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    #ask games #it's a mothman #but the antennae do look like those ear tufts some owls have! #madelgard #answers from the cupola
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    A character for my future comic project! Her name is Madelgarde.

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    Inktober 2019 prompt 31: "Ripe"

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    Inktober 2019 prompt 30: "Catch"

    Ideally one at a time.

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    Inktober prompt 29: "Injured"

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    Inktober 2019 prompt 28: "Ride"

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    Inktober 2019 prompt 27: "Coat"

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    Inktober 2019 prompt 26: "Dark"

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    (First list: @joanathedummy

    Second list: @a-elemental-warrior-for-god

    Third list: @ocandpersona-information-by-jtd

    Fifth list: @theveiledqueen-and-herknight )

    SCP - 6666 ("Unlucky")(“Blanca”)

    Class: Apollyon


    -Long, greasy, unattended black hair

    -black pupils

    -deathly pale skin

    -wears a white nightgown



    SCP - 6666 is a violent and highly unpredictable scp. Her physical appearance is the form of a sixteen year old girl. There are numerous reports of a "ghost" attacking different and random individuals in different locations. She was found in New Mexico, sitting alone in a desert, visibly crying. [[REACTED]] then ripped another agent apart [[REACTED]] Was nicknamed "Unlucky" by SCP - 166, followed by SCP - 6666 attacking SCP - 166. 6666 was successfully contained. Multiple accounts on [[REACTED]] Staff members felt a deathly fear of getting close to SCP - 6666's cell.

    Update: SCP - 166 apologized for the event that took yesterday. SCP - 6666 acknowledged SCP - 166 and is no longer hostile towards them. After a few hours of being together, both SCPs seem to bond with each other.


    SCP - 7777 ("The Plague Nurse")

    Class: Thaumiel

    Full Name: Doctor Edith Amabilia Madelgarde/ "Madame Madelgarde"


    -Traditional, gothic plague doctor outfit, trimmed and tailored to appear more feminine

    -white plague doctor mask

    -black gloves

    -(without wearing clothes) Tan skin

    -(without wearing clothes) brown eyes

    -(without wearing clothes) shaved head of hair, hair color is a warm black

    Description: SCP - 7777 is a plague nurse. Her inventory consists of a suitcase filled with organized files of "patients", a backpack filled with different costumes (such as a white priestess/nun gown and veil, a black dress, various undergarments, several goggles, medical masks) and a lantern attached to the side, and a metal staff. 7777 has been sighted by several witnesses in London, England.

    She is skilled in surgery and in medical science. By the touch of a (gloveless) hand, she can cure wounded, sick or medically disabled people. It is proven that she works faster when a gift is given to her before a surgery or the "healing process", for an unknown reason.


    SCP - 6146 ("Shira")

    Class: Apollyon

    Full name: Shira Aka-Aoi


    -traditional Japanese consort clothing, with various accessories

    -traditional makeup

    -black irises

    -black hair (often in a high bun)

    -pale skin

    Description: SCP - 6146 is a Japanese styled consort with oddly dark irises and sharp teeth. She carries around a candle-lit lantern that can dim or brighten itself, as if it has a mind of it's own. She carries a traveler's bag, containing Chinese medieval style armor and various undergarments. She can speak fluent English, Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Sighted around Japan in a abandoned temple.

    SCP - 6146 has several abilities that are being looked and tested on, such as (but not limited to) telekinesis, paralyzing gaze, mind control and shapeshifting. SCP - 6146 also has the ability to manipulate personnel into coming into her cell, and by a simple touch, transform them into samurai warriors and assassins, which are SCP - 6146 - 1 and SCP - 6146 - 2. Has not caused a single breach up to date.

    When to expose to several D-Class personnel, SCP - 600 shows no signs of interest, even if the D-Class has shown to be merciless and cold-blooded. However, she will immediately bring her attention if a researcher or MTF personnel enters her cell, to which she will either tear them apart and consume their limbs or turn them into a samurai. She has stated that her husband is the Eastern Asian water spirit Mizuchi, a water dragon that can transform into a man with long, black hair and mustache, and wears light blue samurai garments.


