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    Lukanette Prompt Waiting For You

    Marinette was laying in her bed. She strolled through her photos of her and Luka on her phone. She didn't bother deleting them when they broke up. Mostly because she is still in love with him.

    She clicked out of her gallery. She opened her messages and looked at the last conversation she had with. She felt embarrassed that she called him Adrien. "He's too amazing. Honestly, I don't deserve him." Marinette thought. She started to text him. 

    M: I miss you.

    "Why...did I send that?".

    Marinette set her phone on the bed. " oh my god..why the hell did I send that!" She started to freak out a bit. "Is everything okay?" One of them said,  "I texted Luka!"

    Tikki flew over to her with a cookie in her tiny hands. "I don't think it's that bad." Marinette sighed. "Oh, you're right." Marinette heard her phone buzz and went to grab it.

    She looked at her messages to see Luka responded.

    L: I miss you too. Is there a reason why you suddenly texted me?

    M: It was an accident.

    L: No need to lie, Mari.

    M: I hope it's not too much to ask but I come over?

    L: Of course.

    M: I'll see you soon

    Marinette quickly got dressed out of her pajamas.

    She grabbed a pink shirt and pink shorts. She quickly got dressed and grabbed her purse.

    Marinette shoved her phone in her purse and started to run out the door. Tikki sighed and quickly followed her and hid in her purse.

    When Marinette arrived at his home and texted Luka. 

    She saw Luka walk towards her. She felt pretty anxious. "I'm sensing something is wrong?"

    Marinette gazed at his cyan eyes. "Luka.."

    She felt tears fall down her cheeks. 

    Luka wrapped his arms around her.

    "It's okay. I'm here." He whispered. Marinette pulled away. "I'm sorry. I just really miss being around you."

    Luka grabbed her hand and kissed it. "I miss being around you too. Is that why you wanted to talk?" 

    Marinette blushed. "I don't want you to wait for me forever but I don't want to let you go." 

    "I am willing to wait a long time if it means I can be with you. Because. I love you Marinette. I can't see myself loving anyone else. I.." He put his hand on her cheek. "I only want you, my melody." 

    Marinette blushed.

    "Luka.." She closed her head and kissed him. He closed his eyes and kissed her back. He pulled away and opened his eyes. Marinette opened her eyes and blushed. "I'm sorry. Luka. I think it's time I tell you the truth. I told Alya this and I probably shouldn't tell you but. I want you to know."

    "You don't have to tell me. I understand." Marinette started to fiddle with her hands. "I'm Ladybug."   Luka hugged her. "I'm glad you trust me." Marinette lay her head on his shoulder.

    "Luka. I didn't want to leave you, but I don't want Shadowmoth to hurt you." Marinette pulled away from the hug and gazed into his eyes.

    "If it's okay with you. Would you be my girlfriend again?"  "Yes. I hope you don't mind but can I stay over?" Luka chuckled and took her hand. "Of course." They both walked on the boat and headed downstairs. "Juleka is sleeping. So we got to be quiet." Luka whispered.

    Marinette nodded. Luka walked towards his bed quietly while holding Marinette's hand. He lay on his bed.

    Marinette took off her shoes and got on the bed. She smiled and wrapped her arms around him.  "I love you so much, Luka." Luka kissed her neck.

    "You already know I do too. We should go to sleep." Marinette lay her head on his chest and wrapped her legs around his. "You're so adorable." He whispered.

    "Shush," Marinette muttered and closed her eyes. Luka started to hum a song in her ear. Marinette fell asleep. Luka stopped humming and listen to her breathing before eventually falling asleep.

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    this started off as a random thought... like. how would luka and marinette take a photo together?? wearing hot topic t-shirts and taking bathroom mirror selfies with a digital camera? the answer ended up being Yes

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    Miraculous: Rise of Anatis 58

    Alright! So chronologically speaking this is Pixelator's third akumation so I've made him a little more powerful, similar to how Stormy Weather's powers evolved. Anyway, that's this one done!! I'm very happy with how it turned out and I hope you all enjoy it too :D Next up is Love-Eater!

    Also for anyone who's interested. Luka was using Psychometry via empathy which is how he was able to view how Vincent was akumatized. His empathy will be growing more and more throughout my season 4 and he will be learning a lot more about Hao Feng and others :D


    Chapter Fifty-Eight: Pixelator’s Photo Finish

    "So how was therapy today?" Juleka asked as she walked with Luka from the building that Doctor Lang worked in. Luka looked pretty tired but gave her a small smile as they walked down the street.

     "We were talking about my father issues and abandonment issues... and the akumas," He mumbled, rubbing the back of his neck. Hawkmoth had been sending akumas after him again. He seemed to be trying to be more crafty about it but it was obvious what their goal was. However, at this point he had just kind gotten use to it. Juleka nodded as they walked over to the ice cream cart. She had promised to get some with him after his therapy session. "I told her about you,"

     "Oh?" She asked, looking over at him.

     "I told her that you're amazing," He grinned, making her lightly punch him and call him a geek. He laughed a little as they came to a stop at Andre's ice cream and ordered two cones. Andre handed Juleka two scoops with sprinkles. One scoop was strawberry and the other was liqwish. The sprinkles were glittery. He turned to Luka next and gave him one scoop of blueberry and one scoop of strawberry with a flake. Luka smiled and took it before they paid him and walked off. They found a seat and sat down, looking over at the seine as they ate their ice creams. "Thanks for meeting me..."

     "It's fine," Juleka mumbled, looking to the side shyly. "Besides, I managed to get out of class early for it,"

     "Oh so that's why you agreed," Luka teased, grinning at Juleka who mumbled and lightly punched him again. "You are so mean to me,"

     "Hey, you started it," She grinned before they both laughed and continued to eat their ice cream. They both sat in silence as Juleka sighed, causing Luka to look over at her. She was glancing down at her ice cream with a sad expression. He knocked his arm against hers lightly, making her look over at him. "I'm ok,"

     "No, you're not," He replied, making her sigh. "Want to talk about it?"

     "You just got out of a therapy session," She pointed out but he gave her a look. She sighed and looked over at the water. "I'm afraid..."

     "Of what?" He asked, looking at her. She sighed and glanced down at her lap. 

     "Of losing you..." She mumbled, making him look at her. Tears filled her eyes. "It seems like you're always in danger right now. First, there was the akuma and the seizure then hawkmoth targeting you for ages. When it finally calmed down, you were almost kidnapped and then Lila went after you and then you were actually kidnapped, almost killed and that bastard got akumatized and tried to kill you... I was so afraid when Lady Noir told us you were in the hospital again and it was even worse when I saw you laying asleep in the bed. I knew you were asleep but I was so afraid you wouldn't wake up. And now the akumas are back and trying to hurt you. Luka, I d-don't want to lose you,"

     "Jewel, I promise I am not going anywhere," He stated, wrapping his arms around her as tears slid down her cheeks. "You're stuck with me ok?"

     She nodded and rested her head against his shoulder as he gently kissed the top of her head before softly humming as she slowly calmed down. She closed her eyes as she wrapped her arms around his waist, humming with him.

     "I'm sorry..." She mumbled, looking up at him but he shook his head.

     "Don't be," He replied, smiling softly at her. "And I'll be more careful. I promise,"

     "It's not your fault..." Juleka mumbled as the two of them looked at the Seine. "Issac, Hawkmoth and Lila are the ones at fault,"

     "Hmm, I guess you're right about that," He replied, gently smiling at her. Juleka nodded and leaned against him as he held her, gently rubbing her back as he did. She slowly looked up and wiped her eyes before sighing.

     "I'm sorry," She mumbled, making him look at her.

     "For what?" He asked, frowning a little.

     "Crying on you," She mumbled, looking down ashamed. "I didn't mean to break down on you. You don't need it right now and I should handle my emotions better,"

    "Hey, don't say that," He stated, holding her shoulders so she could look at him. "You're my little sister, Jewel and I don't care if I have to go through hell to help you. If you need my help, I'm gonna be there. If you just need me to listen while you rant then I'll do it. I don't care if I'm on the other side of the world... if you need me, I'll be there so don't think you have to bottle up your feelings, can't break down in front of me or talk to me. Just because I'm in therapy doesn't mean I can't listen to you. You're allowed to feel and all of this has been scary for you too. Your feelings are valid too, Jewel,"

     "Thank you," She replied, hugging him. He wrapped his arms around her again. "I just don't want to add to your stress,"

     "Not telling me when you need to will add to my stress," He whispered back, rubbing her back. "You know I won't pressure you to tell me everything but please don't think you can't tell me,"

     She nodded, making him smile.

     "Why don't we head home, get some snacks and watch a movie?" He suggested, making her smile a little before playing with her hands.

     "A-Aren't you meeting Marinette tonight?" She replied, making him blush a little. She grinned at his reaction but he shook his head. "You're not?"

     "There will be other times and she'll understand. Besides, I know she has some new projects for Dad and Clara," He replied, making Juleka look over at him. "Dad kept going on about it,"

     Juleka giggled before getting up.

     "Alright," She replied, making him look at her. "But I get to choose the movie,"

     "Are you gonna torment me with a horror movie?" Luka asked as he took out his phone and texted Marinette, asking for a rain check. She texted back almost instantly, saying sure but asking if he was ok. He smiled a little and replied.

     L: Yeah, I'm fine. It's actually Jewels. She's a bit upset atm. X

     M: Oh, is she ok? I can bake her some cookies. Xx

     L: She'll be alright. She was just upset with all that's been going on. I suggested a movie night with just the two of us. It's been a while and it usually cheers her up but cookies would be lovely :3 xx

     M: Oh, poor juleka. She's lucky to a great brother like you :) tell her I'll bring some to school tomorrow and don't stay up too late! XD We'll hang out another day :D xx

     L: I will :) thanks for understanding though. You're the best xxx

     M: No worries, Lu  😊

     L: Thanks again 😘

     M: 😳😊

     He chuckled at her reply before putting his phone away and catching up to Juleka. They headed to the shop first and brought some drinks, popcorn and chocolate before heading back to the Liberty

     "So is Marinette ok with it?" She asked, making him nod.

