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  • moonlightbuckleys
    01.12.2021 - 5 hours ago
    #abby writes#evan buckley#maddie buckley #brotp: buckley siblings #buddie#911 fic#ficlet#mine#my writing#my fic #jalsdg this took me a hot minute but here ya go <3 #time to try to sleep now lol #prettyboyandthekid#abby replies
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  • lovecolibri
    01.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Having THOUGHTS about Maddie having a hard time saying "I love you" because it was used as a bandaid/apology/automatic response before even when she didn't feel it, and Buck throwing it out as an automatic response even when his face and body language make it VERY clear he's not feeling it. But if he doesn't say it, she'll leave and he'll have failed again. Something about the Buckley siblings being so desperate for love that the hold onto the person saying it to them, even when it doesn't make them happy, even when it hurts, even when, in Maddie's case, it was dangerous and abusive.

    #911#911 spoilers#anti bucktaylor #i am half asleep so sorry if this makes no sense #just...buck thinking he FINALLY did enough to 'earn' someone's love #and even being told he was loved FOR A SPECIFIC ACTION #god evan buckley deserves better than this #but so did maddie and she realized it #now it's buck's turn
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  • vanann6
    01.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    When it comes to Buck’s relationships, with anyone, I find it frustrating. The show constantly shows him going out of his way to help or comfort the people he’s dating, but never really shows them trying to comfort him.

    Which is fine in certain aspects, but annoying in others. I assume the show does this on purpose, but man is it frustrating.

    Abby, he helps her look for her mom. He comforts her after her mom’s death. He supports her decision to go find herself. She calls him to check in on him because she’s “seen him on the news and it seemed like maybe he was having a hard time” and then later calls to ask him out. She doesn’t question his certainty that he’s a sex addict (he doesn’t say that explicitly but still) or slept with his therapist during his first session. She doesn’t even give him the decency of ending the relationship. And when she finally does come back, her “apology” was mostly just her excusing herself and kind of blaming him.

    Ali, it’s weird because when he tries to comfort her he calls her Abby during the rescue. But then they get together and we don’t really see much of her. He gets injured, and she’s at the hospital and helping him at his place, which is great, until she immediately dumps him when she realizes that he’ll always want to be a firefighter.

    Taylor (2.0 version), he goes to Oklahoma to be there for her. We see her try to comfort him with the breakfast and her “it’s not about you,” speech (which she wasn’t totally wrong, but I wish she would have understood his relationship with his sister and his worry for her, Chim, and Jee Yun). She called him needy when he was feeling vulnerable and embarrassed (should he have told her it was a double date? Definitely, but she really went off), calls him a bad friend, and then tells him that she could have really used a friend. He then he goes out of his way to help her when she calls in the favor (but like, to be fair, he was really helping his community). We see her ask about him and then Eddie worriedly and offer to drive him home so he can shower and change before seeing Chris (which is great), but they don’t show her comforting him. She wasn’t there during the parent stuff, but we see him empathize by talking about understanding messed up families and parental relationships.

    I feel like, if they are going to make the Taylor relationship work, that they should show us not just him comforting her during super her emotional moments. But also her comforting him during his super emotional moments. The way it seems right now, is he has done a bunch to go out of his way to please and comfort her (which, let’s be honest is who Buck is. Eddie was right when he said that Buck wants to fix things). And her having belittled him before they got together, never apologizing, and then small moments where it seems like she’s trying. And so far it’s coming off as a bit forced, and the comforting thing as a bit one sided (which, I assume is because they are trying to show as her trying, and growing. Because it would have been super jarring if she was like the most open and loving person in a relationship after everything we saw from her, pre them getting together officially). Who knows, maybe this will be that turning point that allows Taylor to open up even more and feel more comfortable giving comfort to Buck, so they can both lean on each other.

    And if they aren’t going to make the Taylor relationship work, then please for the love of baby Jesus, give Buck a relationship with someone who also goes out of their way to comfort him as well as Buck giving them comfort. Now, obviously, I know who I’d like it to be… but whoever it is (Taylor, Eddie, the ghost of Christmas future), I want to see on screen Buck being comforted during an emotional moment in his life by someone other that Maddie or Chris or whoever.

