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    06.12.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #cc#cc rescue #andre the demon #corva the shadow mage #corva the drama queen #corva: *describes in very specific detail how she killed someone and is going to get away with it* #her audience: *is horrified* #corva: what? my reasoning is sound! what are you worried for? #i mean lynn was a horrible person and deserved it #but that's still horrifying corva #then again she's from a place where it is VERY EASY to kill people with magic and not all that uncommon either #i think it's a terry pratchet book where it says something like #the hard part of magic isn't learning to turn someone into a toad #it's keeping yourself from turning people into toads by accident when you don't mean to #something like that #similar rules apply to magic on arcadia. people are squishy and fragile and easy to accidentally kill with magic #(which is why most people who can afford them get some kind of anti-magic protection enchantment) #worldbuilding via tags
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    05.11.2021 - 1 mont ago

    “We cannot afford to continue the dance into the fires of misconception and psychic self-mutilation”

    - Terri L. Jewell, Call to Black Lesbians
    #terri l. jewell #terri lynn jewell #black women#lesbians
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    07.10.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Catch Me by Terri Lynn Coup

    "Catch Me" by Terri Lynn Coup (@TerriLCoop)

    “You can’t catch me—I’m the gingerbread man!” My daughter squealed the words as I closed the storybook  “Sissy Bee, go find grandma.” I pulled four bundles from my sock drawer. Two grand. The take from the last round of cooks.  *** Three gates north and a right up an overgrown road to where my granddad had made moonshine. I always felt safer when I saw that JR’s shake-and-bake bottles were…

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    #Terri Lynn Coop
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  • stinkubus
    05.08.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Another piece by writer John McCormick from L.A. Weekly (April 28-May 04, 1995 edition).  John found himself a fill in producer for Terry Zwigoff’s documentary “Crumb” (1994). 

    This is a brilliant inside account of the making of the film and its subject, Robert Crumb.

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  • terrysilverswife
    05.07.2021 - 5 monts ago

    Chapter excerpt: Terry Silver vs. Johnny Lawrence...plus a special guest

    Johnny grabbed the Coors Banquet bottle from his desk and threw back the last swig. The beer missed his mouth and dribbled down his Ratt Out of the Cellar t-shirt. 

    "Dammit," Johnny muttered as he pulled his desk drawer all the way out and tipped the contents onto the desktop. He scrounged for enough change to pick up a six-pack from the mini-mart next door.

    "Ooh, a five-dollar bill."

    Johnny stuffed the money into his distressed jeans pocket. The bell over the front door jangled. 

    "Hey Miguel, you forgot your--" Johnny stepped out of the office and took in the well-dressed tall man standing in front of the glass doors. The man was backlit by the parking lot lights through the open window blinds. Johnny had never seen such fancy shoes: dark brown, leather, shiny and flawless. He eyed the man's navy blue pinstripe suit and maroon ascot, landing on his curled-lipped grin and slicked-back black ponytail.

    Johnny snickered. "Sorry, we don't do haircuts here, no matter how bad you need it. The barber is down the block." 

    The man sneered and snorted softly. "Well, well, well. If it isn't the great Sensei Lawrence," he mocked as he walked towards Johnny.

    "Hey, take your shoes off before you walk on my mat. You're disrespecting my dojo."

    "Your dojo?" The man's face alighted with rage. "Where do you think the money came from to start Cobra Kai? Who do you think made THIS?" the man pointed to the coiled yellow cobra logo on the wall. "Strike First, Strike Hard, No Mercy" encircled the snake.

    "You think you can just steal from me?" the man demanded, his blue-eyed stare intensifying. "You think you can just string John Kreese along?"

    "Hey, Kreese came to me," Johnny said. "Who the hell are you anyways?"

    "Kreese never mentioned me?" The man paced, but kept his stare steady on Johnny. "His old army buddy?"

    "Oh. Right. Terry Silver. What the hell do you want?"

    Silver sniggered as he turned his back to Johnny and kept pacing. "What I want, Mister Lawrence, is for Cobra Kai to be back where it belongs." 

