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    october 16

    🍁 Mafia — Marauders

    content warnings: violence, murder, daddy kink, slapping, dp

    “Don’t go,” you whined, wrapping your body around James, trying to keep him from following Sirius and Remus out of bed. 

    You buried your face in his strong chest, sedated by his warm, familiar scent. Normally, he’d wrap an arm around you, but now he was trying to pry you off of him so he could accompany Sirius and Remus to a deal. 

    “Puppy, let him up,” Sirius scolded, pulling you off of the man. 

    “M’coming too,” you sighed, switching to cling to Sirius. 

    “No, back to bed,” Remus ordered. 

    They were getting up in the middle of the night to go to a meeting, insisting you had to stay in bed, protected by their private security stationed outside the doors and windows of your massive bedroom suite. 

    “Daddy, please. I’ll sit in the car and be good!” You begged, looking up at him with wide, hopeful eyes. 

    “I don’t want to have to worry about you-”

    “Rem, we’re going to be late,” James spoke lowly, suggesting that it might be easier to just take you along then leave you to your mischief at home with their bodyguards. 

    “Alright. Come on, let’s get your trainers on,” Sirius sighed, kneeling down to slide the shoes on your feet and tie the laces. 

    Remus grasped your chin, making you look up at him. You jutted your lower lip out, pulling the sleeves of your pink sweats over your hands. 

    “If we let you come, you must obey everything we say. Understand me?” Remus’ deep voice thundered through you. 

    “Yes, daddy,” you nodded. 

    “What happens if you disobey?” James prompted as a further reminder. 

    “I get spanked and I don’t get to cum.”

    Remus let go of you, praying that you actually behaved and wouldn’t make them regret letting you join. 

    “Wait!” You gasped before leaving the room, reaching for a stuffed bear that James had given you. Remus’ gaze was hard, but James quietly handed you the comfort item, hushing you before you broke into pathetic, insomnia-fueled whining. 

    “Come on, puppy,” Sirius said, anxious from having you join them. He preferred to keep you far away from their work, far from the violence and danger and drugs. 

    He climbed in the backseat with you, letting you snuggle under his arm while Remus drove into the city, James riding shotgun. Sleepiness caught up with you, your body remembering it was nearly four in the morning. Sirius’ inked hand came up to cradle your head, keeping you from being jostled by the uneven road. 

    The boys talked quietly, keeping their voices low so they didn’t disturb you. Sirius gently woke you up when you arrived at the destination, helping you out of the car and keeping your hand in his. 

    “Don’t speak to anyone. Don’t disrupt the meeting, just keep quiet,” James instructed, and you held the bear tight to your chest. Your other hand was wrapped in Sirius’s, the one not holding his gun. 

    Sirius glanced down at you when you yawned softly, pressing a tender kiss to your forehead. They went into a large office, and you were pulled sideways onto Sirius’s lap, letting you lay on his chest with an arm around you. 

    The discussion soon turned into muffled sounds as you drifted off into sleep, dozing in and out on his lap. 

    “What’s she got? A stuffed animal? What is she, a toddler?” A man mocked you, catching your attention. 

    Your sleep-bleary mind couldn’t react any way other than breaking down into tears, overly tired and emotionally wounded. 

    “S-Siri-” you stuttered out. 

    “Shh, puppy, it’s okay,” Sirius tried to pacify you, turning your face into his chest and stroking a tattooed hand through your hair. 

    A shot rang off from James’ gun, with almost no hesitation about avenging his innocent lover who’d been mocked by the disrespectful guard. Sirius didn’t allow you to look up, keeping his hand firmly placed on your head. 

    “Come on, puppy,” he lifted you and carried you back to the car. 

    Another round of sobs hit you, and Sirius couldn’t wipe your tears away faster than they fell. He softly urged you to tell him what you were so beside yourself about, but it wasn’t until all three of them were doting on you that you’d relaxed enough to speak coherently. 

    “I-I’m sorry… I don’t want you to b-be mad, I didn’t try to dis-rupt your meeting!” You stammered through sharp breaths. 

    “We aren’t upset with you. It’s not your fault, you were perfect, so well behaved,” Remus soothed, his voice much softer than before. 

    You struggled to calm yourself down, even after being assured you weren’t in trouble. Your knuckles were white from gripping your bear, and your cheeks and neck were tearstained. 

    “Switch with me, Padfoot,” James said affectionately. 

    He took the tattooed man’s place, undoing your seatbelt and maneuvering you onto his lap. James gently pressed kisses to your cheeks, nudging you with the tip of his nose. 

    “Look at the pretty lights,” he whispered, watch them glitter by as Remus flew down the interstate in his luxury vehicle. 

    He hummed softly, rubbing your back as you watched the lights, eventually relaxing. 

    “Daddy?” You called to Remus.

    “Yes, baby?”

    “Can we get some French fries on the way home?” You asked pitifully, rubbing your eyes and hoping he’d go for it. 

    James held back a laugh, and Sirius grinned, nodding at Remus. He went through a drive through, ordering French fries for his baby in a luxury car, notorious in the city for being a gang leader. 

    He handed you a box of French fries, and James opened his mouth, letting you feed him one. You ate them calmly, asking James to hold your bear. He obliged you, and as soon as the snack was finished, you were drifting back off to sleep on his lap. 

    James quietly kissed your cheek, carrying you back inside. The sun still had not risen in the sky, darkness surrounding your peaceful home. The guards fell silent as James carried your sleeping form back upstairs, laying you gently in bed. 


    You woke up in your empty room, none of the boys around you. The events of the morning slowly returned to your memory, and you went to the shower to wash them away. Your wet hair fell over your shoulders, and you wrapped a fluffy towel around your body, walking to their office. 

    “Good morning, puppy,” Sirius smirked, and you walked to him, giving the man a kiss. He pulled on the towel, letting it fall to the floor, leaving you completely naked before the three. 

    Sirius pressed open-mouthed kisses along your breasts, your waist being squeezed in his tattooed hands. James’ hands groped the globes of your ass before dipping down to run his fingers through your slit. 

    “Already nice and wet for us, huh, puppy?” James teased, circling your dripping hole with his fingertips. 

    “She knows she has to take care of the boss first,” Remus’ voice broke through the haze that was beginning to cloud your mind. 

    “You heard daddy,” Sirius slapped your ass, leaving a handprint on the smooth skin. 

    You knelt between his spread legs, opening your mouth obediently, gently lapping at the swollen tip of his cock before he pushed it down your throat. Your low whine vibrated around him as Remus began to fuck your throat, both hands on your head, helping guide your movements.  

    “Shh, baby,” he hushed when you choked on his massive size. 

    “Be a good girl and swallow, yeah?” James encouraged, wiping the strained tears that streaked down your pretty cheeks. 

    You felt Remus’ cock twitch before he spilled down your throat as you frantically swallowed, trying to suck down all of his load. 

    “There you go, puppy. Such a good little cumslut.” 

    You preened under his praise, leaning back against James as you caught your breath. His hand wrapped around your throat as his mouth worked to mark your collarbones. 

    “Let’s get her to the couch, I can’t wait to tear up our sweet little puppy,” Sirius said, helping you onto the couch in their office. 

    “God, your cunt is fucking soaked. Are you this horny from sucking off daddy?” James pushed apart your lips with his fingers, letting Sirius toy with your clit that was swollen and throbbing. 

    You jerked forward, closer to James, who wrapped your hand around his swelling cock. You stroked him a few times before helping him align with your pussy, sinking down onto him as he stretched you out. 

    “James!” You gasped, clinging to his body as he dragged along your channel, thrusting his hips up into yours.

    You whimpered when you felt Sirius grip your ass, spreading you apart and rubbing his cock against your tight hole. He hushed your soft whimpers, unable to protest as James fucked perfectly into your g-spot. 

    “Stretch her ass out, Pads. She can take it, even if she squeals,” Remus smirked, earning a wounded look from you. 

    Your expensively manicured nails dug into James’ back as Sirius pushed into your ass, tearing a scream from your lips. 


    “I don’t want to hear that nasty word out of your mouth,” Remus commanded, bringing his palm down on your cheek. 

    A pathetic whimper slipped from your lips  as Sirius bottomed out, only giving you a moment to adjust before rocking his hips in the opposite rhythm of James, the men fucking you hard and fast between them. 

    Sirius’s tattooed hand squeezed your throat, keeping your back against his chest, slamming his hips against your ass as James’ hips bruised yours. Your head dropped back over Sirius’ heart, against the tattoo that read ‘puppy’. 

    “I’m going to get you off first, puppy, so you’re nice and sensitive when Siri and I pump your holes full of cum,” James grinned, patting your cheek that was still smarting from Remus’ correction. 

    Your eyes squeezed shut as he brought a small vibrator to your clit, forcing his cock into you even harder, making your core tense up as pressure built between your hips. The pain of Sirius stretching your ass was delicious. And you could feel both of them throbbing inside of you. Nerves sparked in your entire body, and you tried to squirm away, though it was impossible. 

    Your scream rang out, bouncing off of the walls as you gushed around them, squirting onto the leather couch and their thighs as you tremored from the intensity of your orgasm. 

    Your body felt like it was on fire as they continued thrusting into you, the overstimulation burning through your nerves. Sirius’ hand clamped over your mouth to silence your screams, burying himself fully in your ass before emptying his cum inside of you. Remus handed him a plug to keep it all in, and Sirius held you still while James finished in your pussy. 

    “What a mess you made,” James smirked, watching the thick white cream drip from your puffy pussy after he pulled out. 

    You couldn’t form any words, only a moan as Sirius pulled out of your ass, quickly pushing the plug in to keep his warm load inside of you. 

    “So good for us, baby.” 

    You accepted a kiss from each of them, too blissed out to even think. They’d fucked you completely dumb, leaving your head spinning and your body aching and full. 

    “Let’s get you cleaned up, then you can sit with me until I finish work, yeah?” Sirius offered, earning a small nod from you.

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    “the edge of tonight” part six - the apartment

    pairing: namjoon x reader (lots of platonic ot7 x reader)
    rating: T (for tears)
    updates: Saturdays at 12pm MST (sneak peeks given the Tuesday before)
    summary: A part of him died that night. A larger part died when they couldn’t find you, and over the years whatever was left of him grew cold and hard. It was that ice inside him that got their gang to the top, that gave them power, and money, and all the things a normal mafioso would be more than satisfied with. But none of it meant anything to Namjoon. All Namjoon wanted was you back in his arms. That was the underlying motive in everything he did. For the past ten years, Namjoon built himself an empire, just so he could find the reason his heart beat.
    this chapter: You find someone in your apartment.
    tw: mafia!au, swearing, angst, some heavy topics are mentioned but not delved into (kidnapping, abuse, trauma, rape, self-harm)
    word count: ~4.3k
    the edge of tonight series masterlist
    Thank you for reading! Enjoy!! Let me know what you think!!

    The cab ride was almost quiet. Almost. Your heart was pounding so loudly in your ears that you couldn't really hear the music playing quietly from the radio, or the warm air blowing from the vents, or the cab driver who kept asking you if you were okay. She was a sweet woman, old enough to probably have grandchildren somewhere. Eventually, her voice broke through.

    "Sugarplum, are you doing okay?" She kept looking back at you through the rearview mirror, concern etched on her face.

    Your lips tilted up at the name. Sugarplum. That one was new. "No," you croaked. Your hand hadn't left your chest since you got in the car. Maybe if you just pressed down hard enough your heart would still itself, would stop trying to jump out of you. Maybe if you squeezed it tight enough it wouldn't break anymore, and all the shards would squish themselves back together.

    "Was that your ex on those steps?" You cringed at the word ex. Technically you never broke up, although ten years and a betrayal were probably grounds for an argument that you weren't still together either. "Damn fine-ass looking men, always breaking sweet young girls' hearts. What'd he do, sugarplum?"

    "More like what he didn't do," you mumbled, not expecting her to hear you, but the way you caught her shaking her head told you she did.

    "Mmm, that's even worse. You listen here, sugar, you're probably better off without the likes of him. Someday you'll find a good man, why, I remember the first time my husband…" You stopped listening, just letting her go on, letting the sound of her voice help ground you.

    You leaned your forehead against the window, the cool glass feeling nice on your skin. You stared, unblinking, at the passing buildings, wondering exactly what you were going to do next.

    You couldn't stay in Seoul, that much was obvious. But you couldn't really go back to Busan either. Half the Busan underground wanted you dead, that was part of why you took the job in Seoul in the first place. It was supposed to give you a break, a reprieve from the near-constant attempts on your life down south. Not reunite you with your old boyfriend's gang.

    We missed you.

    Hobi's words rang in your mind again. The way he begged you to stay flashed through your head as well, the way he held onto your wrist, so gentle, yet so desperate. You hadn't believed him, but looking back on the past few months, on your encounters with each of them, you could see it.

    We missed you.

    It was the way Yoongi asked you to come home with him, offering you his personal apartment so you wouldn't have to interact with them, just so you would have a safer place to live. The way he still gave you his address and phone number, how he left his bag of groceries on your table so you would have something else to eat besides cereal.

    We missed you.

    It was the way Jin went out of his way to find you a dress instead of his date. The way he told you he wouldn't tell the others about meeting you, how he didn't even try talking to you until you reached out first.

    We missed you.

    You could even see it when you were talking with Jungkook, and you didn't even know each other! Or, at least, you didn't know him. It was the way he looked at you like you just handed him the missing puzzle piece to complete the picture. The way he didn't even bother defending himself, how he only wanted to tell you - convince you - to go with him, back to the one your heart still wanted.

    We missed you.

    It was the way he looked at you. The way he called your name. The way he had run after you, not willing to let you go again, how he tried reaching out to you, to pull you back to him.

    I miss you too.

    You tried to only let yourself think it once. If you dwelled on it longer than that, you'd spiral back down, back into the abyss of whys and what ifs and if onlys. You'd fall back in time, back to when you were 16, scared and lonely and hurt. You'd feel the broken promises and shattered hopes all over again, and you couldn't let yourself do that, not tonight. Not tonight, when you were 26, and scared, and lonely, and hurt.

    I miss you.

    Because, if you were being honest with yourself, you did want him to pull you back. To wrap you up in his arms, the way you remembered, nice and tight and warm. Safe and loved and protected.

    I miss you.

    But that's what it used to be, you didn't know if it would still be the same now. You could've found out if only you hadn't been so overwhelmed, if only you hadn't already been running, if only things had gone differently tonight.

    I miss you.

    You'd never say it out loud, you couldn't bear to deal with the repercussions. You didn't dare wonder what would come of it if you did say it out loud, if you did admit it to those you still wanted to say it to. You knew they'd take you back, open arms. They wouldn't even question it.

    I miss you.

    "Sugarplum, is this where you live?" It was then you noticed the cab had pulled over, and you were in front of the alley that led to your apartment. The driver was looking back at you with concern, like this was a joke.

    "Uh, yeah" you cleared your throat, "I live behind the building."

    She looked out the window again before turning back to you. "Sugar, that is the sketchiest looking alleyway I have ever seen. You sure you live back there?"

