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    19.01.2022 - 3 days ago

    mac morris + saved by the bell | 2.08: the gift

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    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago
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    18.01.2022 - 4 days ago


    #they're so cute help. the wink!!!!!!! #macdaisy #mac x daisy #sbtb2020#sbtb#sbtbedit #saved by the bell 2020 #thingsimade#usernicolette#queenmay #if anyone else wants to be tagged in these let me know!! #tvedit#mac morris#daisy jimenez
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    16.01.2022 - 6 days ago


    #i love them ur honour #mac x daisy #macdaisy#mac morris#daisy jimenez#sbtb2020#sbtbedit #saved by the bell 2020 #sbtb#thingsimade#usernicolette#queenmay
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  • jjmaybank
    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago
    You keep saying that none of this matters, but according to your story, it totally mattered. Like Mac’s dad winning that battle was probably one of the most important things he ever did. Yeah, if he didn’t win, I wouldn’t exist!


    #just bros bein dudes. i love these dumbasses #sbtb 2020#sbtbedit #saved by the bell 2020 #savedbythebelledit#thingsimade#jamie spano#mac morris#usernicolette#queenmay
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    13.01.2022 - 1 week ago


    #i started watching this yesterday and did not expect to become obsessed but i AMMM!!! #i love these funny silly kids <3 #also MACK what ARE you saying!?!? #saved by the bell (2020) #saved by the bell 2020 #savedbythebell2020edit#thingsimade#daisy jimenez#tvedit #mac x daisy #mac morris#macdaisy#usernicolette
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  • harringrovepeach
    01.01.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    It has come to my attention that Nico 'Britney' Rosberg has been living a double life as Mac Morris from the Saved by the Bell reboot.

    I can't unsee it.

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  • wassupbuttercup
    29.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago

    macdaisy kiss in the rain when

    #give it to me #need to stop hyperfixating on ships #macdaisy#maisy#sbtb #saved by the bell #saved by the bell 2020 #mac morris#daisy jiménez
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  • daisysjimenez
    29.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago
    You don’t know him. Mac’s changed. He’s not all the way good, but better. He’s less selfish than he used to be.

    MAISY in SAVED BY THE BELL | 2.10 - Let the Games Begin

    #saved by the bell #saved by the bell reboot #saved by the bell 2020 #maisy#macdaisy #mac x daisy #daisy x mac #mac morris#daisy jiménez#savedbythebelledit#sbtbedit#maisyedit#macdaisyedit#gifs#s2#2x10 #made by me #*#requests
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    27.12.2021 - 3 weeks ago
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    24.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago
    SAVED BY THE BELL | 1.03 - The Bayside Triangle
    #lmao I really cannot color this show. also I'm doing the request I got! I just wanted to post this first since it's christmas eve :) #saved by the bell #saved by the bell reboot #saved by the bell 2020 #savedbythebelledit#sbtbedit#jamie spano#mac morris#gifs #made by me #s1#1x03#* #lsdkjf I'm always too intimidated to tag people even when they've tagged me #so if you're cool with/want me to tag you please tell me directly thanks 😅😅😅 #anyway merry christmas eve to my besties that celebrate!
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  • champagnebubbles414
    23.12.2021 - 4 weeks ago

    The first thing that Mac teaches Daisy is to re-arrange the letters of someone’s name when you first meet them.

    Well in Series of Unfortunate Events, Count Olaf is a horrible villain who takes on many names and if you re-arrange the names of his disguise in the first episode-alfuncoot-you get Count Olaf

    In conclusion Mac Morris watches or watched The Series of Unfortunate Events

    #headcanon#Mac Morris#daisy jiménez #saved by the bell reboot #series of unfortunate events #he totally does #and i love the idea sm #i think he only watched the first episode and took that to heart
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  • macgyver-morris
    18.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    MAC & DAISY ↳ Mac experiencing multiple stages of grief in one sitting

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  • pandalife
    16.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Stay (macdaisy fanfic)

    Summary: In which Daisy wants to run and Mac frets about not being liked.

