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  • I feel it in my body, know it in my mind
    Oh I, I’m gonna love you for a long time

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  • “It’s about giving everything and not knowing if it’s enough. It’s about the power of vulnerability — a cry for help and a battle cry at the same time.”

    - Fallingwater | Maggie Rogers

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    maggierogers: writing. processing. savoring. ⁣beginning to come down from this very special year. feeling the return of quiet moments. joking with my friends that ive turned back into pumpkin. my pop star dreams have been well lived and subsided. resting for now. ⁣

    photo from oct 2019. middletown, de.

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    Like, I knew this was going to happen. But why does Spotify have to call us out like this every year?

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  • I don’t like it when boys sing 🤷🏼‍♀️

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    CC @monica-posh @a92vm it’s official 😂

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  • And in the morning when I’m waking up
    I swear that you’re the first thing that I’m thinking of

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  • Me: wow I wonder what songs I listen to the most? I actually have no idea, it’s probably going to be a really random mix of artists

    Spotify Wrapped:


    cc: @a92vm

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  • You know that I could never make this up
    I found the reason I’m not giving up
    I felt the fever and I knew he was mine
    Oh I, I’m gonna love you for a long time

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  • I saw your face and I knew it was a sign
    And I still think about that moment all of the time

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  • Light On by Maggie Rogers ✨

    (just learned the first part, so that’s why it’s not the whole song!)

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  • 44. Winter 

    Years later…

    It’s late when he pulls the car up to the manor. A glance at the digital clock on the dash tells him it’s past midnight, which means it’s officially Christmas Eve. It’s no surprise that his wife and daughter are sacked out. 

    Over four hours of driving from DC to Gotham, and before that, scrambling to finish up work with the DoD, drag Maggie away from the holiday edition of the Washington Post, scoop the kid up from daycare, and make sure they had packed everything they need for a successful holiday away from home with a three-year-old. 

    Jason parks his car and turns it off, before looking at the other cars and bikes around them. 

    They are, of course, the last ones here. 

    He reaches over and takes Maggie’s hand, squeezing it gently, and it wakes her up. 

    She glances at him and grins sleepily, pushing blonde hair away from her face. “Hey. We here?” 

    Jason nods, looking up at the house. “And we’re the last ones.” 

    “Not a shock,” Maggie comments, before leaning back to check on their daughter. “Gracie slept through the whole trip.” 

    “Well, she had a big day at preschool,” Jason comments. “Didn’t they do all the winter holiday activity stuff today?” 

    “Mhm,” Maggie nods. “She came home covered in glitter, cake frosting and magic marker.” 

    “Oh I know.  What I don’t know is how she got frosting between her toes,” Jason smirks, glancing in the rear-view at their three-year-old in her car seat. “You ready for merriment and bat-flavored holiday psychosis?” 

    “Well, nothing will ever beat that one year Dad dumped an entire Christmas ham on Uncle Tony’s head,” Maggie comments. “But you can’t have everything.” 

    Jason snorts. “Let’s get this shit show started.” 

    “You love it,” Maggie accuses as they get out of the car. 

    “Yeah,” Jason snaps lightly, before pulling open the back door to hoist Gracie from the car seat. “But don’t tell anybody.”

    (NOTE: This is a possible future for The Tuna Melt-Verse.)

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  • maggierogers: 😎😎😎

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  • my girlfriend application is simple;

    1.) dance to Maggie Rogers with me.

    2.) Rot your brain hours on end to Gourmet Makes…and let’s both gush over Claire.

    3.) jodie. fucking. comer.

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  • (via https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2NBCiQqLALkkdCX6W3GYlF?si=cme3v59cReeAmuFHmMdF_Q)


    On Mondays, I share a Spotify playlist of a few songs I’ve been enjoying.  These could be new songs, new-to-me songs, or just ones I’ve been listening to a lot lately.  I may switch it up occasionally and just feature a particular band or something, as well.

    My ask box is always open (anons are welcome!), so feel free to let me know if you enjoy any of these songs, or if you want to recommend new ones to me!  I always love finding new music.  :)

    HAIM - Now I’m In It | Billie Eilish - everything i wanted | Maggie Rogers - Love You For A Long Time | The Highwomen - If She Ever Leaves Me | The Wild Reeds - Capable | The Joy Formidable - It’s Started | The Revivalists - Hate To Love You | Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats - You Worry Me | Greta Van Fleet - Meet On The Ledge | Keane - The Way I Feel | Julia Jacklin - Someday | Ruston Kelly - Weeping Willow

    #music monday#music#haim#billie eilish#maggie rogers#the highwomen #the wild reeds #the joy formidable #the revivalists #nathaniel rateliff & the night sweats #greta van fleet #keane#julia jacklin#ruston kelly
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  • And my favorite albums of 2019 are….

    1. Heard It In A Past Life - Maggie Rogers
    2. Violet Streets - Local Natives
    3. Dedicated - Carly Rae Jepsen
    4. Norman Fucking Rockwell - Lana Del Rey
    5. Lover - Taylor Swift
    6. Sunshine Kitty - Tove Lo
    7. Don’t Feed The Pop Monster - Broods
    8. Thank U, Next - Ariana Grande
    9. Charli - Charli XCX
    10. Magdelene - FKA Twigs
    11. Saves The World - MUNA
    12. III - Banks
    13. Songs For You - Tinashe
    14. Pang - Caroline Polachek
    15. Love + Fear - MARINA
    16. Lost Girls - Bat For Lashes

    Playlist here

    #maggie rogers#local natives #carly rae jepsen #lana del rey #taylor swift#tove lo#broods#charli xcx#ariana grande#fka twigs#muna#banks#tinashe#caroline polachek#marina #bat for lashes #unless rihanna drops an album im not adding anyone else #picture quality shite but oh well
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    big thief - real love


    maggie rogers - dog years

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