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  • late-nights-in-august
    23.01.2022 - 5 hours ago

    anytime I make up my mind to do something I immediately feel so sleepy like????????

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  • bigassheart
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    They just care so much!

    I have been rewatching TUA in anticipation of season 3, and I just need to talk about the family, because they care SO MUCH! About each other, about their significant others, about their friends, about the world in general... every single one of the siblings just cares so much and the show does such an amazing job of showing us the different ways that these 7 siblings deal with that amount of love and affection in a world that... well, seems pretty intent on destroying every single thing they love. 

    So, let’s break it down. 

    But maybe in a couple different posts, since these are going to be long. See links/reblogs below.  (If there aren’t links yet it’s because I’m still working on those posts...)








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  • renato-morselli
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago
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  • atypicalqueensworld
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    We need more after effects of Reginald's A++ parenting.

    Show me the Numbers always on high alert, who come home and can instantly tell if someones been through their stuff, because Reginald instilled nothing if not a deep seated sense of paranoia. Show me how even years later, Klaus Hargreeves can fight men twice his size on autopilot, as if it had been drilled into him since he could walk. Show me how all of them unknowingly fill up their days, schedules jam packed except for half an hour from 12-12:30 on Saturdays, because they don't know how to take breaks.

    Show me Allison Hargreeves, who is a little too sharp, a little too dangerous. Show me Diego Hargreeves who walks like he's expecting a fight. Show me how each and every Hargreeves was moulded into a child soldier, and how they try so hard to fit into civilian life, but they can't. Klaus, drunk and high off his ass, being able to identify poisons and date drugs in a second, and flirting his way out of trouble in multiple languages. Five, who looks at home when he's covered in blood. Diego, who was drilled on escaping every kind of restraint and can now do it in his sleep. Luther, who looks at a situation and can accurately tell you just how the fight will play out.

    Show me what it means to be raised your entire life as a weapon, and how that kind of life never leaves. How they try and try to seem harmless, when all they can hear when they look at the world is the voice of the monster they grew up with.

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  • totally-not-a-fae
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago

    Klaus, kicking open the door: DIEGO HARGREEVES

    Diego, startled: Jesus!

    Klaus: Nah, just me. Can I borrow a 20?

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  • itzrainingskullz
    22.01.2022 - 1 day ago
    #five hargreeves #the umbrella academy #tua #the umbrella academy x reader #The Umbrella Academy #the umbrella academy fanfic #five hargreeves x reader #five x reader #five x you #netflix#tua s3#tua s2#tua s1#luther hargreeves#diego hargreeves#allison hargreeves#klaus hargreeves#ben hargreeves#vanya hargreeves#aidan gallagher #five x female reader #angst #five x reader angst #angst umbrella academy #blood#fighting#literature#descriptive writing #five hargreeves x y/n
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  • hawkinsupdates
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago


    I wrote fanfiction for stranger things and TUA aka the umbrella academy should I post it here?

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  • m0ricake
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    What if the next morning after the apocalypse is finally stopped, (actual) 13 year old Five just bursts into the academy's door and starts yelling about how he really was able to timetravel

    His siblings would just be staring at him like:

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  • bruhbrosworld
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Enemies To Lovers

    Allison Hargreeves x GN! Reader

    this was a request from @emobensgf2

    TW: Mentions of knives and violence

    -oh boy.

    -it all starts in the acting industry, as most hateful relationships between people do

    -you're vibrant, a titan in the celebrity life, and so broadly strung out for your talent

    -and allison coincidentally is too

    -she's new, she's drop dead gorgeous, and everything comes easily to her

    -you can't help but feel a little jealous

    -but when you meet her at an audition, which admittedly isn't the best place to meet, you hope the interaction clears the air in your mind

    -after all, even if she is everything you wish you could be, she also seems kind and lovely to all around her

    -and she is! when you meet you can't possibly imagine a more perfect person, which is albeit a little frustrating, but also incredibly relieving at the same time

    -she compliments your looks, praises your previous work, and you do the same

    -but it was premature

    -one night, at an award ceremony, it all goes to shit

    -you're sitting at a table with other people like you, glamorous and enviable stars, and allison is at the same table, which you feel a little excited by

    -a beautiful, statuesque woman sitting beside you is always a gift

    -it's fun, it's light, you all get drunk and playfully and familiarly jest at one another, happy for the reprieve from the perfected projection of each of your lives

    -she touches your arm once while she laughs at your joke and your heart jumps through your ribcage

    -but somehow, one wise-crack became too many, and someone dangerously wondered who was more deserving of the role

    -you or allison?

