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    Luna: Do you love Fred?

    Hermione: Yeah, I do.

    Luna: George! I told you I knew it! You owe me 100 bucks!

    George: We all love Fred. You should've asked if she was IN love with him.

    Hermione: I thought that was implied.

    George: ...

    Luna: ...

    Hermione, looking straight at George: Congrats Luna, you just won 100 bucks.

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    Harry Potter and the Ticket Backwards - viciousmouse - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]

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    Chapter Twelve: The Yule Ball. Part 2. {DM X OC. FW X OC}

    A/N: Part 2 out of 3 and the drama is only beginning!! *Evil laughs under the covers in my bed* No but seriously, I loved writing this whole big chapter, I almost wanted to post them all together lol. Lots of interaction with all of our favorite boys here and even more to come in the last part! Next update will be soon! As always, constructive criticism is welcome! I look forward to your feedback and if you want to be tagged in updates just leave a comment or shoot me a message/ask. With all the love, Xx.




    ~My Yule Ball Playlist~

    Darcy had lost her friend rather soon, waving them off one by one as they took the offered arm attached to their dance partner. She watched with approving eyes as Zoey spun around with a dark Bulgarian, her chin confidently raised; then she spied on Dimmiry who smiled prettily at the fair-haired Seventh year from Gryffindor; and then finally Elizabeth was whisked past her, a laugh falling from her mouth as she fluttered her lashes shyly. Darcy was so engrossed in watching her friends enjoy themselves that she didn't notice the figure standing just behind her until they were pulling her by the arm onto the dancefloor.

    Darcy faltered for a moment, turning her head rapidly in confusion as George twirled her into motion, guiding her by the waist with a wink as she laughed in surprise. Darcy could only follow after him, not having a clue what the steps were as they danced in a rotating circle with the other couples around them.

    "You clean up nicely, you sly dog." Darcy cackled as she smoothed out the lapel of his robes, looking upward at the boy's cheeky grin as he nodded in praise. "Where's Sarah? Could the Ravenclaw not keep up with you?"

    "She apparently doesn't dance," George said with a roll of his eyes, lifting his smaller friend easily and then letting her catch her footing once more. "Which is absolute rubbish. That's the whole point of a ball, isn't it?" Darcy agreed, shooting a glare as he stepped on her toes, accepting his hurried apology. "You look very put together tonight, Princess. I don't think I've ever seen your hair brushed out before."

    "Gee, thanks, you really know how to sweet talk a girl, huh?" Darcy quipped dryly, smiling at the yelp he gave after she had tugged his ear. The tempo of the music started to pick up, making the witch laugh as she spun to change partners. "Save me a dance, Georgie!"

    Darcy was suddenly faced with a red suit, taking the giant hand that was held out to her with a polite smile. Viktor Krum gave a tense bow, wasting no time in pulling the witch into step with him as he led with a stern set in his brows. He smelled strongly of cologne, his hand rough on her own as he guided her in a spin. Darcy couldn't help but glance in the direction he kept his eyes trained on, trying to see what was so interesting as they moved.

    "I'm Darcy, by the way." She informed after clearing her throat, the surprising awkwardness at the interaction making her steps rigid. The Bulgarian only raised a brow, barely looking at her as he all but broke his neck as they turned. Darcy somehow located Zoey in the midst of all the swishing dresses, her height towering over Seamus Finnigan as she waved her hand wildly to grab the Slytherin's attention. Darcy followed her pointed finger, unable to read her mouth from such a distance, and sucked in a breath at the Periwinkle figure smiling at Lee Jordan. Hermione all but glowed, the ruffles of her gown looking like opening flower petals as the other Gryffindor spun her with a surprised expression at her new found grace. Ginny danced just to her friends left in the arms of her brother, Fred's gaze flickering around as his sister's mouth moved with words he probably didn't hear.

    "I know," He grunted, lifting Darcy in a jerking motion and then basically dropping her, making a pain shoot through her ankles as she landed with a hiss. "You are Hermy-own's Slytherin friend, yes? And the blonde one has mentioned your name to me." Darcy blinked at his words, frowning in thought as she righted herself. The tempo started to change again, and Krum didn't even bother to spin her out as he turned for his next partner. Darcy stared after him in slight anger, her cheeks heating up at the rude interaction as she stood unmoving on the floor.

    "If I may have your hand, my lady?" A posh voice interrupted her mental rant just behind her, making the Slytherin turn around with a whoosh in her silvery-white skirts. Theo wore his signature smirk, bowing with a hand over his heart and the other swept out as he looked up from his bent angle while the already paired couples moved around them. "Come on, Collins, don't leave a bloke hanging."