    A small chuckle escaped your lips. "Yeah, I know it looks pretty bad, I've already been told." Yoongi's voice rang through your head. "But it's surprisingly safe. No one would imagine someone like me is hiding back there."

    "Your feet are gonna freeze walking through that snow in those shoes, but you do you I guess." You simply nodded, you already knew that. Your feet nearly froze walking through the snow leaving your apartment for the night. As cute as your outfit was, it was not exactly conducive to keeping you warm.

    You reached underneath your skirt to the strap on your thigh - purses and clutch bags were far too easy to steal - and grabbed what cash you had left and your apartment key. Part of you was amazed you hadn't lost either in your escape. You reached forward, handing the money over to pay for the drive.

    She hesitated, as if she wasn't going to make you pay, but ended up taking it. After all, she was only human and had her own living to make too. You might live in one of the worst places she'd ever seen, but you were clearly still well enough off to attend the ball tonight. "You stay safe now, sugarplum."

    You smiled, a rare genuine smile, and opened the door. "Thank you. You too." The cold air hit you like a truck, but you didn't let it phase you. She took off once you closed the door, leaving you alone with your thoughts and a snow-filled alley.

    You were about to start trudging through the alley, arms wrapped around you to try and keep yourself warm, when you noticed a sleek, black car parked up against the curb.

    "Fuck," you muttered. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck." You didn't know who it was, but you knew who they were with, and they were still probably going to be one of the very last people you wanted to see right now. You didn't have an option though.

    Sighing, you started making your way towards your shitty little apartment. You had never said you disagreed with Yoongi, the place was absolutely terrible. The water in the shower and sinks was always cold, and you definitely didn't trust the pipes or plumbing system enough to drink it. That's why you bought water from the store. The only electric plug that worked was the one the mini-fridge was plugged into, so you usually spent your mornings hanging out in the local coffee shop to charge your phone.

    You didn't know when the floor had last been cleaned before you moved in. Actually, you didn't know if the floor had ever been cleaned. You had tried once when you first moved in, but after scrubbing for several hours on end and no apparent progress made, you chose to just wear your shoes inside. The couch had been left behind by a previous tenant and was put in recently enough that it didn't have nearly as many issues as the rest of the place.

    You couldn't deny that part of you was glad to finally get out of the apartment. Even just the few months you had spent there was more than enough. You felt a pang in your heart at the thought of leaving Seoul, but you shoved it back down. Right now was not the time for emotions, right now was the time to make sure you didn't get killed or kidnapped (again), to get what was essential from your apartment, and get out.

    Your feet were sopping wet and beyond cold by the time you made it through the alley. You looked down the small staircase that led to your door. Large, probably male, footprints were imprinted in the snow, heading into your apartment. Someone was here, and you could only hope it was a friend rather than a foe.

    This wasn't how the night was supposed to go. You were given specific instructions to leave the ball with Park Jimin. The fact that you ran out, without him, and you were caught doing so, all spelled out trouble for you. The people who hired you were already getting upset, you'd been in Seoul for how long and still hadn't gotten anything done? You had to negotiate the hell out of the deal to get you into the ball, and you were not supposed to leave without Jimin.

    Well, now you were leaving behind the job, and the city, and probably the majority of the money, due to your own stupid rules for payment. Someone was in there, and as long as they didn't go straight for the kill as soon as you opened the door, you had a chance to get the upper hand, get your shit, and get the fuck out.

    You realized with a sigh, if it came to that exact scenario, you would be further running through the cold and the snow in this goddamn dress and heels. It would be a miracle if you didn't have frostbite by the end of the night. You descended the steps carefully, taking care to step in the footprints that were already there. It gave your frozen toes a small reprieve.

    Were they kind enough, at least, to leave the door unlocked for you? You hoped so, the key still was wrapped up in your hand and you weren't sure you could uncurl your fingers to use it. You sighed right outside the door. Carefully you pulled one hand away from your arm and wrapped it around the cold doorknob. You gave it a small twist, just to check if it was locked, and to your delight (or fear? You weren't sure which) it turned.

    The door was unlocked.

    You didn't let yourself think about what came next. You simply acted. You pushed the door open and stormed in, yelling, "Whichever one you are, get out!"

    "Please don't leave!" Whoever was there yelled once they saw you in the doorway, their voice ringing out over yours. It sounded strangely familiar, and not in the I'm here to kill you way. Your brow furrowed as you peered through the darkness, trying to see who was there while blindly reaching for the light switch. You flipped the lights on, but that didn't help your confusion.


    The man was sitting on your couch, dressed in a three-piece suit, looking up at you with his stupid doe eyes. It surprised you the first time you had met him, how innocent he looked, especially for the line of work he was in. It angered you now.

    "What are you doing here? How did you beat me?" You hadn't seen him at the ball, but Jin had said that everyone was going to be there, and you definitely left with plenty of time to get here before anyone who would want to follow you got here first. He also was definitely not one of the people you were expecting.

    "I wasn't there tonight," he answered, standing up. "I got out of it. I was chilling at my place when Yoongi-hyung texted me your address, I was just a few blocks away." Well, that was it. You were officially going to kill Yoongi, that is if you ever see him again. Jungkook's eyes roamed over you, and you felt way too exposed, even in your simple outfit. "God, you must be freezing. Here, come sit down. Let me help you, please."

    You backed away as he reached out for you, much in the way you had when Nam— he had. "I don't need your help," you spat, "and I don't want it. Get out."

    You could see it in Jungkook's eyes. He knew you weren't referring to this moment. He knew you were referring to all of them, how you were rejecting all of them. You hated how he saw right through you, like you were nothing more than a freshly-cleaned window. You hated how he didn't look angry or hurt or sad. No, he held nothing but concern in his eyes for you.

    Just like the rest of them did. They were all so concerned for you. And you hated them for that.

    It made it harder to let them go.

    "Please," he said again, voice quiet, "don't leave."

    You shook your head, willing back tears and a desire to give in to him. "You don't understand—"

    "No, Noona, listen to me, please."

    "Noona??" The term caught you off-guard, and you found your resolve crumble just a little bit.

    Jungkook shrugged, but his cheeks turned the faintest shade of pink. "Yeah, uh, you're older than me, by a few months. Jin-hyung mentioned it to me once."

    You let out a breath, closing your eyes. Your tongue poked at the inside of your cheek – a habit you had picked up from Namjoon years ago. You thought you had gotten rid of it, but being in Seoul recently and meeting all your old friends again seemed to have brought it back. "Jungkook, I have to go," you tried again, much calmer than before.

    "I know you're not running from us, Noona—"

    "God, please don't," you interrupted him, feeling your skin crawl at the title again. "My name is fine." You finally moved, not being able to stand in front of the open door any longer. You closed it, but not all the way, leaving it open just a crack, and then sat down on the couch and wrapped yourself up in the blanket there. It was thin, but it did the job.

    Jungkook eyed the door, you could see the questions in his mind, but he didn't push it closed. Instead, he sat down next to you and continued. "I know you're not running from us. You're running from something else, and we can help you."

    "Can you, Jungkook?" You asked, voice exasperated. "Can you help me with how I can't stand doors being fully closed because it makes me feel like I'm trapped? Or how I haven't slept on a bed in years because of the nightmares I still get? How I wake up every two to three hours when I do sleep because that's how often I was raped? How sometimes I have to hurt myself because the pain is the only thing that grounds me back to reality?"

    You were surprised how normal the words sounded coming from you, as if you were just having a light conversation over lunch. As if these were simply basic facts of life, instead of the traumas you had dealt with for the better part of ten years. You dared to look in his eyes, wide with shock, and you saw your answer.

    "I don't know," he said, and if he was saddened or upset at all he wasn't letting it show, "but I know running away won't help anything either. Please, Noon—Y/N. Just give us a chance. You could trust us."

    "I can't trust anyone."

    "You can trust us." He looked so sincere in his words, so earnest. You hated how it made your heart soften. He looked so innocent, so pure. So much like you had before everything went down. "Please. Stay. Maybe not here exactly, but in Seoul, at least."

    Part of you wanted to give in. To accept his – and by extension the gang's – help. Part of you wanted to tell him off. To kick him out and deal with things your own way. You didn't want to deal with this all over again. Trust meant betrayal. It meant willingly handing your heart over to the person, or people, you were trusting, and hoping they didn't drop it. You had trusted once. You had believed him. And look where you were now because of it.

    Overall though, you were tired. You were so goddamn tired. And you were tired of everything. You let out a long, deep sigh.

    "One," you told him. "I will give you one chance, and if this fucks me over again, your head is first."

    The smile that lit his face was blinding in a bad way. He shouldn't have been this happy at your threat. You vaguely remembered Yoongi's words, "he has this thing with pain", but you were pretty sure pain in that context didn't translate to death.

    "Oh thank God," he said, standing up, practically vibrating. "I really didn't want to throw you over my shoulder and carry you out to the car."

    Your eyes went wide at his confession, and you rethought kicking him out. "That was your Plan B?"

    "No way, no," Jungkook assured you, but you weren't sure you believed him. "Plan B was locking you in here with me, and Plan C was following you wherever you went. Kidnapping you was 'Plan Last Resort Only' – I was pretty sure you didn't want a repeat of ten years ago."

    Although he started explaining with confidence, by the time he got to the end of his little speech, he was looking down, like he was ashamed to even bring it up. His mood changed on a dime though, suddenly he was back to his happy-go-lucky attitude and his stupid smile.

    "So are you emotionally attached to anything here?" Jungkook asked, glancing around at the very few personal belongings you had. The only things you really cared about were—

    "The jacket, and the hat," you nodded at the clothing rack where the two familiar items were hanging. They were more important to you than you currently cared to admit. You threw the blanket off and stood up. "Help me move the couch."

    "Um, I don't think the couch will fit in my car," Jungkook said quietly. You could tell he was trying to not upset you, especially since you agreed to his help, but was ultimately confused by your request. You didn't explain, instead you simply grabbed underneath the arm of the piece and started pulling it away from the wall.

    "Okay," you heard him as he moved to the opposite end. With his help, the task was much easier than it had been when you first moved in, and within seconds the piece of furniture was across the tiny room.

    You weren't actually emotionally attached to the couch, you had slept on better ones before. But behind the couch was a very large hole in the wall, and resting in that hole was a very large, black duffle bag. "That too," you told him, pointing at it. "That needs to come with us."

    "Oh! Okay, yeah, sure," he responded, now that he didn't think you were serious about taking the couch. You reached around him for your green jacket and red baseball cap, the same ones you'd had for years. You put them on while Jungkook lifted the bag onto his shoulder. "Shit, what do you have in here?" It wasn't heavy, per se, but he wasn't expecting the weight either.

    "Two guns and just under 8 million won."

    Jungkook's eyes bugged out at you. "You have nearly 8 million won and you chose to live here?"

    "Critique my life choices later, I'd still like to get out of here." You still weren't sure if you had been followed by others, and although you still didn't fully trust him, Jungkook was offering you safety and protection. You had to take that offer while you were both still alive for it.

    You pulled the door open, internally cringing at the prospect of walking through the snow again. You should've changed out of your heels and dress before you moved the couch, but in the moment you didn't have the foresight for that.

    "I could carry you?" Jungkook offered, noticing your hesitancy. You immediately shook your head no, you could brave it again, you just needed to muster up the mental stamina. But after such an emotionally draining night, you weren't sure how much left you had to muster. "At least let me carry you through the super deep snowy parts," he tried again. "I know you're already really cold, and you'll probably get sick later – I don't want it to get any worse."

    Fuck him and his reasonableness. You had been pushing it off, but you knew he was right, you were absolutely going to be sick in the morning. And trudging through the snow for the third time tonight would only make it worse for you in a few hours. You sighed in defeat, and mumbled, "Fine." Jungkook turned the light off, and you were once again drowned in the near darkness of the night.

    He picked you up bridal style, and your arms wrapped around his neck out of instinct. It didn't feel like he would drop you, the man had a surprising amount of muscle hiding underneath his suit, but you didn't want to be caught off guard. You reached around him, closing the door, and closing that unpleasant part of your life.

    He didn't seem to have any issues carrying both you and the duffle. Despite his relaxed attitude, however, you were still on edge. Really, you had never been off edge, that's what constantly running did to a person. You glanced around, trying to spot shadows that shouldn't be moving. After a few minutes, you finally broke the silence, for no other reason than you needed a distraction. "So, Mr. You Can Trust Us, where are we going?"

    Jungkook chuckled, before turning serious again. "Protocol states that I take you back to my place," he explained, "but in your specific case, we should probably go to the main house. You'll be safest there." You nodded, not necessarily agreeing with him, but you did understand what he meant. Why hide out alone in a single apartment when you could be in a mansion (you assumed) surrounded by at least five people who want absolutely nothing bad to happen to you?

    Probably. Five people who probably wanted absolutely nothing bad to happen to you.

    The squeeze through the alley was less than comfortable, and you offered several times to get down, but Jungkook only responded by holding you to his chest tighter. There was no way he was letting you go – in more ways than one – especially when he could feel you shivering from the cold. You weren't even aware of how cold you were. You poked at his chest again once the alley was cleared and you were back on the sidewalk. "You can put me down now, Jungkook."

    Except he didn't. He continued to carry you to his car, all shiny and black, and still held you as he fumbled with getting the keys out of his pocket. The car unlocked and he pulled the passenger side door open, gently placing you inside. You curled up on the seat, still shivering, the cool leather not really helping you. He closed the door, then opened the backseat door and threw the duffle onto the leather before closing that one as well and walking around to the driver's side.

    The car came to life quietly, and warm air flowed from the vents immediately. Your body relaxed into the seat, even though your mind was still wary of everything going on around you. You balled your hands into your pockets out of habit, when you noticed something missing. "Oh, shit, my phone."

    "You mean this ancient piece of shit?" Jungkook asked, pulling the device from his suit pocket as he drove. "You left it on the table and it would not stop going off. Someone really wants to talk to you. I didn't answer, just put it on silent so I wouldn't have to hear it anymore. Which reminds me—" he was cut off by the screen lighting up as another call came through, with the one name you really didn't want to see right now.

    "Who the fuck is Jackson?"

    Ahh this chapter was so fun to write! I hope you liked it. Feedback is always appreciated, please let me know what you think!! I love hearing from you guys, even if you’re screaming at me.
    Super special thank you to my (not so tiny anymore) taglist! Let me know if you want to be added and subsequently become a Cool Kid™️
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    "...ah, apologies, I had no idea there was still someone..."

    People usually didn't stay longer than needed in the archives. Not many could tolerate the stale, musty smell and how claustrophobic it could be. It suited her just fine. The less people she had to deal with, the better.

    Murasaki loved that place. It was her own private safe haven. One does not need an Ability to rearrange books and find info after all...

    "Did you need something else...?"

