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  • lord-diavolo-is-watching
    08.12.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Just something I have been thinking but in a meritocratic world Sylvain, who was trained to physical fight since infancy, has an aptitude for magic and is a talented orator, would still become the heir of House Gautier over Miklan, whose only redeeming quality is a good ability to lead, which Sylvain also has.

    The only difference is that it would take more time for Sylvain to prove himself (but more determination to do so as not everything is suddenly handed to him on a golden platter) and therefore it would give even more time to Miklan to comfort himself in his position which would ultimately lead to more resentment from him.

    #like yeah sylvain crest fucked up his life kinda but also no crest would still do it too #fe3h #not to say crests are don’t make problems bigger than they are but honestly humans are a big factor #miklan gautier #sylvain jose gautier #fire emblem three houses
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  • darkened-meol
    08.12.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    Just finished arcane yesterday and I loved it, told my friends about it and they have informed me that I now technically like league of legends. I have not known peace since then

    #just woke up so not lotta tags for this one #probs just a #my post #so i can find it later if need be #i am very tired and making this dumb post instead of getting dressed #mostly because its cold and i live in a garage rn #do not wanna get up but i will #morning all
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  • thetrialsofvanoccupanther
    08.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    guys i am not allowed substances i get so scared

    #im A LITTLE tipsy and its like. am i going to have a stroke am i going to throw up what if i die does my face feel right am i okay??? #its ridiculous. also im drinking this stupid smirnoff ice and i wanted strawberry SO badly i love strawberries but im stuck with cherry :-( #thats ok my boyfriend makes me think of cherries. so its okay. im not going to lie ive had a fairly awful week here. im doing better now #at least i think i am #although my therapist is going to be out of office and i have to reschedule for another time and i forgot to call yday and the day before #regardless. i'll be alright #alcohol tw
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  • ybbag777
    08.12.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    Mr and Mr Simon-Garfunkel

    #that is all #i just wanted to make that joke #simon and garfunkel #so many simons and came up before simon and Garfunkel #simon#Garfunkel #idk my brother and i just make a lot of jokes about simon and Garfunkel being married #i dont think they are
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  • shifuto
    08.12.2021 - 11 minutes ago


    #glad I can now pinpoint exactly where my discomfort with trans spaces (online and irl) comes from. Aside from tran/smeds there's this group #of nasty motherfuckers that's especially vile with nonbinary folks (regardless of agab) that I didn't have the displeasure of finding online #until recently. It's like some trans folks create a Dude to hate on instead of focusing that vitriol towards cis folks (the ones in power) #and that ends up shattering the community. I do not feel safe in trans spaces (online and irl) due to all the gatekeeping and apparently I'm #supposed to be a part of the ''community'' when everyone is tearing each other apart. No thanks. Do better then maybe people will be willing #to come together and unite. If the community is for everyone and that everyone is a bunch of people who exclude and silence others then it's #not for everyone. Embracing the intolerant is not going to make things better for everyone hmmm
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  • dyketubbo
    08.12.2021 - 19 minutes ago
    #angel answers#discourse#negative #bla bla bla if someone is panicking or in distress because of you and your response is to claim theyre playing the victim and are secretly- #-just a bigot whos making excuses. uh. thats fucked up. #lol
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  • david-watts
    08.12.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    I hate how my m*ther started going through my things even though I was begging her not to it’s not like there was anything that important amongst what she went through which is the typical issue it’s the fact it was all like a giant muddled pile of fiddlesticks and she was ruining the structural integrity of what little in the way of storage solutions I have

    #I hate having to share a room I hate living like this #it's not even a storage solution it's me making do with a metre of space I have left #I hate being yelled at to go to sleep I hate being yelled at to wake up I hate being yelled at because I'm not following unseen plans #down to the letter #I want to give up and die already. I'm so tired. I wasn't designed to live this long
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  • squeeze-lemons-in-my-eyes
    08.12.2021 - 20 minutes ago

    Question: how do you tell your family you want to spend Christmas alone instead of with them?