    Note: Stir, Beat, Spin, Pulse, and Stay are related minifics meant to be read in that order.


    Her stomach goes hollow when she sees Mac on the bleachers, sitting high up and playing on his phone. Daisy has never before in her life felt the urge to run but she feels it now. She stamps down on the impulse, instead squaring her shoulders, breathing in deep, and ordering herself to start climbing.

    “Hey,” Mac says when she’s made it near him, putting his phone aside. His tone is uncharacteristically somber, which makes Daisy’s stomach go hollow again. “Would you believe it if I said I actually listened to Harry Styles’ entire discography before I went to your house yesterday?”

    She chuckles at his question, imagining where he’s going with this. “You did?”

    Mac nods as Daisy sits down beside him. She feels so stupidly relieved when, after she's placed her backpack down by her feet, he reaches for her hand. “Yes. I was hoping to absorb the whole undeniably adorable thing through music. Which, … - didn’t work so much. Obviously.”

    That somber tone again.

    Daisy tells herself to breathe. Mac wouldn’t start on breaking up with her by holding her hand; she knows he wouldn’t.

    “If it’s any consolation, your shirt was very nice and you withstood my mom’s scrutiny like a tried and true spirit winner.” Mac laughs under his breath at her observation, making Daisy feel easier. “Also,… - my mom obviously sees the glint of a silver lining where you're concerned. She said as much. So, you just need to make it through the four chaperoned dates with Héctor to prove yourself to her, and then she’ll, -”

    “Dislike me a shade less intensely?” Mac intervenes, sounding much closer to certain than anywhere in the vicinity of truly questioning.

    “Yeah. Pretty much,” Daisy answers honestly.

    Mac makes a face, which has Daisy lifting her shoulders in a shrug. He’s so not used to people not liking him even if it’s only begrudgingly. Wanting to soothe him, she runs her thumb across his skin where they hold on to each other.

    “Hey, you must see how you’re a tough sell for most moms, buddy.”

    He nods at that. “Yes. Yes. But these moms you speak of, they’re being kind of unfair. Even pranksters with god like physiques and badass taste in music need and treasure those who keep them afloat.”

    Daisy rolls her eyes and chuckles over the silliness splattered all over the first parts of his statements. She feels her chest tighten when Mac goes on to talk about needing, and treasuring, and keeping afloat, warmth traveling through her.

    He's turned the necessary fraction to look at her, his expression set in serious lines and curves.

    Daisy knows her next response won't set Mac at ease, but she always tries to speak the truth. “Oh, I think most moms definitely hope that’s the case, Mac. It’s just… - most moms, including mine, would prefer it if they didn’t have to dig that deep to discover that their beloved offspring is needed and treasured and not just someone else who’ll randomly stop commenting on your Instagram.”

    “Oh, damn, yesterday was so rough,” Mac says on an exhale, barely audible. Daisy’s mother had not found so much issue with Mac’s social media content. She had, however, harshly expressed her worries over the amount of girls who commented on his account as well as the patterns she seemed to discover through these comments. After several beats, Mac leans forward a fraction and throws her a look. “Ok. Ok. So tell me more about Héctor. Which are his favorite video games? Is he sporty? Who does he admire? Are there bullies I can heroically help him out with? What does he like to eat?”

    She shakes her head, back to laughing. “Nah. No. You’re not going to try to find your way into my mom’s good graces through Héctor, are you?”

    Echoing her laughter, Mac ducks his head. He winks when he's back to looking at her. “Nope. I want for Héctor to like me because I want Héctor to like me. And, yes, I would love for your mother to like me at some point. If these two separate things can come together and work in my favor, I won’t complain and simply enjoy being the unlikely master of the ten rings, Daisy. Seriously, though, - Hector is coming on four dates with us. I don’t want him to have a horrible time.”