    "Oh but of course, kind sir. My apologies." Darcy curtsied dramatically, dropping low as she fanned her dress out. The witch even took it a step further, gathering a handful of the bellowing material in the palm she placed high up on his shoulder, tilting her chin up and out the way she had seen the aristocratic women do on the old films her father watched. Theo moved just as elegantly as the men in those same films did, his head turned in the opposite direction with his hand gently on the high of her back- pressing Darcy's body close as they glided around the room.

    "I had no idea how quick you were on your toes, love." Theo remarked, moving them in the direction the crowd rotated as Darcy chuckled. "Have you been taking lessons just to impress little ol' me?"

    "I'll have you know that I was in ballet as a child, went until I was eleven until I got my acceptance letter. But enough about me- I see that Miss Granger is wearing a rather fetching shade of blue this evening, have you noticed?" Continuing in her false tone, Darcy smiled towards Dimmiry who did a double take in the arms of Cedric Diggory, her head turning to catch Elizabeth's attention just behind her. Theo executed a beautiful lift as Darcy shot them a wink, dipping the girl low once she touched down with a shine in his eyes that the witch couldn't help but laugh at.

    "I did catch a glimpse as she made an entrance with your former dance partner." Theo shared, nodding in the direction of Viktor Krum who looked even more displeased as Pansy Parkinson warbled away in his arms. "The owner of those chiseled quidditch muscles you drooled over in my sketchbook is clad in a very fitting set of robes tonight, if you must know."

    "I haven't the faintest idea of what you mean, my love." Darcy lied in an airy tone, ignoring Theo's detached hum as he stared after a blue gown that passed them before a disapproving look was painted across his features.

    "Funny, I had no idea that this was a masquerade ball, yet here you are with such a poor one on your face little miss 'I don't let people wear a mask around me'." Theo had pulled Darcy so much closer to whisper his words, his eyes locking with an amber pair across the room as he smiled against the shell of her ear. He pulled away with a fake smile that was so sickeningly sweet it caused Darcy to gag, playing with a curled piece of hair that had fallen over her forehead that he tucked almost lovingly behind her ear with a laugh.

    "Very well, have it your way. I couldn't help but notice that you have also decided to break out the family jewels tonight. On behalf of the entire male student body, we thank you." Theo cut his eyes downwards with a smirk, howling with laughter after Darcy herself glanced down, only seeing her cleavage until his words set in. Darcy gasped in disbelief at Theo's boldness, smacking his shoulder as she blushed furiously.

    "Theodore Nott!" Darcy whisper-yelled, causing a few eyes to turn their way as the underclassmen twirled her.

    "Oh, and they change color too!" Theo laughed harder, his eyes nearly closed as he covered his mouth with a free hand at the red flush that was spreading down her neck and blooming over her chest. "I see you're getting all hot and bothered, my dear." Darcy hid her face for a moment against the taller boy's chest, breathing in to settle her nerves as his hand patted the bare skin on her back as they turned in step. The pair was suddenly jostled as they pivoted, pushed to the side slightly before Theo righted them. "Hey, watch it, mate."

    The tempo changed once more as they fell back into rotation. Theo turned Darcy in a flashy series of stationary spins before letting go of her hand, his laughter following her as she tried to stop herself from falling over with her blurred vision. Arms caught around her waist just in time, standing her up straight only to immediately start leading her in step. Darcy could only keep her eyes closed, putting all her trust into the unknown partner that held her in the hopes that she could collect herself quickly.

    Whoever it was, they moved lightly on their feet with a grace that was so effortless Darcy had thought for a moment that they weren't actually moving- only the sensation of her curls flying off her shoulders indicated movement, her own feet flying along in the direction the hand in hers pulled. A spicy smell brushed her nose, something warm following it as the music slowed slightly to signal the halfway mark in the dance.

    "I'm so sorry, I'm just trying to stop the spinning." Darcy chuckled, fluttering her eyes open as everything cleared. The witch was first met with a storm cloud gray gaze as ardent and in the exact shade Theo had drawn them. Then a severe expression that softened slightly came into focus as Darcy began to grin from ear to ear, squeezing the slightly calloused hand tighter. And then, finally, the signature sneer fell into a straight line- not a smile, but at least his features had softened.

    "I know I look irresistible tonight, but throwing yourself at me, Collins? Really?" Draco Malfoy remarked in a drawl, opting for a slight dip in place of the appropriate twirl every other partner did. Darcy, for some reason unbeknownst to her, giggled with a roll of her eyes as she gazed up through her lashes. The witch had seen the Malfoy heir very little since that night on the pier, only waving at him with kind smiles in passing as he walked along with his friends. He always acknowledged her, nodding back or flicking his fingers in a halfhearted wave of his own before averting his gaze.