    #its truly nothing personal #well it is a bit #but its not THEM #I just hate the family friend that joins us #and im gunna be tired and grumpy #and will just want my own bed #am i the asshole #help #im actually so stressed about this #how do i do this #do i just suck it up and accept it #it will make me miserable #sorry guys
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  • belladoesmakeup
    08.12.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    Hey guys,

    So if you missed yesterday's post Revolution decided to surprise everyone with a brand new Bratz christmas collection!! In this collection I picked up the Makeup Revolution x Bratz Eyeshadow Palette Vault , £40.00. This gift set includes 4 eyeshadow palettes inspired by the Winter Bratz dolls which I had as a kid. Yesterday I chatted about the Jade and Sasha palettes from the collection and today we are chatting about Cloe and Yasmin. These particular palettes are lot more brighter in tone whereas yesterday's palettes were more deeper nude tones so if you want to check out that post head over to my home page.

    In the meantime let's chat about the rest of palettes in this gorgeous gift set.

    I honestly adore this collection and when I found out these palettes were released I knew it had to be done. In this collection there are so many other products including a lip vault set, slumber party set and loads of others so head over to revolutionbeauty.com while stocks last. Like I said earlier since this collection is Christmas theme it's limited edition so make sure to grab everything you want before it goes. Don't forget you can use code TRENDMOOD20 for 20% off full priced items and they also offer next day delivery if you want to gift this as a Christmas pressie. Keep an eye out for future videos using these palettes on my instagram chanell_q

    Lots of love

    Bella x x

    Bella x x

    Bella x x

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  • callumsdimples
    08.12.2021 - 26 minutes ago


    #i opened the bird app once again and its the same shit over and over again....so much b*n hate #and here are my two cents on the whole 'bens never been there for Lexi' that pops up on the tl #like taking out ben going to jail then going in and out of Lexi's life and finally stepping up to be a dad of the picture #the only reason ben is seen as not being a good dad is because lola prevents him from doing so #like shes not some wonder woman that does everything for lexi on her own. ben has been there and stepped up #ben antis are ignoring that lola stops ben a lot of times #like in yesterdays ep when ben said he would take lexi home and she said no #like thats her robbing him of spending time with lexi. like yeah he couldve argued but did lexi really need her parents having a go? #when shed already been startled with isaac and how he shouted at aaron? #idk if this makes sense but its 4am im angry stressed and annoyed lmao
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  • ren-fren
    08.12.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Is Damian wearing makeup?

    #either he’s got luscious lashes or is wearing make up #but damn where do I get mascara that stocked after death #that be some good waterproof mascara #Damian Wayne#robin damian
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  • tommyhardyx
    08.12.2021 - 34 minutes ago

    Why is it on the nights I feel the worst my sleep is also terrible?

    #like I just want to sleep and turn off my brain #and not think about what’s making me sad #but I can’t sleep #and when I do I wake up multiple times #like I haven’t gone to sleep yet I just know it’ll happen #just want to stop thinking right now
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  • mangostar
    08.12.2021 - 36 minutes ago

    im so tired!!! sleepy time....

    #i was meant ti draw today but i guess. not #tmr... i will #i need to get better at drawing backgrounds...but i get soooo bored soooo quickly #ive been grinding the oceanid for childe and im so tired of it #'water can take any shape..' OK SHUT UP AND LET ME FIGHT #ill go to bed soon.... need to clean the kitty litter!!! #goodnight yall!!! lets hope for good dreams :) #i always get weird dreams or ones that make me feel rly bad... just some normal dreams for me!!
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  • cynder-wolfy
    08.12.2021 - 40 minutes ago

    It’s so fun when even literally Lying In Bed still makes you feel fatigued

    #venting in tags lol #I have problems disorder #I have to have so many medial appointments for problems disorder #I phrased that weirdly I Don’t have like any medial apts for anything coming up but I’m very likely gonna need A Lot of them #I think I’m gonna have to literally change my entire med setup #like my anti inflammatories barely work #even if they do work #It Is Not Fucking Enough #and I don’t want to take my like proper arthritis meds bc it makes you sensitive to heat #and I already hate summer time enough as is #so I just. yeah :) #also not vibing in the mental health side of things lately but it’s whatever #is just another thing #to go to the doctors for #not that they can really do anything though thr mental health system in nz is Shit lmao !! #it would just be so cool if I. wasn’t chronically ill. like I’m mostly ok abt it but it just rlly hits sometimes #like I just think it would be neat if my feet didn’t hurt every day #if I didn’t have to lie down at all most days #if I could actually feel well rested. if I could just. not be chronically ill <3 #I’m just really tired
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  • yandelenka
    08.12.2021 - 42 minutes ago


