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  • eurus91
    26.09.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • wntersnow
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Guys, read this for MacGyver

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  • panchostokes
    26.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

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    #macgyver#macgyveredit#jack dalton#george eads #george eads thirst club #mk.op #mk.gifs #mk.edit #macgyver 1x17
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  • axelblueword
    26.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Riley and Mac watch a horror movie

    Riley: * hugs Mac *

    Mac: are you afraid?

    Riley: no, I just hug you because I don't like being away from you

    * a weird noise *

    Riley: and maybe I'm a little scared

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  • dashboardonfire
    26.09.2021 - 8 hours ago

    MacGyver Reboot Update #156

    Lucas Till finished promoting the release of Son of the South in Europe. Meanwhile, Tristin Mays has been filming a project that has her dressed like a pirate.

    Read my newest blog post about everything related to that MacGyver Reboot here!

    (For daily news and to join the discussion, you can find me on Twitter and on the MacGyverOnline Forums.)

    If you already know about all this stuff, there are 155 older Reboot Update posts waiting for you.

    And if you’ve already read those as well, there are several blog posts about other MacGyver-Reboot-related topics to choose from; e.g. about the first draft of the Unaired Pilot script, about the use of guns and violence used in Season 1, about the yellow rubber duckies popping up everywhere or about the Pilot Script.

    More is coming soon; e.g. about the characters in the first draft of the Unaired Pilot script.

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  • panchostokes
    26.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

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    #macgyver#macgyveredit#jack dalton#george eads #george eads thirst club #mk.op #mk.gifs #mk.edit #macgyver 1x17 #sometimes i gif out of chronological order i'm sorry #oi watch it queuegirl
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  • sanya733
    26.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Favourite memes compilation.

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  • nywcgirl
    26.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Chapters: 26/30 Fandom: MacGyver (TV 2016), White Collar (TV 2009) Rating: Not Rated Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Characters: Angus MacGyver (MacGyver TV 2016), Jack Dalton (MacGyver TV 2016), Murdoc, Matilda "Matty" Webber, Wilt Bozer (MacGyver TV 2016), Riley Davis Additional Tags: Friendship, Team as Family, Sickfic, Fever, Seizures, Torture, Aftermath of Torture, Age Regression/De-Aging, Comfort, Missions gone bad, Medical Procedures, alternative universe, Mpreg (only in ch 11), Non-Consensual, Rescue Missions, Appendicitis, peritonitis, epidemic, Marburg Virus Disease, Contagious, quarantaine, Addiction, Rape/Non-con Elements, Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, unlikely caregiver, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Phobias, Dentists Summary: Mac gets dozed during an op.

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  • teenwolf-theoriginals
    26.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    under this avalanche

    pairing: mac x riley

    summary: mac and riley get trapped after a building collapses

    Mac pulled himself towards Riley, scrapping his body against the cold and dirty floor, only adding to the injuries sustained from the building collapse. None were fatal as far as he could tell. But his concern wasn’t for his health. It was all aimed at Riley, who had taken most of the damage.

    “Riley, you have to stay awake, okay”.

    She groaned, squeezing her eyelids shut, shielding them from the harsh light despite very little seeping through the tiny cracks within the rubble.

    “Hey, look at me. Keep your eyes on me”. Mac whispered, brushing away pieces of debris from her face. “That’s it, you’re doing great. Just focus on my voice”.

    Riley closed her eyes to better take in Mac’s voice, his sweet melody providing some comfort from the sharp, relentless pain piercing her whole body. “How much time do we have left before the air runs out?”. She asked, coughing out the dust she had inhaled from the avalanche.

    “We still have enough time. Don’t worry about that, okay. Just focus on staying awake”. Mac gently replied, looking up at the tiny light. And Mac wasn’t a religious man, but he sent a silent prayer anyway. Begging any higher power not to take another person he cared deeply for.

    hours later

    Mac leaned against the sturdy wall that had survived the heavy damage. Riley appeared stable, but he was no fool to believe that couldn’t change in a heartbeat. And no matter how fast Matty and the team above were working to rescue them, wounds were deceiving and unkind to time.

    Riley shifted beside him, causing Mac to turn his head.

    “At least I get to see Jack again”. She weakly spoke, pain dripping from each word at the thought of leaving Mac behind. Yet, her energy was fading. And Riley didn’t know how much longer she could fight. And she knew Mac sensed it. His eyes watered, and his jaw clenched at the prospect of losing another person he was supposed to be smart enough to save.

    “Don’t talk like that”. He said, shaking his head.

    “Mac, if I don’t make it-”.

    “No!”. Mac sharply responded. “No, we’re not going to do that, okay. No goodbyes”.

