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    ⚝The Girl Next Door⚝ Vampire!Luke x Reader (Series)

    (Not My Gif)

    Vampire!Luke x Reader (My Babysitter’s a Vampire AU)

    Description: Set in Season One (After The Movie) Y/N decides to stay around for a little longer for a unknown reason to the gang. With that comes new problems, more supernaturals, and more uncoverings of the secrets that lay hidden beneath her facade, especially when a new girl enters the town.

    Warnings: mentions of death, minor violence, and probably typo. Also cringy My Babysitter’s a Vampire talk. Tried to make it like the show in the way I write.

    One more thing... It’s long. Because this is the first one of the series I wanted this one to be long, but the other ones will be shorter, unless it’s a thicker plot.


    “Look who decided to stay…”

    Y/N freezes for a moment. His chilling voice sent her heart pounding against her ribcage. “Could say the same for you.” She turns on her heels rapidly to face him. “New found freedom and here you are in this same small town, at a school that’s quite boring if I’m being honest.” 

    Luke tilts this head. His eyes twitch, widening for a moment. “If it was boring there wouldn’t be witches and vampires roaming around. So, who knows what else is lurking around these corners…” He teasingly smiles at Y/N’s dumbfounded expression. “Am I wrong?” 

    “No…” she sighs. 

    “You’ve seemed to have caught quite a lot of people’s attention.” He side eyes the group of Freshmen boys gawking at her.    

    “It seems I have.” She doesn’t bother looking away from Luke. “Luke.” His now yellow eyes fixate on hers. “I hope our previous encounters don’t get to your head.”

    “I wish I knew what you were talking about, so please enlighten me.” He crosses his arms, subconsciously leaning towards her. 

    “I mean… With me saving you.” 

    “You didn’t save me,” he argues. 

    A sarcastic laugh interrupts the confrontation between them. “Oh, is that right?” Sarah appears at Y/N’s side. “Because I think if she wasn’t there to rescue you, there would be a wooden stake in your chest right now.” She mimics Luke’s stance, Y/N awkwardly standing there witnessing this endeavorment.

    Luke laughs, dryly. “Is that what you think? Well, I think if a pathetic girl--” 

    “Right here,” Y/N mumbles.

    “--could take you on, I could’ve survived your weak throw.” 

    Sarah sucks on her two front teeth. “Come on Y/N, let’s get out of here.” She grabs ahold of Y/N’s arm tugging her away from the boy.

    “Little strange that you’re buddying up with the girl who nearly killed you,” he shouts.

    Weirded out glances are shot towards him. 

    “You just had to save him?” Sarah asks.

    “What? Would you rather me save Jesse?” Y/N responds, raising an eyebrow.

    “Or how about no one?” 

    Y/N huffs. “Think he’s going to be a problem?” She looks back at where Luke and her just were, only to find he’s disappeared. 

    “The biggest,” Sarah answers.

    “Yeah… Me too.” 

    “Hey guys,” Ethan says, walking up to the pair. “What’s up?” 

    “Just another lovely conversation with Luke,” Sarah explains. “Would still really love a reason from Ms. Magic over here.” 

    Y/N puts her freehand up to mock surrender. “Don’t look at me,” she pauses. “Just doing my job,” she whispers to the point where no one else hears her. “Seen my cousin anywhere?” 

    Ethan shakes his head, but it goes distracted when something catches his attention. “Found him.” 

    They all turn to see Benny sweet talking to an unfamiliar girl. “Makes sense,” Y/N comments. “Who is that?” Her eyes narrow.

    “No clue, never seen her around before,” Ethan informs. 

    “She’s pretty.” 

    They all jump, startled by Rory’s sudden appearance. “Where did you come from?” Y/N asks, harshly.

    “Sorry, not as pretty as you Y/N,” Rory rushes, winking at her. 

    She rolls her eyes. Benny and the new girl stopping in front of them. “Guys I want you to meet Clarissa, she’s new, and she actually just moved in next door to us,” he remarks. 

    “Hello, Clarissa, I’m Sarah.” 



    Y/N stares at the girl for a moment. Something didn’t fit right in Y/N’s stomach when staring into her pure green eyes. They were almost too green. “I’m Y/N.” She bounces on the balls of her feet. “Benny’s cousin,” she adds.

    Clarissa grabs Y/N’s hand without warning. “I’ve heard so much about you!”

    “You have?” Y/N chokes out a laugh. “All good things, I hope.” She grew heavily uncomfortable when Clarissa stared intensely at the purple gem that was snug in the center of Y/N’s ring. 

    Y/N pulls her hand away hastily, wiping it on her jeans. “Of course.” Clarissa’s sickly sweet smile almost gave her a headache. 

    “Benny,” she grits through her teeth. “Can I speak with you?” 

    Benny looks at her, confused. “What’s up?” 

    Y/N clears her throat. “Alone.” 

