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  • tossawary
    23.01.2022 - 1 hour ago

    Ahhhh, the way I’ve set up my fic A Child Once requires Luo Binghe’s POV to be next, and I really do want to write it that way, I’m excited to write it that way, but somehow I’ve gotten this far without ever actually writing Luo Binghe’s POV before now! Time to do so much narrative voice development.

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  • rama-thorn
    23.01.2022 - 3 hours ago

    Crybaby Luo Binghe as a commission from Twitter! Looking forward to finally reading svsss soon, it was fun to draw him!

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  • saintone
    23.01.2022 - 4 hours ago

    So i just thought of an idea for a fic, but i don't have the time to write it but I thought i should just share it, or at least make some hc. Feel free to take it or continue it!

    Death is the only Ending for the Scum Villan!

    Or: Death is the Only Ending for the Villaness x Rehincarnation Shen Jiu Au!!

    (u ready?)

    Shen Jui should have known better, but it seems that through every life and in every decision, he is, above all, a fool.

    When he gets adopted at age fifteen, due the intervention of a long lost friend (more like, friend who abandoned him), Shen Jiu definitely wasn't hoping for a happy ever after. He also wasn't expeting the blatant hate he recieved from his three brand new snobby siblings.

    It's nothing he hasn't lived before, though. Kids bullied each other in the orphanage and Shen Jiu was well know for his backstabbing tendences and his sharp tongue. Chores being forced on him wasn't nothing new, what were kids for after all, in the eyes of greedy adults running these establisments just for the public funding they stole? And starving, he doesn't think there was ever a time in his life when he wasn't starving.

    So, nothing new.

    For the further ire of his new brothers and sister (specially that brute, who seem to had it with him for no reason sisnce the very first moment he laid eyes on Shen Jiu's pale face), he keeps on living. From beggar to young master, working his way between whispers, taunting looks and the punishment of his new father whenever he breakes a little lord's nose. He was used to this, he would tell himself. Some things hadn't changed, but now he had proper clothing, heating, a bed and the posibility of a future awaiting fir him that wasn't diying on the streets of jail. So with these convictions as his daily motivation he makes his way through High School, gets accepted to college, finds an aparment (the dirtiest nick he has ever seen, and that's speaking because Shen Jiu has seen a lot. Courtesy of his older brother). And finally, finally Shen Jiu breathes.

    Just by coincidence he hears other students talk about a game, by a struck of (bad) luck he realizes, the Villan shares his name.

    He doesn't know what urges him to give it a test, but Shen Jiu tries. The thing is bloody easy. He wins it in one go. That's until he gives 'Hard Mode' a chance, and Shen Jiu realizes that probably his name is cursed, because in every parh the Villan only dies, and dies, and dies.

    He doesn't know when he falls asleep. He doesn't even realice how he wakes up. But Shen Jui's cursed fate is playing again: now he's back to a toxic household, with characters disturblingly similar to his siblings, a setting too similar to the game, and a death sentence, looming over his head with every step he takes.

    Maybe, Shen Jui thinks, death won't be so bad. But he can't give Liu QingGe the satisfaction.


    Ready to play?

    Adopted child of the Cang Qiong family, before the real son, Shen Yuan, returns to he household the day of your coming of age, recieve a marriage proposal from one of the five main characters to win the game!

    Yue QingYuan, the Crown Prince

    Liu QingGe, younger brother

    Mu QingFan, older brother and heir to the Cang Qiong family empire!

    Luo BingHe, former slave, halfling, now knight if Cang Qiong

    Zhuzi Lang, noble, secret magician, and leader of the Merchant Guild

    Failure to archieve a romantic ending results in death!

