#magical summer Tumblr posts

  • looking up at an inky black sky,
    counting all the blinking airplanes and satellites
    floating and circling
    (orbiting) around my head and my heart
    the stars are shining and dancing and giggling
    with a twinkle in their eye just for me
    breathing in the smooth summer air, so deep,
    savoring the seconds and basking in the blissful knowing
    of being young and wild and alive
    and for the first time being in love with life
    and having that knowing, be enough
    for now

    because in the end we’re all just airplanes and
    satellites and stardust floating and circling
    around people’s heads and hearts
    for only a blip in time and then we’re gone

    ;but for some us, if we’re lucky, we’ll catch a ufo
    and put it in our pocket

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  • Swollen Bent

    Mauricio turned me onto the Cafe Del Mar CD one sunny summer afternoon while we were working in the store. “Ai,” he sighed, as this song came on. “Dees song so reminds me of Ibiza, yes?” We used to push both doors open so the sunlight would pour in, making the store so bright it was almost blinding, and listen to the CD over and over and over, pretending we were in Ibiza, Australia, Miami, Bali…anywhere but Hayward, WI. It’s funny that, now, this song is all blue sky, clear lake, lazy swims, and the feeling of hot sun on wet hair in the afternoon. Listening to this song, I don’t want to be anywhere but here.

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