    SCP - 2222 ("Another Mannequin")

    Class: Safe

    Nickname: Gevirah


    -a mannequin that is made out of mix-match mannequin parts

    -gaping holes for eyes and mouth


    -extremely detailed, including chest and genital

    -unknown gender

    Description: SCP - 2222 is a mannequin that was found by a group of teenagers in a abandoned hospital. According to the teens, which one of them was recording with their phone, the "weird doll" kept "following them around the place". One of the girls stated that she "saw the head turn." SCP - 2222 wears no clothes, although somehow places on the clothes that are given by staff, such as a red dress, a tuxedo and one of the lab coats.

    Staff members, D-Class and MTF agents all have stated them felt extreme amounts of joy and relaxation after getting close to 5 feet of the mannequin, and also felt depressed or scared whenever they walk past the cell during breaches.

    Update: whispers and movement are being produced by SCP - 2222. Small patches of hair is coming out from the scalp, though the reason is unknown.


    SCP - 9797 ("Wisest Prophecy Dragon")

    Class: Thaumiel

    Full name: Miko Maya


    -Dragoness (possibly a Dragon from Chinese culture) with a slender like body and six legs

    -30 ft. Long

    -can change the color of her scales to camouflage, but her default color is blue and white

    -Mane and hairs of her tail are silver

    -blue to purple eyes

    -wingless, but can fly

    Description: SCP - 9797 is a Chinese dragon with the gift of spiritual prediction of certain events, from lottery numbers to preventable mass disasters. She is rather friendly and nice to the staff, and has a good judgement of character. Her abilities are (but not limited to) flight, weightlessness, elemental bending, fire breath, ice breath, electric breath, poison breath, constriction and mind block. Her ultimate weapon is the ability to be able to see the past, present and future.

    Her diet consists of cooked meat from livestock and raw/cooked vegetables and fruits. Grains and dairy are a part of her diet.


    SCP - 9647 ("Tori")

    Class: Safe


    - Near-floor length black hair

    - light tan skin

    - light brown eyes

    - sharp teeth

    - arms and legs are bird like, covered in small scales

    - black talons and claws

    - small wings on her back, hidden by her hair (although for short flight)

    Description: SCP - 9647 is a humanoid half-bird woman. Her age ranges 20 to 25 years old, although it is theorized the SCP is ageless. She is naked and wears clothing when she feels it is necessary. She acts similar to a chicken, quick to panic and easily frightened. Her wings are too small for flight, but can be used to lower herself to the ground. SCP - 9647 seems to be fond with SCPS 2222, 9797 and 6146. Currently mating with SCP - 953, the Nine-Tail fox.


    SCP - 2068 ("Butterfly Queen/Lady Chrysalis"): [16] [Class: Thaumiel] Found in the land of Iceland with her parents, this young teen was shocked researchers when they found various species of insects and spiders lived inside of her. Her skin ranges from being decayed or completely fine, and is found out by research that most of the insects feast on her flesh and blood. She doesn't seem to be in pain. This SCP also inherited several different abilities, such as being able to produce sticky webbing, inhuman strength, flight and strong jaws, and is also able to encase herself in a cocoon. Studies have shown that she can control insects with her mind and are able to talk to different flora and fauna. Further tests will be documented. Her appearance is stated: Long and curly jet black hair, pale skin, pale green eyes (that sometimes changes into brown), and can grow butterfly wings of any kind. Likes to be around plants and flowers during testing. Views Dr. Kondraki as a second father figure.  [?] (SCP Foundation)

    SCP - 2021 (” The Blind Man/The Eyeless Guy”): [?] Found in the Beelitz-Heilstätten Hospital – Beelitz, Germany, SCP - 2021 was brought to one of the sites for research. It is blind, with no eyes or eye sockets on its face. It uses its long four arms, sensitive hearing, sense of smell, touch and taste to travel through its environment. Its appearance is rather similar to SCP - 096, although with different abilities. SCP - 2021 is passive unless provoked, and feeds on a diet of omnivores, preferably cooked meat and vegetables. Recent studies have shown that SCP - 2021 has grown close to 096, despite the fact that it has never seen 096′s face (SCP - 2021 has been documented seen touching 096′s face and limbs, in a way as visually impaired people use to have an idea of what the other person looks like). Its appearance is noted: pale skin, long limbs, frail body, jaw that is able to unhinge to swallow more food at once, long tongue, and four equal-length arms. Further tests will determine if SCP - 2021 can use echolocation. [?] (SCP Foundation)

