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    You’re the Soul to my Mate (Chapter 8)

    His lips tasted of strawberries, like the ones we had before, and I'm sure mine did as well. They were plump and soft and just the right shape.

    He bit my lip, his teeth tugging on it as he pulled away, his lips leaving a trail of fire burning down my neck.

    What's happening and how did you get here? You ask so I shall answer, it started in the school cafeteria...


    “Adrien!” I shout his name across the cafeteria, earning weird looks in return. It was lunchtime and he finally showed up. I wanted to know what happened after he got home last night.

    “I’ll be right back,” I told Marinette and Luka, who was already sitting at a table, saving our spots, waiting for me to join. I jog up to Adrien, shyly giving him a peck on the cheek, letting out a meek ‘Hi’ afterward.

    He just chuckles in response, leading me over to the table where Marinette and Luka are sitting.

    “Hi Rien”

    “Hi babe,” both Mari and Luka greet simultaneously, I still want to know how they do that, “Hello, good afternoon,” he says sitting down next to me.

    “What happened after you got home last night?” I ask the burning question that I’m sure all of us want to know.

    “Oh,” he laughs, “he let me off with a warning, considering the situation,” that’s a relief, “You?” he questions, “You looked a little worried too, were you in trouble?” he asks.

    “Same as you, he just told me to call if it happens again,” I explain, my dad is, chill but when it comes to my safety then he goes all mama bear mode.

    It's really hard for him because he has to take on the role of two parents, the mom, and the dad. I try to make parenting me as easy as possible so he doesn't get stressed out. He doesn't deserve that from me, not from anyone.

    “Well that’s great,” Adrien cheers, “because I was thinking that we could do it again, but at my house?”

    My eyes go wide at this, didn’t they say that Mr. Agrest never left the house? That means that I’ll have to meet him, I’ve barely gotten to know them, how am I supposed to meet the parents?

    This was the part that I was dreading, having to meet the parents. I’ve always been self-conscious, whether it was about my looks, personality, or how I dress.

    It’s always been about something, and even thinking about meeting their parents sends my anxiety skyrocketing through the roof. But what he says next soothes me.

    “It’s time for fashion week in London, so my dad has to go and I managed to convince him to let me stay,” he says excitedly, god he is so cute, “So I was thinking that we could have a sleepover tomorrow when he’s gone.”

    Marinette sighs, “Adrien, you know that he would say no to that. I mean, you were probably already pushing it when you asked to stay here.” She says knowingly, “Who says he has to know?” He replies mischievously.

    Luka looks at Marinette, “Yeah Mari, who says that he has to know?” He repeats smirking, “He is leaving for a week and he would have to take Natalie with him. Right, Adrien?”

    “Right” Adrien confirms, “And Gorilla wouldn’t tell on us, right Adrien,” He asks looking back at Adrien, “Right” Adrien replies nodding.

    “So we should do this because what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him right?” He looks at Mari innocently, “And if he does manage to find out we can just blame it on the bond. We just had to be together.”

    “Sounds like a good excuse to me.” Adrien agrees, “So what do you say, Mari?” Luka pushes a stray strand of hair behind Mari’s ear, “Can we have the sleepover?” He asks, voice seemingly deeper than before.

    She barely managed to sputter out a few words before taking a deep breath, “Sure we can but,” She is quick to retreat, “only if Aline is okay with it,” the boys look at me with pleading eyes as if begging me to say yes.

    How could I say no to them now? So I did the only logical thing to do, I agreed.


    Once school was over, Gorilla all dropped us off at our houses to get clothes and necessities, plus I had to tell my dad where I was going.

    I walk into my house immediately seeing my dad in the living room doing some paperwork.

    “Dad?” I ask, he just hums in response as to ask ‘What’s up'. I walk further into the living room and sit down next to him, “Can I sleep over at Adrien’s house?”

    His eyes immediately snap up to look at me, “And who exactly is this Adrien?” he asks skeptically, “He’s one of my soulmates, remember? I told you I found them all.”

    “Oh right,” he takes a minute to think about it, “Uh, sure go ahead. Just don’t do anything.” He says playfully pointing a finger at me, but I know he’s serious.