    *side note: I still enjoy those scenes. I mostly just like scenes in which someone is distraught and the other person is lovingly caring for them. Maddie with Buck after Doug. Maddie and Chimney pre and post Doug attack. Maddie with Chimney during the Albert intro. Hen and Buck with Bobby during the relapse. Athena and Bobby during their many close calls. Michael and Athena with May after her attempt. Harry worried that he’ll hurt Athena by hugging her after her attack. Karen with Hen during everything with Hen’s dad and then post the killing the young girl in the accident. Chris and Buck during tsunami, the “dad’s dating” moment, and then after Eddie gets shot. Eddie and Chris during the Santa wish for mom, during the post Eddie and his parents’ argument “I miss you all the time”/“together” scene, skateboard “no one can do everything” scene, and more. I love comfort scenes!

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  • swiftiediaz
    01.12.2021 - 11 hours ago
    This is my family, I found it all on my own. It's little, and broken, but still good. Yeah, still good.


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  • starlightbuckleys
    30.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    not me writing my ideal madney reunion

    three knocks on his hotel room door had him sitting bolt upright. rubbing at his eyes, he flipped his phone right side up, revealing a time of 5:27 in the morning. leaning over to make sure jee-yun continued to sleep soundly in her travel cot, chim rolled out of bed, tucking his feet into his slippers as he plodded towards his door.

    he didn’t even think to check through the peep hole (and he can almost hear athena berating him now) before swinging the door open, and he was sure he was asleep. he had to be. there was no way what he was seeing was real.

    rubbing at his eyes again, blinking a few times, he spoke as if he was afraid his words would somehow shatter the illusion he’d created of this ethereal being stood before him, the soft lighting of the hallway casting a halo like glow around her head.

    “maddie?” he breathed.

    she simply smiled, stepping forward and winding her arms around his neck, inhaling shakily as she spoke through tears.

    “merry christmas, chim.”

    #maddie buckley#chimney han#madney #911 on fox #maddie x chimney #chimney x maddie #LISTEN I NEED MY BABIES BACK
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  • simmonsmilf
    30.11.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I thought you meant...chimney?

    Jee-Yun Buckley-Han pretty good right?

    Tagging 911 mutuals

    @madneyfiles @maddieandchimney @renbuckleydiaz

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  • 911islife
    30.11.2021 - 16 hours ago

     Doug’s Revenge

    Summary: Doug gets his revenge on Maddie by hurting everyone she loves

    Part five

    Word count:3239

            Doug led Maddie into one of the other cabins he broke into and tied her to a chair. “You wait here. I have a few things to do then I’ll be back. You can try screaming. It won’t accomplish much.” 


            Y/N woke to the sound of Buck groaning in pain. She opened her eyes and almost wished she were still unconscious. She saw Buck’s blood covering the carpet. It didn’t seem to be flowing quickly so the bullet must’ve missed any major arteries but any bullet wound could kill if you didn’t stop the blood loss. Y/N manipulated the tape covering her mouth, biting it whilst shaking her head to get it loose. Once her mouth was free, she pleaded with Buck to open his eyes. “Evan? Evan please? Baby you gotta stay awake. Open your eyes.”

            Reluctantly, Buck’s eyelids lifted open. He searched the room for Doug and relaxed a little when he realized they weren’t in immediate danger. He looked Y/N over from head to toe, stopping at her thigh. “It’s ok, Buck. The pain isn’t so bad now.” He gave her a look indicating he didn’t really believe her. “We’re gonna be ok. We’re gonna find a way out of this.” 

            Doug let out a laugh as he entered the room. “I’d love to see you try but unfortunately your plans are gonna have to be cut short. Your boyfriend is coming with me.” Y/N’s nostrils flared as she growled out, “don’t you fucking touch him.” Doug snorted.

             “Oh don’t worry. If everything goes as I expect, you are in much more immediate danger than your boyfriend.” With that the door slammed shut and Y/N was left alone.


