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    from ellegirlrussia

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    don't you think it's kinda unfair ? That the sorting is done just once ? Imagine the drama if evry year as a person changes the houses too changed.. imagine suddenly in half blood Prince we have Harry in Slytherin and Draco in ravenclaw or Hermione is in ravenclaw Initially but later on is put in gryffindor ?? It would be so fun!

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    Some very self indulgent art of my boss from Saints Row IV

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    Harry: Why do people always say I'm oblivious?

    Draco: Because you are, love. I mean, I flirted with you for years and you didn't noticed

    Harry: No you didn't

    Draco: I send you a note in class, floded like a crane and blew it over like a kiss. I checked you out and bit my lip when I walked towards you. I climbed a tree to get your attention once! And I even complimented you, telling you that you have a nice face


    Harry: Ok, maybe I AM oblivious

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    Malfoy-Greengrass Family Christmas — 8 Dec 17

    Mr Greengrass: We are here today to mourn the loss of—

    Astoria: Dad, we’re alive.

    Mr Greengrass: Oh, oh thank Merlin.

    Lucius: Unfortunately.

    Draco: Alright, everyone take a seat.

    Lucius: Can I please have my seat back?

    Draco: Excuse me?

    Lucius: At the head of the table. You’ve been sitting there the past week and—

    Draco: And what?

    Narcissa: Lucius, this is not your house.

    Lucius: Yes but, I always sit at the head of the table.

    Scorpius: How do you know it’s the head and not the butt?

    Astoria: *struggling to hold in laughter*

    Draco: Yeah Father, how do you know?

    Lucius: This is disrespectful. I will not be taunted in my own—

    Draco: This isn’t your home.

    Mr Greengrass: It’s alright! there’s a seat next to me!

    Lucius: Oh goodie.

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    Illicit affair

    Another pureblood party, another night that Severus rocked Narcissa's world.


    Ok so I know a lot of you might not enjoy this ship, but personally, I think something might have happened between these two, and I like it more than I should... Also, I do not imagine Alan as Severus in the Snarcissa pairing, nor do I imagine Helen as Narcissa. (You should, too, for the sake of the actors) That's why I have written them as the canon version of them (book version)

    (Please tell me if I have posted this before)



    Another fake smile was shot towards the rich pureblood couples by her as the pair greeted their guests.

    Her arm was linked with her husband's and a beautiful, yet fake smile was plastered on her face. Her lips were covered in a deep shade of red lipstick, and her eyeshadows were dark enough to show her gorgeous blue eyes more. Her cheeks were flushed, and her golden locks were waved a little and stood to loose around her shoulders up to her back.

    The emerald green dress she was wearing made every single woman jealous in the room. The dress' sleeves were laced and the fabric stood tight and fit around her tiny waist. The details of her dress were too glorious that made everyone's eyes pop out in excitement.

    She looked like a goddess, which was the main reason Severus couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

    Gods, all he wished for was to rip that gown off her body and ravish her perfect cunt until she was begging for mercy.

    It wasn't the first time they had hooked up. It started at Draco's sixth birthday when Narcissa sneaked Severus into a guest room and told him about her feelings. The tension between them grew and grew until they had to put a stop to it, but they couldn't.

    It was Christmas break, and Severus was invited to The Malfoy Manor, and he gladly accepted the offer so he could enjoy his Christmas in a much better way.

    Narcissa hated how Lucius treated her; no sex (the sex wasn't even good either), no Husband-wife talking, no spending time with Draco as a family, etc. Narcissa had every right to be enraged by the foul excuse of a husband she had, and release that anger with a good fuck.

    Narcissa excused herself and let go of Lucius' hand to find her lover. Eventually, she found him sitting in the corner of the hall with a glass of firewhiskey in his hand, and his legs spread open.

    She walked towards him in a slow, teasing, and sensual manner and Severus thought he might pass out from her beauty. Heavens, save me. She was the sun to his gloomy day, his way of survival, his shining star in the clear midnight.

    And, his fucktoy.

    Her steps were long, and with each of them, her heart pounded worse in her chest, and arousal pooled in her panties. Her palms sweat and all she could think and focus on was Severus.