    “Okay, I wasn’t planning on it,” I respond giggling at him.


    Once I packed my things, I called Adrien to come to pick me up. We drove to his house and let me tell you, it was a mansion. They are rich.

    We walked into the house and up to his room where Marinette and Luka were already waiting, playing video games. These three and their video games.

    When we opened the door, quite loudly might I say, Mari paused the game and turned around to look at us with a smile on her face, "Hey," she greets softly, "Come sit," She says patting the seat next to her.

    I walked over and sat down next to her being offered a controller which I denied, "I don't feel like playing right now. I think I'll just watch instead"

    We continued to play video games, well they continued, I just sat there and watched occasionally cheering them on. They just finished the last round, which Luka won, Adrien got up pouting claiming that he cheated.

    "I didn't cheat, you just suck at this game" Luka stated smugly, Adrien continued to cross his arms and pout until Marinette mentioned food, he perked up at that.

    "Food? Let's go get food." He suddenly gasped, "We can cook!"

    "Well, let's go," Marinette told him, smiling at his antics. We continued to walk down the stairs into the kitchen, seeing the chef getting out ingredients, which I am guessing is for dinner.

    "Oh children, I was just getting ready to make dinner, I hope you're hungry" she stated smiling at each of us.

    "Greta, we actually wanted to cook tonight," Adrien claimed smiling sweetly, hoping to convince her to let us do the work.

    She looked skeptical, as she had a right to be, I had no idea how to cook, it was always my dad's job, but she eventually left us to do the dirty work while she took a break, leaving us with the information that she was going to make pasta tonight.

    We took the ingredients, letting Mari take the lead as she has the most experience with cooking.

    It was all going smoothly until Adrien thought it was a good idea to smear the pasta sauce on Luka, "Oh it is so on" he said, grabbing some flour and throwing it at him.

    But Adrien dodged in time for it to hit Mari instead, and let me tell you, she was not happy. And that set off a chain reaction.


    So we ended up making a mess in the kitchen from the food fight and now we're cleaning it up. And it's a big kitchen. A very big kitchen.


    It was about midnight when we finished cleaning up the mess in the kitchen. We ended up just eating fruit and making smoothies for dinner.

    I looked around at all of us "We all need showers" I claimed laughing.

    There were multiple rooms in the house so we didn't have to wait for turns, we could all shower at the same time. Once we were finished we all went to Adrien's room to watch movies until we got tired.

    Mari got tired first, she got up stating that she was sleepy followed by Adrien agreeing right after.

    I got up to go to the restroom and when I came back they were both knocked out with Luka sitting on the bed waiting for me. We ended up going to a guest room down the hall attempting to watch another movie.

    Turns out that was a bad idea because that's how we ended up here, on the bed in the guest bedroom, me on my back with Luka on top, and us making out.


    Word Count: 1,481

    Character Count: 8,016


    *I took Adrien’s name and gave him a nickname. His name ends with Rien, so I’m using that, leave me alone.

    I want to write smut but I don’t know how or if I should do it for this story because, isn’t this a Disney show?

    I will post another chapter later. I really mean it this time. Just not at this moment because I have to babysit for my sister and I don’t know how long it will be. But I promise, I will update again.*

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    #lukas haraslin#slovakia nt#kamil glik#poland nt #thanks to my mate that finds these pearls #lmaooo
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    "Yukata Luka"

    from Unison League (Hatsune Miku Expo 2018 UA & Mexico)

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    Might fall for you-Lukadrien June Day 16

    So the monster high au came up in the lukadrien vault but stupid me forgot to save the info before it closed. But i had suggested Adrien being on the fearleading team and I thought since he's a werecat, he'd be perfect for a flyer, which I now know sometime appears in pro cheearleading. It was in my head when reading this prompt, so enjoy! Falling for you

    “This is utterly ridiculous!”

    Adrien could see the magic flying off of Chloe. He felt a little sorry for Headmistress Mendeleiev. She’d be dealing with a few cursed items if this got any worse.

    “Our SKRM course is still damaged and we have a season coming up, one you will be cheering at might I remind you. may I also remind you that you had caused that damage by annoying the kraken in the pool?”

