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    30.07.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    2 years, huh?

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    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • lebaneserttab
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Day 2 of my dad watching one piece:

    Keeps telling us he falls asleep but he's in baratie. Loves sanji and zeff duo (told him the truth about zeff eating his leg and he freaked out). Thinks zoro is weak since he couldn't beat captain kuro easily (tf man😭). Likes Johnny and yosaku. Keeps comparing usopp and my brother. Loves buggy so much, kinda dislikes zoro but eh he'll see.

    Fav character: Luffy, Ussop and Zeff

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  • j-freak-austin
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago
    One Piece Panel Picks - Chapter 196

    The enemy telling the crew that their captain was dead is all hearsay unless there’s proof. Otherwise, it’s a smart move not to believe them because the Strawhats can’t afford losing morale at such a crucial time. And Sanji knows that. But more than anything, it’s his faith in his captain that drives him.

    *Wano arc is waving*

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  • danwhobrowses
    30.07.2021 - 1 hour ago

    One Piece Chapter 1020 - Initial Thoughts

    And we're back, they said no break but they didn't tell us there wouldn't be a chapter for the next week because of...the Olympics I think? Something that stopped the weekly fix

    but that was then, today we have One Piece as we continue on from our chain of Tobi Roppo fights

    Spoilers for Chapter 1020 - Support the Official Release too

    The cover page now makes me want fried prawns, damn you Denjiro!

    So close with Yamato's DF, turns out it's Inu Inu no Mi: Model Makami rather than Okami like I guessed

    To my credit I didn't know what a Makami was, there are so many mythological creatures of Japan, turns out though it's a protector deity of Makamiohara...in the Yamato Province. Said to protect the people's crops for boar and deer (which may be a nod to Oden and the Mountain God), it also happens to be the guardian deity of Wano - which feels a little like an Alabasta nod

    It's also meant to protect against fire (like Kaido) and robbery (like Orochi), but Kaido - while admitting that Orochi was a tyrant - wants him to protect what Kaido and Orochi has made Wano into: a hub of weapons development

    Ice attacks as well to show the contrast with Kaido's fire, though it's pretty apparent that he didn't go all out with that fireball while Yamato is still weary

    Finally over to Robin and Brook vs Black Maria but Brook is worried, because Robin's seeing people from her past

    Clover, Olvia and Saul too, definitely a trap, though I don't wanna say they're dead in case Oda pulls a curve on us

    But Robin is too smart for the trick, suckering the figures posing as illusions with some uppercuts. It must still hurt for her though

    The one posing as Saul was a Number as well, seems to be our only female Number, this was Kunyun so given how we've heard that laugh already she's number 9, Numbers 1-3 are still missing

    Robin could've given him a signal true, but it is alarming that they can fish into your memories like that

    It's a Black Maria ability too, don't really recall Ancient spiders doing that, Mythical maybe but not the Rosamygale

    She's also attacking from the ceiling, wrappings that definitely weren't there the last we saw her keeping things discreet

    Turns out Brook was subject to illusion too, but pandering to his hopes of his crew being alive is probably not the best way to trick him, I mean he did have to bury them all after 50 years of preserving their bodies on the ship

    So it turns out Black Maria's weapon isn't a severed head, it's another SMILE abomination XD I did get a giggle out of that actually, big head but a tiny pug body, guess he doesn't mind so long as he's that close to Maria. Dunno how he can make fires though but Kamijuro's lion belly could do the same

    Maria if you keep hanging upside down with all that flesh showing you're gonna give people heart attacks...or awakenings...or both, either way stop distracting us from your horrifying lower half and intent to kill our heroes!