    SCP - 1867 ("The Storyteller"/"Ink Bender"/Kyrie Elieson): [22] Found and tracked, SCP - 1867 is a popular author of several book titles that she writes with her favorite typewriter, labeled as SCP - 1867 - b. She has caused a large breach and allowed SCP - 105 to escape with her after 20 hours after her capture. She has killed numerous researchers and staff, including Dr. Bright, with a black substance that is found to be ink, as she was able to bend the liquid to her biding. Last noted appearance: tanned skin, olive green eyes and dark chocolate colored hair. Unable to track location. (Dated and married to Iris Thompson. Has a son named Aaron and a daughter named Aurora. Owns a Rottweiler, Doberman, and a Golden Retriever) [Bisexual] (SCP Foundation)

    -Blue, swollen and cold lips: a story about a murder mystery that leads to twists and turns throughout the story, written by Kyrie Elieson.

    -Live. Die. Repeat.: The story of Iris Thompson: the documented and retold tale of Iris's life in the SCP Foundation that eventually exposed the Foundation with public backlash and harrasment, written by Iris Thompson and Kyrie Elieson.

    -Stain Me with Red: a romance novel based on Kyrie's relationship with Iris, and how to live with someone with PTSD, depression and related mental problems, written by Kyrie Elieson and illustrated by Iris Thompson.

    Galos: [?] The Earth conceived and bore a boy, so kind and generous. He pledged to help his mother raise all living creatures, including humans. Hair made from leaves and grass, with a torso made of physical flesh and bones as if he was human, and eyes that gleam like the bluest of waters. Dating Sauelsuesor and Parisa. [?] (Inspired by SCP - 179)

    Parisa: [?] Created in the Heavens and a messager of God, she vows to help people understand the Word of the Lord and protects Earth from many life-threatening emergencies. Hair and body purely white, with eyes that reflect that of the land of angels, and wings and halo of holy gold. Dating Sauelsuesor and Galos. [?] (Inspired by SCP - 179)

     Kai: [?] Found swimming around Hawaii, this SCP was brought back to be examined. After 20 minutes, he got into a fight with Able and Cain…and won because he was faster and used traps and the surrounding area to his advantage. Kai also managed to cause a breach and allowed Cain and Abel to escape with him. Black hair with sea-green highlights, tan skin, black eyes with teal irises. From the torso down, his body is black with cyan runes covering it. His lower torso is a long, serpentine tail with ocean colored scales on it and a peach underbelly. Uses a trident as a primary weapon, and a net to hunt sea life. Son of the biblical Leviathan and a goddess of fishing and the sea from one of the islands of Hawaii, named Kailani.  [?] (Inspired by SCP-073 and SCP-076)

    Kailani, Goddess of Fishing, Hunting and Sailors: [?] Born in the island Niihau, she proclaimed her love to the sea, attracting the Leviathan to her (thankfully). She conceived Kai, and raised him at the island while his father went to hunt food. Dark brown hair, tan skin and dark brown eyes. [Straight]

    Cordelia: Daughter of Kailani and the Leviathan, younger sister to Kai. Black hair with dark pink highlights, tan skin, and rosy-pink eyes. From the torso down, her body is black with dark pink runes, just like her brother. Her tail is just the same as her sibling, with pink scales instead. Uses a scimitar as a primary weapon, and a Hawaiian dagger as a secondary weapon, but rarely uses either one. Usually is seen with her mother collecting and gathering materials for meals. [?]

    Pearl: Youngest daughter of Kailani and the Leviathan. Likes to prank on her siblings all the time, and hardly does anything productive. Purple color scheme. Doesn’t carry any weapons. [?]

    Georgia Socha (“Walking Statue”): [?] an armless, woman that can transform herself into a statue at will, resembling an unfinished sculpture, due to a hospital experimenting on her. [[REDACTED]] helped her by injecting a serum into her body that allows her to manipulate the structure and flesh of her arm, to the extent of creating eldritch-like abominations for limbs. Black, with brown eyes and dark skin, and long, curly black hair that reaches the floor. Needs help putting clothes on. Close friends with Gevirah and Peanut (SCP-173)  [?] (Inspired by The ER: Patient Typhoon)

    Noah and Apollonia: [?]  Long ago, when the Imagined was just a quarter of the dimension, Revelation (Reva) was pregnant with twins. She saw the vision of a great war in the future, but didn't know when it was going to happen, or what was going to occur. So, she did her best to protect her young...