    "What can I say, you look incredibly dashing in white." Darcy admitted in a teasing tone, the hand that rested on his shoulder sliding down to his bicep subconsciously as they danced. Draco only raised a brow, his eyes sweeping over her before looking away to a place above her head as his Adam's apple bobbed.

    "I could say the same to you, it would appear." Draco's voice had dropped as he spoke, his tone low as Darcy tilted her head to hear him better. The younger wizard spun her this time around, slowly raising her arm and whipping her around and then immediately drawing her near once more as they moved.

    "Is that your way of saying I look pretty, Malfoy?" Darcy tried to tease again but some emotion had caught in her throat, causing the words to come out almost breathlessly as she squeezed his arm. Draco placed both hands on her waist, lifting her along with the crowd, but like the spin he picked her up slowly- his eyes never leaving hers as he clenched his jaw.

    "You look how you always look."

    Before Darcy could question his words, she saw the other girls around her being spun out for the final partner change and made to remove the hand on his arm, but Draco didn't let go; the blond Slytherin reeling the red headed witch back towards his waiting frame, resuming the flow of the dance as he glared at someone just behind Darcy with a jerk of his head. The soaring, simmering melody of added piano notes that made up the outro was kissing along Darcy's neck; the delicate twinkling of the keys brushing along her spine like barely there fingertips sending a shiver through her body as Draco returned his focus to her with burning eyes.

    "Why Theo? Why did you pick Nott? I suppose you do make a handsome couple, but I'm a little confused- I wasn't even aware you two were even on speaking terms with one another." Draco suddenly hissed with a sneer, all the soft planes of his face twisting into something hostile- he resembled a snake coiled around itself, fangs bared in warming of imminent danger as he drew a sharp inhale. The hand that rested on the witch's waist fisted the fabric of her gown, the gentle hold of her hand squeezed in a near bruising grasp that made her lips fall open in a silent gasp as a defensive fire lit in her cobalt eyes. Darcy wasted no time in ripping her hand from within his own, cradling it against her chest as she rubbed the tender flesh of her wrist while stepping away from him.

    "That hurt, Draco. I don't even know what you're talking about. What's wrong with-" Darcy put forth with a raise of her chin, setting her shoulders back as Draco stepped into her personal space once more. There the two Slytherin's stood- chest to chest, toe to toe- as all the participating partners in the dance moved away from one another with bows and curtsies, flirtatious smiles and polite nods exchanged as Draco Malfoy and Darcy Collins held firm with clenched jaws and narrows eyes.

    "I saw you both the other night rolling around in the Common Room, and just now with his hands running over you as he kissed your ear." Draco fired back, not giving Darcy a moment's pause as he brought his face closer towards her with his teeth clenched. "I don't care who you date, but don't lie about it. I knew you were a lot of things, Collins, but I never pegged you for being easy or a liar."

    Darcy could only stand there in openmouthed shock as Draco shoved past her, carelessly plowing through the group leaving the dancefloor as a slower, more haunting tune began for the more intimate couples to sway along to.


    Darcy couldn't exactly pinpoint when or where it had happened- everything had begun to blur hours ago. All the witch was sure of was one minutes she was standing next to Zoey, her anger rising as she tried to retrieve her cloak from the makeshift coat check that was really the old trophy room, and then she was back on the dance floor jumping and dancing against people she wasn't even sure she knew. Zoey had managed (with threats and a glare that could probably get the dead to rise if she tried hard enough) to get thirty more minutes of the Slytherin girls' time, pulling her back into The Great Hall with a squeal of delight that Darcy huffed at. The witch sat at a table with Ron and Harry for ten of those minutes, listening to the younger boys whine, before it became too unbearable on her already thinly shredded nerves. Lee Jordan had swept her up on her way to get a drink of whatever pink liquid Fleur Delacour had been sipping on, but that had been almost two hours ago. Everything after that was a bit hazy.

    Currently, at that moment, Darcy was dancing with Dimmiry and Katie Bell- arms raised with a glass of punch she had acquired at some point and eyes closed as whatever band played on the makeshift stage in front of them. It was hot in her giant dress, the fabric tripping her feet every now and again as she giggled into the spin Katie had turned her in. Many of the Professors had retired already, leaving Professor Flitwick and Professor Snape as chaperones, but Darcy saw a few students dancing against each other the way most fifteen to seventeen year old's did- bodies pressed together like no one else was around, hands wandering dangerously close to places most hands were hungry to be, lips brushing skin when they weren't pressed together in a way that could only be described as hungry.

    Darcy was having the time of her life, nothing else mattered but the music and the thrill sizzling across her skin, but someone was pulling her away. The witch found herself being led through the crowd, her hand squeezed tight as she was dragged to reemerge on the other side of swarmed bodies like one would break the surface of water- gasping, blinking rapidly as light distorted the figures in front of her, a cold replacing the temperature her body had previously adjusted to in an unpleasant way.

