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  • “You have no idea just how in love with you I am.”

    Picture and song credit go to all original owners, i own nothing. Words on the picture are from “Loving You” by Barbara Streisand and Patrick Wilson. 

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  • இ🍁.Mαdelαıne Petsch.ᖘ

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  • Madelaine Petsch rewears the Keiser Clark ‘Creatures of the Night’ vintage wolf tee ($250 - Sold Out) in her Instagram story from September 28, 2020.

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  • writerras After fourteen days of quarantining 🇨🇦 and months of prep, #Riverdale Season 5 starts shooting tomorrow. Spent the night in the bubble, reminiscing with these lovely people and celebrating @lilireinhart 24th birthday 🎂 How time flies. Looking forward to seeing the rest of the gang this week. Here we go….🚀🔥👩‍👦‍👦👀🚢🌊🐍💋👠💍🕸🍔🧗🏻‍♂️🏆🎰🎲🚑🚧🎢☠️

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  • madelaine petsch / cheryl blossom. 2/??

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  • madelaine petsch / cheryl blossom. 1/??

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  • Lili Reinhart, Camila Mendes and Madelaine Petsch

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    NAME: Giannina Giarrusso 
    GENDER/PRONOUNS: Cis Female, She/Her
    DATE OF BIRTH: February 14th, 1992
    BIRTH PLACE: Crystal City, New York
    OCCUPATION: Dance Teacher at Encore Dance Company & Bartender at LUX
    FACE CLAIM: Madelaine Petsch


    It could be said that Giannina Alexander came from a picture perfect family. Two parents wildly in love, three perfect children, one beautiful home in the Pembrooke neighborhood of Crystal City. Giannina was born on Valentine’s Day in 1994, her sister Adrienne was born two years later, followed by her brother AJ, born last in 1998. From a young age, her parents wanted their children to either follow them into medicine or excel in the arts, and Giannina never had any interest in science or any form of medicine. Instead, when her parents put her into dance at age two, she took to it like a duck to water. She excelled in all styles, but felt drawn to ballet, especially after being consistently praised for being a “picture perfect ballerina” with her tall, slender frame as she grew.

    The redhead was a naturally energetic child with an outgoing personality to match. There was no person that Gigi couldn’t befriend, and Bren Clery was no exception. The pair met on the first day of first grade, and Giannina befriended her almost immediately. Despite the pair being about as opposite as possible, their friendship was solid, unwavering, stretching through primary school and into high school. As soon as high school hit, Giannina found her place. She decided to join the cheerleading squad, despite protests from her parents that it would distract her from dance. After much convincing, the redhead proved that she could balance both, and it was at the first football game that Gigi met Nathan. He played on their school’s football team, and it wasn’t long before they were dating. They dated from their freshman year through high school, being unanimously voted Cutest Couple in their senior year.

    After graduation, Giannina struggled slightly. Her and Nathan had decided to mutually break up, with Giannina going off to New York City to further her ballet education at the Joffrey School, and Nathan heading off to play college football in the south. Bren had decided to go off to a trade school, and Giannina felt as if everybody she ever knew was leaving, despite promises that they’d all keep in contact. She eventually settled into life in New York, completing her training with the Joffrey in May of 2012 and auditioning for the New York City Ballet Company.

    Giannina’s career with the New York City Ballet Company spanned seven years. She started out as a company member, dancing ensemble roles for the first five years of her career. It wasn’t until July of 2018 that Giannina was promoted to a principle dancer, landing the role of Rosaline in her company’s performance of Romeo and Juliet. She landed her largest role to date when she was cast as the Sugar Plum Fairy in The Nutcracker. On November 22nd, 2019, Giannina was in a dress rehearsal, two weeks before they were to take the stage for the first time, when she felt a pain in her ankle and calf, causing her left leg to give out. Turns out, she had torn her Achilles and required surgery, causing the redhead to lose her role and position as a principle dancer within the company.