    Daisy leans toward Mac and drops a kiss on the corner of his mouth the moment he stops speaking. When his eyebrow goes up as he levels her a look that is equal parts confusion and delight, she grins slow and soft. “You’re sort of very cute when you’re being sweet, Mac.”

    She feels her cheeks go warm, still not over being able to do and say these things. He’s her boyfriend, he’s willing to go on chaperoned dates to be with her, he wants to bond with her baby brother, and the way he’s looking at her right now curls under her skin and makes her feel both warm and somehow glowingly powerful.

    Daisy keeps hoping… - she keeps hoping that she’ll get used to being able to do and say these things without being over being able to do and say these things at any point. It’s a hope that doesn’t seem that foolish right now, with Mac moving to encircle her waist with his arm as she shifts and leans against his shoulder, reveling in the nice solidness of him as she mentally starts on heaping up relevant facts about Héctor.


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  • pandalife
    15.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Pulse (a macdaisy minific)

    Summary: In which things turn out sweet to mutual delight after Mac does the unfathomable.

    Note: Stir, Beat, Spin, and now Pulse are related minifics meant to be read in that order. There'll be a total of 5 related minifics within this small universe.


    Lately, he's been wanting to reach for her so badly that he can feel the impulse seeping through every corner of himself, like Mac is a movie and wanting to reach for Daisy his persistent, undeniable soundtrack. So he does the unfathomable and stays behind after school lets out without it being about setting up the mechanics to pranking Toddman, eyes glued to his phone as he uses Venusaur to smash through the battleground. He’s not yet through when his phone vibrates, the pic of him and Daisy sitting at The Max replacing the game. He rarely sets his phone up so as to not be interrupted when he’s playing and now it'd have been entirely counterproductive to do so.

    He takes the call after letting it ring twice, finally getting up from where he’d been sitting high up on the bleachers stacking up beside the deserted football field. “Hey, buddy. You done with the Speech and Debate Club meeting?”

    “Yes, Mac. What’s up?” Because texting is nearly impossible with her phone, Mac asked her to call when she was through with Speech and Debate earlier.

    Her words are spoken without hesitation. She sounds almost casual except there’s a soft, happy quality to her tone, like some intrepid bubble pop-pop-popping to the surface of a very fizzy soda. It's a tone Daisy keeps dipping into these past few days.

    Mac can't help but think that it suits her.

    “I’m at school. Meet m-”


    “Yes, still. Meet me by the main entrance?”

    “Sure,” she answers, the soft, happy, fizzy quality to her voice swift in returning.

    Daisy is waiting for him when Mac gets near their meeting point. Mac loves spring, loves that it allows for Daisy wearing a really pretty floral tank top with daisies on it, afternoon sun gliding against her shoulders, against the wide expanse of so much beautiful, smooth skin.

    She smiles at him, and Mac can feel echoes of her smile igniting sparks all through his system, so he tries to remember the names and powers of every Pokémon as well as the title to every Harry Styles song and the exact shade to the sky inside his happy piña colada mental retreat place.

    “Now that you’ve made it here, I ask again, - what’s up, Mac?” Daisy asks.

    He's still so focused on not reacting to her that her voice startles him, and he imagines essential Pokémon facts leaking out through his ears, like her voice is this wonderful but still pointy needle with which to poke at the protective bubble of thoughts he's tried to pillow around his brain.

    Daisy is frowning at him now. Mac watches as she takes hold of her backpack straps, her gently questioning gaze remaining on him.

    “I was thinking… - you could not take the last bus and instead have whatever you want from HiHo Cheeseburger with me and I could drive you home?... Does that sound like something you’d be up for, Daisy?”

    She chuckles, her fingers visibly grasping tighter onto her backpack straps. “Sounds like a plan, Mac. Well, … - I mean, it sounds like a plan if my mom agrees.”