    “He stole my perfume! Do you have any idea how expensive that was? How are we supposed to work on routines with they’re slamming their stupid skates all over the place? There is a perfectly fine courtyard!”

    “Ms. Bourgeois, I am reaching the end of my rope. The SKRM team is practising in the gym. Your fearleading team will have one side and the SKRM will have the other. Now leave, before I have your practise suspended.”

    Chloe let out an infuriated huff and stormed off, her magic causing a few things to glow.

    “Um, I’d check on those things first, sorry!” Adrien ran after Chloe, who was causing the lockers to rattle. “Chlo, it’s not that big of a deal. The course will be fixed soon and then it’ll be over.”

    Sabrina was waiting at the end of the hall, her fearleading letterman jacket on. She was halfway in the shadows, almost impossible to see had it not been for the neon colour of her monster emblem acting as a beacon.

    “Sabrina, get out of the shadows! We have work to do!”

    “Yes Chloe.”

    The boogeygirl stayed smartly out of the way of the puca, sharing a look with Adrien once she’d stormed by. They arrived at the gym, where the rest of the fearleading team was speaking with the SKRM team, some doing more than talk. Adrien flinched when Chloe pulled the megaphone from Sabrina.

    “Get in formation right now!”

    “It’s gonna be a long practise, isn’t it?” Sabrina asked.

    “that’s one word for it. Good luck.”

    “You too.”

    Adrien was the only guy on the fearleading team and as a werecat, he was light enough and skilled enough to be a flyer. It got easy to ignore Chloe screaming at them from her spot on the ground as he and a bunch of girls flipped, tumbled and were tossed in the air, but every now and then Chloe would say something scathing and distract them. Adrien already felt off balance with the girls shaking under him. When he was on the ground acting as a spotter, he saw that a few of the SKRM members were watching, interested.

    “Do you think we could do something like that to avoid an obstetrical?” he heard a minotaur ask.

    “Possibly. Though who wants to risk their neck asking Chloe to teach us?”

    “We could ask the guy on the team to help. They throw him up in the air.” A gorgon pointed out.

    “You’re late on the music, pick it up!”

    Adrien put his hands on the bases’ shoulders and pushed up, finding his balance as they held onto to one foot as he brought his other right behind his head. He thought they were doing well, but he could see Chloe wasn’t happy. He also had a feeling that the loud clopping of the skates against the wood of the floor didn’t help either. As he brought his leg down, readying himself to get tossed in the air when one of the cyclops fell to the floor. His height added with his weight, caused the whole floor to shake. Along with already shaky hands, Adrien lost his balance and fell backwards.

    Now, Adrien was a werecat, so he had the qualities of a cat, including landing on his feet. He was a decent hight off the ground but was sure he’d be fine. So when he was feeling his body start to turn to land on his feet but was instead caught by something that crashed them to the floor, he was surprised. He opened his eyes to see he was on top the same gorgon who’d pointed him out earlier. He panicked a little when he saw he wasn’t wearing any eye gear to block his stone turning power when he noticed how dull his eyes were. Gorgon contacts, for those gorgons who didn’t like glasses, they covered the magic layer on their eyes that turned people to stone.

    “Are you ok?”

    “Huh? Oh, yeah. Um, guess I was falling for you.” Adrien felt his ears flick back when he realised what he said. “Why did I say that?”

    Thankfully the gorgon found it funny. He let Adrien get off him before pushing himself up. Adrien noticed he was wearing skates, most likely using them to get from one side of the gym to where he’d fallen. He got up and offered his hands.

    “Here, let me help you up.” He took the offered hands, feeling the scales against his fur. It was a strange feeling, but kinda nice. He must have pulled harder than expected because when the gorgon was up on his feet, he rocked forward on his skates but managed to catch himself. Adrien’s ears flicked back again at the realisation of how close they were.

    “Looks like I’m falling for you now.” The gorgon joked, his dull slitted blue eyes shining mischievously.

    Oh my Bast, Adrien was in trouble.

    “Off! Get off of him, right now!” Chloe came over, waving the two of them apart, shooting a glare at the gorgon before turning to him. “Are you ok? Do you need to go to the nurse?”

    “Chlo, I’m fine, really. I would have landed on my feet anyway.”