    Reva placed her daughter in the deepest part of the Scorn dimension, a world made out of flesh and machinery, trapped in a giant and ever expanding womb. This woman will become a centaur monster, with the power to infect anyone with spores and a fatal disease. She has white hair and tail, with a pale human body, and a white coat on her lower half. She has red eyes. [?] (Scorn)

    Then she created a small, cyber dimension, with a cube shaped room with a large pool in the middle. There, Reva placed her son in the fluids, where he'll grown into an Android. He is a robot that can be mistaken for a human, if his skin doesn’t become injured. Tan skin, brown hair, and blue eyes. Very muscular. [?]

    Akeldama: [?] Daughter of Reva, sister of Apocal, Isa, Noah, Apollonia, and Mirror. She is very much like Apollonia, with the same taste for flesh, lower centaur body and the ability to spread the Explosio Cutis (Skin Explosion) or also nicknamed the “Flesh Spore” disease, which is a fatal infection of the human skin that causes spores/fungi to form and grow, either resulting in: a) exploding into a biomass of flesh, muscle tissue and bones, or b) becoming a deformed and sentient flesh monstrosity that serves the person who turned them; spread by sneezing directly into the face, spiting and the saliva landing on contact, bitten, or consumed the blood of either sister. Preventable by vaccine. Short white hair, pale skin, red eyes and the same centaur body and coat. Often visits Proto-Sarkics and Neo-Sarkics from the Nalka religion from the SCP universe with Apollonia. Dating Karcist Carnation (@ghalind) [?] (Scorn)

    Armina: [?] Daughter of Reva, sister of Apocal, Isa, Noah, Apollonia, and Mirror. Just like her brother Noah, she is a human-like android with super-human strength. Think of the Terminator: a person that is a highly trained assassin, knows all combat moves, and has knowledge of every weapon. She could bend a long, thick bar of steel with her bare hands. Her and her brother, along with V, are Black Hat Hackers. They often steal, exploit, and sell data, and are usually motivated by personal gain. A cracker is like a black hat hacker, but is specifically someone who is very skilled and tries via hacking to make profits or to benefit, not just to vandalize. Shaved head with black hair, tan skin, blue eyes, and scars on her eyelids. Often hangs out with the Church of the Broken God, the Orthodox, and the Maxwellists with Noah. Dating Caitali (@ghalind). [?]

    Ursula Lavanda Groza: [266] A witch that is similar to Baba Yaga. She is over a hundred years old and lives in a sentient and walking cottage, with crow feet instead. She doesn’t appear old, but don’t be mistaken. Her eyes are all black, almost soulless. Her arms and legs look stained in a dark red substance, with swirling black tattoos on her body. Her skin is a weird light tan, and her titanium-blonde hair drags behind her on the floor, so heavy and large she needed to tie half of her hair in a braid! She wears rags, seemed to be soaked in blood. Around her neck and adorned on her head, are a necklace and crown of smoothed stained glass. There always seems to be an aura around her, both comforting and threatening… [?] (Russian folklore)

    Fenris Lu Volkov (nicknamed “Wolf-Pup”, “Golden boy”, and “Fen” by Ursula): [9] After losing his parents in a house fire, the poor, cinder covered boy made his way through a forest. There, he met Ursula, who took pity on the young urchin and led him home. After a nice, warm bath and a sob story, the witch gave the little boy a large, three-headed Gray wolf named Luna to protect him when she wasn’t around. Brown and curly hair with golden highlights, light skin tone, and brown eyes that seem to glitter with gold. Carries a dagger made out of ebony and plays the flute when alone. [Straight]

     Lada Vinogradov (nicknamed “Vines”, “Nightingale”, and “La” by Ursula): [8] She used to live in a cheap and run down orphanage after the death of her single mother, until the place was shut down after one of the children died. In the freezing cold of Russia’s winter, she limped towards the forest…just before she passed out from hunger, Ursula found her and carried her home. She was given a warm meal and a mug of hot milk, then a short bubble bath. After comforting the young girl when she woke up from a nightmare, Ursula gave her tiny silver dragon named Secrets, the size of a large dog, to comfort her wherever she may go. Black hair with dark blue highlights, fair skin, and green eyes. Always has flowers in her hair, and carries a weaved basket on her back to carry her pet dragon or for gathering herbs, vegetables and fruits. [Straight]

