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  • telekinetic-issue
    23.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Kate: livestreams some pretty down-to-earth current mental health talk and also tea

    The absolute f*cking HEATHENS in her chat: what about the M*neskin collab 👀

    #tele talks#kateryna pavlenko #I censored the other bands I don’t want this in their tags #it genuinely made me mad watching that #if the person translating wasn’t BSing she even said like ‘if ur here abt m*neskin just leave’ #also u CANNOT convince me that smth shifty didn’t happen with one/multiple of the b/ind channel guys #she always seems really uncomfortable when they get brought up #anyway it’s really refreshing to see a celeb be open about their thoughts/struggles/worries #but please for the love of god have some basic respect for her bc she is Going Through It #I just. I want her to know she is heard and so so dearly loved #and that I am sending Kotyk a little kiss on his perfect little head
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  • yours-eternally-ao3
    10.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    yeah so anyway the aleksi gangbang is 2021 words long and no. one. has their dick out yet and iaMGOINGTOSCREAM

    im now required to do Tasks for the rest of the day, so here's a snip i hope you're all prepared to suffer as much as i have writing this fic

    #rpf #i was irritating by someone assuming m/neskin invented homosexuality so this fic also has a side order of my opinion on that as well 💀
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  • mxrisacoulter
    20.06.2021 - 1 mont ago
    endless gifs of marisa coulter ~ (25/?)
    #mine#hdm#hdmedit#egmc#mrs coulter#marisa coulter#ruth wilson#hdmsource #his dark materials #fantasysource#ladiesofcinema#tvfilm#tvcentric#userthing#usersource#chewieblog#useroptional #girlboss girlboss girlboss girlboss #was just thinking about how s3ggsy she is again lmao #actual footage of me walking through the warehouse after obsessively listened to nothing but m*neskin and gr*ndson for the last month ✌️ #I know S3 is like a year and a half away but I still can't wait for us all to go feral over Ruth in the trailers #love that for us besties we deserve it ❤️
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  • vinte-vinteum
    01.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Italy Olympics?? I'm down for that

    #m*neskin win Olympic appearence? #portugal during the 2016-2018ish stretch Vibes #worlds lb
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  • saltyathena
    31.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Okay, I don’t normally feel the need to reply to people who comment to my posts in an argumentative way or those who are seeking a one sided debate because most of the time I can tell people just..... want to shove their opinion on me without really listening to my opinion back and while I usually just hide those replies so my followers don’t have to see them too, this one caught my attention 

    Will definitely be under a read more because I have a lot to say and cover so like.... long post in coming. 

    I get what you mean when you say that they were enemies at war. C*tra and Adora fought a lot over the course of the show because they were enemies, because C*tra was the main villain and Adora was the hero, it was bound to happen. 

    But a lot of the time, C*tra scratching Adora wasn’t in these contexts. 

    C*tra scratched Adora’s face during the battle at Mermista’s kingdom when Adora was unable to fight back, when she was holding something back and therefore unable to defend herself from C*tra’s attacks. C*tra clawed Adora’s back while psychologically attacking her too, manipulating Adora’s love and care for her friends, using knowledge she had from their intimate friendship to break her down. She clawed at Adora in the portal world when, at that point, Adora wasn’t fighting back. 

    Like I understand saying they’re enemies so of course they’re going to fight in the context of hand to hand combat but C*tra clawing an unarmed or otherwise defenceless Adora doesn’t really count as that, does it?

    Also, the “they were enemies in war” doesn’t really excuse the fact that C*tra clawed Adora’s face when they were children now, does it?

    “It’s heavily implied that Adora was constantly beating c*tra up and it traumatized c*tra”; It might just be my shoddy memory of the show (I really don’t go back to rewatch it for fun because it’s ruined for me) but I don’t ever remember this being implied? If you’re referring to the scene in the opening of the pilot were Adora and C*tra are training with the Horde trio then I don’t really think that counts as beating C*tra up?

    I don’t ever remember there being a moment in the show when this was specifically brought up as something that traumatised C*tra but I’m open minded enough to see sources for this. If it was implied or outright stated, then by all means I’ll acknowledge it. I know that a lot of C*tra’s trauma comes from being compared to Adora, so them fighting for approval doesn’t seem so out of place.