    Silver stepped in closer. Johnny stood over six feet tall, but Silver towered over him. Johnny's fists tensed.

    Silver leaned in, hardly an inch from Johnny's face. "You're giving Cobra Kai back to us, one hundred percent. NOW," Silver growled.

    "Your Cobra Kai sucks, man," Johnny scoffed. He pointed to Silver's ponytail. "What, did you spill a can of car wax on that thing?"

    Silver's eyes lit up and he grabbed Johnny in a clinch, ramming him backwards. Johnny grunted as his back hit the wall. He fought to break Silver's grips and landed an elbow in Silver's collarbone. 

    Silver pulled back just enough for Johnny to throw a front uppercut at Silver's jaw and get grips on Silver's suit jacket. Johnny knocked Silver to the center of the mat.

    "Ah-SAAAH!" Silver charged. Johnny ducked, narrowly dodging Silver's overhead axe kick. Silver spun around and landed a wheel kick in Johnny's rib cage, knocking him to the side.

    Johnny came back with a side kick that landed in Silver's lower ribs. "Ahhh!" Silver yelled as he landed a hard front kick in Johnny's belly, the impact of Silver's hard shoe knocking him off balance. Johnny defended as Silver advanced at him. Johnny scrambled to defend against these strikes that he hadn't learned.

    Silver threw a side snap kick that landed Johnny's left thigh, destabilizing his base long enough for Silver to charge at him. Johnny threw a front kick, landing Silver in the upper front thigh, but barely drove him back. 

    Johnny had seen Kreese do some of the moves that Silver was performing, but Kreese never taught them to Johnny or the other students. Kreese's Cobra Kais had also never been taught how to defend against these blows.

    "A man can't stand," Silver said mockingly. "He can't fight. AH-SAH!" Silver landed his shin hard into the back of Johnny's knees. Johnny's knees buckled under him and he landed on his kneecaps. Johnny stumbled as he tried to right himself.

    "A man can't breathe, he can't fight. Ah-SAAH!" Silver threw a hard rear cross to Johnny's sternum. Johnny defended by turning aside, but Silver's punch still knocked the wind from him.

    Silver watched Johnny try to recover his breath. Johnny patted his chest and coughed, trying to stabilize his fight stance.

    "A man can't see, he can't fight. AH-SAH!" Silver threw a fast left hook that smacked Johnny's jaw, then nailed Johnny with a cross punch right between the eyes. Johnny rubbed at his watering eyes and wiped at the blood dripping from his nose. Silver's figure was a navy blue blur.

    Silver front-swept Johnny's legs. Johnny landed with a dull thud on the mat, blinking rapidly trying to see.

    Silver pinned Johnny to the mat and held Johnny up by a tight grip on the collar. "Now the real pain begins, Johnny-boy." Johnny gave a feeble push, but Silver was less than an inch from his face.

    "I guess sometimes Cobra Kai does die," Silver spat at Johnny, rearing his right hand to throw a final hook punch to Johnny's temple.

    "Hey! Don't make me throw a shoe at you," a woman's voice interrupted.

    Silver stopped mid-punch and snapped his head around to see a woman in tattered dirt-caked clothes standing in the entryway. Silver let Johnny fall face-down onto the floor. 

    "Lynn…" Johnny murmured.

    Lynn set a desiccated piece of pizza on the mat.

    "You leave blondie there alone," Lynn barked.

    Silver started laughing maniacally. "Now what are you gonna do about it?" Silver snarled.

    Lynn kept a cool gaze on Silver as her lips curved into a churlish smile. "I ain't gonna hurt ya." Lynn put her right foot behind her in fight stance, her fists up in guard.

    Silver smirked. "Old lady, I'm not worried about that." He got into fight stance and made a come-hither motion with his hand. "Come on. Let's see how good you really are."

    Lynn grinned as she and Silver circled each other on the mat. 

