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    24.07.2021 - 2 days ago

    *Accidently makes a new OC* oh no

    #she doesnt have a name yet #but shes a kitsune disguised as a shrine maiden hehe #i have a short gay story for her #lesbs... #anyway#original character#oc#character design#art#my art#xanders art #xanders haunting art #digital art
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    21.07.2021 - 4 days ago

    So I made yet another DnD ➡️ Skyrim character. This time with my Aasimar, Cleric of Loviatar: Elaris Saiyar

    #OC #oc: Elaris Saiyar #Maiden of Pain #more infodumps and screenshots to follow
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    20.07.2021 - 6 days ago

    My OC maiden, Aurora, of ‘Dimitrescu’s Maiden’🕯

    #Dimitrescu’s Maiden #lady dimitrescu x reader #lady dimitrescu x oc #re8 cosplay #resident evil village #resident evil#oc
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    19.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Miracle of a Chance Chapter 4 (Alcina Fanfic)

    Taglist: @ultimatebottom69 @bitxhinthecomments (just dm, or comment, or ask me to remove your @ from the list, or say you want to be added.)

    You were watching over Ezekiel in your lady's room as she was out. It wasn't unusual that she was out, but it was when she would come in late. You didn't know of her plans yet, but Ezekiel was a perfect distraction from your overthinking process. He was sitting on the softest carpet as he held a block in his hands before putting it into his mouth and salivating on it as he gnawed on it. You chuckled as you gently took the block from his mouth. He fussed over it before he started to cry.

    "Ezekiel, look.~" You try to calm him down by using the blocks to stack him up, but he continued to cry.

    Lady Dimitrescu had finished taken notes about the three girls possessed by the cadou parasite, granted by Mother Miranda. She hummed softly in thought as she view the corpses on the tables. She would have to study them for more time, but in the meantime, she would check up on her son.

    When her focus on the three girls diminished for the moment, she heard the distressing cries from her son. She placed the book down and hurried to check on him and (Y/N).

    She opened the door, bent over to enter and looked around with an anxious and a desperation gaze until she spotted them on the carpet. He was in distress, but he was crying for something else, "What is the meaning of this?" She asked in a warning tone. You were trying so hard to calm him down, but he was not stopping. Startled, you jump slightly before looking at her, "Lady Dimitrescu, you're here." She stood up, picking up Ezekiel as she neared closer to Lady Dimitrescu, "I'm sorry, he had a block in his mouth, I tried to calm him down, but I wasn't enough."

    She narrowed her eyes at you before she reached out to your outreached arms, carrying Ezekiel in her hands. She raised him to eye level, "Ooh, is my Ezekiel having a little tantrum?" She pulled him closer to her chest as she rubbed his back softly. With his continued crying, she hushed at him a bit before speaking at a softer tone, "Now, now, honey, you're crying when you're with me." She pulled him away a bit to still hear his cries. She sighs softly before leaning him to her for a kiss on his cheek, on the other, and finally on his forehead, "There is no need to cry." She used the back of her finger to wipe off his tears, only to tap underneath his chin. It worked. His cries turned to sobs before hiccups started. They were small, but frequent. He seemed scared and confused and was about to cry once more until she began to tickle him on his belly. It was unexpected and certainly a surprise for Ezekiel that a burst of laughter appeared.

    The laughter was music in the lady's ears, and she continued for a bit before abruptly stopping. She stared at him for a bit before she tilted her head to the side. Ezekiel copied her moves before giggling a bit. He kicked at his feet, and bringing his hands to his mouth as he released an entertained sound. She smiled in content, carrying him close to her, "You're forgiven, (Y/N), I thought he got hurt." She slowly waved her finger in front of him as he held onto her digit with a squeal.

    You watched Ezekiel laughing as you smiled softly at him, "Thank you, my lady." You bowed lightly, "I would have sent a maid for you if that were the case, but I took the block so he wouldn't have a cut on his palate." You explained.

    She nodded, understanding your reasoning, "There's no need to explain for something that is best for him."

    "How was your day?" You asked as you started cleaning up the toys Ezekiel was finished playing.

    She sighed as she walked to her chair, sitting and resting Ezekiel on her arm, "Exhausting, the three girls have morphed into... blowflies." She furrowed her eyebrows as mindlessly played with Ezekiel, her hand waving each finger making him gurgle as he attempted to grab at each one.

    "Blowflies? Does that mean they won't come back, my lady?"

    "That's the situation I'm uncertain, I'm going to check on them tomorrow..."

    "If they do come to live, my lady, how will they react to Ezekiel?"

    "For now they will not see him. I cannot trust them at the moment, I need to see how they are and I'll decide then." She replied. She looks down at Ezekiel, smiling lightly at the gleaming baby, his bright green eyes filled with so much life. She pressed a finger against the side of his face and he held onto it as if hugging her. "You just know what to do, don't you?" She asked rhetorically and he attempted to respond with a series of mouth sounds, trying to gnaw at her gloved finger. She chuckles as she held him close.

    #lady dimtrescu #lady dimitrescu x reader #ezekiel dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu #Alcina Dimitrescu and oc #Lady dimitrescu and oc #Lady Dimitrescu fanfiction #re8 village #re8 village fanfiction #re8 fanfiction #re village fanfiction #chaos writing#chaos #alcina x maiden #alcina x reader
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  • honestcriminal
    19.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    [ Marianna and Nathan’s eyes widened as they turned to Jay, they hadn’t heard him raise his voice like that… or seem to care so deeply about another person. ]

    #art#digital art#oc#ocs#original characters#novel#novel series #writers of tumblr #artists on tumblr #comic#doodles #oc: jay freeman #oc: mike maiden #project: mockingjay
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    18.07.2021 - 1 week ago

    Twisted Wonderland Fic: ‘Her Ivory Crown’, Ch. 8

    Hello hello~ sorry this chapter took a bit longer than normal. I wanted some extra time to get every last detail exactly how I wanted it. I hope you guys enjoy it!

    Ch. 8: ‘Revelry Among Rivals’

    The girl's dorm was on full lockdown by the time the Rosabyrine girls had returned: plans were made and discussions were had, now was the time for action. Each of the dorm leaders were standing on pedestals in excitement, concern, or in some cases, dread as their attires were being adjusted and set on each of them by Jinnah and Manari - who were already dressed - to make sure that everything was in perfect shape. Adela was especially displeased with her lot in this whole situation.

    "I cannot believe you chickadees talked me into this..." the senior sighed while pinching the bridge of her nose.

    The younger girls had pleaded with their senior to fill this very specific and admittedly appropriate role, even going as far to mention that this was their first and last joint festival together and how it was a "once in a lifetime" opportunity....so she caved. Elise was in charge of the casting, so to speak, and she put a lot of thought into each decision. Some choices were obvious like picking for Manari and Jinnah. There was just no one else they could possibly be. Her role, she'd admit, was a bit biased but the others all agreed that it suited her perfectly. Other decisions needed further speculation but in the end, Elise felt satisfied. As the others were getting final touches put on, Reine stared at the name on the card she had been assigned with a bit of hesitation before giving Elise a concerned look...

    "You're sure about this?"

    "Of course!" Elise was borderline silly with enthusiasm, "It will be sensational! If we play our cards right, which I know we will with Mr. Ashengrotto's help, the crowd will already be too excited not to leap at the chance. But then, we take it to the next step and present a special VIP wild card...that being you, Your Elusive Majesty. Besides Petra will be right there with you as your 'second in command' so everything will be fine!"

    The third princess gave Reine a reassuring smile, "I gotta admit, I am a bit envious of you but I'd be lying if I said you weren't far superior for the role....also I get a really cool coat so it's still a win for me," Petra laughed.

    Reine looked back to the name on her card. She wasn't against the idea at all, it just seemed a bit...disrespectful maybe? Maybe he wouldn't mind though? She couldn't be sure. One of the ghosts suddenly popped into the lounge amidst all the excitement and interrupted Reine's thoughts.

    "Miss Reine, Headmaster Crowley wants to see you in his office. One of your mother's advisors is there waiting for you. Seems important~"

    Electric butterflies suddenly fluttered in Reine's stomach at the news. With all the excitement, she had forgotten her mother's promise to send her the rings for her suitor...for Zehn and herself, if things went the way the current queen wished. Reine pocketed the card and asked the girls to continue without her.


    Two of the ghosts were kind enough to show her the way to the Headmaster's office but she couldn't ignore her nerves prickling all over. The rest of the day had been such a nice escape from her reality for a short time but...

    "Here we are, Miss."

    The princess smiled and thanked the ghosts for their help. Inside the office with Crowley stood one of her mother's chief advisors, a shorter man with snow-white hair and matching, long rabbit ears. He held a small box that fit in the palm of his hand, covered with intricate rose and thorn carvings.

    "Your Highness, it's so nice to see you again," his eyes were will full of kind affection that also reflected in his voice, "I insisted on delivering these precious rings to you in person and Headmaster Crowley was kind enough to oblige."

    The white rabbit stepped forward and placed the box in her hands, not realizing just how heavy they felt in her grasp. He couldn't stop smiling at the young future queen. He had known Reine since she was a baby and now here she was taking the first vital steps toward securing the Queendom's future along with her own.

    "If I may, Your Highness, your mother's court-soon to be your own-we have been nothing but thrilled for your success since your coronation. We await your formal announcement with bated breath. Congratulations, Young Mistress." He bowed to her with a silken grace that came with time and practice. The Headmaster couldn't help himself and offered an elated congratulations to her a well. Reine did what she did best: smile and offer a poised thank you to them both.