    Her eyes lingered on his feet, his legs up to his thighs, and then, what she enjoyed the most, the visible growing erection in his pants. She knew the night would be so long, so great and so bloody rough.

    Severus sipped from his drink, putting the glass down on the table next to him before he stood up and towered over Narcissa's little frame. Oh, did he enjoy the power he had over her.

    It would take him only one second to have her submitted fully, and she liked it way more than she should have. She liked the control he had over her body, her mind, her soul. She loved the way he threw her around, using her body as his pleasure and treating her like nothing but a cheap whore. He was treated like a pureblood's whore whilst he was a half-blood.

    "Mrs. Malfoy," he bowed his head slightly, his lips twitching upwards a little when he saw how flustered and turned on she was. He knew she was leaking from her panties, and he couldn't wait much longer to feel her silky tight walls around him.

    "Severus, it's good to see you again." She said, "would you like to assist me upstairs so I can bring Draco's gift?"

    Severus had never nodded this fast, and like that, they sneaked upstairs. Severus had to do something about the situation, so he grabbed Narcissa's forearm and pushed the door open to the first room he saw, throwing her inside before he locked the room and put a silencing charm on the walls.

    She stumbled on her feet, but couldn't deny the vicious feeling inside her; hunger. She was starved for him, leaking for him, needy for him, and he made it his mission to outmost her wishes.

    Their lips collided with each other as Severus closed the distance and grabbed Narcissa's neck tightly in his palm, squeezing the soft flesh under his rough skin.

    His lips moved with hers, their tongues roughly danced with each other and their breaths became one. Soon, Severus' attempts to lead the kiss was successful and he pushed his tongue in her mouth, exploring the sweet taste of the goddess in front of him.

    She sighed in his mouth, her fingers tangled in his raven hair and she tugged on it, pulling him closer to her heated body.

    He grabbed the zipper of her dress, pulling it down to push the gown of her body; the body he owned and he wasn't ashamed to shout it out loud. The dress fell around her ankles, revealing her perky perfect breasts to his hungry, sinful, lustful gaze.

    "Goodness, Cissa, you're so fucking, perfect." He whispered and bent his head, kissing all over her smooth skin. The way his thin swollen lips were sucking all over her body made her ache for his touch more and more.

    How wrong it was, but she loved every second of it.

    Severus pushed her on the bed, latching his lips around her right nipple, sucking on it like a starved man. Her delicate fingers went to his back, digging her nails in his coat as she bit her breast, kneading the other one with his big skillful hand.

    She arched her back to his touch, pushing herself further into his face, hinting him to do whatever marvel he was doing to her. The sloppy sound of the movements of his mouth made her wetter and wetter each passing second.

    He trailed his kisses down her belly and sucked a few marks in his way until he reached the waistband of her panties. He looked up at her, seeing how pleading her blue eyes were gazing at his onyx ones.

    "May I?" He asked.

    "Please..." that was all he needed to hold the waistband between his teeth and drag it down her long slender legs. His hot breath on her throbbing clit brought a low moan out of her.

    Pleased with the effect he had on her, he threw her panties across the room and prepped her inner thighs with bite marks and kisses. Every second that passed, every moment he got closer to her glistening sex, she got closer to heaven.

    He was a god to her eyes; an irresistible god.

    Narcissa spread her legs further and invited him to dive in, which he gladly accepted. A forceful kiss on her pussy lips was enough to give him a heart stroke from happiness. Her thighs were being squeezed by his hands; those hands who had done magic on her helpless body.

    He flattened his tongue on her pussy, lapping her sweet juices as if it was the only thing that kept him alive for the rest of his life. Her hand made its way to Severus' hair, pushing his head farther between her thighs.

    His teeth sunk to the bundle of nerves, forcing a loud gasp out of her. Fuck, he was painfully hard and he just wanted to bury his cock inside her.

    But he needed to make her ready for him, he needed to make her feel good and remind her who owned her body and who was the one who could rule her, the one who knew her ups and downs, her boundaries and fantasies.

    He started sucking, and sucking, and sucking, pushing his tongue in her warm welcoming cunt, fucking her in a way she had never experienced, not even with him. His tongue went in and out, her hips bucked to his lips with her fingers tangled in his locks, and her beautiful noises echoed in the room.