    "-Darcy! How many did you drink?" It was Elizabeth, her curls having fallen from the pins that had held them back, causing a beautiful golden halo to surround her as she grabbed the smaller girl's shoulders to administer a few rough shakes. One of the twins stood behind her, his eyebrows pulled together as he spoke slowly to Lee Jordan with a tight jaw. Why was he angry? Fred and George should never be angry, it was weird and uncomfortable compared to their normal state of being. Had something happened to-

    "I need you to focus right now, Darcy, please. How much did you drink?" Elizabeth yelled again, and her face was much closer than it had been before- the blue of her eyes looked like little glass marbles, her eye makeup slightly smeared around the corners as her mouth rested in a frown. Where was Zoey and Dimmiry? Wasn't I just with one of them a second ago? And where was-? Darcy watched as Elizabeth snatched a glass cup of punch from a passing Ravenclaw, shooing him away with a wave as he sputtered. "Look at me, Darcy- how much of this did you have?"

    It was a simple, clear question- how much punch had she drunk? Darcy tilted her head in thought, feeling her body stagger as she crossed her arms and closed her eyes; the witch mentally counted in her head, nodding with each tally she added to the little list in her brain as her friends waited.

    "Seven, seven sounds about right." Darcy admitted, nodding her head in confirmation with a goofy grin that she didn't realize was spread across her lips. Elizabeth blinked in wait, praying there was more to the statement, but Darcy had started to turn away, still nodding as she saw her answer as the end of conversation.

    "Seven what? Seven sips?" There was a hopeful gleam in Elizabeth's eyes as she leaned closer, nodding along with the flushed redhead as Lee Jordan tried to pull his arm from Fred's grasp with no luck.

    "Yeah no," Darcy laughed like it was obvious, flicking her wrist with a roll of her eyes as Elizabeth paled under her face powder. "Seven cups silly, I was really thirsty. But everyone was so nice, they just kept handing their drinks to me. And Seamus was-"

    "What exactly did you spike it with, Lee?" Fred suddenly spat, leaning down to get eye level with his friend as Elizabeth shoved the cup into some girl's hands before guiding Darcy towards a table as she pulled against her.

    "Just some fire whiskey, I already told you!" Lee yelled in a poor whisper, pursing his lips as he shook his head in contemplation before screwing his eyes closed with a grimace. "Annnnd something Marcus Belby had nicked from his dad that his uncle gave him a few summers ago. But it's only supposed to make you feel good, honestly! He said it was like smoking leaf and everyone would be fine! And I told Seamus only one cup per person so really-"

    "Does she look fine to you?" Fred yelled, gesturing towards the witch who had turned a slight green color as she leaned against her friend's shoulder, muttering incoherent words under her breath as Elizabeth glanced around frantically. "I swear to Merlin, Lee-"

    "A quick lay down is all she needs! She'll be fine!" Lee insisted, his nostrils flaring as he started to glare at his taller friend who only regarded him with anger that was boarder lining hostility. It was all fun and games until someone got bevvied, or whatever rubbish his mum used to say.

    "You best hope that's all she needs, because if she wakes up in the hospital wing tomorrow because of you then-"

    "Then what, Weasley? We both know you're not the violent type, so what are you gonna do if your pretty witch can't handle her drink?" Lee interpreted with a loud, forced laugh that made Darcy lift her head, her vision clearing as she glanced at the way Fred straightened with a humorless smile pulling at his mouth.

    "It's not what I'll do, mate, it's what my pretty witch will do when she wakes up if a lay down doesn't just fix her up." Fred enunciated his words as he spoke, placing his hands in the pockets of his robes as he rocked on his heel- Darcy noted the way his smile grew when Lee bulked, his skin paling as he glanced her direction with a blink. "And I don't have to tell you that she is the violent type when properly vexed."

    Fred didn't wait for a response from Lee, leaving him standing there in a stuck stupor as he approached Darcy with a hard edge to his eyes. Elizabeth looked at him in wait, wringing her hands as she chewed her lips. Uneasiness had turned to panic when Zoey had told her about the spiked punch, remembering the full glass in their other friend's hands when she had left her to dance with Dimmiry and some other Gryffindor. She had found Fred immediately, asking if what Zoey had told her was true- if anyone knew of any mischievous activities or pranks, then it would be one of the Weasley twins- before running off in search of the Slytherin. Now she kept her eyes out for Dimmiry or Zoey, hoping they would pass so she could get help for the nodding girl next to her who kept hiccupping.