    “La Mujer Lobo”, “La Cabra”, Accalia de Lupe: [?] Found in Colombia, she was taken back to the [[REDACTED]] for further testing. Accalia doesn't seem to be feral or considered to be hostile, but that quickly changes when she is around one or several people that have committed crimes that cause in fatal casualties (drunk car accidents, intoxicated manslaughter, the possession of another person (unwillingly) that resulted in said possessed person's death, etc.) or attempted (or planned) murders (serial killer sprees, raped and execution, slave trafficking, human trafficking, child abduction, violation of personal space and/or bodily space e.i. intentional touching w/o permission, etc.). She becomes aggressive and enraged, and will try to subdue the individual or crowd around her. If successful, she will then:

    - Rip out their throats with her jaws

    - Snap their necks

    - Tear their limbs off, one by one

    - Use her horns to penetrate the victim's body, commonly around the chest

    - Slash them to shreds

    - Trample them to death

    - Pierce their body with a sharp wooden or tree branch, using the corpse as a warning to others (her favorite method of "hunting")


    - Muscular build

    - Thick, black fur

    - Long maw of a wolf (although the nose of a canine is replaced with the nostrils of a goat)

    - Sharp horns

    - Long ears and hearing range of a rabbit, sharper at the tips

    - Retractable nails

    - Muscular goat legs

    - Large hooves

    - Wolf tail

    - Multiple scars line her body

    - Red eyes (with an extra eye in the center of her forehead)

    - Mammalian breasts

    - Both male phallus and testes, and vagina


    - Floridian Black Wolf (Canis lupus floridanus)

    - Mountain Goat (Oreamnos americanus)

    - Belgian Draft Horse (Equus ferus caballus)

    - Grizzly Bear (Ursus arctos)

    - Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus)

    - Honey Badger (Mellivora capensis)

    - Skunk (Mephitidae)

    - Jaguar (Panthera onca)

    - Brazilian Wandering Spider (Phoneutria nigriventer)

    - Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias)

    - Nile Crocodile (Crocodylus niloticus)

    - Belgian Hare (Oryctolagus cuniculus)

    - Human (Homo sapiens)


    - Seems to sense "evil" within people. When she senses someone with malicious intentions, she becomes crazed and feral, and will immediately attack them. This usually happens with humans; rarely with any other race or species.

    - She seems attached to children. She isn't hell-bent on saving everyone, but if she must protect a child, then she will.

    - Contrary to the last statement, if a child (below the age of 19) committed a crime that resulted in the death of an individual, whether by accident or on purpose, the child themselves are prone to get attacked and killed by Accalia.

    - She resembles a werewolf, or the "Loboman" as what they call lycanthrope shape shifters in South America.

    - She speaks fluent Spanish and English.

    - She has both male and female private parts.

    - She is able to mate with others like her, although she is not part of any specific race of her kind.

    - Through research, reports, eye witnesses and personal information from Accalia herself, there's no trace of other organisms like her.

    - Theories and legends state that she came to be from the fear and guilt of violators, killers and rapists, the physical manifestation of their consciousness of the actions they committed.

    - Whether if this is true or not, she does have a role to play in as the hero of childrens' imaginations, and she even said she enjoys being a protector of the 'good people', because it benefits everybody.

    [?] (Inspired by SCP – 3887 – B)

     Bronte Moray: [?] Found in New Orleans, Louisiana, coming back from the Gulf of Mexico. [[REDACTED]] soldiers found 12 dead and drowned corpses in the river she was swimming in. When Commander Isa stepped into the water, she was electrocuted with 900 volts of electricity—enough to make a mortal human burn up from the inside out and explode into cooked meat.


    - seems to be an eel merling.

    - can produce electricity with her body, producing a painful shock of 900 volts of electricity! It would overkill any living creature within 6 feet!

    - she is rather shy and cautious than hostile, and is quite friendly once she's comfortable around you, so those attacks might be in self-defense.

    - While the bodies were taken in to be examine, researchers found large chunks missing and bite marks on several bodies. It seems that the woman is an omnivore.

