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  • telekinetic-issue
    23.07.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Kate: livestreams some pretty down-to-earth current mental health talk and also tea

    The absolute f*cking HEATHENS in her chat: what about the M*neskin collab 👀

    #tele talks#kateryna pavlenko #I censored the other bands I don’t want this in their tags #it genuinely made me mad watching that #if the person translating wasn’t BSing she even said like ‘if ur here abt m*neskin just leave’ #also u CANNOT convince me that smth shifty didn’t happen with one/multiple of the b/ind channel guys #she always seems really uncomfortable when they get brought up #anyway it’s really refreshing to see a celeb be open about their thoughts/struggles/worries #but please for the love of god have some basic respect for her bc she is Going Through It #I just. I want her to know she is heard and so so dearly loved #and that I am sending Kotyk a little kiss on his perfect little head
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  • yours-eternally-ao3
    10.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    yeah so anyway the aleksi gangbang is 2021 words long and no. one. has their dick out yet and iaMGOINGTOSCREAM

    im now required to do Tasks for the rest of the day, so here's a snip i hope you're all prepared to suffer as much as i have writing this fic

    #rpf #i was irritating by someone assuming m/neskin invented homosexuality so this fic also has a side order of my opinion on that as well 💀
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  • mxrisacoulter
    20.06.2021 - 3 monts ago
    endless gifs of marisa coulter ~ (25/?)
    #mine#hdm#hdmedit#egmc#mrs coulter#marisa coulter#ruth wilson#hdmsource #his dark materials #fantasysource#ladiesofcinema#tvfilm#tvcentric#userthing#usersource#chewieblog#useroptional #girlboss girlboss girlboss girlboss #was just thinking about how s3ggsy she is again lmao #actual footage of me walking through the warehouse after obsessively listened to nothing but m*neskin and gr*ndson for the last month ✌️ #I know S3 is like a year and a half away but I still can't wait for us all to go feral over Ruth in the trailers #love that for us besties we deserve it ❤️
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  • vinte-vinteum
    01.06.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Italy Olympics?? I'm down for that

    #m*neskin win Olympic appearence? #portugal during the 2016-2018ish stretch Vibes #worlds lb
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  • lesbian-i-ching
    10.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    I'm this👌🏼 close to blacklist a tag after all those years... whhy people have to post about m*neskin so much, i urgently need a dash cleaning!!!

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  • spokenitalics
    08.10.2021 - 1 week ago
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  • telekinetic-issue
    30.09.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    The m*neskin and bl*nd ch*nnel comments start already are y’all SERIOUS…🙄

    - she’s taking a vacation by the sea in Italy soon aww

    - I think she mentioned Ihor’s solo project? Not 100% sure. Nope she didn’t brain broke

    - she’s got a lot more English under her belt than before—she’s studying it. Wonder if that’s a result from them touring more outside of Ukraine now.

    - kshdkfh god I wanna ask something but I’m still too afraid to comment on anything in Ukrainian (I don’t know WHY because I know HOW to ask what I wanna ask I’m just 😭)

    - lmao someone asked if she listens to k-pop

    - ok really cute tho people are helping with English words in the comments

    - “I didn’t care about school I just liked music” FELT


    - ooh she’s goin off about education again

    - also I guess there’s a sizable fan base in NYC? Man no one around here knows them 😩

    - wheezing she’s like “I want to learn English so I can share with you…all of this shit.”

    - okay I’m dying inside why do people insist on like. Shipping her with Ihor. Isn’t he married?!??? And like a decade younger than her?

    - “do you know that you’re a lesbian icon” okay like…felt but also Jesus don’t potentially endanger her by asking her to speak on this stuff bc the cultural attitude is so different

    - hmm she is not a fan of Shum anymore that’s a shame

    - her laugh is so cute I melt

    - ooh she doesn’t like advertising on her insta or care about followers, I like that (wonder if this has to do in any way with the Hardkiss promoting YouTube music premium or whatever)

    - love the people in the chat like “shut up about m*neskin. Shut up about m*neskin.” esp after Katya keeps asking for people to stop asking. I…I don’t think Kate likes them all that much. I wonder if that has anything to do with how gay on main they are (I hope not? She seems neutral/quietly supportive at least but it could just be she doesn’t vibe with the over the top sexy rockstar thing they have going on)

    - “I am Princess, you know” yes ma’am “you’re a Queen, not a princess” “Oh yes, of course you are right, I am Queen.”