    "Ah-SAAAH!" Silver lunged at Lynn with a front thrust kick. She side-stepped and spun around, landing a hard wheel kick to Silver's back, her dusty skirt spinning with her. Silver propelled forward, caught his balance and turned around. His tornado kick grazed Lynn's head.

    Lynn ran at Silver with a flurry of kicks and punches, a high-pitched "AY-YAH!" with every strike. Silver scrambled to grab Lynn's legs and arms, but she squirreled out of every attempt. 

    "Oof!" Silver tumbled backwards as Lynn front-kicked Silver in the belly.

    She was moving too fast for Silver to land a meaningful punch. He threw jabs and hooks as he could, but Lynn was too close to throw a solid kick with his long legs. 

    Johnny roused and put a hand to the hard lump on his temple. He rolled away just in time before Silver would've toppled over him. Johnny shook his head and pushed himself up. His legs trembled slightly as he stood; he barely dodged a high crescent kick that Lynn threw at Silver's chest.

    Johnny looked for an in to throw a kick at Silver, but Lynn had Silver cornered against the lockers. Johnny watched as Silver struggled to make enough space to strike, but Lynn kept up with his every move. Silver shoved forward with an "Ahhh!"

    "Ay-YAH!" Lynn shrieked as she landed a low roundhouse on Silver's right calf, and he tumbled backwards, slamming into the lockers with a metallic thunk. Silver clawed at the lockers behind him to get his bearings.  

    "Ai-yah!" Lynn landed a hard rear uppercut under Silver's ribs. The breath knocked out of him, the rage in his cold blue eyes turning to shock as he stumbled across the mat.

    Lynn followed Silver and landed a jumping uppercut to his jaw with a sick smack. Silver pitched backwards into the mirrored wall. Glass shattered in a puddle around him as he sagged to the floor.

    "What--" Silver, dazed, kicked his legs weakly trying to rise. 

    Lynn grabbed a sai from the wall. She threw the weapon. The three prongs of the sai nailed the crotch of Silver's suit pants to the floor. 

    Johnny pointed to Silver and laughed. "Hope your wang can still get tang, ponytail boy."

    Lynn walked over to Silver. She removed his shoes and gave each one a quick examination. 

    "Now BEAT IT," Lynn said as she threw one of the shoes, landing Silver's forehead. His head dropped and mouth slacked. She picked up the thrown shoe to take with her. 

    "Don't you eat my pizza!" Lynn ordered as she walked past a stunned and bruised Johnny. She picked up the pizza slice from the mat and took a bite.

    "How the hell did you do that?" Johnny asked.

    "Found it out in the can," Lynn said, gesturing to the trash can outside.

    "No, not the pizza. You beat the shit out of him! How did you know how to do that?"

    "By watching them kids and you here do those kicks and punches." she said, pointing to the front of the dojo. "That thing with the boards and pipes over there by the window."

    "I...how...you're a natural Cobra!"

    Lynn took another bite of pizza and handed the slice to Johnny, gesturing for him to take it. 

    Johnny took it and Lynn watched until he took a bite. Johnny wrinkled his bloodied nose. "Mmmm. Thanks. How about we go next door and get a fresh slice? I'm out of Banquet anyways." Johnny held the door open for Lynn.

    "You're all right, pretty boy," Lynn said. 

    "That's Sensei Pretty Boy."

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    03.07.2021 - 5 monts ago

    The Tomorrow War: A cry for help across time

    The Tomorrow War: A cry for help across time @primevideoAUNZ @primevideo #thetomorrowwar #film #movieblogger #sydneymovieblog

    So many great tales on time travel come to mind, and it’s the notion of destiny versus possibility that always make this is an exciting backdrop when it comes to science fiction. It’s got the charm of Back to the Future, is less complex then the inversion and entropy theories of Tenet immediately sparking the screen with intricate CGI in the style of Aliens, Terminator, with a father – daughter…

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    #6 underground netflix review #australian entertainment blog #australian netflix review blog #best entertainment blogs australia #chris hemsworth extraction movie review #chris pratt the tomorrow war #Mary Lynn Rajskub 24 chloe #movie critic blog sydney #movie rating red tomatoes the tomorrow war #sam richardson actor #sydney movie blogger #tomorrow war amazon prime movie review #what movies has yvonne strahovski been in #when is jurassic world being released #who is keith powers terry the tomorrow war
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    26.05.2021 - 6 monts ago

    Night Watch Mood Board

    In honor of the Glorious 25th of May.

