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  • peachart24
    05.12.2021 - 14 hours ago

    MIRROR | CHAPTER 4, PART 9 (37 page /37 page)


    Beginning of Chapter 4 Previous Next chapter VK (rus comics) | Through the Difficulties (school au 2doc)

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  • authortango
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    A Review of Mirrored in Evergreen by B.A. Pigeon

    Mirrored in Evergreen is a LGBTQ+ indie novel by B. Pigeon about Rosemary, who becomes an apprentice to a mysterious wizard. The story starts the second to last week of his apprenticeship, where, after several foreshadowing dreams about the wizard, Rosemary becomes cursed in a way where everyone he ever knew, including his partner, Rowan, is also cursed to forget him. The book follows Rosemary’s strange relationships with the partner he used to know, as well as a new cast of characters who may or may not be helping Rosemary figure out his curse.

    There are mild spoilers in my review ahead, so if you don’t want anything spoiled be sure to read the book before my review! You can get it on Amazon on paperback or Kindle. I personally bought paperback because I don’t own Kindle products and I love physical books. Click Keep Reading to read the review!

    Let’s get into the review. I’m going to be real: the beginning of the book is a little slow. The first chapter helps us familiarize ourselves with what Rosemary has been doing in his apprenticeship, which is, frankly, nothing but gardening and studying in the library. Even though he’s at the wizard’s house to learn magic, the wizard has forbidden him from performing magic. So the first two chapters are of Rosemary being bored, and also fretting about his partner Rowan and why they haven’t answered any of his letters. Because I didn’t understand Rosemary or any of his motives from the beginning of the book, it was a little hard to relate to them as a character. But as the book moves on and things start happening to Rosemary, his reactions really draw you into the story and you start to want the same answers he does as he explores his relationship with the wizard and his curse.

    This book has a lot of LGBT+ representation, but I love that it is not the main part of the story. The main plot of the book is the curse and the way magic works in this, as I understand it, urban fantasy world, but Pigeon also writes convincing personal relationships between all of the characters, both good and bad. Rosemary and Rowan’s romance and the gravity of their relationship become more apparent as Rosemary pines to reveal to Rowan that he knows everything about them. Additionally, the myriad of relationships we experience through Siobahn, the mediocre healer, is, frankly, a whirlwind. The girl is messy.

     I also want to draw attention that this is the first book I’ve read with nonbinary representation, and I just love the continued unfolding about Rowan’s appearance and mannerisms as we get to know him for the first time. I really loved the descriptions and interactions of all the characters, and hopefully in the future I will be drawing how I interpreted them as I read.

    Along with writing excellent relationships and LGBTQ+ representation, I really love how Pigeon writes the individual characters themselves. They’re complex in a way where their emotions are human and their motives are constantly unclear and I loved it. Again, I want to point out Siobahn, who never did what I expected or wanted her to. My initial impression is that possibly, she would be a mother figure to Rosemary, or, eventually she would soften and start to care for both Rowan and Rosemary, and they would become friends. This did not happen, and to be honest? I’m really glad that didn’t happen. It made for a more interesting relationship and constantly kept me guessing about what Siobahn wanted and how she was helping or hindering Rosemary.

    Speaking of things going a way that you don’t expect them to, a lot of questions Rosemary has about the wizard go unanswered. This may be unsatisfying for some readers who like when every loose end gets wrapped up, and sometimes I’m on that boat. But actually I really liked that some questions went unanswered in this story, because now I have room to create theories about what’s going on, and boy do I have several. 

    First of all - everyone tells Rosemary, and Rosemary tells himself all throughout the book that he’s a shit wizard. However,  I think they’re all gaslighting him, to the point where it’s ingrained in him to gaslight themselves about their own magic capabilities. In the couple of instances where he does do magic, it seems like he scares everyone, and I just get the feeling that he and Rowan both have an immense amount of power that nobody expected. I think the wizard prevents him from doing magic for that reason, aside from the possible theory Rowan comes up with. I also think that Rosemary’s power is why Rowan doesn't think he’s a shit wizard, and that it's bullshit. Even when they’ve forgotten Rosemary, they can sense a lot about him, and I really think that Rosemary and Rowan could become super powerful magicians together. 