    - guh my pharmacy called again because they had a scrip in the system wrong so I missed a ton and now she’s talking about movies (maybe the one that’s she’s in? I have NO idea)

    - pretty sure she’s gonna need some kind of “quit fucking asking about M*neskin” sign in front of her soon Jesus

    - personal aside: so apparently I can read a little bit of Russian now. Other personal aside: I really should DM her about the tattoo thing I talked about a while ago bc I think she’d say yes 🤔

    - does Instagram have chat mods? She needs at least one to yeet people who keep asking invasive shit or stuff she doesn’t like


    - the wholesomeness of her pausing singing happy birthday to someone to stop and stare at the chat for the name I’m 🥺❤️ goddamn I love this woman

    - @ chat can we not infantilize her for speaking English tho. she’s a grown ass intelligent woman and just because she can’t articulate all her thoughts in English doesn’t change that

    - “can you teach us some Ukrainian?” “Yes, if you want to say ‘I love you,’ you say «я люблю тебе» so, everyone in this stream: я люблю тебе.”

    - the fact that she was heavily bullied as a child just breaks my heart

    - is uhh Joe R*gan like a Popular Thing in Ukraine because he’s such a piece of shit 😭

    - I love the fact that she makes such good music but her own taste in music is so like, left field…dark techno, trap metal, she also likes rap rock I know (Fever 333, RAtM), and like, Lana del Rey??? How does she even fit in? 😂

    - “I have little home studio, it is my microphone, and my piano, and bass guitar…and my tea!” I love her monokate stuff but alas she did not choose to answer my question bout it, maybe next time

    - wheezes someone asked about the Hardkiss and she was like “mmm :/“ I guess that’s the answer

    - something something she runs on instinct

    - someone in chat said that she apparently confirmed she’s not gay (if true, alas) but I…hmm. Hmm. Mixture of disappointed wishful thinking but also, I could see her denying it for safety reasons

    - whoever has Kotyk sent her a picture of him watching the stream awww

    - She’s throwing some deep message down about why she sings something about sharing a message and not just for the fame I think. A lot of people sing for the money and the applause? But you need to have more than that? Idk

    - HELLFIRE she ended it before I could throw in a “goodnight” but! Good stream aside from like 3 people in chat making me think violent thoughts

    #y’all gotta STOP… #tele talks #not putting this in her tag but Katya is live <3 I’m love
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  • sinnhelmingr
    06.09.2021 - 1 mont ago

    i am. betrayed. and hurt. that none of you recommended m@neskin to me directly??? pardon???

    #me unable to stop thinking of one of my fankids who is of partial italian descent by her mum doing covers.
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  • neromanoff
    26.08.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Группа Måneskin встретится с российскими фанатами в Москве

    New Post has been published on https://regiondv.com/gruppa-m-neskin-vstretitsja-s-rossijskimi-fanatami-v-moskve/

    Группа Måneskin встретится с российскими фанатами в Москве
    © AP Photo / Peter Dejong
    Итальянская рок-группа Måneskin, которая стала победителем международного песенного конкурса “Евровидение” в этом году, встретится с российскими фанатами 31 августа в московском Парке Горького, сообщили РИА Новости в пресс-службе “Яндекс.Музыки”.
    “Maneskin: покорили Рим, победили на Евровидении-2021, обратили на себя внимание всего мира и теперь впервые посетят Россию. Для поклонников нашумевшей итальянской рок-группы Яндекс.Музыка организует фан-встречу. Она состоится вечером 31 августа на площадке Плюс Дачи в Парке Горького. В этот день гости встречи смогут увидеть кумиров вживую, а ещё задать им интересующие вопросы, сделать фото с группой и даже получить эксклюзивные подарки”, – говорится в сообщении пресс-службы.
    Попасть на событие можно, приняв участие в розыгрыше в официальном аккаунте сервиса в Instagram, регистрация на мероприятие также откроется на сайте площадки 27 августа, количество мест ограничено, добавили в пресс-службе.
    В этом году “Евровидение” прошло в Роттердаме (Нидерланды) в мае. По суммарным результатам голосования жюри и зрителей победителем конкурса стала Италия. Представительница России Манижа с композицией Russian Woman вошла в десятку лучших исполнителей, заняв девятое место.
    17 июля, 00:39КультураНовый клип Måneskin за сутки набрал около семи миллионов просмотров Источник
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  • leeyoungseob
    12.08.2021 - 2 monts ago