    “This is exactly what I mean when I said they shouldn’t be here!”

    While Adrien worked to calm Chloe down, he watched the gorgon skate back to his team, sending him a smile when Adrien mouthed ‘thank you’. by the end, Chloe cancelled the rest of practise and he’d gone with her and Sabrina to continue calming her down. he then realised he’d never gotten the gorgon’s name.


    Monster High parties were always something to look forward to. Extravagant fashion, good music and funny antics depending if there was a reason the party was thrown. This one was down in the school’s underground dock. One of the students had brought their boat and the whole party was spilling from the main deck onto the dock and the stairs. They were incredibly long so no one was going back up, but it was breathing room. Adrien leaned against the railing of the boat, looking over at Nino having fun behind the DJ stand. The original DJ got thrown in the water and was being played around with by the school kraken. He saw a few of the sea monsters trying to help, but he knew Nino would be up there for a while.

    “Hey.” Adrien looked up and perked up at the sight of the gorgon that had saved him.


    “Is your friend here? Hoping to not get yelled at again.”

    “She is, but don’t worry, she’s more focused on beating out another girl in having more admirers. Um, I never got to properly thank you for saving me.”

    “Even thought you would have landed on your feet.” He reminded, though he had a good-natured smile. “I sort of saw you falling and moved without thinking. I’m Luka by the way.”


    “A pleasure. You were pretty impressive by the way, as a flyer.”

    “Thanks. I’ve never really watched a SKRM match.”

    Luka looked surprised. SKRM was the most popular sport, even more the casketball. “Guess that explains why I never saw you last season. People always at least come to one game.”

    “I also just transferred. My dad had me home-schooled for a long time. I’ve known Chloe for years and have helped her with fearleading so she dragged me when I came.”

    “Guess I’ll have to come see you guys at competition.”

    “Then I’ll cheer for you extra hard during SKRM season. And I guess I could tech you guys a few basic tosses to help.”

    Luka smiled at him. “We’d appreciate it. But enough about ‘work’. Do you wanna dance?”


    He followed Luka onto the made dance floor, easily moving to the music. He noticed the snakes in Luka’s hair moving along with the music as well. Someone from behind bumped into Adrien and sent him stumbling forward. Luka caught him, his hands going around his waist.

    “You seem to be falling for me a lot.” Luka teased.

    Adrien’s tail flicked around, as he struggled to find words.

    “If it’s ok with you, maybe before you teach the team those tosses, we can go out for coffee at the maul?”

    Adrien slowly nodded, trying to stop his tail.

    Maybe he was falling for Luka.

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    Out of the Kitchen

    Fandom: Ikemen Revolution

    Pairing: Luka x MC

    Rating: SFW - Fluff ft. Pregnant MC

    Prompt: “Darling I love you and all, but please step out of the kitchen.” 

    WC: 858

    Requested by: Anonymous

    Written by:@Chayaangel767

    I hum happily as I pull the dry dishcloths from the clotheslines, happy that Ray and Sirius were sweet enough to lower the clotheslines slightly so my tiny frame can reach them. I carefully pull and fold the dishtowels and dishcloths from the line. The warm late afternoon sun beat down on me and I know that I can’t spend too much longer outside in the heat without everyone being up in arms. Sure enough, it doesn’t take long for me to hear footsteps behind me. 

    “Good afternoon Little Lady, need any help?” I turn my head at the deep baritone and smile at the Queen of Spades who is walking by with his watering can. 

    “ Hey, Sirius, which plants are you watering today?” I ask him as I pull the last of the dishcloths from the line, folding it and adding it to my pile. 

    “ The sunflowers and Azaleas near Chutneys pen,” Sirius answers me and I nod. 

    “ Need any help?” I offer him as I lift the basket to my waist and he shakes his head. 

    “ You should go in Little Lady, and take a rest, it's hot out. Make sure you drink lots of water.” He warns me as he walks it home back towards the door. 

    “ I’m pregnant Sirius, I’m not sick. A little bit of time outside isn’t going to kill me.” I snort at the older man and I see him look down at me. 