    Second, after reading the entire book and weaving in and out of Rosemary’s dreams, memories, and real-life fears, I’m going to make a leap at this point and say that Celestin, the wizard, and Rosemary’s nightmares about being trapped by him are a parallel and direct metaphor of his issues with his father and what his father thinks is best for him. It becomes apparent that Rosemary’s father has been an antagonist in Rosemary’s life for a while, and that Rosemary wishes very much to be in control of his own life, whether that means practicing magic or not. What’s stopping him is the fear of returning to his father with his apprenticeship unfinished, actually proving that he’s incompetent at magic, and therefore not receiving the aid he needs in order to be his own person. And, y’know, it doesn’t help that his dad is friends with an asshole who just randomly traumatizes and curses his students. Actually, an interesting fact is that Rowan had a theory that Celestin abuses students into reaching their full, magical potential, but actually it may be the opposite, and that anything he deems unworthy of magic he traumatizes into never practicing again.

    Though not large enough to be their own theories, Celestin’s past students and the potential with Siobahn’s relationships and her intentions throughout the entire book have so many different ways they could have gone or could continue to go. I’m just constantly thinking about what could have happened between Siobahn and Alexis, Caspian, and Mariela, or what more we could’ve found out about why Siobahn wants revenge on Celestin, or more details about what happened to his former students and their curses. Overall, Siobahn was such a wildcard that I think about what if she had done things differently, as there’s just a myriad of decisions she could’ve made and so many outcomes she could have landed on. 

    Overall, this book had the perfect amount of imagery, interesting and realistic character interactions, and emotion for me. I did really enjoy my read and all the different theories about Rosemary’s curse made me want to figure it out with them. And I really felt satisfied with the rekindling of the romance and the heady climax of this book. Everything just came together really well, and I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of Pigeon’s books. My one question at the end of the book is - does Rosemary get the money he’s owed from his father somehow in the end? Not by confrontation but maybe just like, accessing the will through the law? I would have loved an epilogue about Rosemary and Rowan having run away, dealing with the aftermath of their experience together, while still traumatized and puzzling over the curse and Celestin’s house. I think they would be continuously watching for signs of Celestin or even Siobahn coming back to curse them, and it would be interesting to see if Rosemary would choose to do magic, and continue to get stronger with Rowan, studying with each other and teaching each other, or if Rosemary would decide to abandon magic altogether. 

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  • delicateexpertwizard
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    At first I see only Jonathan

    His glowing form in the room

    Then, beside him, two teenagers

    Standing there...what are they doing?

    They both look as shocked as I felt

    The girl in particular, her dark eyes widened

    The boy then smiled, and gave a shy wave

    I don't know them, yet they both seem to know me

    "Who are you?" I demanded, fists clenched

    I scan them and the living room for threats

    For some other spies lurking inside the walls

    So far, only Jonathan and these strangers remain

    "You may not know us," the boy states the obvious

    "But we know you. My name is Andy

    And this is my friend Daniella

    We both saw you when we were nine."

    At first, I sputtered, wondering if that was true

    Then, I heard Daniella's name,

    And everything clicked into place:

    Two children, dressed as pirates, hiding in my room

    I didn't sense them. Somehow they escaped me.

    I came home from a Halloween party

    Dressed like a Victorian-era Earth goddess

    In a gown of deep scarlet, with pine leaves in my hair

    I got to my mirror, which I had just bought

    From an antique shop seven blocks down

    And retouched my makeup in front of it

    I remembered being told by a woman it's cursed

    I didn't believe the old lady then

    For it was just some dusty, yet pretty old mirror

    Yet now, seeing them appear after my purchase

    I now wonder if my denial is a huge mistake

    "Did you..." I ask carefully. "Come from the mirror?"

    I hoped I wasn't wrong. I never really am, but still.

    Thankfully, they nodded, confirming the truth

    Jonathan stumbled, and I remembered he's there

    He looked pretty stunned and outraged

    So I asked him, "You didn't figure it out?"

    Now it is his turn to stammer

    "They held the truth from me!" Jonathan exclaimed

    "I asked them how they got here,

    But then they turned the conversation about me!"