    Giannina moved back to Crystal City after her surgery, moving into her parents’ home while she recovered. However, her stay in her family home was short, as the redhead wanted to have a sense of normalcy back in her life, and her parents – who were both surgeons – seemed to hover over their oldest child after major surgery. Gigi went back to Encore Dance Company, where she had spent 16 years of her life, taking on a role as a dance choreographer for ballet. She moved into Bren’s apartment, and started bartending at LUX part-time to make some extra cash. Gigi is currently in physical therapy for her injury, her hopes of professionally dancing again at the forefront of her mind.

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  • Request: Maybe you could do an imagine for Madeleine where reader is pregnant and is hanging out with cami Lili and Vanessa while Madeleine films a scene and she goes into labor and the girls start to panic and Madeleine has to cut the scene short & just fluff?

    hey! its returned!! wooo! i hope you like this!!! also, thank you @statticghost for helping me with the title! it’s from adele’s ‘sweetest devotion’ which she wrote for her kid, which is quite nice. anyway, go check out @stattic-writes because they’re great and i like them a lot!! and have a nice day!! 

    To most people, the behind the scenes of the Riverdale set is one huge maze that takes an eternity to walk through. With giant sets, an uncertain amount of rooms used for anything from storage to nap rooms and an unlimited amount of wiring lining the walls and floors. 

    However to a very pregnant woman, it’s almost impossible to get through without getting lost at least twice, tripping at least five times (made even worse when you can’t see past your own stomach) and having to sit down every five minutes. Plus, the dull ache in your back you’ve been feeling all morning hasn’t really helped you. You’ve spent a good hour walking around and looking for your friends, and you’ve only now just found them, sat in what is usually the student lounge of Riverdale High. 

    “Y/n? Did you swallow a planet?” Lili asks and you send her a sarcastic smile as you waddle towards her. 

    Vanessa and Cami stop talking at the mention of your name, and large smiles appear on their faces once they see you. Cami and Vanessa stand to help you the last few feet to where they’re all sat while Lili moves along on the brown sofa so you can sit down. 

    “It certainly looks like I did.” You huff once you’ve sat down. Your hands rest on your stomach as you take a few minutes to catch your breath. 

    “Don’t listen to her. You look great.”

    “You are a terrible liar Cami.”

    “I’m not lying, you look amazing, especially considering the fact that you’re 38 weeks pregnant.” She argues, both Vanessa and Lili agreeing with her and you roll your eyes at your friends. They’re very sweet, but they’re all awful liars. 

    “39 actually.”

    “Shouldn’t you be at home?” Vanessa shifts in her seat so she’s facing you and you huff loudly, crossing your arms over your chest. You probably look like a grumpy toddler right now, with a pout on your lips and your arms crossed, but so would anybody that had been asked the same question every time they had a conversation with someone over the past few weeks.

    “I should.” You nod. “But there’s only so much day time television I can take. My god its boring, I need to do something.”

    “You’re gonna miss boring when they come along.” Lili glances at your stomach and you smile softly. 

    “I know. But right now I couldn’t care less. I just want to talk to somebody that isn’t myself or a baby that can’t reply.”

    “You’ve been talking to yourself?” Cami asks with a hint of concern in her voice. 

    “I spend hours alone in the house, who else am I supposed to talk to.”

    “Your friends?” She shrugs. 

    “You try answering the door, or the phone with this attached to you making everything ten times harder.” You reply, sending her a look. 

    “Fair point.” She nods. 

    “How’d you get here then?” Lili asks. 

    “With great difficulty.” You say, despite the lack of humour in your tone, the girls still laugh at your comment and even though you don’t want to, you feel a small smile breaking through your grumpy facade, until all four of you are giggling quietly. “Is Madelaine around?” 

    “She’s filming at the minute, but she should be done soon.” Vanessa tells you, grabbing her phone and checking the time. You nod slowly, weighing up your lunch options while you look around. 

    “Who’s facing Cheryl Blossom’s wrath today?” You ask. 