    With no verbal response she drags Benny to a corner where the rest of the group stared at the two. “What’s wrong? Is it Clarissa? Look, I know she’s coming off a little eager but--” 

    “That’s all you’re getting from her?” Y/N exasperates. “Don’t you see her eyes they’re pure green, I think they’re magical contacts--”


    She gestures to where Clarissa was picking at Sarah’s hair. “And she’s wearing a headwrap-thing! And--” She aggressively points at her ring, “--she was analyzing it. I think she knows who I am, and people knowing what I am equals trouble.” 

    Benny stares at his cousin like he’s witnessing a crazy person. “Okay, someone’s been overworking her powers a little too much.” He grabs hold of her shoulders. “Clarissa is just a lonely new girl, who just happens to now live right next door to us. And maybe she likes jewelry, and green is good. Nice color. And… You do know there is something called culture, right?” 

    Y/N groans. “You’re not getting my point, I think she’s--”

    The warning bell rings, cutting her off. “Gotta get to class, maybe you should go home--”


    “Get some rest.” Benny runs off, catching up with Clarissa.

    “Okay, what’s got you all down?” Sarah asks, following the invisible lines Y/N’s making with her eyes, landing on Clarissa. 

    “Something is not--”

    “I had a vision,” Ethan blurts. “When I shook Clarissa’s hand.” 

    “I knew it!” Y/N exclaims. “Snakes on her head, am I right?” 

    Ethan shudders. “H-How did you know?” 

    “Medusa, I can sense descendants wherever I go,” Y/N admits. “It’s my seventh sense.” 

    “You mean sixth sense,” Sarah corrects.

    “No, I mean seventh sense.” Ethan and Sarah furrow their eyebrows. “Hard to explain. We need to warn Benny, but I think she already put her spell on him.” 

    “Spell?” Ethan questions. “What spell?” 

    The second bell rings. “Let’s talk later, during lunch!” Y/N jogs away rounding a corner.

    “The thing is…” 

    “Ah!” Y/N screams when Clarissa slithers in front of her. “You…” She points an accusing finger at her. “Stay… Away.” Y/N makes a mental note of how her contacts were replaced with a dark pair of sunglasses. 

    “You have something I need. You think I want to be this way, snakes for beautiful long hair, turning people into stone. Do you know how lonely it is? I turned my best friend into stone, no way to reverse her back.” Clarissa takes a step closer to Y/N.

    “Well, there is, it’s just--AH!” Y/N falls back onto the floor when Clarissa pushes her. “A little more complicated because of…” Her voice fades off.

    Clarissa’s eyes didn’t dare to look away from Y/N’s ring. “Because I don’t have that.” 

    “So, you want my ring?” Y/N scoffs. “Well, you can’t have it. I’m not giving it to you.” 

    Clarissa chuckles. “Like you have a choice.” 

    “No, no, no, please don’t do this…. AH!” Y/N had no time to react before Clarissa’s headwrap fell, and she ripped her sunglasses off. 

    Grandma gasps, placing a hand on her heart. Not wasting any time she rustles off of the couch, getting to work.


    “Where’s Y/N? She was supposed to tell us--” 

    “Tell you what?” Benny asks, cutting off Ethan. ‘

    “That--Clarissa!” Ethan fakes a smile when she comes into view. “Tell us--” 

    “Tell us about her upcoming date,” Sarah finishes, nonchalantly. 

    “Date?” Luke stomps up to them. “Y/N? On a date? With who?”

    “With…” Sarah’s eyes search the area. “Rory!” 

    The blonde boy stops, surprised. “What about me?” he asks.

    “Your date with Y/N?” Ethan strains his voice, hoping Rory will be smart enough to follow along. 

    Rory frowns. “Date…?” Ethan and Sarah nod, pointedly. “Date! Yes! Date. Date with Y/N. I am going on a date with Y/N.” Rory stills. “Wait, I’m going on a date with Y/N?! Sweet!” 

    Luke’s jaw drops. “There must be a mistake,” he laughs. “She would never choose an idiot like you.” 

    “And who would she choose… You?” Sarah ridicules.

    Luke’s eyes flash yellow. “Well, thanks for the compliment. You don’t think I’m an idiot,” he replies. “Where is she?” He changes the topic.

    “I-I think I saw her go home,” Clarissa chimes in.

    Ethan and Sarah both avert their eyes to the girl. “You did?” Sarah glances at Ethan who undoubtedly thinks the same thing. 

    “Yep!” Clarissa innocently smiles. “Why would I lie?” 

    “Yeah, why would she lie?” Benny, oblivious of the situation, puts on the same smile Clarissa is sporting. “She’s new.” 

    “Which means we know nothing about her,” Luke snarls. 

    “Luke’s right!” Ethan confirms. 

    “Is he?” Sarah’s voice goes a little higher, but on the inside she 100% agreed. 

    “I’m going to go check on her,” Luke announces. 

    “Why are you acting like you care about her?” Sarah snickers. “I’m coming with you.” 

    “Sarah,” Ethan hisses, grabbing her wrist. Gasping when he makes contact. “I had a vision,” he confesses, letting go of her. “It’s urgent.” 

    Sarah quickly glances at everyone before landing on Luke. “Just let us know if she’s there.” 