     "Yeah. She also said she'll have some cookies for you tomorrow at school," He smiled, making Juleka grin. Marinette's cookies are the best. 

     "So when are you gonna ask her out?" She asked, making him turn bright red and cough a little. She laughed at his reaction. "She's into you you know,"

     "W-We're just friends," He gasped, looking to the side. He did want more with her but he also respected that she liked him as a friend. "Besides, she probably doesn't see me in that way and she probably still likes Adrien,"

     "Adrien is with Kagami,"

     "I know but she might still have a thing for him and is just trying to heal..." He muttered, looking to the side again. "Besides, she hasn't said anything about my confession..."

     "Hold up, you confessed to Marinette?!"

     "Well... yeah..."

     "Well, what did you say? And when?"

     "I said 'you're the most extraordinary girl. As clear as a music note and as sincere as a melody. You're the song that's been playing in my head since I met you'.... just before our performance on TVi," Luka replied, blushing as Juleka stopped and stared at him. "Was it too much? It was, wasn't it?"

     "What? No, that was really romantic," Juleka gasped, making him blush a little. "But it might have been too complicated?"

     "You mean I went overboard?" He asked, making her laugh and held up her fingers to show that maybe just a bit. "Urg I'm such a geek,"

     "Don't worry about that," She stated, making him look at her. "Chics dig geeks,"

     "Did you just quote avengers at me?" He asked as she grinned. He shook his head and laughed as they opened the gang plank and walked onto the Liberty. "So what's your advice, o worthy one?"

     "Just ask her on a date and confess to her like a normal person," She replied, making him roll his eyes a little. She smirked as they headed downstairs. "We're watching Annabelle by the way,"

     "Do we have to?"

     "Hey, it's not my fault you're afraid of dolls,"

     "I'm not afraid of dolls," Luka gasped as he started to make popcorn. "I'm just afraid of that doll,"

     Juleka laughed and put in the DVD as Luka brought the popcorn over.

     ~A Few Days Later~

     Marinette hummed as she walked to the park where she was meeting Luka. She had chose to wear a pink and white summer dress that she had made with her ballet pumps and her hair done in a plait instead of her usual style. She had brought some snacks with her too and a blanket. She didn't think it was a date but part of her hoped it was. They had been kind of dating without actually dating. She saw him and smiled before walking over. He was sat on a bench with his guitar, tuning it.

     "Hey," She smiled, making him look up and smile before he put down the guitar and stood up.

     "Hey," He smiled, hugging her. She hugged back before they pulled away. "You look lovely,"

     "T-Thanks," She blushed, playing with her plait. "S-So I brought some snacks... maybe we could find somewhere to sit and relax,"

     "Sounds like a good plan to me," He smiled, putting the guitar in it's case and placing it over his back before offering his arm. She giggled and took it before they walked off and found a nice area on the grass. Marinette removed her arm and took out the blanket before putting it on the ground and sitting down with the basket. Luka sat down and smiled as she passed him an eclair. "Thanks,"

     "How's Juleka doing?" She asked as she took out a cookie for herself. 

     "She's doing ok," He replied, making her smile. "She's actually thinking about going for therapy herself but she hasn't made up her mind yet,"

     "It's not a choice that should be taken lightly," Marinette stated, making him nod as he ate the eclair. "And how's it going with yours?"

     "It's going ok actually," He smiled, grabbing a bottle of drink. "Dr Lang is pretty cool actually. She's been teaching me breathing exercises to help with the panic attacks and nightmares,"

     "That's good," She smiled as he smiled back. She shuffled a little closer, making him blush a little. She giggled and leaned her head against his arm, making him smile before he cleared his throat, making her look at him.

     "Y-You know how I said about you're the song in my head..." He mumbled, making her sit up straight. She looked a little worried, hoping he wasn't gonna take it back. "I m-mean it, Marinette. You're amazing and I l-"

     "Luka Couffaine!!" A voice suddenly shouted, making both Marinette and Luka jump as a man with blonde and pink hair rushed over. He was wearing a Jagged Stone shirt, blue jeans and lace gloves. He completely ignored Marinette as he rushed over and stood in front of Luka. "Oh my god!! This is so cool!! I have a huge favor to ask you!!"

     "W-Who are you?!" Luka gasped, leaning away from him. Marinette frowned and moved over.

     "Hey! Can't you see we're busy here?!" She gasped, making him look at her before he gasped in surprise as well.

     "And Marinette Dupain-Cheng!!" He gasped, making her look at him in surprise. "Oh my gosh!! You're Jagged Stone's designer!!! I have to have your autography too!! Oh, are you two on a date?! How amazing! Jagged's designer and his son on a date!!"

     "Um-" Marinette gasped, feeling really uncomfortable. She noticed Luka looked the same. "We're busy. Let's head home, Lu,"

     "R-Right," He replied in a quieter then usual voice. They quickly packed up the picnic and began to walk off but the newcomer followed them.

     "Wait!! Can I get a photo of you? Oh and can you ask Jagged for an autograph and photo?!" He gasped, rushing after them. Marinette turned around and glared at him. "Please! I'm Vincent, his biggest fan and I just want a photo of him!!"

     "Leave us alone!" Marinette hissed like a cat as Luka and her walked off quickly. Luka had heard about Vincent before. Jagged had told him the story about how he had tried to capture a photo and became an akuma. He also told Luka that he had a restraining order against him. However, Vincent got closer and actually grabbed Luka's arm, causing him to panic.

     "Please, Luka! Your father is my idol!" He gasped, ignoring Marinette as Luka tried to pull away. She shouted at him to get off but he ignored her. "I need a photo with him!!"

     "Back off!!" Marinette growled. Once again, he ignored her and moved closer to Luka, causing him to panic more. He managed to slip his hand into his pocket, causing Tikki to push the pepper spray into his hand as Marinette tried to pull Vincent away from him. "Hey!!"

     "You have t- Aaahhh!!!" He screamed as Luka sprayed him with the pepper spray. He stumbled back and tripped, falling onto the ground as Luka took deep breathes and calmed down. "My eyes!!"

     "Leave me and Marinette alone!" He stated, grabbing her hand and running back to the bakery with her. As soon as they got inside, Marinette dropped the basket and turned to him as he leaned against the door with his eyes closed, taking slow and calm breathes.

     "Are you ok, Luka?" She asked, making him open his eyes and nod. She gently moved a bit of his hair as she looked at him with a gentle but concerned look. "Why don't we go to the balcony and finish our pinick there if you want?"

     "I-I'd like that," He replied. She smiled and went to pick up the basket but he gently took her hand, making her look at him. "Are you ok?"

     "Yes," She nodded, leaning up and gently kissing his cheek. He smiled a little before picking up the basket and helping her upstairs. The two of them climbed up to her room before making their way to her bed. Marinette climbed on top and reached for her skylight, opening it before pulling herself through it as Luka brought the basket over. He passed it to her, causing her to pull it up onto the balcony before he climbed up and grabbed onto the edge of the skylight, hoisting himself through it. Marinette was placing the food on the little table before she pulled the two chairs together. Luka smiled as she smiled at him before they sat down. She moved the blanket around them and leaned gently against Luka. Instantly, he felt calm now that they were sat on her balcony. "Are you ok?"

     "Yeah..." He muttered, looking out to the sun. "I'm alright,"

     ~Hawkmoth's Lair~

     "Another soul seeking out Luka Couffaine again?" Hawkmoth muttered to himself before smirking and holding out his hand as a butterfly flew over to him and landed on it. He covered it with his other hand, charging it up with his magic. He moved it and allowed it to fly off. "Fly away, my little akuma and akumatized him,"

     The butterfly flew out of the window and into the city. A few minutes later, the connection opened, causing Hawkmoth to smile.

     "Pixalator, I'm returning your powers to capture your idol forever," Hawkmoth declared as Vincent listened. "And in return-"

     "I get the miraculous of Anatis and Lady Noir," He replied, making Hawkmoth smile. "I know the drill,"

     "Yes, you do," Hawkmoth smirked, leaning on his cane. "But while that is part of the deal, I have something else I want... or should I say someone?"

     "Go on,"

     "I want you to capture and bring me a young man called Luka Couffaine," He replied, making Vincent gasp in surprise. "I believe you're familiar with him,"

     "Jagged Stone's son?!" He gasped. "Do you want his designer as well?"

     "Hmm... no, the girl is useless to me. Just bring me Couffaine and miraculous," He ordered, smirking. "Do we have a deal, Pixelator?"

     "Let the photo shoot begin, Hawkmoth..."

     ~Back to Marinette and Luka~

     The two of them climbed back down into her room after spending a good half an hour. They decided to head back into her room and were just chilling on her chaise lounge as she taught Luka to sew. He had his tongue stuck out and was focusing on the task. She smiled a little as she watched him before gently poking his arm, causing him to look up at her.

     "What were you gonna say before that guy turned up?" She asked as he put down the material he was practicing on. 

     "I was going to say that I a- what the hell?" He gasped as he looked at her photos with fear in his eyes. Marinette gasped and turned around as something stepped out of one of her photos. he two of them stared in shock as Pixelator grinned at them in a creepy manner before pointing to his lens.

     "Smile for the camera!" He declared, firing at them. Luckily, the two of them had already jumped up and out of the way. "Hold still, my pretty subjects! I only want a picture!!"

     He jumped over and grabbed Marinette, throwing her out of the way.

     "A little moth wants a word with you, boy," He smirked, cornering Luka in the corner. His eyes widen in fear and shock as he went to grab Luka's arm. "Now come wi- Ahhh!!!"

     Marinette yanked a spare flour sack over him that she had in her room. She was planning to use it for an art project but it made for the perfect distraction. She grabbed Luka's hand as Pixelator tried to escape from it and pulled him over to the trap door. She opened it and pushed him towards the exit, causing him to climb down into the hallway as she followed. However, Pixelator ripped the sack in parts and shot at her, causing her to disappear in a bright light.