    "I'm afraid duty calls, Your Highness. I must return to the court immediately. Forgive me for not properly seeing you safely returned to your lodgings."

    Reine gently waved his apology aside, "No need. I will be fine I assure you. Night Raven College is still just a school campus and I know my way now."


    Reine was actually grateful to be walking alone back to the dorm. She felt exhausted, heavy. She knew that getting back as soon as possible was critical but even so...Reine took a slight detour first. Thankfully her destination was deserted. The princess stood on the main street of the campus, quietly looking up at her great aunt's statue. The Queen of Hearts: she always looked so sure, so unyielding in every single rendering of her presence Reine had ever seen whether it be on canvas or in stone. Yes her temper was legendary, but what power she must have held in her voice, her very grasp. Reine felt like a wilted weed in comparison.

    "We've never met, Auntie," the princess whispered, "but I've heard so much about you...you would have loved my cousins, I'm sure. They honor your drive, your discipline, and fire to this very day..."

    Reine felt her throat tighten right as saltwater started to prickle at her eyes. She wanted so much. She had come so far, hadn't she? So why did it feel like she had barely accomplished anything at all?! Reine was to be queen, the ruler of the Rose Queendom, the highest authority in the land...and yet she felt as powerless as a toddler and just as limited. Reine gazed into her aunt's proud face through a curtain of tears as the words just tumbled out of her mouth.

    "I want...I want to be a queen you can be proud of, Auntie. I want to make everyone proud. I want...I want my daughters to be free to rule as they think best without being coddled and told otherwise! I...I want...."

    A quiet sob ripped from her throat cutting off her rant. Reine sat at the foot of the statue's pedestal, clutching the ring box in one hand and trying to stop her tears with the other. No matter how hard she tried the tears seemed never-ending. It reminded her of the story of the girl who originally visited her aunt's rose labyrinth. It was said that she grew over a mile high and cried so many tears, it made a massive lake. A small laugh broke through Reine's sobs at the memory. It was such a fantastical tale that her mother always labeled it as nonsense but even so it was one of Reine's favorite stories. Reine looked at all of the Great Seven statues and smiled a bit to herself. In a place, in a world such as this, with great wizards, powerful magic, and people of every sort, what was actually wrong with some things being a bit 'nonsensical'? Many of her auntie's famous rules made absolutely no sense but good luck telling Her Royal Majesty that. Her tears began to dry and her breath returned to normal after letting her thoughts take her away to a much better place. Reine stood and curtsied to the Queen of Hearts' statue, silently thanking it for hearing her out. But of course...the calm relief was gone before it could properly settle in her heart.

    "Lady Reine? What are you doing out here...?"

    A sharp, cold shiver ran through her as she quickly turned around and was face to face with a displeased Zehn. He had the same frustrated look on his face that Reine's mother used to give her for ruining her dresses in mud puddles as a child. It did not sit well with her at all...in fact, now she was feeling frustrated.

    "Lady Reine, why are you out here alone?" Zehn then noticed her bloodshot eyes, "Are you hurt?? What happened?"

    He approached her and went to take her arm but the princess quickly pulled away and stepped back, looking at him like an annoyed cat, "There is no need for concern, Mr. Cavalier," Reine reverting back to such a formal tone when addressing him left the same impact as if she slapped his hand away herself, "I was just on my way back to my dorm and decided to take a rest."

    Zehn frowned, "It's not safe for you to be walking about by yourself, Lady Reine," his tone was insistent, "You should have called for me."

    Her frustration rose to a higher degree at this boy's insolence and her own tone grew sharper, "Oh really? Why I am quite capable of walking down a pathway across a school's campus by myself, Mr. Cavalier. You say it's not safe. What exactly am I in danger of? Do tell."

    The boy felt like someone was pulling a prank on him. It was in fact Reine standing in front of him but where was this unusually snippy tone coming from?! He frowned at her crossed arms and the impatient look on her face, "You are the heir to the Rose Queendom's throne. It isn't proper for you to just wander about without some sort of guard at your side. If something were to go wrong, it would be an immense diplomatic disaster. Lady Reine, it'd be best if you put your trust in me. I don't think these Night Raven boys are competent or trustworthy enough to take your safety into consideration."

    Reine noticed Zehn's eyes rise to look at the statues of the Great Seven which Night Raven College revered so greatly when he spoke of the campus' students. Her eyes narrowed at his implications.

    " 'These Night Raven boys' have been nothing but perfect gentlemen since we have arrived. They have been immensely respectful and hospitable to not just me but the other girls as well. As for being competent, I see no issue. I've never felt safer outside my own home or Sacred Crown's walls. So I highly suggest you put your assumptions to rest once and for all," Reine huffed and covered her mouth as she let out another wet cough. Zehn moved towards her again as if she were made of sugar glass which only annoyed her further.

    "Please leave me be, Mr. Cavalier!"

    The princess skirted past him and continued back to her dorm before he had the chance to stop her. He glared after Reine's retreating back as his patience left with her. He did not follow her, however. Instead, he pulled out his phone and messaged a few of his cohorts with simple instructions.


    It was getting late and Reine felt dizzy by the time she entered the dorm's garden. She could see and hear the girls inside bustling about, nailing down every last detail for their part in the events for tomorrow. Reine didn't want to worry them and derail all of their efforts by returning in her current state. Instead, she sat on a stone bench under a nearby tree and took an extra moment to gather herself. Part of her felt guilty for snapping at Zehn like she did but...why, why was he being so intolerable?! So overbearing as if she were a child instead of his future queen! He was just as bad as her mother...Reine let out a shaky breath and looked down at the box in her hands. She opened it and gazed at the two rings inside, one white gold and one yellow gold. One golden ring of the pair was crafted specifically with the queen in mind and magically enchanted to fit her perfectly. Her white ring held a clear stone set in the center of a rose-shaped mounting with intricate leaves that held tiny clear stones making up the band. The yellow gold ring was plain with no stones or decoration whatsoever. This ring was meant for her chosen suitor and was also enchanted to not only change the size to fit him but also change shape and form to suit his personal tastes as well. Once Reine made her decision and her suitor accepted her proposal, they would both put on the rings at the same time, binding them to each other.

    Reine's frustration came to a boiling point as she snapped the box closed and set it off to the side, tears threatening to spill once more. This was supposed to be a happy occasion so why did it make her feel so miserable...? After a moment, she looked up and noticed something strange....since when did these green fireflies appear?

    Reine stared at the tiny balls of light with wide eyes and even managed to catch one in her hands before sensing someone close by. She quickly looked around her...nothing. She looked on the other side of the tree...nope. It wasn't until Reine followed the glowing lights off the trail that she noticed a tall figure looking towards the dorm, still and quiet with an impressive set of horns coming from his head. His back was to her at first but as the princess stared him up and down in curious silence, the stranger's face slowly turned to look directly at her over his shoulder with luminescent green eyes that matched the fireflies. His gaze was hard to read, somewhere between intrigue and hesitation. This was their first time meeting face to face but Reine quickly put the pieces together. After all, his reputation proceeded him.

    "...Lord Draconia?"

    The formal address in this girl's proper tone made Malleus Draconia's eyes narrow in amusement as a curious feeling warmed his chest. He slowly stood to face her properly and the dark fae's eyes took in every little detail about her, from Reine's much shorter stature that did not shrink away from him to the look of wonder in her deep eyes. She knew his identity and yet faced him without fear or that odd obsession that some humans had in his presence as if he were some mythical creature to be caught. No, Reine just looked at him as a person meeting another. How interesting...

    "Ooh...We haven't met before, have we?" Malleus's voice was gentle and deep like the evening air. Reine shook her head and properly bowed to him without hesitation.

    "Reine Castilene, crown princess of the Rose Queendom, it is an honor to finally meet you, Lord Draconia."

    Malleus returned the gesture and bowed to the princess with a tiny smile, "Malleus Draconia, successor to the Valley of Thorns. My name doesn't seem to frighten you, little rose queen...the queens of your homeland truly are fearless." he gave an amused chuckle.

    Reine returned to her full height and gave him a reassuring smile, "Oh I am familiar with your name. I've heard it amongst my mother's court members several times before. They say you're one of the strongest mages in the world. Very impressive, my lord...if you don't mind me asking, why are you out here alone?"

    Malleus mused to himself a moment before answering, "It's quiet here...well usually. I like to come here to be alone."

    Reine followed his stoic gaze back towards the dorm full of rambunctious girls and suddenly felt bad for disturbing his usual safe haven, "I see. Please forgive our intrusion. The girls mean well but they can get a bit rowdy. It'll be nice and quiet after we leave at the end of the week." The dark fae studied the ivory girl next to him as she spoke. He noticed the sadness creeping in during her last statement.

    "You seem troubled, little rose queen. Why is that?"

    For someone so intimidating, powerful, and ridiculously tall, Malleus's eyes were soft with concern as was his voice. Reine wasn't sure where to begin or if she even should be honest. Seeing the patient look in his bright green eyes was oddly comforting though.

    "I suppose I am troubled. Very troubled over a few things...it's as you say, though I'm not queen yet, I will be someday. Just like how you will be the new king of your home. I'm not too familiar with the Valley of Thorns, honestly, but I imagine you have your own customs and expectations to live up to."

    Malleus hummed softly in response and noticed the small box she had been carefully holding in her hands, sensing the magic coming from within. She followed his gaze and opened the box, showing him the rings, "My courtship rings. Do you have a tradition like this in your homeland?"