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  • hoarder-of-danmei
    23.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    MXTX: Xie Lian has black hair, and Luo Binghe is slim and lanky

    Fandom: :)

    #to be fair xie lian’s hair color is only mentioned once that i could find #and it’s in a very distracting section #mxtx#tgcf#svsss #tian guan ci fu #heaven official's blessing #scum villain #scum villain's self saving system #ren zha fanpai zijiu xitong #xie lian#luo binghe#my posts#-responsible
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  • ecccentrick
    23.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    In Hell

    Bingqiu, lab rat au. cw: implied human experimentation, internalized ableism

    The way to control Shen Yuan (System Subject 1423, of the P33R Generation) is with books and Binghe (System Subject 2132, I0T0S Generation).

    Books, because he is a voracious reader. If the scientists deliberately give him shitty ones just to listen to him rant, he hasn't caught on. He just thinks that everything is written that poorly, the outside world as stupid and illiterate as his handlers say.

    Binghe because he has a soft spot for the kid. Binghe wasn't born in the lab, instead taken in as an orphaned toddler. The scientists tried everything to stop his crying, to make him eat, and only Shen Yuan (tired of all the screaming, he's trying to read here!) could calm him down. Imprinting like a duckling to its mother, they became inseparable.

    Now, years and years later, all the scientists had to do was withhold food from Binghe long enough to make him cry (Shen Yuan is no stranger to hunger, so much so it no longer works to keep him in check) and Shen Yuan folds, allowing any procedure to take place with less fuss, never complaining.

    A liver biopsy here, an eye surgery there, it didn't matter, as long as Binghe was okay. As long as Binghe didn't have another reason to cry.

    (He did anyway. When Shen Yuan was still unconscious from the anesthesia.)

    One botched eye surgery later and Shen Yuan was as good as blind. As good as useless to them, for what they created him for to begin with. He knew his days were numbered, which meant he had nothing to lose. But Binghe did.

    "Yuan'ge, please don't make me do this!" Binghe sobbed. Shen Yuan then muffled them with his palm, tears wetting his fingers. He couldn't see much more than shapes and shadows, but he knew Binghe's face well enough to know it was twisted with agony, but still handsome.

    As soon as he woke up to smudges where he used to see sharp lines, he started to plan an escape. Not for him, but for Binghe; if they were both gone, it'd be impossible to pull one over on Binghe's handlers, because then they'd go to ask Shen Yuan where he was, and if he was gone as well, they'd know they were trying to do something.

    "I didn't work hard to get my System to take the night off for you to ruin this, Binghe," Shen Yuan snapped. "Do it or we both die. And they'll make you watch first."

    Binghe rips Shen Yuan's hand off his mouth. "I'll protect you, I swear I will! Please, come with me!"

    "You're running out of time! Go! Or I'll never forgive you!"

    Lips crash into his, teeth clacking harshly. Shen Yuan gasps, and Binghe takes this distraction to hold onto Shen Yuan, intending to take him along with or without his consent.

    But Shen Yuan is too quick. He pushes Binghe down the garbage heap, knowing that he could land on his head and break his neck and still get up and run away. He wasn't I0T0S Generation for nothing.

    "I never want to see you again," Shen Yuan says softly; Binghe could hear if he just sighed under his breath, let alone speak. The knife would find its mark and twist under his ribs. It would hopefully cut himself from Binghe's heart at the root.

    Binghe falls. Binghe escapes. Binghe's heart filled with rage, the last embers of hope long burned igniting in his chest.

    He'd go back for Shen Yuan. And no one would stop him. Not even Shen Yuan.

    #bingqiu#svsss#scumbag system#mxtx#luo binghe#shen qingqiu#shen yuan#bingyuan #just a lil something i thought of last night #🤡 i said id never write svsss fanfic 🤡 #this will prob get like 2 notes from my mutuals lmao #written in like 15 mins #my writing
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  • catmaid-san
    23.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    Can't I just like a Character simply because his character setting is Fascinating??

    Toward SVSSS, honestly, there is only mild emotion for it. I neither hate nor like the characters terribly. Because...SV as literature does not have enough depth to evoke my interest to discuss and vigorously dislike or admire the characters.

