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    If I told you the truth it would be a lie

    #mine#my art #this ones a little different #i had to save the moom cuz i fucked it up and i think it turned out p okay #tartot#tarot cards#the moon#major arcana#watercolor art#witch#witchcraft
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    Working on a illustration of Portia from the arcana mobile game. If you have time start her route with infinitey keys, she is a underrated story option

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    VII THE CHARIOT (Cancer)

    “O amber heart, O crystal bell that ringeth once without end, I am the wine Thou bearest in thy Mass. My will is to serve Thee alone. Am  I fermented  aright?  Is the  vintage  ripe? O,  that  I may  give pleasure to thy mouth, O Belovéd.”

     MEDITATION COLOR: Yellow-orange (somewhat dark)

     HEBREW LETTER: Cheth, fence: that which defines a territory; or an enclosure, field; from Hebrew root meaning, “to surround or gird.” Symbolic of any device of containment or any vehicle.

     CARD NAME: Chariot: Most importantly, notice that the title is the chariot, not the charioteer. The word comes from the Indo-European root kers-, “to run.” Important derivatives include car, course, courier, current, intercourse, occur, recur, career, carry.  

     ESOTERIC MEANING:  The  Consciousness of  the  House of  Influence.  From its  inmost centre flow forth the Arcanum and veiled ideas, which “abide in its shadow”; thus is there cohesion (or, union) with the inmost substance of the Cause of Causes.  

     TREE of  LIFE:  Geburah to  Binah.  (Links ‘Strength’  with  ‘Understanding’;  or Volition opening to Intuition. “A mighty warrior in his chariot” (= magical image of Geburah) in victorious return to the Mother, positioned before a stream or abyss.)

     ESOTERIC TITLE: The Children of the Power of Water, the Lord of the Triumph of Light

     TANTRIC & ALCHEMICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Unveiling the Grail.  

     DIVINATION: Triumph,  victory,  hope, memory,  digestion  (health sometimes  unstable), extreme  zeal in  maintaining  traditional ideas,  the  “diehard,” ruthlessness,  lust  of destruction, obedience, faithfulness, service under authority; receptive, questing, seeking, voluntary sacrifice or surrender.  

    From the Golden Dawn Tarot.

    #chariot#tarot#major arcana #lost tarot of nostradamus
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    She is calling. Listen

    Ball point pen

    These voids are very much speaking to me. Have you been hearing the call?

    Tarot merch in my redbubble.

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  • Whoops. My hand slipped.

    All jokes aside though, I’m decently happy with how these came out (except the condesce ew) and I (might) just do the whole deck at this point, or at least the major arcana just because its fun.

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    VI THE LOVERS (Gemini)

    “O Mother, extinguish my brilliance in thy devouring night. Let not my brilliance stain the sublimity of thy perfection. Let not my little light blind me so that I cannot see Thee. Thy love is the velvet sheath to my sword, & the white-hot heat that tempers it. Take me for the sword  in thine  own  hand, with  which  Thou art  girt,  O warrior-lover.”


     HEBREW LETTER:  Zayin,  sword, symbolic  of  intellect and  representative  of division, multiplicity, severing, severity.

     CARD NAME:  “Lovers”  is the  title  of the  Second  Grade of  the  Order per  Liber  Legis, equivalent to Adept. It comes from the Indo-European root leubh-, “to care, desire, love.” Important derivatives include belief, love, libido.  

     ESOTERIC MEANING: The Consciousness of Sensation (or Consciousness of Disposition). It provides faith to the Compassionate (i.e., the Adepts), and clothes them with the Holy Spirit. Within the Supernals, it is called the Foundation of Beauty.  

     TREE of LIFE: Tiphereth to Binah. (Links ‘Beauty’ and ‘Understanding’; or the Ego-center with Intuition, Ruach with Neshamah, w with h. The wedding of ‘the Son’ with ‘the Mother.’ The Ordeal of the Abyss. Confrontation of duality and multiplicity. The Mystery of Knowledge.)

     ESOTERIC TITLE: The Children of the Voice, the Oracle of the Mighty Gods

     TANTRIC & ALCHEMICAL SIGNIFICANCE: The Wedding. Declaration of the Work to be done, employing a complex alchemical symbolism. Solve.  