    "Come on, Darc, let's get you to bed." Fred suggested, trying to gently pick her up by the arm, but the smaller youth pulled back with a pour- even going so far as crossing her arms and lowering her chin in a childlike way.

    "Why do I have to go? I'm having fun! I was dancing and-and I don't want to go to bed yet." There was a real sadness in her tone, making Fred look at Darcy with a sign as he tried once more to maneuver the witch to her feet. She gave in easily that time around, sniffling as she rested her head on her taller friend's arm as they walked slowly. "It's not fair, why can't I stay? I won't drink anymore punch and I'll be good, I promise!"

    Fred looked down at Darcy with a tight frown, angry at the tears that swam in her eyes as she clinched the sleeve of his robes in her small hands. She deserved to dance until her legs gave out, surrounded by her friends who wanted her with them just as badly. He hadn't even had the opportunity to dance with her himself... and now she was swaying on her feet, blinking rapidly to clear her probably blurred vision because Lee bloody Jordan thought it was a good idea to spike the punch bowl while Flitwick crowd surfed and Snape was off doing whatever creepy bastards did.

    True, Fred had supported the idea, but that was irrelevant!

    "I know you'll be good, you're always good, but I really think that you need to turn in for the-" Fred started to explain gently, placing a comforting hand over hers as they passed the table Harry and his equally pouty brother occupied, but startled when Darcy began jumping up and down while pointing her finger- her previously solemn expression changing into something bright and more like her, then shifting again to something a little worrying as she scowled.

    "Wait, there's my boyfriend!"

    "You're what?" Fred stuttered, but Darcy was already gone- legging it towards a familiar Slytherin that stood with a glass of punch in his hand, talking to a dark haired Gryffindor witch with an easy smile that, for some reason unbeknown to him, made Fred's eye twitch. They were both underclassmen, but he had seen the bloke around- it was one of Malfoy's friends, the talkative flirty one... the one Darcy had been dancing with earlier in the night, his lips whispering something into her ear as she pressed her face against his chest... He had shed his outer robes, now in just a white dress shirt and trousers as he laughed at something the girl had just said. Fred allowed his long legs to carry him after his friend, reaching her just as she tapped the other boy on the shoulder to gain his attention.

    "Theo! Tell Fred that I don't need to go to bed, I won't drink anymore punch, I already promised. He's trying to make me, but I already told him that I don't-'' Darcy flung out in rapid fire, rolling her eyes as she swayed backwards. Fred reached out to steady her, but another hand had already found purchase on her waist- her boyfriend's hand. Since when did Darcy have a boyfriend? Did George know? He'd never even met the specky little git before, how was Darcy already dating him? She hadn't mentioned even being interested in anyone and now she was dating? When did she get time for that? She's always too busy to hangout or go to Hogsmeade, but she had time to date now? What a load of-

    "Were those even words, Princess?" The Slytherin- Theo- laughed, meeting Fred's narrowing glaze over the top of her head with a friendly wink that made Fred huff as he led Darcy to a table. "Slower this time, yeah? Who's trying to make you do what?" Darcy threw her hands up in exasperation before crossing them over her chest, plopping into her seat with a scowl. Fred stood in front of her with a tight jaw, fuming at the nickname that had so effortlessly poured from the boy's mouth- his nickname for her- while simultaneously glaring down as Theo cleared his throat and then gracelessly threw the robes that had been draped over his arm towards her lap. "And stop showing off the goods, will ya?"

    Fred couldn't stop his eyes from trailing down to Darcy's chest, seeing that the top of her dress had rode down with the action of crossing her arms, leaving an ample amount of cleavage to show as she shamelessly shrugged. He felt the blush rising to his cheeks, looking away quickly- but not before Theo caught his stare, raising an eyebrow before looking back at the witch with a creeping smirk.

    "Oh, who cares! And I have a bone to pick with you! But first will you please tell Freddie that I don't need to leave yet? I'm not tired or anything." Darcy rambled as Theo made a show of nodding along, readjusting the black material that kept falling as Darcy threw her arms around- shielding the witch's modesty as she spoke.

    "Well, why does Freddie think you need to leave in the first place? You look fine to me." Theo questioned, but his eyes were stuck on Fred, clearly asking for a real explanation as Darcy accepted a goblet of water from the witch Theo had been speaking to earlier. Fred felt his rarely used temper flaring up, cursing the shots of Fire Whiskey he had taken earlier as well as the two glasses of punch bubbling in his stomach as he shoved his clenched hands in the pockets of his robes once more.