    GNU Terry Pratchett

    #Night Watch #The Glorious 25th of May #GNU Terry Pratchett #Discworld #our fandom's Memorial Day #mood boards #Lynn creates mood boards
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    16.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    Terri Lynn Weaver- 2021 Update

    On this date in 2018, 2019, as well as 2020, “Crazy/Stupid Republican of the Day” first profiled Terri Lee Weaver, who has served the Tennessee House of Representatives for District 40 since first being elected back in 2008. Now, CSGOPOTD has definitely seen its fair share of right-wing nut jobs from the Volunteer State, but Weaver managed to raise herself above the pack in February of 2017, when she submitted a bizarre bill that would declare any child born through any form of artificial insemination with the help of a fertility clinic would be “illegitimate”. Now, chances are you’re asking yourself, “Why the hell would a party renowned for being pro-life go out of their way to try and argue some children aren’t legitimate?” Great question. The answer is, “To f*** with same sex married couples, of course.” Terri Lynn Weaver was one of 53 members of the Tennessee GOP beside themselves and who got involved in September of 2016 in a same-sex marriage divorce that dealt with the custody of a child born through artificial insemination. Weaver and the other lawmakers asserted that the lesbian wife of the child’s mother should not be considered a “legitimate” parent under the current statute. Now, Weaver doesn’t seem to care about the implications of what might happen if both women in a lesbian relationship had a baby, and both wanted custody… or she does and just wants to make sure same-sex couples can’t have custody of children, whatsoever. There are efforts to be cruel to LGBTQ couples, and then there’s what Weaver did. Now, maybe Weaver is getting some really extreme and twisted views on Christianity, that she’d go out of her way to hate gay people that much. Then again, her pastor is such a pillar of sensitivity that there’s a photo of him with Weaver where he’s wearing blackface and pretending to be Aunt Jemima. We can’t believe we just typed that sentence, either, but there it is. Oh, and Weaver defended her pastor for it, to boot. But anyway, it seems more that Terry Lynn Weaver is just obsessed with babies and pregnant mothers in general, even outside of your standard anti-abortion fanatical fervor. In 2014, she was the Tennessee state legislator behind a controversial bill to jail pregnant mothers found to be on drugs during their pregnancy. Critics pointed out there wasn’t accurate testing to determine of a baby was born “addicted” to a drug, and that even if it was easily diagnosed, the law would do little to prevent the problem, and might instead cause pregnant drug addicts to do even more desperate things to avoid getting caught, that they might not be more forthcoming with their doctors about being pregnant in the first place, or that it could lead to a lot of children being raised away from their birth mothers if so many were being thrown in jail for it. Again, Terri Lynn Weaver seems indifferent about the details. That’s probably why her voting record features her support for some of the Tennessee GOP’s worst bills, including stricter Voter ID law aimed at suppressing the vote using the pretense of in-person voter fraud that is statistically non-existent, a bill written to gather “abortion statistics” that would help anti-choice extremists identify women going to clinics to seek abortions, a bill aimed at naming the Bible the state book, and attempts to nullify federal gun laws. She also was a co-sponsor if HJR 587, a resolution against the United Nations Agenda 21 treaty, for fears from hard-right conspiracy theorists that it’s a plot to establish global domination as well as HB 553, a bill aimed at preventing Civil War monuments from being renamed.. She immediately went to work trying to handle the most important issues for the people of Tennessee… like protecting the statue commemorating the military career of Nathan Bedford Forrest, the founder of the KKK. When confronted with protesters at the state capitol for telling her how it’s racist to keep honoring the founder of a hate group, Terri Lynn Weaver literally defended herself by assuring the protesters that some of “her best friends are black”. Terri Lynn Weaver continued to try and prove she’s not a bigot by doing things like sponsoring a resolution to criticize Gov. Bill Lee for daring to accept Syrian refugees. We were going to send her a coupon to Bed, Bath, and Beyond for new sheets that she can hopefully match to the hoods she’s got in her closet… But she might not be able to use it when she’s potentially escorted to federal prison, because Terri Lynn Weaver is one of dozens of state legislators who went to Washington, D.C. on January 6th, 2020, for the “Stop the Steal” rally that was the pretense for a violent coup attempt carried out by Trump supporters that day. And Weaver is living in an “alternate facts” reality of how it played out, insisting that those present were “Patriots” and any violence that occurred should be blamed on “Antifa”, who successfully framed the white nationalists and Neo-Nazis that turned up for crimes they didn’t actually commit. Because Tennessee has a very red state legislature, though, her colleagues in it have not moved to expel or punish her in any way for her participation in domestic terrorism. Hopefully they at least get someone to force her out of office in a primary in 2022.

