers always made him feel better with their jokes and inquiries into his well-being. It reminded him of his Grandma back home. Something wasn’t right. His brothers would’ve noticed by now that he had awakened. Where was he? He fought the fatigue to try and sit up in vain. Despite his own mental efforts, the best Wind could manage was moving his head to the side to get a glimpse of what the room looked like. The rooms, or really room, he was situated in was separated into two areas. A bedroom to the left, where Wind was stuck, and a simple kitchen. The front door was situated opposite of the crude wooden counter. Everything looked as if it was made by hand by someone who only had a simple idea of what they were doing. Legend would be appalled. The floor showed obvious signs of use. Trails of sodden footprints could be seen trailing around the house. There was a distinct lack of vases and cabinets. Instead the builder opted for open shelves. Wooden dishes replaced glass. The only reason Wind could tell that the house itself was chilly was the slight breeze brushing past his face. Already his energy seemed spent. Hylia, this was the worst switch he had ever endured. He didn’t deserve this slander from some high and mighty light Lady and her nemesis. When she saw him next he was gonna give her a piece of his mind. Not even Time could stop him from using all of his vocabulary. Wind was glaring at the ceiling, thinking about giving Hylia her due diligence when his fur blankets shifted. The weight on his chest lightened for a moment only to return a second later on his stomach. Curiosity overrode his fear as he tried to lift his head enough to see just what thing was laying on him. Peeking over the covers, the first thing he saw was a lump of gray fur. It moved up and down as if breathing. It looked unusual. It definitely wasn’t a dog, Wild had told them about those. Wolfie had been there too, of course. But no, this was something entirely different. Leaning on one shoulder, Wind dared to move his hand from under the covers to touch the lump itself. Lightly, he set his hand on top of the lump. Strangely, the lump started...vibrating? It shifted closer to him. Without his say-so, his hand was enveloped in soft fur. Little paws grasped his arm and something rough was tickling his hand. Wind sat back, not wanting to disturb what the thing was doing. Now he could see large rounded ears on top of a furry head. It’s eyes were still closed but Wind could clearly see it licking his hand as it held it hostage. It did ring a few bells though. Twilight had mentioned something like this from his Hyrule. He had called it a cat but was shocked to hear that, excluding Four, no one had any experience with them. He had promised to introduce them to one before… Nevermind. It did fit the description he gave though. But this one was way sweeter than Four had made them out to be. He did know one thing for certain. Twi was gonna be so jealous. He had been complaining about not being able to cuddle with any for weeks prior to their switch. Wind now had the perfect cannon fodder to terrorize him with. That is, when he found them. (If he found them). Wind found himself relaxing after several long minutes. The cat thing looked perfectly content cuddling his arm and there wasn’t anything Wind could do about it. He found himself once again staring at the ceiling. He tried not to feel lonely. The cat was nice but it didn’t distract him from the fact that he still had no idea where he was or where his brothers had teleported to. He had to have a plan for escape, just in case. People don’t live in creepy woods because they want to. They could be insane, living here with their strange cuddly cat eating birds for days on end. He was lying there, contemplating his escape when loud noises thumped outside.

    Gasping, Wind tensed, worst case scenarios flashed in his mind. Another residual thump by the door. Wind’s breath quickened as the cat thing raised its head, ears perked. Slowly the door creaked open, a bit of fur peeked past the edge of the door. At the angle Wind was at he couldn’t see their face but he could tell they were looking at him. Oh yeah, definitely insane. Unless they were nervous? Whatever, it didn’t matter. He was leaving as soon as possible anyway. He could tell they were trying to be quiet as they slowly closed the door behind them. WInds breathing stuttered as he fought to control it and pretend to be asleep. Their steps were measured as they crossed the dwelling. “How’s he doing?” The cat merumphed and began vibrating once again as it stood to rub its head against them. Wind was trying not to freak out, he really was. But it was obvious that they hadn’t noticed he was awake. “Oh that’s good. How are you doing today?” The cat answered. Were they…having a conversation???? Do people do this with cats? He didn't have experience with them like Twilight. What was happening? Granted, when Wind was desperate he sometimes spoke to the pigs on Outset but nothing like this, and they certainly never answered. This was too awkward. He had to make himself known before things got worse. “Hello?” Wow, his voice was rough. It cracked painfully. He had his share of throat aches, he was a sailor after all, but this was something else. It got the job done though. The person immediately stopped conversing with their cat and moved closer to him. “Kit, why didn’t you tell me they were awake?” The blankets shifted slightly to where more of the room was visible. Green eyes met his. Their hair was brown. Scars rippled over the left side of their face, almost as if someone had sprinkled acid on half their face. To be blunt, they looked old. Older than Wars, maybe even older than Twi but not older than Time. Their eyes had the same wisdom that he saw in his Grandma’s when she got lost in thought. Most of all however, they radiated warmth, kindness, and concern. How could he be afraid of someone who reminded so much of his own family? “Are you feeling better hun?” Wind smiled slightly rasping, “Yeah.”