    “Or how about you guys check after school?” Clarissa suggests. “And then if she’s not we can all help look for her--if missing of course. You don’t really want to miss school, do you?” 

    Luke bursts into laughter. “You really are new.” And just like that he’s gone. 

    “Woah, where’d he go?” Clarissa scans the room. “What are you people? First we have witches, and wizards and now--” 

    “Wait, how do you know that?” Ethan interrogates.

    “Guys! Chill out, I filled her in on Y/N and I being ‘magical’.” Benny does the quotations. “And how Y/N was a little freaked out by her, but it’s all good.” 

    “You told her what?!” Sarah feels her anger rise within her. 

    Luke opens the window of Y/N’s room, entering it. “Hello?” he calls out. “Y/N?” 

    The door swings open, exposing Grandma on the other side. “Thank God, you’re here.” She runs to grab his arm. “She doesn’t have much time.” 

    “What’s going on?” 

    She takes him to the basement where Y/N sat on the table, completely made of stone. “She appeared right here, like this, not too long ago, but long enough where we’re getting close to the effects being permanent.” 

    “What happened?” Luke walks up to Y/N.

    “Medusa, or descendants. Has there been any odd behavior around the school? Or perhaps a new face?”  

    Luke perks up. “Yes, there’s a new girl. A little weird, and--” 

    “Tell me everything you know, and while you’re doing that, mix this up for me.” She hands him a bowl. “Hurry!” 

    Sarah and Ethan continue to sit where they’ve been sitting for the last ten minutes. “How are we going to fix this?” Ethan asks.

    Sarah scrunches her face when she realizes Ethan was actually asking for an answer from her. “Don’t ask me, this is not my area of expertise.” 

    “If we don’t figure it out soon, you’ll turn to stone.” 

    “I’m a vampire, Ethan, I don’t think that’s even possible.” 

    “Well, you’re not a full vampire, maybe it’s different,” he disputes. “Look, I know what I saw, and I saw you turn to stone.” 

    “So, what do we do?” 

    Ethan stops again to think. “We… We need to use her own power against her,” he concludes. “But, we need Benny’s help.”

    “Y/N said he’s under her spell, how are we going to take him out of it?” Sarah voices her concerns. “This would be so much easier if Y/N was here. Where is Luke? I knew we couldn’t trust him.” 

    “Forget him, we have to figure it out on our own.” 

    “I’m just--I’m worried. Y/N hasn’t just vanished like this before.” 

    Ethan chuckles. “You obviously haven’t known her for as long as I have.” 

    “What do you mean?” 

    Ethan inhales through his nose. “We were all best friends when we were kids, it was always me, Y/N, and Benny versus the world. We thought she was crazy when she spoke about her being a witch, and having magical powers. But, she was still our best friend.” He frowns. “Then she left, and never came back. We never got an explanation as to why. She was seven and we were five… And, yet, we remember those days like they were yesterday, and then of course she randomly pops up out of nowhere ten years later. Knowing all of this stuff about me, vampires, magic, it just doesn’t make any sense.” 

    “Well, she’s back now, you can get answers. Trust me, I’m just as curious as you for some things when it comes to her…” 

    “Have you guys seen Clarissa?” Benny asks. “I haven’t been able to find her.” 

    “What?” Ethan stands up. “She’s gone?” He looks at Sarah in alarm. “Benny, okay, I need you to understand this… Clarissa is Medusa, or descendant, or the same species..” 

    Benny doesn’t move at first. “Funny, but seriously can you guys help me?” 

    The lights flicker. “That’s not good,” Sarah thinks out loud. 

    “Benny we’re telling you the truth, I had a vision, and Y/N she--” 

    “She put you up to this. She was acting weird earlier. Where is she by the way?” 

    “You won’t be seeing a lot from her anymore,” Clarissa’s voice echoes through the halls. 

    “Is it just me… Or are we the only ones in the school right now?” Benny searches for any signs of life around them. 

    “That’s your question?!” Sarah hisses. “Didn’t you hear what she said about Y/N?” 

    “She’s probably just trying to scare us,” Ethan excuses. “We can’t make assumptions.” 

    “That’s what I’m trying to tell you guys, we don’t know if Clarissa is--Oh my God!” Benny makes direct contact with the lockers' reflection of Clarissa, snakes floating around her head. “Run!” 

    Clarissa apparates in front of them. “Don’t look her in the eyes,” Ethan advises.

    “No duh, Ethan!” Benny shouts. 

    The locker doors slam open around them. “How is she doing this?” Sarah covers her eyes.

    “I’m guessing Y/N’s ring,” Benny guesses. 

    “How do we stop her if we can’t see her?” 

    “Maybe I can help,” another voice declares. 

    “Y/N?!” Sarah calls out. “Where have you been?” 

    “I was stuck in a… Situation. But, Luke helped me.” Y/N smiles at Luke. 

    “Bring it, now!” Grandma orders. Luke hands it to her. “Stand back.”

    “What do you need me to do?” Luke asks, taking a step away from Y/N and Grandma. 