    -it's awkward, and while it begins jokingly as each of you tries to brush it off, allison slips up by saying that while she could see your prowess and talent, she believed she could embody the role better

    -it takes you aback, but you try to remain cordial

    -yet as you make way to defend your claim to the role, all of it falls apart

    -what started off playful becomes something childish and petty as each of you swiftly and rampantly list reasons why you should have the role, and eventually why the other shouldn't

    -it gets viciously personal as the rounds go on, and by the time it ends, neither one of you can remember who made it that way, and how it began

    - it ends, believe it or not, with a foodfight

    -she says something about you not being talented enough for the role, and you bite back

    -you make mistake of making a jab a little too personal, something about her past or her powers

    -allison throws her drink in your face

    -you can feel the humiliation paint your features, and some part of you wonders if you deserved it if someone as nice as allison took the time to do something like this to you

    -but another part of you boils, rages

    -there is another, more puzzling thought that comes to mind

    -you somewhat enjoyed her being mean to you, but the thought is abruptly devoured by the rest

    -she then, of course, sharply wonders if you had enjoyed bed-hopping throughout hollywood to could climb your way to the top

    -you end up throwing mashed potatoes at her face, which now you can see was not a very adult reaction, but it's almost completely instinctual as it happens

    -you're both escorted out with various consumables dripping and hanging from your bodies soon after

    -and there's no need to wonder, it's def in the tabloids and a story in every news outlet the next day

    -it's war from then on.

    -neither one of you are outright rude. no, that would be unbecoming.

    -when reporters and paparrazi bombard both of you with questions about the incident, it goes with no comment from either of you.

    -honestly, you both have regret and want to quickly, and quietly forget the whole scene, but another part then remembers what the other said and you can't push down the despise that bubbles up

    -the role goes to allison, which angers you so much you're sure there's steam coming out of your ears

    -but there are other battles, and when you're invited on talk shows and podcasts, you politely, and subtly, backhandedly congratulate and comment on her work

    -she does the same, saying this movie was good but not to her taste, or your outfit did wonders for your face

    -she's spreads rumors throughout the acting underground, and so do you

    -and every time you both show up to an audition, the room falls deathly silent and the tension thickens to a crescendo

    -but, by some sickening miracle, you both are signed on for the same project as romantic interests for one another's characters

    -ultimately, a terrible decision by everyone involved but work is work and you won't miss out on a incredible, blockbuster project just because of her

    -it's a disaster from day one, she's making sly comments on how unprofessional you are, and you're making polite but pointed remarks on how fake she's coming across

    -the romance scenes are awful, practically deathly, because no matter how much you hate her, your heart jumps like the first time when she touches you

    -your body alights with something when you have to kiss, and something about the way she tugs your hair and grips your arm feels a little too real for comfort

    -when she pulls away, there's something white hot tingling between your bodies as her eyes brandish you with her own bewildered questions

    -if you could physically beat yourself up for how your being reacts around her, you would

    --there's no food fights like before, but it's a cycle of competition and hate that never ends

    -everyday, both of you wake up with the one objective of tearing the other down to be the best

    -tbh, you wonder how someone who seems so lovely and kind is the devil incarnate hellbent on ruining your reputation for one drunk night

    -and why, why out of everyone, you had decided she was worth all of your time and energy to hate

    -why were you so obsessed with her?

    -you can't figure it out, you can't let it go

    -until one day, you catch her crying in the restroom

    -you walk in, jokingly excusing yourself from a conversation into the sounds of muffled cries from a stall in the corner

    -you obviously feel horrible for whoever's in there, but you figure they'd rather be left alone than have to endure being asked by someone who probably couldn't understand

    -you do your business a few stalls down, and as you bend down to pick up a dropped earring, you look over and everything inside you deflates

    -you'd know those exceptionally fashionable heels anywhere

    -allison hargreeves is crying a few stalls away from you

    -and she more than definitely knows you're a few stalls away from her, too

    -you were talking when you walked in, after all

    -you expect to feel some sort of cruel pride in the revelation, that she is just as human and messy as you are, that she's not as perfect as she desires to be

    -but instead, you just feel a reluctant sympathy for her.