     "Marinette!" Luka gasped as Pixelator jumped down, smirking. "What do you want?!"

     "Me? I just want to immortalize Jagged Stone forever but Hawkmoth wishes to talk to you," He declared, roughly grabbing Luka's arm and began to drag him back up towards Marinette's room. Luka looked confused and horrified. "I think you sparked his interest. I'm not surprise that you're special. Just like your father! Oh, I could immortalize you as well!"

     "W-Wait but Hawkmoth knows it was just ep-epilepsy!" Luka gasped, trying to get out of his grip as panic began to fill his mind. "He said he would leave me alone!"

     "That was before the incident with Mob Boss," Pixelator replied but he had the purple mask over his eyes. "Once is chance, twice is coincidence but three times is a pattern and I have akumatized an epileptic before, Mr Couffaine. No one reacted the way you did,"

     "I counted twice, Hawkmoth," Luka pointed out, making him chuckle.

     "Two akumas and an amok," He replied, glaring at him. "I count three and I highly doubt that you're epileptic. I think Anatis is covering up something about you and I will find out what it is!"

     Luka had to take a deep breathe to calm himself down as Pixelator continued to pull him back into the room and towards a photo. He glanced around, trying to work out how to break free but nothing lit up, making him feel more panicked. However, his luck vision kicked in when he looked towards Marinette's mirror, highlighting himself. He blinked with slight confusion. What could he do? He was just Luka and Luka didn't have any super powers... but he did have nature magic. Once he remembered that, it became clear of what he needed to do. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, causing Pixelator to stop and look at him.

     "What are you doing?" He asked. Luka wasn't sure if it was the akuma or Hawkmoth but frankly he didn't care.

     "Trying to stop myself from having a panic attack," He replied, keeping his eyes closed as he spoke calmly. "Unfortunately, I have them thanks to the actions of my asshole of a stepfather. Been kidnapped and beaten up will do that for you,"

     "Well, that makes sense! It was a traumatic event," Well, it looks like Pixelator r is back in control. "But don't worry! Once Hawkmoth has talked to you, I'll immor-"

     Luka suddenly slammed his hand on Pixelator's arm and projected his panic onto him, causing him to yell out and letting go. It wasn't the same level as he did to Issac but it was enough to shock the akuma and possibly cause a backlash onto Hawkmoth. Seeing his chance, he ripped his arm free and scaled the platform that led to Marinette's bed before hoisting himself up to the balcony. He slammed the skylight closed and locked it before moving the table over it. The table jumped slightly as Pixelator tried to break through the skylight. Luka rushed over to the edge and climbed over it, moving over to the edge and towards the brick wall. He ducked behind it as a bright light appeared. Tikki looked up at him, causing him to place his finger to his lip as Pixelator climbed onto the balcony. He growled when he couldn't see Luka.

     "He's not here, Hawkmoth," He stated, glancing around. "He must have escaped,"

     Luka peeked around the edge a little as Pixelator stood still with a purple mask over his eyes. Hawkmoth was talking to him and though Luka couldn't hear it, he could guess what he was saying. Find him and bring him to me. 

     "Of course," He replied before jumping off the balcony and into the city. Luka let out a sigh as Tikki flew out.

     "Are you ok?" She asked, making him nod.

     "But Hawkmoth has decided to hunt me down again," He sighed, running his fingers through his hair. "I probably haven't helped the situation but I used that trick Feng taught me to escape from Pixelator's grip,"

     "You projected your emotions on him again?"

     "Yeah but just enough to stun him for a couple of minutes," He replied, glancing down. "I only did what I did to Issac because it was the only way to stop him without getting violent..."

     "I know, Luka," She whispered, touching his cheek. "Trust me, I'm not judging you. I'm just surprised at how quickly you mastered that trick that's all. You really are a natural mage,"

     "Thanks, Tikki," He smiled before frowning. "But Pixelator captured Marinette so it's time to transform. Tikki! Spots on!"

     He transformed and took out his yoyo before scrolling through his contacts. Lady Noir wasn't online, making him frown but he shook his head and sent her a quick message, explaining the akuma. With that done, he went onto the ladyblog and scrolled through it's older posts til he came to the article on Pixelator when he first turned up. He read over it as he frowned. Obsessed with Jagged Stone, tried to capture him and ended up capturing multiple victims. He remembered taking him down with Simon Says and using his power to capture many akumas and jury members during Princess Justice's attack but he had no idea who he was as a civilian. With some of the akumas, it was obvious. Either they looked like their normal selves, they revealed who they were when talking, they were famous or he actually knew them in his normal life but with some akumas, he didn't have an idea who they were and Pixelator was one of those ones. It didn't help that technically reporters and bloggers weren't allowed to name their civilian identities but even with those ones, he could usually work who they were. Anatis frowned to himself before looking back at the article and read it over again. The part that stood out to him was the obsessed with Jagged Stone. Pixelator had said it as well. How he wanted to immortalize Jagged Stone. It reminded him of that creepy guy in the park who had interrupted his time with Marinette. He frowned as he thought about it. He had sprayed him with Pepper Spray so maybe he did get akumatized afterwards. Anatis let out a sigh and closed his yoyo. He only knew a few things about this guy. His first name was Vincent and he was obsessed with Jagged. He sighed before throwing his yoyo and swinging across to the Grand Paris Hotel. He landed on the roof and put his yoyo away before he heard his name been squealed. He glanced over and saw Chloe and Sabrina looking at him.

     "Oh hey," He smiled, lifting his hand to wave. Sabrina giggled and followed Chloe as she rushed over. 

     "Are you on patrol?" Chloe asked.

     "Actually, I'm looking for Jagged Stone," He replied, making her gasp in surprise. "He stays here right?"

     "Oh! Yes!! Room 36 on the fourth floor," Sabrina gasped, making him nod. "We can show you to it,"

     "That would be great," He smiled, causing the two girls to pull him over to the lift. The three of them went down the lift and to the fourth floor. Once there, Anatis thanked them and headed towards Jagged's room. He knocked on the door and waited for a few minutes before the door opened, revealing Penny.

     "Anatis?" She asked, surprised.

     "I need to talk to Mr Stone," He stated, causing her to nod and let him in. Jagged looked up from his guitar and gasped in surprise before jumping up and rushing over to him.

     "Anatis! What brings you here?"

     "Um... actually I wanted to ask about Pixelator," He stated, making Jagged frown. "He's returned and I need to know who he is,"

     "Oh well that's easy," Jagged stated, making Anatis nod. "He's called Vincent Asa. He's this super obsessed fan of mine. When he first became Pixelator, it was because Penny caught him trying to take a picture of me without my permission. She kicked him out and well he got akumatized and came after me. Ryuko and Aspik saved me but a lot of other people got captured. I'm not sure how they got out though as they definitely escaped before you turned up. Anyway, they stopped him by destroying his camera,"

     "Hmm," Anatis frowned, nodding to himself before taking out his yoyo and typing Vincent's name, finding his address. "Ok, I'm gonna go and investigate his home. Maybe I can find a clue as to how his power works or why he got akumatized,"

     "Well, he just captures people and traps them in some sort of place," Penny stated, making Anatis shake his head. "Anatis?"

     "It seems his power has grown. He is now able to travel through photos as well as capture people," He replied, frowning. "I recommend not going outside. Pixelator will try and capture you if he sees you, Mr Stone,"

     "R-Right..." Jagged nodded before gasping. "Wait, you don't think he'll go after my son will you?!"

     "Luka?" Anatis asked, making Jagged nod. "Actually, it was him who alerted me about Pixelator but I told him to hide somewhere Pixelator wouldn't think to look,"

     "Like the school?" Jagged asked, making Anatis chuckle.

     "Sure," He replied before opening the window and diving out of it, swinging off into the city. He landed on the building next to the one Vincent lived in before jumping down and climbing through an open window. He glanced around, frowning at all the pictures devoted to Jagged but a shiver came up to his spine as he saw pictures of himself, Juleka, Anarka and even Marinette. There were ones of him walking home from school and a couple of him and Juleka having ice cream. There were ones of Anarka, Jagged and Penny talking as well of ones of Marinette hanging out with him and Juleka and a couple of her meetings with Penny and Jagged. "Ok, this is a whole new level of creepy and I'm pretty sure this is illegal,"

     He took out his yoyo and took photos for evidence. There was no way he was going to let Vincent get away with stalking. He might be Hawkmoth's current victim but this was something that needed to be addressed. He walked over and noticed a cloth on the side by a sink. He walked over and noticed it had black on it. He recognized it was eyeliner, suggesting that Vincent had been using it to wash his face. He frowned and walked over, picking it up. Almost instantly, his vision flashed, causing him to blink. When he opened his eyes, he still stood in front of the mirror but stood next to him was Vincent. Anatis jumped back in surprise but Vincent didn't react to him at all. In fact, he was still looking in the mirror. His eyes were red and watery as he shakily held the cloth. Anatis frowned and moved his hand in front of his face yet he didn't react to him. Instead, he sighed and moved his hand.

     "Stupid brat," He muttered, running it under water before dubbing his eyes. "I just want a photo of Jagged! He didn't have to spray me with damn pepper spray!"

     He slammed the cloth down and walked over to his bed, picking up his camera as an akuma fluttered into the room. Anatis frowned as he saw the akuma enter the camera. Vincent growled as he listened to Hawkmoth.

     "I get the miraculous of Anatis and Lady Noir," He replied, making Anatis frown as he listened. "I know the drill,"

     He didn't turn into Pixelator straight away. Instead, he continued to listen to Hawkmoth.

     "Go on," He stated before gasping. "Jagged Stone's son?! Do you want his designer as well?"

     Anatis frowned as he watched. Is that why he captured Marinette?

     "Let the photo shoot begin, Hawkmoth..." Vincent stated, making Anatis frown as he turned into Pixelator before he blinked again and looked round the room. Vincent was gone and Anatis was still stood in front of the mirror, holding the cloth.