    #True Courage#chapter four #linked universe fanfic #linked universe#linkeduniverse#lu wind #okay so hear me out #i updated on A03 on time but forgot to do it here pls have mercy #mrows fic
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  • xtime-waits-for-no-one
    24.01.2022 - 18 hours ago
    #It’s how I fill the time when nothing’s happening. Thinking too much; flirting with melancholy. x Lu Guang x Appearance #Fc
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  • triforceofchaos
    24.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    Time: Sky, you're in denial.

    Sky: I'm comfortable with that.

    #lu#linked universe #linked universe incorrect quotes #lu incorrect quotes #lu sky#lu time
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  • mmmwafflesart
    24.01.2022 - 22 hours ago
    #these took SO long to work out the poses #I learned some things and that's all that matters #linked universe#linkeduniverse#lu time#lu legend#wafflesart#requests#cw:#blood
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  • emp-echoes
    24.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Deliver Us From Prince of Egypt only Ocarina of Time

    *During the Hylian Civil War a blond woman runs alone with a closed basket. She is afraid.*

    Hylian Woman: My son, I have nothing I can give. But this chance that you may live. I pray we'll meet again. *she whispers under her breath. In thick, dark cloaks to help hide her in the dead of night.*

    *Makes it to the edge of a river just before the Lost Woods. A baby cries within the basket*

    Hylian Woman: *lifting the basket top, a small Hylian babe is whimpering. She brushes his cheek gently. She sings softly, lulling the child to sleep* Hush now my baby, be still, love, don't cry. Sleep as you're rocked by the stream. Sleep and remember, my last lullaby. So I'll be with you when you dream. *The baby Hylian closes his eyes and sleeps. Closing the basket once again she walks in to the river floating the basket. She cries and prays.* Naryru, oh, Naryru, flow gently for me. Such precious cargo you bear. *She lets go of the basket as it floats away and is carried by the river into the lost woods* Do you know somewhere he can live free? Naryu, deliver him there… *The blonde Hylian women cries for her loss*

    *The current becomes strong and jerky. Flowing through the forests. Creatures and skull kids watch and try to catch the curious object but cannot. The basket spins and brushes up against rock and tree roots. Going further and further inside the forest. The current carries the basket to a small lake. Fairies flitter and hide from the foreign object. A few moments pass and whimpers and cries can be heard. A few curious fairies fly and look upon the basket and remove the lid. They are shocked. A multitude of fairies pick up the edges of the basket and bring him to the Deku Tree.*

    Deku Tree: *The great tree looks upon the child inside the basket. Using a branch like a arm he uses it to have better viewing of the child.* Link, you're safe now and safe may you stay. For I have a prayer just for you. Grow, Hylian Child, you’ll go back someday and deliver Hyrule, too…

    #legend of zelda #loz#lu time #ocarina of time #lu#linked universe#linkeduniverse#headcannon #deliver us time #prince of egypt only legend of zelda #this has been plaguing me #i have thoughts #i have to much power #nintendo
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  • link-up-the-universes
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Tell me if I’m reading this wrong, but did the beam of light from the master sword pass right through them? Because Wind, Wild, and Four were paying attention, so they could dodge it. But between Hyrule and Time, only Hyrule saw the beam. Time was facing away, so by the time he turned around, it would have been too late. Debatable if Hyrule would have had time to move out of the way either. Also, it looks like Hyrule at least is dusting glittery light off his clothes.

    So anyways, my point is, is the beam of light from the Master Sword not able to hurt those who have wielded her? I mean it only makes sense- she refuses to let herself be raised against them, why would she let them be harmed by her in this way either?