    Grandma meets his concerned eyes. “Be there for her when she comes back… It won’t be pretty.” She holds up the potion pouring it all around Y/N’s body. “Here we go.” She internally prayed this would work, especially with Luke watching. She begins to mumble some words incoherently, a bright light coming from her hands. 

    “It’s working,” Luke blurts in relief, when the grey stone starts to break off exposing skin. 

    “AH!” Y/N screams when most of her upper body is free. She notices the way her hands were still stone, panic rising. 

    Luke doesn’t hesitate his arms around her neck, settling her head in the crook of his neck. “You’re okay, it’s okay, you’re alright,” he assures, softly into her ear. Y/N can feel her fingers break free, gripping onto his shirt. “Shhh…” He runs his fingers through her hair. 

    Grandma weakly smiles, slowly backing away from them, to leave them alone.

    “What are you doing here?” Y/N asks when her cries settle down.

    He pulls away, wiping the last fallen tears from her cheeks. “You went missing, and the rest were worried. I took it upon myself to… Find you. I also heard you were going on a date with Rory and I--” 

    “Wait! So, Clarissa is at the school with my friends… ALONE?!” 

    Y/N’s expression turns stern. “Now Clarissa, how about you do us all a favor and give me my ring back.” She moves close to Luke. “Take the rest, and hide.” 

    “What? No. I’m not gonna protect some losers, and that would include me touching them…”  

    Y/N takes a deep breath, breaking her stance to hold the bridge of her nose. “Luke, I swear to God I will go back in time and stab you in the heart myself if I have to if you don’t listen to me.” It goes silent. Yes, even Clarissa didn’t move a muscle. “Got it?”

    Luke simply nods. 

    “Back to business now.” 

    “Magical contacts,” Clarissa states more than questions. “Smart.” 

    Y/N shrugs carelessly with a smirk. “Learn from the best.” In less than a minute it was just her and Clarissa alone in one of the many creepy hallways of the school. “Now my ring.” She holds out her hand. “It’s not going to give you what you want.” 

    “And how do you know exactly what I want?” Clarissa snaps. 

    “It’s dangerous for someone not trained to use it, I don’t want to hurt you.” 

    Clarissa scoffs. “How are you going to do anything without this?” She points to the ring that rightfully belongs to Y/N. “You’re nothing without it.” 

    Those words rang in Y/N’s mind. “That’s not true.” 

    “Oh, but I think it is.” With a wave of Clarissa’s hand, Y/N goes flying back. “And with this ring I’m everything.”

    Y/N winces as she stands. “You’re just going to hurt yourself.”

    “Not a chance.” Another lifeless throw of Clarissa’s fingers Y/N falls to the floor. “See? Can’t even dodge a simple spell. You’re useless, and pathetic. It’s a miracle you can even call yourself a witch.” 

    “See?” Y/N mocks Clarissa’s tone. “That’s where you’re wrong.” She stands up, strong. “I’m no witch.” She closes her eyes, the adrenaline coursing through her veins, a certain friction being felt at her fingertips. She elegantly moves as though she is a flower in the wind, building up a bundle of energy at the palm of her hands. 

    “I could’ve said that,” Clarissa laughs. “You know, I never thought someone like you could befriend so many vampires.” Y/N bites her lip to keep from distracting herself away from the task. “Who was that one… The one you arrived with. Seems quite special to you. With this ring, vampires will never be immune to my power, nor will any other supernatural when I learn how to get past your little spells. I will make you feel the pain I felt… Starting with that boy.” 

    When Y/N opens her eyes it sends a shock wave towards Clarissa. What used to be her dark brown eyes are now a violent shade of purple. “Oh… There is no spell,” Y/N’s voice comes out more deep and demonic. “This--” She gestures to herself, “--is all me.”

    “Uhhh…” Clarissa stumbles back.

    “Told you I’m no witch.” Y/N creeps up to her. “And I’d watch what you say very carefully.” 

    “It’s not poss--” 

    Y/N raises up her hand, Clarissa following as she leviates in the air. The lockers that were open around them began to crumple. “Oops… I meant that to be you.” 


    Sarah, Benny, Ethan, and Luke become startled by the sound of screaming. “What was that?” Sarah asks, slightly scared.

    “Was that Y/N?” Benny starts to stroll towards the school. “We need to help her!” 

    Luke harshly grabs his shoulder. “If we’re going to go in there we’ll need these.” He presents the clear contacts to the group. “They’ll block out her magic.” Luke’s thoughts drift off to earlier. 

    “What do you need me to do?” Luke asks, taking a step away from Y/N and Grandma. 

    Grandma meets his concerned eyes. “Be there for her when she comes back… It won’t be pretty.”

    “Let’s go,” Sarah says. “Luke?!” 

    Grandma takes his wrist before he follows Y/N out of the house. “Be there for her.” 


    “Be there for her when she comes back from the fight,” Grandma guides, vaguely. “She can’t control it.” 

    “Control what?” 

