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  • I am in need of suggestions.

    Tomorrow is my mom’s 42nd birthday. And she is actually really excited for this.


    Originally posted by magical-mayhem

    Okay, well, she’s excited for the number, not thrilled at the age. But, being a woman of tragic upbringing, she enjoys doing outrageous things. Especially since quarantine, in which her redeye post office driving job was essential.

    Alot of people at the dock there were really going through the motions or upset over the past couple months, so she had a theme of dressing up crazy.


    1. She ordered one of those blow up dinosaur costumes and rode around the dock on a scooter while playing “OH MY FUCKING GOD, IT’S A DINOSAUR, JESUS CHRIST, WHAT THE FUCK”.
    2. She stole my brother’s plague doctor costume to wear and took a walking stick to poke people with.
    3. She “borrowed” my Akatsuki cloak(hooded, no collar) and headband(Deidara). When put together with her hair in a bun and wearing a mask, she was this weird combination of Deidara, Kakuzu, and Konan.
    4. Decked out in Steampunk.
    5. She had a where’s Waldo hat she wore with a stripe shirt.
    6. She took my Supernatural Winchester Bros. Shirt, my Doctor Who Tardis hat, and my jean jacket
    7. For her school bus route she drove before the shut down, she did Harley Quinn.
    8. Also school bus, she did Mad Hatter.

    She likes dressing up and creating outfits.

    But 42 is a special number for us because ever since the movie came out when I was a kid, we fell in love with Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy. So she would have liked to have dressed to that theme.

    However, not everyone at the post office in the night time is as cultured as we like to pretend we are. She gets along with them because of military backgrounds, but they’re all much older and will show their age.

    So basic ideas like running around wearing a bathrobe and carrying a towel will not get the point across. Even if we ended up taking a risk and going out in the day to a more public area, she doesn’t feel like people will recognize it. Worse, she feels she’s running creatively dry. I think she needs a break.

    If anyone has a better idea that works for last minute and fits a Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy theme or even a similar theme to her past outfits, I’d appreciate it.

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  • image

    I’m on hold at work and I doodled this up while waiting for someone to answer the damn phone. Thought I’d share.

    This is me at all my watchers from before AiW took over my life. And I’m not even sorry about it.

    #my art#fanart #adventures in wonderland #disney#aiw#march hare#disney channel#mad hatter #hatter and hare
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  • This is one of Steven McRae’s performances I mentioned in my Skimbleshanks 2019 analysis. Here, he is performing as the Mad Hatter in the Royal Opera House production of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. You can see how the choreography combines both tap and ballet to show the madness of the Mad Hatter as well as why he was cast as the Railway Cat.

    #cats 2019 cast #steven mcrae#mad hatter #alice's adventures in wonderland #royal opera house #skimbleshanks #skimbleshanks the railway cat #edited for grammar
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  • pls tell me im not that slow and more people didnt notice this. he has alice’s picture on his hat instead of the regular 10/6 thingy!!!!!!! THAT IS SO COOL. Why the hell didnt the writers make him like this since the begining? I love s5 Jervis so much and he was on screen for like 10 min

    #im obsessed with this outfit and always will be #jervis tetch#mad hatter#gotham#dc comics#benedict samuel #I watched this scene several times and never noticed
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  • image

    My half of an art trade with @toyboxworker! They asked for a picture of H&H annoying Rabbit and I just had to deliver. This originally started as something small and I just kept adding because I was having too much fun!

    Rabbit is very done with their shit. He has roses to prune or dinner to make or something… he only stopped by the tea table to borrow some milk.

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  • Jervis: You need to be nicer.

    Jonathan: I am nice.

    Jervis: You threatened Edward with fear toxin this morning!

    Jonathan: Yeah, but I didn’t actually use it.

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  • Jonathan: No one out here will protect you! You need to protect yourself!!