            It was hours before Doug returned, and when he did, Y/N berated him demanding to know where he had taken Buck. “I’m sure you’d love to know but you won’t be alive long enough to find out.” Doug unbound her from the chair then pushed her forward and made her walk along the walkway having her stop in front of another room. He waved for her to enter the room and when she did her jaw went slack seeing Buck’s sister tied to a chair. 

            “Untie her and then I want both of you to walk together in front of me.” Y/N did as she was told and together the three of them marched a half mile into the frozen woods.

            “Ok stop here.” Maddie and Y/N stopped and turned to face Doug. He had a wicked grin on his visage as he glanced back as forth between the two women. “Now Maddie, I shall give you a choice. Your brother is buried alive out in these woods. I can either take you to him or I can spare Y/N… Which do you choose?”

            Maddie glanced at Y/N, dread seeping in. “Please Doug. You don’t have to do this. Please just take me to my brother and then I’ll go with you wherever you want.” Doug shook his head grinning maliciously. “It’s like I said Maddie. I can either spare Y/N or I can take you to Evan. It’s up to you.”

            Y/N put both her hands on Maddie’s shoulders. “Hey... It’s ok… I was never getting out of this, but you and Buck still can. I need you to do me a favor though. When you find Evan, I need you to tell him that I love him. I always have and tell him not to do anything stupid. That I’ll always be there watching over him, even if he can’t see it.” Maddie had tears falling from her eyes. “I promise.” She hugged her tight and then went to stand by Doug. “Do it.” 

            As Doug pulled the trigger, Y/N ducked a couple inches and the bullet that was destined for her heart went into her shoulder instead. She collapsed to the ground giving the appearance that she had died. Maddie let out a wail that she quickly reigned in. “Now take me to my brother.”


            They walked about a mile from where Y/N had collapsed before coming to an area where the ground had been freshly dug and then refilled. Maddie rushed to the shovel lying on the ground but stopped when Doug, whose gun was pointed at her, said, “not so fast…”

            “You know for a 911 dispatcher you really should work on your listening. Did you not notice how carefully worded your options were? I offered you a choice to either spare Y/N or that I would take you to your brother. I didn’t say anything about letting you save him.” 

            Maddie’s jaw dropped when she realized she had been duped. “Doug, please don’t do this. You have me. Just please let me save him and then we can go anywhere you want.” Doug shook his head no. 

            “We’re not going anywhere Maddie. Too much has happened. You took everything from me and now you know exactly how that feels. It’s only fitting that it all ends here.” 

            At that point Y/N, who had been quietly following them, jumped on Doug’s back. She knocked the gun out of his hand only to have him throw her off. She landed on her back with a grunt. He climbed on top of her with his knife pulled but before he could finish what he started Maddie shot him in the torso.

            Y/N scrambled over to the recently dug earth and began to claw at it with her hands while Maddie shoveled the ground as fast as possible. It felt like they dug for hours before the clanging sound of the shovel hitting plexiglass was heard. Y/N opened the lid and sucked in a breath when she saw Buck unconscious. “Evan, baby, please wake up. You have to wake up!” Buck opened his eyes, blinking in surprise when he saw Y/N hovering over him. “I’m ok. I tried to stay calm to keep from using up my air. I knew you’d save me.” 

            Maddie dropped to her knees next to Y/N breathing heavily. “Maddie? What the hell? How are you here?” 

            “Doug kidnapped me… Give me your jacket. I need to tie off your leg. Y/N, get Doug’s jacket and shirt. We need to get tourniquets on you… Y/N?”

             It was at that point that Y/N collapsed unconscious from blood loss. “Fuck! Doug shot her in the shoulder. Help me get his jacket and shirt off.” They proceeded to remove Doug’s clothing none too gently. Buck did a tourniquet around Y/N’s shoulder while Maddie applied one to her thigh. “I got her.” Buck proceeded to pick up Y/N’s limp body, adrenaline keeping him from noticing the pain in his leg. They broke into one of several wood cabins and used a phone to call 911. In twenty minutes, police and ambulances arrived to take them all. 


            Maddie ended up not needing a room, having only suffered some minor bruising. At her request, Buck and Y/N we’re in a shared room. After being gone for hours, they were both in the room recovering from surgery. A doctor had shown up and updated Maddie on their conditions. 