    “Her emotions… Her powers… Her alter ego,” she explains. “The night she saved you, the night she almost killed Sarah, who do you think that was?”

    Luke shakes the odd feeling off. Running after the rest. 

    “Please, help me!” Clarissa pleads. 

    “Who would ever help you? You’re a monster. You kill people with no remorse. What makes you more worth saving than anyone you’ve murdered?!” Y/N grabs a hold of the girl's wrist. “This belongs…” She plucks the ring off of her with magic. “To me.” Carefully sliding it down her own finger without touching it once. Y/N moves her grip to both Clarissa’s shoulders. “How about I show you the pain you caused?” Her eyes grow brighter as she clearfully shouts sinful spells at Clarissa. The snakes that make up her hair cower in fear as her body becomes more and more weak in Y/N’s hands.

    “Y/N!” Ethan yelps. “What are you doing?” 

    “Dealing with the enemy,” she answers.

    Clarissa allows the tears to fall from her eyes. “Don’t do this! I’m sorry.” Y/N ignores the girl’s cries, and wails. 

    “Y/N, you need to stop this.” Luke tries to get her attention. 

    Y/N lets out a dark chuckle. “That’s what they tell her, right? To stop this side of her, to hide, well not anymore, not while I’m around will allow her to bury me once more in her pureness,” she pauses. “They will all. Feel. My. WRATH!” 

    With a blinding flash of light everything went quiet. 

    Everyone opens their eyes to find Y/N lying limp on the ground. “Y/N!” Her friends rush to her aid, huddling around her.

    “Wake up.” Luke cups her face, patting her cheek gently. “Wake up, wake up, wake up,” he repeats.

    Y/N gasps, her eyes fluttering open. “Guys? Wh-What happened?” 

    “You don’t remember?” Ethan asks.

    Y/N shakes her head. “No, I just remember Clarissa and--” She cuts herself off, looking around. “Where’s Clarissa?” 

    They hear a squeak behind them. 

    They turn their heads, Y/N lifting hers to see the damage she caused. “Oh my God!” she shrills when she sees a small snake on the floor. “What have I done?” She scrambles away from the group, going over to what she believed was Clarissa. “I have to fix this.” She picks up the snake.


    “Please,” she sobs. “I’ll fix this. I promise I will.” She sets the snake down, taking a deep breath. “I can fix this,” she tells herself. Her arms lift up gracefully, as she moves them around, almost like a dance. A soft breeze brushes everyone coming around to where Y/N sat. “Mmm… Mmm…” She hums a melody. “Water, Earth… Fire, and Ice, I bring thee together to create a new light,” she sings angelically. “Water, Earth… Fire and Ice reverse what I’ve done… Take in the curse and disperse it with love. Reverse the curse and I’ll pay back for what I’ve done…” A warm light glows from Y/N’s hands illuminating the snake that transforms back into the shape of a human. 

    Clarissa opens her eyes, sitting up. A trail of long, golden blonde hair follows. “You did it.” She smiles. “You broke the curse.” She wraps her arms tightly around Y/N. “Thank you.” 

    Y/N hugs the girl back.


    They pull away from each other. “Oh! I think you have…” Y/N points at the top of her head.

    Clarissa reaches up to grab the small snake. “I guess someone had a curse to be broken too.” Her eyes meet Y/N’s. “Thank you, once again.” She giggles. “Sorry I stole your ring, and turned you to stone” 

    “What?!” Ethan, Benny, and Sarah exclaims.

    “Old news,” Luke mutters. 

    “And sorry Benny about the spell I put on you.” 

    Benny blinks a few times. “A spell?!” 

    “I owe you my life,” Clarissa says.

    Y/N waves it off. “You don’t owe us anything. You’re free now, so be free.” 

    Clarissa, and Y/N stand up. “Then I must go… Find my parents.” 

    Y/N’s eyes light up. “I might have something for that.” Y/N looks around, twirling her finger around to make--

    “A compass?” Clarissa questions.

    “This is an enchanted compass, think about what you’re trying to find and it’ll take you right to them,” Y/N explains, handing it to her. 

    “I was wrong about you,” Clarissa starts. “I thought the ring made you who you are, but… It turns out it’s your heart that makes you everything…” She vanishes.

    “Wh-where’d she go?” Ethan looks at Y/N confused.

    “To where her parents are.” Y/N smiles. 

    The sun shines through the windows, the bells of the school ringing as people walk out of the classrooms. “Where were you guys?” Rory asks. “You missed fifth period.” 

    Everyone glimpse at each other’s reactions. “Magic is seriously weird,” Sarah comments. 

    “You tell me,” Ethan agrees.

    “I already knew,” Y/N admits. 

    “When will I get one of those rings?” Benny questions. “I mean… I am a warlock too, and yet why can’t I do all the cool stuff you can do?” 

    Y/N laughs. “I don’t know if I would call it cool, but…” She looks at Luke who hasn’t been able to look away from her since she woke up. 

    “Are you okay?” 

    Y/N is taken aback by his question. “I will be,” she answers, truthfully. “Thanks for being there for me.” 