    However, c/a sparring in the Horde or completing training exercises isn’t exactly Adora beating C*tra up. Unfortunately, we never got to see much of the effect SW had on Adora since she got out of the Horde and the writers just didn’t care to explore that but given Adora’s position as the “golden child”, I can’t help but think that her having to win fights is a response to always having to win, to stay on top, so that SW doesn’t punish her (or C*tra, as it’s shown that SW would sometimes punish C*tra for Adora’s misdeeds which is a whole other topic of Adora’s trauma that’s ignored) for failing. 

    Sadly Adora’s trauma and the trauma of being the good kid or the golden child isn’t explored nearly enough in the show. And as one of those good kids/golden children myself..... yeah that pretty much sucked.

    The thing is, I don’t think it’s a case of Adora diminishing the abuse C*tra went through. Their mother was abusing both of them and Adora hasn’t had much contact with other people outside of the Horde until she was forced to. The way she was raised doesn’t necessarily give her the right tools to be able to see the hurt the Horde and SW is causing.

    This is actually a great thing to apply some sociological aspects to.

    When we grow up, our parents, our family, is our first point of contact with the world. Our parents or guardians are the ones who teach us what’s right and wrong, our morals and such, and prepare us for entering the world. From there, our teachers expand to things like school, work, friends, and religion. These are things that teach us how to exist in the world and what’s typically good and bad in our cultures. This is a process known as Socialisation (primary for the familial aspect, secondary for everything else).

    Now consider for a second that C*tra and Adora were raised by Shadow Weaver. She’s their mother, their first point of contact with the world. Shadow Weaver raised them both in an abusive environment, physically and emotionally, and then they both go on to work in the Horde. They Horde teaches them what’s right and wrong in the world, teaches them how princesses are bad, and how they need to win the war for the Horde. The Horde essentially teaches violence and chaos, leading them to become used to this.

    This is what Adora grew up with, this is her norm. She would do her Horde missions and training and then come back to continued emotional (and probably physical) abuse from Shadow Weaver, praising her for doing the right thing and no doubt sowing the seeds of fear in her mind for what would happen if she did the wrong thing. She would hear and talk to the other Horde kids about it, how their missions and training went and everything the Horde did would be normalised for her. Continually. For nearly two decades.

    So yes, Adora didn’t see how bad the Horde was until she got out away from it but.... Why is that a bad thing? That’s exactly what happens in real life? Adora needed to see the outside perspective, the damage the Horde had done so she could come to her senses and get out. She wasn’t going to magically wake up one day and go “hey, maybe the Horde is bad” with zero reference for that??? Especially because breaking away from the norm, becoming anything less than perfect, would result in her and possibly C*tra, being hurt? Why would she risk herself and her closest companion like that?

    And like, where do you suppose Adora would have learned that the Horde was evil and that Princesses weren’t the bad guys if she hadn’t experienced that for herself? Do you think she’d just dream of it and know it to be true? Do you think she’d just magically come to her senses? 

    No, because that’s not how things work. Adora was used to the violence in the Horde, that was how she was socialised growing up, she was used both herself and C*tra being abused by Shadow Weaver and didn’t know any better until someone else showed her it was wrong. That’s how the real world works. 

    Like, fuck, man I didn’t realise my mom spent years gaslighting and guilt tripping and picking on my every insecurity until I was exposed to the fact that that’s not how parents are supposed to treat you. Otherwise, I’d probably still be trapped in the mindset that my mom saying “but that makes me sad” when I told her something she did made me uncomfortable was my fault, that I shouldn’t have made my mother upset like that!

    The thing is, nobody is saying that c/a's toxic relationship means they can’t reconcile or heal healthily. I haven’t seen anybody in the anti c/a tag claim that c/a can’t reconcile or can’t heal heathily but what I have seen is people saying that c/a shouldn’t be intrinsically linked together. They shouldn’t have to rely on each other to heal. C/a should be able to heal away from what is a toxic and abusive situation, come to terms with it, and then work on their reconciliation. If that means forgiving each other or not, then that’s up in the air, but nobody is saying that they can’t heal or they won’t heal.

    I’m all for C*tra healing. I want C*tra to heal, to find her place in the world, her own friends and love all without it being tied to Adora because that was her issue in the show. Everything she had was somehow tied to Adora — her position as a force captain, the friends she makes in s5, and so on. That’s such a reduction of her character, to say for four seasons that she was upset at being second to Adora and then..... essentially ending the show with her being second to Adora all over again. 

    C*tra isn’t permanently broken. C*tra can heal and should heal. She just didn’t have the writers who were willing enough to put the work in to give her the healing and redemption arc that she deserved. 

