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  • breaking free // high school musical

    #lyrics #high school musical #vanessa hudgens#drew seeley #musical: high school musical #song: breaking free
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    • I get mean when I’m nervous like a bad dog
    • I get mean when I’m nervous like a bad dog
    • I want to jump into blue water 
    • I miss riding horses 
    • I miss running fast
    • I miss riding horses
    • I miss running fast
    • I was meant for running fast 
    • I pretended you were mine, It made me calm 
    • babe I am cruel 
    • I am gentle 
    • I can make you laugh
    • I’ve loved many boys, I’ve loved many girls 
    • I don’t think about the past it’s always there anyway
    • Don’t think about the past, always there anyway 
    • And I will never die
    • I will never die 
    • I will never die 
    • I will never die 
    • I will never die 
    • I will never die 
    • I will never die
    • I will never die
    • I will never die 
    • I’ve preemptively blocked all the exits 
    • I’ve preemptively blocked all the exits 
    • So I will burn in this movie theater 
    • hey
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  • System of a Down: Toxicity (2001) album sentence starters

    cw: drugs, suicide

    • ❝ You clamped down with your iron fists. ❞
    • ❝ Drugs became conveniently available for all the kids. ❞
    • ❝ They’re trying to build a prison. ❞
    • ❝ When will I be free? ❞
    • ❝ I’m sitting in my room with a needle in my hand. ❞
    • ❝ Just waiting for the tomb of some old dying man. ❞
    • ❝ Peaceful, loving youth against the brutality of plastic existence. ❞
    • ❝ They like to push the weak around. ❞
    • ❝ We can’t afford to be neutral on a moving train. ❞
    • ❝ War’s staring you in the face, dressed in black. ❞
    • ❝ A little boy smiled, it’ll all be well. ❞
    • ❝ Tell the people that arrive. ❞
    • ❝ We don’t need to multiply. ❞
    • ❝ Show your people how we died. ❞
    • ❝ Ask your people what is right. ❞
    • ❝ Wake up. ❞
    • ❝ Hide the scars to fade away the shake-up. ❞
    • ❝ Here you go, create another fable. ❞
    • ❝ You wanted to. ❞
    • ❝ I don’t think you trust in my self-righteous suicide. ❞
    • ❝ I cry when angels deserve to die. ❞
    • ❝ Why have you forsaken me? ❞
    • ❝ I went out on a date with a girl. ❞
    • ❝ She had so many friends. ❞
    • ❝ Walk with me, to the forest of denial. ❞
    • ❝ Why don’t you know that you are my mind? ❞
    • ❝ Take this promise to the end. ❞
    • ❝ Walk with me until the end. ❞
    • ❝ I’ve got nothing; to gain, to lose. ❞
    • ❝ You don’t care ‘bout how I feel. ❞
    • ❝ I don’t feel there anymore. ❞
    • ❝ All the world I’ve seen before me passing by. ❞
    • ❝ I don’t sleep, I don’t eat. ❞
    • ❝ I don’t live, I don’t feel. ❞
    • ❝ Science has failed our world. ❞
    • ❝ Science fails to recognize the single most potent element of human existence. ❞
    • ❝ Spirit moves through all things. ❞
    • ❝ Education, subjugation, now you’re out; go. ❞
    • ❝ Don’t be late for school again. ❞
    • ❝ I want a house and a wife. ❞
    • ❝ The toxicity of our city… ❞
    • ❝ You, what do you own the world? ❞
    • ❝ How do you own disorder? ❞
    • ❝ Somewhere between the sacred silence and sleep– disorder. ❞
    • ❝ When I became the sun, I shone life into the man’s hearts. ❞
    • ❝ Do you really want to think and stop? ❞
    • ❝ So you want the world to stop? ❞
    • ❝ We’re one in the river, and one again after the fall. ❞
    • ❝ We lose ourselves, but we find it all. ❞
    • ❝ Always wanna play, but you never wanna lose. ❞
    • ❝ When you lose small mind, you free your life. ❞
    • ❝ When you free your eyes, eternal prize. ❞
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  • Darling, mine

    I would wait forever for those lips of wine

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  • The Birthday Massacre - Surrender (Lyrics)

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  • Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright

    July 11th

    In 1963, Bob Dylan released The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan album, which included his iconic song “Blowin’ in the Wind”.  Also on the album was today’s tune, “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright”.  As we talked about in May’s “Tangled Up in Blue”, Dylan has a propensity for baring his soul about relationship issues.  Also in May, we noted when discussing The Traveling Wilburys’ “Congratulations”, Dylan loves utilizing sarcasm when writing about the ending of relationships.

    Like many of Dylan’s songs, “Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright“ is a lot of finger-picking acoustic guitar, harmonica, and Dylan spilling a story about a relationship.  Nothing fancy.  It’s a curious ditty relating a story that, while not necessarily coherent (what failed relationships are?), is interestingly told.

    While the story itself is a curious tale, it’s always fun to hear the various inflections and the emphasis on certain words or syllables when listening to Dylan.  This song also contains some grammatical exceptions in lines like “The light I never knowed”.  In the last verse, I’m not sure if Dylan’s being sarcastic, or just being nonchalant when he basically says that the way she treated him wasn’t cool, but it’s okay.