    -it's the absolute worst as you feel like your world turns on it's head as you quietly gather your things and step out, more than sure that she didn't want comfort, and that she definitely didn't want comfort from you

    -when you do, however, you hear two assistants talking shit about her by a catered table

    -any other day, you'd probably smile a little, but today something about you is different

    -you walk up, and you watch that sparkle in their eyes brighten, the worshipping sparkle that came to everyone who saw you

    -and then, you stomp it out in two seconds

    -you scold them openly for talking badly about the crew and the actors, heatedly explaining that actors were people with problems too, and even threatening to have them fired for slanderous rumors

    -they apologize profusely, one of them possibly on the verge of tears as they stumble away

    -and as you whirl around, feeling somewhat satisfied with your work, you find allison watching, head tilted, eyes rimmed vaguely with red

    -it jerks you to a stop

    -her eyes bore into yours with a question why, with a fear of you holding this over her head, and you feel the tension and mortification rear it's head back, ready to defend and strike

    -but instead of rising to the occasion, you give the most genuine shrug you can manage, one that says "i have no clue what you're talking about"

    -something between you diminishes, the reared head seems to put itself to bed for good

    -she gives you an puzzled, but somewhat appreciative look, a hesitant thank you

    -as she turns on her heel and strides away

    -you feel a door unlock between you both, an entirely new feeling

    -a begrudging respect blooms, and suddenly, the world around you both shifts

    -sure, you still don't like each other, but now there's civility and everybody else feels it

    -you let her figure out her acting style without remark, and she doesn't jab at your personality or work

    --the crew even watches on in wide-eyed shock when you both eat lunch close to one another once, silent and uncaring, one of you reading a book and the other texting

    -the romance scenes go with unsaid words, you both seem to make the same silent agreement to not speak of it

    -somewhere in the back of your mind, you can feel that open door between you creaking, the invitation to walk in

    -you stay at the threshold

    -all of the rumors, all of the nasty jabs die down, and the rest of the project goes out with a smooth finish

    -you part ways but not before she can take you aside and genuinely thank you

    -both of you are alone in your trailer, and the white hot stinging begins slithering throughout your limbs and stomach as she stiffly sits

    -it's weirdly formal as she expresses her strained gratitude, quietly adding that she had been having a tough time

    -and, with a final sigh, she relents and admits you're not as bad as she thought you were

    -you gape like a suffocating fish, barely managing a "thank you" and a "you, too" as she gives you a small, but true smile

    -with that particular and perfect flourish, she's gone

    -on the plane ride home, you silently wonder why she was having a hard time in the first place

    -three weeks after everything wraps up, you hear word that allison and her husband split

    -which is horrible, terrible, awful


    -you have to stamp out a strange hopeful flicker inside of you

    -but it doesn't ebb away, it stays like an apparent thumbtack in your side as you lie awake at night and dream of her

    -you catch yourself looking off into space thinking of her lips, and her style, and everything that has anything to do with her

    -it only quiets when you finally see her again at a party

    -you don't speak for hours as everyone jokes and drinks, spinning around one another like opposed magnets

    -but your eyes are glued to her, and you catch her staring at you more than a few times

    -you walk out for some fresh air before everyone eats and when you walk back in, you find her

    -unusually, she sits somberly by herself on the stairs as the rest mingle around dinner when you enter

    -she watches as you breeze past her, head on her hand and sure you're pouncing on your chance to fill her spot

    -but instead, you come back with two drinks and an offer

    -it all begins and ends on a porch swing, both of you awkward with your words and unsure of the other's thoughts

    -you offer some condolences regarding her split, she congratulates you on a nomination, you ask about her stylist and she compliments your organization

    -it's an impasse

    -so you decide honesty is best in this situation

    -you decide it's your turn to relent

    -you say you're sorry for how you've acted

    -you explain yourself, but you also admit that there aren't any excuses for how you held yourself

    -you tell her you've always envied her, always liked her, always wanted...

    -you trail off there

    -what did you want?

    -the sun has gone down past the horizon and a few stars undress themselves against the dark sky, the wind breathes against your bare legs, and you look up from your thought to meet her melted gaze

    -she's looking at you, and this time it looks as though she's truly seeing you

    -and she grins, a full-fledge sparkly grin, picture perfect in every way

    -you're a goner

    -nothing had made sense before, but as your heart leaps into your throat and a throng of butterflies bursts inside of you, you realize a skewed truth

    -you wanted her

    -the night goes easier with a more subtle heat, as she also apologizes and explains that she had oddly felt the same about you

    -she says that she had never wanted to dislike you, never wanted to keep that nasty feud between you going

    -she even opens up a little about her marriage, about her life and always feeling insecure about how she made her way into her job

    -you're both have somehow seen the worst of one another before anything else, and you find that all that you didn't know ironically is on the same wavelength as the other

    -after that, she invites you out to various places, dress shopping, bar-hopping, all and in-between

    -you're besties by like the third time you're out together

    -literally glamour incarnate when you walk into any place together, style dripping on the floor as she clings to your arm, laughing at your jokes and listening to your interests with genuine intrigue

    -you talk for hours as you get your nails done

    -she tells you tidbits about her past, divulges her fears about her ex and daughter while you comfort her with a soft hand on her arm

    -you've always wondered about the academy and her powers, but you never venture to ask

    -besides, you're sure she'll tell you when she's ready

    -one night a friend asks if you're dating, and you break out in a sweat at the thought

    -oh god, were you dating? was all that hanging out brought with romantic subtext?

