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  • imagineshuitsukieveryday
    01.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #mod talks #THE WAY I WHEEZED WHEN I SAW THIS LIKE #So short and so sweet #Probably one of the best asks I've gotten by far #tbh don't we all #luv shu #if you are in this blog at least hihi #anyways I love this #thank you for your wise words anon #I’m glad that we all have agreed that this is a Shu loving place #please send me this kind of thing I love
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  • yumenosakiacademy
    18.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    gasp i saw some1 in a tag i follow doing a thing like “send me a chara 4 a song” n i kinda wanna do tht!!!!!

    #w my fixation on music tho u might end up w a whole mini-playl!st gjhsdn i cant help it i jus luv songs so much!! #also the person had the addition of like.. Specific ens/tars card tho? like some1 sent 'lily shu card' instead of jus shu :o #delete later
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  • yumenosakiacademy
    27.07.2021 - 5 monts ago

    GUYS NEW MADONEES DROPPED LETS GOOOO (lil angel n devil wings! baby halo!! Ethereal.)

    #also mika looks like hes snapped i fucking luv it. natsume's 5* also looks Awesome. don't care abt shu as always. #delete later
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  • nectariinex
    05.05.2021 - 8 monts ago
    everything i need is on the ground 🌹
    #show by rock #sb69#sb69 fanart#trichronika#shu☆zo#nectart #not me constantly forgetting to post here 👁️👄👁️ #obvs inspo'd by rosé's on the ground bc #obsessed w/ the song and its literally perf for shuzo imo #i really really really love how the sky came out ahhhh luv u clouds x
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  • id18297
    10.01.2022 - 1 week ago
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  • wollyholly
    02.01.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    heyo luv! here I will upload my art <33

    (I'm a bella stan, and if you can't deal with that then, shu)

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  • cremationize
    02.12.2021 - 1 mont ago
    #asks#delightfulsepsis#Koki <3 #The kokichi to my shuichi
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  • renamami
    08.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    🖤 Diabolik Concert Set List 🖤

    Hoo baby, let's do this

    **encore prep

    * means tone changers/setters

    *Diabolik Lovers

    Mr. Sadistic Night (Ayato, Shu)

    Bloody★Mayim★Mayim (Sakamaki Brothers)

    *Long Night

    Eclipse (Mukami Brothers)

    Kessen no Dies Irae (Tsukinami Brothers)

    I.M.I.T.A.T.I.O.N.G.A.M.E (Kino)

    Ai No Ori (Ayato & Laito)

    Zettai Kando Libido (Shu, Reiji)

    Guilty×Guilty (Shu, Ayato, Subaru)

    Destiny (Kino)

    *Gin No Bara ~Music Box~

    Gin No Bara (Sakamaki Brothers)

    Farewell Song (Sakamaki Shu)

    Itoshiki Pain (Sakamaki Subaru)

    Tsumetai no Chi (Mukami Ruki)

    Q.E.D (Sakamaki Laito)

    KILLYOU,AGAIN (Mukami Azusa)

    Seiron Syndrome (Mukami Yuma)

    Devil's Spire (Mukami Kou)

    Midnight Pleasure Remix (Shu, Ayato, Subaru)

    Arcadia (Sakamaki Ayato)

    Grateful★Dead★March (Sakamaki Kanato)

    BLOODY SABBATH (Sakamaki Laito)

    Kiss♥️Mark (Sakamaki Shu)

    Toaru Yogensha no, SCHICKSAL (Sakamaki Reiji)

    ZERO (Sakamaki Subaru)

    Bad Howling (Shu, Ayato, Kou)

    S.O.S -AtoΩ (Tsukinami Brothers)

    Iolite (Sakamaki Shu)

    Kekkyoku NIGHT (Sakamaki Ayato)

    Kaikan DEATH-TRUCTION (Sakamaki Kanato)

    CHAOS★PARTY (Sakamaki Laito)

    SQueeze (Sakamaki Subaru)

    Mr. ButterflyMask (Sakamaki Reiji)

    luv apple juice (Ruki, Azusa)

    Kawaku no Parade (Reiji, Kanato)

    Camouflage (Laito, Shu)

    REDRUM (Subaru, Ayato)

    Die is Cast (Kou, Yuma)

    If You're Diablo (Mukami Brothers)

    **Scarborough Fair

    Tokoyo Know Under Skin (Sakamaki Brothers)

    **Blood Waltz

    Kaleido Night (Kanato, Subaru)


    **More Blood

    Fanatic of Night (Finale) (Full Cast)

    #She finally got around to it #It's mostly the Sakamaki brothers because everyone else has like one song #But let's pretend they all sing Fanatic of Night because they have to #Give Yui a song Reject #This took so long but it was worth it #diaboliklovers#concert au#shuu sakamaki#reiji sakamaki#kanato sakamaki#laito sakamaki#ayato sakamaki#sakamaki subaru#ruki mukami#kou mukami#yuma mukami#azusa mukami#carla tsukinami#shin tsukinami#kino sakamaki
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  • shu-sakamaki
    17.07.2021 - 6 monts ago
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  • shu-sakamaki
    16.07.2021 - 6 monts ago
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  • labtrinthine
    09.05.2021 - 8 monts ago

    just finished binging

    I have thoughts and feels.

    1. I went into this knowing that General Kirigan/Aleksander Morozova was the villain. But, um, bitch where? Perhaps it’s in the books, but all I see is a man pushed to the extremes by the prejudice and hatred of others, even his own mother. I see a psychologically abused boy with an emotionally-distant at best mother. I see a young man trying to do his best for his people, to save them, to try and make them safe, only for everything he was trying to do be torn down and made into something vile by people who refused to let go of their prejudice and hatred and fear. 