    #☆ LADY MURASAKI'S DIARY ☆ [ IC ] #☆ [ OPEN STARTER ] ☆ #LADY MURASAKI'S DIARY ☆ [ AU : PORT MAFIA ] #(( taking a break from lemony brairot to throw my girl murasaki on the dash )) #(( i don't get to use her port mafia au enough )) #(( come get your shy archivist ))
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    Pairing: undercover!Hwiyoung x fem!reader ft. Sf9 members as mafia members

    Warnings: mentions of death, guns, smut, suggestive content, brief mentions of a cigarette

    Word count: 2.3k words

    Genre: Mafia AU, angst, fluff from time to time, smut/suggestive content

    Plot: being the daughter of a dealer wasn't easy, especially when he had so many debts and was now dead. Ever since your dad passed away, you've been paying his debts with your own life and body but fortunately that is about to change when a charming boy appears out of the blue to save you. But, is he going to give you a better life or you're just changing the location of your doom? Is he trying to protect you from others or does he also want to use you like an exchange currency like everyone else did?

    A/N: Guess who's back 👀🤭😳 Hope you enjoy it!! ❤❤

    Taglist -> @staysstrays @grungiejaems @io-is-lame @ailoveyuta @jaysbestie @mayfifolle @slut-for-fandoms (ask me to be added!)

    Unable to tag -> @i-sa-bella @user127dream

    Previous chapter - - - Masterlist - - - Next chapter

    “You’re actually pretty good.” Hwiyoung said with a huge and proud smile across his face. You have been going to the shooting range to improve the shooting skills you apparently had for 2 weeks now. You felt really hesitant in the very beginning to be honest but as days went by and as Hwiyoung showed you that you wouldn’t use the weapon unless you were in danger, you started to get more and more used to it and even enjoyed spending time with Hwiyoung in the shooting range. You couldn’t tell if it was the proud feeling you felt every time he praised you for shooting right in the center of the bull’s-eye or if it was the dangerous closeness between your body and Hwioyung’s but now, after 2 weeks, you were willing to wake up and come to the daily practice you two had. “Will you let me go out alone today as a prize for being good then?” You said, removing the huge headphones from your ears and mirroring his wide smile as you turned to face him. “We’ll see.” He said, a small laugh escaping his lips. “Oh come on, I haven’t gone out alone since last week!” You said, low-key sounding like a teenager asking her parents for permission to go out until late night for the first time.

    Yes, you never knew you would grow so close to the boy that saved you almost a month ago from your worst nightmare but after spending so much time together, it was unavoidable to not get close to him. Now, he would even let you go out on your own from time to time so you could just enjoy a normal life, one of those you longed for so much ever since you were a teenager. “Where will you go though? It’s sunday.” Hwiyoung said, handing you the helmet before starting the engine of his motorcycle. “I’ve heard they opened a new cafe near my house, I want to go check it.” You said with dreamy eyes. It’s been more than a month since the last time you walked around the neighborhood where you grew up and, to be honest, you missed strolling around the same streets you have always walked on. “Buy me lunch then.” Hwiyoung suddenly said. Even though you couldn’t see his face because of the helmet and he was looking forward into the road, you could hear his devilish smile. “What?? No way!” You complained, slightly slapping his shoulder before wrapping your arms back around his torso so you wouldn’t fall from the vehicle. “Then you won’t be able to go out alone this week.” He said, the same devilish smile from before echoing through his helmet. “Fine. What do you want?” You asked, rolling your eyes and knowing the only way he would let you alone today would be accepting his deal. “Ramen.” He said with a wide smile. “Want me to add some seafood or vegetables, sir?” You said with a curious tone even though you already knew the answer, enjoying teasing him more and more as days went by. “Do it and I won’t let you go out alone ever again.” He said once you arrived in front of his apartment. “You’re starting to sound like Rowoon.” You said rolling your eyes as you removed the helmet from your head and tidied your hair a bit before waving him a goodbye to go to the said cafe.

    The day was absolutely perfect for walking around the neighborhood. Not too hot nor too cold, just the perfect temperature to walk with just a soft jacket and a small scarf to cover your throat just in case it got a bit cooler when the night fell. It really felt refreshing, like when you get out of a warm shower after a hard day at work or after working out so hard at the gym. You couldn’t understand how such small things could make someone as happy and as peaceful as you were feeling right there and right then. It even made you feel like you were living in a lie. Like you were going to turn around the corner and your parents would be waiting there for you like they used to do when you were in school. Like nothing of the things you have gone through in the last month ever happened. Like you had a complete normal life like any other girl of your age had. But all of that was just part of your perfect imagination.

    Just like you’ve heard, the new cafe was placed right on the corner of the street where your house was. It looked so chic and aesthetic from the outside but once you entered, it felt like it was out of one of those k-dramas you loved watching when you were a teen. It was a cozy cafe with beautiful brown tones decorating the walls and a few plants decorating the shelves, windows and walls. “Would you like to order something ma’am?” A young boy asked you with a huge smile on his face. You were so busy admiring the beautiful place that you completely forgot where you were and that you were supposed to order something. “Oh yeah, I would like an Iced Americano.” You shyly said, getting your wallet from your bag. ‘Where did I put the money Hwiyoung gave me?’ You wondered as you opened the wallet and noticed it was empty.


    “It’s my money! Why are you refusing to give it back?” Hwiyoung complained after asking you to give him his money back for the nth time. “You gave it to me!! It’s not yours anymore!” You complained as well, taking your wallet away from his hands. “Oh come on! I promise I will give it back before you need it.” He said with puppy eyes, knowing you wouldn’t be able to resist them. He was right.


    “Ah… that idiot really let me go out without money…” You quietly cursed him, face palming yourself when you remembered the conversation you had yesterday while eating lunch. “Here’s your coffee ma’am.” The young boy said, handing you a huge cup of coffee. “Oh I’m sorry but I just noticed I don’t have any money.” You said with sad eyes, feeling really bad for making the young boy prepare your coffee and not being able to drink it. “I’ll pay for it, don’t worry.” A familiar male voice said behind you.

    “Chani?” You said as you met his gaze when you turned around. “Hey, good to see you again.” He said with a wide smile, paying for your coffee and his and taking both cups to sit on one of the tables. “Yeah… I never thought I would see you somewhere like here.” You said, slightly bowing at him for paying for your coffee and inviting you to sit with him. “Well, you know, I also enjoy having a normal life from time to time.” He said laughing, taking a small sip from his coffee. You never took a seat to think about it but you guessed he was kind of right. For some people, mafia life is not always the best thing in the world. “Does Youngbin let you come here on your own?” You asked, sipping your coffee as well, not really knowing if asking him about his mafia life was actually a good idea. “He doesn’t really like it but it is the least he can do for me after all I do for him. He’s not that bad after all.” Chani said, defending his older friend. You just nodded, taking another sip. “How about you?” He suddenly ask. Definitely, his question caught you completely off guard. Hwiyoung has told you plenty of times that you couldn’t let others know who he was and what you were doing now. “I’ve heard you’re not with Rowoon anymore.” Chani added, looking at you with curious eyes. “Yeah… I’m now with another person.” You said, trying your best to not give him much information about your new life with Hwiyoung. “Youngkyun, right? I’ve heard he’s not a bad guy.” Chani said, finishing his first coffee. You were surprised that Chani actually knew everything about what you have been doing and about Rowoon’s deal with Hwiyoung. “How do you know?” You dared to ask, your hands already sweating and knees shaking in nervousness. “Rumors run fast in our world, you know. But don’t worry, I’m happy you could quit that terrible life you had with Rowoon.” Chani said, a small smile appearing on his face, giving you that peaceful vibe he gave you the day you both met at that party. “I wish I could do the same…” He suddenly said, making you look at him with curious eyes as well. “I entered Youngbin’s group to save my little brother so yeah, I know how you’ve been feeling until now.” He confessed. Suddenly, he looked even more friendly now that you knew the story behind his entrance in the mafia. “I shouldn’t have said that… Promise you’ll keep the secret?” He said, pulling out his pinky finger with a small smile on his lips. You couldn’t help intertwining your pinky with his to seal the deal. Somehow, after knowing he was in the mafia to save his little brother, you felt more connected to him because, after all, none of you wanted to have this life. In other words, both of you have been forced to suffer because of others’ actions.

    Both of you spent a few more hours sharing some coffee and stories about your lives, finding out you are not so different from each other. “And then I-.” He was telling you how he entered Youngbin’s group with more details when your phone started to ring, cutting him off. “Oh sorry, it’s Youngkyun I have to answer.” You said, excusing yourself and taking Hwiyoung’s call. “Where the hell are you? It’s getting late.” Hwiyoung said with a mad tone. “Calm down, I’m almost there.” You said, rolling your eyes. “You better be here in 10 minutes.” Hwiyoung said before hanging up. “He might not be a bad guy but he definitely is the toxic psycho boyfriend everyone thinks he is.” Chani said, letting out a small laugh. “Toxic psycho boyfriend?” You asked confused, not really knowing what he meant. “Yeah, everyone pictured him like that after the deal he made with Rowoon.” Chani said, leaning back on his chair. Right… The deal...


    “She’s just hateful but I gotta do whatever it takes to get that little ring of hers.” Rowoon said, sipping on his cup. “What if I pay you a good amount of money? You let her come with me and I get the ring. It’s a good deal isn’t it?” Hwiyoung said, sipping on his cup as well. His hands were sweating and his heart race was in 1000 but he knew he had to behave if he wanted his mission to be a success. Now, after years of asking his dad to let him be part of the undercover crew, he could mess things up on his first mission. “It sounds tempting… But tell me, why do you want her so bad? She’s just an exchange currency with a good butt.” Rowoon said laughing, looking at Hwiyoung with curious eyes. “I’ve liked her for quite long now. Just want to have her as the girlfriend she will never accept to be.” Hwiyoung lied, giving the tall boy the most devilish smile he could make. Right now, all he could do was pray for that asshole to believe his words and let him take you with him as soon as possible so he could finally become part of the undercover crew. “I gotta admit you have good taste in girls.” Rowoon said, finishing his cup. “Let me think about it.” He added, making Hwiyoung breath normally finally.


    “I should get going before he gets mad… Do you come to this cafe often?” You asked, shrugging off the fact of Chani calling Hwiyoung your toxic boyfriend. “I will from now on if you do.” He said, leaning on the table to get closer to you. “If that idiot is also a nightmare to you, let me know. Youngbin will accept you without hesitating and we won’t treat you like a piece of meat.” Chani said on his last attempt of convincing you to go with him. But once again you refused it. After all, you knew things about Hwiyoung that nobody else knew. But still, you agreed to meet with Chani more often in that cafe.

    “I’ve tried but she seems to be really happy with that Youngkyun.” Chani said to Youngbin through the phone once you left the cafe. “Next time try it harder. We have to convince her if we want to get the ring.” Youngbin said, slightly annoyed. “Just trust me, I’ll get the ring. But remember our deal, I give you the ring and you let her live in peace. She has nothing to do with this.” Chani said, trying his best to protect you. “Tsk, are you falling in love or something?” Youngbin mocked the younger boy through the phone. “I’m not… I just don’t want her to go through what I had. She doesn’t have to pay for the other’s life decisions like I did.” Chani admitted as he left the cafe as well. “You’re still on time to give us your brother’s address.” Youngbin said, a devilish and silent smile creeping on his lips. “Not even in dreams.” Chani answered before hanging up the phone and lighting a cigarette for the car ride.

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    Human Mafia Au

    Oct 16 2021

    I like @girzapata6 human version of the villans. So it inspired me o draw a Mafia Au. When i think of their human version is ring carnation of themselves . i imagine as like this (please do not attack me this just my Au what if) :


    Age : 24

    Nationality: Russian

    Dna : American, Russian

    Eye color : hazal

    Hair color: brunette (dye purple)

    Relatives : Dabura, Buu and & Bibidi (foster family)

    Skill: Sign language, creating bomb and tortureing.

    His adopted at age of 10. He was found in the streets. Vitiligo skin ever since his born. He's more childish since adulthood and sometime he has trouble in speaking and communicating to other people beside his family but trying his best. When he goes out he wear sunscreen and longer sleeves, he also use shades and face mask. Majin buu is his adopted brother & only best friend he has and he respect Dabura but tease sometime when his bord.


    Age: 25

    Nationality: Russian

    Dna: Russian

    Eye color: red

    Hair color: black ( dye hair pink)

    Relatives: Dabura, Janemba , bidibi ( foster family)

    Skill : sambo, boxing, sniper , manipulation and intelligent

    Adopted in age of 5 months old. They say he's a spawn of the devil because of his red eyes. In the age of 6 years old he was training boxing for 3 years. 12 years old when training Sambo for 5 years . He's great in shooting range and manipulation people around. He's the smart brother. He use to have a childish attitude and emotions but he change in his teenage years, he was never himself after that. He doesn't care about his siblings but problem showing in the house hold.


    Age : 38

    Nationality : Russian

    Dna : Mexican, Russian

    Hair color :black

    Relatives: Bibdibi ( biological father) Majin Buu and Janemba ( adopted brothers)

    Skill : Wrestling, boxing and guns man

    The only blood son and the eldest. Doesn't know his mother. He take care of the two brothers when his father away. At first his hate it but it doesn't if he taking care of his siblings. He didn't complain his father, he alway follow his orders and he will take over the heritage of his father mafia. He was married to in age of 29 but divorce at 33. His Ex wife ( Snake princess) is a snake.

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  • houseoflaamb
    16.10.2021 - 1 day ago


    Now I just need to finish the rest of his info and he’ll be GOOD TO GO!!!

    #tldr; it's an off-shoot jtk mafia au #if you squint #ooc;
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    #asellus.answers #the mafia au universe
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    death valley (dark version) | part 3 (m)

    summary: a summer internship at a famous record label turns wild with blurry nights of dangerous men, dirty money, and extremely hot sex. you soon get caught in a savage game of greed, power and obsession, only to find out that you are the grand prize

    pairing: ot7 x f.reader smut ft: jin x reader, jimin x reader, namjoon x reader

    genre: smut. yandere. mystery. thriller. gang!au rockstar!au

    wordcount: 6.5k

    warnings: multiple & explicit smut scenes. rough sex, degradation, petnames, penetrative sex, oral sex, coersion/dubcon, blood play, sex while intoxicated, drugs and alcohol, knife play, suggested dacryphilia, manipulative and obsessive themes, major character death, themes of mourning, choking, spanking, biting, hair pulling, arson, murder, guns mentioned (not used), restraints, dom!jin, dom!jimin, sub!joon, kidnapping, praise, breast play for days, toxic relationships, physical violence/fighting

    series navi | masterlist

    Breathless, the city lights glimmered in your eyes. It was a rush, seeing the world from this high in the air. From the balcony of Jimin’s penthouse, where you floated—a tight red bikini submerged in the scalding waves. Red that matched the soft hue of coming from beneath the water, red like the color of your eyes as Jimin came up behind you, pulling the blunt from your lips so he could take a hit himself. Proceeding to trail his lips across your jaw. Thick smoke dancing against your skin. Exhaling bliss into your pliant lips.

    You inhaled him. Everything he was, you let him consume you. Eyes crossed, elevated beyond sanity as he deepened this kiss, groaning against you. Hands tugging the string at your hips, allowing the garment to float away as his ringed fingers slid up your folds. Finding your clit, he bit your lip, tugging on it with a growl. Fingers caressing the sensitive flesh with tender intension.