     "That was new..." He muttered, making a mental note to ask Feng about it as he put down the cloth. He went to head to the door before noticing some odd looking pictures. It took a moment but he realized they weren't pictures but in fact, people trapped. He moved over and gasped as he saw a couple of people he didn't recognized but one he did. "Marinette?"

     "Anatis!" She gasped, looking up at him with relief in her eyes. "Oh thank goodness, you're here! You need to find Luka! He's in big trouble,"

     "Luka is safe, Marinette. I know Pixelator is after him so I've hidden him somewhere Pixelator won't think to look," He replied, making Marinette let out a sigh of relief as new pictures appeared on the wall. A few others noticed him and began to ask for help, causing him to look at them in shock. "What happened to you?"

     "We were just walking- Behind you!" One of them gasped, causing Anatis to jump out of the way as Pixelator jumped out of a picture and began to shoot at him. He jumped over the couch as Pixelator aimed at him. He went to throw his yoyo but Pixelator's beam hit his arm, causing him to drop his yoyo. He gasped and jumped across the room, grabbing his yoyo as he did. Pixelator aimed at him, causing him to knock his body into the camera lights. They began to fall on Pixelator, forcing him to take photos of them so they didn't land on him. Seeing his chance, Anatis escaped through the window and swung off through the city, landing on a rooftop and moved behind a wall. He glanced behind and saw Pixelator wasn't following him, causing him to let out a small sigh of relief before he turned his attention back to his arm to see the damage. He looked at it and frowned as he saw it was pixelated. He took a deep breathe and went to touch it with his other hand, only for it to go straight through. 

     "Oh dear," He gasped, wiggling his fingers. "I really hope Tikki can fix that..."

     His yoyo vibrated, causing him to open it with his good hand. It was a notification from the TVi studio. He went to press play but his fingers went through, making him sigh.

     "Yoyo, play the video," He ordered, causing it to make the video play. He didn't use it very often but right now, he was glad he could use voice command on his yoyo. The video played, causing him to frown as he watched the news crew film Pixelator firing at random innocent people as he strolled down the Champs-Élysées before turning to the camera.

     "Anatis, if you don't bring me what I want, I'll make sure everyone in Paris is nothing but memories!" He demanded before firing at the camera man, making the film cut off. Anatis sighed before closing his yoyo and swinging off to the Champs-Élysées. He landed on a bus as Pixelator continued to shoot at people, making him sigh.

     "Got a itchy trigger finger hm?" He asked, causing Pixelator to turn around and face him. He went to fire at him but Anatis held up his hand. "Hold on! If you get rid of me now, you'll never know where I hid your target but more importantly, I have an offer for you that I know you won't be able to resist?"

     "What could you possibly give me?" Pixelator asked, making Anatis smirk.

     "Jagged Stone," He replied, causing the akuma to gasp. "I know you're his biggest fan and if you free the people you have captured, I'll arrange a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Your very own photoshoot with Jagged Stone himself. He'll be yours forever,"

     "You're lying," Pixelator gasped, making Anatis narrow his eyes.

     "I would never lie," He stated, making Pixelator look at him. "Everyone knows how much I hate liars. Just look at how I reacted to Volpina,"

     "Hmm... You did expose her," He stated, frowning as he tapped his chin.

     "And you're never get a chance like this again," He stated, making Pixelator smile as he brought into it. "What do you say? Free the people you've captured and immortalize your idol forever or lose your chance forever?"

     "How about I free half now then the other half once you bring Jagged here?" He replied, making Anatis pull a face before sighing.

     "Alright, it's a deal," He replied, making Pixelator smirk before he pressed a button on the side of his head. A shockwave of pixels appeared before people began to reappear.

     "Alright, I've kept my part of the deal now you keep yours," Pixelator stated, causing Anatis to nod. He took out his yoyo and opened it before trying to use it. He sighed and began to use his nose, making Pixelator roll his eyes. "Hurry up,"

     "Well, I'd be able to do this faster if you hadn't pixelated my arm!" Anatis snapped back, looking up and moving the yoyo to his ear. "Ms Rolling, it's Anatis. I need you to bring Mr Stone to the Champs-Élysées. I know but it was the only way I could free some of the people. Yes... thank you for understanding,"

     He moved his yoyo and used his chin to close it before looking at Pixelator. 

     "He's on his way," He stated as Lady Noir silently jumped down and slowly moved towards him. "So while we're waiting, why don't I guess where your akuma is or you could release the other half?"

     "I'll release them when Jagged Stone gets here," He replied, stepping forward. "Of course, I could just take your miraculous right now hm? Since you've arranged for Jagged to come here, I no longer need you,"

     "Yeah but I'm the only person who knows where your other target is," Anatis replied, making Pixelator stop. "And I know that's who Hawkmoth really wants. You get rid of me and I'll never tell you where he is,"

     "You drive a hard bargain, Anatis," Pixelator replied, crossing his arms before glancing around. "You better not be lying to me,"

     "I'm not," Anatis replied, tilting his head to the side. "Is it in your head gear?"

     Pixelator snapped his head towards him, causing Anatis to pick up on a hint of panic.

     "It is, isn't it?" He smirked as Lady Noir reached for it but before she could get it, Pixelator realized and turned around, grabbing her hand. She pushed against him before he knocked her down and grabbed her legs, throwing her into Anatis. He tried to catch her but thanks to his pixelated hand, it fails and she landed on him. Pixelator laughed and fired at them, causing Anatis to grab her with his good hand and roll under the car. "You ok?"

     "I'm good," She replied as they jumped up and ran from Pixelator as he fired at the car. Lady Noir frowned as she noticed Anatis cradling his right hand. "What happened to your hand?"

     "Oh, Pixelator hit it with his beam and... well..." He held it up, showing her what it looked like. Pixelator fired at them again, causing them to backflip away before landing on the ground as Pixelator fired at them again. To their surprise, he missed but then Lady Noir saw that he hit a window of a car behind them, causing the beam to bounce and head towards Anatis. She pushed him out of the way, causing her to disappear in pixels as it hit her. Anatis rolled and jumped up, throwing his yoyo at Pixelator who turned to him.

     "When the cat's away, the mice will play," He smirked, pointing to his lens. "Ready to be immortalized forever, Anatis?"

     "Can't wait," He grinned, spinning his yoyo and dodging Pixelator's beams before jumping over him and throwing his yoyo. It wrapped around his wrist as Anatis landed. He yanked it, causing Pixelator to fall forward. He growled and yanked his hand free as Anatis jumped onto a car and threw his yoyo, swinging away from him. Pixelator fired at him, hitting his leg and causing him to fall down as he stalked over.

     "You're very clever, Anatis but it's obvious that you lied to me to distract me," 

     "You were the one who believed me, Pixelator," He replied, moving away from him as best as he could. "I really do hate liars but did you really think I'd actually sacrifice a civilian?"

     "Well played," He replied, smirking. "But I win this game. Look into-"

     "Pixelator!" Jagged's voice echoed, causing Anatis to look over in surprise as Pixelator smirked and turned to him. He called out to him, trying to tell him to run as he was in danger. However, Jagged completely ignored him. "You want me?! Well, here I am!"

     "Jagged!" He gasped, completely losing interesting in Anatis. "At last, I can finally immortalize you! Look into the lens!"

     He went to take his photo but Jagged stopped him and switched pose before repeating the action. He questioned if the lighting was right or if his nose looked small, keeping Pixelator distracted and annoyed. Anatis tried to stand up but fell forward. However, Penny caught him surprising him.

     "We saw the news reporter and it looked like you could use a hand," She whispered as Jagged spun around again, getting on his knees and holding up his hands. "I think it might be time to use your power,"

     "Good suggestion," Anatis replied, throwing his yoyo up with his good hand. "Lucky charm!"

     A compact mirror appeared out of thin and fell to the ground, causing Anatis to try and grab it. However, it phased through his hand but Penny caught it.

     "A compact mirror?" She asked, holding it to him. He took it from her as she frowned. "What are you gonna do with that?"

     "I'm not sure yet," He replied, looking around in his luck vision as Pixelator demanded that Jagged open his eyes. To his and Penny's surprise, a bunch of pixels appeared, causing everyone who got captured to return. Anatis let out a sigh of relief as he saw Lady Noir, causing his luck vision to work. It highlighted her baton and then the compact mirror. "Of course! Batter up!!"

     He lifted it in his good hand and threw it towards Lady Noir, who used her baton as a bat and hit towards Jagged and Pixelator, just as he was about to take a photo of him. Everyone held their breathe as he pressed the button but the mirror flew inbetween him and Jagged as he did. The beam bounced back towards him, turning him into pixels and causing his head gear to fall to the ground. Lady Noir rushed over and grabbed the compact mirror before running over to Anatis. She handed him the compact mirror, causing him to take it and throw it up in the air with his good hand. 

     "Miraculous Ladybugs!" He shouted, causing it to burst into the magical swarm that headed straight for him, flowing around him before moving through Paris, fixing all the damage and returning Pixelator in front of him. With his arm and his leg fixed, Anatis crushed his head set and captured the akuma that escaped from it. Pixelator turned back into Vincent Asa, who looked around confused as Anatis let the butterfly go. However, Anatis stepped in front of him with a stern look at him. Vincent looked up at him and gulped as his expression was grim. "Officer Roger, I think you need to take this man into police custorary,"

     "But he was a victim?" He asked, walking over as relief flooded Vincent's face.

     "Yes, I'm a victim!" He gasped but he shut his mouth as Anatis took out his yoyo and opened it.

     "While I was trying to work out how he got akumatized and his powers, I had to search his apartment," He replied, making Vincent go pale as Anatis turned to him. "I discovered his shrine to Jagged but also these,"

     He showed Officer Roger, Penny and Jagged the pictures of he took of his photos of himself, Marinette, Penny, Anarka and Juleka.

     "He's been stalking Jagged and his family I'd guess since Mr Roth released that information about my friend," He stated, making Vincent gulp as everyone looked at him. "I also know that he became akumatized again because he cornered Mr Couffaine and Miss Dupain-Cheng in the park earlier today, causing Mr Couffaine to panic and react by using pepper spray on him,"

     "H-He assaulted me!" Vincent gasped. "H-He shouldn't have pepper spray!! It's illegal!!"