    “Archie.” Lili replies, sending you a look and you grimace. 

    “Poor KJ.”

    “I think the stress of the baby is making her acting even better. She seems to channel all of that stress into making Cheryl the bitchiest woman ever. Its fascinating to watch.” Cami says and you smile at your friend. 

    “And kind of scary.” Lili adds making you laugh. 

    “Yeah. She’s kind of gone a little crazy over the past few weeks. She’s been planning literally everything. She has notebooks filled with baby things, the nursery was finished within the first month that we found out I was pregnant. And last week, she started setting alarms at weird hours of the night to get used to the sleep schedule.” You explain and they look at you with varying amounts of alarm. 

    “Its sweet that she’s excited though.” Vanessa says. 

    “Yeah it is.” You smile. They’ve never seen you smile like that before, full of excitement and joy and it makes them all smile too. Madelaine has the same look whenever somebody mentions you or the baby, and its very sweet to witness.

    Your fingers draw light patterns over your stomach, and the baby kicks in return. Despite the pain, you smile anyway, wondering if they can hear you take about their mom.

    They could come at any time really and you and Madelaine are waiting eagerly to welcome them into the world. Its something you’ve been wanting and waiting for, for two years, so you’re more than excited. Its been a long and draining journey filled with high exceptions and disappointing realities, doctors surgeries and needles and tears and frustration, but its all been leading up to this, and so its more than worth it. 

    “I can’t wait to meet them.” Cami interrupts your thoughts and you look at her slightly dazed. 

    “Yeah, me too.” Both Vanessa and Lili nod in agreement and you smile at the three of them. 

    “Do you have any names?” Vanessa asks. 

    “Nothing for certain yet. I think Madelaine’s convinced that when it comes out, it’ll just have a face that fits a name.” 

    “So the answer is no then?” Cami teases. 

    “Basically yeah.” You agree, laughing a little. 

    “I don’t know if Madelaine has told you but, I hope you know you’re probably going to need a bigger house with all of the stuff you’re going to get just from us three.”

    “Yep.” You nod. “She’s told me. And she told me about all the other cast and crew. Is it true that Casey got a huge 6ft teddy bear.” 

    “Yes.” Lili laughs. “It lives in his spare room and he’s become quite attached to it.” 

    “I’m pretty sure he said he was keeping that one and just buying you a new one.” Vanessa continues and the four of you laugh loudly. 

    Yours however, is cut short by a sharp pain in your lower stomach. Your sudden inhale stops all laughter and the three of them look at you quickly. Your eyes screw shut while one hand grips your lower back and the other holds your stomach. 

    “Y/n?” Vanessa asks quietly. “Is everything okay.” 

    “Nope.” You force out through gritted teeth, slowly opening your eyes to look at them. 

    Even though you’re fully prepared for this, you’ve read every book and article, some even twice because of Madelaine, now that its actually happening, all of that knowledge has gone out the window and all you want to do is cry. Nothing is right, Madelaine is busy, and its a week early and even though you love your friends dearly, the way they are looking at you is making you feel more panicked. 

    The pain dulls a little at you let out a long breath, gripping the corner of the sofa and all three of the girls wince as they watch you. You feel something shift, and then another wave of pain rolls around and you grit your teeth again, pressure building up in your lower abdomen. 

    “Is it happening?” Vanessa asks and you nod quickly. 

    “Are you sure?” Lili asks, helping you stand when you try and do it yourself. Vanessa and Cami surround you, all of them steadying you while you’re doubled over in pain. 

    “No. I’m just trying to tell this apart from a stomach ache, yes of course I’m sure. How can you not be sure that a human life is coming out of you?!” You grumble angrily, trying to focus your breathing. 

    “Okay, just checking.” She apologizes. “Why don’t you sit down?” 

    “I don’t want to sit down.” 

    “Okay, me and Cami will help you stand, and Lili will go find Mads. Okay?” Vanessa takes charge of the situation and you’re glad somebody has. You don’t know what you would have done if all three of them stayed this panicked. 