    “Why are they looking at each other like that, when Y/N and I are supposed to be going out on a date?” Rory thinks out loud.

    Hearing only the last part of it Y/N looks at him in alarm. “What did I hear about me going out on a date with you?” She gapes at Sarah and Ethan who appear guilty.

    “Was that Erica?” Sarah dramatically points the opposite way of them. “I was wondering where that girl was… Gotta go!” 

    Ethan stands there awkwardly, as Sarah runs away. “Did Sarah just call for me to come with? I think she did, buh-bye!” 

    And so there were three. “So? When is that da--” 

    Rory gets cut off by Luke hissing at him. “It’s a no from her loverboy,” Luke bickers. “Leave it.” 

    Rory pouts, but genuinely frightened by Luke, paces away. “It’s been a long day, I think I’m gonna go home.” Y/N runs a hand through her hair. “See you later, ‘kay?” She walks off.

    Benny was left confused when the direction of her words was towards Luke and not him.

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  • aquariusyoukai
    18.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Willex Cinderella au where Alex is Cinderella and instead of a shoe Alex drops his drumsticks as he flees with Willie chasing after him. Instead of evil step-siblings, Luke and Reggie are Alex’s chaotic step-brothers

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  • missmitchieg
    18.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    See, the difference between Luke and Nick is that Luke would serenade Julie with an original song written from the heart, while Nick would probably just sing a "Trevor Wilson" (Luke Patterson) song OR an oddly composed mash up of I Would by One Direction and Treat You Better by Shawn Mendes.

    #julie and the phantoms #luke patterson #nick danforth evans
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  • im-swimming
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Luke keeps talking about the rock and roll hall of fame…. They died in the summer of 1995. It opened September 2nd 1995.

    I think he watched the news about it non stop- but it still cracks me up that he’s so hyped up over it despite the fact- while he was alive no one was even inducted yet.

    I only know when it opened because we have a poster from the grand opening concert thing in my basement , my dad used to live near there

    It’s actually a super super cool place?? However they’re food was a little fancy and felt really out of place- couldn’t you just give burgers or something like what the hell are these huge rosemary stake fries? (Not my photo btw)

    #julie and the phantoms #jatp#julieandthephantoms#luke patterson #rock and roll hall of fame
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  • hopeurokays
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    jatp appreciation month : week three : day two : favorite friendship : julie and her phantoms

    #jatpam#jatp #jatp appreciation month #julie molina #luke patterson#reggie peters #alex mercer #gif#edit#jatp gif#jatp edit #julie molina gif #luke patterson gif #reggie peters gif #alex mercer gif #netflix#jatpdaily#audreyedit#jatpedit#jatpsource
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  • justxfolio
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago


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  • rhyming-fellowship
    18.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    If You Break Down Those Walls - Part 2 (Getting to know you)

    Welcome to the official Part the Second of Walls SMAU! A JatP SMAU in collaboration with @lukesorangebeanie​ - Some weird guitar guy reaches out to a fanartist in his fandom discord and they get to know each other a little better. Is this the start of something??? ;)

    Master List

    #walls smau #if you break down those walls #julie and the phantoms #jatp#jatp smau#smau#juke#julie molina#luke patterson #my beanie <3 #co written
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  • sunset-holograms
    18.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Julie and The Phantoms take on swearing

    this may be totally wrong but this is how i imagine it

    Julie practically never swears. She may say a little curse if she’s had a particularly bad day. But in general, she’s pretty clean. (May I say, would be the total opposite of Flynn)

    Reggie is definitely worse than Julie. He tries to not swear but sometimes he just can’t help it. It just slips out. However, he’s not as bad as the other two.

    Luke and Alex are tied, I think. Luke’s quite bad when it comes to swearing, but he knows there’s a place and a time. He enjoys doing it very much though.

    Alex is the kinda guy that seems like he’s innocent but then one day he randomly says “fuck” and you’re just totally surprised that he has zero filter. I like to think that his parents were the strictest but now that he’s dead, he can do whatever he wants and definitely takes advantage of it. He doesn’t swear all the time but when provoked, oh boy.

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  • im-swimming
    17.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Chapter 3

    Reggie’s got some explaining to do, about Kayla and about his discovery. Julie does some investigating or her own.

    There’s some fun with the guys and the Molina’s packed in here too, it’s just a cute final chapter to their fic. I’m making it like this purposefully- it’s like a beginning, a intro to what could be a bigger relationship. I really do want to write a longer fic though…

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  • missmitchieg
    17.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Sometimes I think about Caleb Covington saying "Why focus on the ones who have wronged us when we're among friends?" and it having absolutely zero affect on Luke wanting to fuck with Bobby until it was Julie that said "Friends don't do that to each other." and "I thought that the music that we were writing was special." and that's what makes "But you have new songs, with me." properly click in Luke's head and makes him realize that "It's just like what Julie said. We have a new band, a new sound. That's what we should be focusing on." and cackle about it.