    Malleus gave her a soft grin, "Dragon fae do hold a deep appreciation of bejeweled tokens but our ways are a bit different, I suppose. As the prince, I shall be the one to choose and court my bride someday. The Rose Queen is the one that does the pursuing in your culture it seems...how fascinating."

    The dragon prince found it a bit amusing that such a doll-like girl would be the hunter and not the hunted. Reine just laughed a bit dryly, "I wish it were that simple but...I'm afraid not. I do get to make the final decision but my potential suitors have been carefully curated on my behalf for years. You make it sound more exciting and romantic than it really is."

    Malleus tilted his head as he pondered her expression. The tiny princess seemed displeased by this custom. How unfortunate. Marriages were supposed to be a cause of great celebration and joy...or so he heard. He rarely received any invitations to such occasions and mostly heard about them second-hand from Lilia who was far more well-traveled.

    "You are displeased with your selection of suitors, little rose queen? Is your homeland lacking in proper prospects?"

    Reine met the dragon fae's inquiring gaze and found herself feeling a bit amused. He looked almost concerned or troubled over this notion as if he had completely invested in the situation himself. As a matter of fact, Malleus was quite talkative for having just met her only moments ago. Maybe he didn't have many people to talk to? It was oddly endearing. The princess just smiled softly, hoping to put him at ease.

    "Oh no, it's not that. The Rose Queendom has many fine gentlemen to choose from. Just one, in particular, is being rather....difficult lately. Unfortunately, he's the one I'm expected to choose."

    "I see," he frowned with narrowing eyes, "an unsuitable prospect, offending his future queen. Why has he not been dealt with and swiftly struck down with lightning magic? Or perhaps fire...I'm not sure what elements the Rose Queendom favors."

    Reine stared at him with wide eyes before busting out in laughter. Malleus just blinked in confusion at her reaction. He was being quite serious and didn't see how this could be interpreted as a joke whatsoever. The princess tried to stop and catch her breath before apologizing to him, "I am so sorry, Lord Draconia! It's just...oh if I could be as straightforward as you! It would definitely make things more simple, wouldn't it? I'm afraid that smiting my offenders is frowned upon. Especially by the current queen, my mother...she favors him and has for a while."

    Malleus thought over her words carefully before answering, "How strange. The ways of your homeland seem complicated."

    Reine sighed, "You have no idea..."

    "Perhaps you would like some assistance? I assure you I can do the deed quickly and no one would be the wiser. No acts of war would be issued, I promise."

    Ok now Reine was sure that he had to be teasing her but she still laughed at this strange fae's offer, making him grin in return. The little queen was quite delightful in spite of her struggles. Reine's eyes suddenly lit up as she looked up to him, "Lord Draconia...If I may, there is something that I'd like your help with." She shyly beckoned him closer so she could whisper her request in his ear. Malleus' eyes widened in surprise and he let out a genuine chuckle after hearing her out.

    "My, my...that does sound entertaining," Malleus hummed as his thoughts sped up, "I would like to see it and I believe Lilia and the others would be interested as well. Lilia, especially. Perhaps... I could lend a hand to add to the overall impression."

    Reine's eyes sparkled in both happiness and relief, "I'm so glad you think so. I was afraid that you might feel like we were making fun of you which we would never I assure you. But you should come to see it for yourself tomorrow!"

    This was the second time Malleus felt taken aback with even more surprise. Could it be? Was...was this an invitation?! The princess practically read his mind as she pulled a pair of tickets from her pocket and handed them over. The girls worked fast in creating everything they needed for the event and Reine had managed to sneak a couple of the printed tickets just in case a rare opportunity arose and this was even better than she expected!

    "My gate will only allow those who purchase VIP tickets the day of but given the circumstances, I'd like to give you and a friend admission personally. So please consider coming tomorrow," her smile was as radiant as starlight...though it may have been Malleus' now heightened imagination getting the better of him.

    Once the Diasomnia prince returned to his dorm and told the others the news, the dorm hall filled with chatter, mostly coming from a very loud Sebek and very excited Lilia. Malleus turned to address Sebek and Silver specifically.  

    "I have a request of you two. Consider it a special mission," he grinned smugly before turning serious, "I don't know that the little rose queen noticed, however...during our conversation, there seemed to be some Royal Sword students lurking about outside the gardens. I don't think they intend to do her harm but she spoke of someone troubling her recently. That won't do..."

    Sebek was quick to understand his lord's meaning and did not hesitate in spite of Reine being a human, "WE SHALL PROTECT THE GRACIOUS FAIR MAIDEN FROM ANY TROUBLEMAKERS, LORD MALLEUS!!"

    Silver, who had been jolted awake by Sebek's loud proclamation, nodded seriously. Lilia chuckled darkly at Malleus' side, "My, my how the tables have turned...dragons protecting the princess from the white knights, fufufu~"


    The campus had an odd buzz hovering about the next morning. Cater figured it had to do with the music and dance contest between the three schools happening later in the day but even so, the cafeteria breakfast rush seemed more scattered and distracted than usual. He noticed clusters of NRC students talking excitedly over some fliers that had popped up overnight. There were even some posts about it on Magicame already. Cater managed to spot one as he waited in line for an iced coffee and immediately grabbed it, reading it over with wide eyes, "Wha?!"

    Back at the Heartslabyul dorm, Reine kept her promise and showed up to pour Riddle his tea. Normally he'd prefer it a bit later but the princess had politely specified that she still needed to help the girls finish preparations for the contest so Riddle didn't argue. If anything he was very curious about her today. Something was different. It was like she was hiding a secret behind that coy smile. That blasted, adorable smile...he was still a bit miffed that they had to cut the tea party short yesterday but apparently there was some sort of emergency back at the girls' dorm.  The princess had assured him that everything was fine when he asked about it. Still...he looked her up and down, as discreetly as possible, when she was distracted, trying to find the crack in the armor so to speak. Nothing about her demeanor seemed strange, Reine was as lovely and pleasant as always. Although, he couldn't help but notice that her attire was all black; the flowy lace dress she wore with matching gloves, the ribbon in her hair, her sheer stockings, and even her boots?? No white, no red. Just black. Did she normally wear this much black? It was very striking if not downright alluring on her but still. Was he being overly suspicious for no reason? Surely not. Of course, the even bigger mystery was...why were Sebek and Silver following her around today? The two boys stood off the side, silently watching her and Riddle like perfectly poised guard dogs. It was bizarre if not a bit unsettling but Reine acted as if this was just another normal day as she gently slid Riddle's now full teacup towards him.

    "Your tea, Your Majesty," she said sweetly to him while giving him a curtsy. It was precious but still failed to distract Riddle from just how weird this setup was. He politely thanked her and took a sip while eyeing his fellow Equestrian club members like they were out of place gargoyles.

    "Um Miss Reine...if you don't mind me asking...is there a reason why you're-"

    Cater suddenly burst into the garden, excited about something but came to a halt as soon as he saw the strange scene in front of him: Malleus' bodyguards standing by a suddenly gothic-looking Reine who was serving Riddle tea at a time that Riddle normally didn't take his tea....did he miss something?!

    "Good morning, Cater," Reine said brightly to the confused boy before noticing the flier in his hand, "oh you saw our flier! How nice. I hope you join us at the contest later today," she was practically glowing with a hidden excitement.

    "Yeah I did! I gotta ask...what is this about exactly??"

    Cater showed the color-pop style flier to Reine and Riddle that said the following: "One Day Exclusive! Sacred Crown Hall Presents 'Rare Collection Experience: Night Raven College Tribute!'" and showed each of the dorm emblems above what looked like blacked out silhouettes of seven different figures peering out from inside glowing coffins. Reine just smiled and said rather mysteriously, "You'll have to wait and see..."

    "FAIR MAIDEN!! It is almost the meeting time Mistress Elise had previously scheduled!!" Only Reine seemed unphased by Sebek's boisterous announcement and without missing a beat, bid Cater and Riddle farewell.

    "I hope you both will attend the contest today. I promise you will not regret it."


    The area surrounding the arena was packed to the brim with students from both NRC and RSA, waiting to see exactly what all the mysterious hype surrounding those fliers was about. No one really seemed to know and was just as curious as the next person how it all came about. Riddle was getting irritated with just how crowded it was as he stood waiting to enter with Trey, Cater, Ace, and Deuce. The other Heartslabyul boys were just as much in the dark as he was. He spotted his classmates from Scarabia in the crowd as well. Kalim was his usual excitable self, rapid-firing off theories to Jamil what he thought the girls were up to. Jamil, meanwhile, just looked at the flier in his hand with a mixture of deep thought and exhaustion from his dorm leader's abundant energy. Vil, Rook, and Epel could be seen making their way through the crowd, trying to make their way to the designated dressing rooms for those performing today. Neige Le Blanche wasn't too far behind with his seven little friends heading in the same direction. Eventually, the gates finally opened and the river of students flowed into the main avenue that took them past what looked like several covered booths, each one had an NRC dorm's emblem above it which caused the curious chatter to increase. The crowd quieted down as Crowley's voice suddenly boomed over the arena's PA system.

    "Welcome Students! The opening ceremony of Night Raven's first Three School Music and Dance contest will commence shortly! Please make your way to the main stage!"

    Once everyone in the audience had settled into their seats around the big center stage, Crowley addressed them all in person in front of a veiled curtain. It was hard to tell for even those closest to the stage but it looked like there were six pedestals hiding behind the headmaster??