    Click Here for Full CSGOPOTD Archive

    One Year Ago, April 16th, 2020: Terry Lynn Weaver (TN)… 2020 Update Two Years Ago, April 16th, 2019: Terry Lynn Weaver (TN)… 2019 Update Three Years Ago, April 16th, 2018: Terry Lynn Weaver (TN)… Original Profile Four Years Ago, April 16th, 2017: Dan Bongino (MD/FL) Five Years Ago. April 16th, 2016: Janet Adkins (FL) Six Years Ago: April 16th, 2015: Stella Tremblay (NH)

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    The Animal Whisperer: Rescue at Lake Wild

    The Animal Whisperer: Rescue at Lake Wild @hmhkids @TerryLynnJ @barbfisch

    Rescue at Lake Wild, by Terry Lynn Johnson, (Apr. 2021, HMH Books for Young Readers), $16.99, ISBN: 9780358334859 Ages 8-12 Twelve-year-old Madi wants to be an “animal whisperer” like her wildlife rehabber grandmother was; her town doesn’t have a wildlife rehabber since her grandmother died, and her mother has forbidden her to bring home any more animals. If she does, her upcoming trip to meet…

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    #animals#beavers#friendship#mystery #Rescue at Lake Wild #siblings #Terry Lynn Johnson #whodunit#wildlife
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    07.04.2021 - 7 monts ago

    A to Z of LynnCove: D is for Dance (Prom, to be specific)

    Cove has a panic attack and him, lynn, terry and miranda all leave to make sure he’s okay... and to have their own form of fun. 

    A little late for the day but ... its been a long day for me. 


    He’d been getting better… he swore he was, but in this moment he just couldn’t take it anymore and bursted out into the cool spring night, outside the hotel where the prom was taking place. Soon after him followed Lynn,Terry, and Miranda who the latter two waited in the doorway as Lynn followed her boyfriend out to his car. Cove sat down on the asphalt, propping his back against the door as he tried his best to regulate his breathing. Like an angel sent for him specifically, Lynn came just before he wanted to call out to her. 

    “Hey, hey. I’m here. It’s going to be okay.” Lynn knelt down in front of him. “Is your medicine in the car, or do you have some with you?” Cove seemed to still be shaking but he pointed to the car behind him. Lynn nodded, “I’m going to get it for you. Terry and Miranda are close by as well. Do you want them to come over?” When Cove shook his head, Lynn nodded as well. “I’m still here.” She repeated, getting up to go inside the car and grab Cove’s anxiety medication. 

    Lynn soon returned with a bottle of water and a pill for Cove. She handed it to him gently, carefully, and waited right by his side. The shaking soon stopped, but he still seemed … so far off and out of it. 