    Riley coughed, clenching her side to lift herself. Her ribs hurt, her lungs struggling to conserve air, and she could feel what felt like a river of blood trickling down the left side of her face. But despite her injuries and the battle to fight sleep, she still glanced at Mac with her usual level of softness.

    “I know you’ve been blaming yourself for all of this. But this isn’t your fault, Mac. No matter what happens, I’m with you until the end. I’m always going to be with you”.

    Mac looked back up at the light. “That sounds like a goodbye, Riles”.

    No response came. And when Riley's voice didn’t fill the fading air around him, Mac started to panic. Checking Riley’s pulse, it faintly answered to his touch. “I know you’re tired. I know the last thing you wanna do is fight. But I need you to, okay-”. Mac chocked back the tears, he had to stay strong for her, but he was failing. He couldn’t process the sheer thought of Riley laying on death’s bed, his voice cracking from dehydration and desperation to provide enough hope for her to cling to “-Riles, I can’t lose you”.

    “I’m cold, Mac”. She calmly said, which only raised Mac’s panic.

    “I know, I know. But I need you to hold on a little longer”. He gently replied, swiftly throwing his jacket over her. Riley met his gaze, Mac’s watered eyes returning at the fragile squeeze she mustered enough energy to give. “Don’t let go, Riles. Promise me-”. He paused mid-sentence, listening intently to clarify the source of the commotion.

    A shred of solace settled in when Mac picked up faint voices coming their way. They had a chance. And Mac didn’t care his voice was sore and horse, he shouted as loud as he could manage, scrambling to pick up a thin pipe that had caught his eye underneath a heap of rubble and rocks, clinking mental on mental to alert the rescue crew of their position.

    “You here that, Riley. They’re here. You’re going to be okay”.

    Mac looked over at Riley lying still, her breathing barely visible and face rapidly draining of life. “No, no, no, no. Riley, open your eyes. Please, I can’t do this without you. I don’t want to do this without you. So I need you to wake up. Riles, come on. Please, wake up!”. He shook her shoulders, even tried to get her to squeeze his hand, anything to tell him not to lose hope.

    Mac turned to yell at the crew to hurry. And he kept shouting until flashlights bore into his eyes. They pulled Riley out first, working at a speed that only mirrored slow motion for Mac. Once they hit the surface, he became blinded by the fierce sunlight. From the corner of his eye, the team rushed over. But Mac couldn’t hear a single word, his eyes landing on Riley being loaded into the ambulance.

    “I need to go with them”.

    “You can meet her at the hospital. There’s an ambulance here to take you”. Matty said.

    He shook his head, her words not being good enough for the blonde agent who’d just witnessed the women he loved on the brink of death. “No, I’m fine. I need to be with her”.

    Matty nodded, signalling to the paramedic Mac would be riding along in the ambulance. Instructing he see a doctor as soon as his feet hit the emergency room floor.

    ambulance | the longest ride to the hospital in mac’s entire life

    There was nothing Mac could do but watch the paramedic work on Riley, the muffled sounds of them talking, asking how far out, re-checking her vitals and listing the injuries she sustained from the building collapse. Mac reached for her hand, her fingertips feeling cold. He kept rubbing his thumb across her hand, the only thing he could think of to help her.

    “What’s going on?”. Mac asked frantically upon hearing the machine falter.

    “She’s in shock. She’s coding”. The paramedic hastily replied as she geared up the paddles.

    Mac’s eyes widened, his own heart going into another type of shock. Tears rolling down his cheeks watching Riley’s chest collapse up and down. Her vitals remaining the same. 

    “We’re five minutes from the hospital”. The second female paramedic informed her partner.

    “Riles, five minutes. Just hold on for five more minutes”. Mac pleaded through the tears. “I know you want to see Jack. And I know it’s selfish of me, but you can’t leave. I need you here”. Mac’s voice broke. “Come back to me, Riles”.

    He closed his eyes, shutting them tight. Only re-opening when the machine beeped, and the paramedic’s voice announced a steady heart rate had returned. Mac exhaled, head leaning against the chair.

    “Something tells me she heard you”. The paramedic kindly said as the ambulance reached the emergency bay. Mac following Riley into the hospital.

    few weeks later

    “Riles”. He hurried towards her, lending a hand up the terrace stairs. “You should be resting”.

    “I have been for the past four weeks. Besides, the doctor did say moving around a little every day helps with recovery”.

    They stood at the base of the city, Riley’s hands finding the fence for extra support. The moonlight bouncing off her face as Mac stared, a sudden urge to run a thumb across her cheek. But he refrained - for now - content with just looking at her.

    “When I coded in the ambulance-”.

    “Riles, why are you bringing that up again?”. Mac sighed, ready if need be, to emotionally extract himself from the upcoming painful memory.