    "She's not fine, she's drunk, and she needs to go lay down. You'd know that if you weren't off flirting with other witches while your girlfriend drowned herself in spiked punch, now wouldn't you." The hostility in Fred's voice could be felt, making Darcy shift in her seat with wide eyes while Theo only looked at the older wizard expressionlessly- only tilting his head as the word 'girlfriend' was spat out.  "I'm going to go tell Angelina that I'll be back and then I'm taking Darcy back to her dorm. So why don't you just sit here and do the opposite of what you've been doing- actually giving a rats arse about what happens to her." Fred spoke through clenched teeth, his eyes livid as he turned to leave.

    "I don't really like being told what to do, Freddie. And I don't appreciate what you're insinuating." Theo stood with a raised voice, mirroring Fred's stance as Darcy grabbed onto Theo's arm to tug him back. The Slytherin merely shrugged her off, his eyes flashing as Fred gave him a once over, as if calculating his odds as he sucked his teeth. "I care about Darcy just as much as you do-"

    "I'm going to stop you right there because no, you don't care about Darcy the way I do. Last I checked, I've been here taking care of her for the past five years, I've been her best friend. I don't even know who you are, but what I think is that you aren't good enough for her. She deserves better. You're only a Slytherin nobody that will break her heart when another girl comes around." Darcy stood with wobbling knees as Fred took a step forward, only a few inches taller than Theo as the boys burned holes into one another with their eyes. "And my name is Fred."

    "Well, you wanna know something funny, Fred?" Theo hissed and it honestly frightened Darcy- it was the beings that radiated ease and friendly laughter should never be seen in the dark twisted light Fred and Theo were currently standing in, becoming something completely different than the boys she knew. It was easy to get between them, her hands trying to push them apart as she blinked in confusion. Everything had happened so fast, why were they even mad to begin with?

    "I think that you've been Collins' friend for five years but what I want to know is where you were the other night when she was tearing her hands apart because she was so mad? Or, where were you when she stumbled into the common room past midnight after studying in the library the day after that? Did you stay up with her past four? Where were you when she was talking about her nightmares this morning, almost in tears? Because I was there, so where was her best friend? You said it yourself, you don't even know who I am, and yet here you are thinking you can judge me? If I had half the nerve you did, I'd say you're acting more like a jealous wanker than a friend!"

    "If she needed me then she knew exactly where to find me!" Fred insisted at a yell, trying to move closer as Darcy shoved at two broad chests that almost squashed her as heads started to turn towards the commotion. Darcy tried to get words in, tried to defuse the situation, but the anger was already too loud.

    "Then why didn't she? Why was she confiding in someone she barely knows instead of her best friend? Do you think it has anything to do with who's good enough and better?" Theo was red in the face, eyes almost bulging as he yelled back with venom, spreading his arms just as Fred reached a hand out for the collar of his dress shirt. Darcy could only squeak in protest, pressing her back fully against Theo's chest and pushed with both hands against Fred to keep him back. "Do it Weasley, I fucking dare you!"

    "Will you please stop! You're both way out of line!" Darcy pleaded, suddenly much more level headed than she had been as Theo bellowed in her ear. She saw the young witch from before making a beeline toward them, the hem of her red dress held in her hands as George and Lee ran behind her. "Knock it off!" Darcy yelled, watching as George closed his arms around his twin just before he reared his arm back to throw a punch. The solid build that was Theo suddenly vanished too, making Darcy look back to see Blaise Zabini standing just behind his friend- both hands firmly on his shoulders, whispering words as the wizard huffed in barely concealed fury.

    Fred was thrashing in George's hold, their younger brother trying to ask what was wrong while Lee blocked his view of Theo completely. Darcy made a split second decision, picking her skirts up as she stomped the eight steps to move Lee out of the way. Fred was red in the face, now yelling threats at the younger Slytherin who only gave a cocky smirk while flipping him the bird- it only enraged the older twin more, making his eyes blaze as George started to lose his hold around him. Darcy's hand struck out like a viper, grabbing his face and pulling it level with her own, and all motion died as his amber eyes met her gaze.

    "I said stop it! What the hell is wrong with you and what the fuck was all that!" Darcy clipped out, not being gentle when she pulled Fred's face back to where she wanted it when he tried to pull away. "You had no right to say those things to Theo-"

    "So now you want to defend the bloke you're shagging over your own friend!" Fred tried to interrupt, successfully removing his face with a disgusted look at his little friend with anger clouded eyes that match her own. Darcy couldn't stop her hand from moving out again, only this time her hand was open, and it landed a smack! that sounded like it hurt as the small group that gathered gasped in shock. George completely dropped his hold, his expression changing into that of shocked rage that his brother had just been struck as he blinked at Darcy in disbelief.

    "Do NOT interrupt me! And watch your fucking mouth! I heard what both of you said to each other and you're both in the wrong! Even if I was sleeping with Theo, which I'm not, it's none of your fucking business! You had no right to say any of that shit and neither did he, but in his defense you fucking started it! I just watched a pissing match between two almost grown men over what? Who's a better friend? What are you, five?"