    “Can I get you do something for me Cove?” Lynn asked, not touching him unless he asked her to. When Cove nodded, Lynn continued. “You don’t need to speak it outloud but this is something my moms taught me. Count down from five. Five things you can see ; Four things you can touch; Three things you can hear; Two things you can smell, and one thing you can taste. Don’t forget to breathe while you count. It is supposed to help ground you. I’ll be right here if you need me.” Cove didn’t say anything, but his touch on her arm was enough that she sat down closer to him. 

    [Rest under the cut]

    After a while… fifteen or thirty minutes maybe, Cove seemed to be calmed down. Lynn laid a comforting hand on his arm and he turned to look at her. 

    “Thank you for waiting, and for staying here by me.” He spoke in a soft tone, a vulnerable one. 

    “I’m so proud of you, You did your best in there. I realise I was selfish of me to ask you to come with me.”Lynn spoke, looking up to the sky as she bent her knees close to her chest. “I have many moments with you by my side, but I thought… why not show you off? I guess I tried to jump the gun a bit too soon.” Cove shook his head, bringing a hand to pull lynn’s chin to face him. 

    “Don’t say that. I.. I had a good time with you, with miranda and terry … I just got so overwhelmed and I couldn’t control how I felt. I’m the one who should be apologizing.” His voice was sad and him and Lynn both looked rather morose, but another voice… or voices soon broke through the mood. 

    “We had a good time with you too, Cove.” Terry’s voice drew both Lynn and Cove’s attention to her and her date as they walked over to Cove’s car. 

    “Yeah. That dance wouldn’t be any fun without you.” Miranda offered a nice smile, one that began to warm the mood back up some. “Say…”She started again, now fiddling with her dress. “Why don’t we grab some fast food and drive to the beach? We can have our own fun, all of us.” That idea brought light to Lynn’s face. 

    “I’d say I like that idea!” Lynn beamed, shooting a glance over to Cove

    “It sounds like a good one.” He nodded. 

    “I’m going to drive though. I know you’ve calmed down, but I want you to be okay.” Lynn stood up and smoothed out her dress as she did. Cove followed suit, giving Lynn a troubled look.

    “At least let me pay for our food.” Cove offered. Lynn looked over her shoulder at the other couple who shrugged. 

    “Fine.” Lynn agreed, and began moving to the driver’s side of the car. 

    Terry ended up picking the music for their little trip, as the idea was Miranda’s, Lynn was driving, and Cove was paying for their fast food feast. They all ended up at a local place that had things that Lynn could eat (she was vegan), and Cove brought the bags out after going inside to order and pay. With that, they headed away from the school and back to Sunset Bird, where Terry’s car was at Lynn’s house, and there was their own little beach. It wasn’t private, but at this late in the night - it might as well have been. 

    Cove watched from the passenger seat as Lynn drove. She looked so beautiful that night. He remembered how his breath caught in his lungs when he walked over to get her. That beauty, the person who he held strong feelings for, and the only person who made him feel… safe. She wore a wig over her short, purple hair; a long and silvery mane of various braids that made her look like a valkyrie on earth. She’d laughed earlier when he told her that, claiming that her original idea was to look like a jellyfish mermaid. It didn’t matter to him what she was going for, she was the most beautiful person in the room. 

    Lynn could feel Cove’s eyes on her and took a short glance his way, a soft smile dancing on her lips. Cove’s face heated under her gaze and he turned instead to stare out the window, while Lynn returned to watching the road ahead.

    “It’s our beach prom!” Miranda called out into the night sky as they all finally arrived at the beach; the four of them making their way closer to where the water danced at the sand. She laughed, twirling around in her pretty dress to look at her friends. Cove began to laugh as well which made everyone else start to laugh. The feeling was intoxicating, and far better than the mood at the real prom had been. 

    “Those losers are probably having no fun at all since the REAL party left!” Lynn let out a snort-laugh as she joked, kicking her heels off as they walked. 