    “Jimin—“ You sighed, eyes half lidded as his palm made home over the fabric of your bikini, fondling you lightly. The tempting press of his erection nudging into your ass. He left you in gasps, moving his lips behind your ear where he could whisper sweet nothings. Filthy promises. Dirty lies.

    The two of you hadn’t left the apartment in days, trapped in a haze of liquid courage, nothing but moans and the slick slapping of skin on skin, steadily harmonizing. Each time convinced you had already reached nirvana, only to be proven wrong. Bottles on bottles of liquor open as he’d tug your hair back, pouring it down your throat, licking the spill from the edge of your lips until he’d swallow you into him.

    Until you’d find yourself pushed back, with Jimin pouring tequila all the way down your body, licking all the way down to your cunt, letting the bitter liquid fill your core before slurping it out of you. Screams filling the room as you’d hold his hands, clawing into his palms as he ate you out. It burned terribly. It was obscene, dirty, painful—and you loved it.

    After sucking you dry, he’s shower you with praise. You were his good girl. His little whore. Tongues intertwined. Nails raking across each others backs, bodies covered in sweat. Imprints of his hands bruised around your neck, hickies all over your skin. Wrapping your tongue around him, kneading him good as he would tug your hair.

    You’d fall apart, gasping for air with him right next to you. Only for him to pull you into the shower just to do it all over again. You ached—ached bad. In the best possible way. Knees weak. Trembling with pleasure.

    Had days passed? Had weeks? You had no idea—it was all a blur. A blur of pleasure you never wanted to escape.

    “God I can never get enough of you” He mumbled, teeth sinking into your neck as he gripped your breasts. Pinching your nipples, he enjoyed the way you winced in his hold before ripping the bra off you, tossing it across the ledge.

    “Jimin!” You squealed, giggling as the two of you watched it fall many stories down. He smirked, turning you gently so that you could wrap your legs around his hips, hands knowing to find your ass, carrying you through the water. He looked up at you in amazement. There was no way for you to know how beautiful you looked to him in that moment. His hands crawling up your back as he began to lower you onto his throbbing cock.

    “I love you so much” His words were quiet, but you heard them with every move he made. He settled you down onto him, basking in the sensation of your warmth, tightly gripping around his length. Cursing, he lifted you, cock dragging against your walls, sending heat shooting through your veins. Water spilt over the edge, sloshing around as Jimin began to pull you back down, pumping you slowly— not leaving your eyes for a second as he bounced you on his dick. You gripped his shoulders, allowing him to move you as he wished. His lips latched onto your erect nipple, gnawing on it lightly before suckling the sensitive nub with his tongue.

    “I love you too” How could you not? With the way he was worshipping every inch of your chest with the wet glide of his tongue. With the way he filled your every crevice, leaving no part of you untouched. The way he pampered you and praised you. It was everything you ever wanted.

    Is it Y/n? Your heart dropped, a pair of sinister eyes invading your memory as your eyes fluttered shut. Is this what you want?

    “Fuck me harder” You whined, hands finding Jimin’s so that you could pull them to your neck “Please Jimin…I need you”

    The rockstar chuckled, choking you lightly  before pulling out. He moved so fast, you were dizzy by the time he bent you over the ledge, guiding his cock easily back into your sopping heat. Fingers gripped around your jaw he pulled you back against him, teeth grazing against your cheek as he pounded you. Heavy cock hitting you deep with every thrust.

    You were too drunk. Too drunk to mind as he filled you with his seed, plugging you up and keeping you there. Too drunk to react to the fact that across the neighboring buildings, paparazzi were having an absolute field day. Too drunk to see Jungkook’s 30 missed calls. Or even the frantic text stating— he’s dead.

    Yoongi’s dead.


    Namjoon’s fingers traced over the slippery magazine print. An image of you, lips locked with his adorning the front cover. A moment of utter passion. There wasn’t anything to think about, it seemed like the most natural thing to do.

    A scowl tugged at his lips as the sharp echo of footsteps cut through his thoughts. Hobi stood, towering over him in dark suit. His hair, slicked back, eyes tired, annoyed and glossed with a facade of confidence and tobacco.

    He snatched the magazine from Namjoon, flipping it open before he chuckled lightly, scanning the pages.

    “Kim Namjoon, a rising talent personally mentored by the esteemed Min Yoongi. His leaked song was a mega-hit, and evidently so as in a matter of minutes it seemed he even swept fellow label-mate and sensational superstar Park Jimin’s girlfriend off her feet. A self-proclaimed super fan of Park himself.”

    Hobi glanced at Namjoon briefly before continuing, “Park’s absence and cancellations of tour dates has his fans worried and confused. However, their fears were put to rest when Min sent out a press statement announcing a big debut performance”

    Namjoon’s eyes perked up, causing Hobi to smile “I told you didn’t I? I told you I’d make it happen” Excitedly, he grabbed the magazine from Yoongi so he could see for himself. His eyes narrowed at the following sentence

    “...where Kim Namjoon will be opening for the much anticipated comeback of Park Jimin” Namjoon growled, throwing the the booklet aside. “I’m opening for him? Are you serious Hobi?”

    “It’s genius Namjoon. Press is going to be all over it because of this love triangle bit. Tickets will sell out in mere seconds”

    In a swift move, Namjoon wrapped his fingers around Hobi’s neck, clenching hard as he quivered with rage. He hadn’t worked this hard, put up with all of this bullshit just to open for fucking Park Jimin. It was bad enough that he hadn’t heard from you in almost a week, certain that you were caught in a lovers den with the scoundrel himself.

    He was holding out. Waiting patiently for you to remember all the reasons you couldn’t stand Jimin. Waiting for you to realize that it was him you truly needed, the only one who really knew you, who really loves you.

    The jealousy was overwhelming. Namjoon had practically lived at the gym since he watched Jimin carry you out of the office that day. Fists meeting dust as he relentlessly pummeled punching bags. Sweat would pour down his face, but do nothing to wash away the ache in his heart. The slow, painful twists in his gut.

    He’d blink back tears, fist gripping his cock so hard, trying to derive pleasure from thoughts of you but he barely could, because after the images of you serene figure would cross his mind, so too would the thought of Jimin’s hands all over them. He’d puke. Again, and again.

    “J-Joon!!!” Hobi screeched, digging his nails into his wrists as he tried to pry his hands off, but Namjoon was gone. Possessed by his own rage, he didn’t notice how hard he was choking the songwriter.

    “Fuck” Namjoon’s mouth hung agape. Instantly he let go, watching as Hobi buckled over in a fit of coughs, gasping for air. “Sorry Hobi I...” Hobi held his hand up. He didn’t want to hear it.

    Sighing, he leaned back, mind wandering to you. He wondered if you missed him at all. Was he delusional to think that you even loved him for a second? He must be. You had Park Jimin. Everything was always about Park Jimin. Namjoon chuckled inwardly, realizing how similar his thoughts mimicked Yoongi.

    Maybe it was a good thing. You loved Yoongi after all.


    The next morning, your eyes fluttered open at the sound of wind, fluttering through the blinds. Stretching your arms out, your fingers traced against Jimin’s toned waist. He was fast asleep. The previous night, the two of you had fucked for hours. Blinking, you rubbed your eyes, searching lazily for your phone.

    It was nowhere to be found. 

    Pursing your lips you slowly slid out of bed, reluctant to leave the silk sheets but tempted by your hunger.

    “Babe?” You shook him slightly. Jimin’s eyes softened upon seeing you. He opened his mouth to speak but no words came. Instead you noticed tears in his eyes. “Morning”

    “Mmm, come here...fuck,” He buried his nose into your hair, taking a moment to appreciate your warmth before wrapping his arms around you, pulling you back in bed. “I love you”

    You pressed your lips against his, sighing into his mouth. He deepened the kiss, leg sliding between yours as he pressed you against the mattress. His hands trailed up your sides, finding your arms and pulling them above your head.

    “What?” Jimin’s voice was breathless, smile conniving. He smirked, looking from your lips back to your eyes. You knew he was well aware of his effect on you, and you hated how much his ego would inflate as result.

    “I gotta go to work babe” You mumbled, prompting Jimin to leave you one last lingering kiss.

    “Why?” He spoke, voice barely above a whisper. His breath was hot against you. “Why work when you can just stay here with me? Let me give you everything” He cupped your face, staring deeply into your eyes.

    You shrugged him off, impatient suddenly. What day of the week even was it? Had Yoongi returned? “I really gotta go Jimin, I’ll be back tonight” His grip tightened around your wrist. “Jimin”

    Reluctantly, he let you go. “Just...be careful okay. Promise me you’ll come home right after” His lip quivered slightly. You stroked the hair from his forehead and gave him a soft kiss. 

    “I promise babe”

    Walking towards Jimin’s convertible, you let the keyring roll around your pinky. The car door opened, sliding upwards and revealing the fine leather seats. You could get used to this. 

    Settling yourself inside, you start the energy. The growl of the car giving you some semblance of energy. Until suddenly theres a hand on your mouth. You scream out, voice muffled into what seems to be a cloth. 

    Everything goes dark. 


    Weak. Your fingers trembled with a sense of lifelessness. A bittersweet pulse in your chest. Stacks of cash, ravished onto piles on the floor. The alluring scent of greed, overwhelming as you allowed yourself to sink into the paper. The prominent clanking of the shackles that held you— tied up in who knows where. Furrowing your brow, you tried to remember how you got here.

    You felt a sharp wince leave your lips. A crisp dollar against your jaw.

    “Symbolic” He grinned, holding the bill up to the bright, white light. A single drop of your blood, weaving through its fibers. Allowing the bill to dance back down, his attention returned to you. “Isn’t it?”

    His tongue leaned to gently caress the cut. The chains pinching into your wrists as you withered, bills scattering every which way.

    “Where am I? What is this place? W-who’s money is all this?” It was the soft, trembling in your voice. The sweet sighs as his lips latched onto your neck. Your taste, so perfect. Everything about you was perfect in his eyes. Kissing you softly, but allowing his teeth to sink into the flesh, he made his way up to your lips. Locking your gaze, a gaze that was paralyzed with fear. Of what, he was unsure. Perhaps, your fear was of him. That you liked what he was doing. That you craved it just like he did.

    “It’s Yoongi’s.” You looked at him with hatred, passion flaring in your eyes. “I found his little disc. Death Valley is all mine now”

    Your breath hitched—a cool sensation drawing up your thigh, sliding under the skirt that barely held your modesty. He chuckled softly, wrist twirling the knife with a dizzying ease. He was so certain of his every move. His confidence that you would give yourself to him completely, his power. It had you wanting to get on your knees. Wanting him to take you away from everything.

    “What did you do?” Thrashing against the chains that held you, you screamed “Dammit, let me go”

    Stilling, he gave you an amused look. “Goodness Y/n…just so eager, aren’t you?” Much to your surprise he reached up, snapping open the cuffs against your wrists. Instantly you pushed him back. 

    He let you. Anything you did, you knew you could only do it because he was allowing it.

    “What’s the rush? We finally have all…” His arm wrapped around your waist, pulling your sharply into his chest “the time…” the knife pressed up against your jaw, he slammed you against the wall “in the world. And I intend to make the most of it”

    A faintness took hold of your mind. You melted into his embrace, your only hold on reality being the blade that now cut into your collar bone. Carving out something—the curve of the cut causing you to yelp out in pain. It was the slightest, most subtle cut he could make. Yet the blood ran thick, and the pain— immeasurable.

    “Jin” You gasped loudly, turning your head away at the sound of him slicing through the front of your shirt in one swift motion. Heart pounding heavily, you met his eyes again. They were alight with something sinister. Something lustful. Something greedy. “Jin stop”

    Licking his lips, he eyed the suave material that stood between him and your body he craved to ravish. Jutting the blade, he pulled the cut down your breast, stopping just before the hem of your bra. Tears welled in your eyes, but you blinked them back. You were not about to cry. That would be giving him exactly what he wanted.

    But it was too late. He had seen the way you’re gaze glossed over. His tongue traced the wound, softly licking away at the crimson pain. “Does it hurt baby? Let it. I want it to hurt. I know you do too” His nails dug into your hips, pulling them flush against his own so you could feel his desire where you craved him most.

    He was right. The tragic part was that he was absolutely right. His twisted lust and obsessive desire always had you begging for more. It was hard to resist him. Almost impossible, given everything you were feeling. The immense loss. The sorrow that created a deep emptiness inside of you. Your heart was cold, eager for the warmth of Jin’s sick, addictive love.

    You cupped his face, roughly dragging him to face you. Your eyes fluttered from his lips back to him, just for a moment you pondered whether you should kick him in the balls and run for it. It was the smirk, the teasing tug of his lips that gave you away, and you smashed your lips onto his.

    And then it was bare. Your bodies tangled up, pushing and pulling at one another violently. Angling his hips, he sank into you. Spread wide and beckoning him. Tempting him with your warmth. He filled you up, your cries muffled into his shoulders. Your desperate whines wavering as he thrust, thighs slapping against yours with a resounding echo.

    He loosened his hold on you. Before you could slide away, he grabbed your neck, harshly yanking you back towards him. His large, calloused hands wrapping around you, stealing your breath. He kicked at your knees, making you buckle over with a soft thud onto the pile of cash beneath you. 

    You felt his hand hit you hard across your cheek. Shame burned at the site of impact, catalyzed by his menacing laugh. Blood rushed to your face as he spit on you. Wrapping his hand around his cock, he stood tall. Watching as you clumsily maneuvered until you were on your knees before him. Mouth open wide, tongue out, waiting obediently.

    “Aw fuck baby, look at you” He smacked his cock against your cheek. “Keep denying it all you want Y/n. Deep down, you know all you’re good for is slobbering on my cock” Resting his palm on top of your head, he shoved you forward, filling your mouth until you couldn’t even breathe. You choked out violently, but he could care less, short, harsh thrusts as he impaled your throat over and over. Your protesting groans, music to his ears.

    Grabbing a fistful of hair he pulled you off, saliva dribbling pathetically from your mouth. You mumbled as he wiped it from your face with the bend of his knee, before using it to kick you onto your back.

    “Let me see that pretty ass baby doll”

    Your knees wobbled, pussy slick with anticipation. The skin of your ass was so inviting, it only made sense that he give it a harsh smack. Then another, as he leaned over you, pressing his chest against your back. He nipped at your neck, growling into your ear as you felt another sting of pain shock through you. His fingers traveling up your scalp where he pulled harshly, tugging your head back so he could look into your eyes.

    He took the opportunity to slide his thick cock deep within you. Your pussy drank him in, grip visceral. He groaned at the pressure, harshly digging into your shoulders as he rapidly began to pump himself in and out of you. Each time his hips slammed against you, you cursed out, helplessly crumpling bills in your fists.

    “Fuck” You cried, your entire body moved in rhythm with his. He pulled you up, grabbing your breasts to hold you against him.  “Ohhh fuck, more” Scoffing, his hand slid down to vigorously rub at your clit. Your palm found his cheek, pressing his face against yours. Moaning, you let his tongue catch yours in a zealous kiss.

    “SHIT JIN—” You screamed as he slammed you down, choking your neck harshly as he entered you again. Without another word he dug into your hips, pulling you back and forth on his twitching length.