    M Neskin - Beggin

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  • neromanoff
    16.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Новый клип Måneskin за сутки набрал около семи миллионов просмотров

    New Post has been published on https://regiondv.com/novyj-klip-m-neskin-za-sutki-nabral-okolo-semi-millionov-prosmotrov/

    Новый клип Måneskin за сутки набрал около семи миллионов просмотров
    © Måneskin Official
    Клип победителей “Евровидения-2021” итальянской группы Måneskin на трек “I wanna be your slave” за сутки набрал около семи миллионов просмотров на YouTube и более миллиона лайков.
    Новое видео команды полно эротики. В ролике показано, как музыканты в откровенных нарядах, исполняют свою песню.
    Фанатам клип понравился. В комментариях немало и русскоязычных сообщений.
    “Не знаю, кого как, а меня прям радуют эти ребята. Первая группа за всю историю “Евровидения”, которую можно смело забирать в коллекцию”, “Мои вы хорошие! Приезжайте в Россию, я вас пирожками с картошкой накормлю”, “Детали в клипе завораживают! Очень горячо!”, “Поддерживаю русский флешмоб! Это лучший клип, что я видела в своей жизни”.
    24 мая, 16:48КультураПокоритель Евровидения и дамских сердец: что известно о солисте Måneskin Источник
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  • ragazza-paradiso
    16.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    i really enjoy a lot of m*neskin’s songs but their overly sexual imagery & the way their (mostly) underage fanbase laps it up without question bothers me a lot but then again maybe i am just an old lady sitting on my front porch yelling at the kids

    #censored it so it doesn’t show up on the tag #i have never been into rock n roll culture so maybe that’s it #tbh their fandom on twitter annoys me so much that it’s just put me off them a bit
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  • carl-and-pearl
    12.07.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Complaining. Ignore me

    To the M*neskin fans and H*rries turned M*neskin fans, I already have to put up with Harrys own fandom showing off their internalized homophobia through their constant criticism and gatekeeping gender non-conformity. What makes you think I want to go into another fandom space that does more of the same?

    #Literally can you let people wear what they want and be the artists that they are
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  • sera-wasnever
    27.06.2021 - 3 monts ago

    okay I like m*neskin just fine until they start singing in english then they remind me too much of p*l*ye r*y*le to enjoy

    #it's not as bad but still #personal #also dude's voice is so much less good to listen to in english
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  • mona-liar
    14.06.2021 - 4 monts ago

    First M*ds Mikkelsen, then M*neskin/D*miano David and now D*niel Sträßer: 2020/2021 truly is the year my dash gets obsessed with watching people smoke huh?

    #I blame the pandemic #I maintain my conviction that if it handt been for lockdown I would never have started smoking #Now that thibgs are slowly getting better I'm also smoking less and less so... #Da ich pbrigens gerade bei da*niel str*eßer bin: warum sind seine Haare als Adam plötzlich so kurz? #Taugt mir nicht #My stuff#Twxt post
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  • damianodavidwife
    11.06.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Hi Everybody, this is M@neskin 🤟🤘

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  • caffelattedellequattro
    05.06.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Rinuncio ufficialmente alla tag dei M*neskin

    #non so se sono troppo vecchia o troppo italiana ma............ no
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  • caffelattedellequattro
    31.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Going into the M*neskin tag

    #i........... can't
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  • funeraldoomed
    25.05.2021 - 4 monts ago

    i forgot i owned these pants thanks @ m*neskin for reminding me

    #censoring bc i dont want to show up in tbe tag uwu #also i didnt do my hair today. sue me #moi #are they...... you know *2nd pic*
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