    2. Is he a manipulative ho and kind of a dick? Yeah, but he’s also a centuries years old man used to operating in the dark, power-behind-the-throne style. You don’t live in that kind of setting for as long as he did without becoming what he is. He survived as long as he did, became as politically powerful as he did, because he became a liar, because he became manipulative, because he learned to plan with one face and speak with another, molding himself into whatever the audience wanted or needed to see. But, at the truth of him, everything he did, he did to keep his kind safe.

    3. Baghra is a just a large bag of dicks, and I’m sorry for any fans of hers. SO MANY THINGS could have ended differently if she just, I don’t know, maybe supported her fucking son? Based on the flashback, she weaponized him, isolated him even from others of their kind, constantly ripped down his hope and his dreams, and then has the gall to be disappointed when he goes down the wrong path? 

    4. Alina makes me so mad at the end of episode 5. At this point she has a decision: trust the ancient lady that keeps hitting her, mocking her, and ridiculing her OR trust the man who on every level kept checking in with her to make sure he didn’t overstep. His body language is open and non-aggressive. He puts himself down to her level or raises her up, time and time again. I’m guessing a lot of this is down to the actor and how he portrays the role, but it’s practically written on his face in every scene that he’s so fucking whipped. The fact that she didn’t even consider getting his side of the story tells me a lot about her, especially with how quickly she falls back into line with Mal as soon as he finds her. She didn’t love him - she noticed Aleksander’s affection for her and decided to use it, use him. Partly as revenge against the boy she did love and thought abandoned her, and partly to make her life easier in the Little Palace. After all, no one’s going to fuck with the general’s sweetheart, whether she’s half-Shu or not. 

    5. Major points to her though for pointing out and sticking to her guns on the lack of consent regarding the collaring situation. I love that she flat out tells him that he maybe could have had her cooperation had he been fully honest with her from the start - though honestly how does one really disclose that kind of information? Is that first date territory? “Sorry luv, I’m actually a quasi-immortal being of indeterminate age  - at least a few hundred, possibly more but I’m not admitting to anything - who is directly responsible for that terrible monstrosity ripping apart the nation you grew up in and yeah it was an accident, but I would greatly like to make it not-an-accident and find a way to make use of it.” How do you even begin that conversation?

    6. I’m actually kind of mad that absolutely NO ONE at any point in time thanks him for what he’s done and what he’s doing? Like, before him, all grisha were basically treated the same way we see the Fjerdans’ treating them - something to be hunted down with extreme prejudice. Under his ‘rule’ they grew up in comfort with others of their kind, casually mingling with nobility, knowing that if they are hurt or talked down to or anything, their General will fucking butcher things in their name. They are well-fed, well clothed, and protected as much as he can.

    #shadow and bone #netflix series #binge watched the whole thing #come cry at me #someone tell me how the darkling is in the books #because I am terribly invested in this sad boy i see in the netflix series #and i don't want my heart broken if he's just another pretty-boy-who's-bad in the books #i want him to have good things #poor baby#fuck baghra #i hate her
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  • izur-x
    18.04.2021 - 9 monts ago
    #rura writing! #danganronpa #danganronpa v2 goodbye despair #dr2 goodbye despair #danganronpa imagines #danganronpa x reader #izuru kamukura x reader #danganronpa izuru#izuru kamukura#sdr2 izuru #izuru x reader #izuru kamakura x reader #kamukuraizuru #kamukura x reader #sdr2 kamukura
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  • empressofmilfgaard
    17.04.2021 - 9 monts ago

    okay so to get a grip on the poison of the bitter flame you have to peel off your skin & rearrange your bones (insanity, luv) that explains why mei changsu has a different face and body. but his eyes should be the same, right? like it doesn’t change his eye color or anything about them. i just think it’s very sexy of jingyan’s “i feel like i’m going insane” line to be not only about all of changsu’s mannerisms but also the fact that jingyan is like 99% sure that this man has lin shu’s eyes but it’s been 12 years and he can’t remember for sure

    #this doesn’t show up in fic at all?? it’s always about his features and never his eyes #is there some confirmation that his eyes are different or is this simply a bit of ground that remains unminee #? #nirvana in fire #body horror mention
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  • traumereis
    25.02.2021 - 10 monts ago

    wataru + a shy but affectionate s/o

    anonymous asked: Can i ask for wataru and a girlfriend who's very shy but loves physical contact? Shes always buring her face in his chest, hugging him etc, thank you ✨🥰

    wtaaru 😍 luv ur annoying theatre kid ass baybee

    o? this is? amazingu?

    wataru loooves to mess with people that are more introverted and easily flustered compared to him, it’s why ticking off keito is one of his greatest pleasures in life. of course, as his gf, he does it out of love in his very wataru-brand of romantic affection— perhaps bombarding you with roses and doves or wildly proclaiming his love through overly flowery poems in front of all your friends.

    he’s a sucker for pda and, much to everyone’s chagrin, has literally zero problem with being that annoying and disgustingly affectionate couple in public. wataru will pull you in tight and let you bury your face in his chest, all too smug that he has such an ~ideal loving relationship~ which is so much better than everyone else’s (while natsume & shu roll their eyes)

    because he’s so affectionate and open with his advances, wataru loves it whenever you return with hugs and kisses. he leans into every touch and shamelessly asks for more until one cheek kiss turns into making out (which keito yells at him for) or one hug turns into him carrying you around school and yelling how much he loves you.

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