     DIVINATION: Inspiration,  receptiveness,  intuition, intelligence,  “second  sight,” childishness, frivolity, triviality, thoughtfulness divorced from practical considerations, indecision, contradiction,  self-contradiction,  instability, the  necessity  to choose  between  alternate paths.  May mean love, union, the proper mating of opposites, resolution of differences, a proper relationship between the inner and outer aspects of life (or between subconsciousness and ego-consciousness).  

    From the Golden Dawn Tarot.

    #lovers#tarot#major arcana #lost tarot of Nostradamus.
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  • Me: *does a past, present, future reading for my mental health through COVID-19 isolation*

    My deck: “Here’s three major arcana”

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  • we’re going full lineless, babes

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  • Dream a Little Dream - acrylic painting - 6″x6″ mdf - robert matejcek - 2018

    “For of all sad words of tongue or pen, The saddest are these: ‘It might have been!’”

    - John Greenleaf Whittier - Maud Muller


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    “How art Thou now my husband that art my Bride? What word must I remember? Nail me to the door of thine enemy, to the door of the marketplace, to the door of thy sepulcher, that, naked & unknowing, even I may be a sign of thy devotion to all thy lovers.”

    MEDITATION COLOR: Red-orange.

     HEBREW LETTER: Vav, nail or hook. Used to refer to the hooks by which the veil of the Holy Tabernacle was hung. Literally, the conjunction “and” in Hebrew, signifying connection or union. Third letter of Hwhy, with correspondent meanings.

     CARD NAME: Hierophant, Greek for “Revealer of the Mysteries,” or “one who shows holy things.” Older titles of this card included The Pope (which is just Pop or Papa, a virtually universal linguistic artifact in just about every language).

     ESOTERIC MEANING: The Eternal (or Triumphant) Consciousness. It is the pleasure of that Glory beyond which is No-Glory like unto it. It is also called the Garden of Pleasure, which is prepared for the Compassionate (i.e., the Adepts).  

     TREE of LIFE: Chesed to Chokmah. (Links ‘Mercy’ and ‘Wisdom’; or Memory with Infinite Will; thus, the initiated Ruach opening itself to the Wisdom or Word descending from Neshamah. Instructional or ecclesiastical authority.)

     ESOTERIC TITLE: The Magus of the Eternal

     TANTRIC & ALCHEMICAL SIGNIFICANCE: The Stone: Sanctified Union of the Priest and Priestess.  

     DIVINATION: Wisdom, intuition, manifestation, teaching (inner teachings received), philosophical, goodness of heart, harmony, marriage, help from superiors, peace, stillness, occult force voluntarily invoked.  

    From the Golden Dawn Tarot.

    #hierophant#major arcana#tarot #lost tarot of nostrodamus
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    IV THE EMPEROR (Aries)

    “Take me, O husband! Draw me up unto Thee, O monarch of my soul.”


     HEBREW LETTER: Tzaddi, fish-hook, an instrument cast into water to hook and draw forth a fish (n). As a verb, “to contemplate (think, speculate, fancy),” a synonym of dhyana. x is the fundamental sound related to Sanskrit roots meaning “head” and “age,” from which stem words such as tzar, Caesar, Monseigneur, senate, etc.

     CARD NAME: Emperor from the Latin imperator, imperare, “command.” The Indo-European root  for  “priest/priestess”  has exactly  the  same spelling  and  sound as  that  for “emperor/empress,” though they are different words: per, meaning “to produce” or “to procure.” “King” is an important Qabalistic term related to adept hood, and Tiphereth in particular; “Red King” is an important Alchemical idea for the Sun.  

     ESOTERIC MEANING: The Natural Consciousness. Through it is completed (or, perfected) the nature of all that exist beneath the sphere of the Sun.  

     TREE of  LIFE:  Yesod to  Netzach.  (Links ‘the  Foundation’  and ‘Victory’;  or  Subconsciousness with Desire: procreative energies transmuted into a more rarefied desire or will force.)

     ESOTERIC TITLE: Sun of the Morning, Chief Among the Mighty

     TANTRIC & ALCHEMICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Alchemical Sulphur (Rajas).  

     DIVINATION: Energy, power, vigour, ambition, conquest, victory, control, governance, law and order, originality, stability; overweening confidence, megalomania; quarrelsomeness, strife, stubbornness, rashness, ill-temper.  