    #julie and the phantoms #julie molina#luke patterson#caleb covington #he really did not give a damn about Caleb past 'this guy's gonna help us get back at Bobby' #Like Caleb had to pull /so/ many stops and do /so/ much tempting and /literally puppeteer/ him to do what he wanted #and at that point it's like 'GIVE IT /UP/ COVINGTON'
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  • im-swimming
    17.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    The Boys Rooms

    Let’s be honest, we’re probably not going to see their rooms in show. Which is understandable because it’s not particularly a important story element but I’m still thinking about it. This was going to be a post purely about the posters I think they have but it evolved into a little more.


    His room is surprisingly clean, like the rest of the Paterson household. Now , it’s not spotless no.. there’s still clothes on the floor that somehow perpetually miss the hamper, a few lightly crumpled pages at random locations. Scribbles of song lyrics and thoughts, old homework. He has a mirror, a spot for his guitars in the corner and his own bathroom. His comforter is crossed, it sort of looks like a flannel design. His door is covered in those stickers you’d expect a teen boy to have like those cheesy “keep out” “danger” “crash zone” etc on them, they cover up a design from when he was really little simply reading “Luke’s room” his mom was the kind to paint the door herself.

    He’s got a few posters, mainly

    Iron Maiden , Foo fighters and poison . He has one or two movie posters and one of those- just , you can probably imagine it but just the blond woman with a car kinda poster on the inside of his closet


    He’s messy but he’s clean messy? Like they’ll be just piles of things but they have a reason and a system. It’s mainly clothes he hasn’t gotten around to putting away or in the hamper. He cannonically has a bunk bed and will swap between top and bottom, he prefers the top as usually when he has someone over he’ll have them take the bottom. It’s also easier to hid the fact he didn’t make his bed when it’s up top. It’s the first floor and he gets a view of the bush and the neighbors house- which usually has something weird going on and a sports car in the drive way. His walls are green , he doesn’t have his own bathroom he has one down the hall (it was shares with his sister when she still was there, she’s currently out of collage)

    He has a poster of 80s Jon Bon Jovi on the top of the bottom bunk (if your laying down your looking up at it) along with regular ones of Van Halen and Def Leppard on the walls, a small little Whitney Huston and  Cyndi Lauper.


    He’s pretty neat until you find the food wrappers or plates and magazines he has lying around. It’s pretty normal, he has a full size bed and a small Desk he uses mainly for homework and other things here and there- his things shoved into the drawers to the point they’re over flowing, several movie posters and figurines and so on. He also keeps his bass in one of the corners when he takes it back home with him. There’s a ridiculous amount of hair product, a spare eyeliner pen and half used deodorant on his dresser. He’s sheets are  surprisingly soft? He sleeps under at least six blankets and somehow does not complain about it even once. Also has to share a bathroom with his brother, unlike Alex he gets older sibling rules. His one aspiration in life is to have a loft bed because they’re cool.

    He also has a poster of Billy idol, most of the others are movies - new hope and Indiana Jones specifically


    His rooms smaller then the others but it’s still uniquely him, it’s the same neat- messy Alex seams to have and does actually have color to it, it’s a odd yellow-orange color he never got around to wanting to change. Posters and forgotten sticky notes, books he swears he’s going to put back on the shelf when he gets to it.

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  • im-swimming
    17.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    They just randomly break into song

    I don’t mean this is in a musical way, but I don’t think anyone would have a problem expressing themself though song as they already do that.

    Im once again thinking about This band is back(Reggie’s jam). How they cannonically make up a song right there on the beach to feel better?

    The song is extremely underrated and I’ll maintain this. It implies they did this before, particuarly when upset. All of them contributing they’re part and then all together. I’ve ranted about this before but I love how much music means to all of them and how it’s like a language between them. How it instantly cheers them all up on the beach, how when they played in the garage their grins were massive- even more when they found people could hear them. And how they went out to the clubs that first night in search of music. Here too, when they shift to focusing on the positive, on what they do have- they sing.

    I’m thinking they all have a habit of just- singing at random times. They make up little songs , even if they’re not actually to be used by the band. You know when your walking and it’s

    🎵where is my wallettt🎵

    🎵no ,Luke 🎵 (he’s probably trying to steal fries or something)

    Kinda thing

    Julie is no helper with this because she does under her breath when she’s stressed, she also sings anything stuck in her head, usually another song or to.

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  • sunsetjulie
    17.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    No thoughts. Just Luke Patterson playing “Jessie’s Girl” on repeat while staring at the ceiling.