     "Actually, Mr Couffaine applied for a licence in order to be able to carry a small spray of pepper spray on his person for a form of self defense, due to recent circumstances and it was approved by a court," Penny stated, surprising everyone. "Also, Officer Roger, please arrest this man. We will be pressing charges for stalking and harassing a minor. Anatis would you mind forwarding those to the right authorities for evidence?"

     "Vincent Asa, you're under arrest," Officer Roger stated as Anatis' earrings beeped and Lady Noir's ring beeped. Anatis turned to Penny and Jagged.

     "I'll send them as soon as I'm charged up again... but thank you for your help today," He smiled before turning to Lady Noir. "See you soon, Kitten,"

     "Bye, Annie," She grinned before jumping away.

     ~Hawkmoth's Lair~

     "Sir?" Nathalie asked as Hawkmoth frowned deeply. She walked over to him and placed his hands over his. "Are you ok?"

     "I'm fine," He stated, turning to the window. "It's time to put Miss Rossi's skill to use again and to see how loyal she is to me,"

     "What do you have planned sir?" She asked as he detransformed and led her through his garden and up to his office. He took out his calendar and opened it, scrolling through the dates before stopping on it. "Sir?"

     "In two weeks time, it will be exactly one year since Anatis made his first appearance," He replied, tapping the screen. "And on that way, he will finally fall and I will finally claim his and that annoyed cat's miraculous,"

     "But how will you do that?"

     "With a distraction," He replied, tapping on the screen. "It just happens to be the wedding anniversary of Mr and Mrs Rossi on the same day. Emotions run high and with a little invention on Miss Rossi's part, the happy couple won't be so happy. I'll akumatize them and Anatis will fight them,"

     "He'll defeat them," 

     "Exactly and he won't expect a second akuma straight away," Hawkmoth smirked. "He'll be caught off guard,"

     "An excellent plan," She replied, making Hawkmoth smirk. "Will you go after Mr Couffaine again?"

     "I won't need to," He replied, smirking. "With the second akuma will have him come to me easily but Mr Couffaine is a secondary goal and won't matter if I get the miraculous,"


    Next Chapter: Coming soon 

    #luka couffaine #Ladybug Luka Couffaine | Anatis #marinette dupain cheng #cat marinette dupain-cheng | lady noir #lukanette #lukanette is endgame #lukanette moment #luka loves mari #mari loves Luka #protective marinette#blueberry square #protect the blueberries #pixlator #jagged is trying to be a good dad #juleka couffaine#couffaine family#Couffaine siblings #juleka is a good sister #luka is a good brother #luka and juleka #vincent asa #vincent asa is creepy #justice#Pro LukaMari#pro lukamari
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    Face up - Epilogue

    Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Epilogue

    And it’s finished! YAY! This is a very short epilogue. I hope you like it. Thank you if you read this until the end :)

    Thank you @livrever​ for checking this for me!



    Chapter 3: epilogue

    It had been years since Marinette had slept during a Saturday morning. The extra work, her roller-coaster of feelings and kissing Luka until the sun was out left her exhausted. But she didn't regret anything, especially when the reward had been waking up in Luka's arms and his loving stare.

    "Good morning" He kissed her hair. "It's midday. Should we wake up?"

    "Good morning" she rubbed her eyes. "Can't we stay like this a little longer…?" Marinette pushed her body closer to his.

    "As you wish" he embraced her tighter with a soft smile. "I could easily get used to this..."

    "Me too," Marinette giggled. "Can I ask you something?"


    "What happened to your record deal? Did you sign it?" She looked up to meet his eyes.

    "Oh, I didn't," he answered.

    "Wha- why not!? Juleka said it was a unique opportunity! Even Nino said you would be internationally famous in no time. And I agree with him"

    "That's saying a lot, isn't it?" He laughed. "I said no because of the conditions. I don't want fame and I don't care about performing on big international stages. The connection with people- that's what I enjoy. Looking at people's faces. Seeing them enjoy my music. Being able to thank them individually. That's why I don't want to ever stop performing here despite living abroad"

    "That sounds like you… " she smiled. "What about fangirls?"

    "Another reason to keep quiet. I've had enough of them" He sighed. "I know they're part of the package, so I try to think of them as any other guest. But sometimes… There are times when it's impossible to stop them from being too close. Are you still worried-?"

    "No. I'm not" Marinette shook her head in ease. "None of them received a song from you, right? And Juleka told me how you spent all this past week rewatching that Friday's performance, just like I did. That was a pleasant surprise" she hummed, teasingly.

    "How could I not? I fell in love with you at that moment"

    "I fell in love with you that moment too" she brushed her nose to his neck. "You make me feel so special…"

    "Because you are," he assured and she blushed happily. "And you have good friends"

    "I know. Alya and Nino are amazing, Juleka and Rose too" she said, gratefully.

    "Oh, by the way," Luka suddenly said. "There's something Juleka and I have been wanting to ask you. Would you help us with-" he whispered in her ear.

    "Gladly!" she grinned after hearing his suggestion.


    Some weeks later - Friday

    "Hi! Welcome to the Liberty! Thanks for coming! Oh, I see some familiar faces… My beautiful girlfriend in the first row- hi gorgeous" he winked and Marinette giggled. "Her incredible friends Alya and Nino…" 'dude! He knows my name!' Nino exclaimed. 'of course he does! It’s been weeks!' Alya and Marinette laughed. "And… oh? Who's that?" He acted surprised when Juleka came on the stage, dressed in one of Marinette's elegant dresses. Rose looked at the scene in absolute surprise. "It seems my pretty sister wants to join us today. Give her a round of applause"

    Everyone clapped and Juleka sang to Luka's guitar. The cup Rose was holding almost fell on the floor (Captain saved it) as she covered her mouth in realization.

    A marriage proposal.

    Luka and Marinette exchanged knowing looks and the designer moved to get Rose in front of the stage.

    "Rose. Will you marry me?" Juleka asked, kneeling down and offering her a ring and a pink rose.

    "Yes!" Rose's eyes glowed and jumped to happily kiss her now fiancee.

    Whistles and applause followed and Luka approached his microphone again. "Well, that was something. Congratulations, ladies!" He winked, and Juleka flipped her middle finger at her brother as she walked with her fiancée to their shared cabin.

    "Well, well, what about we focus on love songs today? Good? Here we go! First song: 'Marinette' by Luka" he winked at his girlfriend.

    "Woohoo!" "Awesome!"

    Alya elbowed Marinette and she blushed, but she never stopped facing up. Always up. Always connected to his eyes.


    After the performance, Luka approached to kiss Marinette. "Thank you for Juleka's dress. It was perfect"

    "My pleasure. Everything is going better since I resigned from Audrey's. It's all thanks to you"

    "I'm glad to see you happy" he kissed her temple and she giggled. "Marinette. I was thinking... would you say yes if I did the same as Juleka or it's too early?"

    "Hmmm...." She teasingly hummed. "Who knows? No spoilers" She stuck her tongue out of her mouth, but retired it back inside before he had time to playfully catch it.

    "I guess I'll have to try then. Maybe once I sell lots of the records for the label I just signed for"

    "You really…? I thought... That's amazing!" She exclaimed with glowing eyes and he smiled at her reaction.

    "Well… You told me how you thought playing at the Liberty and a record contract weren't incompatible, and how you would always listen to my recorded songs with a smile on your face. And you know I love your smile. So why not?" He grinned and she jumped happily to his arms.

    "I'm happy for you, Luka! You'll be famous in no time!"

    And she was right.

    A few months later, and just a few days after Luka's CD was out, Luka's songs soon reached the top of all popularity and selling charts. An all-kill release.

    And with that accomplished, and after Juleka and Rose's wedding, Luka wasted no more time to propose to Marinette with a new song.

    And Marinette…

    She was moved. Thankful. Happy. Her feelings were crystal clear.

    So she raised her face up, to meet her boyfriend's loving and expectant eyes and answered: "Yes"


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    Ballad of the Blueberries

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    #miraculous ladybug#luka couffaine #luka x marinette #marinette dupain cheng #miraculous lb#love #marinette dupain cheng x luka couffaine #miraculous luka#mlb luka#lukanette
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    Lukanette June 2021 Day 18 - Pillow Fort

    @lukanettejune <3

    God I nearly died writing this! I was originally like “pillow fort, sounds easy enough” and then I go all out! But I guess I work so hard because I love the lukanette fandom!

    That said it was really fun to write this so I hope all of you enjoy! <3

    Marinette, Luka, and all their friends were planning on having a big picnic today. Marinette and Luka, along with Juleka and Rose, were getting their picnic baskets ready, but then there was the sound of thunder in the distance.

    The four of them were startled and looked out the window to see the sky filling with dark grey clouds.

    Pretty soon, the Liberty was being pelted with rain, and the storm was so harsh everyone felt the boat rock under them.

    "Oh no!" Rose cried as she, Juleka, and Marinette tried to keep their balance on the rocking boat.

    "Whoa!" Marinette cried as she fell forward into Luka's arms.

    "Careful," Luka cried as he held Marinette close. "Being on a boat during a storm takes some getting used to."

    "Where did this storm come from?" Juleka said as she held on to a column with her Rose holding her from behind.

    "Oh god!" Luka cried as he sat Marinette down on a chair. "I need to save the furniture."

    Marinette sprung up. "Luka, no!" Then she lost her balance again and fell backward on the chair.

    Luka placed his hand on her cheek to calm her. "I need to save the top deck furniture. I'll be fine, I promise."

    "Luka, I can help you!" Juleka cried.

    Luka gestured to the girls to stay inside, and when he opened the door, the unexpected storm howled, and he ran straight out.

    Marinette was concerned and Juleka sighed.

    "Don't worry, Marinette, he was trained to do this type of stuff," Juleka said, a bit frustrated.

    Marinette stood up and tried to keep her balance. "I'll go get him a towel."