    - very adaptable to her environment (loves swamps more than the open ocean)

    - able to give birth to live young

    The woman, who gave us her name as Bronte Moray, is a mermaid with an eel-like tail. She has the power to produce electricity with her tail, and is also immune to lightning with the help of a special mucus her skin produces when she is in water. Black hair, deep teal eyes and fair skin. [?]

     Arson: [?] Created from an artificial womb that was made by Dissonantia, she was meant to be the evil counterpart of Noah and Armina. Faster, stronger and smarter than both combined, yet she knows how to control herself. Long black hair, tan skin and cyan eyes. Inherited her mother’s powers and is able to control any device, including sentient robots. She is also able to spread viruses by hacking. [?]

    “When the clock strikes six, that is when the monster cries. Raised from the mechanical womb, she is ready to bring your doom. Bright eyes of the sky, skin of a maiden, hair of gleaming black ooze. If she spots you, you are already dead—now the Corrupted Virus shall take your head and seal your tomb!”

     Fluonia: [?] Created with her sister in an artificial womb, she is the rival of Apollonia and Akeldama. Her hunger and thirst for blood is what makes her far more dangerous than the sisters, and she often needs help to control it. She can spread almost all diseases in existence and within a few seconds, she can create a new one or cease one out of existence. With her mother’s inheritance of power, she can bend bones, blood and flesh to use as a weapon. Short and black hair, pale skin and red eyes. [?]

    “As the blood flows through the veins and bodily functions start, the pulse is loud and clear, music to her mother’s heart. Shrieks and wails ring in the air, as they flee from her with dread. Short locks of the dark void, skin of cold snow, eyes are a mad crimson red. Piece by piece, one at a time, the Blood Child will tear you apart!”

    Isabella “Iz” Abiel: [17] Gaining depression after her parents’ divorce, Iz lived a childhood of constant debate with her faith towards God. Until one night, after leaving Nicolas’s (her father, who now has a faithful and Christian girlfriend named Linda) house and starting and argument with her mother Susan in the car, the vehicle rammed into the rear of a semi-truck and her mother died on impact with the windshield. Only Iz managed to survive by a literal miracle, and when the SCP Foundation tried to step in after police took Isabella into custody, the [[REDACTED]] came to help her and her family out. That is when Iz found out she is immortal, and every time she dies, she comes back a second later. And it seems every death draws an entity closer… Warm black hair, fair skin, and brown eyes with vanilla colored glasses. She has an older brother named Jacob, who dyed his hair blonde to match Linda’s. Linda (blonde, beautiful and light skin, with blue eyes) adores Iz, which seems to make Jacob jealous. Nicolas (Brown hair, brown eyes and tan skin) is supportive of his daughter. [Straight]

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    This owes a lot to @madelgard as we were brainstorming some more Piett/Vader stuff.

    Piett gets very sick and has to spend a long time being treated/cared for. Vader tends to come and loom over him in the medbay from time to time, and at first Piett’s terrified his commander’s about to just finish him off for being too weak. Then he finds out that Vader is actually short of terrorising the medics into making sure he’s getting better, and that he refuses to hand over total control to whomever’s standing in for Piett on the bridge. 

    Piett has to carefully kind of... tell him off a bit in order that he allow everyone to just do their job. Vader agrees but also has a bit of a: “So you don’t want me here??” moment and poor Piett has to try and broach the subject of why Vader wants to be here so much in the first place.

    Bonus for Piett semi-deliberately stumbling/fainting into Vader’s arms to test what Vader will do, and Vader angsting over the fact Piett has health problems that could threaten his life.

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    #happy to earn that E rating on the fic with this chapter #my fic#pieder#star wars
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    @jessicamiriamdrew i got you

    heads up these are basically all Nandor/Guillermo fics because ... well, that’s what’s in the tag. that relationship can have some seriously uncomfortable dynamics especially prior to season 2, so just ... be advised. 

    First, just read literally anything by kyrilu. They’re my hands-down favorite WWDITS author. It’s literally what reading a concept novel for the show would have felt like, I imagine. Top picks would be Thou Famished Grave, in which the gang accidentally adopts a manticore; The Gray Card Scheme, where Nandor goes for a second shot at American citizenship through Green Card marriage, which is remarkably sweet and affectionate for all it’s very much a crack scenario; and The Were-Butterly Effect, which is a short 5+1 about ways Guillermo tried to leave the Staten Island house. 