    For a father of four, he seems rather childish

    I think to myself, about this strange spirit who came

    To my life six months ago, lost and in near despair

    Completely out of place and time

    I just came home from school

    My books in my satchel

    And an old ring in my pocket

    Found in the sidewalk, abandoned

    I meant to return it. And I really did.

    It wasn't mine, and I preferred topazes anyway

    In fact, at that moment, I was planning to

    Drop this at the antique shop, and never see it again

    But, as I dropped my satchel, the ring began to glow

    I didn't know what that meant or what it would do

    So, terrified, I threw that old ring in my trash bin

    It kept glowing anyway, so I ducked under my bed

    My mind went crazy, wondering what it was

    Maybe some mad menace snuck a small bomb

    Inside his grandmother's ring, then left it for me

    To take inside, and possibly blow up my house

    I wait for the impact, the sound of BOOM!!!

    Terrible seconds pass, each as long as an hour

    Finally, I hear footsteps, and this made me pause

    It didn't sound like Grandmother's heels

    Cold and sharp, like two hammers striking the floor

    Instead, I heard stomp, clump, stomp, clump

    And the sound of an older man cursing

    I reached out and held a thick library book

    A Dickens classic that was three months overdue

    So maybe it wasn't an explosive, I concur

    But it still might be possibly a threat

    I crawled out of my bed, my timid curiosity peaked

    And I screamed when I saw a man glowing there

    "Please!" He cried. "I come in peace-"

    Before I struck him with A Tale of Two Cities

    The memory of it suddenly made me laugh

    Jonathan and the two teens stare, quite confused

    I explain, "A hardcover of a book by Charles Dickens

    I hit him in the head with it when I first saw him."

    Daniella laughed, her hand over her mouth

    Andy did as well, throwing his head back

    And hugging his belly, over something like this

    And Jonathan glared, then turned to rub where it hit

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  • fidjiefidjie
    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Bonne soirée💙👍🎤💙

    Gérard et Manu Lanvin 🎶 5m2

    (Live au Magic Mirror du Havre)

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  • themagiccrasher
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago
    #IMPOSSIBLE BROKEN MIRROR MAGIC TRICK shorts The Magic Crasher magic prank
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  • rogueish
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    This year’s algorithmic sidetrack I’ve been shunted down seems to be slightly fussy disco revivalism. Molly Burch’s “Emotion” is my favourite (although sadly not really representative of her album). “Only for Tonight” by Pearl Charles is also very good (as is the rest of her album, although it’s more Abba-does-country than disco). I also like “Sideways” by Lxandra.

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  • blackmoonkrp
    01.12.2021 - 4 days ago

    Glistening Children who thrive within Black Moon,

    Rue Jung is temporarily changed, though they should be wary of what comes when you peer too long and too deep into this mirror.

    Start Date: December 1st

    End Date: December 8th

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  • katioria
    29.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Thoma's pretty cute

    #thoma#genshin fanart#genshin impact#thoma genshin#katioriadidsomething #just figured out i drew it backwards #maybe its a magic mirror selfie #katioriagenshin
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  • etchedghost
    28.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Random musings while writing 10:

    So, I'm in the middle of writing a chapter, and mistakenly I write 'his reflection on the mirror'. Naturally I fix, but then I sit here and wonder.

    ....Have you ever noticed, that when we write, we always refer to reflections in a mirror as being in, rather than being on.

    I put my hand on the wall, on the table. They are flat.

    I put my hand in the sink, I put my keys in the box. They are areas that are concave, or with further layering to insert into.

    You can lie on a bed, or you can get into a bed, because a bed can be laid on flatly, or you can get under the covers.

    I see the sun reflecting off the wall. It reflects, it does not go into. (light and science is magical)

    But a mirror.

    A mirror is flat, you can place your hand on it. But it is the one place you can see yourself in its realm. You can see not on it, but into it.

    And the rules change.

    You can put an apple on a mirror, put your hand on the mirror. When you touch, it is on. (Unless you happen to be Neo and you decide to touch a weird mirror that might not be a mirror...)

    But when we see the reflection of the apple, of the hand, it is in.

    Even when we use other objects that show our reflections, it is different.

    I can see my reflection on the water's surface. But I can also see my reflection in the water's surface. I can see the reflection of the apple on the window.