    Marinette slipped a few more times before she finally reached the bathroom in what felt like a scene from a sci-fi movie on a spaceship and grabbed a towel. But as she heard another howl and crash outside, she grabbed a second towel.

    She walked back to Luka and Juleka's sleeping area, heard Luka open the door, and quickly closed it behind him to block the storm. He walked down the stairs soaked to the bone, and he removed his jacket, which was dripping from the rain.

    "Luka!" Marinette cried as she ran to him and placed the towel over her head, causing him to chuckle a bit after feeling dreary from the rain. "Thanks, Mari!" He said.

    "You should dry off in the bathroom," she said as she took him by the hand and led him to the other side of the boat, something Luka didn't argue on.

    Luka grabbed some extra clothes from the giant dresser and walked into the bathroom to change. Marinette sat on a nearby chair to check her phone.

    Adrien made a point to say that, unfortunately, the picnic they planned would be canceled and check to see if everyone was safe from the storm.

    Marinette mentioned that she and the others were alright. Luka was very heroic in going out in the storm to save the deck furniture. And that this was her first time being on the Liberty during a storm. The boat kept on rocking, and it was like being in a disaster movie.

    Adrien quickly sent a message to Luka, telling him to take it easy. He was over at Kagami's mansion right now, and both of them showed their gratitude that they were doing just fine even though they were on the Liberty.

    Then Nino, Kim, and Adrien had their moment of dismay where they shared a bunch of upset emojis since their parade was literally being rained on.

    Luka walked out of the bathroom wearing grey jeans and a sky blue shirt while still having a towel over his shoulders. He smiled at his beautiful girlfriend, and Marinette smiled in relief, but also because he looked adorable with wet hair.

    "So the picnic today is more or less canceled, and everyone online feels bummed," Marinette said, feeling a bit dishearted herself.

    Luka sat beside her and wrapped his arm around her. "We will wait out the storm together."

    Marinette smiled, and the two of them took a moment to press foreheads.

    The both of them walked back to the sleeping area and heard giggling. After a pause, Luka and Marinette looked behind the room divider to see Juleka and Rose under a fort of pillows and blankets.

    Juleka pulled up the sheet that closed off their fort, and she and her girlfriend giggled again.

    "Hey, you two," Rose said. "Do you like our pillow fort?"

    Marinette smiled. "It is charming." She took a moment to look and see it was still pouring outside. "Actually, sitting inside a pillow fort sounds nice right now."

    Luka smirked and placed his hands on Marinette's shoulders. "We can make one."

    "Really?" Marinette asked.

    "Yeah!" Luka said. "When me and my sister were little, we practically slept in a pillow fort every night."

    Luka took a moment to turn to his sister and Rose. "I mean if we are allowed to make our pillow fort next to yours."

    Juleka and Rose smiled together.

    "Only if we get to eat the sweets Marinette made," Juleka said.

    "And only if we get to choose the first movie!" Rose said.

    Everyone promptly agreed on this arrangement, especially since they didn't have to suffer due to the rain. They could eat their picnic food inside the boat. But the first order of business was Marinette and Luka's pillow fort.

    Luka grabbed some items Marinette gave him a while back. One was a rainbow quilt that Marinette worked day and night to sew together. Luka and Marinette placed the quilt over two chairs for the fort. Another blanket Marinette made was a sky blue blanket with white cloud patterns that was soft enough for Luka and Marinette to sit on under the quilt.

    Marinette carefully placed the pillows around for comfort and aesthetics.

    "It looks great, Marinette," Luka said.

    Marinette didn't look so sure. "I need our pillow fort to be extra cute."

    Luka also still felt a bit of a chill from facing the storm head-on, so he grabbed a pink blanket with yellow star patterns. Another blanket Marinette sewed that she didn't like. But Luka happily took it off her hands and shamelessly slept with it each night, making Marinette feel slightly better.

    Luka wrapped himself in the pink blanket, and Marinette smiled at him.

    "Part of me wants to forget that blanket. It's not my best work," Marinette said.

    Luka said nothing and wrapped his arm around her, so they were both cuddled in the blanket. Marinette smiled, laying her head against her boyfriend's chest, and was about to just sleep.

    "Now it's time for lunch, you two!" Rose said.

    Marinette and Luka snapped out of it and realized they haven't had lunch yet.

    But first, they huddled around the fridge, which was home to flavored drinks. Juleka had her favorite grape soda, and Marinette and Rose took strawberry milk. And then there was Luka, who would probably be responsible for hoarding all bottles of blueberry rootbeer in France.

    Marinette insisted he should drink tea he wouldn't get sick, but Luka quickly grabbed a bottle of root beer.

    "Marinette, you always take care of me at times like this, but please let me drink my rootbeer this time. It's a special day!" Luka said.

    Marinette felt she couldn't convince him this time. But if he got sick, she would just give him tea with extra ginger.

    "He used to collect empty bottles and play bowling with them," Juleka teased.

    Luka smirked. "And I would do that again Jule, we are trapped in a storm!"

    After the playful banter, they sat at their pillow forts and cheered with their varying drinks.

    Rose and Juleka choose a science fiction movie to play on the laptop, and the four of them waited in anticipation as the opening credits played.

    "Oh, wait a sec!" Marinette cried as she took out her phone, preparing her camera. Luka picked up on what she was doing and sat by her side, smiling for a camera. Marinette aimed her camera at the two of them and winked before snapping the photo.

    She posted the image with a caption that said, "Pillow fort life!"

    Juleka and Rose decided to take a cute selfie as well in front of their own pillow fort.

    As Marinette and Luka were ready to start the movie, they received multiple notifications on their phones.

    Alya and Nino thought that was a totally cool idea during the storm. Ivan wanted to play pillow fort battleships. And Adrien and Kagami weren't sure what pillow forts were. So Luka and Marinette took a moment to explain to them that pillow forts are the height of romance and comfort.

    When their movie finally started, they finally took their baguette sandwiches from the picnic basket.

    Luka was ready to break a sandwich with Marinette, but then they saw Juleka and Rose biting into opposite sides of the sandwich.

    Marinette smiled and took the sandwich from Luka, and offered the opposite side to him. Luka happily bit the other end, and he and Marinette enjoyed the sandwich together.

    When they finished the sci-fi movie, the four of them took a moment to check their phones and saw that all the other friends made pillow forts as well.

    Ivan got really into it and wrote a caption under his pillow fort photo that said, "Pillow fort nation!"

    Alya and Nino looked so peaceful in their lovely pillow fort, and Adrien and Kagami tried their hardest to make their own. However, they still had fun sitting in their pillow fort and sharing pocky cookies.

    "Now, let's eat dessert!" Rose cried.

    Marinette stood up. "Just a moment."

    Marinette walked to the fridge to take out the fruit and custard tart and all the chocolate chip cookies she made.

    She came back, and her boyfriend and the others gleamed in anticipation for the sweet treats.

    Marinette set the sweets down and cut the tart as Luka turned on an animated fantasy movie.

    Luka very much enjoyed the chocolate chip cookies and the tart. But it seemed as if he and Marinette were powering down. At the same time, Rose and Juleka became a bit more hyperactive, wanting to marathon movies all day.

    When they finished eating, Marinette laid her head on Luka's shoulder, and he smiled and took her hand as they sat in blissful silence.

    In the middle of the third movie, Juleka and Rose got up to see that the clouds had cleared up and the light was coming out of the sky.

    "Finally! I was afraid we would be here all night!" Rose cried.

    "I wonder if we can still have a picnic," Juleka said.

    Rose actually seemed alright with that idea.

    "We could probably have another. I just wanna go outside and smell the air after rain," Rose said.

    The little couple walked back into the sleeping area.

    "Marinette," Rose cried.

    "Big brother," Juleka said.

    The two of them peaked through the room divider and heard soft snoring.

    Luka and Marinette fell asleep under their pillow fort. Marinette gently rested her head on Luka's chest, and Luka had his hands gently wrapped around Marinette.

    Juleka and Rose quietly noted how cute they were.

    "Figures, let's let them sleep," Rose whispered.

    Juleka took a moment to throw a blanket on top of Luka and Marinette. She and Rose smiled at them before leaving them alone.


    A week later, Marinette texted Luka that she had a surprise at her house.

    Luka was more than eager to visit his girlfriend, but he wondered what the surprise was.

    Marinette helped Luka up the ladder after telling him to close his eyes and not to peek.

    Luka smiled when he finally felt himself in Marinette's room.

    "Alright, you can open your eyes now!"

    Luka opened his eyes and saw a big pillow fort with twinkle lights.

    "Ta-da!" Marinette cried. "I wanted to make another pillow fort." Marinette pushed her index fingers together. "Do you like it?"

    Luka smiled before hugging Marinette from behind and causing her to giggle. "I love it!" He said.

    The two of them were so blissful under the pillow fort marathoning a TV show while drinking tea from Marinette's porcelain tea set.

    At one point, Tom and Sabine peaked through the door and giggled at the adorable couple.

    "Papa! Mama! You're stalking us!" Marinette cried.

    Tom and Sabine quickly shut the door.

    "Sorry, Honey!" Tom cried from behind the door.

    "Are you sure, Marinette? The more pillow forts, the merrier," Luka suggested.

    Marinette took a bite of a cookie. "I'm going to have to sew more blankets and pillows."

    Marinette thought a bit more. "Yeah, I would like to sew blankets to make better pillow forts."

    Luka smiled over that idea and wrapped his arms around her again, and lightly kissed her neck. "Makes me want to cuddle," he said softly.

    Marinette smirked and pushed him on a pillow so she could lay on top of his chest. Yes, there was indeed plenty of time to cuddle under their pillow fort.

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  • globodoodles
    19.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    despues de truth y lies

    #miraculous season 4 #luka couffaine#lukanette#adriagami#lukagami #mlb miraculous ladybug
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  • mlb-confess
    19.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    "Adrimi and Lukanette deserved so much better than what the show gave them. They are genuinely interesting relationships that got screwed over for a bland generic MC ship (LS)."