    -you havent't been acting like it, there hasn't been anything explicitly said, why would people think that?

    -no, it couldn't be

    -but it lingers again, a thumbtack in your skin, fading but emerging again when she introduces you to her daughter, and then later, the rest of her family

    -her daughter, claire, is the sweetest, and she babbles to you for hours about her favorite ice cream and her new toys

    -allison catches you coloring with claire once, playfully arguing with her about why dolphins were superior to sharks

    -allison never says anything, but she feels something inside of her bloom for you

    -her family, on the other hand, is a grab bag of oddities

    -it goes well, surprisingly, besides a few intense questions from two of her brothers as one hulks over you with massive height and the other looms with various sharp objects strapped to his body

    -there's also a thirteen year old boy with the dialect of a fifty year old history teacher, an eccentric man in a skirt who you find pleasantly delightful despite him for sure being on something, and a short, shy, but lovely woman who greets you with a polite warmth

    -they all ask allison if you're dating when you leave, and while she denies it, she wonders herself if what you were doing together was, in fact, dating

    -but the moment never comes for either of you to ask, so you continue dancing around one another with unspoken reverence

    -but a time comes for everything, and it comes one night not long after

    -she's been gone for weeks, on some project in the UK and the thumbtack nags at your side every time you think of her

    -it comes late at night while you walk towards your car away from a meet with some friends, deep in thought as you unlock the car

    -typically, there would be a broad man in black beside of you, a bodyguard, protecting your every move, but you had sent him away for the night

    -sometimes it's nice to go out with supervision, honestly

    -but it was evidently a horrible night to choose to be without him, as two hooded men approach you with obviously bad intentions

    -soon, you're pinned against your car as they dig through your belongings, talking all the while if you're worth the money

    -you'd like to think you are, but you're too frozen with fear to joke about something like that

    -when the guy pinning you pulls out a switch blade and slices a threat into your cheek, you tremble

    -then, suddenly, his entire weight disappears from your back with one fluid movement

    -when you whirl to get your bearings, you stare, wide-eyed as allison, strong and capable, disarms him and throws him against his friend

    -you'd always assumed at the back of your mind that she surely had to know some form of martial art due to her being raised in the academy, but getting to see her in action brings the reality into double vision

    -then, you watch on, shaking, as she bends down to their hunched and huddled forms, and you hear it

    -"i heard a rumor..." slips her teeth, and the rest is a blur

    -you watch as the men's eyes glaze over, and they stand sure but lethargically

    -they walk away, slow and certain, and allison watches them go with a heaving chest and bloody knuckles

    -she's so powerful, perfect in every way even if she can't see it and you burn for her

    -you feel that white hot feeling surface and bleed from your skin, desire clutching your every move, and you can lock it inside of yourself no longer

    -you claw your way through the wide open door

    -you stumble toward her before she can even blink, hands clasping her face with every unsaid ache you hid, and you smash your lips to hers

    -you can feel her fumble backwards a bit, but then her arms encircle you with fierce abandon as she moves her tongue in tandem with yours

    -it's a need at this point as you make out in the middle of an alley, her grasping you as if you're about to run away from her, and you pressing yourself back with a promise in your bones

    -she is not gentle with you, however you would never want her to be. she plants herself on you like an accidental bruise, paints you with her spit and desire in blood and gentleness

    -you're afraid and hungry, starving for her but also wary of what may come next

    -she may decide this was a mistake, it may just be for the heat of the moment, but you don't care. you can't care when she's holding you like this

    -after, when your lips are swollen and she's clinging to you, she leans in with a softer, relenting kiss

    -a thank you for the one before, and an oath for more to come after

    -her wild glint in her eye simmers still, screaming with a thousand "i love you's" but never saying just that

    -and when she asks if you're alright, when she fusses over your cut and the tremor in your frame, you'll know

    -whatever comes after, the sleepless nights and delicate balance, you're ready for it all

    -there you stand, body knitted against body, in the middle of a dark street

    -you finally ask her if you were dating

    -and she finally says yes

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  • angelicamerlinbarnes
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    *back in tortured childhood*

    Luther: Hey bro. Tell the whole world we're bros.

    Diego: *whispers* We're bros.

    Luther: Why'd you whisper it, bro?

    Diego: Because you're my whole world, bro.