            “Your brother suffered a torn tibialis anterior muscle and some slight nerve damage from the bullet wound he sustained. He also has a mild concussion. He should wake up anytime now.”

            “Y/N’s injuries are far more extensive. The bullet shattered her collarbone and scapula as well as grazed her subclavian artery. The knife wound tore her rectus femoris muscle. She also suffered a subdural hematoma. We temporarily removed a piece of her skull to give the brain room to swell; we will put it back when she heals. She’s in a coma right now. We won’t know the extent of the damage to her mental faculties until she wakes.” Maddie sucked in a shocked breath. “Oh god. What am I gonna tell Buck?”


            It was about an hour later when Athena arrived at the hospital with Bobby to check on them all. “Hey Athena. Are you here to collect a statement?” Athena shook her head no. “I wanted to check on you all. I don’t know if you heard but Chimney is recovering well and has been asking for you…”

            Maddie nodded. “I know. I don’t really know what to say to him. I feel like this is all my fault. I mean I know it’s not, but at the same time if I hadn’t come here no one would’ve gotten hurt… I’m just glad Doug had been caught.” It was at those words that Athena's gaze shifted downward as she bit her lip.

            “About that… As you know, authorities got to you rather quickly. Well, when they got to where Doug should’ve been, he wasn’t there. The police were able to track his blood to a cabin but after that his trail vanished… I don’t want you to freak out. There’s a warrant out for his arrest and we have cops posted throughout this hospital. If and when you decide to leave the hospital there will be an officer on duty watching over you at all times… We’re going to catch him, Maddie.” 


            About an hour after Athena left Buck began to wake. “Y/N,” he grumbled. Maddie stroked his arm soothingly. “It’s Maddie. I’m right here. Y/N is in the bed across from you. You’re in the hospital.” Buck opened his eyes and stared at Y/N. 

            “Doug did this. Did they catch him?” Maddie shook her head. “No, but Athena assured me we are safe here. There are cops posted throughout the hospital… Buck, Y/N is in bad shape. She’s in a coma. She suffered a subdural hematoma… I was with her before we found you. She made me promise to tell you something when I found you… She said… When you find Evan, I need you to tell him that I love him. I always have and tell him not to do anything stupid. That I’ll always be there watching over him, even if he can’t see it.” Buck felt the sting of tears hitting his cheeks and reached a hand toward Y/N. Maddie maneuvered his bed so he was close enough to touch her arm. 

            “Y/N, baby, you’ve got to come back to me. I can’t do this without you. You saved me... You’re always saving me. If I lose you, I will never be the same. Please.” Buck let out a sigh when she didn’t magically awaken.

             “Buck, it’s gonna take some time for her to wake. They cut out a piece of her skull to give her brain room to swell. As that goes down, they will reattach it and then hopefully she will wake up and everything can go on the way it should.”


            It was another week before Y/N woke up to Buck’s head resting on her hand. “Buck? What’s going on? Where am I?”

            “Oh god Y/N! You’re awake! It’s ok. You’re in the hospital. You’ve been in a coma for about a week.” He stroked her cheek. “I’m so glad you’re awake. I’ve been so worried. I have something I need to tell you and I was worried I’d never get the chance... I love you too. I’ve loved you since we were kids. I can’t promise I will never do anything stupid because… well it’s me. But I promise to always look after you and never let anything happen to you. Especially until the police find Doug.”

            At that Y/N froze. Her pulse began to quicken and her hands became clammy. “What do you mean find Doug? He isn’t dead? But Maddie shot him in the chest. I saw it. How hasn’t he been found?” Y/N started to shift in her gurney trying to get up. 

            “Y/N where are you going? Your doctor said you would need at least another day or two here after you wake up.” Y/N continued to try to get out of bed, eyes wide with panic.

            “I can’t stay here, Buck. Look what he did to me. He did this when I was at full strength. I am now laid up in a bed unable to hardly move. I can’t protect myself.” Y/N began to hyperventilate before Buck pulled her into his arms. 