    - submitted by anonymous

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  • iiadynolr
    19.06.2021 - 1 day ago
    #mlb#mlb 2021#mlb fanart #mlb the show #miraculous ladybug #miraculous ladybug fanart #marinette dupain cheng #marinette fanart#mlb luka #luka x marinette #marinette x luka #lukanette
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  • lenoraishere
    19.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Pillow fort Day uh Idk anymore tbh but this isn't the best. I wanted to make it longer but my brain fizzed out.

    The name of Leon belongs to @emikogale

    Uh. Anyways enjoy this. I hope it's not too bad. Let me shut up now

    Marinette was sleeping peacefully in her bed. Luka smiled at her sleeping figure and got up. He walked towards Leon's room and Leon came out wearing his pajamas still. 

    "Morning Daddy!" He hugged Luka.

     "Morning Leon. Mommy is still sleeping. Shall we surprise her with breakfast?"

    Leon let go of him. "Yes! Can I help please?" Leon looked at him with his cyan eyes. 

    "Of course. Let's go." Luka picked up Leon and headed into the kitchen. After being finished making breakfast. They went into Marinette's and Luka's room. 

    Leon walked over to the sleeping figure.

    "Mommy! Wake up!" Leon began to shake Marinette's resting figure. "Leon. Don't do that!" Luka walked into the room with a plate of pancakes. "Marinette!" "5 more minutes," Marinette murmured.

    Leon giggled. "Mommy, wake up. Daddy and I made you breakfast."  Marinette awakened. 

    "Breakfast in bed?" Marinette peeked at the plate that Luka was carrying.

     Luka gave her the plate. "You guys are so sweet but I can still do normal things." Marinette took the plate and gazed at the blueberry pancakes. 

    "I just wanted to make this pregnancy of yours as comfortable as possible." Luka put his hand on Marinette's. 

    "Mommy! Do you think we could build a pillow fort and watch some movies?" Leon asked. Marinette smiled.

     "Of course. Leon, please go pick out a movie we should watch." Leon nodded and left the room. Marinette took a bite of the pancakes.

     Luka smiled. "I love you, my melody." Marinette giggled. "I love you too." 

    Marinette placed the plate on the dresser close to the bed and got up. Luka took the plate. "Do you need anything?"

    "I'm fine Luka, I appreciate you doing this, but since this is our second child. You don't need to go overboard as you did before."

     Luka laughed. "I just want you to have a smooth pregnancy. I'll start building the pillow fort. Maybe you could make some hot chocolate and cookies." 

    Marinette started to waddle to the kitchen. Luka chuckled seeing her walk. "Hey! Stop laughing at me!" Marinette shouted. Luka snickered a bit and put the pancakes away in the refrigerator for later. 

    He went out in the living to see Leon with a movie. "What movie is it?" Leon held up the movie cast to him. "It's Miraculous Ladybug! See?" Luka chuckled. "I can see that. Let's start building the fort." Leon smiled and set the movie down on the table.

     Leon and Luka started building the fort. After about 30 minutes, they finished. Marinette came out with cookies. Luka got up off the floor and took the tray from her. "Here. I got this." Marinette playfully rolled her eyes. "Thank you!" 

    Luka sat the cookies down. Leon giggled and snatched a cookie. "I love these." Leon stuffs the cookie in his mouth. "Don't talk with your mouth full." Marinette sat down and Leon decided to sit down in her lap. "I'll get the hot chocolates. Also, be careful Leon." Luka headed into the kitchen.

    "Oh sorry, Mommy." Leon got off her lap. "No, it's okay. You can sit on my lap if you want to." Marinette pats his head. Leon crawled back into Marinette's lap. "Are you excited to be a big brother?" Marinette asked. "Yes! I can't wait." Leon smiled. 

    Luka walked into the living room with three cups of hot chocolate and gave them to Leon and Marinette. Leon took a sip of the hot chocolate and smiled. "Thank you." Luka inserted the movie in and sat between Leon and Marinette. 

    "This is nice," Marinette whispered and lay her head on Luka's shoulder. Luka put his arm around her and they all had a good time watching the movie. 

    #miraculous ladybug #marinette dupain cheng #luka couffaine#lukanette#pro lukamari #lukanette june 2021 #fluff
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    19.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    Voy a empezar a subir cosas a tumblr también aunque no creo que sea tan activo como facebook o instgram

    #mlb #miraculous les aventures de ladybug et chat noir #miraculous ladybug#svtfoe#doodles#globodoodles#soyunglobo#lukanette
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  • charlietheepicwriter7
    19.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Many Akumatizations of Luka Couffaine (5)

    Quote: “Ashes to Ashes... Dust to Dust...”

    Name: Ashes 

    Reason: (I’m feeling angsty in this chilis tonight...) Marinette is dead. Straight up unalive. Probably Lila’s fault, since she’s the worst. Luka feels numb for the first few days after her funeral - her family invited him to sit with them since he was her girlfriend - and it isn’t until they’re given her cremation ashes back that the despair really hits. 

    Goal: To bring Marinette back to life. This would be the “episode” where it’s revealed to the heroes that Hawkmoth wants the wish to bring back a loved one.

    Powers: Fire powers. He can burn something to ash in seconds. 

    Appearance: Smoke grey, extremely hazy and difficult to look at. The only pop of color is his necklace, gold, which was a present from Marinette. 

    #lukanette#angst#akuma luka#villain luka#luka couffaine #marinette dupain cheng #lila salt #major character death #miraculous ladybug#mlb #the many akumatizations of luka couffaine #this series only exists bc i missed day 4 of lukanette month
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  • charlietheepicwriter7
    19.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Many Akumatizations of Luka Couffaine (4)

    Quote: “All I want... is some piece and quiet. Some reprive from the clashing orchestras I’m surrounded by every day. Is that SO MUCH TO ASK!?”

    Name: The Good Night

    Reason: Sleep deprived from final exams, Luka’s empathy only gets stronger and stronger until he finally gets overwhelmed and becomes an akuma. 

    Goal: To rid the area he’s in of all emotions so he calms down. However, his range is based on the number of people, not distance, so no matter how many people he “takes out” he still feels at least 10 people’s emotions, even if they’re far away (a ref to how sounds carry farther when its quiet). 

    Powers: He puts people to sleep. 

    Appearance: A shadow person, with visible hair and glowing red eyes. His guitar is the akumatized object, and uses it to direct his power. 

    Notes: I wanted one where Marinette isn’t directly involved. Also, Miraculous presents magic other than miraculous - luka is a literal empath - and then doesn’t play with it at all!? Why??

    Notes pt 2: This would be an episode where Marinette is the problem solver, not Ladybug. She has to detransform to solve this. 

    #lukanette#akuma luka#villain luka#luka couffaine #marinette dupain cheng #ml salt #just a little bit tho #miraculous ladybug#mlb #the many akumatizations of luka couffaine
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  • charlietheepicwriter7
    19.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Many Akumatizations of Luka Couffaine (3)

    Quote: “Dedication, or blood.” 

    Name: The High Priest

    Reason: Marinette gets really hurt because of Lila’s lies. No assault or anything, but she ends up falling into a coma as a result (maybe a medically induced one). Luka learns that it’s Lila’s fault she was hurt and ends up akumatized into the High Priest. 

    Goal: To wake up his goddess, the comatose Marinette. For every person in class, they need to either Repent or become a Sacrifice. To Repent, the classmate has to dedicate themselves to the goddess with all their heart, and becomes an Acolyte, the akuma’s minion. A sacrifice... well, has to be killed over the sacred altar (Marinette’s hospital bed turned glass coffin). This is a dark au. Marinette only wakes when all her classmates are dealt with. 

    Powers: Enhanced speed and strength. Brainwashing, but only if the victim allows it, (The Acolyte repentance); this also changes the person’s appearance. Mild reality warping, but it’s only transformative, if that makes sense? He can turn the hospital into a temple, but he can’t create something from nothing. 

    Appearance: Blue skin with black geometric designs, dressed like an aztec priest. Long, blue-green feathers trailing behind him. Holds a large dagger. Glowing blue eyes. Acolytes are dressed similarly, but don’t have feathers and are dressed in their signature color (ex: Juleka would be purple, Rose pink, Max neon green, so on so forth...)

    Notes: I just really want an unhinged akuma... this fits more for a yandere luka au than anything else. 

    #yandere luka#akuma luka#lukanette#villain luka#luka couffaine #marinette dupain cheng #miraculous ladybug#mlb #the many akumatizations of luka couffaine
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  • verfound
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    FIClet: Vibe Check: Still Vibin' (MLB/Dingo File/Lukanette)

    Notes: …this wasn’t supposed to happen, but then Quick & Min said something and here we are. Another "wrote & edited in about an hour" ficlet. 😂 Now with 100% more Lukanette!

    “Vibe Check”

    A Continuation: Still Vibin’

    A few years later, same crew, same boat, one new addition…

    “…you’re grumpy today,” Luka observed, smiling when all Marinette could do was scowl at him. The smile grew maybe a bit more when she tore the page she’d been working on for the better part of twenty minutes out of her sketchbook, crumpled it up, and chucked it at his head. He caught the paper easily, which only made her scowl deepen. She huffed out a little breath and bent back over her sketchbook, steadfastly ignoring him.

    Across the deck, Dingo caught his eye from where he was sitting behind the drum set they kept on stage. He’d been goofing off with Ivan, showing the younger drummer something he’d been working on in class, and only half-paying attention to them, but he had caught that latest interaction. A truly demonic smirk curled his lips as he bent his head forward, the pineapple-shaped shades Rose had found him as a gag gift slipping down his nose so gleaming eyes could lock on his friend.

    Do it, Lu, those eyes seemed to say. You know you want to.

    Because Marinette had been in a Mood all day.