    The groan he let out sent vibrations through her body, bringing her closer to the edge of jumping into one of the best orgasms ever she had ever had. Her thighs started to shake and tremble as he ate her out blissfully.

    The orgasm he coaxed out of her, crashed through her body, and she released the sweet built-up knot in her stomach with a loud pleasant moan to Severus' ears. He drank her wetness, riding out her orgasm as she tried to catch her breath.

    Her body went limp on the mattress, but it didn't take long for her to gasp in Severus' mouth when his lips met hers in a bruising kiss. She kissed back and reached to unbutton his shirt after she pushed his coat off of his board shoulders.

    His hair-dusted chest was exposed to her eyes and she allowed the tip of her fingers to caress the silvery scars on his skin as he got rid of his pants and boxers.

    His hard cock stood upwards, pressed to his lower abdomen, and leaked with pre-cum. The sight made her - already - sensitive pussy throb once again. He was naked, standing at his all glory, ready to fuck the life out of her.

    He spread her legs with his knees and brought her into another kiss as he grabbed a hold of his cock, slapping it on her clit. Her hands went to his shoulders, holding him tightly pressed to her body as he teased her clit over and over again until he was a sobbing mess, begging for him to fuck her.

    "Say what you want, my girl." He growled in her ear as he let the tip slip into her hole.

    "I want you," she started, "I want your cock, Sir. Please, I've been so good."

    "Your wish is my command, darling." He shoved himself slowly, inch by inch, into her pussy, watching her face closely as he bottomed her out gracefully. His balls were pressed to her ass as she took him in, and he stretched her to her limits and filled her up deliciously.

    "Fuck, you are the most perfect woman I've ever seen." He praised, starting his thrusts with a slow but rough pace. His cock went deeper and deeper with each snap of his hips, and his eyes burnt to hers as he fucked her.

    "I might f-fall in love with you if you keep fucking me like this." She moaned in his ear and wrapped her arms around his shoulders, pulling him undeniably close to her body.

    Their bodies pressed to each other were beautiful. They were writing a love story with the affair it should have never started. How illicit, how wonderful.

    Severus felt her inner wet walls clamping around his girthy cock, and the feeling of her pounding heart, her soft breasts, and her lips on his skin went straight to his heart.

    Goodness, he was in love.

    He sped up a little when her needy whines grew louder and he knew she was close to having another sweet release again. His fingers went to her pulsing clit, rubbing gentle circles to give her the pleasure she craved.

    She stretched her neck and kissed his thin pink lips and orgasmed for the second time. Her moans were muffled by the lips as he fucked her faster and faster until he started twitching inside her. And soon, he was shooting his warm white cum in her wombs, filling her up to the brim.

    His body fell on top of hers and regained his breathing as he looked at her ocean eyes. She cupped his cheek and pecked his lips once more before she gave him a sweet smile.

    He smiled back, and their night was spent to more lovemaking.

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    The Dark Lord killed my daughter-in-law? And I missed it???


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    Lucius frowned confused as he walked over to fox who was currently in a cell bound by anti magic chains. “And who exactly are you?” He asked not knowing why his people had kidnapped a stranger or how they had found him here of all places.

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    I just had the craziest dream that Narcissa and Severus actually concieved a child at some point in book six, Harry was just too distracted to notice her baby bump when she saved him.

    and who says this dream isnt canon uh? Lucius was in jail and he almost gets them all killed, he cant get mad his wife wanted a little relief!

    Harry never found out because the Malfoys sent the child to Durmstrang instead of Hogwarts, when he became friendly with Draco (after the cursed child) and finds out, he is shocked.


    "how delicate, Potter..."

    "jeez sorry, well, least it wasnt mine...wait, so he has family?? but I only named my child after him because I thought he didnt...now its just silly..."

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    #M: Lucius #(XD Snort regretting everything)
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    It was so very interesting to see a genius at work. Not that Mr Fox would allow Cassandra to call him one, he was too modest for that. In her eyes however that was just what he was, a genius. Watching him at work was fascinating and it made her want to learn all he knew. So perhaps she could help him in the future, help them all in anyway she could. She pointed to a piece of connecting wires. “Why?” She asked, wanting to understand why they intersected like they did.  
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    •Chapter 1•

    hi :) welcome to my Draco Malfoy fan fic <3 i love it a lot and I hope u do too. 