    While Taunting the duo's belief of winning and then directly taunting Robin, Maria burns the floor to keep them cornered, Robin using her Spider Net to dangle with Brook in the air

    I mean, Robin's not wrong, the Castle's already on fire thanks to Orochi

    Brook though has a plan, since we now know the weapon is Alive he can attack it

    Robin's 'the fuck?' face though XD

    New Attack from Brook, he can freeze people by going through them in his soul form, pretty handy that and it knocks Pugbutt out of the weapon

    And then his body deals with the fire to save Robin when Maria knocked away the bit of roof she was hanging on

    God bless tiny faces

    Maria really trying to pull up old feelings though, suggesting that the crew will sell Robin out eventually like others, because she's a burden and even Sanji brought her to Maria

    Excuse you Maria but now that Jimbei's part of the crew Sanji's is the third-highest bounty, and still an undervalue considering how Luffy's is over 4x more right now

    Brook and Robin aren't too concerned though, even going as far as leaving Maria to Robin while Brook takes on the goons and Number

    'He's one of the wings that will allow the pirate king to soar' - what a freaking line

    Here comes Naked Kaiju Robin! Maria your big woman energy can't compare to Naked Kaiju Robin, it's already over

    But we're back to the land where in a portside Okobore town Luffy still hunts for meat

    Shinobu and Momo have escaped too thanks to Shinobu's kite, which I had expected when she rotted the floor anyway

    Momo looks like he was gonna say Kiku and Kin'emon died, but Luffy interrupted him before saying the D word, I wonder if they could still be healed, though it is wishful wondering

    Luffy is right though, he can't break now, he needs to be strong until the fight is over

    So there's Caribou!

    Come on man, I stood up for you after the Cover Story showed you have something like a heart in there, true you may help for your own reasons but in Sabaody you wanted to ride with Luffy

    But that's how we're getting back up, Momo is gonna fly Luffy to the top

    Though it wasn't the same heights as 1000 and 1010 before them it was still a really good chapter. I mean, I could whine about how Robin vs Maria was only a third of the chapter sandwiched between Yamato's DF being revealed and Luffy coming back into consciousness but frankly, I think we needed the fight to go longer.

    Not only did we need to set up Robin 1v1 but Maria hardly got to show any powers up until now, so it was more of a showcase, and it doesn't hurt for some of the Tobi Roppo fights to last longer than the quantity of a chapter and a half. Though Brook and Usopp remain the only characters without the big fights so far now they have been extremely effective on support, and with Oda reminding us of the Numbers I think Usopp may still have a chance to face 1-3, Brook's enemy I don't have any clues on but he showed off a new move.

    Yamato's DF being a Wano guardian deity does push me towards the idea that Yamato may stay in Wano after all, he wants to be free yes but Oden wanted to ensure that Wano was ready for Joy Boy, wouldn't Yamato want to follow that? Instead of protecting Wano for Kaido he would feel at least some responsibility to protect Wano from Kaido. Plus it doesn't bode well for his Straw Hat candidacy that his powers are ice-based, since we already have that in Brook (then again, Zoro, Sanji, Luffy and Franky can all use fire so maybe not).

    The appearance of Caribou does make me hopeful that he can pull a clutch move as well, he seems on Luffy's side at least for now so maybe we can strong-arm him into helping. The key if he does would be how much he can store within himself, he can contain something or someone as big as Shirahoshi after all, what if he hid someone to bring into the belly of Onigashima?

    Luffy riding Momo to the top of the dome also makes a lot of sense, calling all the way back to Punk Hazard too. This'll likely be Kaido's first time seeing Momo in Dragon form too, but Oda remains tight-lipped on how Luffy survived and communicated while in the water.

    No break I hope this time, meaning next chapter will likely proper conclude our fight with Naked Kaiju Robin (or probably clothed Kaiju Robin considering that was a mid-transformation) and Maria, cool move but still would like to see some Haki from her, and a new nickname, Devil Child doesn't work when she's an adult. But alas, happy to see Robin get a solo fight.

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    30.07.2021 - 2 hours ago
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  • lightningbastard
    30.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    NGL I completely forgot that Caribou was in Wano so I can't wait to see Oda's plan for him.