    “ No but you get tired easily and I don’t want you overworking yourself. I think I saw Luka making popsicles earlier, you should go see if they are ready.” Sirius gives me a wave as he heads over to the sunflowers and I shake my head before heading inside to the kitchen. There is no Luka in the kitchen and I frown slightly, he was usually making dinner by now. I shrug and start putting away the dishcloths and wash the dishes left in the sink. I gently rub my stomach, feeling my back start to ache. I rested against the counter and noticed Luka left his notebook open to a page, it was what was for dinner tonight. I check it and feel myself start to get excited, it’s chicken alfredo tonight with a white alfredo sauce. There is also a salad planned and fruit salad with whipped topping for dessert.

    I squeal softly and I start humming to myself, pulling out some of the ingredients we would need for the alfredo and start making the sauce trying to ignore the pain in my back and the slight exhaustion. I am tidying up one of the counters when I hear footsteps and arms wrap around me taking the cloth from my hand. 

    “Hey Luka,” I greeted my fiancé, kissing him on the cheek. I rest my head against his chest and breath deep. 

    “Darling I love you and all, but please step out of the kitchen,”  Luka tells me before keeping his arms around me he leads me away from the kitchen counter and over to the office which is thankfully empty.

    “I love you too, but I’m fine. I want to help with dinner” I huff a little and try to escape from Luka’s grasp, but he keeps his arms firmly around me. 

    “Sirius came to me and told me you were working too hard and you need to rest. '' Luka scolds me and I pout a little, starting to protest. Luka kisses me and shakes his head, blocking the way back to the kitchen. 

    “Luka I feel fine, all I’ve done today is the laundry and dishes, a little more work isn’t going to kill me. Let me help please,” I try to talk him into letting me help but Luka stays firm. I sigh, feeling the exhaustion start to kick in and sink into the sofa he leads me to. 

    “You guys know I won’t break if I work a little right?” I still argue, first Sirius won’t let me help him the garden and now Luka won’t let me cook. I cross my arm and look angrily down. Luka sits on the couch next to me, cupping my cheek. 

     “ Remember when we first met and you kept working way too hard?” Luka asks softly, holding my gaze with concerned amber eyes. 

    “ Yeah?” I tilt my head in confusion and Luka drops his hand down to my stomach, gently rubbing it. 

    “ Right now you are working yourself hard, you have one job right now and that's tending to our little one, everything else isn’t important, let us take care of you. It’s only a few more weeks Darling.” I sigh and lean against him, letting him have better access to my stomach and enjoying the feeling of him rubbing it. I the baby kick a little and smile up at Luka happily.

    “See even our baby agrees that you need more rest” He presses a kiss to my head and I roll my eyes still enjoying the little massage.  

    “ Alright, I’ll stay out of the kitchen until I have our baby,” I promise, nuzzling his cheek and kissing him before falling fast asleep. 

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    Pama literally does not know what to do now that it has emotions and Lukas is suffering having to watch this idiot robot be dumb with his body

    #mcsm #minecraft story mode #mcsm lukas#mcsm Harper#mcsm pama#mcsm au #mcsm pama Lukas au #pama Lukas au #my art #pama is like. does not know how to deal with emotions at all #Lukas has had many talks with it about what is and what isn’t acceptable to do with his body and mouth and what NOT to say to people #pama calls Harper mom and Harper has a stroke every time because that’s Lukas’s voice pama is using
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    Imagine having someone like Luka Couffaine be in love with you but still being stuck on Adrien Agreste. Rip to Marinette but I’m built different.

    #I was just watching silencer again and my mans really spilled his heart out to her TWICE #Like ma’am here’s a perfectly good alt boy right here #then I think of episodes like desperada and just cringe so hard #I can unfortunately relate to Marinette a lot with how I acted with my high school crush #miraculous ladybug #miraculous tales of ladybug and cat noir #marinette dupain cheng #adrien agreste#luka couffaine #lemme also note that this is not Adrien hate I love that sunshine boy
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    #i am in love #luka couffaine#pls #luka couffaine marry me #i love you luka #please 😔
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    #peter lukas#tma#asks#lonelyeyes #Peter!!!! my boy!!!!! I love you #I have so many feelings about you
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    little something for my sister's bday c:

    #miraculous ladybug#mlb#fanart#lukadrien#luka couffaine#adrien agreste #luka x adrien #adrien x luka #my art #they r very cute together #unfortunately i have a burning hatred for mlbs character design n fashion so ofc i gave them a bit of a different look
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    #hetalia#hws#hws norway#lukas bondevik#quick portrait #my art stuff #have so many other drawing ideas #but my finals are really a bugger
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    Lukadrien: Your Hands Hold Home: Chapter Sixteen


    Read it on AO3: Your Hands Hold Home: Chapter Sixteen: Falling for You

    Luka took Adrien home from the bakery on his motorcycle, and Adrien spent the whole trip indulging in the guilty pleasure of wrapping his arms around Luka and burying his face in Luka’s back.

    The warmth and solidity of Luka were grounding, and Adrien found Luka’s pine scent soothing.

    Adrien had known that he’d developed a crush on Luka almost right away.

    Their meet-cute was practically out of an anime, and Adrien had felt his heart zing when Luka helped him up and their eyes met.

    The whole bi awakening had been a bit of a trip, but Adrien recognized his feelings for what they were almost as soon as they manifested.

    The thing that Adrien had completely missed was the severity of his case. Over the years, he’d overlooked the way his feelings had grown. Even over the course of the three weeks he’d been living with the Couffaines, he hadn’t realized that his feelings for Luka had deepened.

    It wasn’t until Luka took him home that day that it dawned upon Adrien how serious things had gotten.

    “Here. Go sit on the couch,” Luka instructed, hand still resting supportively at the small of Adrien’s back. “I’ll make you some lunch.”

    “You don’t have to,” Adrien tried to protest, but Luka waved him off.

    “Go. Sit. I’m making food. No arguments,” Luka snorted, enjoying the rare opportunity to be bossy.

    “Thank you,” Adrien replied sheepishly as he dutifully made his way over to the couch.

    “You’re most welcome,” Luka assured. “Just focus on resting, okay?”

    “Fine,” Adrien sighed, slumping onto the couch and letting his eyes slip closed.

    Several minutes later, Adrien heard Luka approaching and opened his eyes.

    “Ta-da,” Luka announced as he set down a big bowl of salad and a mug of mint tea on the coffee table. “Lunch is served.”

    Adrien stared at Luka, dumbstruck. “You made me salad and mint tea.”

    Luka nodded, taking a seat. “Because you told me that they were your comfort foods. You said you and your mom used to make them together whenever one of you was having a bad day, so I thought…”

    Luka bit his lip and winced. “I’m so sorry. I forgot to take into account the complicated state of your relationship with your mom right now. This was a bad idea. I’ll make you something else. Just give me a minute.”


    Adrien’s hand shot out and caught Luka’s wrist just as Luka started to get up.

    “No,” Adrien repeated more quietly. “Sorry. This is…exactly what I needed,” he explained as he started to get choked up.

    “Oh,” Luka breathed in relief, sitting back down. “Good.”

    Adrien stared at Luka in amazement through the tears that were slowly breaking free and slithering down his cheeks.

    “You remembered,” Adrien whispered.

    Luka smiled, and it was like the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. “Of course I remembered. It’s important to you.”

    Adrien’s breath hitched, and his heart skipped a beat.

    It was in that moment that he realized he loved this man.

    He lunged forward, wrapping his arms around Luka. “Thank you. Thank you so much, Orpheus.”

    Luka chuckled, patting Adrien on the back. “Sure thing, Angel…but, if you wouldn’t mind, could you show your gratitude in the form of eating lunch? You’ve had an exhausting morning and need to refuel, okay?”

    Adrien pulled back, nodding as he gave Luka the dopiest grin. “As you wish.”

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    Luka: I'm going to kill you with my bare hands

    Juleka: damn at least wear gloves, I don't want your crusty skin flakes on me

    #juleka couffaine#luka couffaine #inspired by me and my sister in the far this morning
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    ❝ i got some pickle juice on your battery cables ❞  | @multibg​​ | meme ( accepting ) juleka&luka

                A light sigh falls from the younger Couffaine’s lips as she looks towards her brother... “Why were you even eating near it?” She questions with a genuine tilt of her head. Her brother amazes her at times. “If they don’t work, you’re buying me new ones. Got it.” 