            “You’re ok. Just breathe. He’s lost the element of surprise. He’s wounded badly. He’s got half of the LAPD looking for him. Doug’s not gonna come here sweetheart. And if he does, I’ll kill him myself.” Y/N peeked up at Buck. “You do realize you’re on crutches, right? Not exactly great in a fight.” Buck let out a laugh. 

            “Have you seen these bad boys? I could seriously do some damage if I hit him with one of these.”


            Buck was constantly by Y/N’s side for two days before she convinced him to go home, shower and get a change of clothes. In the end, he only agreed because Eddie had stopped by and promised to watch over her while he was gone. Buck kissed Y/N’s forehead and promised to be back as quickly as possible before leaving.

            “So… That was different. He finally found the courage to tell you how he felt?” Eddie grinned as he teased, pulling up a chair to sit beside her. 

            “Actually, you could say I got up the courage first. I told Maddie to tell him I love him when I thought I was going to die. Obviously, I didn’t die, but I’m glad he finally knows. Even if he has yet to do anything.”

            Eddie raised an eyebrow at her. “What do you mean? He kissed your forehead before leaving.” Y/N nodded her head. “Yeah, that’s literally the only thing he’s done in two days. I think he’s scared he will hurt me. But honestly if I could move, I’d lay one on him.”

            Eddie laughed. “Well, it’s understandable why he’s nervous. I mean he did watch you almost die. You weren’t awake for it but Maddie told me he carried you the entire half mile to the cabin where the ambulances came. He did all of that with a gunshot wound to his leg. That man loves you as much as he loves my kid. So maybe you should just be honest and tell him what you want… Be bold.”


            Meanwhile, in another wing of the hospital Doug, who was wearing a hat and a jacket with the collar pulled high, flagged down a nurse. “I need a favor.” He opened the jacket to show his gun pointed at her. “I need you to page Eddie Diaz to Howard Han’s room then I need you to alert the police on floor three that Doug was spotted on floor one. Got it?” 

            It took about five minutes for the nurse to do as told and for Eddie to leave Y/N unattended. Y/N decided to shut her eyes and rest while Eddie was gone. Not noticing when Doug entered the room. Her eyes didn’t open until she heard his sinister voice.

            “Hello beautiful. Miss me?” Y/N’s eyes flew open and before she could scream, his hand clamped shut over her mouth. “Not so fast. Our business isn’t finished. You were supposed to die in those mountains. I can’t get to Maddie; she is too protected, but you were all too easy to get to.” Doug wrapped his hands around her throat and squeezed as tight as he could. Y/N kicked her legs and tried using her fingers to pry his hands away but she was too weak. As she began to slip from consciousness, she heard Eddie shout, “fuck!” and saw through slotted eyes as he charged at Doug full force.

            Doug was no match for Eddie, who had him pinned to the ground in seconds, and probably would’ve killed him, if cops hadn’t pulled him off and arrested Doug. Eddie rushed to Y/N’s side and stroked her hair. “Are you ok? I’m so sorry for leaving. I went to Chimney’s room and he said he didn’t call for me. I ran back as fast as I could.” Eddie pulled her into a tight hug and whispered. “Buck is gonna kill me for this.”

           “I’m gonna kill you for what?” Buck asked, standing in the doorway. Eddie released Y/N, slowly turning to Buck. “Does it have anything to do with the chaos that was unfolding in the parking lot when I pulled up?”

            Eddie nodded his head. “Doug showed up. He threatened a nurse and had her page me to Chimney’s room and tell the cops that he was spotted on the first floor. When I realized something was wrong, I rushed straight back here. I found him trying to kill Y/N.” Buck rushed over to Y/N and looked her over, noticing the distinctive finger bruises beginning to form. “I never should’ve left.”

            Y/N shook her head. “Buck it’s ok. He’s in custody now. That’s what matters. There’s no way you could’ve known he’d come here. Honestly, it’s not the move I would’ve predicted. It feels a bit desperate. But either way we’re safe now.” Buck sat back; Y/N could see the wheels spinning out of control in his mind. “Evan, baby, please stop overthinking. I need you to do me a favor. Just kiss me already.” Buck looked up at her bug eyed. “I’m not gonna break if you kiss me. If anything, it'll make me feel better.” 