    Jervis: *gets in danger*

    Jonathan: *immediately protects Jervis and denies he did it because he cares and says he was in the area*

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  • #had no idea where this was going the entire time drawing it #jervis tetch#mad hatter #the mad hatter #arkham origins#ish #based on concept art more than the game but yk #batman villain#gotham rouges
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  • i’ve been sitting on this for almost 6 months now and i dont know when or if i’m ever going to finish it bc i’m afraid of ruining all the hard work i put on the sketch so im just going to post it like this bc i think it looks nice

    Inspired by the fic “The Mad Hatter’s Guide to Happiness” by @stripesthesupervillain

    #i say hard work but i think jonathan looks awful and jervis looks frozen... #fanart#jervis tetch#mad hatter#jonathan crane#scarecrow#dc comics#my art#hattercrow
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  • I’ve managed to update Guess Who’s Coming For Tea. It’s a shorter part but I feel like with how the story is outlining, it needs to be posted on its own to flow smoothly. Next part might take a little bit of time to come, I’ve suddenly become wrapped up in a bunch of projects at once (plus family garbage doesn’t help), but I’ll continue to grind away at it to get it updated in the next couple weeks.

    It’s been posted on AO3 and FF.Net, I’ll also add it below.

    Also, I’m not saying this to fish for comments, but I’m rather rusty at this writing thing and any constructive criticism would be appreciated. If there was a part you liked (or thought was out of character), or if there’s something you think I can do better, shoot me a message. I don’t take offense and I don’t bite. Thanks for taking the time!

    Part 2

    Hare wasn’t terribly worried about cleaning the rest of Hatter’s house. Sure, there was stuff scattered in every direction possible, but that wasn’t anything that couldn’t be picked up the morning of his mother’s arrival. Plus, in all honesty, it would be a waste of time cleaning it up now because it would just be messy again by tomorrow morning.

    Keep reading

    #guess who's coming for tea #fanfiction#writing #adventures in wonderland #hatter and hare #mad hatter#march hare
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  • The rogues have managed to put minecraft on the computers in the Arkham rec room and set up a server, how do they play?


    Potions man, he loves them. First thing he does when playing is get to the Nether as fast as he can so he can stock up on blaze rods and nether wart. They are his preferred method of defense and assault even though one would assume an enchanted sword would be far more efficient, but Crane has mastered the art of using an invisibility potion and then bombarding his enemies with damage potions. They never see him coming. Cranes base is probably what one would expect, a ranch style home decorated with jack-o-lanterns and cobwebs. He also likes to corral spider mobs and keeps them as pets.


    You better believe this boy is a redstone master. He loves making crazy contraptions with redstone! Automated farming, check. Automated smelting, check. EXP grinders, check. He lags the server sometimes with his complex creations. And did you say convoluted secret base entrances? Because he’s got convoluted secret base entrances, like 6 of them. And the booby traps he has installed? Good luck to anyone trying to raid his base, don’t bring along anything too valuable.

    Mad Hatter

    Cake, there is cake absolutely everywhere. If you find half eaten cakes on the ground you know Jervis has been there. He makes his house out of those mushroom blocks and the only thing in his house is a super long table with chairs with cake at every seat. And his rabbits, he’s got loads of them just jumping around inside and outside his home. The poor man doesn’t really understand the concept of wearing armor and timing your sword swings to fight off mobs so he dies in like 10 seconds. Doesn’t really protect his house either, he’s had to rebuild like 8 times.


    Raids baby! Fighting off pillager waves and making her way through mansions in the forest, killing the Wither and the Ender dragon is all her. Sometimes she’s too impatient to enchant her gear so as soon as she’s got diamonds she’s off! Sometimes it makes it harder but that also just makes it more fun. She shares a base with Ivy who doesn’t normally venture out much so she doesn’t have to worry about her stuff getting taken while she’s out, she always shares her loot with Ivy in exchange. She also never leaves the base without taking her pack of 27 tamed wolves.