    #miraculous ladybug#luka couffaine#marinette dupain-cheng#dingo king#juleka couffaine#rose lavillant#lukanette#endgame lukanette#lukanette endgame #the dingo files #vibe check#ml fic#ver fic #what is this #this was not supposed to happen #oops #I won't be satisfied until everyone's in the river
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  • charlietheepicwriter7
    18.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    The Many Akumatizations of Luka Couffaine (2)

    Name: Snake-Eye 

    Reason: Bustier’s class is doing a history report on their families and their parents are invited to come. Luka comes to support Juleka, who is doing a report on their ancestor, the pirate Wallace “Snake-Eye” Couffaine. Chloe mocks her presentation in true Chloe fashion, and Juleka runs away crying. Luka stays behind to confront her, and she ends up mocking them for being descended from a pirate, even threatening to get Luka arrested so he’ll “end up just like his ancestor.” Therefore, Luka gets akumatized. 

    Goal: Similar to Pharaoh, Luka actually thinks he’s Snake-Eye Couffaine, and does what his ancestor did: ie, kidnap and ransom the annoying noble girl who had been harassing his main land lover. 

    Side Goal: Marinette takes the place of the main land lover in this scenario, so she gets seduced by pirate Luka. 

    Appearance: IDK, pirate-y? Viperion colors, big feather in his pirate hat. Gold tooth? 

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  • emikogale
    18.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Lukanette June 2021 Day 16 - Longing

    Much love to @lukanettejune

    I feel this one is pretty self explanatory. Or maybe I just don’t wanna ruin the surprise. Enjoy lovebugs! <3

    Luka sat on stage in a small pub in Spain. He was lit up by a blue spotlight, and he physically and mentally prepared his singing voice as the crowd waited in anticipation for his performance.

    Then the piano player behind him played the romantic melody as Luka thought about the person most important to him.

    "I know how it feels to wake up without her."

    "Lying here all alone, just thinking about her."

    Luka smiled in a melancholy way. As he sang the song, there was a longing in his voice that reminded him of being away from his girlfriend.

    "I can't believe her hold on me! It's just so indescribable!"

    "I know she knows but won't you please…."

    Just then, Luka imagined Marinette in the crowd, smiling at him performing like she usually did.

    "If you see my girl just tell her I miss her smile!"

    "Tell her I'm counting the moments, gonna see her in a little while…."

    "I know when she holds on to me,"

    "She's the one thing that I can never live without."

    "Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh…"

    "And tell her I love her."

    "Just tell her I love her…."

    All his melodies were for her that night.


    Marinette laid on the bed, holding her pillow to her chest. She was still wide awake, staring at the open balcony door where the blue moonlight shined in.

    She knew this was pathetic. She didn't want to be codependent on Luka or obsessed with Luka. She was perfectly capable of taking care of herself in their apartment, but even though they dated since high school, she still missed him when he left on trips.

    The bed was much bigger without him here, and it still had her handsome boyfriend's scent. Sure she had more room, but not enough room on the bed was never an issue when she had Luka's gentle touch comforting her each night.

    Marinette turned on her back and let go of the pillow to grab her phone. This seemed obsessive now, but she tapped the music player app to turn on a playlist of Luka's songs.

    Marinette felt so loved having her boyfriend dedicating songs to her, and Luka told her that when he leaves to do international performances, he misses her so much, and he counts the moments until they reunite.

    That's why he wrote the song Marinette listened to.

    "I know when she holds on to me,"

    "She's the one thing that I can never live without."

    "Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh!"

    "And tell her I love her!"

    Marinette managed to close her eyes and sleep as her phone kept playing music. She dreamt she was at a beautiful cafe where she watched Luka play music.

    "Just tell her I love her."


    Luka loved relaxing and resting in luxury hotel rooms. But it wasn't the same without Marinette around.

    All those times, he and Marinette caused mischief in hotel rooms from pillow fights and pillow forts. Eating take-out and watching movies in the dark. And the hotel rooms heightened Marinette and Luka's sexual relationship on the king-sized beds and claw bathtubs.

    God, Marinette looked gorgeous that one time he walked in on her in the bathtub. Luka covered his blushing face with his hand and laid back on the bed. He couldn't sleep quite yet because he enjoyed the blue moonlight night.

    And he missed her so, he wished she was here to mess up a hotel room with him.

    Luka sat up and walked onto the balcony to look at the starlit night. He took his phone out of his pocket and saw a text from Marinette that she sent before his show.

    "I love you! Good luck tonight, Luka!"

    Luka smiled, and even if she was probably asleep by now, he texted back.

    "I love you, my melody. Have sweet dreams tonight."


    Marinette woke up the next day wanting to just lay for an hour or two, but she realized Luka wouldn't want her to be sad all alone.

    Since Marinette was alone, it was the perfect time to clean up the entire apartment. She vacuumed, dusted, and shook out all the rugs on the balcony while letting Kitty Section music filled her whole apartment. It all took a good chunk out of her morning before she worked on her art projects remembering that she still had to give 100% to her clients and customers.

    And then Marinette made dinner in the quiet kitchen and felt scatterbrained for making too much dinner for one. So out of embarrassment, she called Kagami and Adrien and asked them if they wanted to join her for dinner.

    The two of them were delighted and considered it a pleasant surprise to be treated to one of Marinette's home-cooked meals. Marinette agreed it was a delightful mistake on her part, and it felt good making dinner to share with her friends.

    So the following day, Marinette invited Nino and Alya for breakfast. Marinette cooked eggs and bacon and made blueberry muffins from scratch.

    Alya and Nino praised Marinette's blueberry muffins so highly that both of them took three each. Marinette was flattered.

    But Marinette also realized too late she channeled her boyfriend's presence. Luka loved her blueberry muffins.

    When Luka finally got a chance to text Marinette while sitting at a cafe, Marinette gleefully talked about what happened lately with her pleasant slip-ups.

    She also mentioned she felt terrible for making blueberry muffins without him and that if she could send him a muffin through text message, she would.

    Luka messaged back, saying that her muffins certainly tasted better than the blueberry muffin he ordered from the cafe. Another bittersweet note for Luka's current melody.

    "They will taste even better when I finally return home," Luka texted.

    "I'll make a fresh batch!" Marinette texted back.

    Marinette's friends did realize she was a bit lonely, so Adrien and Kagami returned the favor by taking her out to dinner. Marinette got to enjoy expensive steak and potatoes that night.

    Then later, Nino and Alya dragged her to the ice cream shop. Marinette certainly felt adored.

    And then, for the next few nights, Luka couldn't help but text Marinette all night. Both of them were wide awake late at night, grinning and laughing at their phone screens.

    Then it came time for the evening when Luka would return to France.

    Marinette sauteed noodles and vegetables in the wok. They smelled just the way Luka liked them, and there were also chocolate lava cakes cooking in the oven.

    Luka texted her that he was coming home soon, so Marinette worked hard to make sure dinner was ready by the time he came in.

    Marinette blushed thinking about him as she stirred the noodles and vegetables, and then she snapped out of her trance when she heard the door unlock.

    Luka opened the door, smiling and looking cute in his coat and scarf.

    "Luka!" Marinette cried.

    "Hey Marinette," he held his arms out as Marinette turned off the stove and ran into his arms as he lifted her up and spun her around. When Luka finally placed her down, Marinette got on her toes and planted a kiss on his soft lips. Luka returned the kiss and placed his hand on her cheek as they savored the moment.

    But Luka broke the kiss because of the delicious smells from the kitchen.

    "That smells wonderful," Luka said. "And it also smells like chocolate lava cake."

    The oven beeped. "Yes!" Marinette cried. "Oh gosh, I need to get them out!" She ran back to the kitchen and grabbed her open mitts.

    Luka followed behind her, being hypnotized by the delicious scents of Chinese food and chocolate. Luka stood by Marinette, and he was oh so tempted to eat some chocolate cake now.

    "Sit down Luka, I will plate the food," Marinette said.

    Luka said nothing and grabbed a plate out of the cabinet, and took a moment to kiss Marinette on the cheek. "I love you," he whispered.

    The two of them had the best dinner in a while, finally being able to eat together again. The lovers finally felt at home talking and laughing. Luka was in heaven slurping up 2 helpings of noodles that Marinette made. They tasted perfect to him.

    And then, the couple enjoyed the euphoria of homemade lava cake. Luka begged to eat three of them because he couldn't get enough cake with melted chocolate inside and vanilla bean ice cream.

    But even more than that, he enjoyed sharing chocolate kisses with Marinette. He teased her by kissing and licking the chocolate that dripped from her lips, and Marinette achieved payback by doing the same. But when Marinette made her move, they were on the floor as Marinette kissed the chocolate off her boyfriend's lips.

    When they finally finished dessert, they sighed in pleasure. The couple sat in bliss before Marinette finally felt the energy to wash the dishes. Now that Luka was home, he insisted on washing the dishes with her. Luka always helped Marinette wash dishes without complaint. It was these little moments where they found great joy.

    But afterward, it was finally time to dim the lights as Marinette and Luka felt exhausted for the day.

    When they both got into their pajamas, they eagerly got into bed together, and Luka made a sneak attack and hugged Marinette from behind, causing Marinette to giggle.

    Luka kissed her on the cheek and took in her scent once more.

    "I'm so happy we can do this again," Marinette said.

    But then Luka released his hold on her and crawled on top of Marinette, so he was hovering over her. Balancing his knees and hands on the bed. He gave her a handsome smile, and his ocean blue eyes glowed in the moonlight.

    "I'm on top of you now," he whispered.

    Marinette grabbed him by his shoulders and threw him on his side as Marinette crawled her tiny body on his muscular chest and planted a kiss on his lips. Luka stroked Marinette's dark hair as they made out.

    After an hour of play fighting, kissing, and cuddling, the couple fell asleep in each other's arms, looking so content and peaceful.

    The longing they felt for so long ended in passion.

    Author’s Note: Yeah, it’s just some sweet fluff of Marientte and Luka missing each other. The song for this fanfic is “Tell Her” by Jesse McCartney. A song that reminds me a hell of a lot of Lukanette. And I was a total Jesse fangirl as little girl!

    Anyway, I hope you lovebugs enjoyed and I will see you all next prompt. <3 Night night!

    #pro lukamari#lukanette #lukanette june 2021 #my writing#my fanfiction #fluffy!
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