    "Welcome to all of our visitors and our students!" Crowley was weirdly excited about all of this but seeing as how there were some photographers in the crowd, it was no mystery as to why "the performances from all three schools will start in about thirty minutes!"

    There were two large monitors just off to the side of the stage that displayed the lineup of the contest's scheduled performances. There were other acts from all three schools but most of the crowd was here for Vil, Neige, and the main group from Sacred Crown, excited to see what the newcomers had in store for them. Riddle looked around the crowd and noticed that some of the girls from Sacred Crown were whispering amongst themselves excitedly. Most of the girls were in their usual classroom uniforms but he noted that each one had a dual-colored ribbon band around their arms, matching the ones from NRC. Every girl had different dorms' colors on her arm....what exactly were these girls up to now?

    "But first! Our visitors from Sacred Crown Hall have an announcement to make!"

    Crowley took his leave as the curtain behind him parted. The shock in the audience was palpable as the lights came up and there in the center stood Elise Coralette...in full Octavinelle dorm leader attire, every detail in place down to Azul's small beauty mark below her lips. The only difference was that instead of trousers, she wore a smartly fitted pencil skirt. More lights came up to reveal the five other figures on pedestals and the crowd cried out in waves of surprise and shock. From left to right, the girls stood in order each dressed in almost exact replicas of the Night Raven College dorm leaders starting with Alyssa dressed as Riddle in his Heartslabyul dorm outfit with a belled skirt instead of pants all the way down to Hebe dressed as Ignihyde's own Idia, complete with bright blue streaks in her hair.

    "Welcome!" all six girls said in unison before Elise took over, "Greetings students from Night Raven College and Royal Sword Academy and other esteemed guests! The girls of Sacred Crown hope you enjoy today's performances along with the surprises we have personally prepared for you in honor of our wonderful hosts, Night Raven College!"

    The girls on stage along with the rest of their students and some of the more friendly RSA boys took a moment to give the very confused Night Raven students and their gleeful headmaster a round of applause. Elise continued as the screen display changed to a map of each of the booths everyone had passed previously.

    "We will be selling tickets to everyone and anyone who would like to have their own personal photo with each of our lovely dorm leaders you see up here, myself included," Elise gave a playful wink to the audience as the rest of the girls waved and hyped the audience up in their own ways which worked like a charm, "as you can see we have all six dorm leaders present and accounted for! Each one promising more exclusive prizes than the last! For those of you who are a bit more camera shy, fear not~ We have a treasure trove of treats ready and waiting just for you!"

    The boys in the audience grew more excited as the two monitors suddenly started displaying fully staged photos of each girl, set to a background that perfectly suited the dorm leader she represented: Alyssa enjoying tea in a rose garden, Elise posing in their very own Monstro Lounge in ethereal underwater lighting, etc.

    "We have a special booth prepared to sell photosets, posters, and more of those gorgeous photos but keep in mind, supplies are limited so don't hesitate! Of course, we have yet another surprise for only the bravest of our lovely customers~ Only the boldest hearts can approach Her Royal Majesty and live to tell the tale after all...." Elise singsonged the end of her dialogue with a mischievous smile as the lights on the stage faded and the large monitors shifted again to a dark screen that showed fog flowing along the bottom and spikey vines slowly crawling up the edges. Once the screens flashed and revealed a new image, the crowd absolutely lost it and Riddle could see why.

    His eyes widened and his jaw went a bit slack as an elegant image of Reine in full Malleus Draconia regalia and sitting on a dragon motif throne appeared. The princess looked as if she could consume his soul in a fairy's wing beat and he would gladly accept said fate without question. The very thought made Riddle's heart do a backflip. The rest of the Heartslabyul boys had similar looks on their faces. Elsewhere in the crowd, the real Malleus and Lilia were thoroughly entertained. Malleus thought all the dramatic build-up was very amusing but still felt a glow of pride at just how closely Reine's outfit had stuck to his dorm uniform's original design and how she even managed to don smaller, more dainty versions of his horns on her head. The flowing skirt in place of his pants was a nice and appropriate change, however.

    "Oooh myyyy, she is enchanting! The Witch of Thorns would be so proud, fufu~" Lilia was almost giddy and already making plans to purchase Reine's merchandise for the dorm. Malleus just hummed in approval. Lilia was sure if Malleus' tail was out, it would be wagging from all the excitement rippling through the air.

    Elise's voice washed over the audience once again as the girls' announcement ended, "Exclusive VIP tickets are now for sale at the front gate for those who wish to have a once in a lifetime experience with our Queen of Thorns and her royal guard first hand! Hurry though, these tickets will not last! Thank you all for coming and good luck to our competitors today!"

    As soon as the curtains shut, there was only a split second before the crowd suddenly broke into a mad dash back towards the main entrance, just as the girls had predicted. A certain octopus was beyond satisfied with this reaction as he smirked at a safe distance, backstage.

    "Ahh~ Such clever little sirens. They got the audience hooked with just a glimpse. Jade, Floyd. Be prepared to assist our angelfish in succeeding today. Their win is our win, after all..." Azul was devilishly pleased. The twin eels were practically tingling with interest. Today was going to be fun. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shenanigans activate!! Hello again, lovelies~ There's quite a bit going on as you can see 😂 I almost did not include the Diasomnia boys as much simply because they'll be playing much bigger roles in future stories. But then again, I figured being a high royal herself, Reine would have at least heard about Malleus and that eventually they probably would have met anyway maybe? Plus Poor Malleus deserves to feel more included in his school's events and such. And Sebek aggressively 'milady'ing Reine is hilarious. You cannot change my mind 🤣 And of course, Zehn was bound to come back sooner or later, unfortunately. What shall happen hmmm? Be sure to share, like, tell yo peeps, check out my AO3 page and enjoy!

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    “Like this, Dear ?”

    “Yes, see ? It’s the shape of a heart !”


    Aria teaches Alcina: ✨Hand Heart✨ (feel free to add your own captions maybe ? 🥺)

    #resident evil 8 #lady dimitrescu #resident evil village #alcina dimitrescu#resident evil#maiden oc #alcina x maiden #alcina dimitrescu x reader #ghostulart
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    Blood on the Vine I/?? -- Maiden X Dimitrescu Sisters

    In retrospect, she knows that she shouldn't have done anything in the first place. Isolde is well aware that simply acknowledging the youngest and most delusional of the Dimitrescu daughters is akin to signing one's death sentence. Hell, she gives that spiel to the onboarding staff on rotating, routine basis - 'keep your eyes downcast, keep your words polite, and keep a distance' as the motto for survival.

    It happens by accident. Everything lining up to meet in an unfortunate chain of events that culminate in utter foolishness.

    The evening had already been dour, dark, and dismal when Isolde took her evening respite in the grand, circular library. The room is often ignored by staff on their breaks because it tends to be the preferred hunting grounds of Lady Daniela when she’s in a mood to bother and swipe at the maidens like a bored wild cat. 

    The evening is humid, despite the lateness of autumn, and promises an ugly storm on the horizon as the last hurrah for weather above freezing temperatures. Already, the staff had been hard at work through the day battening down the castle so the weather can’t just tear straight through the drafty stonework and ancient, leaking windows. 

    Isolde’s own temper matches the weather, sour note for sour note. She’d received a letter from her childhood sweetheart - no … she supposes they weren’t ever that, were they? Tissa had been happy to write flowery promises of love and sweet nothings as long as money from Isolde’s work flowed true, but once it trickled down - Tissa had taken the money Isolde had sent back for their future and just so happened to fall in love with a local boy.

    'Please be happy for me,' her words looped together. 'I couldn't bear it if you were mad.'

    So by the time Lady Daniela stalks into the library, Isolde's mind isn't as sharp to the sudden uptick in danger as she otherwise might have been.

    At first, the two of them relatively ignored the other. Though Lady Daniela has a reputation among the staff, there were … often warning signs that allow innocent bystanders to get clear before trouble can start. 

    There's something about Lady Daniela's despondence as she roams the outer shelves, though. It'd been a while since The Duke had been able to trade with the Castle and likely all of the Ladies' fictional escapes were read through countless times over, and Isolde could understand that sort of drudgery all too well.

    And, well, all right, Isolde might also want to spite Tissa, even in spirit. 

    I'm not mad, she wants to write back. I'm glad - because I've found companionship here, and they’re so lovely to look at! 

    And so ... before survival instincts could kick in - Isolde stands up and approaches Lady Daniela.

    The youngest heiress is much taller than Isolde’s average height. Easily a head taller, Lady Daniela reminds Isolde of the paintings of Greek Nymphs frolicking in the woods. Like her sisters, Lady Daniela is pale from an aversion to sunlight, and lithe in a manner that speaks of graceful pursuits like ballet. They were beautiful, the three heiresses, but very much unapproachable without risking limb or dignity.

    And so, when Lady Daniela hears her approach, she cants her head to the side to acknowledge Isolde's presence. One, lone glowing eye tracks Isolde's movements while her nails tap along the row of books she'd already devoured a thousand times over already. "Soarece mic, there's something very wrong if you're approaching the cat willingly."

    Lady Daniela turns about, her black-stained lips peeling into a vicious grin. She must have decided on a new sort of evening entertainment, as Isolde suddenly feels exactly like that mouse caught in the cat’s paws; only to be stopped short as Isolde thrusts a book into her hands. Her brows shoot up and her hunting growl dies into a curious 'mrr?' as she peers down at the unexpected gift. "What...?"

    "Most of your books are at least twenty years old and mostly local. This is... something different. I think you'd like it in particular."