    “That’s it baby…you love that don’t you? Fucking dirty little—god your pussy is so fucking tight” Jin cursed, clenching his jaw as his eyes rolled back. The pleasure overwhelming him. He growled loudly, collapsing forward as his hips began to piston violently fast, flat into you. He chased his high relentlessly. He needed it. He needed you to give him everything. It felt too good. Felt too amazing. He was almost there, he could feel it, he just needed you to let go and give him everything so that he—

    “I’m cumming” You screamed, sobbing into the dollars. Your cunt tightened, leaking all over his length as he too finally spilled into you with a string of curses. “Fuck I’m cumming Jin—Jin—JIN” You chanted his name like it was the only word you knew. He revealed in the sound of your voice, pulling your face towards his so he could kiss you hard.

    He grinned, letting his cock soften inside of you, but still refusing to let up. “You belong to me don’t you baby? You’d do anything for me now right?”

    You avoided his eyes, blinking rapidly as your high faded. Dark clouds of reality returning on your horizon.

    "Get the fuck off of her you sick bastard”

    Jin began to laugh heartily, rolling away from you. “Well hello there Taehyung”

    You got up with a start, eyes locking with his. There wasn’t a trace of remorse on his face. You tried to read him, trying gain some understanding of the situation but he gave you nothing. His fists were clenched. You could see a darkness in his eyes. A sadness. 

    “Fuck you” Taehyung’s words went unheard. The ringing in your ears overtaking you as you watched him pull out a lighter. He cocked his head aside, narrowing his eyes at the flame. For a moment, refocusing them on you.

    And then he winked.

    Dropping the lighter, you screamed as flames danced all over the dollars. The crinkling burning through your hears as smoke began to suffocate you. You looked to Taehyung in shock.

    “Taehyung?” You cried out, scrambling through the sea of money as fast as you could. You slipped, falling back as Jin reached for your ankles. Taehyung simply stood and watched, arms folded across his chest. 

    “What the fuck are you doing Taehyung?” You reached for him, flames nearing you. 

    “I got what I needed. Perks of having a detective on your side I guess” He held up a gun, your gun. The gun Yoongi had trusted you with. He slid out the magazine, revealing a small disc inside where no bullets were seen. “Jin had a feeling Yoongi would have given it to you. He really did trust you Y/n.” Chuckling, he tossed the gun into the flames, keeping the disc. “You served your purpose.”

    “You’re not serious Taehyung, we’re going to die in here!” Jin snarled, pulling you away from the encroaching fire. Taehyung simply giggled. His giggles turned to laughs as he made his way to the door. Lightheadedness swept over you like a fever as you heard the resounding click of the lock. You lunged for the door, banging against it with all of your strength. 

    Behind you, Jin began coughing - the smoke burning through his lungs. 

    “TAEHYUNG” You screamed. You clenched your eyes shut as Jin began to hiss with pain, the burn beginning to near him. “Somebody please help”

    Jin fell to the floor, screaming as the flames began to swallow him whole. You dared not look, instead you tugged and tugged at the door handle, hoping to pry it open. You could barely see a thing, only a dark grey wisp suffocating your vision. The heat was unbearable.  

    “Please. Please” You gaped as the door handle flew clean off with your final tug. Now there was no way out. “FUCK” You kicked at the wall, not minding the sting on your foot against the anticipation of the painful death you were about to face.

    You were ready to give in. Leaning back against the door, you allowed yourself to sink into a dream.


    He rushed to the door, kicking it open. His eyes landed on Jin briefly, but he could care less about him. It was you he had come for. 

    “Fuck” He picked you up, batting away the flames that dared to try to steal you from his grasp. Rushing out of the room, he carried you, laid you down to tend to your wounds. Doctors came from every which way. But he stayed by your side, holding your hand, kissing your knuckles as he prayed under his breath.

    “Princess...” He sighed. “I’m so sorry my love. You can never know how sorry I am. I should have protected you”

    “My love”


    Jimin was seething. You hadn’t come home. You had promised him you would come straight back, and you didn’t. Tapping his foot impatiently, he rose, swiping everything off of the kitchen counter as he screamed in frustration. Were you in danger? Or did you escape on purpose?

    No. Jimin inhaled sharply. There was no need for you to run away. You love him. You must be in danger. 

    Jimin didn’t know where to start. He couldn’t get a hold of you. You weren’t at work. You weren’t at your apartment, so where the hell were you? 

    A rapid knocking came at his door. In an instant, he pulled the door open revealing a distraught Jungkook. 

    “Did you find her?” Jimin snapped, slamming the door behind him. Jungkook scoffed, slamming Jimin into the wall before leaving a harsh punch into his gut. Jimin choked out. “What the hell Jeon?”

    “I have been fucking trying to get a hold of Y/n for days. Why the” He kneed Jimin in the groin, causing him to yelp, “FUCK wasn’t she answering me? Huh? And now you’ve lost her?”

    “Dammit” Jimin snapped, “That doesn’t matter. Do you know where she is?”

    Jungkook rolled his eyes, “You think I would bother coming here if I did? The second I find her I’m taking her as far the hell away from you as she will let me"

    “Do that and I’ll tell her that you plan on killing Namjoon for money”

    Jungkook shot him an unamused look. “Whose money huh? Yoongi is dead”


    The drip from a faucet snapped you out of the cage of your own thoughts. On your head was a damp towel, heavy, like your heart. 

    Where was Yoongi? Had he really saved you? It was the question at the forefront of your mind. Looking around, you realized you were back in the studio. At work. How did you get here? Why did Yoongi bring you here of all places?


    Goosebumps crawled over your skin at the sound of a voice. 

    “How are you feeling?” Coming by your side, he stroked your forehead gently, checking for illness before sighing in relief. You leaned into his arms, burying your face in his neck. Holding onto him for dear life. He pressed his lips on top of your head.

    “Joon” You sighed. He took your hand into his own, pressing your fingers against his lips one by one. 

    “Where have you been? I tried calling...you never answered” He held your face, thumb caressing your cheek fondly.

    “Sorry I...I think I lost my phone or something.” You rubbed your eyes, “I barely remember anything. I don’t even know what was real anymore. I think Taehyung tried to kill me. I think Taehyung killed Jin. Which...there’s no way. It must have been a nightmare. Taehyung wouldn’t ever kill...” You blinked up at Namjoon eagerly “D-did Yoongi bring me? Is he here?”

    Namjoon raised eyebrows, scanning you up and down, pausing. “Do you even know what all has happened while you were off fucking your boyfriend for the past week?” There was a clear irritation in his voice. You looked at him questioningly. 

    His jaw clenched, swallowing thickly, “Yoongi died.”

    You blinked.

    “What” Was all you could manage to say. 

    Namjoon watched your face carefully. All the questions, the thoughts, the feelings—everything vanished. You looked at him blankly, heart aching with the realization that Yoongi was gone. Really gone. Gone forever. 

    You were unsure how you felt. Were you sad? Angry? Relieved?

    You covered your mouth with your palms. You couldn’t fathom why you needed to cry but you did—“No. No.”

    Namjoon pulled you into his arms, nuzzling your neck, kissing you all over your shoulders as you began to panic.

    Yoongi. Yoongi is dead. Your fingers felt clammy, body limp with numbness but searing with hurt. 

    No longer could you even entertain the fantasy of being his. No longer could you deny that whatever you felt for him had been as real as this moment. Despite everything. You had wanted him and him only. In that moment it didn’t matter who he was, what he had done, who he had hurt and how he had manipulated you. All you wanted was to feel him close. All you wanted was to look into his loving eyes. Let him adore you the way you knew without question that he did.

    “I need him” You mumbled quietly, glancing up at Namjoon with glossy eyes. “He can’t be dead, I need him. I need him to be alive Joon...I—“

    Your breath hitched. Every inch of you wanted so badly to wake up from this nightmare. To go back to the fleeting moment where you could utterly belong to the man you loved. The man you really loved. Before learning the truth, the truth that had you trapped in a web of lies. “I love him, oh God he—“

    Namjoon shushed you, wiping your tears with the edge of his thumb. Pressing his forehead against yours his eyes narrowed on your quivering lips.

    “I’m so sorry” His whisper missed your ears, instead you buried your face into his chest, allowing his strong arms to take you whole. Soothingly, he caressed you, hoping to provide whatever little ease he could to your mourning. “I’m so so sorry Y/n”

    “I wanna know who did this” Your voice was hoarse. “I wanna fucking know who killed him and I swear to god I—”

    “I...I don’t think you’d believe me if I told you” Namjoon stated blandly.

    “W-what do you mean?”

    “Think about it. You don’t remember anything from the past week, you don’t know where your phone is, you were on drugs, all over the media, all because of Jimin...and now Yoongi is dead. Who do you think killed him Y/n?”

    You froze.

    Blood drained from your face. His words didn’t register until your mind was too dizzy to even understand where you were. Your mouth felt dry. You need air, to breath, anything. You needed to run. Everything was out of control. It was too much to bear.

    “Jimin” You let the name sit on your tongue. “Jimin killed Yoongi.

    Namjoon pulled you into his lap, allowing you to rest against his muscular chest. Tears streamed down your eyes. You were paralyzed. Confused beyond reason on how to feel. Nothing made sense. 

    You burst out into cries. He rocked you back and forth, whispering soft words of comfort. You were submerged in despair—you couldn’t breathe. It felt like everything was slipping out of your fingers right before your eyes. Much like Namjoon’s hands, lowering from your waist, to your hips. Drawing you closer.

    Why did it hurt so fucking bad?

    You look at him, incredibly close. You can see the plead in his eyes, the way he begs you through his actions. Sweet Namjoon, you thought. He had always been by your side. Always protected you and never once lied. You were well aware that Namjoon wanted you, bad. How much longer could you deny him? How much longer could you deny yourself?

    “Taehyung...betrayed me” Your voice was small, eyes wavering, “Jimin...is a murderer. H-he...” Your breathing quickened. Mind going numb. Shutting down completely.

    “You’re okay” Namjoon assured you, “I found you. And I already texted Jungkook letting him know you’re with me. You’re okay. Jimin won’t touch you again, I’ll make sure of it. Taehyung got what he wanted, he probably won’t bother you anymore either”

    You didn’t know when his lips finally found yours, but what you did know was that you felt the heavy weight lifted from your shoulders as he did. Tongue sliding past your lips, he let you sink into his affection. Heat filled him, god how he had craved your lips again. Allowing you to push him onto his back as you climbed up his frame. 

    “Namjoon” You moaned, coming up for air. Licking your lips, you eagerly began tugging his shirt off, instantly diving to slide your tongue across his chest. Namjoon bucked his hips, sensations driving him crazy. 

    “No...kiss me. Kiss me” He pleaded, reaching for you again. He pulled you back, swallowing your mouth into his desperately. “Don’t ever stop kissing me” His voice was lost between the deep sighs and smacks of your lips, as his palms fondled your breasts softly. The slow, sensual roll of your hips giving him the exact friction he needed as he whined into your mouth. 

    “So good to me. You’re so fucking good to me Joon” You moved to his neck, loving him sweetly. Tasting the sweetness of his skin as his bulge rubbed between your dampening folds. He loved your praise, hanging onto every single word. His hands crawling up your back, holding you close as you slid back and forth against his clothed cock. 

    “Mmmm-more” He squealed, holding your hips down so he could thrust upwards, nudging himself into your heat. The cloth between you was frustrating, but he enjoyed the desperation of it all. He needed you now. He didn’t have time. 

    Clumsily, he grabbed for the belt of his jeans, shoved it down as fast as he could so that his throbbing length was finally free. You smirked, taking hold of his cock and tracing it along your clothed folds. The hot tip, nudging into you, pushing aside your panties so you could slowly fit it in. Sinking down. Steady. Watching the way his brows furrowed, drool hanging on the edge of his lips as he cried out in pleasure. 

    Your cunt, hot and wet around his cock, was the best feeling he could ask for. Namjoon was too mesmerized by the slight jiggle of your breasts as you moved up and down, squeezing his length. Cooing at him, you took his hands into yours, sliding them under your top and onto your bare breasts. 

    “S-shit” He cursed, grabbing at the flesh frantically, like you had given him the ultimate gift. The honor of touching your gorgeous body. His eyes remained on yours, half lidded as you leaned into his grip, hips thrusting, sloshing over him. Your pussy clenched down, making him groan your name.

    Wrapping your arms around his neck you pulled him up, shoving his face into your chest. Your own hand grabbing your breast, giving it a tight squeeze before leading it to his mouth, feeding him your desire. His mouth welcomed your pert nipple, gnawing and slurping away. 

    His actions were rushed, as you pushed his head between your breasts, his lips slobbering all over you. Tongue flicking, loving the way he made you feel. Stroking his hair, you began to bounce on him harder, landing with a forceful thrust each time, pushing your bodies closer and closer together until you were practically one. 

    “Y-y/n” He stuttered, eyes bulging as you began to draw small circles with your hips, slowing down to edge him on. You could feel him nearing the edge, cock twitching deep within you. You wanted nothing more than to see your baby boy fill you with him sweet cum. 

    “Give it to me baby...come on” Namjoon gritted his teeth. Suddenly he pushed you onto your back, lifting your legs over his shoulders before driving his rock hard cock into you. You screamed, a new fierceness in his actions making you melt. 

    “Fuck I need you so bad” He whined, fucking into you like a rabid animal. His fingers roughly pinched your nipples, making you squirm. “Come with me. Fuck I wanna hear you scream my name”

    “Joon” You sighed, legs flailing as Namjoon pulled them apart, diving for your lips as you both came, grunting at the top of his lungs. 

    Cum dripped down your thighs as you sighed with relief. 

    “I love you so much Y/n” He whispered softly, cradling your frame in his arms. “You know what don’t you?”

    You nodded, exhausted suddenly. But Namjoon didn’t notice. He pulled you in for another kiss, smiling as he gazed into your eyes.


    Jungkook had driven Jimin to the label, where Hobi had called for an urgent meeting. In the car Jimin fumed. The two of them still had no luck finding you or anyone who knew of your whereabouts. 

    Stepping out, Jimin cracked his neck, stretching before he let out a deep, disturbed sigh. Looking at the entrance, there appeared to be a mirage of cameras.

    What’s the fuss about? Jimin walked ahead, breaking through the crowd. What he saw rendered him speechless. Namjoon had you in his arms, twirling you around before getting down on one knees. Fans began to scream, before violently shushing one another down. Cameras flashed, and gasps filled the space. 

    “Y/n...” Namjoon peered up at you lovingly, “I have loved you since the moment I laid eyes on you. You are the reason I wake up, the only way I fall asleep. You are my entire world and I fucking adore you. Would you...make me the luckiest man alive, and do me the honor of being my partner...my wife?” He gulped, blushing brightly, “W-will you marry me?”

    Jimin could feel his own nails digging into his palms. What the fuck was going on? He thought to himself. He was just about ready to break the scene and beat Namjoon senseless when he saw the slight nod of your head. His heart sank.