    "Collins-" A hand was firmly pulling her back from where she stood yelling in- who was supposed to be- one of her best friends face, a static film jumping across her skin as her magic bubbled with her anger at the whole situation. If Fred had just left her alone, let her do what she wanted to do, then none of this would even be happening. Or if Zoey would have let her leave when she had wanted to earlier... It was their fault-

    "What!" Darcy screamed, whipping around to glare daggers at the boy who stood just behind her with a softened expression- it was Theo, who had somehow composed himself with Blaise looming just behind him, his eyes flicking towards a shell shocked Fred.

    "You need to calm down, Darcy. Just give me your wand, okay?" Theo's voice was level, smooth like still water on a breezeless day, as he slowly trailed his hand down her arm and over her closed fist. Darcy looked down in confusion, the feeling growing when she saw her Ash wand held in a white knuckle grip, sparks jumping at the tip. Darcy didn't even remember reaching into the folds of her dress for it... how long had it been in her hand? The witch looked around at the faces staring back at her, at wide eyes that followed her movement as she felt her magic dying away. Everyone looked on edge, they looked the way people looked at a feral animal in a cage not strong enough to contain the beast inside of it... like they were waiting for something... like they were afraid...

    Darcy released her wand with a small gasp, looking back at Theo as his eyes jumped around her face... like he, too, was waiting for something. He took her wand with a nod, looking back at Fred who clenched his aching jaw. Zoey, Elizabeth, and Dimmiry had just broken through the crowd, watching as Darcy's trembling hand went up to feebly cover her mouth. They could feel the remains of magic trickling around them, the foreign essence coating their skin as they stood statue still with the other students. Darcy looked back towards Fred, suddenly realizing the weight of what she had done, and just as she took a step forward with her hand outstretched the wizard had shaken from his stupor.

    Darcy Collins watched, tears already clouding her eyes, as Fred Weasley shook his head in disbelief before bolting from The Great Hall.

    The Yule Ball was, officially, over for the Slytherin witch.


    #Draco Malfoy #Draco Malfoy x OC #draco malfoy smut #fred weasley #fred weasley smut #fred weasley x oc #Harry Potter#Hermione Granger#Ron Weasley#Ginny Weasley#george weasley #Fred and George Weasley #Remus Lupin#Sirius Black#nymphadora tonks#Theodore Nott#Blaise Zabini#Luna Lovegood#original characters #original female character #harry potter x ginny weasley #harry X ginny #hermione x theo #draco x hermione #ron x lavender #remus x nymphadora #remus x tonks #blaise x luna #albus dumbledore#severus snape
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  • harrypottertakes
    17.10.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Lunastoria Headcanons

    They meet during Luna’s return to school, where she takes her Seventh Year studies and Astoria takes her Sixth.

    They reconnect years later, after the marriage between Astoria and Draco doesn’t work out.

    Astoria has her blood malediction, but Luna is hopeful.

    She says something along lines of ‘The cure to your curse was published in number 204838103 of the Quibbler several years ago??!!” And boom there it is!

    They love to read and say weird things. An odd couple but odd in every sense of the word, not odd with each other.

    Luna loves Scorpius and takes him on outside adventures.

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  • camelliacats
    17.10.2021 - 11 hours ago
    #mew was asked #mewling about haripo #not a fic #headcanons#regulus black#luna lovegood
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  • chasegrangerkingdom
    17.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Luna: Things just got super weird-

    Luna: It's my time to shine.

    #source: the mincing mockingbird guide to troubled birds #luna lovegood#hp#incorrect quotes #incorrect hp quotes #hp incorrect quotes #incorrect harry potter quotes #harry potter incorrect quotes
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  • ununquadius
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    I made Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Draco, Pansy, and Blaise with this. They're all girls because there isn't other option

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  • felixfelicispotion
    16.10.2021 - 16 hours ago

    luna lovegood moodboard!!

    -not requested!!

    #luna lovegood #luna lovegood aesthetic #luna lovegood moodboard #hp#hp series#hp fandom#hp moodboard#hp aesthetic #harry potter fandom #harry potter series #moodboard#aesthetic#mod quin
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  • silverdelirium
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  • anastasiakrizek
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    Why Did the Weasleys Mean so Much to Harry?

    Harry was an orphan living in an abusive and ignorant environment (the Dursleys).

    Dudley Dursley and his cronies always bullied and hurt Harry, Petunia Dursley projected her hatred and jealously of her dead sister, Lily, at Harry, Vernon Dursley simply hated magic, and Marge Dursley is a devil.