    And the same goes for Adora, who’s trauma was all but forgotten until the last season, the last episodes just so she could make the sacrifice that would lead to the bIg KiSs at the end of the show. She can heal, she will heal, she just needs the right writing team behind her to give her that. 

    C/a aren’t broken permanently, they were just never given the chance to be fixed.

    It’s also so funny to compare them to Nebula and Gamora, who do have a very similar situation, but the thing is, Nebula and Gamora had a good writing team behind them. Nebula and Gamora also only had two solo movies (GOTG 1&2) and then two movies in which they had to share screen time with an ensemble cast (Infinity War and Endgame). And somehow, in four moves that had the storyline split between 10+ characters, Nebula and Gamora somehow managed to have a much more compelling arc than c/a did, as the main fucking characters of spop.... Like that just goes to show you how much effort the spop writers put into healing c/a.

    #this just reeks of a rhetoric that they want to blame adora's for c*tra's trauma lmao #under a read more because i have A LOT to say apparently #i can't believe i had to write all of this out instead of laying in the dark listening to m*neskin on repeat............ #the things i do for this fandom....... #i hid the original reply but i still wanted to respond to it so..... #i also don't want people going after op (not that i think any of you would 😚) #op comparing them to nebula&gamora is so funny when you remember that they're all sisters!
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  • zombie-808
    23.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    being gay literally just means being attracted to the same sex - it does not mean being a flamboyant nymphomaniac

    #discoursing on the music sideblog over d*miano m*neskin
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  • daenersys
    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    i was scrolling down the m*neskin tag and I came across a lot of fics involving the irl members,,, all I wanted was to queue pretty gifs

    #i get the self-insert thingy and the shipping when it's fictional characters but when it's real people it just rubs me the wrong way idk #shhh 🐝#tbd
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  • neromanoff
    16.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Новый клип Måneskin за сутки набрал около семи миллионов просмотров

    New Post has been published on https://regiondv.com/novyj-klip-m-neskin-za-sutki-nabral-okolo-semi-millionov-prosmotrov/

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    24 мая, 16:48КультураПокоритель Евровидения и дамских сердец: что известно о солисте Måneskin Источник
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  • ragazza-paradiso
    16.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    i really enjoy a lot of m*neskin’s songs but their overly sexual imagery & the way their (mostly) underage fanbase laps it up without question bothers me a lot but then again maybe i am just an old lady sitting on my front porch yelling at the kids

    #censored it so it doesn’t show up on the tag #i have never been into rock n roll culture so maybe that’s it #tbh their fandom on twitter annoys me so much that it’s just put me off them a bit
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  • carl-and-pearl
    12.07.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Complaining. Ignore me

    To the M*neskin fans and H*rries turned M*neskin fans, I already have to put up with Harrys own fandom showing off their internalized homophobia through their constant criticism and gatekeeping gender non-conformity. What makes you think I want to go into another fandom space that does more of the same?

    #Literally can you let people wear what they want and be the artists that they are
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  • sera-wasnever
    27.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    okay I like m*neskin just fine until they start singing in english then they remind me too much of p*l*ye r*y*le to enjoy

    #it's not as bad but still #personal #also dude's voice is so much less good to listen to in english
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  • mona-liar
    14.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    First M*ds Mikkelsen, then M*neskin/D*miano David and now D*niel Sträßer: 2020/2021 truly is the year my dash gets obsessed with watching people smoke huh?

    #I blame the pandemic #I maintain my conviction that if it handt been for lockdown I would never have started smoking #Now that thibgs are slowly getting better I'm also smoking less and less so... #Da ich pbrigens gerade bei da*niel str*eßer bin: warum sind seine Haare als Adam plötzlich so kurz? #Taugt mir nicht #My stuff#Twxt post
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  • damianodavidwife
    11.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Hi Everybody, this is M@neskin 🤟🤘

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  • busybeingmakebelieve
    05.06.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Rinuncio ufficialmente alla tag dei M*neskin

    #non so se sono troppo vecchia o troppo italiana ma............ no
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  • busybeingmakebelieve
    31.05.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Going into the M*neskin tag

    #i........... can't
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  • funeraldoomed
    25.05.2021 - 2 monts ago

    i forgot i owned these pants thanks @ m*neskin for reminding me

    #censoring bc i dont want to show up in tbe tag uwu #also i didnt do my hair today. sue me #moi #are they...... you know *2nd pic*
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