    I like Shen Jiu, but Shen Jiu Stan and Shen Yuan Stan make me feel awkward, because both parties actually perceive Shen Jiu worse than what he is depicted in the novel.

    Toward the characters in SV, Shen Jiu (Shen Qingqiu) is the most interesting for me (handsome, genius, talented, hard-working, loyal to his comrades, has a surprisingly formidable mental fortitude to keep on living, climbing higher and work harder, rather than just crying snots and tears to complain about his bad fate). It is a fact that he is a Scum, but it is also a fact that he is worthy of admiration to be "Shen Qingqiu" from a Shen Jiu. Using his own abilities and hard work, without any cheats, golden finger, or due to special heritage.

    Then here comes the calamity.

    Shen Jiu Stan be like : Shen Jiu is the most pitiful. He is innocent, he is just a depressed person. He has been raped, he has been abused, oh how pitiful this weak flower is. Everything he did is because he has trauma. He has all the angsty points, we should like him because he has a tragic past. He abused Luo Binghe because he wanted to train him and has no malicious intent.

    Like, ????? Why????? When did Shen Jiu got raped?? Why didn't I know it from the novel??

    Shen Jiu is admirable because he is not weak and his perseverance amazed me.

    As long as I know, Shen Jiu despises to mingle with men because Adult Men hit him, abuse him physically, not because he has been raped.

    Sure he has a pitiful past, but what makes him Fascinating as a character is not because of his past, but because of his own character, his own abilities, basically, he is worthy of admiration because of his own person, not because of his tragic back story.

    Shen Jiu's treatment toward Luo Binghe is not because he secretly wanted to train him, or because he's just an unreasonable bastard who got jealous of a kid.

    Just like Shen Yuan said in the flashback chapters,

    Liu-juju, so it's your mouth who caused the whole tragedy onward! (lol)

    It was to respond on Liu Qingge who said,

    "Compared to a person who started cultivating in his 16, of course, talent is more important".

    Just to spite Shen Jiu previous remarks toward the child Binghe,

    "Having talent is not the most important".

    He carelessly mocks Shen Jiu, without even knowing the reason why Shen Jiu has to start cultivating late or has his cultivation meet Qi Deviation frequently. He takes it as face value that Shen Qingqiu is just a lazy bum who complained why others are more talented.

    Since Liu Qingge compared Shen Qingqiu to Luo Binghe, Shen Qingqiu granted his wish. To prove that Talent is not everything.

    Shen Qingqiu subjected Luo Binghe to the treatment that Shen Qingqiu has to go through in his past life.
    Wanting to see if Luo Binghe who was said to have talent, and if Talent is everything, can he survive and be worthy of his talent, when facing such a hell-like life as Shen Qingqiu had before? Can he free himself from the torment of life on his own? Can he eventually reach the points of Shen Qingqiu today after having a horrible childhood and teenage life without being scarred physically and psychologically? Or worse can he continue to be alive and has a sane mind after countless setbacks

    Ironically, from the start, Shen Qingqiu just couldn't compare with Luo Binghe, lol.

    Ironically, it is true that Talent is Not Everything, but Bloodline is! (lol). The starting points are already different because one is a normal human, and the other is a Heavenly Demon. How can you compare? Just go home and drink some tea rather than trying to prove theories about talent and capabilities!

    This kind of operation to experiment on a human being to prove whether talents are more important, of course, only a twisted person like Shen Qingqiu who has never gotten an opportunity to at least cultivate his worldview into a positive one, who will be able to do so.

    It is questionable, and Scummy, when we see it from a Normal person's perspective.

    However, from how I perceive the novel, This is the reason for his abuse of Luo Binghe. Not because he secretly wanted to nurture Binghe, and not because he is a mere jealous person.

