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    “why are you drinking?” the little prince asked.

    “in order to forget,” replied to drunkard.

    “to forget what?” inquired the little prince, who was already feeling sorry for him.

    “to forget that i am ashamed,” the drunkard confessed, hanging his head.

    “ashamed of what?” asked the little prince, who wanted to help him.

    “ashamed of drinking!” concluded the drunkard, withdrawing into total silence.

    &the little prince went away, puzzled. “grownups are really very, very odd,” he said to himself as he continued his journey.


    the Nine of Swords speaks of long nights, demons that creep in shadows, &anxieties we keep buried until the Witching Hour pulls them out of us. in this Nine, we meditate upon the demons we find ourselves in love with– the anxieties&mental loops we end up trapped in, cursed into a cycle of self hatred&deprication that only we, truly, can save ourselves from. the Sun rises eventually, beloved: never forget that. move your hands away, lovely, &a friend is there to help you. reach out, lovely– you do not deserve to huddle alone. let the demons scuttle away with the darkness. let the light of the Dawn ease you forward.

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  • Two pics. First one based on a prompt “alchemist” and the second one on the prompt “autumn OC” So yeah, this is what I made.

    First one done in colored pencils, second in oil pastels and I really enjoyed it!

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    Abracadabra is Persian word. It’s an incantation, and reads, Abr - Acad - Abr. This translates as, ‘God - the One - God’. Literally, it means “there is but one true God”. It really, has nothing to do with magic.

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    Cleansing space from room mates negative bull shit!

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  • I don’t know where I read this magic sistem from but I remember a really neat idea that basically said that human’s supernatural ability was faith: If a big group of people desired something that something would happen.

    It was different from normal magic as it needed a group and not one person to be effective and it could bring vastly greater effects than simple magic.

    all the other races had the classical stereotipes like long living elves or engeneer dwarves, I don’t remember what were present and what werent tho

    #Where is this from?? #did I made that up miself or somone beat me to it? #help#magic#magic sistem
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  • by  Marianne North

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    Since It’s been awhile since I’ve talking about my Demigod series so i’d figured I’d share a doodle of some symbols

    The first batch are the symbols for each of the 10 base magics that are used in my world or My dimension (there’s multiple dimensions but my friend has multiple of their own while i just have like 1) each Magic Base has it’s own sub category with some of those sub categories having sub categories. All of it made usable with soul energy, which is basically what keeps an MC (Mythical creature) alive in my world

    And then the next batch are just the symbols for the 16 element’s that exist and are used in a magical sense in my Dimension

    If anyone is curious with any questions pls ask lol

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  • Magic/Sleightofhand isnt so popular on Tumblr. I would love to know peoples thoughts?

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  • Nobody:

    @h-o-l-y-g-o-b-l-i-n when I talk about magic:

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  • #art #biarritz#surfing #october#cotedesbasques #sunset #love #ocean #holiday #speed #beautiful #surf #flowers #magic #me #photooftheday #barbie #model #fashion #weekend

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  • Frontispiece from The History of Witches and Wizards, 1720, Wellcome Collection, London.

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  • Magic Sleep | Mystical Music | Enchanting Forest | Theta Binaural Beats | 963Hz Frequency

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  • It’s coming out soon! 🥳 

    I am finishing the editing of the last chapters. 

    “The mancer cursed and killed the boy hero. He was given a mark. This mark would never leave him. This mark was not only impressed on his lower abdomen, but this represented the curse by a powerful magician and it had been impressed on his soul as well.” ~ BENJAMIN JONES. The Call of The Shaman ✌️

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  • Neon Town: Witch store 

    How about cyberpunk magic? Enjoy Neon Town! Here you can practice magic and chat with others like you. Whatever you need you can find in the Witch store. Well, or almost whatever. Works around the clock.

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    • type: retail

    You can find lot in my Library. My origin ID: Buntyan

    Or download HERE

    cc free

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  • Puzzle pieces

    You always remember your first kiss. Mine was slimy and with a boy named Omar. I remember wondering how people were into that sort of thing, yet I also knew I wanted to do it some more. There are all sorts of kisses in the course of your life. There’s first kisses, routine kisses, sweet kisses, kisses on the cheeks of your children, kisses on the forehead when you’re really afraid and then there’s the magical kind. The kind you can’t ever forget. This is a story about that magic. 