             Buck turned to Eddie, suddenly shy. Eddie took the hint. “I’m gonna go update Chimney,” and with that they were alone once more. Buck sat on the side of Y/N’s gurney and gazed into her eyes. “Are you sure you’re, ok? Do I need to call your nurse?” Y/N let out an exasperated sigh. “I’m fine. I’m sure the nurse will be here any minute now so shut up and kiss me.”

            Buck smiled at her and placed one hand on her cheek and the other ran through her hair as he leaned down, lips brushing hers gently. When she didn’t crumble to pieces, he kissed her harder and longer basking in the feel of her soft lips pressed against his. He grinned against her lips when he felt her hand bunch in his shirt pulling him closer. It was the sound of the nurse coughing to announce herself that caused them to separate.

            “Ummm… A nurse explained what happened so I need to examine you. Then you you’d can get back to that.” She let out a small chuckle. Buck moved to the chair next to Y/N both their cheeks flushed red. Y/N winced as the nurse pressed on the darkening fingerprints on her neck. “This all appears to just be swelling and bruising. It’s not enough to constrict your airway so I see no reason to keep you here longer. I will go work on getting you discharged then I’ll come back with your discharge instructions and a wheelchair.” 

            Buck got up and sat beside her. “I can’t believe you’re getting out of here.” He paused for a moment thinking/working up the courage to ask. “Ok so this is gonna sound really sudden but just roll with me here. Can I come stay with you at your house? I know we only just started dating but I don’t want to be away from you right now. Plus, my loft doesn’t exactly accommodate wheelchairs and crutches.” Y/N used her good arm to pull him to her kissing him till they were both breathless. “I’d love nothing more.”

    Part 4

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  • incorrect118
    30.11.2021 - 19 hours ago

    Maddie: This is bothering me.

    Buck: Well, you are digging up a corpse.

    Maddie: No, not that. That's, uh, pretty par for the course, actually.

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  • maddieandchimney
    30.11.2021 - 20 hours ago

    naughty spanks for anyone who got baited into believing maddie and/or chimney were back last night. evil, bad, go sit in the corner.

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  • reindeerbuckaroo
    30.11.2021 - 21 hours ago

    Yelling for some people in the back:


    Yes, I mean Maddie, Chimney and Jee-Yun

    #madney #buckley han family #jee yun buckley han #maddie buckley#chimney han#911 fox#911 spoilers
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  • thebestbooksaround
    30.11.2021 - 21 hours ago

    911 Fandom: And Buck loves to cook because Bobby taught him and he makes food for the Diaz Boys all the time

    911 Writers: Make Buck only know how to make frozen waffles

    911 Fandom: ...Anyways, Buck bakes cookies for Christopher's bake sale.

    #lol#listen #idk what the writers say #Buck can cook and bake #maybe Taylor just doesnt like his breakfast foods #at least Maddie is appreciative #911 #911 on fox #buddie#evan buckley
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  • mad4madney
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Honestly I wish they'd give us better stories? Don't get me wrong this is my favorite show, but it feels like they're trying to play it safe. The pace is way too slow, for a show about drama and emergencies that's not a good thing. I feel like we're still in the same we left off in season 4B yet we're about to end 5A. Hardly any development at all.

    - I wanna see more of Bobby and Athena's relationship begind the scenes. They just magically don't fight anymore? Sex fixes all, I guess?

    - I want Eddie's trauma and panic attacks to be discussed, like is the man okay? Why is he always involved with so many close calls involving children? Foreshadowing?

    - I wanna know how Hens doing in med school, or what ever happened with the foster kids her and Karen have/had? Like are they still doing it?? Will they try for more babies? Will they adopt? No answers there yet

    - Is Buck not in therapy anymore? What he's just magically cured now? The dudes constantly walking around like a sad homeless puppy

    - Where are and when the hell are Maddie and Chim coming back???