    From the Golden Dawn Tarot.

    #emperor#tarot#major arcana #lost tarot of Nostradamus.
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  • Currently accepting requests for three card Tarot readings! Only $5. Please feel free to contact me for any questions or advice.

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    III. THE EMPRESS. (Venus)

    “Thou art about me & through me. Thy kisses are at once in all places.  The moist  folds  of thy  skin  are open  &  engulfing &  devouring  the whole  of  me. Yet  I  am thy  gate,  & the  shaft  of  thy burning & luminous love impales me & rips me & feeds me even as thy mouth, thy touch, thy womb swallows me up.”


     HEBREW LETTER: Daleth, door, gate; especially the yoni as Gate of Life. Greek Delta (D)

    is a triangle, with all it implies.

     CARD NAME: Empress (a form of “emperor” specifically chosen to convey a feminine idea) from Latin imperatrix, imperare, “command.” The Indo-European root for “priest/priestess” has exactly  the same  spelling  and sound  as  that for  “emperor/empress,”  though they  are  different words: per, which in this other form means, “to produce” or “to procure.”  

     ESOTERIC MEANING: The Luminous Consciousness. It is the substance of that speaking silence (or brilliant flame) that is the instructor in the Secret Foundations of Holiness and of their (stages of) preparation.  

     TREE of LIFE: Binah to Chokmah. (Links ‘Understanding’ and ‘Wisdom’; or Intuition with Infinite Will, Neshamah with Chiah; or ‘the Mother’ with ‘the Father,’ the stream of life flowing into the matrix-womb of its material manifestation. Creative force operating in the field of un-consciousness.)

     ESOTERIC TITLE: The Daughter of the Mighty Ones

     TANTRIC & ALCHEMICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Alchemical Salt (Tamas).  

     DIVINATION: Love, beauty, happiness, pleasure, sensuousness, fruitfulness, success, completion, graciousness, elegance, friendship, gentleness, delight. But with very bad dignity, it means luxury, idleness, debauchery, dissipation.  

    From the Golden Dawn Tarot.

    #empress#tarot#major arcana #lost tarot of nostrodamus
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  • Persona 5: Is It Deep or Dumb? – Wisecrack Edition by  Wisecrack

    Nice analysis of how Persona 5 uses Jungian psychology, tarot archetypes, and discusses the “7″ Deadly Sins.  Spoiler: They did not find it “dumb”.  ^-^  

    But there was a comment on the video that had some better tarot analysis.  They even included reverse Arcana readings and how Tae Takemi and Ann Takamaki actually did fit into their assigned tarot Arcanas.  

    And I think that Persona 5′s bad ending, where you take [spoiler]-Igor’s offer and continue as “heroes” for the public to worship and pass their responsibilities onto, so they can continue being passive and subconsciously in the Jail Of Sloth, probably serves as a contrast, to try to support the idea that the good ending doesn’t do that.  But I guess in a sense, even the good ending, in and of itself, still can be construed as the Phantom Thieves just taking over Yaldabaoth’s position over the public.  

    This video essay is a respectful analysis of Persona 5 and actually ends on a positive note.  But I hate this series title “Deep or Dumb?”.  I feel dread every time the thumbnail shows a series/topic I like.  Because I don’t know whether they’re going to just analyze, or completely dump on a story I love and rip it to shreds the entire time.  But that’s just the connotations I get from “dumb”.  I have enough anxiety without being made to feel stupid for liking a thing.  ^^;  (Even though I admittedly like some bad series—sorry Knight’s & Magic!—and have accepted that people are allowed very differing tastes and remain valid, it still hurts to hear a thing I love called stupid.  I need some time to prepare for that, y’know!  I can’t just jump in, without building that objective, thick skin mentality.  And that takes at least a week.  …And then after that, I sometimes forget to watch Wisecrack.  Or worse, I see the “Deep or Dumb?” title on the thumbnail again and the process starts all over again.  ^^;;;;;;;;  )

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    “Yet thy skin is cool & pale in the moonlight. Not even night can cool the embrace of thine arms about me, nor darken the glistening silver-white substance of our love. I close my eyes and it shields them not; rather, you grow brighter still. Your eyes lock on mine, unblinking and uneclipsed, O mother, O lover, O child.”