    “Yes. Of course”

    series navi | masterlist | scream in my ask box

    a/n: hi omg im SORRY that took 99 years to post (for what lol it was literally bad but anyways) i hope you liked!!! we’re almost done yall. im very very ready to be done HAHAHA. idk how to write anymore its fine. anyways WHO KILLED YOONGI? Did sir taehyung try to kill our girl??? whats that really about hmmMMM? team namjoon how are we? last jin smut...rip!

    let me know your thoughts! sorry again for taking so long. i love you all & have an amazing day!!!!

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    Dilf supreme

    This is my friends OC, King! With his daughter, Elenor. (My oc, Peaches, is his wife!)

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    Relationship: Mafia!Iwaizumi Hajime x f!Reader

    Warnings: established relationship, use of a weapon, manhandling but reader is fine with it.

    There was a shuffle in your vacant house. Red dress swooshing around your legs, you grabbed the knife you had hidden in the kitchen. Raising your hands and turning to the direction of the noise, you aimed the dagger ready to launch it, but a voice stops you.

    “Hello darling,” the familiar voice voice gently wraps around you, as you rapidly hit the light switch, light flooding in and presenting Iwaizumi Hajime, sitting in your crappy apartment, legs crossed as if he had been waiting for you.

    Hands still raised, you managed to whisper, “How did you find me?”

    “Don’t you know already?” He spoke lowly, slowly making his way to his feet, walking towards you with the grace of a predator, “You can’t run from me.”

    He herded you against the door, as he held the wrist of your hand holding the sharp object. Through a surge of power you pushed through his hold to raise the blade against his neck, skin scraping against the metal every time he swallowed.

    His eyes darkened, as he leaned down, laying a kiss on your wrist. Your grip loosened as the dagger clattered to the floor. Your heart racing deliciously as you gazed at him through sultry lashes.

    “I don’t want you here, I hate you,” you told him, trying to inject lethal venom into your voice, to hurt him, the way his words had hurt you before you left.

    “Don’t lie to me darling, you like playing this game of cat and mouse. You were waiting for me to find you, to bring you back home.”

    “I’m not leaving this place and you can’t make me,” you set your foot down, ready to turn away to make him chase you more.

    “Still playing coy? Fine, I’ll play your little game.”

    He squared his shoulders before hauling you over them, pounding against his back with as much force you could muster.

    “Put me down immediately!” You shouted as he made his way to his car.

    “I’ll let you go as soon as we get home, where I can show you who you belong to,” he turned slightly to look at you, smirking, “until then, sit tight.”

    A/n: Thinking of expanding this and turning it into a proper fic. Also my first small drabble :)

    #iwaizumi hajime #iwaizumi x reader #iwaizumi fluff #mafia!iwaizumi #mafia iwaizumi#iwaizumi imagines#iwaizumi drabble#iwaizumi drabbles #iwaizumi hajime x reader #iwaizumi x you #haikyu x reader #haikyuu x reader #haikyuu #haikyuu!! #hq imagines#haikyuu mafia #haikyuu mafia au #honey: mafia au #honey: writes
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    #shan he ling #word of honor #tian ya ke #faraway wanderers#shl fanfic#fanfic#fan fic#fanfiction#fan fiction#caoxiang#gu xiang #cao wei ning #writing #shl modern au #shl mafia au
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    If someone would have told him a year ago this was how he would have spent his Valentine’s Day, wearing a stupid hat and kissing a guy in a ballgown with Tame Impala playing in the background, he would called them crazy.

    i.e. Ricky enters Witness Protection and falls for the eccentric drama professor with his own troubled past.

    Read it here

    #hey i wrote a thing #shyan#shyan fic#shyan au#ricky goldsworth#mafia au #angst with a happy ending #me
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    Barnes' Bakery, Part One.

    summary ; your boss at the bakery has a soft spot, but in his hidden business behind the shop, those aren't allowed, and he knows better. Yet, he can't help but want you, and perhaps that will be the cause of his fall.
    author's note ; this was mainly inspired by baker!bucky aus and a tiktok i saw recently... basically this is just bucky being a mafia boss and using a bakery as a front, lol.
    trigger warnings : there shouldn't be anything very triggering in this chapter. there is yelling and slight violence, though.

    You always were your boss' favorite. You were told often by your co-worker, Stevie, that there was just something special about you. Some said it was because James Bucky Barnes never hired outsiders. His staff had been the same since the start, and it was well believed that it would remain this way. Until you. Until you came stumbling in one day, wind in your hair, your cheeks flushed and frozen with mid-december cold, your bags too heavy on your shoulders.

    James had been at the register that day, counting the money and just getting ready for a close. At first, he had kept his eyes down, muttering something about the place being closed.

    "I'm sorry," you had apologized again and again, causing his curious and breath-taking eyes to finally take you in. "My car broke down."

    And well, the rest was history. Bucky had gotten one of his workers who was good in mechanic to fix your car while another made you a warm croissant and coffee. You explained how you were a college student drowning in stupid debt and your car was the last thing you could be worrying about right now with the eviction notice on your door and the school debts threatening to swallow you whole.

    Bucky had saved your life. He'd offered you shelter in the apartment just above the bakery, had offered you a job down here and had made sure that all of your debt was quickly taken care of.

    You'd tried to stop him from taking care of the debts, because it was at least a hundred thousand grands by semester, but when James Barnes put his mind to something, it was impossible to stop him.

    Overall, there was still loads of unanswered questions from him. How had he gotten the money? Why had he taken you in? Why— amongst anyone he could hire, had he decided to hire you, an art history and english literature major good at nothing in the kitchen?

    Perhaps it had be simple pity, but you didn't like to think about it too much. At the end of the day you were grateful, and you showed that in working hard and long shifts at the Bakery before retreating to your apartment once the place was closed and cleaned and ready for the morning.

    "Will you tell the girl to fucking hurry?" You heard a costumer from the sitting area shouting to Steve as he walked back into the kitchen, the batting doors only allowing the loud voices to penetrate your focus for a split moment, causing your finger to burst open the orange you had been trying to peel for the last minute.

    "I'm sorry," you muttered to Steve, who walked past quickly and began to fill plates with commands more important than the yelling man's.

    "Don't worry 'bout it, tiny." He walked past again, full in confidence as he patted your back and rolled another orange onto the counter you were working on. "Bucky'll take care of him."

    You quickly went to peeling again, this time focusing on the task instead of what might happen when you brought out the plate.

    Once you were done, you straightened your apron and your dress underneath, trying to gather as much confidence as Steve had before walking out to the impatient costumer.

    The costumer came in just about thirty minutes ago, demanding something that wasn't even on the menu. Steve had said no at first, but you had wanted to show yourself useful for once and prove both yourself and perhaps Bucky that you could do something.

    You walked out towards the sitting area, getting an exasperated groan from the costumer as he noticed you.

    "What took you so long, girl?"

    "I'm sorry, sir," you prodded quietly, letting the plate down onto the table with shaking hands. "As my coworker said, the item you asked for wasn't on the menu, so not ready to be delivered."

    "Pff," He rolled his eyes, poking at the orange on the plate and the piece of cake you'd made. You glanced at Steve who stood at the register, busy ringing out costumers though you knew he kept a careful eye on you.

    There were the regulars sitting at their usual tables, too, all looking at the man with heavy glares and at you with comforting smiles.

    "Will that be all?" You swallowed thickly, hands behind your back.

    The man, tossing a grey mop of hair behind as he looked up at you, smiled a disgusting grin. "How about you take that door and never show your face here again?"

    Silence fell all around, even Steve who was at the register had stopped to stare. You were shell-shocked, for a moment, wondering what had caused this sudden outburst.

    "You call this cake?" The man roared, mushing the cooked batter between his fingers. It crumbled too easily in his palm, and the orange pulp left a cold lick of liquid down the man's arm. "I call this a plate of trash."

    "I- I'm sorry, sir, but-"

    And then you were covered in cake. You weren't very sure how it happened. One minute you were apologizing at the next you were being thrown his cake, the orange splashing down your apron and your cheeks.

    The costumers, the regulars who came often, all rose from their chairs simultaneously, ready to come to your defense, but a loud door slamming stopped all of them.

    You're pretty sure it stopped your heart, too.

    There's loud footsteps ringing through the silence, army boots you know too well stop just beside you. "Steve, get tiny back in the kitchen."

    You went to protest but quickly thought better of it when you noticed Bucky swinging his metal arm in a circle, knowing exactly what that meant for the man.

    Steve caught you by the arm and quickly rushed you out through the batting doors of the kitchen. "Come, we'll clean you up."

    Too dazed with the sound of plates and a table smashing against the floor, you follow Steve to the sink and let him take a damp cloth to your face and apron.

    There's voices, Bucky's voice, but all you can make out is few words that make your blood run cold. Step a foot in here again and I won't be so kind.

    The doors of the bakery are slammed open and than closed after the body of the man was tossed out like a filthy trash bag, the footsteps you know so well coming straight for the kitchen instead of back to his office where he usually spends his day working and doing whatever the boss needs to do.

    Soon, Bucky is grabbing your shoulders and turning you towards him, his eyes roaming your face and apron for any injuries.

    "Get back out there." He grumbled to Steve, his patience running obviously short. His long time best friends obliges, though, and returns out there.

    "You okay?" He asked quietly once you were alone, his metal fingers wrapping against the edge of your chin.

    "Yeah—" you croaked. "I'm fine, it was my fault, anyways."

    Bucky frowned. "None of that," His words were matched with the shake of his head. "He was an asshole."

    "What'd you do to him?" You attempted quietly, your fingers toying with the sink's edge behind you.

    Bucky raised a brow at your curiosity, probably wondering when you'd grown to want to ask questions. "Only did to him what he was begging to get. You don't mess with my—" his words trailed off, before he picked up again. "My worker, and except me to sit there and do nothing."

    Sure, that was understandable, but Steve also had his fair share of bad costumers and never had Bucky reacted so.. strongly. Perhaps he thought you were weak compared to his friend and you needed to start standing up for yourself more instead of always counting on the boys to make you feel safe.

    "Thank you." You whispered, your face heating up when you noticed how close you still were, and how obviously lost Bucky was in the edges and panes of your face.

    He cleared his throat before parting, running a hand through his wild hair. "You're dismissed for tonight."

    "What- What?" You stumbled as you went after him. "No, no, I can— I can still work!"

    "I said, you're dismissed, Y/n." He looked at you over his shoulder, his eyes pinning you with a seriousness that didn't go unnoticed.

    Deciding he'd been challenged enough today, you faltered and sighed, pouting at his back as he retreated back to his office.

    Perhaps he wasn't at all worried about you not being able to work. Perhaps all he wanted was for you to be out of Steve's way so the last hours of his shift could be smooth and without trouble.

    Perhaps that was all you were to him. Trouble.

    Giving a sigh as he disappeared, you began to take off your apron and headed for the circular set of stairs, up to your apartment.

    Once you were home, you showered, coocooned yourself into all the blankets your friend Wanda had gotten you for your birthday and let your thoughts roam for a while.

    If you didn't want this to happen again, you needed to get better, and as Steve often said, practice made perfect. Steve didn't even like baking that much before, apparently, he had simply grown good at it over time and had begun to grow fond of it through the costumers and his friends.

    Decided suddenly, you swung up on your feet and dressed in a loose shirt and sweatpants. You tied your hair up on your head as it was earlier in a neat ponytail, and grabbed your baking books given to you by Steve before rushing down the stairs.

    By then, the Bakery was closed and Steve was off his shift, but there was a small light still on in the kitchen and another over the register's counter.

    You peered out to look into the bakery's free floor, watching as Bucky moved about the register counting the money up to make sure everything added up, and Steve who sat with a few other people you knew as Tony, Sam, Thor, Bruce, Cho, Peter, Natasha, Clint and Scott.

    It was the usual people that lingered here after close. Bucky's friend and family. Sort of. You were never prime to their hang outs, always deciding that you didn't want to intrude and instead going to hide in your apartment above instead.

    Tony was son of the Howard Stark, who owned an industry of guns and anything weapons, really. He was the one who had an upper hand in all merchandise and things money.

    Sam, him, was a long time friend of Bucky's. You weren't sure when or how they had met, but you knew that you didn't ever remember a night where Sam hadn't been there.

    Thor was a foreign man with a thick English accent and odd ways of speaking. He had a brother who was professor at your college, though you wouldn't know if you hadn't been told. He taught theater and dramatic arts, rendering those two classes your favorites.

    Bruce was the mind of the group. He was the last braincell, as Steve had told you, and you liked to believe that without the quiet, awkward man Bruce was, the group would be even more of a mess than they already were.

    Cho was a doctor, friends with the group because of her relationship with Thor. She was an exceptionally smart girl, having gone through her high school in so little time that she was only twenty three today and a full time Docor. Their relationship was quite unusual, anyone asked how her and her husband had gotten together, neither could tell. It was a curious thing, their relationship.

    Peter was the youngest of them, and you were pretty sure you'd seen him around campus a few times. Your majors were different, no doubt, but it still gave you hope to see someone as young as him... fit in.

    Natasha and Clint were two best friends from Russia, both of them having been through more than they cared to admit. Natasha was perhaps the most beautiful woman you'd ever seen. She had wide hips and a small waist, lips to die for and ginger hair that curled at the end beautifully. Clint was attentive and funny, mostly getting along with the youngest ones while the others liked to pick on Peter ruthlessly.

    The last was Scott. He was the one who seemed the most.. out of place, to you. He was funny and kind and light with his actions, always reaching out for others to make sure they were okay and always making them laugh. You vaguely remember Steve mentioning Scott had a daughter who he had to stay home for a lot because since he'd gotten arrested he hadn't really gotten a lot of time with her. It warmed your heart to know he was trying his very best for her and working towards being a better father. You wished yours had made the same efforts.

    The group talked with drinks and beers in their hands, some eating treats that hadn't been eaten today at the shop.

    You could hear faint talk coming from the huddled group, but nothing particular stuck out to you, either. It was the usual banter and the usual business talk. At least, that's what you thought.

    You were just about to turn back around when someone else walked into the Bakery, the clinks of the bell up front grabbing your thin attention.

    Steve rose from his seat, all smiles, and even Bucky stopped counting and moving around. A sort of coldness filled your tummy, and you pushed your body further into the locked doors of the kitchen to listen in.

    "Everyone, this is Sharon!" Steve said, wrapping his arm around the thin female's body. She had short shoulder blonde hair and a devilish smile that called for nothing good, along with a body that filled in well the dark dress she was wearing.

    "Good to meet you," Scott cheered first, before all of the voices erupted.

    "Gonna say something, boss?" Peter's sing-song voice called for Bucky, who was still staring straight with his back to you.

    "Welcome. Your shift is tomorrow at seven."

    Something flocked in your stomach, and you quickly found your knees buckling. Was Bucky replacing you?

    "And try to keep yourself out of trouble, will you? I've already got enough with Tiny."

    "Oh, give her a break," Steve laughed at Bucky's voice as if her bad luck and clumsiness was genuinely the joke of the year.

    "That girl's gonna' be the end of you, Buck." Natasha mumbled into her beer, smirk on her face. Bucky cocked his head her way, but since his back faced you, you were unabled to tell what he looked like.

    So you were only trouble to him.

    "Anyways, I'm sure you'll get along with her." Steve reassured Sharon, who only beamed up at him with certainty.