    Lady Daniela blinks slowly, as if rousing herself from a dream. She glances back up to Isolde, brow furrowing as she tries to place her. “You’re one of the Winery Staff, aren’t you?” She leans around to better get a look at the crimson ribbon that winds through Isolde’s plait. “Yes, that’s Bela’s signifier.” 

    Isolde nods. “Yes, my Lady.”

    Daniela huffs; looks at the book in her hands. "...What's it about?"

    "A love story between an immortal man who doesn't understand how to love, and a woman who begs for death and cannot help but love regardless."

    The evening bell chimes then, signaling the retreat of the staff to their quarters. Isolde's smile doesn't quite reach her eyes as she absently pats Lady Daniela's hand in parting. "Figured you'd like something new while Duke navigates the blizzard."

    If she'd been wiser, she'd have noticed the weight of gold on her back as she retreats through the door.


    A few nights later, there's a knock on Isolde's door. It's early - in that dreamlike state right before dawn. Isolde's already awake - being one of the Winery Staff meant that in the off-season, they tended to the grounds and the game that roamed the properties, along with the horses and the kennels. 

    She pokes her arms through the heavy, pleated shirt, trapped in an ocean of ivory linen when the knock comes again. She pulls her shirt over her head and waits for a third one.


    Isolde frowns, but shrugs it off. Likely one of the other staff reminding her to wake up. They had to look after each other, after all. She continues her morning routine, and nothing seems out of place until she opens the door and finds...

    A little black bird. Worked and carved from what looked like charred bone. The eyes are bright and glinting, pale as the snow that drifted high up along the castle itself.

    Isolde kneels down to pick up the offering and admires the work. She glances around, and down through the dark hallways to spy any clues left behind. There's nothing there, save for the gentle buzz of insects surprisingly active this late in winter.

    Huh. Weird. Isolde tucks the little creature into her pocket and goes about her business. She's about halfway down the servant corridor that leads to the back grounds when Miss Charish clicks her tongue to gain her attention, "Miss Ardenlane.”


    "I'm afraid you've been reassigned, my dear."

    Isolde slowly tilts her head. "Is there something wrong?"

    "Personal request, I'm afraid." This gets the attention of the other staff around her. They measure their steps to eavesdrop without being so blatant about it. Gossip-mongers.

    "By ...?"

    "The Lady Daniela herself. You're to be reassigned to the greenhouses over the winter." 


    "Mmm. You'll have your new colors tomorrow." Miss Charish does look sympathetic, as if that helps ease the fact of the matter when one's facing down a sudden death sentence.


    Dominating nearly two-thirds of the southern expansion to the Castle was The Greenhouse. According to the older staff, the addition was about a hundred and fifty years old or so - harkening to the resurgence of Neo-Brâncovenesc architecture about that time. The style almost clashes with the dark, oppressive castle but at the same time, there’s no other way the verdant gardens could ever be displayed, Isolde thinks upon entering the domain of Lady Daniela.

    It is as if she’s transported to an entirely new world. All around her are the sights, scents, sounds of a paradise of exotic flowers and flora that she can’t ever hope to possibly learn even if she survives to see the New Year.

    Isolde knows enough of the history - that Lady Daniela’s love of nature and beautiful things encourages the Countess to bring back seeds and transplants from her travels abroad. The result is an absolutely magical transformation guided by an eye for the whimsical and romantic. 

    If Lady Daniela was not found in the library or at the stables, then she was likely to be here, hidden away in her garden of otherworldly delights. Isolde walks underneath wild, flowering vines that create a bower overhead and cast rippling shadows down across her body.

    The Lady Daniela’s already here, as Isolde hears a wordless melody drifting up through the flowers and fruits as clear as a lark. She follows it alongside an artificial fountain designed to tease the impression of a babbling brook until she reaches the center of the garden.

    And there, underneath what Isolde thinks has to be the Tree of Life, the serpent herself sways to a song only she can hear.

    Lady Daniela hears her approach, for her humming stops in favor of a delightful laugh. She clasps her hands together as if they were two girls merely out for a spring’s picnic and rushes forward. “There you are!”

    Isolde sticks with the very safe: “Yes, here I am, My Lady.”

    Lady Daniela’s joy tempers her mercurial moods with a sweetness that puts the mind at ease. She glides forward, as if floating, and sweeps up Isolde into a crushing hug, laughing fondly all the while. “Oh, silly mouse, we’re far too close to bother with titles anymore - don’t you think so?”

    What? Isolde must have said that aloud.

    Lady Daniela pulls back and scours Isolde’s eyes for an answer to the question. As she does, her joy dampens, before it starts to twist to petulant anger. "What do you mean: what? Obviously you’ve been pining away as I have - and now that we’re together - why would we think about letting formality keep us divided from what we’ve longed for?"

     Lady Daniela's honey-gold eyes narrow to slits as she considers the very-real possibility that Isolde ha, in fact, not pined away as Daniela herself had; and that this might easily be a one-sided infatuation. "You have been dreaming of me, haven’t you?”

    Isolde opens her mouth, but all that comes out is a squeak as Lady Daniela's nails bite into her shoulders. She's going to die. Right here. She hadn't even got to work a second harvest in the field -- oh. Oh that might just work!

    "My apologies, my Lad -- Daniela,” Isolde speaks softly, tempering her voice to a whisper. “It's just that Lady Bela's domain requires so much attention to detail that I couldn't think of anything but the daily grind lest she find fault in me."

    Isolde lowers her gaze as she’s seen others do, and waits a beat before she glances up shyly through her lashes as she waits for Lady Daniela’s response. Her heart is thundering loud enough that it drowns out her internal monologue that she’s going to die. She’s going to die and be fertilizer for the lovely flowers.

    Lady Daniela watches her like a cat considering what to do with a cornered mouse before she makes a soft ‘oh’ of understanding. Following it is a soft, sympathetic noise and another hug that crushes Isolde against her chest.

    "Ugh. Of course. Bela's always so jealous. She probably discovered our affair --  and she hates when she can’t control something. That’s why I went straight to Mother. She switched your assignment and there’s nothing Bela can do about that. Bela’s not allowed to meddle with what Mother says isn’t hers - that’s the one rule Mother will not abide being broken.” Lady Daniela’s voice brightens and quickens as she speaks. She ends with a breathless, pleased laugh, and squeezes Isolde as if they’ve shared a secret. She’s so proud of herself, and when she tucks Isolde’s chin up to let the maiden share in that same mischievous joy, Isolde barely remembers to smile in time.

    She saves herself the effort of trying to keep a straight face by burying her head back against Lady Daniela’s chest. Her heart rate now clips at a rate that can’t be healthy as she struggles to keep her breathing steady. Dread grows like a coiled snake in her belly. What fucking affair was Daniela talking about?!

    #Daniela Dimitrescu#Maiden OC #Maiden x Dimitrescu Daughters #Resident Evil Village #JE Writings #I have absolutely no idea where I'm going with this but I'm going there anyways! #Maiden x Daniela #Daughters of the Swarm #dimitrescu gremlin trio
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    I don’t really talk about my OCs at all on here. And I probably won’t unless you ask about them. HOWEVER!!!! Here they are, because I thought this was funny

    Lily (top panels) belongs to my great friend @starhyen (hey I love u) and the two fellas on the bottom panels are Alfred (dark hair) and Clayton (light hair)! Enjoy our funky lil dudes!!!

    (Ur gonna have to zoom my bad)

    #oc tag #in case I ever post them again #Clayton King#Alfred Ward#Lily Ward #they’re married not siblings I need to specify that #as of this particular comic they are not married yet but I forgot to ask her maiden name sorry ab #anyway I hope you like our kids
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    Miracle of a Chance Chapter 3 (Alcina Dimitrescu fanfic)

    Author's note: I'm constantly writing and having stimulants (e.g. characters, music, tiktoks, headcanons, etc.) to inspire me to write more than upload (and not having enough to upload later on lol). So, to avoid an easy burn-out from me, there will be no more daily uploads, but weekly uploads after this chapter. If you want to be updated on the story, feel free to leave a comment so I can add you on a taglist! Thank you for your interest!

    Chapter 3

    In the span of a few days, the baby was given a full wardrobe of multiple clothing, blankets to replace the once he wore. He even had toys, from toddler to "whatever boys like to be distracted with", Lady Dimitrescu would wave her hand smoothly as she didn't want to waste time on the simple decision, as long as he had things for him to be distracted with if needed. Of course, she wasn't equipped with the knowledge of what a boy would like, but she had her maid to help her out.

    By the time Lady Dimitrescu had bathe him personally, she fell in love with him once again.

    She had prepped the bathtub herself and undressed herself.

    The baby was awake, and when she neared the crib to pick him up, he stretched his little hands, opening and closing.

    Green-hazel eyes met the lady's yellow-amber ones. His reaction? He smiled, kicking his feet slightly. She smiled softly back at him before picking him up, "It's time for a bath, dear." She had him propped on her arm, the other hand unbuttoning his onesie.

    Completely taking it off, she got in the bathtub and sat down with her knees propped up slightly to lay Ezekiel on her lap. She dipped her hand in the water slightly before grabbing his hand, his arm, letting the water touch his skin.

    Ezekiel just stared before he cooed, his lips forming a small "o" as he moved his limbs, and he smiled once again. When he smiled, Lady Dimitrescu would smile, and he would try to cover his face with a giggle, trying to put his fist between his lips.

    "No~." She cooed, moving his arm away with a finger, holding a small smile.