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  • tentimesthecourage
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Time: Why aren't koalas actually bears-

    Four: Because they're marsupials

    Time, disappointed: No. It's because they don't have the right koalifications

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  • ffriluftslivv
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #this song it's a whole vibe #the instant serotoning it gives me.. #..unbelievable #literally it just takes me one listening after a long time and then BOOM im addicted #it's just so good i cannot explain it #the vibes are immaculate #lu being in love with music😌 #Spotify
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  • transzeldas
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Listen I saw the- the clothes one and all I could think of was Wild, ok??

    #linked universe#linkeduniverse #linked universe memes #lu memes #linked universe sky #lu sky #linked universe four #lu four #linked universe legend #lu legend #linked universe wind #lu wind #linked universe twilight #lu twilight #linked universe time #lu time #linked universe hyrule #lu hyrule #linked universe wild #lu wild #linked universe warriors #lu warriors
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  • transzeldas
    23.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Why aren't their more "Oh No! One of chain got corrupted with malice and now the rest of the chain gotta fight them :(" Fics??? And why, if their is one it's always Twilight?? I love a good Twilight angst fic but guys??

    Yes I have my own not Twilight corruption in the wip list, I'll get to it eventually I promise-

    Sky gets corrupted and goes full Godslayer and only like Time or Legend using all their items can actually handle the full frontal assault of Sky full strength. Every one has to try and shoot him with sliver arrows from a distance

    Four gets corrupted and Legend is NOT having a good time everybody!! Local boy is having so many flashbacks of the Four sword temple and Legend is not ok with this??? Legend panicking trying to save Four my beloved 👀👀

    Time being corrupted can go two ways, but ignoring the fierce deity completely, I think it would be way less interesting if the chain had to fight Time. Idk, it's just out of all of them Time would be the chilliest about the chain needing to take him down and they would know this? I think it would be more interesting if the malice threaten the chain with killing Time instead. Now this would freak everyone one, eps Twilight. Think of the angst and knowing trying to fight him would make it worse but still needing to save Time ahhh

    Corrupted Legend would be the fucking boss fight of all their lives. Light fuck Ganon, fuck Demise, fuck the moon, the Chain learns true fear today. This one would less be about dealing with the emotions of attacking your friend, and more dealing with the mind numbing terror of fighting something so much stronger than you who isnt holding back??? Lmao Legend has that name for a reason the fic

    Hyrule getting corrupted would be a race against time as the chain try to stop Ganon from being resurrected with black blood and the full Triforce, it probably has... Plot and other stuff I don't understand

    Ok I know I said not Twilight, but if we switched it up 👀👀 Corrupted Twilight in his wolf form hunting the chain! Like "This is why we have watches HOLY SHIT" levels of fear and paranoia!! On top of that the chain is missing one of the Hearts of the group???? The pain! The suffering! The near misses with Wind and Four nearly getting mauled!

    Wind getting corrupted would put the chain in absolute chaos!! No would be able to handle it!! No one!! Everyone would be so worried out of the minds they struggle to do anything.... If Winds awake in there he's probably so annoyed at them... Legend probably just shoots Wind in the back with a sliver arrow and deals with Warriors wanting to murder them later

    Warriors being corrupted would be most interesting if it didn't take over his personality completely like the others... Just made his existing anxiety, PTSD, and trust issues far worse. Warriors acting like Warriors but actually trusting no one? And lashing out at the chain?? And at first they think he's just being a dick, then a Traitor, then they learn that they're friend has been infected and had his own mind turned against him and all but forced to turn against the chain??? Ow!!!

    Wild getting corrupted would be like the chain gets hunted part two!! Except worse this time because instead of an animal, this is a very terrifying archer. No where and nothing is safe. If there's trees to hide in there's always a shadow following them 👀 the main problem is just catching Wild to in corrupt him!


    *sighs and adds more to the wip list*

    #of anyone who knows how to write real plots that aren't vauge guidelines for emotions wanna help me make this..... please 🥺 #linked universe#linkeduniverse #linked universe prompts #lu prompts #linked universe wild #lu wild #linked universe warriors #lu warriors #linked universe wind #lu wind #linked universe twilight #lu twilight #linked universe hyrule #lu hyrule #linked universe legend #lu legend #linked universe time #lu time #linked universe four #lu four #linked universe sky #lu sky #linked universe headcanons #lu headcanons
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