    Luther, tearing up: Bro.

    Klaus and Allison, watching their boyfriends hug: We need to stop this.

    #they sabotaged and framed luther and diego for a bunch a shit #including setting each other's rooms on fire #hence why luther and diego now will not stop fighting #klaus: I THOUGHT I WAS YOUR WHOLE WORLD #diego: you are! #allison #backing up her bff: THEN WHAT THE FUCK /BRO/??? #kliego#alluther#tua #the umbrella academy #the hargreeves #i dunno it just made me laugh and i think we could all use a little more laughter every now and then #have a nice day y'all #sleep well#goodnight :) #<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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  • michealkeaton
    21.01.2022 - 2 days ago

    Luther in season 1

    Luther in season 2

    #rewatching umbrella academy for the hundredth time #no hate @ Luther i love him but man did he go on a journey #umbrella academy #the umbrella academy #luther hargreeves#b
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  • frnkieroismydaddy
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Diego: oh please, Space Boy, you wouldn't hurt a fly

    Luther: You're right

    Luther: a fly is an innocent creature that never knowingly harmed anyone

    Luther: you however, I would maim

    #that's how the fight at the funeral went right? #umbrella academy#gerard way #the umbrella academy #tua#luther hargreeves#incorrect quotes#diego hargreeves
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  • my-special-place-in-hell
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    So ik we all agree that Encanto's Luisa=Luther from tua, but! Surface Pressure is such a Five song and i can't stop thinking about it

    #they are both the older sister ok #wheres the mv? #tua#encanto #the umbrella academy #five hargreeves#luther hargreeves#Spotify
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  • turd-burglar69
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    TUA FANFIC READERS HELP theres this one fic i cant remember the name of but in it five gets put into foster care away from the academy and hes like best friends with some of the kids in his group home and there's a scene where everyones waiting to use the bathroom and Five teleports in to save someone from offing themselves??? ITS REALLY GOOD AND I REMEMBER THE DESCRIPTION BEING LIKE FIVE KILLS HIS FOSTER DAD AND THE WHOLE FIC WAS BUILDING UP TO THAT. DOES ANYONE KNOW THE NAME OF IT

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  • iheardarumorhoe
    20.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    Klaus: *knocks on bathroom door*


    Luther, coming out of the bathroom:

    jeez, fine... I SWEAR IT WORKS OK?

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  • httpshargreeves
    19.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    Luther: You have to apologize to Y/n Diego: No. Luther: Diego: Diego: Fine Diego: 'Unfuck you' or whatever.

    #incorrect quote#incorrect quotes#tua #the umbrella academy #umbrella academy #tua x reader #the umbrella academy x reader #umbrella academy x reader #diego hargreeves#luther hargreeves#hargreeves#yn#x reader#reader insert
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  • beaconbitch14
    19.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    The Haargreeves × The Madrigals

    Vanya = Mirabel (the outsider, no powers, key to disaster)

    Allison = Isabela (seemingly perfect, but doesn't feel happy with her life)

    Klaus = Bruno (powers are more of a curse, isolated from his family)

    Luther = Luisa (strong one, feels responsible for everything, struggles with not being needed)

    Ben = Pepa (can't always control his powers, overwhelmed by them)

    Diego = Camilo (hothead, likes to tease his siblings)

    Five = Dolores ;¬) (knows more than the others, doesn't tell them)

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  • non-plutonian-druid
    19.01.2022 - 4 days ago

    my goal for winter break was to finish two more tarot cards, and i was cutting it pretty close but i did get this second one done! I have been told that Lila probably fits the moon best, and I agree, but I couldn’t resist the moon being.... the moon. Plus, Luther’s mission up here was a deception to control him, so it at least kinda fits. Or thats what I tell myself to justify my choices lol.

    reminder that this whole series can be found in my tua tarot series tag!

    [ID: a The Umbrella Academy-themed tarot card, illustrated in a way that is supposed to resemble the style of the comics (though how well that is achieved is up for debate). It is The Moon, featuring an illustration of a trail of paper between a distant Earth and Luther’s capsule on the moon. Around the capsule are a dumpster, a few chairs, a solar panel, and a non-canonical plastic flamingo. End ID.]

    #tua #the umbrella academy #luther hargreeves#is implied#moon #idk man there arent any characters im grasping at straws #anyway this whole thing from sketch to final adjustments took like. three hours. which is bonkers #all of the others have taken like... 5+hours if theyre nice to me and i dont have to entirely rework colors or composition #not having to draw characters speeds things up SO fast lmaooo #tua tarot series #<--someone told me i should start linking that in the posts so... there it is i guess! have fun give allison's card some love
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