    “Because we haven’t talked about me almost dying. And we need to Mac”.

    “You’re here, alive and safe. That’s all that matters”.

    She gave the tension a minute to dissolve, taking a different approach. “Matty said I could come back to work in a week. Strictly war room duties until my doctor clears me for field work”. Mac tensed his shoulders, it not going unnoticed by Riley.

    “That’s great. Yeah, that’s-that’s good”. She frowned her eyebrows, Mac quickly changing his response to avoid upsetting her. “No really, that’s great".

    She placed her hand over his, letting Mac know the worry he held for her safety was genuinely appreciated.

    He had been borderline over-protective ever since the hospital. From insisting Riley stay with him to recover to helping with her physical therapy. Always making sure he was available for any of her needs. And yet, in all that time, neither had brought up the growing four-week elephant in the house - their feelings.

    He stepped away from the glimmering city, retreating into the kitchen to clear up the left-over dishes. He put away the two plates and the cutlery before acknowledging Riley’s presence.

    “The thought of you in that situation again, I can’t...Riley, I can’t almost lose you again. Okay, it hurts too much. I just-”. Mac breathed out, hand on his chest to calm his heart while sinking to the floor.

    “I know, I know. It’s okay. It’s okay”. Riley softly replied, kneeling to hug Mac. His face buried in her shoulder, arms desperately clinging onto her. Lifting his chin, Mac’s blue eyes glazed behind fresh tears. “I’m scared to of going back into the field. But I know if I’m with you, I’ll be okay”.

    “That’s the thing, Riles. You were with me, and you were far from being okay”.

    She smiled, “Angus Macgyver if you weren’t with me in that ambulance, then I wouldn’t be here”. Riley cupped his cheek like she was internally debating whether or not to kiss him. However, she refrained.

    Mac tenderly lifted her eyes back on him. A silent invitation not to hold back. That, he too, did not want to hold back any longer. And so, Mac leaned in to kiss her. Riley immediately responding to his lips. They gently and passionately explored each other for several minutes.

    Riley broke away, catching her breath. “I will always come back to you, Macgyver”. She whispered.

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  • anotherimaginescollection
    26.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Temporary Request Information

    Temporary only because I don’t know how long I’ll be able to keep this up. I wanted to see if this would make me fall back in love with writing, but we shall see. I’ll try reblogging some prompt lists at some point. 

    Types of imagines have changed, they’re under the cut now. 


    A Discovery of Witches (TV Series and Books, please specify)



    Being Human (UK)


    Detroit: Become Human

    Grishaverse (Books and TV Series, please specify)

    Harry Potter (Any era; films and books, please specify)


    Legends of Tomorrow

    The Librarians

    Little Hope

    Lucifer (TV Series)


    Man of Medan

    The Maze Runner (films and books, please specify)


    The Musketeers (TV Series)

    The Order

    Peaky Blinders


    Shadowhunters (TV Series, film and books, please specify)

    Sherlock (TV Series)

    Teen Wolf

    Titans (Nothing from the new series, please)

    Until Dawn

    Imagine Types:

    Most imagines will be written in the second person with a gender neutral reader unless something else is explicitly requested, or I feel a different writing style will work better. 

    One Shots: They’ll always be written in the first person. I will try to make them more than 1000 words (less than 3000) and involve the situation that you want to see; if I cannot get the word count up, I’ll tag it as a drabble. You can give as much or as little detail as you want and I will try my best to stick as closely to it as possible. 

    Prompts: Give me a sentence, word or song along with a character and I’ll write something based on that - less than 500 words each.

    Drabbles: These are like prompts but off an idea rather than a specific. They will be between 500 and 1000 words.

    Headcanons: Send in something that you want me to think about and I’ll write down my initial thoughts about the situation - a few bullet points probably and as close to canon as I can get them.

    Preferences: Send me the fandom you want them about - and if there’s any specific characters you want me to include otherwise I’ll pick a few that I thought about  - and I’ll write a few sentences about what I think would happen in relation to the given preference.

    Near Misses: Send me the character you want for this and I’ll write a little instance of them watching each other but never catching the other‘s eye. If they’ve already been done you can request another one; they’re like prompts so less than 500 words.


    I don’t write smut. 

    I’ll try to write some triggering material as I know that reading things can sometimes help people; it will all be tagged as ‘Trigger Warning,’ with one that has the warning after colons as well, and I’ll put a header that alerts people to the triggers. 

    I won’t write romantic things with a known huge age gap. 

    I reserve the right not to write for a request if it makes me uncomfortable, if I have no inspiration or if it goes against any of my requirements. I will always try to message the person - or let them know - if there’s a reason I can’t fulfil a request. 