    Fair Warning: Chapter 1 is kind of slow bc i had to set up the storyline and characters and everything, but i promise it gets a lot better :) 

    TW: underage drinking + swearing

    “Lucy, are you coming? It’s nearly 11!”

         Lucy heard her father yelling from down the steps. Lucy rolled her eyes and bent down to get Clarice, her midnight black, old cat, into the small crate she was holding open for her. “One moment.” she turned her head towards her bedroom door to call back to him. “Come on, sweetheart. I know you don’t want to go..” she said softly to Clarice. If she was honest with herself, she wasn’t even sure if she wanted to return to Hogwarts this year. She couldn’t tell you what made her feel that way specifically, she just had a small feeling of dread beginning to find its way to the pit of her stomach.       Today was the beginning of her 6th year at Hogwarts. September 1st, which also happened to be her birthday. She was 17 as of today and, like every year since she turned 11, it will be spent on the Hogwarts Express. You could say she was a bit bitter about that. As she had been for the past 6 years. Lucy shook her head lightly, trying to stop herself there before she made herself angry with thinking about it.       Clarice finally made her way into her crate, with a bit of resentment Lucy noted. With that, Lucy stood up from where she had been crouched down and took one last look around her bedroom, making sure she wasn’t leaving anything of importance behind. With a sigh, she picked up Clarice’s crate and walked out of her room, closing the door behind her. She took her time as she walked down the steps, trying to put herself in a better mood. It was her birthday, afterall, and the last time she would see her parents until Christmas Holiday in December.       “Lucille, we do this every year. You’re going to be late!” Lucy’s mother, Grace, said to her and she laughed softly and shooed Lucy out the front door, locking it behind her. Grace was an average sized witch with long, black hair that once had as many waves as Lucy’s did, but was beginning to straighten out as she got older. Grace’s most prominent feature was her eyes. They were a piercing, light blue that looked exactly like the color you would find at the center of a glacier. Lucy was happy to say that her’s matched her mother’s perfectly. “And you say that every year.” Lucy laughed as she walked towards her family’s car where her dad, Michael, a very tall man with dark brown hair and matching eyes, was putting her trunk in the back. After he had taken Clarice and stowed her as well, he climbed into the driver’s seat. Lucy and her mother followed. Once they were pulled out of their driveway, Clarice let out a sound that almost sounded like a sigh. Lucy understood. “My God, a quarter to 12…” Michael huffed as he sped down the freeway toward King’s Cross.       After a lot of hustling to make it to Platform 9 and 3 quarters, Lucy was finally pulling her trunk onto the train and stowing it in the overhead bin above an empty compartment. She hastily moved off the train to say goodbye to her parents. “Have a good year, my love..” Grace whispered lovingly to Lucy as she enveloped her in a warm hug. Lucy had to admit, she would miss those hugs. “We’ll see ya in December, darling.” Her father said with a smile as he hugged Lucy next. “Happy birthday, Lucy!” They both called after her as she made her way onto the whistling train. “I love you.” Lucy mouthed as she waved through the window of her compartment.       The train whistle sounded loudly as it started to roll down the tracks to Hogwarts. Lucy leaned back in her chair and rolled her eyes, staring up at the ceiling for a second. She hadn’t even had a chance to form a thought when she heard her compartment door slid open and a girl who she quickly recognized as Blythe Carlton. Her best friend in the entire world who was also another Slytherin girl. Just like Lucy. A wide smile spread across Lucy’s face as she jumped up to greet Blythe. Blythe was a thin girl who stood a few inches taller than Lucy. She had short and choppy blonde hair that she cut in rebellion against her mother and dark, forest green eyes. “I’ve missed you so much, and happy birthday.” Blythe said in a sweet tone as she wrapped her arms around Lucy. “I’ve missed you too. Thank you.” Lucy laughed as she wrapped her arms around Blythe as well. Usually they are with each other all through the summer break, but this summer Blythe was on holiday in France with her grandma. They had facetimed nearly every day, but it wasn’t the same.       “You look good.” Blythe said with a sly smile as they sat across from each other in the compartment seats. Lucy rolled her eyes, but couldn’t help the smile that spread across her own lips. “As do you.” Lucy giggled as she crossed her knees. Blythe smiled and off they were. Deeply invested in whatever it was the other one was talking about. As they usually were.  The first few hours of the train ride had gone by quickly. Which wasn’t a surprise considering that’s usually how it felt when Lucy was with Blythe. They had talked, gossiped, and laughed and suddenly the sun was setting beautifully behind the wall of trees that the train was blowing past. “So. I saw you-know-who talking to his dad while we were boarding.” Blythe said, leaning back in her seat with an eyebrow raised, knowingly. Lucy rolled her eyes as hard as she could. She instantly knew who Blythe was talking about. Draco Malfoy.       Draco was the person who taught Lucy what true, deep, burning hatred felt like. She was 17 years old and had never felt even a whisper of that feeling towards anyone else in her life. Of course, it started their first year at Hogwarts, even as kids. Once they were sorted into the same house, they found themselves sort of drawn towards each other. At first, they called themselves best friends. Then Draco admitted to Lucy that he had a crush on her before they went home on Christmas Holiday and that was the last time she saw him in a good light. Once they returned from that break, he was different. It was like she was suddenly the lowest thing on Earth to him. A mudblood.       At first, she was devastated. He had shown her what abandonment was as well. She cried and cried and wondered what she had done wrong, like anyone would have done. Lucy has had 6 years to ponder what happened and the only conclusion she could come to was that he was weak. He was still just a sad little boy who crumbled under the pressure of his father and would do anything for daddy’s approval. Including, neglecting his friends/a pretty girl who had a crush on him as well. If she was honest, that disgusted her. He disgusted her.  “And?” Lucy said with an involuntary look of repulse on her face as she looked at Blythe. Blythe glanced out of the compartment door window to make sure no one was outside and leaned forward. “Well, he was arguing with dear-old daddy.” Blythe said with a devious smirk. If Slytherin House had a face, it would probably be that, Lucy thought. Blythe knew the ins and outs of Lucy and Draco’s “relationship” considering she was there. (Blythe knew the ins and outs of everything, really.) “...and I may or may not have heard Lucille Knight.” Blythe said as she raised her eyebrows slightly, returning back to her leaned back position in her seat.      Lucy was dumbfounded. What the hell could Draco or his father, for that matter, possibly have to say about Lucille Knight? Especially to each other. “What?” Lucy spat as her face scrunched up in disgust. “I couldn’t hear exactly what they were saying, but the tones were harsh.” Blythe shrugged. Before Lucy could say anything else, the train was slowing down, indicating that they had reached Hogwarts.