    5 times Nandor thought he was protecting Guillermo’s virginity + 1 time he did not by Vhett (Rated E). Exactly what it says on the tin and man what contents this tin contains!! Very, very funny and yet still manages to be sexy. I’m still not over Nandor texting Guillermo’s putative Grindr hookup in all caps. 

    Scenes from an Alliance by Interrobam (rated M). I do not, as a general rule, read super-long fics because I simply don’t have the attention span for them. This is one where I blew through the first 18 (? ish) chapters that were published at the time, hit the ‘Subscribe’ button and rush to every update. This is a really tightly written arranged marriage AU where Guillermo is very much in his own as a slayer. The worldbuiling is epic while also having a lot of the show’s charm (Empress Lazarro, to start; and Nandor thinking ‘simp’ is short for ‘simpleton’). The character dynamics here really shine. 

    Baby Steps by katiemariie (rated M). Written and reads exactly like an episode of the show. If Nandermo became canon, I expect it would go exactly like this. Every. single. character voice. is just right on the money. So good. 

    Unfamiliar Territory by madelgard (rated E). Featuring jealous!Guillermo and really, really good Nadja dialogue. Have I mentioned recently that I love Nadja? I love Nadja. Anyway this is another fic that really manages to combine the show’s humor (Colin Robinson giving Guillermo a Baskin Robbins giftcard for being sexually frustrated!) with that delightful UST that we all come to fic for. 

    Blood Supply by walkwithursus (rated E). A lot of walkwithursus’ fics are super super good, but this one is my favorite. Palpable desperation and longing. And it doesn’t end with an easy “oh they’re together now and everything’s perfect”, which I find to be a major hiccup in my enjoyment of WWDITS fics. I’m here for the torture. This fic is the best kind of torture. 

    And just for fun, here’s one Jenna/Nadja, which has a disappointingly small amount of fic:

    two small divots by estherroberts (rated E). There’s no sentence-initial capitalization in this fic, but if that stylistic choice doesn’t bother you (it didn’t bother me), this is a surprisingly sweet fic. Jenna’s dialogue is especially true to character. 

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    Rules: We’re snooping on your playlist. Put your entire music on library on shuffle and list the first 10 songs, then choose 10 victims:

    1.) The Last Goodbye - Billy Boyd

    2.) From Finner - Of Monster and Men

    3.) Teak a Break - Hamilton

    4.) Could We Start Again, Please - Jesus Christ Superstar

    5.) Wenn ich an dich denke - wenn Rosenblätter fallen

    6.) Killer Queen - Queen

    7.) Fageln oh vallpojken - Celine

    8.) Doing all right - Queen

    9.) totally fucked - spring awakening

    10.) love changes everything - John Barrowman

    @below-average-fangirl @vampirefreakvienna @billybutchersbabe @madelgard @calamity-bean @urban-trek-thru-middle-earth @lankybrunettepartdeux @sonnefuchs @yueci @noragainesboroughvamp-blog

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    Tagged by @below-average-fangirl .  Thanks for tagging me!

    Rules: name ten favorite characters from ten different things (books, tv, film, etc.) then tag ten people

    1. Éomer - Lord of the rings

    2. Nora Gainesborough - True blood

    3. Peregrine (Pippin) Tuk - Lord of the rings

    4. Éponine Thénardier - Les Miserables

    5. Benvolio Montague - Romeo and Juliet

    6. Morgana - the mists of Avalon

    7. Arthur Pendragon - Merlin

    8. Tina Goldstein - fantastic Beasts and where to find them

    9. Petronella Osgood - Doctor Who

    10. Beatrice Lacy - Rebecca

    @madelgard @vampirefreakvienna @bradleyjamesjr @entropy345 @lankybrunettepartdeux @laguera25 @yueci @burngormania @burngormantrash @calamity-bean

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    #in summary i love charmacden #rape mention / #madelgard#ask
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    madelgard replied to your post “i have glenns twitter notifications on which results in me...”

    He's retweeting & lightly mocking Halloween iasip groups can you believe this is how he uses his time

    i know,, go outside glenn get a job

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