    - Ravi's been here a while yet he barley had any screen time last night. I want to hear about HIS backstory not TayKs

    - What's even happening with Christopher? He's not upset Ana is gone? He's not upset around Christmas because it might remind him of his mom? He isn't getting bullied? How would we know when they hardly show/talk about him anymore

    We're down 3 characters (maddie , chim , Michael) and the ones they have left got pushed aside for the utter disappointment that was the back story of Taylor Kelly. What a great way to set the tone for the mid session finale. Better get my clown costume ready for next week cause I know imma get my hopes up again for nothing

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  • reindeerbuckaroo
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago


    #timothy I am looking at you #911 fox#madney#maddie buckley #jee yun buckley han #chimney han
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  • weewoolesbian
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    petition to have a madney reunion next episode with i’ll be home for christmas playing in the background

    #would it make me cry? absolutely #but it would be worth it #911#911 fox#madney#maddie buckley#chimney han
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  • littlestarsailor
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Just me ranting about Chim and Buck and Maddie under the cut

    Ok I get why Chim is mad at Buck. I do. But I think he’s taking it too far (joking with Hen that he’s gonna kill Buck really rubs me the wrong way) Buck and Maddie have this relationship where Maddie leaves when she’s running away from her problems (Buck’s words) but she comes back and is there for her family (no this is obviously not healthy. Both her and Buck need to learn this). Buck trusts his sister. And Maddie trusts him which is why she told Buck she was leaving first. I mean Buck said it himself he wanted to get Maddie back on his own. We all know he tried to stop her and tell her that what happened to Jee was not her fault. But Maddie has never been one to change her mind when she’s sure of something (even if it’s wrong).

    Also Buck not telling Chim is fair because Maddie asked him not to. It’s true what Eddie said- siblings have a different relationship than romantic partners. And because of that Buck is gonna honor her request of not telling Chim (not to mention Maddie as a history of abusive partners and even tho we all know Chim wouldn’t hurt Maddie its probably still instinct for Buck to protect her). Chim can’t understand their relationship completely just like Buck can’t understand Chim and Maddie’s relationship completely.

    I get that this is a complex situation and I don’t think Buck was completely in the right (he should’ve told Chim earlier) but I also think the show needs to explore Bucks side of it more. I’m really tired of romantic partners being more valued than siblings and the show saying that Buck Doesn’t Know Maddie Like That and is Wrong really undervalues Maddie and Bucks relationship. They know each other in a very different and special way and the show needs to acknowledge this too. Basically Chim and Buck need to team up to fine Maddie because they both Know her. They different ways they know her will ultimately help find her!!!!

    #maddie & buck #maddie buckley#evan buckley#chimney Han #I love all of these characters please let them just work it out #and let each relationship be valued #thanks#911#911 fox #grace talks 911 #bleh idk if any of this even makes sense
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  • fiddlepickdouglas
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hey Fox can we have some Chimney content soon please? Perhaps some Maddie? A little Madney? I know that's a lot to ask but it doesn't hurt

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  • rosesraeken
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    i watched the episode and i really don’t even know wtf to say about it other than here’s buck’s joyous face after taylor said she loved him

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  • madneyfiles
    30.11.2021 - 1 day ago

    I am ... Devastated for Maddie Buckley.

    Because growing up, we know that the Buckley's didn't celebrate the holidays, they didn't care enough about their kids to do that for them.

    We know that the holiday season was just a stress test for her as Mrs. Kendall, waiting to see if she passed or failed her husband's standards, and most likely getting beaten if she didn't get it right, if 'it wasn't perfect.'

    We know the season 2 holiday season was the first time in a long time that she could actually celebrate but that was marred by her still recovering from Doug. And we know what happened soon after with her abduction and Chimney getting stabbed.

    The season 3 holiday season, she was in therapy and at the end of it she had to acknowledge her trauma and finally let it go.

    The only holiday season in the last 18 seasons of her life that she has actually been happy is season 4.

    And now in season 5, she's going to be away from Chimney and Jee, she's going to be alone when she shouldn't be, and we have no idea what she's thinking or feeling or where she even is.

    #maddie buckley#911 spoilers #i am pissed and hurt and devastated #tw: domestic violence #tw: ppd
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