    Washing him was the easiest thing, and why wouldn't? She would massage his head, and his head would go back to the sensation only to giggle. More giggles erupted when she would tickle underneath his chin and his head would lean forward.

    When she would make bubbles from the lather of her shampoo, she would blow at them lightly as they fell slowly in front of Ezekiel. His interest peaked, eyes widened as he stood still, mesmerized. The bubbles would pop and more giggles would occur, getting louder. It was a contagious laughter, Lady Dimitrescu chuckling at his reaction as she combed his dark hair back.

    By the time they were out, Ezekiel was wrapped with enough tightness that he was comfortable, but he would still coo. His reactions to things would cause a stifle from the lady. She put her silky robe on, carried the boy in her arms as she walked to the wardrobe to decide what to put him in.

    It was a pastel green bloomer set that she put him in and she placed him on the bed. He played with his feet as he stared at his mother, and he attempted to roll over, his back turned to her. He moved his head side to side before he moved his body to the other side where he saw her once more and smiled.

    Lady Dimitrescu smiled at the view, "You're such a cutie, you could get away with anything." She lightly pressed on his nose with a miraculous accuracy, and he dropped onto the sheets to hide his face before raising it once more for her. She chuckled at him and picked him up, "Come now, Ezekiel, we have a busy day." She said before putting him in the crib.

    She would take him to her work study, and he would rest on her non-dominant arm. There was a crib nearby if he wanted to be away for a while, but he would never leave her side.

    The times he would cry while Lady Dimitrescu would be nearby was because he was either hungry, needing to see and feel her, and even the necessities for his body, and she would attend to them with the same grace she always possessed. She didn't need to sleep like human parents did, so if he cried in the night, she didn't waste time in comforting her baby.

    The only maid trustworthy enough to take care of him while she was gone, or if she needed extra hands would be (Y/N). When spending the time together, there was a level of comfort between the two. They didn't have to talk, look at each other, the simple act of being together in the same room was equivalent to affection display. Little did the maid realize that the lady was far more lenient on her when private. In public, it was subtle. If the maid argued with the lady, she wouldn't lose her temper like she had with other maids. You were different, special for her, and Ezekiel had given her a chance for them to be together within reason.

    #lady dimtrescu #lady dimitrescu x reader #ezekiel dimitrescu#alcina dimitrescu #Alcina Dimitrescu and oc #Lady dimitrescu and oc #Lady Dimitrescu fanfiction #re8 village #re8 village fanfiction #re8 fanfiction #re village fanfiction #chaos writing#chaos #alcina x maiden #alcina x reader
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    #captain dahlia#Borsalino#kizaru #stanton del la Cruz #one piece oc #one piece#au#child meme #borsalino x dahlia #del la Cruz is Dahlia’s maiden name just a heads up #Stanton
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    Miracle of a Chance: Chapter 2 (Alcina fanfiction)

    Summary: Lady Dimitrescu is in a dilemma of giving away the child.

    As she sat at the vanity, she finally took a glance at the baby, now unwrapped in a crib next to her. She had waited a few minutes to call Mother Miranda, thinking on her own as she simply followed her blindly at the moment. Watching the peaceful baby sleep, she got closer to him and she watched him carefully, "You unworthy little thing, your parents ruined my beautiful vases and (Y/N) has the audacity to say you deserve to live?" She raised her hand, opening her palm as she neared at the child. When her finger passed over his raised arms, he reflexively gripped the enormous digit, feeling it nonetheless. Her expression angered, "You wretched-" she started before she noticed the baby yawning before his small mouth opening and closing slightly before remaining agape. Lady Dimitrescu watched intently before she reached her other hand as a way to test out a quick theory, her pinky touching the baby's free open palm only for him to do the same. Reflexively, he closed his hand, only this time holding the tip of her pinky.

    Now she was stuck, and she didn't do anything to remove herself from the baby. She pouted at the situation as she didn't want to risk making the baby cry, but seeing the baby so closed reminded her of something she has wanted for a long time, even before the transformation. The hand held at the pinky, but her thumb was close to his face and she caressed his chin softly. Feeling the sensation, he reacted with a smile which undeniably had an affect on her.

    "Oh no..." She sighed with defeat.


    A maiden rushed to each room and asked others for the locations of a certain maiden. It took a couple minutes before finding the specific maiden.

    "(Y/N), Lady Dimitrescu requests your presence and to bring food for the baby!" She shouted with urgency as she rested a bit.

    The maiden nearly forgot the fact that the castle was not equipped for the baby and she had to improvised quickly.

    When she had the milk boiled at a warm temperature, she poured it in a cup and held a spoon, rushing as she could without dropping any milk. With the speed she was going at, she was sure to receive another scolding.

    She knocked with her free hand and opened it when Lady Dimitrescu responded.

    Lady Dimitrescu carried the crying child in both of her arms despite her only needing one, adding extra support, "Did you get the food?"

    "Yes, did you check if he pooped?"

    "Yes, I did, he is hungry." She snapped before sitting down at the chair before spotting the cup and spoon, "...Remind me to get supplies for the baby." she spoke after a quiet session.

    The maiden smiled shortly at her comment before getting close to the baby, "May I?" She raised the cup. Lady Dimitrescu leaned forward slightly and the maiden dipped a finger into the milk before letting the drop of milk touch his lip, and it reached to his tongue. When his crying toned down to sobs, attempting to suckle on the tip thinking it was a nipple, it took awhile to accommodate to drinking from the spoon. After eating, the maiden instructed for the lady to pat his back. She raised the baby, placing him on his stomach onto her open palm and sat him up, letting him rest on her wrist as she patted his back with three of her fingers and alternated with rubbing his back. After a few minutes, he let out a burp before both the maiden and Lady Dimitrescu let out a happy sound at relief (though the lady's was much more quiet). He let out a gurgle as he felt comfortable with the back rubbing, ending up falling asleep.

    "My lady, I believe he loves it when you rub his back."

    "Hm..." she responded mindlessly, her rubbing reducing to just having it placed on his back. She was smiling a bit.

    The maiden glanced at the lady, admiring the calming look she had. She was not going to jeopardize that by commenting on it. "My lady, is there anything else you need before I return to my tasks?" She whispered.

    "Yes, actually, I need you to tell my tailor to make baby clothes...I've decided to...keep the child."

    "Those are excellent news my lady...what name will you give him?"

    Lady Dimitrescu raised her gaze to a confusion one, "He doesn't have a name?"

    "Well, we don't know what his name is, so you have the freedom of choosing." The maiden responded.

    Lady Dimitrescu took a deep breath before looking at the baby. She caressed his dark-skinned cheek, a short smile appearing before disappearing. She smiled instinctively with him, "...Ezekiel. Ezekiel Dimitrescu."

    The maiden nodded at her as she turned to Ezekiel, "Welcome to your new home, Lord Dimitrescu."

    Lady Dimitrescu view the child cuddling against her hand, a few thoughts entering her mind. Her lips made a small, subtle smile. She was going to raise a fine man.

    A/N: Thank you for reading once again, it means a lot that this is getting loved, and I cannot wait to show you the development between these two characters.

    #lady dimtrescu#alcina dimitrescu #Lady Dimitrescu and oc #Lady Dimitrescu fanfiction #re8 fanfiction #re village fanfiction #chaos writing#chaos#ezekiel dimitrescu #alcina x reader #alcina x maiden #lady dimitrescu x reader
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    Resident evil doodles cause I was bored

    Also I swear I can draw things that aren't RE related

    #resident evil fanart #resident evil 3 fanart #resident evil 4 fanart #resident evil 8 fanart #lady dimitrescu fanart #maiden oc #lady dimitrescu x maiden #leon s kennedy #leon kennedy fanart #jill valentine #jill valentine fanart #ashley graham #ashley graham fanart #fanart#doodle#Nyxoty Draws #Im a part of the give leon a break club
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    Miracle of a Chance (Alcina Dimitrescu fanfic)

    Characters: Alcina Dimtrescu, Bela Dimitrescu, Cassandra Dimitrescu, Daniela Dimitrescu, and Ezekiel Dimitrescu (oc)

    Relationship(s): Alcina Dimitrescu and Ezekiel Dimitrescu, Alcina/reader,

    Summary: Lady Dimitrescu has a passionate hatred for men, until a baby boy has been introduced in the family. Does she reject him completely to Mother Miranda, or does a maid have a few tricks up her sleeve to keep the child for herself?

    The wind had rushed faster and colder, making the baby that was bundled up in stiff arms cry harder for someone to take him somewhere warmer than this, begging for his mother to calm him down, but the blood trickling down his face was not sufficed. His stressed cries continued until a wooden door opened and a hesitant maiden walked out as you were confused.

    "A baby?...Ingrid, come here please, there's a baby." You whispered.


    Two intruders had breached on the Castle of Dimitrescu and all maidens were ordered to stay in the kitchenette or else they would die (either by the intruders or herself, but it was both bad). That was an hour ago, and it was dead silent for a couple of minutes. Many of the maids were terrified to make a single sound, waiting for the lady herself to make an announcement to get back to work, but nothing occurred yet. No one made the comment if something had occurred to her, no one would ever make that assumption.

    That was until a faint cried was heard and many stiffened. Did the lady capture the intruders, was she in the process of finishing them off?

    One brave maiden stepped forward, getting closer to the door until another grabbed your hand to avoid a potential incident, "(Y/N) what are you doing?" a harsh whisper came from Breve, a maiden that was too terrified to get in contact with the lady, much less with the intruders, "You'll get us killed- can't you see that it's a scheme to get you out to attack us?"