    Daisy calls her mother, Mrs. Jiménez, says that some of her friends are getting together for a snack, that her friend Mac has offered to get her home after said snacking, and that she’ll be home by 6: 00 at the latest. There’s some back and forth about who Mac is (“Mac, my friend. That Mac, Mom,”), and whether Mac is a good driver (“I’ll be inside the car with him. He’ll know the meaning of fury and having his slick iPhone thrown out the window if he’s anything but an excellent driver, Mom,”). Mrs. Jiménez says something to Daisy, who nods before hanging up the call on her gigantic phone.

    “Ah, shit. She didn’t allow, -" Mac starts, feeling his blood go colder when Daisy trains a too desolate expression at him.

    Her desolation lifts halfway through his words, Daisy breaking into another sweet, vibrant grin.

    Mac rolls his eyes hugely at her before tilting his head left, signaling in the direction of the parking lot .


    Daisy helps her mother with dinner, a meal for which their family sits down together. It is the fact with which Daisy explains deciding to not have a burger, instead going with fries and a vanilla milkshake. Mac’s family has taken to sitting down together for dinner since his father’s been around more, too, so Mac orders the same.

    Like the time they spent together inside the discussion group rooms at the library minus the burden of needing to get through an assignment for their most demanding, most humorless teacher, hanging out with Daisy at HiHo turns out to be beyond absorbing and fun. Mac would never willingly admit to it but spending time with Daisy can feel like he guesses being inside the best Airbnb place as time stops all around you might feel like. Or at least that’s exactly his mood as they talk and laugh over their History triumph with Mrs. Lee earlier today (who, of course, loved their presentation and its “restrained, effective use of emoticons”, which is feedback he’d never ever thought he’d receive), and as they shoot back and forth over what they hope will happen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Mac and Daisy can’t wait to see how Shang-Chi and his rings fit into the greater schemes at play).

    Mac’s ease evaporates as he and Daisy start walking back to his car, tension spearing through his body so that he can’t help but swallow thickly. He thrusts his hand into his pocket, ordering himself to breathe steady as he grabs hold of the package with the gift he’s suddenly certain isn’t even close to good enough. He nudges Daisy with his left arm, finishes pulling out the small package with his right hand.

    “I got you something.”

    Daisy stops advancing before frowning at him. Looking down at the package as he offers it to her, she finds his gaze again, her cheeks more than halfway to glowing pink with the fierceness of the blush burning across them. "Thanks, Mac."

    Mac tracks her movements as Daisy does away with the wrapping, stashing it inside her pocket before opening the box.

    He feels miles and miles past relieved because Daisy’s expression immediately lights up as she looks down at his gift. “Mac, I love these!” She thrills excitedly, eyes riveted on the contents of the open velvety box: white gold hoop earrings with a small daisy dangling from each hoop, the daisies’ bulk mother of pearl and their outline white gold. A small dot of white gold glints at the center of each daisy.

    Lexi helped Mac decide when he’d narrowed down his search to only two possible sets of earrings (according to Lexi the other possible set was too formal, something you’d see Adele wear on stage, while this one was more casual but also more delicate, timeless, and playful, like something vintage Vanessa Hudgens would have worn a million years ago).

    Closing the box with a snap, Daisy wastes not half-a-second in rushing toward him. The air swooshes from his lungs when she envelops him in a tight, happy hug, his heart swapping places with his Adam’s apple as he holds on to her waist, leaning in closer to inhale the scent of that evilly nice fragrance she keeps insisting on wearing lately.

    It’s a short, expressive reaction, - and Mac has to stamp down on the impulse to pull her close again when Daisy drops her arms from where they’d been around him.

    “I’m gonna try these on,” she says, her gaze going from Mac to the earrings before returning to Mac, the expression written across her brown eyes ecstatic.

    Mac helps her out, holding on to the box with his gift when Daisy passes it to him, which makes it easier for her to take off the hoop earrings she's currently wearing to try on the ones he got for her.

    He diverts his gaze away from her after throwing what he’s fully aware is too intense a look in her direction. It’s just … - the earrings look prettier on Daisy than he’d imagined they would. Daisy looks more beautiful right now than he could’ve possibly imaged she would: all nearly glowing, too excited, inching past chipper, and so, so, so very flushed.