    #multibg #juleka couffaine ft luka couffaine ( multibg ) #you’ll find me in the lonely hearts ( juleka answered ) #we're standing on the edge of queue
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    Blueberries and Lemons (Day 16: Falling for You Lukadrien June 2021)

    Day 16 of @lukadrien-june (rated E fanfic)

    Luka sat with Adrien at a café down the street from his boathouse. He was busy stirring his cappuccino across from Adrien. He didn’t know how to tell Adrien how he felt. The last few weeks had only made him realize how much he appreciated the man across from him. How he admired many things about him and wished that he was like him in some instances.
    He sighed and thought about everything they had gone through. How much he had learned about him and a part of him really wanted to open up to him about his family. He had never really talked to anyone about it, and he finally felt like Adrien was someone that would understand it. His heart had only grown with his feelings for Adrien. It had been scary at first, but he was getting more used to it. He had asked his sister, Juleka, what he was feeling. He wasn’t sure if he was really falling for Adrien or if he was still just feeling lust for someone like he had in the past. But there was one difference with Adrien than the others, he finally felt like he was at home. He had never felt like he was home, even in his own home.
    Adrien took a bite of his fruit tart, focusing on its complex flavors, before setting his fork down to pick up his espresso. He took a small sip and peered up at Luka with interest.
    He set his coffee down and raised an eyebrow at his boyfriend, “What’s wrong?”
    “Nothing, I just- I’m confused.” Luka swallowed hard and picked at his croissant.
    “About?” Adrien raised an eyebrow at him and set his coffee down.
    “How I feel,” Luka sighed, resting his hands on either side of his plate. “You know?”
    “I… might?” Adrien was confused and worried about the words that had come out of Luka’s mouth. “What about them confuse you?”
    “Like… what does… falling for someone feel like? Truly feel like?” Luka chewed on his bottom lip and locked his gaze with Adrien’s, watching him choke on his sip of coffee.
    “Wait, what?” Adrien set his cup down again.
    “What does it feel like to fall in love? I don’t know if- if I’m feeling that or just lust. I guess.” Luka rubbed his forearm.
    “Home,” Adrien sighed the word past his lips like it was the simplest thing.
    “Home?” Luka raised an eyebrow at Adrien.
    “Mmhm… like-” Adrien took his hand into his, brushing his thumb along his knuckles. “-when I see you… and when I spend time with you… I feel like I’m finally home.”
    Luka warmly smiled and nodded, “I get that.”
    “It’s like you’re with your best friend and can’t see your life without them. Like all you want to do is sleep beside them and wake up beside them until you die. Like you would do anything for that person. Like you just want to spoil them and make them feel loved and safe. Like you could listen and talk to them for hours and never get bored. Like you never want to stop seeing their smiling face. Like any room their in with you or any place, no matter how bad it is, feels warm and comforting. Like nothing can hurt you, even when people that don’t understand try to. Like you can do anything together. You know?” Adrien brought Luka’s hand up to kiss the back of his hand.
    “And… do you feel that with… me?” Luka blushed and searched his gaze.
    “I- I do. Yes.” Adrien nervously laughed and blushed a deeper rose. “Do you?”
    “I- I think I do. I think I’ve fallen for you. It’s not like it has been in the past. It’s different. It’s like everything suddenly makes sense in my life and it’s like I’ve never felt more loved or wanted. Like I fit in for once and when I walk in the door… there you are with open arms, welcoming me and accepting all of me. I’ve fallen for you, Adrien Agreste, and something about that scares me.” Luka swallowed hard and let the tears that had been threatening to fall, rain down his cheeks.
    Adrien warmly smiled with tears in his own eyes, reaching up to cradle his cheek and brush his tears with his thumbs. “And that’s totally understandable. I’m scared too, but we love one another and that’s what’s important, right?”
    Luka nodded and Adrien let his cheek and hand go. “Let’s finish breakfast and then do some therapeutic shopping. I think this calls for such a celebration.”
    Luka laughed and nodded, peering up to wipe the tears away. “Sounds great. I’m down to patrol some shops.”

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