    Then, leaving aside Shen Jiu stan and how Shen Jiu was portrayed as a weak person who couldn't even bind a chicken, another sour feeling came from Shen Yuan's enthusiasts.

    Shen Yuan Stan be like : Shen Jiu being dead is better for the world, and even better for the characters around him. Those who like Shen Jiu are only projecting themselves to the paper character and be afraid that someday they will inexplicably die, their body, identity, and achievements used by others, and they will be forgotten. It's just personal fear.

    Also, ??? Why???

    Standing on moral high ground and criticizing,

    "Why are you so unreasonable? Why are you So petty? Why are you so selfish? You are just making trouble. You should understand the bigger picture, For the goodness of the world, it's better for you to die. You can only bring harm to the world, so it's better if you die and give your body, identity and hard work to be used by others to save the world. It's all for the better world!"

    You don't have any value to be alive. It's better for you to die, because if you live you will only harm others and harm yourself. So just be grateful that you die early.

    To make a better world, for the better world, for the happiness of others, you should accept your bad fate! You are a villain, so just let a good person use your everything to save the world. It's better to die early than die miserably later.

    ??? Isn't it a moral kidnapping????

    And why did liking Shen Jiu be ridiculed as projecting his bad fate to us? Besides, is projecting a situation into a real case is considered wrong or strange?

    First of all, The reason why characters in Fiction are called Heroes or Villain is that their actions and characters conform to the currently known moral Bottomline, and social acceptance.

    The reason Heroes are said to be Good People is that the readers realized that when some deeds that the hero did in the novel happened to us, it is actually a good thing and will benefit us, so we call the character a good person, the Hero.

    The reason why Villains are said to be Bad People is that when the readers projected themselves to the recipient of their deeds, they will feel unfair or suffer injustice because it harmed individual or even communal interest. So the readers judged it as a Bad Person, the Villain.

    In other words, It has always been the case to project a situation in fiction into a real case in our society to judge whether it is a good or bad thing.

    The reason why we judge Shen Qingqiu as Scum for abusing Luo Binghe is that society already projecting that Child abuse is wrong, harming others without clear cause and effect is wrong. The reason it got called wrong was Empathy. Because, if Us, our brother or son, actually is in Luo Binghe's shoe, it will feel extremely unfair and miserable.

    It's the same reason as to when people think if someday Us, our family, our husband, or friend, etc, actually died inexplicably and got replaced by a stranger, and this stranger inherited everything the original host has cheaply.

    So, why is it wrong to say that the transmigration in SVSSS is questionable after we projected it to a real case? Aren't others also judging good or bad in fiction based on the empathy of real cases?

    #Shen Jiu#Svsss #On how Stans are both making the character be worse than he actually is #Shen Qingqiu#Shen Yuan#Luo Binghe#Liu Qingge
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  • talesfromunderland
    23.01.2022 - 6 hours ago

    Welp, no going back from this one!

    Hey guys, I know ou haven’t heard from me in quite a while (I think it was a year?... *hides in shame*) but I come with news!

    I have fallen into the MXTX fandom.

    I watched the entire MDZS donghua. I read the first book.

    I watched the first season of Scumbag System and also read the first book.

    I watched the first season of Heaven Official’s Blessing and I have the first book staring right at me.

    It’s safe to say that I’ve really... I’ve really liked what MXTX has written here. A lot. So while I won’t be written anything from Hualian or Bingqiu yet (I want to finish the books/shows get a much better idea and view before doing anything) I will be writing for Wangxian and if anyone feels like dropping a request of a prompt, you are more than welcome! (and you may also drop for Hualian and Bingqiu, just be aware that I won’t write them immediatly, or if I do, it’ll be while having no idea what goes one beyond book one and their future interactions, please bear that in mind). (I will not accept request for smut or NSFW)