    “So?” she asks, tucking her hair behind her ears before she’s training a flirty look at Mac.

    He reaches inside his pocket for his phone. After getting the camera for her, he turns the phone around, holds it so that she can look into it.

    “Damn, but I love these!” she blurts out. The air swooshes from his lungs a second time when she envelops him in another tight, happy hug, - but she doesn’t let go quickly now. Mac finds a way to draw her in impossibly closer, bending his knees that necessary amount so that he can nestle into the crook of her neck, his lips shaping against the heat of her smooth skin.

    His Adam’s apple and his heart swap again when Daisy skims her fingertips across his neck.

    Daisy shifts a fraction, and Mac is back to swallowing like he did before he’d taken out his gift. “Hey, Mac, now would be a fantastic time to,-” she whispers in this quiet, reeling tone that just sinks under his skin and does too many different things to him.

    He pulls back slightly, finding her eyes to raise an eyebrow at her, managing not to sound as barely under control as he’s feeling. “Go over No Way Home again? Finally get you to agree to pull The Quietest Gentleman with me? Discuss the possibility of a One Direction reunion tour? Or maybe… - get you back for earlier and hanging up with your mom with the fake sadness?”

    Daisy doesn’t move away from him, the nearness between them left unchanged. “Ah, you’re petty. And ruining the moment.”

    He’s feeling almost dizzy with how much he wants to span that tiny distance still between them. “What? Turnaround is best play,” he jokes even though it's one of those rare times in which he's not feeling particularly jokey.

    He gets his phone, which had still been inside his hand when Daisy lunged herself at him, into his pocket, raises his hand to caress her cheek with his thumb as he frames her face. Eyes fluttering closed, Daisy turns into his hand a little. He can trace his reaction to those two small movements from her down to his very bones, probably deeper than that.

    When he speaks again, his voice comes out more transparently honest: husky with a nervous undercurrent bubbling beneath. “Hey, the moment can still be rescued, though, if I just - ”

    “Shut up a little, Mac?” she offers for him, her bottom lip already brushing his as she says his name.

    Her words and her closeness render him entirely helpless from doing anything other than what he's been wanting to do for much longer than he'd let himself admit. He changes their contact from too tenuous to true, still feather light as he closes around her, her bottom lip, hands migrating to shape over her hips. Daisy threads her fingers into his hair, draws Mac in nearer, melting into him with her forward motion, - and, fuck, no kiss has ever felt like this before.

    Mac makes this needy, wanting sound before raising his hand to frame her face again, his other hand kept below, blunt fingertips flirting on desperate over the nice curve of her hip. Daisy whimpers into their kiss and Mac can’t… - he can’t even try to pretend that the sacrilegious reality of it is something other than that he wouldn’t be able to tell Venusaur from Eldegoss if his uninterrupted winning streak at bets with Lexi, Jamie, and DeVante hung in the balance. Can’t even try to pretend like he could come up with a single thing to keep himself from instinctively memorizing everything about Daisy and the pull of her as she bites down shallowly on his lip, so he just doesn’t.


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    15.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    SAVED BY THE BELL | 2.10 Let the Games Begin

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  • pandalife
    14.12.2021 - 1 mont ago

    Spin (a macdaisy fanfic)

    Summary: In which Mac is helpful and also good at play.

    Note: Stir, Beat, and Spin are related minifics meant to be read in that order. There'll be a total of 5 related minifics within this small universe.


    Like yesterday, Daisy has secured one of the library’s four discussion group rooms for herself and Mac. She did it first thing in the morning, acquainted with the library’s policies: reservations to discussion group rooms are to be made during the day in which the room will be put to use, and these are offered on a first come first serve basis.

    “Mac, I don’t think, … - a smiley sunglasses emoji? Really?” She asks, peering away from her screen to look at Mac. Their assignment is to narrate what happened during the Cuban Missile Crisis but re-imagined as chat exchanges between President Kennedy and Soviet First Secretary Nikita Khrushchev.