    "Oh, like it's hard!" Thor raised a big hand that had previously been on Cho's shoulder. "That girl is all but angel sent, my friends."

    "Enough," Bucky growled, rendering his friends quiet. "Enough about her. Will some of you actually do what we came here to do or are you just gonna continue hogging my bakery?"

    "You know what, Barnes?" Tony defied with a cocky smirk on his face. "Hogging sounds extra good right now."

    You took a few steps back and sat against a cold counter, hoping to ground yourself. It didn't make sense, nothing did. Why would Bucky even keep you around if you were that much trouble that he would hire another outsider?

    Oh, oh, was she just another pity case? Or was she perhaps.. involved with him? Nothing suggested that, but at this point you were ready to imagine anything to soothe your frustration.

    Like this, with thoughts ringing between your ears and your fingers trying to get together recipes you were already taught by Steve, you spent the night walking around the kitchen and rushing to be better. To be less trouble for Bucky.

    #bucky barnes imagine #bucky barnes x female reader #fanfic #mafia!bucky #baker!bucky #mafia au#baker au#bucky barnes#bucky imagine#bucky fanfic #bucky barnes x black female reader #bucky x y/n #bucky x black!reader
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    Here's a WIP that I don't think I'll finish

    It's my RAU!Gabriel as Brazhnik and his Son as Chat Noir post-Reformation

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    „Cat & mouse“

    Mob!Steve Rogers x Mob!James 'Bucky' Barnes x female reader (Mafia AU)

    Words: 3.7k

    Summary: You had gone without panties under your short skirt to their 'business meeting' and while Bucky is more than happy with the view, Steve is mad at you for showing around what belongs to them and only them.

    Warnings: explicit smut, poly relationship, FMM threesome, dom/sub relationship, praise & degradation kink, non-con elements (punishment) but reader is into it, oral (f & m receiving), face sitting, unprotected sex, creampie, edging, Steve is mean but it’s just because he’s mad

    Notes: Been up all night for this so I hope you guys like it!! 🥴

    🤍 read it on ao3 | my masterlist 🤍

    Your boyfriends were no other than the James Buchanan Barnes and Steve Rogers.

    They weren’t just any mobster, but the leaders of the dangerous and most feared mafia in this damn country. They had their people everywhere, controlling not only civilians but also the police and most gangs were working for them. Their 'official business' were a few hotels and exclusive clubs in the bigger city’s. Most people were too scared to look directly at them, lowering their gaze as soon as they entered a room. But you weren’t. They both looked at you like you were a treasure, their perfect, spoiled girl that needs to be protected from any harm and they would buy you the world if that’s what you wanted.

    Only you were allowed to run your mouth at them, act like a brat, break the rules and annoy them at any waking hour just to get fucked into the mattress later. You were trouble and they loved it.

    They loved you.

    „Say, doll…,” Bucky rasped, eyes narrowed down at you, „Are you not wearing anything underneath that?”

    His voice was low, almost a whisper. You bat your eyes at him playfully. „I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

    „Really? So, that wasn’t your sopping wet pussy I saw out on display for everyone to see?”

    You tried to hide your grin by biting your lip. Truthfully, you had gone without panties under your short skirt to their 'business meeting' today. You knew it would rile them up, and the risk of somebody else seeing it just heightened your arousal. You knew exactly that no man would ever survive getting only a glimpse look at what belonged to the two mafia bosses. You had sat yourself on Steves lap, as usual, but angled yourself towards Bucky, putting your lower half directly in his line of sight, then crossed and uncrossed your legs until you caught his eye. He was normally so cool and collected, no doubt a man that was feared by others and his eyes sharpened into steel the moment he saw you bare underneath your black skirt. It made his blood boil. You spent the rest of the meeting trying not to squirm under his burning glare and alert Steve to your little game. He was way too busy ordering their men around, talking about more security guards in one of their warehouses and listening to some guy, that informed him about new deliveries that would arrive tomorrow night. Bucky should probably listen to that too, since he and Steve ruled their empire together, but he was too busy thinking of all the ways he would bend you over the nearest surface by the time this shitty meeting was over and the men in their fancy suits would finally leave their mansion.

    Bucky leaned in close, his smokey scent washing over you as he growled low in your ear, „You know what happens to naughty little mice?” 

    „What happens?” You asked in a whisper. Your body was nearly vibrating with anticipation and it was almost suspicious that Steve hadn’t acted yet.

    Bucky pulled back just enough to lock his blue eyes with your own. „They get eaten up.” 

    His hands were suddenly at your hips and you were heaved from Steve’s lap and over Buckys muscular shoulder, a small shriek escaping your mouth.

    „Please excuse me, gentlemen“, he spoke to the men in the room, none of them even dared to look at you, all eyes still on Steve who remained calm and not surprised in the slightest. This was nothing their men weren’t already used to. Steve and Bucky made sure the whole world knew who you belonged to and if they wanted you, they had you.

    „Put me down! I can walk myself!” You cried indignantly.

    „Not a chance, doll,” Bucky sauntered down the hall and upstairs „Can’t have you running away from me.”

    He took you into the bedroom, the three of you shared every night, and you were unceremoniously dropped onto the mattress with an indignant squeak. „Little Mouse,” he crooned, grabbing your knees and forcing them apart, pinning them to the bed. „If you wanted my attention, all you had to do was ask.” The way he rolled up the sleeves of his white dress shirt to reveal his strong arms, one flesh and muscles and one out of black and golden metal, made you gawk at him. He was so handsome and he was yours.

    Your cheeks flushed under Buckys intense stare. Not at your face, but at your bare pussy, shiny and wet with slick. „Oh, doll,” he continued in his husky, sweet voice, „I’m gonna enjoy devouring you."

    Laying flat on his stomach, he hooked his strong arms under your thighs and licked a long, flat stripe from your fluttering hole to your needy clit. A moan tumbled from your lips as Bucky used the tip of his tongue to tease your clit. „Stupid, silly little girl. You really are just a dumb little toy for us, aren’t you? Tell me you’re a stupid little whore who can’t help but think with her cunt. Tell me, doll.” He demanded, the soft skin of his lips brushing deliciously against your labia while he speaks.

    You whined, and he delivered a sharp smack to the spot between your thigh and your ass. „Use your words, little mouse.”

    „Yes! I’m your dirty slut!” You cried, and he smirked at you, his bright blue eyes glowing as he peered at you from between your thighs. 

    „That’s right. Good girl.“

    Buckys tongue licked up at your cunt again, then he pushed two fingers inside you without a warning. You let out a choked gasp at the sudden intrusion, and his lips attached themselves to your clit. „Yes, right there!” You whined, feeling the coil in your stomach tighten. You were already horny from the teasing you did during the meeting, and Bucky eating you out was just leading you to your orgasm.

    He nipped at your clit with his teeth and you clenched around him, so close to the edge. “Is my girl going to cum?” He asked, sucking on your sensitive bud. 

    „Please, let me cum. I’m so close!” 

    He hummed, and the vibrations sent waves of pleasure through you. „No. Not yet, little mouse.” He moved up your body and kissed you, sliding his tongue against yours so you could taste yourself. You clutched at his hair, kissing him back with fervor. Tasting your arousal on his tongue was one of your favorite things. He wrapped his arms around you, and with a twist, you were suddenly on top.

    „Be a good girl and sit on my face.”

    With a shiver wracking down your spine, you obeyed. You sat up and inched forward until your knees rested on either side of his head and your pussy was directly over his face. „Look at how wet you are, making a mess all over yourself.” He commented on the juices sticking to your thighs. „Let me clean you up.”

    Winding his arms around your thighs, he pulled you down to sit on his face. You keened, high and loud, as his warm tongue delved deep inside you. You felt his warm tongue rubbing against your walls, making you dizzy with the stimulation. He licks at your core, leaving you squirming above him. Your fingers twisted in his hair, pulling on the coarse strands to grind down harder against Buckys face. You were so close to your orgasm, and just as you were about to hit your release, he stopped again.

    An indignant whine ripped from your throat, turning into a yelp as Bucky lifted his shoulders and twisted so your back was now pressed into the mattress again, the brunette man hovering above you. „Only good girls get to cum.” He said with a smirk, „And you weren’t very good at today’s meeting, little mouse.”

    „No, no she wasn’t.”

    You both froze at the voice from the door. You looked over Buckys shoulder to see Steve leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed over his board chest. Fuck. So he had noticed what was going on. Of course he did, he knew you and your little games well enough by now. And oh was your sweet Steve mad right now.

    Steve pushed himself off the doorframe to slowly step into the room, „I’m disappointed in you, angel. Did you think I wouldn’t notice? I wouldn’t see my property showing herself off for anyone to see?”

    He was in front of you now, painfully squeezing your jaw between his fingers, forcing you to look him in the eyes. „Are you so much of a whore that two dicks aren’t enough for you?”

    A whimper escaped your lips.

    „But.. but they didn’t-"

    „No, they didn’t, angel. I wouldn’t have been so calm if anyone would’ve seen what belongs to us. But they could have.“ Your pussy pulsated at the images flashing through your brain, making your thighs slick with your arousal.

    „That was very reckless of you.“

    „Steve”, you whimpered, your voice sounding needy and pathetic, even to your own ears, „S-sorry…“ 

    „Sorry what, angel?”

    „I‘m sorry, I won’t do it again.“

    Above you, Steve scoffed at your attempt to look as sorry as possible. „If you’re going to be so fucking whiny, put that mouth to good use and show us how sorry you are.” 

    He shoved you towards Bucky, who was still sitting on the other side of the bed. Steve fisted his hand in your hair, pulling painfully on your roots, and pushed your head into Buckys crotch. The fabric of his pants was soft against your face, but you could feel how hard Bucky was from before, growing more so as he watched you be manhandled like this in front of him.

    „Suck.” Steve ordered, shoving your head once more before letting go.

    Hands trembling, you reached for his belt and flicked it open. Pulling down the zipper, you inched his pants down and pressed open-mouthed kisses to the bulge still covered by his boxers. Bucky groaned, his hips jumping slightly at the contact. Peeling down his underwear, you took his lengthy cock in your hands and pumped it a few times before wrapping your lips around the head. 

    Bucky hissed as you swirl your tongue around his tip, teasing at the slit before you hollowed out your cheeks and took more of him in. He couldn’t resist then, a moan ripping from his throat as he slid his fingers through your hair to press against the back of your head, gently pressing you farther down on his length.

    „Fuck” he panted, “your mouth was made for this. Always feels so good.”

    You whined happily at the praise, and he almost choked at the vibrations from your throat, hips thrusting up right as Steve brings his palm down across your ass, jolting you forward. You gagged as Buckys cock slammed against the back of your throat, eyes welling up with tears as you tried to swallow around him. Steves hand cracked against your other cheek this time, and you whimpered as more tears gathered in your eyes, spilling over down your cheeks.

    „You’re such a desperate fucking whore,” Steve taunted, delivering another hit to your backside. „Next time you pull a stunt like this, I should pass you around, let them all have a turn with you. Would you like that, hm? Being everyone’s cum-dump?”

    You gave a muffled sob, partly from the degrading words Steve threw at you, but also from the rough fucking Bucky was giving your throat. His thrusts were fast and hard, hitting the back of your throat and going further down. 

    „You’re so lucky I wouldn’t allow it“, Bucky chuckled, „They’d be lucky enough to even look at you -fuck- I’d beat them all to death if they dared to touch you.“

    „He’s right, angel.“, Steve immediately agreed, „You belong to us and us only. Remember that, the next time you think about presenting our property for the world to see.“

    Bucky groaned, his hand on the back of your head petting to soothe you and keep you in place as he rammed his cock harder and harder down your throat. His groans pitched higher while he was fucking your face until he suddenly came down your throat. You choked on the warm substance but forced yourself to swallow as Bucky, with his hand still gripping the back of your head, had your nose pressed into the curly hairs of his crotch.

    After a few more second you were finally pulled off of him, coughing and wheezing, but didn’t have time to catch your breath when Steve yanked you into his lap, your back against his chest. He used his knees to spread your legs wide, still facing Bucky. Steve had one hand gripping your small wrists, locking them in place behind your back, and one snaking around your hips and under your skirt. 

    „Does this turn you on?”, Steve whispered in your ear, fingers running featherlight over your hole, „you’re fucking dripping wet. Such a needy, filthy girl getting all wet from gagging around Buckys cock.“

    He spread your slick around, bringing it up to your clit. You jolted at the brush of his finger, trying to bite back the moan rising from your throat. „Does that feel good?” He murmured, lips against your hair now.

    You nodded, and you felt his lips split into a grin. His finger began quick, rough strokes against your clit. His other hand let go of your arms, trusting you to know better than to move them from behind your back, and pulled you by your hair to look up at him. Your scalp stung, making your eyes water even more as you were forced to look into Steves blue eyes.

    „You look so pretty,” he cooed, „But even prettier when you cum.“

    „Fuck, yes please” You breathed, feeling a little too excited at the thought of them finally letting you come.

    Your breath hitched when he rolled his hips, the bulge in his pants rubbing against your wanting, weeping hole. He started thrusting against you, his finger working harder and faster against your clit. His hand left your hair, moving to pinch and roll your nipple while his lips continued to murmur filthy words in your ear.

    It was too much stimulation all at once. Your body was stiff, muscles clenched tight in anticipation. You were on the peak of your orgasm, ready to jump off and crash - 

    but Steves fingers disappeared, his hips stilling. You let out a broken wail, desperate for the release that he refused you. You snapped.

     „Fuck Steve, what the hell?”

    „Oh Angel, didn’t Bucky tell you before? Only good girls get to cum, right Buck?“ His words were condescending but his tone was so soft and loving. Before you could take in a breath and respond he shoved you face-first into the mattress. He kept a hand pressed between your shoulder blades to pin you in place, face down and ass up, while he fumbled with his pants. 

    Turning your head to not be smashed in the bed, you found yourself eye-level with Buckys dick. For a brief moment, you had forgotten he was even there. Clearly, he had been enjoying the show, his cock hard again as he pumped it in your direction. He caught your eye, wiping the trail of precum leaking from the tip with his thumb, and pressing it to your lips. You opened your lips, letting him probe inside your mouth and spread it across your tongue. 

    „Good girl,” He whispered as you lavished his thumb with your tongue, “You’re so fucking hot, little mouse.”

    Steve chose that moment to slam himself inside you, bottoming out in the first thrust. You screamed - in shock or pain or pleasure or all of the above - at his sudden entrance, Buckys thumb falling out of your mouth. „Oh, I’m sorry, angel”, Steve simpered, „Were you not ready for that? I thought whores that show their pussy around were always ready to fuck?“ Bucky chuckled lowly at that. These Bastards…

    Steve began to thrust into you, his movements harsh, demanding all your focus as he stretched you open. But, Bucky too, wanted your attention, pulling you up by your arms. He kissed you, your tongues and moans mixing together. He took your hand, moving it down and wrapping your fingers around his cock. You pumped him in time with Steve, whining against his lips when his metal fingers trailed down to your clit.