    You didn't say anything because you were trying to decipher the sound, "No, that's not a human adult, Breve...That doesn't sound like them at all..." You opened the door and pushed it.

    You were right, as you stepped closer to the lump of bloodied bodies on the snow, almost covered by it until she gasped, "Breve, bring some towels and blankets, hurry!" You exclaimed and rushed to the crying baby, trying not to slip.

    You were confused, horrified by the grotesque view of a baby being wrapped by a body, but not knowing who it was who held them. Your best guess was the mother, but now you took the bundle into your hands and placed your hand on their cheek, noticing the freezing temperature they were at. You rushed back inside, and you huddled the maidens together, to their surprise it was a baby.

    "Why would the intruders have a baby?"

    "Did Lady Dimitrescu secretly have a baby the intruders stole?"

    "How careless of them to bring this child."

    "Everyone be quiet and help me warm this child!" You nearly shouted at them as you and Breve changed the towels to notice the child's external area, "It's a boy..." You whispered, sadness and pity laced in there. They knew what was to come for any male who set foot in the castle, and they lamented the boy who hadn't had the chance to live his own life.

    "The baby was doomed from the start when his parents brought him here.."

    "What if...what if we dressed him up as a girl?" one of them suggested, "And convince Lady Dimitrescu that he is one of our children?"

    One of them scoffed, "You want to deceive THE lady of the castle? That's a sure way to the cellar." She argued.

    As the maidens talked among themselves, the maiden that held the baby walked closer to the stove that would surely make him warm up, "Whatever the case may be, child, right now you deserve some warmth." You lightly brushed the small amounts of dark hair to the side, caressing his brown skin, "If you are indeed....taken far too early, at least right now you are living to the fullest." You pulled him to you chest, one hand placed on the side of his face, hugging him.

    In the next hour, the lady opened the door to the kitchen unannounced, and bent at her waist slightly to enter the room, "Maidens, the castle is now safe. Return to your duties." Her eyes emotionlessly scanned as the maidens returned, most walking out of the kitchen to their previous task. When she bent and stepped out to head over to her chambers, she was called out, "Lady Dimitrescu..."

    She turned halfway, glancing down to see one of her dedicated maids holding...

    "...a baby?" She asked, waiting for the information she was going to receive.

    "In the duration of the intrusion, there was a baby crying and I found them cradled in their parent's cold embrace...it would be immoral of me to attempt raising a child without your acknowledgment, so I would like to give you the child myself."

    Her eyes narrowed suspiciously as she glanced at the sleeping baby, their lips moving slightly, the baby was still alive to her surprise, "Were these the intruders I killed earlier?" She questioned, "After I have informed every maiden to stay in the kitchen?" Her eyes rose over to see the anxiety that appeared on the maiden's expression.

    "I'm sorry my lady, but as...as a mother of a child myself...I couldn't ignore a baby needing their mother."

    Lady Dimitrescu was quiet for a bit as that silently hit a chord with her, and her attention went back to the child, "What's it's sex?" She questioned.

    The maiden gulped softly, hesitantly responding before Lady Dimitrescu spoke again with a heavier tone, "What is it's gender?"

    "Male...my lady."

    Her eyebrows furrowed as her expression switched into an angered one, "Male?! You dare bring a male inside MY castle?!" She raised her voice at the maiden, scolding at you, ready to attack if even more provoked.

    "He is a child, my lady...abandoned by his parents-" you tried to explained.

    "It still doesn't excuse that he is a male!"

    "Give him a chance, please my lady, I would give my life to give him a chance." You pleaded, your voice trembling with fear.

    "My dear..." She leaned slightly forward, her hand on her hip, "He was given three chances to live already, why should he get another when I prefer my maidens over this male child?" She lowly snarled at you, warning you for the next words that would come out of your mouth.

    The maiden's eyes widen slightly in shock at how correct she was, "And it's because of these chances he keeps getting that...he deserves to live...in the castle, taught by the lady herself...avoiding...the terrible things savage men do."

    The sound that erupted from the lady made the maiden flinch as she watched laugh in a mocking way, "Avoiding terrible things savage men do under my care? My dear, you've been here long enough to know that all men are the same. That man-thing you have in your arms will be a 'savage man'." She explained as she pointed at the child for a bit.

    The maiden was silent for a bit, and you looked down at the baby, "I'm sorry I couldn't succeed." She whispered at him, "But I gave you everything you needed in these moments." She looked back at the lady, holding back her tears, "Should I place him on his parents outside, my lady?"

    She reached her hand out, pursing her lips, opening her palm, "Just hand him to me, I'll hand him over to Mother Miranda as I have no use for him."

    Being a believer in Mother Miranda and her set beliefs, you believed he would be in good hands. You placed the baby in her hand and she carried him not too close to her, "Now, get to work."

    "Thank you, Lady Dimitrescu." The maiden bowed slightly and went to her tasks.

    Lady Dimitrescu walked up the stairs and took her path to her chambers. She didn't once look at the child.

    #lady dimitrescu#Alcina Dimitrescu #Lady Dimitrescu and oc #Lady Dimitrescu fanfiction #re8 fanfiction #re village fanficiton #re village fanfiction #Chaos writing#Chaos#Ezekiel Dimitrescu #alcina x maiden #alcina x reader #lady dimitrescu x reader
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    #bnha#bnha fanfiction#mha fanfiction#all smite#writing#my story#grizel siller #iron maiden villain form #all might #toshinori x oc #villain all might #i was annoyed by stuff so I started writing out their villain au #villain au #swearing drinking and rough handling
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    Chasing Providence {Dimitrescu/OC} Pt 1

    Fandom: Resident Evil: Village Pairings: TBA, at minimum platonic House Dimitrescu/OC, with some wlw side characters (also original, but not the focus of the story) Rating: T for mild violence and possibly triggering content Warnings: A character briefly threatens suicide as a means of prolonging a conversation (i.e. saying "if you don't listen, I'll ___") Additionally, this contains spoilers for Resident Evil 8. Summary: Months after being infected with a mysterious virus, investigative journalist Avaskian Caldwell is left with no choice: Xe has to get help, one way or another, from whatever remains of the Umbrella Corporation could be trusted. Or, perhaps, from the very person who started it all... Along the way xe'll have to get along with vampires, fight off would be hunters, befriend a hoard of cultists, all while performing the duties of an everyday servant. There's nothing xe won't try as xe's forced to chase providence. Notes: While this chapter features a somewhat talkative Ava, xe's normally selectively mute, and will be for the entire rest of the story.

    1: Blood Runs Thick

    “This can’t be it. No fucking way, bruv, are you sure you got the address right?” The journalist asked, eyes narrowed as xe stared out into the distant hills. One hand held a phone, currently without any signal, while the other kept a tentative grip on the van’s door handle. To their side was the driver, a middle-aged man with relatively little patience. When he replied, it was in a language the journalist didn’t speak, but could clearly understand as a swirl of profanity. “Alright, alright, I get it. Not like I could afford to pay you to take me back, anyway… I’ll just, uh, be going then. Try to have a nice day, eh, you old chap?” With that said xe opened the door, hopping out rather eagerly. After tucking xer phone into xer pocket, xe quickly gathered xer bags from the trunk, half expecting the man to drive off before xe had a chance.

    Surprisingly, he stayed all the way until the journalist gave two hard pats to the van’s side. Then he practically slammed the gas pedal, speeding off in a whirling cloud of dust and kicked up rocks, promptly sending xer into a coughing fit. Curse these feeble lungs, xe thought, scowling. Absent-mindedly xe put a hand to xer throat, silently checking if xer, ahem, ‘wounds’ were still covered. Once satisfied, xe turned to the long, winding path into the village. Was this truly where the ever-elusive “Miranda” could be found? What in the blazes of hell was a scientist like herself doing here, in a mostly empty stretch of Romania? The thought sent a rush of anxiety to the journalist’s chest, as xe wondered if this “Miranda” would even consider helping xer. Xe hoped that, at the least, xer unique case would get her attention.

    In the end, it took xer twice as long as expected to reach the village proper. There were no signs along the path, nor signs of life, other than countless dead birds, hung like falling leaves from every tree. Once, a display this gnarly would have made bile rise up in xer throat. But these days? After everything xe had researched? This was no hell, not when compared to the bombed ruin that was Raccoon City. Yet xe still cut xer hand when hopping the barbed wire fence, as if once again a rookie, too desperate for the truth to see the proper world. Fresh blood dropped onto the snow, but xe allowed xerself no wince nor complaint, instead focused on the figures moving in the distance. Strangers. Nay, sources. Someone would know something about the mysterious Miranda, even if they didn’t realize it.

    So the journalist made haste, approaching as casually as xe could, considering the heavy traveler’s bag on xer shoulders, and the sturdy cane xe walked with. It was the latter that caught people’s attention first, as it click click clicked against the stone path. Before long there were several pairs of eyes on the journalist, some of them bearing thinly veiled hostility, others filled with nervousness.

    “Who are you?” A man growls, stepping in front of a woman (his daughter, based on similar features, age difference) as he does. One of his fingers jabs into xer chest, daring them to take another move, carrying an unspoken threat within it. For a few seconds xe simply smiles at the man. Somewhat amused, xe hoped that xer natural charm would win the day, despite a quick glance telling them that most of these strangers were armed.