    “Okay.” You nod and Cami takes over from Lili. “Please hurry.” You hear Lili walk away, her footsteps getting quieter and you try to focus on listening for her coming back. 

    “Okay, right. What do we do? I’ve never been in this situation before, what do we do?” Vanessa says frantically, looking around and trying to find something to help. Okay, maybe you were a little quick to think that she would know what to do. 

    “We…breathe!” Cami says quickly. “Okay, Y/n, Y/n? Take deep breaths. In and out. In and out.” 

    “Please stop saying in and out.” You cry, another contraction coming and going and the grip on her t-shirt tightens. 


    “Do you want anything? A drink or something?” Vanessa asks.

    “I’m, ow, ow, ow, fuck, fuck fucking, shit OW.” 

    “Owwww.” Cami cries, her legs buckling slightly as you squeeze her hand. 

    “Stop being a baby.” Vanessa scolds and she sends her a glare back. 

    “You’re not the one thats having the life squeezed out of their hand.” 

    “You’re not the one pushing a melon sized thing out of your vagina! I get to say ow and nobody else.” You interrupt, getting more and more annoyed by the second. Where the hell is Lili? 

    She’s only gone for two minutes, but two minutes feel like a life time when you’re pushing a human out of you. And so when she returns with a very panicked Madelaine in tow, you don’t know whether to hug her or hit her. 

    Either one wouldn’t do much to stop the pain you’re feeling, but when Madelaine places a gentle hand on your back, taking over from Vanessa and Cami, you do feel a little bit better. 

    “Hi babe.” Her voice is soft and comforting and dulls the pain slightly. You manage to stand up a little to look at her, and the smile thats lighting up her face is the best thing you’ve ever seen. She looks happier than you’ve ever seen her before and if you weren’t in so much pain, you’d definitely tell her how cute she looks. 

    “Hi.” You manage to reply, despite it feeling like you’re being stabbed repeatedly. Her smile fades as she watches you grimace, and now she looks worried. But she tries to hide it, painting on a slightly wonky smile as she looks back at you. 

    “You’re not supposed to be here.” She says, trying to distract you and a you let out a small laugh. 

    “I got bored.” 

    “Not so bored now are you?” She teases. 

    “Nope.” You steel yourself against her and she wraps an arm around your waist, the other holds your hand tightly as she leads you towards the door. 

    “Can one of you grab my bag please?” She asks the girls and Vanessa quickly runs off to grab it. Madelaine continues to lead you out of the door and after a lifetime (a minute) of walking, you’re stood by the doors that lead into the cast and crew parking lot. Vanessa catches up with you, and follows you to the car, putting Madelaine and yours’ bag in the backseat. 

    “Are you telling me I could have just walked through that door instead of wandering around for an hour.” You huff as Madelaine helps you into the car. 

    “Well, I told you to stay in bed but you wouldn’t listen to me.” She replies while fastening your seatbelt and you catch her gaze, sending her a hard glare. 

    “Do you really want to argue with me right now?” 

    “…nope.” She shakes her head quickly, double checking that you’re safe and you have everything before moving around the car and climbing into the drivers seat. The girls have already left, off to tell various people what is happening so its just the two of you. 

    Madelaine starts the car, but takes a moment to look over at you, sat panting and sweaty in the passenger seat, but she knows she’s never loved anyone more. There’s nobody else in this world that she’d rather be doing this with, you’re her best friend and her soulmate and she’s going to love you and this baby for the rest of her life and beyond. 

    “I love you.” She reaches her hand over the console to hold yours and you stop what you’re doing to look back at her, a small smile twitching at your lips. 

    “I love you too.” You reply and press a soft kiss to her hand. 

    “Are you ready?” She asks. 

    “No.” You say honestly. “Are you?” 

    “Absolutely not.” She laughs. 

    Neither of you are worried though, because you know you have each other. 

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