    It’s an assignment Daisy must admit is proving challenging to her but that she likes regardless.

    “Being entirely certain would require paying enough attention, but from what I have caught in class, this Khrushchev person would have used the smiley sunglasses emoji in a sarcastic, terrifying way after text. Kennedy would in turn answer and then tack on the raised eyebrow, single glass over one eye emoji to keep things closer to civil.”

    “Yes, … - but these were high order public officials engaged in secret negotiations to not bring about the end of the world through nuclear war?” Daisy attempts to point out, the hint of doubt creeping into her tone as she reaches the end of her observation.

    Mac throws her a look, arching his eyebrow slightly. “Yes, Daisy. Yes. Which also means that these were people with huge egos engaged in hostile exchanges. Do you really think that, if these people were interacting today, the emojis wouldn’t come out at some point?”

    Daisy silently goes over his logic. She’s chuckling before long. “Okay. Okay. The emoji stays, and I like your idea of Kennedy answering with the raised eyebrow, monocle emoji, too. We’ll use emojis, - let’s just not go overboard with them. They have to be, -”

    “Meaningful and necessary emojis?”

    “That sounds right.”

    “Seems like a safe but valid direction to take, which I’m sure Mrs. Lee will love,” Mac tells her, injecting some dramatic sullenness to the last part of his sentence.

    He’s probably still feeling stung that his previous attempt during their first semester, for which he’d partnered with Lexi, had received a 75%. Mac and Lexi had shot a 10 minute black-and-white movie complete with car chases and really well done slow motion shots that detailed the contributions of Giorgio Perlasca to saving thousands of Jewish lives during World War II. Because Mrs. Lee had asked the class to come up with an oral presentation and not with a short film, she had deducted 15 points from what Mac and Lexi would have received had Mrs. Lee actually asked the class for a movie. Even Daisy had thought that grade had been harsh. Mac’s and Lexi’s short film had been dope.

    She stops herself from getting too immersed with coming up with the next block of text for Kennedy to tilt her head a little, returning her attention to Mac. “Hey, Mac? You’re being really helpful. Thanks."

    Mac shrugs slightly, his mouth perking higher into a grin. “Sure,” he tells her easily, his gaze warm. “Hey, do you want to see how I think the Cuban Missile Crisis ends?”

    Instead of adding to their current document, Mac motions for Daisy to peer into his computer’s screen. Daisy can suddenly feel her heart beating under her skin, can feel the telltale signs of an oncoming blush. She had been acting flirty toward Mac, testing the waters since he’d put himself aside and consequently become instrumental in helping the school win the spirit competition. It was just… - yesterday her flirting had made things between them bubble over a little when Mac simply asked her whether she meant it or not. Which she does, - but now that she’s been asked to show her cards, now that she’s been made to acknowledge that there’s will and depth below her actions, she feels somewhat self-conscious about the flirting that had been flowing so spontaneously before.

    Inwardly ordering herself to chill and remember that she does want to see where it goes with Mac, she exhales and draws nearer, shapes her hand over his shoulder like she did yesterday as she leans in close while peering at his computer’s screen. She breaks into laughter after a beat of thinking over what she’s seeing: Mac seems to believe that the Cuban Missile Crisis should end with a thumbs up from Kennedy and a smiley sunglasses emoji from Khrushchev used in a sarcastic, terrifying way. And all the while, all the while everything in her being is focused on how, as soon as she shaped her hand over Mac’s shoulder, Mac reached across her torso and started playing with the tips of her long hair.

    Daisy rests her chin over her own hand and his shoulder, keeping her eyes on the screen before them as she's speaking, her blood spiked and her pulse probably faster than the wings of a hummingbird. “You know… -you could have just sent this over to me, Mac, no?”

    Daisy feels more than sees Mac nod. He doesn’t let up playing slowly with the tips of her hair. “'Course I know, buddy.”

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