    #it’s corny indeed but it’s how he copes #charlie gillespie#jeremy shada #owen patrick joyner #madison reyes#alex mercer#luke patterson#sunset curve#reggie peters#ray molina#julie molina #julie and the phantoms #jatp#juke
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  • unsaid-emily
    17.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Dad!Luke Patterson

    no one asked for this but @willexx and I wanted angst but said “no! dad Luke vibes only” so we accidentally invented Emily Rose Patterson and here are the head canons that no one asked for but you’re getting anyway bc she’s wrapped around both of our fingers so:

    Luke and Julie name their daughter after their mothers respectfully bc they would

    they don’t just call her Emily they call her “Emily Rose” 

    before she’s born, Luke writes her a song 

    little Emily Rose used to sit on her dad’s knees while he plays her his guitar and sings 

    She loved music when she was little, but bc her parents are so incredibly talented she never felt like she could live up to their expectations and legacy so she grew up to hate music

    Emily Rose is a skater bc she always felt like an outsider and bonded with Uncle Willie through that 

    This frustrates Luke IMMENSELY

    he’s venting to Julie one night when they’re getting ready for bed 

    “how is she my daughter? HOW IS SHE MY DAUGHTER AND NOT LOVE MUSIC?"

    Emily Rose overhears him and she ends up running away that night bc she just can't take his disappointment but Luke isn't disappointed he just really is genuinely confused

    She runs away to the skatepark and when she introduces herself to new people, she says her name is Rose Molina because no, she’s not Luke’s daughter

    She’s also MEGA talented like her mom so all Luke wants for her is to recognize that she’s a WRECKING BALL and to step into her greatness

    he immediately knows she ran away when he goes to check on her and she’s not there 

    "i lost her, jules. i did this. and i can't even blame her because i did the EXACT same thing when i was her age. i was so scared of becoming my parents, that this is exactly what i did." and he doesn't even realize how many "i's" are in that sentence

    Luke’s relationship with Julie is strained but she’s there to guide him through this

    She’s the only one that can remind him of his own mother and how that made him feel and understands where he is coming from

    she doesn’t support it, not at all, this is their daughter they’re talking about, but she knows how one track minded Luke can be when it comes to music; it’s how he’s wired

    He goes to the studio to blow off steam and Julie is there to play with him but she helps him realize that he needs another form of communication 

    bc he just doesn't know how to communicate things with emily rose bc he's always communicated through music

    and tho julie blows off the steam while playing music with him she also helps him realize that that's where the issue lies. he needs to learn a different way of communication---it's gonna be hard but it's for their daughter

    he takes baby steps too like literally just asking her how her day was

    when he finds Emily Rose at the skatepark they sit on top of the ramp and have the heart to heart 

     he's like "but you gotta be patient with me, ok? im gonna be asking the stupidest questions i literally don't know how to communicate unless it's through music, but i'm going to try, ok? i'm gonna try because i love you so much and you and your mom are the most important things in my life--" 

    she cuts him off "i thought it was music?" with a smirk and luke rolls his eyes "ok second important," and emily rose is like  and he's like "im kidding im kidding really i am it's you and your mom. that's it, music is second. always"

    she has a skatboarding tournament a few days later and invites luke to it (which he goes to) and he's SUPER impressed bc she actually is really talented

    and he goes to some random dude "that's my daughter!!!!!!!"

    he ends up booking a gig for the next tournament and she's super upset bc once again her dad is going to outshine her

    but she learns to convey that disappointment and she tells him and he’s like "ok--i'll cancel the gig. i'll still be there, but just as your dad,"

    Emily Rose goes to his next gig, which she never does, but bc it’s about the compromise

    and now she's the one that's like "damn maybe my dad IS cool"

    some girls are like "ISNT HE SO HOT" during the show and emily rose is like "idk he kind of looks like a dad to me"

    she hates music sure but she loves getting to stand on top of the amps when her dad does a guitar solo bc "wow so this is what it's like to be tall"

    one day julie can't perform bc she's sick and they have a really important gig and luke is HEARTBROKEN so emily rose takes the lead spot since her dad has been so supportive recently

    Luke cries

    Emily Rose, Reggie, and Alex are always there to tease him so bad 

    "god luke, really??? why are you such a family man now?? it was bad enough when you just had one girl wrapped around your finger, but now you have two???"

    TL;DR Emily Rose Patterson is not just wrapped around Luke’s finger, but also me and Chloe’s finger salkdjfhajshfljakfs

    tagging: @moony221b @littledancersun @blush-and-books @lydias--stiles

    #julie and the phantoms #jatp#jatp fanfic#Luke patterson#julie molina#juke#future fic#bree writes#bro #I usually dont vibe with future!Kid fics #but im rly not kidding when I say that Emily rose has me wrapped around her finger
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  • fiddlepickdouglas
    17.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Sunset Curve but they all work in the same office and form a band to relieve stress and play at charity events akdhsjdjdjs

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  • curvesomesunsets
    17.09.2021 - 12 hours ago

    luke: i can't help that i'm hot

    alex: you're luke-warm at best

    #today on jokes that refuse to leave my head #jatp #julie and the phantoms #luke patterson#alex mercer #jatp incorrect quotes #incorrect julie and the phantoms quotes
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    17.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Our giveaway winner will be posted on our Instagram in one hour! If you entered, be sure to check the results today.

    You still have 3 weeks to check out our shop before it closes on October 8! If you have any questions, reply, send us an ask, or DM us.

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  • selineabanto
    17.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    i can’t believe this is life, we’re coloring outside the lines

    i made an animatic! watch here: https://youtu.be/u_Ezs6oIRDc

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