    #Information #A Discovery of Witches Imagines #Detroit: Become Human Imagines #Batman Imagines#Batwoman Imagines #Being Human Imagines #Constantine Imagines#Grishaverse Imagines #Harry Potter Imagines #Kingsman Imagines #Legends of Tomorrow Imagines #The Librarians Imagines #Little hope Imagines #Lucifer Imagines#MacGyver Imagines #Man of Medan Imagines #The Maze Runner Imagines #Misfits Imagines #The Musketeers Imagines #The Order Imagines #Peaky Blinders Imagines #Pennyworth Imagines#Shadowhunters Imagines#Sherlock Imagines #Teen Wolf Imagines #Titans Imagines #Until Dawn Imagines
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  • rentheisopod
    26.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

    WELCOME to my kinktober writing masterlist! This is my first time doing one of these and I don't keep up with the dates so some will probably be very late(either because of school, job, or self-loathing.)

    Using @the-purity-pen 's amazing list, can't wait to write!

    These will be mostly Female!OC's, and some reader x fics. Haven't decided yet.


    *Work In Progress

    1. Face-sitting||Cream-pie||Anonymous Sex - Johnson

    2. Suspension||Threesome - Johnson and Matty

    3. Exhibitionism||Ass worship - Wrench

    4. Spanking||Role Reversal - Wrench

    5. Uniforms||Lap Dances - Richard

    6. Deep throating - Ab

    7. Object insertion||Stripping/Striptease - Richard

    8. Seduction||Size Difference||Cunnilingus - Johnson

    9. Hate/Angry Sex|| Lingerie|| Forced Orgasm - Murdoc

    10. Praise kink|| Hickey/ biting marks - Ab

    11. Sleepy sex|| Mirror sex - Wrench

    12. Begging|| Body Worship|| Formal Wear - Richard

    13. Edging|| Sensory Deprivation|| Licking - Johnson

    14. Bath/Shower|| Swallowing - Ab

    15. Gun play|| Collaring - Murdoc

    16. Accidental Stimulation|| Massaging - Ab

    17. Breast Worship - Wrench

    18. Cock Worship|| Hand Jobs|| Sex Work/Prostitution - Johnson

    19. Impact Play|| Overstimulation|| Glove Kink - Murdoc

    20. Sex Toys|| Phone Sex - Johnson

    21. Dirty talk|| A/B/O - Wrench

    22. Thigh Riding|| Praise Kink|| Nylon Tights - Johnson

    23. Window/Balcony Sex|| Squirting|| Cock Warming - Murdoc

    24. Hunter/Prey|| Vanilla/Slow&Soft - Ab

    25. Titty fucking|| Breath play - Johnson

    26. Cock Ring|| Latex/Leather - Wrench

    27. Swallowing|| Aftercare|| Corruption/Training - Murdoc

    28. Teasing|| Almost Getting Caught - Johnson

    29. Gender Swap - Murdoc

    30. Praise Kink|| Against A Wall - Wrench

    31. WILD CARD - Richard

    #tppkinktober2021#murdoc macgyver#reprisal johnson#johnson #watch dogs wrench #wrench#richard malik #i have no regrets #kinktober #again. won't exactly be on the dates. they will probably be wait. be patient please. thank you. #abner krill#david dastmalchian
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    26.09.2021 - 11 hours ago

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    #macgyver#macgyveredit#jack dalton#george eads #george eads thirst club #mk.op #mk.gifs #mk.edit #macgyver 1x17 #oi watch it queuegirl
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    26.09.2021 - 13 hours ago
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    26.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

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    #macgyver#macgyveredit#jack dalton#george eads #george eads thirst club #mk.op #mk.gifs #mk.edit #macgyver 1x17 #oi watch it queuegirl
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  • panchostokes
    26.09.2021 - 17 hours ago

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    #macgyver#macgyveredit#jack dalton#george eads #george eads thirst club #mk.op #mk.gifs #mk.edit #macgyver 1x17 #oi watch it queuegirl
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    25.09.2021 - 20 hours ago

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    #macgyver#macgyveredit#jack dalton#george eads #george eads thirst club #mk.op #mk.gifs #mk.edit #macgyver 1x17 #oi watch it queuegirl
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    25.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

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    #macgyver#macgyveredit#jack dalton#george eads #george eads thirst club #mk.op #mk.gifs #mk.edit #macgyver 1x17 #oi watch it queuegirl
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  • polka-dot-man
    25.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Murdoc gives out codenames

    MacGyver / Parks and Recreation Mashup
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    25.09.2021 - 23 hours ago

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    #macgyver#macgyveredit#jack dalton#george eads #george eads thirst club #mk.op #mk.gifs #mk.edit #macgyver 1x17
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