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    Lucius smirked as he glanced at Corypheus and the army that was approaching Haven. “So I did a good job right?” He asked excitedly hoping to be praised even though it had really more been him just following the orders that he had been given.

    He frowned raising an eyebrow at him. “Yes though that raises the question why are you still here?” He asked. “Do you not remember me telling you that the world I am making has no place for you to be Lord Seeker?” He asked. “You have done your purpose of making me an army and now you are useless to me as Lord Seeker.” 

    “Useless?” He asked confused. “But I...so you only made me Lord Seeker because I could easily make you an army?” He asked with a frown of annoyance. “You do know that I made this army and can control them right?” He asked annoyed. 

    “Watch yourself.” He hissed as Samson pointed the lyrium sword at him annoyed. “Now then be a good little demon and go command my army yes?” He asked. 

    He frowned going to argue but sighed before vanishing from in front of them a second later.  ___________

    Adraline frowned worried with a sigh as she watched the others trying to fight off the army. “This is all my fault isn’t it?” She asked glancing at Fox worried. 

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    “And you are sure this will work?” The man with red hair said with a smirk glancing at the staff in his hand that had red crystals on it. 

    Lucius chuckled. “To what make you stronger with magic?” He asked. “Then yes it will if you like I said in return join up with me and my little boss.” 

    He glared. “Why should I work for you or anyone else when the last person I trusted to help me didn’t and instead corrupted me?” He asked before waving the staff as a huge blast of magic blasted Lucius through the door. 

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