    You can find parallels of the Dursleys at Hogwarts, too, for Harry. Severus Snape projected his hatred of James Potter on Harry. Draco Malfoy was the wizarding equivalent of Dudley for a long time.

    Hogwarts wouldn’t be fun for Harry without the Weasleys. Just like at Privet Drive, Harry would have been lonely at Hogwarts, but only with the magic, lessons, Quidditch, and other friends and professors. But the Weasleys?

    They took him in, gave him all the affection, love, and warmth that he needed, and made him feel like family. Harry wouldn’t have had such a good time at Hogwarts without Ron and the Weasleys as they were the friends, and later family, that every human being deserves.

    Arthur Weasley: Father figure to Harry.

    Molly Weasley: Mother figure to Harry.

    Bill, Charlie, and even Percy to an extent: Advising and caring older brother figures to Harry.

    Fred and George Weasley: Fun brother figures to Harry.

    Ron Weasley: The Best Friend, Brother, and Companion that Harry (and many of us in real life actually) needed.

    Ginny Weasley: Needs no introduction. The one who he was head over heels for.

    The Dursleys are like the sea. Full of water, but no one can drink it directly because it’s salty.

    The Weasleys are like the rivulet. Limited water supply, but feeds the entire world!

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  • thegirlwhowrites642
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    If HP book!characters met their movie version

    Ron: Are we sure we destroyed the locket? Because this looks pretty much like my worst nightmare

    Hermione: Oh come on! She is not even human! And her hair looks so good??? How??? It's not fair! I bet I have better grades...

    Ginny: *intensely bullying movie!Ginny*

    Harry: I am not even mad that he has no personality but why he is so short??? I had to endure four years of Ron calling me a dwarf, I am quite proud of my growth spurt! Wait... why he's got blue eyes and dark brown hair?????

    Luna: Ok that I live a bit in my own world but I don't do drugs...

    Draco: Well... He is actually a way less horrible version of me... I-I mean... perfect representation. Great job!

    Snape: *still busy handing Kloves money to erase 90% of the disgusting stuff he did*

    Dean: I look fine as hell! But they could have at least put the actual snogging session scene with Ginny... right? Right?

    Dumbledore: Why do I look so different from the third movie on?

    James: Let me get this straight... My Hogwarts version is just a random dude with glasses and my post Hogwarts version is a grandpa????????

    Lily: Not gonna lie... I'm confused.

    Sirius: Why do I look soooo old!!!!!!??????

    Charlie: Wait... where's movie!me?


    Harry: Where are Ginny's warm brown eyes????? And her freckles?????? Why is she so tall! I need to see my wife, this was traumatizing....

    #I could have gone on for hours but I had to stop somewhere #A hinny treat at the end because they live in my head 24/7 #hinny #the harry potter movies are a crime against humanity #harry potter#ginny weasley#ron weasley#hermione granger#luna lovegood#dean thomas#draco malfoy#severus snape#james potter#lily evans#sirius black#albus dumbledore#charlie weasley
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    Choose Your Player

    I'm personally going with Fleur Delacar 😊

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  • pastchronicled
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    Luna looked around her for a moment the wind tugging lightly at the blonde hair. Her eyes were roaming the area until she saw someone she had not seen before. She padded forward on bare feet her feet cold with the early morning dew but she found she did not mind too much about that. She was more than used to it if she was honest. “Excuse me? Is there something that I can help you with?” She asked. Her large grey eyes seemed to tun impossibly wider as she looked at the other her head tilting slightly. Her silvery blonde hair caught the pale morning light seeming to cast a brightness about her. She waited her gaze focusing on the other.  

    #masteryoftheseas #loony lovegood (luna thread)
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  • syddi
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    She’s so sweet and pretty

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  • daydreamingabout-not-you
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    Luna Lovegood

    | "My mum always said things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end. If not always in the way we expect.”

    #aesthetic#harry potter #harry potter fanfiction #harry potter aesthetic #aesthetics#luna lovegood #luna lovegood aesthetic #luna harry potter #hp#hp ootp#hp fanfic#hp fanart#hp fanfiction #luna lovegood moodboard #luna lovegood art #ravenclaw#rowena ravenclaw#ravenclaw aesthetic#hp moodboard #harry potter fancast #harry potter ootp #harry potter moodboard
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  • cupids-crystals
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    #Luna Lovegood #luna lovegood x reader #luna lovegood headcanons #luna lovegood x y/n #harry potter #harry potter headcanon
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  • spinnersendprince
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    Harry Potter and the Simplest Solution - evenmoreimprobable - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]

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  • halfwizardprincess
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    Luna and Snape say trans rights

    #trans snape #transfemme!Luna #transmasc!Snape #also they are dating #snuna #luna x severus #trans luna lovegood
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