    #mxtx #mo xiang tong xiu #mo dao zu shi #grandmaster of demonic cultivation #mdzs #heaven official's blessing #the scum villain's self saving system #wei wuxian#lan wangji#wangxian#xie lian#hua cheng#hualian#shen qingqiu#luo binghe#bingqiu
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  • soursoppi
    23.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    teddy bear evolved into terror bear

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  • waterpllar
    23.01.2022 - 19 hours ago
    #svsss #scum villain's self saving system #liu qingge#luo binghe
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  • parlerenfleurs
    23.01.2022 - 22 hours ago

    What if Shen Qingqiu was the one to endure seeing Binghe die? For real and not just in a "sending him into the abyss and knowing he'll ultimately be alright even if everyone can see I'm grieving his absence" kind of way?

    Shen Qingqiu never had to worry about Binghe, truly, because even if on a subconscious level, when it comes down to it, he doesn't trust the protagonist halo and will save his sweet boy at any cost, he still believes in it enough to never experience the full horror and dread of thinking Binghe is about to die. Let alone the one of having a dead Binghe in his arms.

    But if he did??? What would he do, then? It would be so, so good, because how could he repress the true depth of his feelings then? What if it was a sufficient shock to make him slowly realise the nature of those feelings? To make him realise, at least, how much he loves Binghe if not in what manner of love? And that this love supercedes his fear and the preservation of his face? (Of course, this is true in the canon already, and shows up though his actions in moments of truth, but still, it's only in those moments of truth that it happens because he is otherwise very busy being worried about his own life instead (which is fair, but hey))

    And then, as you do when you are in a romance cultivation novel, Binghe comes back to life, and everything is different. It has to be, in a world where Shen Qingqiu has known the fear and pain and (preferably years long) grief of Binghe dying.

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  • waterpllar
    23.01.2022 - 23 hours ago

    going crazy cuz luo binghe from original proud immortal demon way would probably do cryptocurrency

    #svsss #delete later maybe #luo binghe
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  • blackberreh-art
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    binghe you tease

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  • t110n
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • idledee
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    sign that says “mo ran and ye wangxi bff agenda”

    #another c novel dump yupp...... #tian guan ci fu #tgcf#2ha #dumb husky and his white cat shizun #svsss #mo dao zu shi #by god do i have to tag them all #shi qingxuan#he xuan#hua cheng#mo ran#ye wangxi#Jiang Cheng#jin ling#luo binghe#shen qingqiu #sorry the last 3 are sort of out of pcket? i kin sqq #doods
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  • veilchenjaeger
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Back to Sha Hualing posting

    Today I'm thinking about the fact that the only PIDW wives who, after Shen Qingqiu's intervention, give a fuck about getting with Luo Binghe are Qin Wanyue and Sha Hualing. I know that we joke a lot about how no one but Shen Qingqiu actually thinks Luo Binghe is hot shit, but there very much are two characters who are still interested in him, and at least one of them has a solid idea of who Luo Binghe is. What's up with that

    #/like. qin wanyue is WEIRD. i read her interest as very selfish and superficial - there's no indication that she knows who luo binghe is #/beyond a hot guy who is really powerful and was vaguely nice to her once #/(she could have gotten to know him as a huan hua palace disciple? but how closely?) #/(is qin wanyue in the jinlan city arc?? i genuinely forgot) #/but sha hualing is actually in his inner circle. no one really knows what luo binghe's deal is #/but sha hualing sure knows a version of him. and that version is fucking awful to her specifically. #/that version is absolutely not interested in her and she KNOWS that and YET #/she makes me sad okay #[talk less smile more] #svsss
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  • qinph
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    bingqiu matching icons

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  • risaruru
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    it's dangerous to go alone! take this *hands u white lotus bunhe*

    first post of 2022? shh i forgot this site exist, also my first ever animation if u would call it that :)

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  • janewaysgun
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    i know in my gut that if a/b/o existed as a fanfiction trope in svsss luo binghe would be a dedicated reader

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