    But I cannot see my reflection on the mirror, nor see it 'on the mirror's surface'. I cannot see the reflection of the apple on the mirror. Only in.

    Mirrors only seem to show in. Maybe it was a linguistic decision that like much of English linguistics, is inconsistent with its own rules.

    I prefer to think that there's a different reason perhaps on why mirrors show in.

    Mirrors have a huge past of myth and legend that may lend to this.

    Mirrors were used for divination (catoptromancy or enoptromancy). They were also used for scrying.

    We use magic mirrors in fairy tales, which nod to the idea that mirrors are mystical, can give us insights we might not have otherwise.

    We have urban beliefs that the beings that look back at us may not be us. They may be mirror versions, demons. It's said that speaking certain names three times with a candle lit whilst looking into a mirror will summon them. Breaking a mirror is bad luck, for seven years. An ancient piece of Roman lore that believed that the 'self' and any broken parts of your life would be fixed every seven years. If a mirror breaks and your image was the last thing reflected, it was believed you had to wait, or bury the pieces outside, in the moonight (the moon being another thing filled with myth and mysticism) or touch them to a tombstone, or even throw salt over your shoulder.

    A couple getting married, and looking into the mirror shortly after they say I do are uniting their souls. It creates an alternate universe where the two souls will supposed live on forever with one another.

    Some traditions state that after the death of a loved one, mirrors need to be covered, that wandering souls can be pulled and trapped in the mirrror if encountering it, or that the negativity of the death summons demons and devils, who may reside in the mirror, looking for a way through.

    Mirrors can reflect an entirely new world, or be a gateway. Alice Through the Looking Glass is an example of this, as Alice is able to step through the mirror.

    Mirrors can also represent the soul. A lot is around this concept. It is the reason why vampires do not show up in mirrors, because the mirror cannot see the soul, as the vampire supposedly does not have one.

    Sleeping with a mirror beside your bed is supposedly a bad idea, as spirits will try to steal your soul as you sleep, at the point when you are most vulnerable.

    Actors, or people practicing for a performance, or a speech, will often practice in the mirror. Perhaps not the reason they do it, but it is believed that staring into a mirror will take your troubles to the spirit world, but that staring too long may just as easily take your soul.

    You can apparently see your future husband. It involves eating pieces of an apple, and tossing one to the mirror, for your future husband to catch.

    Some even believe hanging a mirror will scare away evil spirits that will see their own reflection.

    Halls of mirrors are places that exist for a person to get lost in, to see themselves everywhere.

    Narcissus himself fell in love with his own reflection.

    Mirrors are used in modern magic tricks to reflect in clever ways.

    The Snow Queen had a magic mirror that distorted reflections of what is seen. It is why when a broken shard lands in Kay's eye, he sees the thorns of the world, and not the roses.

    There are so, so many beliefs around mirrors, a lot I haven't even touched upon, but they mostly seem to tie to reflections, the soul, worlds beyond our own.

    I suppose this is why we see our reflection in a mirror, and not on it.

    Or maybe, just maybe, this writer has gotten distracted whilst writing what they actually should be writing, to go through a looking glass world of their own, to think out loud on something that was a writing mistake.

    Maybe that just reflects something about the writer being easily distracted 😂

    Know what my mirror says to me now?:

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  • wileyfoxwrites
    27.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Evelina Alexandra Voronin || 35 || Princess of Moldova

    Name Pronunciation: Ehv-ah-liy-naa Family: Eduard Voronin (Older Brother), Younger sibling, Younger sibling, Younger sibling, Younger sibling, Younger sibling Hometown: Chișinău Birthday: March 30th Age: 35 Sexuality: Bisexual Preferred Pronouns: She/Her Aliases, if any: Eve, Evie, Leena Nationality: Moldavian Religion, if applicable: She’s spiritual but doesn’t exactly enjoy organized religion. Parents’ names: Father - Marius Voronin, Mother - Veronyka Voronin Current relationship status: Betrothed to Keola Kahele Previous relationships: TBD