     MEDITATION COLOR: Blue (infused with white).

     HEBREW LETTER:  Gimel,  camel; from  a  root meaning,  “to  bear, to  carry,”  implying mother symbolism. As a verb, “to wean, ripen.” A camel is a means of effectively traveling long distances through dry and barren terrain – the Mystical Journey.

     CARD NAME: Priestess (a form of “priest” chosen to convey a specifically feminine idea) is from the Indo-European root per-, basically meaning “forward” or “through,” and used in many extended senses such as “in front of,” “before,” “first,” “chief,” “toward,” “around.” Important derivatives (besides spatial ones: far, forth, further) include: paramount, paradise, foremost, first, privilege, privy (or deprive), proper, premier prime, primal, primary, primitive, prince, principal, principle, pristine, priest.

     ESOTERIC MEANING: The Uniting Consciousness (or Consciousness Leading to Unity). It is the Essence of Glory. It is the consummation of the essential Truth of unified spiritual being.  

     TREE of LIFE: Tiphereth to Kether. As on the Tree of Life, The Priestess is situated between two pillars where a veil partitions the relatively Outer from the Inner. (Links ‘Beauty’ and ‘the Crown’; or the Ego-centre with Unconditional Being, Ruach with Yechidah; or ‘the Son’ with ‘the Ancient of Days.’)

     ESOTERIC TITLE: The Priestess of the Silver Star

     TANTRIC & ALCHEMICAL SIGNIFICANCE: The Priestess: the Vehicle (or bearer) of the Word.  

     DIVINATION: A pure, exalted, and gracious influence enters the matter. Change, alternation, reaction, increase and decrease, fluctuation, cyclicity, rhythm; whether for good or evil depends on the dignity. Secrets, hidden things, mysteries awaiting later disclosure. There may be, however, a liability to be carried away by enthusiasm, to become “moonstruck,” unless careful balance is maintained.  

    From the Golden Dawn Tarot.

    #high priestess#tarot#major arcana #lost tarot of Nostradamus.
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  • 22 March 2020 — Returning Home

    Several days before the COVID-19 Pandemic was announced, I sat with myself and my Tarot deck, and told the Universe that I was available for change that would promote expansion. Saturday was my last day of work and the threshold into self-quarantine until further notice.

    Leading up to this day, my nervous system has been in a state of pure static and unwavering to worry for what the future holds. Our brains are scared. At this time, we are in the midst of the Fool jumping into the void, and we are all collectively paralyzed in the fear of that leap.

    Today, the collective message from our nervous systems is the High Priestess. As the Spring Equinox has arrived, we are opening ourselves up to themes of birth and warmth, but collectively going through Persephone’s underworld journey back into ourselves — back into what makes up our lives and what systems we exist in that are not sustainable, whether that be in our singular, internal lives or the systems of patriarchy and capitalism. This is the time to connect with our inner child and parent — to cradle ourselves in times where this unknown state feels too heavy to hold or be apart of. This is going to be a normal thing we move through with so much instability in our systems.

    The High Priestess is asking us to be still with our inner voice, and differentiate our fears from our true soul voices in order to calm our nervous systems and find a way to center ourselves in a massively uncentered state. This time is going to be the ultimate challenge for the Ego self, the parts of us that are carefully protected and comforted back into stagnation by the brain’s dialogue. The brain is an avid lover of being comfortable and stable, and we are anything but right now, so we are all off of our game.

    This is a time of gestation or incubation, and the opportunity to develop a better understanding of how we operate outside of a system that is ever-moving, a time to teach ourselves to be conscious of the weight we hold in the world and how little things can eventually impact the collective on a much higher scale. We see this happening in the United States and globally with the environment. Large corporations and factories are at a halt, which means less pollution and CO2 is being released into the atmosphere. The smog is clearing. Animals and plant life are returning home, because the unsustainable systems we exist in are not fully or at all in motion. 

    We are a reflection of our planet.

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  • Emotions are natural and inevitable, and real maturity, empathy and respect involves acknowledging and accounting for them, in all their glorious, absurd, sometimes illogical unkemptness.

    - J.J.

    Tarot card “The Devil” by J.J.

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