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  • ashes-in-a-jar
    23.01.2022 - 15 minutes ago

    I think we're missing out on this interaction in episode 39

    ARCHIVIST: Why are you here Martin?
    MARTIN: Well, well, Prentiss is out there and you can’t run so –
    ARCHIVIST: I mean at the Archive in general. Why haven’t you quit?
    MARTIN: Are you giving me my review now?
    ARCHIVIST: No… We’re clearly doing a whole heart-to-heart thing...

    Jon asks a question, feeling vulnerable after opening up about something that was scaring him for a long while now, expecting a genuine answer and emotional conversation about Martin's choices and feelings.

    Instead he gets Martin thoroughly misunderstanding him twice, once thinking he's literally asking why he's in the room and the second time thinking he's giving him his goddam employee review

    #king. Never change Martin #Tma #The magnus archives #Jonmartin#Martin blackwood#Jonathan sims#Mag 39 #I bet this obtuseness is exactly why Jon fell in love with him xD
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  • mymagnificentself
    23.01.2022 - 27 minutes ago

    23.01.2021, sunday

    waking up early enough

    avocado toast and phineas and ferb

    doing the basic cleaning

    running to get tested

    wifi in the mean time

    made it back just on time

    praise for my flat and a convenient ride

    a walk for health reasons

    talking to my sister a bit

    decaf coffee and cake

    getting things printed out

    made it to the bus on time

    i do like travelling

    getting to know a friend and their partner

    nice dinner

    call with another friend to plan things


    i am doing so very well actually and maybe i am like a pretty grown up adult person now. ..???

    #mags speaks #three good things a day
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  • metallic-and-magnetic
    23.01.2022 - 2 hours ago
    #magnet man#metal man #metallic and magnetic (in-character) #//in summary yes but i am open to ship rps that wont be canon to the blog #//in my rp circle mags is already in a polycule but that hasnt happened yet here so
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  • ashes-in-a-jar
    23.01.2022 - 2 hours ago

    Watching the Netflix adaptation of Archive 81


    Listening to The Magnus Archives episode 81 A Guest For Mr. Spider

    #Tma #The magnus archives #Archive 81#Mag 81
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