    Height: 5′4 Hair colour: Blonde Eye colour: Blue Glasses/contacts: Reading glasses that she hates oh so much and is forever losing them. Tattoos: None Piercings: Her ears are pierced. Typical clothing style: She’s not really fashion forward and if she didn’t have ladies helping her she would choose to wear jeans and sweater to all occasions.  Distinguishing features (scars, birthmarks, freckles, etc): She has bright blue eyes that people seem to notice first about her. There’s also a small scar on her forehead from a hunt in the Chislehurst Caves in Kent, England. Dominant hand: Right


    Health issues or illnesses, if any: She has no known health issues. Allergies, if any: She’s allergic to pollen. Gets hay fever constantly. Exercise habits: She’s always get physical activity on her hunts, especially the ones outdoors. But she also enjoys yoga. Dietary habits: Honestly, give her anything greasy and she’ll devour it. She just likes junk food. 


    Accent: She’s traveled to many different places in the world and she did make a deal with her parents to complete her courses they wanted her to take, including dialect and language classes. So her accent is faint. Speech style: Sarcasm is like her second language.  Most used word or phrase: “Do you think it’s a ghost?” Do they curse?: Not really. Only occasionally when she’s really upset. Any secrets? None at the moment. Top priority/ies: Honestly, she just wants to follow her own career path but she knows she can never do just that. Especially now that she’s betrothed to a crown. Most treasured possession: Her EMF meter. Don’t touch it. She will be pissed. Addictions, if any: One could argue that she’s an adrenaline junkie. Phobias: None Zodiac Sign: Aries


    Education level: She has a bachelors degree in parapsychology and a bachelors degree in political science from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Languages spoken: She can speak Romanian, English, Russian, and Ukrainian fluently. Hobbies: Paranormal investigation isn’t just her career, she loves it.


    Coming Soon

    #Evelina: Love yourself so no one has to || Mirror #Evelina: We dont have to be ordinary || Mentions #Evelina: Im a nomad walking on humming to the same old song || Ipod #Evelina: For the girls with messy hair and thirsty hearts || Memes #Evelina: Do the universe a favor and dont hide your magic || Convos #Evelina: Little girls with big ideas are more scary than monsters || Musings #Verse: Wor
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  • danskjavlarna
    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    From The Crystal Locket by Nellie M. Rowe and illustrated by Elizabeth Enright, 1935.

    Reflect upon my collection of vintage haunted mirrors and magic mirrors.

    Wondering about this post?  Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now:  Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy

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  • tawneybel
    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Imagine dallying with the Mirror Man whenever Ravenna’s out.

    #Mirror Man#Snow White #Snow White and the Huntsman #imagine#smut #minors do not interact #NSFT#terato#exophilia#mirror sex#spectrophilia#katoptronophilia#magic mirror#slime#SWATHM #Snow White and the Huntsman 2012 #Chris Obi #Snow White movie #Snow White film #Snow White 2012 #Huntsman franchise #Snow White franchise #minors don’t interact #minors DNI#MDNI #NSFW. #Snow White imagine #Mirror Man imagine #Chris Obi imagine
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    25.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Reflector I take back my power. I take back my energy from all sources that aren’t mine. I return energy with neutral love of all. #mermaid #krystal #crystal #affirmation #reflection #mirror #flower #red #rose #serpent #kundalini #om #namaste #yoga #alchemist #energy #element #energy #power #magic #mystic #oracle https://www.instagram.com/p/CWroHMnp3ta/?utm_medium=tumblr

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  • ebayfantasyfigurines2
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Wizard And Dragons Fantasy And Magic Mirror | eBay

    #Wizard And Dragons Fantasy And Magic Mirror #ebay#figurine#fantasy#wizardcore
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  • eventlife01
    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Why Installing the Photo booth in Any Events?

    Every year we have particular dates in the calendar in which the commitments accumulate. An example of this is Christmas. Indeed, we all have a work dinner that we usually are quite lazy to go to. For companies, this dinner is usually an excuse to, on the one hand, celebrate Christmas, and on the other, give the invisible friend's gifts.

    When organizing the celebration of the day of the First Communion, it is possible to pay special attention to fashion when selecting the dress for the girl or the suit for the boy. But in addition to trends, the decoration creates an atmosphere in this family event. One of the proposals is the installation of a Wedding photo booth rental is communication and enjoyment of the event.