    Also FLY MOMO... FLY!!!!!

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  • chromatic-lamina
    30.07.2021 - 2 hours ago

    chapter 1020 spoilers—appendages

    Ah, she’s so awesome:

    And look at the low-handed shit Black Maria tried to undermine her with (other than smack talk. Robin’s absolute and serene faith is really heartening).

    Tried messing with Brook too, but these two are old souls. 

    And Robin says this about Sanji—

    —when Black Maria disses both Robin and Sanji, implying that Sanji is both weak and treacherous, calling Robin just to betray her, and stating outright that Robin herself must be low on the self-esteem stakes to respond to his call. And this note about a former SBS of Oda’s is very cool:

    These extra tidbits don’t seem to appear in the official scans all the time. Rightly or wrongly, yes, this chapter brought a tear to my eye. And also from the translators of the scan:

    I love Robin (Brook too). But she’s my queen. Any of you’ve got an issue with Robin’s fight, I don’t want to hear it. I’m fine with discussion of course, but leave power-scaling bullshit at the door please.

    Gonna take a little detour to my favourite ship:

    Here’s the Polar Tang and some of its inhabitants! And, that’s some appetite. I mean, we knew that already, but the Polar Tang is 20 strong and include’s Jean Bart. At the same time, maybe they were travelling light for battle. I’ll let the real Heart Pirate stans identify the crew.

    Look at how ruined Tokage Port is, due to Orochi destroying it to try and stop the scabbards.

    And here he is!

    Caribou! One of the few people who knows that Shirahoshi is Poseidon, an ancient weapon. And is that Jean Bart standing, or the guy with plaits (above)? Law has a few tall crew members.

    Cos’ here he is. And what a great way to end the chapter. Onigashima looks really cool spinning up there in the stratosphere (well, not quite that high).

    Guess Momo’s gonna get over his fear of heights, but we all knew that.

    And, Oda, yes, being compassionate isn’t necessarily part of the patriarchy or warrior code, but Shinobu is and was a kunoichi and extremely loyal to Oden, so, just for once, could you make the voice questioning Luffy’s “Now’s the time for facing the hard decisions that men face” not be female?

    Especially when we know that Shinobu can be a hard-arse too. But, that also plays into the fact that Luffy’s gonna make sure that Momo is well and truly qualified to hold the title of Shogun or whatever it is that he’ll inherit/earn.

    Oh, Kaidou and Yamato are fighting on the roof, and it seems that Kaidou didn’t necessarily think through the properties of the devil fruit he gave to Yamato before he ate it. Their father and son dialogue’s kinda funny.

    Ah, I’d like to put a link in to the scans, but tumblr ate it last time. The site I read on is Read One Piece Manga Online and it’s from TCBScans. Please support the official release.

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    30.07.2021 - 3 hours ago
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    30.07.2021 - 3 hours ago

    If zoro and luffy were parents:

    I was too lazy to draw zoro and luffy XD

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    30.07.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • rickypozzi
    30.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    “Momo you’re gonna take me up there to finish this..I need you to transform in dragon and fly!“

    One Piece 1020 - Wano

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  • tearsofalynx
    30.07.2021 - 5 hours ago

    i finally finished marineford and honestly it’s gonna keep me up at night

    #luffy thought both his brothers were dead for 2 years #luffy’s reaction to ace dying in his arms is gonna haunt me too #he saw ace die and couldn’t defend himself anymore he just went into shock #and this was broadcasted to the whole world #the whole world saw ace die in his brothers arms and cheered #god i know luffy will get major survivors guilt from this #and ptsd in general #carla chatters#one piece
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    best panel of one piece every day

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    okay lemme go to bed 🤞🏾🤞🏾 gn 😘

    #i have work tomorrow anyways 😐😑 #video presented is robin covering luffy with a blanket 🤞🏾
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