    The hands Steve had gripped on your hips, using them to pull you harder against his thrusts, moved up to grope at your breasts, almost painfully pinching at your nipples. With a deep, rough thrust against your cervix that sent you screaming into Buckys mouth, he spoke again, „Did I tell you that the meeting wasn’t even over when I got up here? Our men are still downstairs, waiting for me and Buck to come back, so you might as well be a little louder and show them who you belong to, angel.”

    Bucky pulled away to press his lips down your neck, speaking in your ear. 

    „You’re doing so well, little mouse.” He cooed, finger still circling your clit. „Can you imagine their stupid fuckin' faces right now? Bet they would love to get a taste of you, but they just can’t. They can’t because you’re ours.”

    Steves hips pistoned into you, and you were certain your ass would be bruised with how hard his hips smacked against you. But the head of his cock repeatedly hit the most amazing place inside you, and Buckys metal finger didn’t stop it’s swirl on your hard bundle of nerves, and it was just too much. You’ve been denied of an orgasm two times now and you couldn’t hold back any longer.

    Your vision went white as your orgasm hit you like a hurricane, your muscles going taut in their arms. It felt so good it almost hurt, your walls pulsing around Steve as he continued to ram into you. Both men, it seemed, were set on prolonging your orgasm, as neither had let up on you. 

    „Please!” You sobbed, feeling a second climax already beginning to crest before the first one had even finished with its aftershocks.

    „I thought this is what you wanted?” Steve leaned forward to lick the shell of your ear.

    „You can give us another one, can’t you doll?” Bucky purred in your other ear.

    You shook your head with a pathetic whimper. „N-No, I can’t!”

    Growling behind you, Steve knotted his fingers in your hair and ripped you back against his chest. „No?” He snapped, his hips slowing inside you.

    Even as overwhelmed as you felt, you still squirmed at the loss of friction. Hell, you really were needy. „Steve, please, I can’t-”

    The assault started again, Steves cock pounding into you with renewed vigor at your denial. „You can’t? Oh angel. You can, and you will,” He chuckled darkly, “Because I said you will. And. You. Do. What. I. Say!”

    He punctuated each word with a cervix-smashing thrust, leaving you screaming and writhing in his lap. 

    Turning your teary eyes to Bucky, you plead to him through broken sobs and moans. „Oh fuck- Bucky, god, please!”

    He shushed you gently, pressing a kiss to your lips to swallow your cries. But still, his fingers didn’t relent either, flicking at your overly-sensitive clit. „You can give us one more, right? Now take your punishment like a good girl and cum again.“

    As if their physical attacks weren’t enough, both men took to fucking with your mind, too. In your right ear, Steve, with his higher scratchy voice, snarled horribly filthy things that made you want to cry out more than you already were, but still sent waves of pleasure down your spine. In your left ear, Bucky rumbling soothing praises.

    You were no match for the two of them, not together. With a scream, you came hard again, your body seizing and your cunt convulsing. Fireworks exploded behind your eyes, and blood roared in your ears. All your senses seemed to abandon you as you rode wave after wave of ecstasy in your orgasm. After an infinity that felt like no time at all, you felt your pleasure finally begin to wane, and you could feel Steve furiously chasing his own release inside you.

    You faintly heard the softer pumping of Bucky working his cock in his own hand, and you came back to your full senses just in time for his climax, feeling his scalding hot ropes of cum splatter across your chest.

    „Fuck, doll!” He groaned, pumping the last drops of cum out.

    Knowing he came out on top, Steve allowed himself to cum. With a groan, he slammed himself deep inside you, his warm seed painting your insides white. You shuddered with a moan of your own, loving the feeling of his cum inside you. He remained inside for a few moments, ensuring that every last drop went in you.

    He swiftly pulled out, and your shaking legs finally betrayed you. You would have hit the mattress face-first, if Bucky hadn’t been there to catch you. Gently, he turned you to your back so you wouldn’t have to lie on the cum cooling on your chest. You shook with the aftershocks of your own orgasm, your cunt spasming around nothing. You could have whined with how empty you felt, but now you were simply exhausted. Feeling your eyelids droop, you rest your head on Buckys strong thighs.

    Brushing a strand of hair out of your face, Steve leaned down and murmured „You took your punishment so well, angel. I’m proud of you.”

    You have him a small smile, his praise warming you inside. „I’m really sorry, I promise I won’t do it again“, you said softly and he placed a kiss to your lips.

    „I‘m sure of that. I‘m not mad anymore baby don’t worry“, he chuckled then turned his face to Bucky, „There’s a meeting still waiting for us, buddy.“

    „Shit, right. I‘m sorry doll but you have to clean up yourself, will you do that?“

    „Why don’t you take a nice relaxing bath, I’ll send Nat to bring you your favorite drink and we‘ll get us something to eat when we’re done, how’s that sound?“

    You hummed in excitement, „I want Pasta! Please.“

    „Everything for our perfect girl.“

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    15.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Four Leaves & Five Streets Series

    Jujutsu Kaisen: Gojo Satoru X OC [Yotsuba Shina]

    (Four Leaves & Five Streets Mafia/Yakuza AU Series)

    [Summary: Entanglement with the Gojo Satoru—scion of another influential Yakuza group—proves to only bring destruction and chaos to Doctor Yotsuba Shina's life. What if the menace proves to persistently worm his way to her life? When all she ever wanted was peace his chaos embraced her.]

    [Tags & Warnings: Accident, violence & blood, surgery, mentions of document falsification, abuse of authority]

    Chapter 1

    He was like an angel with blood damping his body. I didn't regret saving his life, but I wish it wasn't him. The angel I thought he was, is the embodiment of the angel of death.

    Yotsuba Shina

    [July 13 2017 Kyushu, Fukouka Prefecture, 10:36 pm]

    "It's your father's birthday celebration, where are you Shina?" My mother's soft voice on the other line greeted me.

    "I just finished my rounds, I'm on my way Hahaue," I nod to the security guard of the hospital and head to my car.

    "Should I send someone to pick you up?"

    "No need, I'll be there soon. I'm sure Chichiue is looking for you by now to greet the guests," I assured her and said goodbye, starting my car and drive out of the hospital.

    If not for my Father asking me to come, I never would go and instead, immerse myself in the case studies in my clinic office. People coming there aren't exactly close to us—the next day most of them are the ones plotting our downfall.

    I cannot keep up with that farce... It makes me sick to my guts.

    I drive my car in the silent night with lesser cars passing by. People lately go out lesser and go home earlier because of the gang fights swirling around. Kyushu has the most population of yakuza although the largest group—Six Eyes/Rikugan is located in Kobe—but Fukuoka houses the chains of organizations of Mafia.

    I don't like it here. I usually stay in Tokyo for my main job but there would come a point that it's nice to escape from the busy city—not that Fukuoka is not busy but at least it's closer to my family and I'm working here on finishing my fellowship in the university hospital Shoko my best friend since college days tagging along with me.

    Out of nowhere white blur suddenly pass before my car, frantically I stepped on the break sending my body lurching forward to the steering wheel. Damn, I forgot my seatbelt again.

    What was that? Something cross the road! Oh please, please, please! Please don't let it be!

    I scramble out of the seat, opening my car door and peak in front, the headlights illuminated a figure—of a man...?

    My eyes widened at the sight of his white suit pooling a large patch of blood. Did I hit him?!


    Crouching down the asphalt I notice his unusual white hair and long arctic lashes perfectly molded face like white jade—An angel? I suck a breath utterly mesmerized of his beauty. I must be a fool for thinking this beautiful bloody man is an angel that fell from the sky and his wings got rip off of him.

    That's not the time for that Shina!Checking his body for injuries I felt his pulse gradually weaken.

    "Gu—" he muttered raspy and faint.

    "S-sh-ot," he breathed.

    He's shot? Carefully flipping him, indeed there's a hole near his spleen and chest.

    "I will take you to the hospital," I blurted, assessing his grave injuries I pulled out my kerchief, pressing the fabric to the bleeding area applying pressure, hopefully this will slow down the blood but it immediately soak the small cloth.

    There must be a punctured vein from this heavy bleeding. I need to apply pressure to stop the bleeding. My hand found the sleeves of my blouse ripping off the fabric and using it as bandages to help the clotting of blood.

    I gently pulled him up, draping his other arm around my shoulder. So heavy! He seems to be well off with his expensive looking white suit now pooling of his blood, did he survive from a shootout?

    "Hang in there, you have to breathe for me, okay? The hospital is near you'll be okay." I almost stumbled from his body practically drowning me down until I ease him up my car's backseat and shut the door, dialing the hotline of my hospital to prepare the ER.

    The moment I parked there's already a stretcher waiting for me and they ease him out of my car and did CT scan.

    "I'll perform the surgery, call Dr Ieiri."

    The gunshot is 3 inches away from his heart, apparently his lungs was spared but his veins weren't spared, and the other grazing his spleen.

    If it hit his artery... He'd be in the morgue by now.

    Thankfully it didn't damaged his organ fatally or else we had to perform splenectomy to remove the punctured spleen. If it reached his lungs... I'm afraid he's long dead.

    After the induction of anaesthesia massive transfusion of blood products begun, his heart and blood pressure closely monitored by the surgical team.

    The underlying threat of cardiac arrest is slithering like shinigami's invitation to take him away from me.

    "Scalpel" the surgical technologist handed me the blade, metal cutting precisely the incision on his punctured chest. I'm amazed how he survived and walked that far even with this fatal wounds.


    Normal people would've already collapse worse died. Whatever will he held on to survive this far I won't let it go to waste. I will save him!

    But the risk of cardiac arrest is also risky in his state. He lost too much blood.

    Retracting the bullet prove to be harder with it positioned so near the heart. One wrong twitch I will disturb his arteries and cause further vascular trauma.

    Shoko on the other hand handled the spleen. I have no doubts she can do it perfectly.

    Dropping the bloody bullet to the kidney tray. I pulled over the microscope to my eyes magnifying them to see the damaged blood vessels.

    Anastomosis is needed to join the severed blood vessels. The bullet hit a vein. Hours of suturing his damaged veins and capillaries up to the tiniest one by one patiently. His heartbeat would slowdown for some minutes that I'm anticipating him going under cardiac arrest from the blood loss. The anesthesiology team on stand by for resuscitation.

    The team monitoring his vital signs notified me of his erratic heartbeat ranging 400-500 per minute.

    "Patient under cardiac arrest."

    I halted at the sudden shaking of his body, the anaesthesiology team taking over instructing me chest compressions, the anesthetist with the charged defibrillator.

    "I20 joules,"


    "Up to 25 joules,"


    "He could file medical malpractice on you," Shoko handed me hot coffee after the surgery.

    "I can't leave him to die." I performed and leaded the surgery without the patient or family's consent. That's a criminal offense—battery and gross negligence—for touching the patient's body with no person

    That man is stable now, although we don't know when he'll wake up. We successfully stabilized him and I finish suturing his blood vessels. He's sleeping in the ICU to be moved to the private room when he gain consciousness.

    "Don't worry we're partners. We can tell them to pair us in the jail cell if the time comes," Shoko puffed out smoke from her cigarette.

    I chuckled picturing the two of us playing poker inside the jail. Definitely we might just do that if worse comes to worst.

    "When will you quit? You're a doctor but you don't take care of yourself." I sighed at her cigarette.

    Shoko just shrug. A nurse passed greeting us.

    "If that time comes Uncle will not let you get jailed, and I have Suguru."

    "Oh! So you and Suguru-san huh?" I teased, that polite raven-hair has been patiently chasing my dear best friend over the years—they're also childhood friends but Shoko can be a hard nut to crack. Probably that's part of the reason she tag along with me here in Fukuoka every Thursday-Saturday for the fellowship program to get away from Suguru-san in Tokyo who usually visits everyday from Monday-Wednesday bringing us lunch.

    "We're... fine. And that man earlier—is Suguru's sworn brother. He's my friend to." Shoko shrug.

    She knew him? Why didn't she said anything?!

    For a long time I stare at her, the coffee now cold, the night turning to midnight.

    If that man is Suguru-san's sworn brother... But Suguru-san is part of the Gojo clan—one of the prominent Yakuza clans—that means he's also a Yakuza...? That's why he was shot?

    "Gojo Satoru, I'm sure you've heard of him," Shoko added, sensing my hay-wiring brain.

    "T-that man? Is the scion of Gojo clan? Gojo S-satoru?!" I gaped, stuttering out the name I've never uttered before.

    He's the last thing I'd ever associate myself with... Not to mention—oh kami, what did I tangle myself into?

    "He's gone?" The bed is empty, the tubes and needles hanging on the air.

    "We d-didn't," the nurses don't know what to say refusing to meet my eyes.

    "Check the CCTV, the fire exit, and—"

    Even for a man his calibre walking in his state after 5 days of surgery, he's a monster. I massaged the bridge of my nose easing the headache and dread pitting in my guts.

    "And?" The nurse peered to me.

    "Check it if no results I'll handle the rest with the director."

    I could just have his records in this hospital erased. Or put Shoko as the head surgeon of the surgery. Or talk with the director regarding this.

    The nurse nod and left me. He couldn't have gone so far. Damn it, why does he have to make my head hurt? I dialed a call to Nanami Kento—one of the trusted men in our clan.

    "Hai ojou-sama," the low baritone voice greeted me. I can see the blond with his usual stoic face answering my call.

    "Kento-kun, send out your few trusted men near my workplace, look out for Gojo Satoru,"

    "P-pardon?" Kento stuttered, quite unusual for the composed man.

    "No contact needed, just make sure he's untouched until someone comes to pick him up."

    "But, can I ask why? I don't think the Soryō would agr—"


    "Understood ojou-sama."

    "Thank you Kento-kun."

    I don't like him. But he's still my patient. I'm not usually informed about the yakuza business of my family—that's my dad and elder brothers' business. The more I cannot be connected with anything related to Gojo Satoru.

    I may not know a lot from the underground business but I am aware how terrifying and formidable Gojo clan known as the Rikugan—the very reason they stabilize the whole mafia organization, with the Zen'in and Kamo with the Itadori and Yotsuba.

    Gojo Satoru being the heir to Rikugan group, I don't believe in rumors swirling around the man but I know he's dangerous, death and misery clings to him like second skin. The very proof of him almost dying in front of me and now I have committed a dirt in my career—operating without the patient's or family's consent is enough to end the career I've build up for years.

    I was wrong I thought he was an angel, he looked so hurt and weak that time, but maybe that's also his karma for doing lots of things in the yakuza. He's not saint nor angel but the devil himself.

    "Suguru found him, he's in the Gojo Estate—I'm going there to check up on him," Shoko informed me.

    "Aren't you going too Shina? He is still technically your patient." Peering down Shoko tap my shoulder with probing gaze.

    I can't. He doesn't need to know anything. He mustn't find out about me at all costs.

    "Shoko... We need to talk after this. But for now you're more than enough," I shake my head seeing Shoko out of the office.

    I'm so sorry but nothing good will come if I entangle myself with a man like Gojo Satoru.



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    All rights and credits of the Jujutsu Kaisen character(s) mentioned, image(s) and song(s) used belong to their respective owner(s).

    Taglist: @ice-icebaby @wobblewobble822

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