    #my friends are not. as clean as i am lol and i knew this but im now kind of processing my relationship with tidyness #uhm idk. i can't expect people to read my mind but it feels like #disrespectful? i don't like that word but i can't think of anything else #idk i guess we have different priorities. cause like they're all very apologetic about things that make no sense to me like #'why on earth would i expect someone to apologize for that' type stuff #but then when it comes to things that actually Do bother me they just have no idea #ik i need to communicate better. im just saying #and like with my disability i always hope my friends will remember on their own that i can't just clean up after them #or maneuver around all their stuff left Directly at my bedside where i wake up and put my feet down #let alone recover easily from the resulting fall #but. i still have yet to learn that people w/o ur disability are not just going to consider it on their own #they just don't deal with it on a practical level you know #its nothing against them i just. sigh #idk how to handle this effectively ig #anyway id better sleep. #op
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  • buff-muffin
    08.12.2021 - 47 minutes ago

    It’s late. I’m drawing. You know what that means? Another spiral of questions about skelinktons~

    Ok so, skelinktons are completely made of ink that takes shape around the soul. That’s pretty clear but then the question is how they are sentient to the point of like a normal monster? Like they don’t have a brain??

    Assuming that skelinkton souls are unique in working as the mind and heart of the body, that brings the question of how do the senses function? It’s not hard to assume they don’t really have a sense of feel cause they don’t have a sensory receptions but probably the ink is more able to feel a presence pressing on the shape?

    Can they smell??

    Would all skelinktons be deaf?? Or hard of hearing?? Since their souls would have to hear though the ink? Maybe they make a shape like an ear canal to be able to hear? Would skelinktons with a less defined forms struggle to do this and thus be deaf?

    It’s probably just magic.


    Is it possible for a skelinkton to be an amputee? Like we know that with scars there is typically a gap where the damaged happened… what would it take for an limb to not reform?

    Would things like trauma have a lot more physical effect on skelinkton’s since it would be like psychological damage to the soul?


    Assuming PJ can with the strings working like a nervous system connected to the soul. Does that mean normal skelinkton don’t feel pain??

    Well water damages them because it effects the ink but would that hurt or would that be the ‘brain’ reacting to the opening threat to the soul??

    Is there certain nutriention gained in consuming different art supplies? Like assuming each skelinkton that eats a different supply eats that because it provides something they need. does that mean that the shedding could be a complete different texture depending on what the soul takes as nutrition?

    How much is required for them to function??

    Does it depend on size?

    Why do they shed??

    Could they get sick by eating the wrong supply?

    Would things being in their ink cause discomfort?

    Are their souls as fragile as monster souls? Or are they stronger cause they are made of human soul traits?

    Do they take the shape of human skeletons due to their soul relation to humans?

    Can they change the density of their ink? Or like on a molecular level make parts of their body hard or like a gas?

    Skelinktons would be effected by intense climates like heat and cold right? Like heat up their ink enough to damage the soul.

    Would that be like a form or torture??

    I have so many questions.

    You don’t actually have to answer these @7goodangel if you don’t want to I just think these are super interesting thoughts. I’ve just been adding to this while I draw.