    Poison Ivy

    Ivy doesn’t do much raiding or fighting in the game, much preferring to build giant gardens instead. Choosing her home in a dark oak forest, her whole base is basically just made out of strategically planted trees. Like Crane she also likes making some potions but only for defense against those who dare disturb the gardens she’s made. Her gardens are lovely! Bamboo Japanese gardens, rows upon rows of flowers and waterfalls carved into the rocks. She doesn’t like taking down trees to make tools so most tools she uses are borrowed from Harley.


    Do not trust this man, he’s a backstabbing looter and griefer and will reduce everything you love to rubble. DAMN IT JOKER THIS IS NOT A FACTIONS SERVER!!!! Spends his time killing creepers for gunpowder so he can make TNT. If you leave your base unprotected you will find it blown up and covered in buckets of water and lava just to rub salt in the wound. “Joker was here” and “HAHAHA” signs. His base is basically just a hole he dug in the ground in the middle of nowhere. No matter how far away he goes hes always able to find in again somehow.

    Killer Croc

    Maybe a bit surprising but Waylon loves farming. Rows and rows of wheat and potatoes and carrots and everything you can think of. He likes exploring different biomes and trading with villagers for stuff he thinks might be interesting. He also loves the animals, he raises and breeds them but can’t bring himself to kill any of them and he doesn’t really need to because he grows so much food so he just has giant herds of sheep, cows and pigs around his land. Horses too, lots of horses and cats.

    Mr. Freeze

    Victor isolates himself in an ice spike biome and builds intricate ice sculpture tributes of his wife.
    That’s it.
    But sometimes the other rogues will decide to join him and have snowball fights.

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  • image

    I know u guys loved buff jervis so here’s the line art that I think looks pretty nice

    #ngl drawing fat/muscular guys is so satisfying #i had too much fun #jervis tetch#mad hatter#fanart#my art#muscular men#buff guys
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  • It’s Alice Pleasance bachelor party. She is chatting with her friends when a big, strong and handsome man slowly approaches, apparently a waiter, she doesn’t recognize him at first but then realizes in shock that the man in front of her is no other then her ex-boss Jervis Tetch. He acts surprised to see her and asks how she is doing with a flick of his hair, making all the girls at the table swoon. Alice heart beats fast as she realizes the mistake she has made and immediately calls her fiancee, cancelling the wedding. She throws herself in Jervis’ arms as he bridal carries her away from the strip club. Turns out all Jervis had to do was take his shirt off :/ there it’s finished can I please go home now my head hurts and I’m hungr- NO PLEASE DON’T DO IT i- *muffled sounds* HeLP PLeaSE SOMEONE CALL THE BATM-

    #i enjoyed doing this :) i was not forced by anyone #jervis tetch is NOT pointing a gun at me #jervis tetch#mad hatter#dc comics#batman#btas#my art#fanart#alice pleasance
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  • You’re not Alice…-Art by me

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    Been sitting on this one a few days…

    With it being John Hoffman’s birthday, I decided to draw a picture of one of my favorite H&H scenes: A Hatter I Am. I took some liberties with the picture, but I think there’s something special about this scene. It’s just the Hatter, sitting on a table, singing to the Hare about how happy he is to be himself. It isn’t this huge, crazy song and dance number. The Hatter (and John) comes across as so sincere and sweet in this scene. It’s a real departure from how WILD AND CRAZY he usually is. It’s another side of the Hatter we never get to see and I enjoyed it.

    Plus the Hatter serenading the Hare is the cutest thing ever.

    Also, is this not the most Disney Prince looking Hatter you’ve ever seen?

    #my art#fanart#disney #adventures in wonderland #aiw#march hare#disney channel#mad hatter #hatter and hare #video#john hoffman #a hatter i am
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  • Jervis Tetch is absolutely the kind of guy who would constantly send you tea-related memes and puns Alexa send post

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