    I remember noticing when things had changed between us. He was going away on a trip and I wasn’t going to see him for a few weeks. I knew I was going to miss him. As I traced back the breadcrumbs of my thoughts that night, the feelings I had for him came to view. I always wanted to be near him. He was present, and funny, and passionate and when I was around him I felt alive. But, we were friends and both in different relationships, so I buried that realization as far down as I could. I wished him a safe trip. 

    A few months later we were both strongly aware that there was something between us. We were magnets and could feel each other’s presence across towns. Maybe we won’t have physical chemistry I told him. Maybe it’s just not meant to be. I kept searching for the excuses that would deter us from hurting the people we cared for, but every minute without him felt wrong. 

    The weather wasn’t definable that day; it was a perfect mix of sun and clouds. He had driven us to my favorite park, and as I walked by the play ground to the picnic tables, I realized it was no longer my childhood play ground. it wasn’t the place that I rode my first bike or sledded into a tree, it was the place that I first held his hand and the place that he told me I made him feel like a teenager again. Soon, it would be the place where we had our first kiss.

    “I have always looked at other girls,” he said. “it’s just how I’ve always been. But ever since I met you, you’re the only one I want to see.” 

    I linked my arm through his walking to the picnic table unsure of what we should do. I knew the situation had to come to an end one way or the other.  We couldn’t continue our emotional affair and yet we both had to know what was between us. Both of our partners were aware that we were confused and connected to one another, but they held on anyway. Nothing felt easy, except sitting next to him. I was calm around him, and I am not a calm person. 

    “I guess we have to stop being friends,” I said softly. “We are hurting everyone.” 

    “Yeah,” he stared ahead.

    I closed my eyes feeling the energy between us. He was sitting on the top of the picnic table and I was on the bench. Goosebumps spread on my skin just being near him. Suddenly his lips were on mine and I kissed him back with everything I had. For a moment, I didn’t think, I just felt and I let go of all of the shoulds and coulds. I did exactly what I wanted to do. We moved like a perfect match with all of our emotions coming together in that one perfect moment. I had kissed a lot of people in my time, but nothing ever felt like this. My first kisses were usually awkward and full of growing pains, but this one wasn’t. This kiss felt like we had been doing it for fifty years and knew every inch of each other’s skin. He felt like home. It was the kind of  moment that you wanted to hold onto forever.

    When I came up for air I remember every one of my senses being heightened. I could hear the squirrels in the trees behind us and I could see the sun shining through the clouds onto his chocolate hair. It was as if our kiss had caused the world to stop and now it was moving fast to catch up. 

    “You have to bring me home,” I said. I grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet. I was in a total panic. I had never felt something that strong before. He followed me quickly saying nothing on the walk to his car. As we got into the car I knew I had to go break up with my boyfriend. I knew I had to tell him exactly what had happened and how I felt. The only problem was I couldn’t even put words to what I was feeling. it was as if every emotion possible was hitting me all at once. 

    He pulled the car into reverse. 

    “People don’t just kiss like that,” he said. “I’ve never been kissed like that.” 

    I knew he was right but I couldn’t speak. I was stunned. Whatever was between us was bigger than us and I didn’t know how to handle it. He tried to talk to me but I was unreachable. The girl who was always a product of her emotions was completely gone. She had found real love, and she was terrified. 

    “We have to talk about this,” he said. 

    “I’ll call you later,” I said getting out of his car and into mine. 

    “I’ve never felt anything like that,” he said again. 

    Me either, I thought. 

    I wish I could go back to that moment. To tell myself that it was okay to be loved. I wish I had jumped into his arms and figured out the rest of the world with him, but I didn’t. I didn’t know how to let someone love me, and the story that would unfold between us was a product of that missing puzzle piece. If I could have been whole for anyone, it would have been him, but I wasn’t. I was messy, and tangled and he was wonderfully magic. And you see, that’s the thing about magic; once you realize it’s real, you’ll never see anything the same again. 

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