    “LAST ONE TO TO THE EDGE IS A ROTTEN EGG!”Miranda shouted and ran ahead, with Terry fast at her heels. Cove maintained his casual pace, watching Lynn’s back. Lynn reached up and tore her wig off of her head, tossing it and her heels into the sand. She stopped in her tracks then for a moment, looking over her shoulder for a moment at Cove; one of her slender hands tucking some of her stray purple hair behind her ear as she broke out into a wide grin at him. 

    A hand, extended. For him. He took it, gladly. 


    Small Bonus: 

    “In that case we are all prom royalty here!” Lynn stood up from her spot at their make-shift picnic. “Like in the Lion king.” Her heterochromatic eyes sparkled in the moonlight, though the mood was shot down quickly. 

    “You are so cute when you’re wrong.” Cove chuckled. “You’re thinking of Chronicles of Narnia. That’s the one with the four rulers.” Lynn huffed a little, kicking at the sand with a pout on her face. 

    “Lynn won it anyway.”Miranda spoke nonchalantly, picking at her fries. 

    “What?” Lynn sputtered, a shocked expression on her face. She knew Miranda was on the committee, but she didn’t ever think that she’d be prom queen. 

    “It was kinda a landslide. Your king was going to be Keiyan Lee.” Terry rolled her eyes at the name. Keiyan was a headache. 

    “I’m sorry that I made you miss out on that, Lynn.” Cove seemed to deflate a little, remembering what events had brought them all out to the beach. 

    “I don’t care about that, Cove. I care about you. Everyone else is just noise.” Lynn took Cove’s hand and pulled him up from where he sat. Cove stumbled a second and fell into Lynn’s arms, who held him with warmth as he pulled away so he could look at her. “You are my only prom king, I wouldn’t even dare think of anyone else.” Lynn pressed a kiss to her boyfriend’s lips, the cherry-flavored lip stain … staining Cove’s own lips at the contact.

    In a burst of feeling, of confidence, Cove wrapped an arm around Lynn’s waist and took one of her hands in his. 

    “I want to show you what Baxter has been teaching me.” 

    “Gross, you two lovebirds!!” Terry called out, interrupting the moment. “I’m gonna put on some real music and THEN we can dance.” Cove ignored Terry for the moment and was the one to act confidently… He dipped Lynn down expertly and kissed her, with passion, and hoping that the words he could still not say were felt through that kiss. 

    The night really ended with music, and fun, and the four best of friends. 

    #our life beginnings & always #Our Life #Our life miranda #our life terry #terry x miranda #miranda x terry #cove holden #OC: Lynn Cho #Cove Holden x Lynn Cho #mywriting
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    04.04.2021 - 8 monts ago

    A to Z of LynnCove : A is for Amusement Park

    aka Jersey has too much brainrot and wants to post about it until someone tells them to shut the fuck up.

    Terry and Miranda invite Lynn and Cove out to a new amusement park near them, and its a beautifully fun double date. Just some headcanons for this one. 

    Although Cove tries to strongarm her, Lynn manages to convince him to let her drive the four of them to the new amusement park. She’s driving cove’s car, with Miranda sitting shotgun and Terry and Cove in the backseat. Lynn plays a playlist of songs they all like, even though the four of them have fairly cohesive music tastes.

    Mom packed a picnic for the four of them, as she didn’t want them wasting their money on the ‘overpriced park food’ that ... and Lynn was likely not able to eat much of what they had at the park, due to her being vegan since age 12. 

    When the group got to the park, they decided to sit and eat outside first before heading inside the park to have their fun-filled day. It was a fun chance to chat and plan out what they wanted to do. They’d go on a few rides together before splitting up so that Lynn and Cove could do the things that Terry and Miranda didn’t want to do and vice versa. 

    The first thing they did was Miranda’s idea: getting their faces painted! After entering the park, the group made a b-line to the closest face paint booth in the park’s entrance. Cove got a wave design on his cheek; Terry got a cute crown on her forehead; and Miranda and Lynn got matching full-face cat and dog paints. Many, Many selfies were taken after that. 

    A ride that all of them wanted to ride was the tea-cup ride ; the four of them all packing into the one cup and having to physically restrain Lynn from spinning the cup at her full-strength. The girl was strong asf. 