    Goodbye is too good a word, babe

    So, I just say fare thee well

    I ain’t sayin’ you treated me unkind

    You coulda done better, but I don’t mind

    You just kinda wasted my precious time

    Many of us can relate.  My favorite line in the song is “I gave her my heart but she wanted my soul”, because it’s thought-provoking and it reminds me of blues legend Robert Johnson (“She got a mortgage on my body, now, a lien on my soul”).  Whenever you’re in the mood for a few minutes of listening to a simple yet curious story with some gentle acoustic guitar, some harmonica, and an interesting vocal delivery, Bob Dylan’s a good bet.  

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  • Forever isn’t for everyone

    Is forever for you?

    Arctic Monkeys, Snap Out of It

    #lyrics#arctic monkeys#alex turner#love #arctic monkeys lyrics #arctic monkeys 2014 #song#bestlyrics#party#girl #the neighbourhood lyrics #lyric edit#indie#rock#grunge#aesthetic#halsey#troye sivan #lana del ray lyrics #indie lyrics #snap out of it
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  • The devil hit my phone, he wanna talk

    But I’m not really up for conversations

    I can have my cake and it, too

    I just gotta make reservation

    Chillin’ in my head, but it’s hot

    Flames everywhere, I see satan

    Demons tryna run up in my spot a lot

    Really, really run in’ out of patience


    This light of mine goes dim tonight tonight

    Will I be right?

    Let me guess, no answer, right?

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  • image

    I Wanna Dance with Somebody

    -Whitney Houston

    #whitney houston #i wanna dance with somebody #lyrics
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  • Don’t let her get lonely, don’t make her cry, don’t take her for granted, don’t tell her a lie. -George Strait

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    sierra deaton layout <3

    like/rb if you use

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  • My bed a yoga, mat
    inna tent
    onna tha other side
    of that cul-de-sac
    have a smartphone
    but not a home
    have a laptop, a tablet
    and a few other gadgets
    have paint fi essential graffiti
    have mi paint crew inna our secret tent city
    but no one is happy
    no one is happy
    oh no one is happy
    My bed a yoga, mat
    inna tent
    onna tha other side
    of that cul-de-sac
    couldn’t function, materially
    couldn’t function, mentally
    crippled by a vague sense of extreme anxiety
    couldn’t find the right way to be
    juiced up by electricity
    staring at each other, silently
    inna our secret tent, city
    left that place cause I didn’t want it to touch we
    not its my, body
    My bed a yoga, mat
    inna tent
    onna tha other side
    of that cul-de-sac
    left that place to keep my soul
    to protect my core
    now it can’t find we
    practising invisibility
    inna our secret tent, city
    but no one is, happy
    oh no one is, happy
    inna our secret tent, city
    practising silence
    avoiding the city’s violence
    watching tha camera’s surveillance
    slipping through tha cracks
    evading the usual attacks
    spray paint, fighting, back
    jumping fences
    being human our only defences
    words fail, we
    paint, paint, paint what ails, we
    seeking salvation through our graffiti
    our contribution to a floating society
    our daily meditation on our collective insanity
    cause too much of this shit seems crazy
    but it can’t find we
    inna our secret tent, city
    My bed a yoga, mat
    inna tent
    onna tha other side
    of that cul-de-sac
    staring at each other, silently
    rich inna our, poverty
    drunk onna our, sobriety
    words fail, we
    paint what ails, we
    cold but, free
    full but, hungry
    an always thirsty, thirsty, thirsty
    together but, lonely
    wish I knew, we
    we’re somewhere inna that, graffiti
    spray our voice for all to, see
    while we practice, invisibility
    inna our secret tent, city
    our four-person, society
    our society for, persons
    intact but, broken
    existing for unknown, reasons
    feeling trapped inna our verbal, prisons
    sometimes silence is worth a thousand words
    our heartbeats tha only sounds heard
    to verbalize seems, absurd
    for the norm seems the extreme, condition
    hence our tent city, subdivision
    mermaids converse with unicorns
    about supernovas and another star born
    about events and evidence
    about synchronicities and coincidence
    about what’s real and what’s not
    about what’s remembered and what’s forgot
    about what’s released and what’s sought
    about holding on and letting go
    holding on and letting go
    about what to do now that the tent is covered with, snow.

    Words and Music by Hubert Hugh Burke

    #Hubert Hugh Burke #Lyrics #A Very Canadian Film #Soundtrack
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  • “And I’ll put my fingers in the door, so when I close it on you maybe I’ll hurt a little bit too”

    #hotel books #august part two #don't leave me #love #i am so fucking sad #relatable#unrequited love#poetry#lyrics
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  • There’s a time you’ll seek out a disguise

    When you think people hate you the most

    And it gets worse before it gets better

    That’s one thing that I have come to know


    Originally posted by 0nly-an-illusi0n

    #do not wait #wallows#lyrics #itll be fine #itll be okay #it gets better #encouragement#support#keepgoing#music#songs#song#lyric#Spotify
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