    As a general rule, company dinners are organized by the company itself, and it is something where employees do not have decision-making power. If this is your case and the bosses are present at the company dinner, you will know that the atmosphere is more formal. Employees tend to keep their composure and try not to make comments that may later be taken into account by their superiors.

    With the rise of new emerging companies created by young people and where there is almost no hierarchy, there is a tendency to have a company dinner in a more relaxed and relaxed atmosphere. Thus, normally, the office space itself or the company's co-working is usually the setting for these meetings.

    Whether it is a traditional or more modern company and dinner is organized in a restaurant or in the workspace itself, what is sought when organizing this event is to enjoy a dinner together. To achieve that goal, can you think of something better than accompanying the dinner and the celebration with a Photobooth toronto? Motivate your employees: nothing better than, if the event is being somewhat boring, installing a photo booth to achieve a more fun atmosphere. The great idea is to make the props yourself and reflect the field of activity of your company: they can be both objects and funny or representative phrases of each one of you. It's an excellent way to team up: getting organized to take photos and interact while choosing the scenery is a good way to strengthen ties between the company members. Mixing between different departments or between colleagues who are not dealt with daily creates a feeling of familiarity that few other activities achieve. A good way to break hierarchies: with a Photo booth rental Mississauga, the distance with superiors tends to be reduced. Often, this closeness helps to get to know each other and make the relationship more fluid during the rest of the year. It is a good tool to promote communication: indeed you have a colleague in the office who is somewhat shyer. With a photo booth, the most self-conscious people tend to be much more uninhibited, and it is a way for their colleagues to discover a person's true personality.

    It allows colleagues who do not get along to put aside their differences: a photo booth creates a relaxed and relaxed atmosphere where people tend to park their differences to pose smiling. Surely new friendships are formed too!

    #Photo booth rental Mississauga #photo booth mississauga #toronto photo booth rental #magic mirror photo booth #photo booth rental #rent a photo booth toronto #toronto photo booth
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    23.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    IG21-47 Dr. Ivan Figuero Otero's “School of Life”

    IG21-47 Dr. Ivan Figuero Otero’s “School of Life”

    Ignite your heart and soul with Sara Troy and her guest Dr Ivan Figuero Otero, on air from November 23rd Medical acupuncturist, Iván Figueroa Otero, MD. Dr. Figuero Otero will talk about his fourth book in the “School of Life” series, Reflections in My Magical Mirror (Spirituality 104), which encourages readers to remember that every difficult experience is a lesson of love. He will share with…

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    #“School of Life” #FAAMA #Ignite Your Heart and Soul with Sara Troy #Iván Figueroa Otero M.D. FACS #Reflections in My Magical Mirror #Self Discovery Media Network
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  • rat-nest
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Magic is fake and tarot isnt magical at all (to me) but sometimes you hate yourself and are frustrated with everything you do for over a month straight and a brand new deck literally throws out temperance 😬

    #dont be fucking rude i dont even know you #literally my first time shuffling this deck #ill allow it bc i do really like this deck 🥺 i have a soft spot for humans telling the same stories with the same themes #no matter how far apart they are #and i know i just said magic is fake but this deck feels so warm and inviting #despite it slapping me in the face right off the bat #i am not immune to the universal human desire to tell stories #tho the art style and card texture have more to do with any perceived vibes than the ~magic~ #and there are several cards that could have gotten flung out that would have made me react similarly #its a mirror!!!! its just a mirror!!!! and thats all it needs to be #sorry some people that have Opinions that clash with mine have been insistent lately #and they're valid. but so am i. its a tool. its whatever the user wants it to be. it doesn't need to be magic
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  • mtg-art-daily
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Mirror Mockery

    Who you are constantly runs toward who you will be.

    Artist: Ryan Alexander Lee

    #mtg #magic the gathering #tcg#art #ryan alexander lee #mirror mockery #dragons of tarkir
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  • danskjavlarna
    22.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    "The gift of the magic mirror."  From Return of the Fairies by Charles J. Bellamy, 1899.

    Reflect upon my collection of vintage haunted mirrors and magic mirrors.

    Wondering about this post?  Wait for the dissertation (TBA). For now:  Weblog ◆ Books ◆ Videos ◆ Music ◆ Etsy

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