    #skelinkton#skelinkton question#thoughts #just a thought #late night questions #a lot of fucking questions #shut up about spelling mistakes I’m tired #:00000 #I could make the most monster out and fucked up skelinkton oc if I wanted with these questions #UGH I LOVE THIS SPECIES #THERES SO MANY INTERESTING PLOT HOLES #7 I am sorry #no I’m not… #:’)#💙
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  • queen-alluka
    08.12.2021 - 50 minutes ago

    tw ed mention

    #ed mention #you're telling me i can survive literal torture but having to drink chocolate is enough to make me flee to another state? #my brain is all kinds of fucked up #anyways hi from the airport #kz.txt
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  • jensrose
    08.12.2021 - 51 minutes ago

    so once i get on my laptop i will change my theme because why the hell not, delete a lot of my posts because ive crossed the 1k post mark and that scares the shit out of me, answer the one ask i have in my inbox, delete my navi post bc nobody bothers looking at it anyway so i might as well just link only my mlist in my description and then proceed to log out completely until my midterms end :D

    #shut up ema #just sorta clearing up my blog if that makes sense #im gonna delete this post later since it's more of a checklist for myself
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  • averlym
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #oooooo ok so much to reply to so we're going to do this in the tags part by part #thank you for the welcome back HAHA <33 #lumine is truly the most elusive five star for aether mains they spend the whole game looking for her 😭 but yes #i always pick lumine for some reason?? lumine paimon found family agenda #if you ever end up on the asia server send me your uid so i can friend you!! #hutao much beloved!!! realised in my old tags i said c1 kazuha hutao and diluc and that's a lie they're all c0 i just cannot count #i guess you could say... you got a pair of jeans #dw about late replies i still have asks from last year im worse 😔 but aaa thank you very much #fics are wonderful. they're like feelings condensed together and q character driven instead of plot usually? and i just go ooo character #development that's good stuff #... sudden reminder of the beiguang fic i wrote hhh and equally sudden wanting to draw it now #misha is the only one i subject to my wonky genshin writing bc quality is sus but if i do a comic i'd love to post it hehe #i love beiguang but also can i just say ganqing has my heart and i'm just waiting for 2.4 so i can pull for ganyu #hhhh yeah they really did liyue well the vIBES #that! was you!!! i swear i saw you popping up on ellie's dash sometimes and i was like??? i remember a teanon #but this can't quite possibly be the same teanon?? #thank you for the doodle it's not sad it's absolutely delightful thank you very much <33 #have a nice day!! thanks for dropping by :DD #*hugs you back* #one day i will make a comic from hadestown watt au that i wrote but also i'm too lazy to figure out their costumes the vibes i want etc
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  • ofswordsandpens
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I would literally give my left arm to know if Riordan actually had an original end goal in mind for “Percy’s big choice” in hoo that was more consistent with the darker build up he wrote or if it was always this desultory “noooo Percy you can’t fight Gaea because for some reason this has been about you needing to learn when to take a step back” resolution because I reread hoo and its just... all of these moments where Percy’s perspective is just full of betrayal and anger towards the gods and this deep seeded resentment is starting to take hold (which I would argue is the natural progression of his characterization if he found out everything he fought for and everyone they lost in the previous war was apparently for nothing). Gaea is dropping these ominous lines left and right  that Percy is going to be a big part of her final plan, and the gods keep interacting with the rest of seven with cryptic statements about Percy that pretty much boil down to “Percy’s dangerous and powerful so pretty please make sure he doesn't do anything bad (to us).” Then Percy has, to put it kindly, a pretty rough go of it in tartarus that I just feel that the ultimate conclusion to this arc in canon is so underwhelming to what was being set up. It doesn't feel like the end was the natural conclusion to what was being written, it felt like the threads of Percy’s story were abruptly knotted and cut halfway through the design.

    #mayhaps I have confirmation bias BUT #if this was always about Percy needing to know when to /take a step back/ boy did Rirodan botch that #like how else are you supposed to take that interaction between Mars and Frank #where Mars is like /yeah Percy's going to have make a huge choice and you need to make sure he doesn't fuck up/ #other than the implication that Percy was going to be present with a huge choice with the fate of the world in the balance #and Percy choosing WRONG #(and then the in canon conclusion to that ended up being Percy not being allowed to fight Gaea it was so underwhelming) #just kidding I know what happened Riordan wrote hoo without a single plan he just wrote blindly and saw what stuck and ran with it #and just to reiterate for the millionth time: the last olympian was the perfect ending toPercy's character #and the only ending where you can stay optimistic about the gods #hoo ruined that #pjo#percy jackson
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