    After a few more rides; the couples broke off on their own - with lynn grabbing Cove’s arm and pulling her boyfriend off towards the animal section of the park. They took photos with birds in the aviary, and stopped to see an animal show where they both sat enamoured as one of the trained animals came right up to them. That moment they knew they’d get a dog together. 

    The main stuff they wanted to do was in the water park section - and the two wore their swimsuits. Cove wore his trunks as shorts, and Lynn wore a bikini under her t-shirt and shorts.  Terry and Miranda weren’t wanting to go in the water, and Lynn and Cove didn’t want to ride the rollercoasters - so that was their main reason for splitting.  

    When they were winding down, Cove and Lynn headed to play some games and both of them got into a competitive spirit to try and win prizes for the both of them. Cove managed to win a stuffed cactus for Lynn, and Lynn won a stuffed dolphin for Cove. Both of them were satisfied with their prizes. 

    While waiting for Miranda and Terry to join them; the couple bought some sorbet and shared it. A passing child and his mother commented on them being a cute couple - to which Cove blushed; especially so as Lynn planted a big kiss to his lips after pulling him in close. 

    The final ride for the night was the large ferris wheel. Each couple rode in their separate cart. 

    “It’s been a fun day.” Cove smiled, looking out of the window at the park that stretched out below them. Lynn let out a satisfied sigh, “One for the history books.” but she cut herself off , saying. “Look! Cove! Miranda and Terry are kissing!” tugging gently at her boyfriend’s arm and pointing to the cart behind them where their best friends could be seen kissing. “I didn’t know they were dating..” Cove mumbled in awe as he sat next to Lynn and looked to where his friends were. “Neither did I! But they do look so cute together!” Lynn gushed, before turning around in her seat with a happy sigh. 

    “There is no way that they’re cuter than us.” Cove spoke, also turning his back to the window they were just looking out of . “Aww,” Lynn hummed, “Is someone feeling mushy?” She cooed, shooting a smirk over to Cove. Just in that same moment, the aqua haired man reached out to pull Lynn in close to him, it was his turn to press a kiss to her lips - the sweet taste of mango sorbet fresh in their mouths. “mhmm.” Cove hummed as they pulled away from each other, faces red with fierce blushes, “I always seem to feel mushy when I’m with you.” 

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    Green Lantern Vol. 2 118 (1999)

    Art by: Darryl Banks, Terry Austin and Richard Horie & Tanya Horie

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    06.02.2021 - 10 monts ago

    Terri-Lynne DeFino Domov slávnych spisovateľov (a ich múz)

    Terri-Lynne DeFino Domov slávnych spisovateľov (a ich múz)

    Penzión Bar Harbor je zariadenie, v ktorom trávia jeseň života spisovatelia a všetci, ktorí kedysi nejakým spôsobom pôsobili v knižnej brandži. Tak to chcel jeho zakladateľ Cornelius Traegar. Obyvatelia ho medzi sebou žartovne nazývajú perárium – terárium pre tvory s perom v ruke. Do domova prichádza dožiť posledné dni života aj literárny velikán Alfonse Carducci. Bohémsky život a slávu…

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    A mostly white mob of thugs, looters, rioters and unpatriotic law breakers. Also known as, Trump supporters. If they were mostly Black people who were peacefully demonstrating for Black Lives Matter, they would probably all have been shot dead, or at least in prison by now.

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    The sinking of a boat in 2020 and the lesbian attack on Miss Canada in 1975

    The sinking of a boat in 2020 and the lesbian attack on Miss Canada in 1975

    Anna Smith, uncowed by the Fraser River My last posting here was about Anna Smith, this blog’s occasional Canadian correspondent.  Just before Christmas, her boat – her home for the last 20 years – and all her belongings – were destroyed on the Fraser River in British Columbia – Vancouver to you and me. The boat was destroyed partly because of sexism (as mentioned in my Christmas Day blog) but…

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