    “I’m a journalist-” xe started to say, until the others moved their hands towards their holsters- “or at least I was, once. But I come asking for assistance, kindness from my fellow humans,” xe said, gesturing widely with xer arms. This made the others present pause, though the journalist wasn’t immediately sure that xe hadn’t just misspoken. Romanian was not xer first language. Or xer second, come to think of it. Oddly enough, however, it had clicked rather quickly in xer brain, as if xe had always been meant to speak it. “You may call me Avaskian Caldwell. Or just Ava, or just Kian, or just Vas, depending on your mood. Ah, but that hardly matters. I am here… to find a woman. Someone I have heard much about, a, how do you say… ‘marvel’ of science? They tell me she is called ‘Miranda’. Have I come to the-” xe do not get to finish that sentence. Before xe can understand what’s happening, someone has grabbed xer by the throat, attempting to life xer into the air.

    For once in xer life, xe’s glad for the ‘extra insulation’.

    “Fuck you, outsider, you don’t deserve to taint her name with your foul tongue!” The man shouts, squeezing xer throat, urged on by the jeering crowd. A smarter person would have been rather concerned at that point. But the journalist- Ava, as xe said- was not known for xer cleverness. That did not, however, stop xer from exhibiting cleverness. Taking advantage of xer ridiculous arm joints (which may or may not be doubled, possibly merely weird as fuck), xe reached into xer bag, ignoring the crowd’s scared reaction, retrieving an evidence bag. Inside of it: several broken vials, each marked with a symbol of terror. This is not a place of honor the symbol screamed. To the villagers, it meant something else, something older. To Ava? It meant the prophet of death, it meant Umbrella.

    “I come bearing the sign of your village. I come bearing the scars of your Goddess,” Ava proclaims, raising the bag into the air. As soon as xe does, xe is released, the man scrambling backwards. Others turn away, some leaving, a handful gathering to pray. ‘Twas an odd display, but one that Ava preferred over a public execution. Only one person dares to approach: A woman, likely mid thirties, with dark eyes and darker hair. There’s a clear caution in her movements, as if it was taking all of her courage to not flee. “Do you perhaps know how I may reach Miranda? I am in dire need of her knowledge.” At this, the woman flinches, though her gaze lingers on Ava’s throat. It’s then that the journalist realizes xer collar was undone, exposing xer strange, ever-bleeding wound. The stranger does not speak until xe has covered the deformity.

    “One does not simply reach Mother Miranda. But there are ways to get her attention, to ask for a, hmm, blessing,” she explains. With a sigh of relief, Ava starts to celebrate, eager to find a cure for what ailed xer. But the woman wasn’t done speaking, and her next words cut a thick line through xer hope. “It may take a few weeks, maybe less, but we can ensure your prayers are heard. Mother Miranda always rewards the faithful. Even those who start out as outsiders. In the end, all are welcome here, if they keep the faith in our Mother.”

    “No, no, that won’t do!” Ava snaps, far harsher than intended. The woman flinches again, and xe starts to pace back and forth, trying to release xer pent up energy. “There has to be another way. Faster, more direct. I don’t-... I might not have time to wait. Please, please, anything you can do to help, even if it’s just pointing me in the right direction…” A gulp, eyes shining with unshed tears, a quiver of the lower lip. Falsehoods alike, directed for an honest purpose. Miranda was xer only hope for information- and, perhaps, for salvation. But the latter had never been Ava’s true priority.

    “There might be one way, but it is dangerous. You’d be more likely to die on the path than reach your goal, if I am honest. Yet… if there is anyone in all the village who can grant you the audience you seek, it would be one of the four lords. If you are certain-” the woman could only watch as Ava nodded furiously, silently begging- “so be it. Follow me, but do not say I did not warn you. I do not want your spirit coming to haunt me for my act of pity.”


    “An unexpected guest? How… delightful. Do tell me why you even bothered to drag this miscreant before me, Cynthia?” Lady Alcina Dimitrescu asked, with a scowl, staring down at the fragile human in question. Of all the things she had expected to find, once her head servant called her, this was not one of them. An intruder would have been more likely. Perhaps even more fun, if Alcina felt like letting her daughters join in the resulting feast. But this ‘thing’ was hardly worth her time. They were short, although admittedly somewhat plump, with a scent that implied illness. For once, she could not pinpoint the exact disease by smell alone. Not that she cared, really. ‘Twas simply… interesting.

    “Please, allow me to introduce myself. You may call me Avaskian Caldwell, and I come with an… offer. With mutual benefits, I assure you, Lady Dimitrescu,” the journalist answered, giving a deep bow. Despite xer manners, Alcina seemed unimpressed, even irritated by the display. Still, she gestured with her right hand, encouraging xer to get on with it. “I am in need of a meeting, specifically one with the much beloved, dearly respected Mother Miranda. In exchange, I offer two things: The sweat of my brow, and the blood in my veins.” Much to xer displeasure, Alcina replied with loud laughter before fixing xer with a hard stare.

    “Pray tell, little thing, what makes you think I won’t simply take your blood now, hmm?” She muses, cackling again, ignoring the way her servant flinched at the sound. But Ava did not waiver, instead simply reaching into xer sleeve. Slowly xe pulled out something metallic, speaking firmly as xe did.

    “For one, Mother Miranda would certainly dislike losing out on this opportunity,” xe started to say, unable to stop xerself from smirking. Then the knife fully exited xer sleeve, dancing in the light, before pressing against xer own throat. It was certainly a unique threat. Instantly Alcina rises to her feet, only pausing when she realizes that she wasn’t the one in danger. “Secondly, my blood is worth more if I am alive. You see, I have a wretched ‘condition’, which does a handful of lovely, lovely, life-threatening things to this poor vessel of mine. But someone as intelligent as yourself could find plenty of use for my so-called ‘illness’. If you give me a chance to explain, that is.” Though she does not sit back down, or even nod, it quickly becomes clear that Alcina did not intend to interrupt. Yet. “Grand, grand! I do appreciate it, my Lady. Now, let me just grab the research I brought with me…”

    Never once lowering the knife from xer throat, Ava digs into xer bag, forced to briefly clip xer cane to xer belt. Then xe retrieves a closed manilla folder, carefully handing it to the giantess in front of xer. Wordlessly Alcina accepts the item, opening it to peruse its contents, only pausing to put on a pair of reading glasses. A minute of quiet passes before Ava continues xer explanation.

    “I heal faster than anyone else on your staff, guaranteed. Hell, I cut my hand down in the village, on some damned wire, and the wound has already closed back up, good as new. That means, of course, that if someone were to let’s say… remove some of my blood, well, it wouldn’t take too long for me to get more, now would it? Obviously there has to be some biological counter, some form of payment for my ability. The rule of equivalent exchange, and all that, yes? As it stands… I eat an extra slice of bread a day. That’s it. Nothing bad enough to cancel out the boon of my blood. My… extensive reservoir of blood. Interesting, yes?” Ava says, still as charming as ever, despite the indescribable terror in xer chest. If there was one thing that xe had learned as a journalist, it was how to hide xer fear. Which was plenty useful, in the current situation, especially when Alcina flips a page to reveal the one downside to xer condition.

    “Don’t tell me you came all this way to try and deceive me. Here I was, beginning to think something of you, and you hand me a sheet that says it clear as candlelight: Your blood is dirty. Infected. I won’t be drinking it anytime soon, nor would I even consider allowing it to be used for my family’s wine!” Alcina is essentially yelling at this point. But Ava only takes a step forward, smile present but trembling, and gestures for her to turn the page. With narrowed eyes she does, quickly reading through the notes. Once, then a pause, then once more. Finally she closes the folder, setting it down upon her desk. “Fascinating. You are indeed a… unique case. I cannot guarantee you a meeting with Mother Miranda, and even if I do, it will be because of your condition. She will use you, as is her divine right to do, likely without ever once considering attempting to cure you. But if you are determined to meet her, well,” Alcina leans in with her own grin, sending chills down Ava’s spine, “I will not stop you. Here’s hoping you manage to give me plenty of blood before you ‘expire’. Cynthia, show her to the servants’ quarters. I expect her to be working by tomorrow morning. Dismissed.”

    Although Ava could not help but twitch at the Lady’s choice of pronouns, xe had expected this. Eventually xe would explain the indefinite nature of xer gender. Or perhaps xe was doomed to die a horrific, tragic death long before xe ever had the opportunity. Either way, xe could not help but feel a small sense of elation, pleased to have made some progress towards xer goal. Three steps forward and two steps back was still, cumulatively, a step forward. In time, xe would likely come to regret this series of choices. But who among us could say they held no regrets at all? And if, in the end, this storyteller came away with one hell of a story… wouldn’t that outweigh the regret? Even if Ava did not know it, xe would one day learn a valuable lesson from the strange family xe now worked for: Blood of the covenant is thicker than water of the womb. Oh, and what a lovely covenant it would be.

    #avaskian caldwell#alcina dimitrescu#maiden cynthia #resident evil: village #resident evil oc #j has ocs #oh hoo hoo hoo #come and get your first real glimpse of ava #yes they talk in this one #you'll understand later
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    A new art piece for these two lovely ladies from my original WIP! Elizabeth the leader of the super villains, and Jesslyn, the leader of the superheroes! Nothing like a good tension charged slow dance between enemies!

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    #mother miranda #mother miranda x maiden #mother miranda x oc #ask games#novitiate #resident evil village
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    Maiden and my friend @werewxlf‘s Pearl!!
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    mutant bloods

    oc dump, yes utena time, i am unapologetic, ive had these bitches since 2012.

    now look at them.

    do not repost

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