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  • soda-makes-edits
    22.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Simple anniversary edits! THH Boys edition

    The sprite transparents are by u/Bapt_Lockus! Please show them your support!

    These are the recolored sprites, thus the red color scheme! The same will be to come with the rest of these edits and I may make individual edits for the first sprites too.

    These are free to use under the following criteria;

    You credit both myself AND the creator of the sprites (you may do so by linking to this post if you like)

    They're used respectfully!

    Reblogging isn't necessary, but that'd be wonderful if you're up for it 👉👈

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  • beelas-bees-art
    22.09.2021 - 3 hours ago

    hi, dont spoil me please, im still on the first game ;w; but heres a makoto

    #danganronpa#makoto naegi #danganronpa trigger happy havoc #why is he wearing a jacket over his hoodie. dumb #my art #idk how to tag this
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  • blastthechaos
    22.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Last Naejunko post for the night I swear

    Another thing to consider is that much like Makoto can draw out Junko inner "goodness" or what is close to it, Junko can probably draw out Makoto's mean side or the side that's sick of everyone's bullcrap (she did it in canon...sorta).

    And that must feel good in a way for both of them, Junko because she did what no other could and Makoto to just...let out frustrations.

    #Danganronpa#Makoto Naegi#Junko Enoshima#Naejunko#Naeshima #Like Makoto having nearly infinite patience with Junko is ok and valid and all #But I always saw it as both having some bizarre Love-Hate for each other #I don't know I find it interesting #Besides it's the closest Makoto will act to a Tsundere and that's great #DR #Trigger Happy Havoc #THH
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  • blastthechaos
    22.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I feel one thing that there's is to consider about Naejunko is how Junko changes Makoto beyond things like driving him to Despair.

    Like, I doubt Makoto during or after (if they break up) relationship with Junko would be the same person. If he can slightly change her then she can change him as well (again, beyond stuff like driving him to Despair).

    #Danganronpa#Makoto Naegi#Junko Enoshima#Naejunko#Naeshima #I mean they both people who have a great power with changing or convincing people with their words #if one can change the other the reverse should be true as well #DR#THH
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  • multi-tune
    22.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    ✧ Mikan, Naegi, Aoi and Kokichi layout ✧

    Requested by @was-such-a-bad-idea -> Mikan, Naegi, Aoi and Kokichi galaxycore layout

    Please use with credits

    Like or/and reblog

    Please don't repost

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  • creativeghost51
    22.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Read my fic’s 2nd chapter please

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  • yui-mhcp001
    22.09.2021 - 5 hours ago

    hi there! bored again. here’s the thh cast with 4kids dub names <33

    Aoi Asahina - Annie Alcott

    Byakuya Togami - Beauregard Decouteaux

    Celestia Ludenberg - Calanthia “Callie” Langlais

    Chihiro Fujisaki - Charley Finch

    Hifumi Yamada - Newton “Newt” Honeycutt

    Junko Enoshima - Jackie Espinoza

    Kiyotaka Ishimaru - Kennedy Ingram

    Kyoko Kirigiri - Kara Kittridge

    Leon Kuwata - Leo Kenton

    Makoto Naegi - Mikhael “Mickey” Neumann

    Mondo Oowada - Morgan Piers

    Sakura Oogami - Evangeline Owens

    Sayaka Maizono - Samantha Martin (stage name: Sammi)

    Toko Fukawa - Tara Franklin

    Yasuhiro Hagakure - Foster Harlow

    spoilers beneath the cut!

    Mukuro Ikusaba - Modesty Blake

    Taeko Yasuhiro - Leslie Foster

    If this really /were/ a 4kids dub ala Mew Mew Power, they’d probably try to cut out Genocider Syo entirely lmao. Like it wouldn’t work and it’d screw up the whole thing, but they’d try SO hard to roll with it anyway

    #dont talk to me about mondo's okay #i know it sucks #literally i had NO clue what to do for him #him and celestia both took FOR FREAKIN EVER #aoi asahina#byakuya togami#celestia ludenberg#chihiro fujisaki#hifumi yamada#junko enoshima#kiyotaka ishimaru#kyoko kirigiri#leon kuwata#makoto naegi#mondo oowada#sakura oogami#sayaka maizono#toko fukawa#yasuhiro hagakure#mukuro ikusaba#danganronpa thh#danganronpa #danganronpa trigger happy havoc #toto's 4kids dangan
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  • fandomanimals
    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Here is part two of my Danganronpa griffin AU! This one took a while and I’m quite proud of it, and I changed up some of the ways I draw some things, so I hope you all like it ^^

    Feel free to ask about this AU!

    All The Sun Spears stumbled onto the island as a few of them basically collapsed to the ground. "Ahh, why must we be the farthest away from this island?..." Sayaka said, her tail hitting the ground slightly as she added "I could practically see The Moon Mythics kingdom when we almost got here! How is it fair that they are so close??" as Makoto shook his head slightly. "No idea, but... I never want to fly again..." he said with a chuckle, freezing slightly and glancing over as he heard rustling against a few bushes. "Took you long enough... Greetings Royals..." a pure Griffin said, the crown on his head indicating he was the king, King Ryo of The Moon Mythics, "And greetings... the rest of you, my children have been waiting for long enough, be faster next time." he said, glancing at all the Griffin's gems placed around their necks, "Interesting..." he scoffed slightly, Makoto noticing his gaze right on him, no... his gem. Makoto stood up off the ground, everyone else who had sat or laid down following along as all of them dipped their heads. The royals of The Sun Spears all went over to put on their red royal mantles that as all the other griffins prepared for meeting new griffins.

    King Ryo stared at them before turning back around, walking back into the trees without a word. After a minute or two, Makoto felt someone tap his shoulder, before glancing over at Kyoko, seeing her holding something. "Here, it's the finished version of your mask... surprise, since you'll be fighting today, I requested it be finished quickly..." she said, watching as Makoto grabbed it with his talon gently, putting it over his face for a moment before nodding slightly. "Thank you, Kyoko." he said, taking it off and holding onto it as he smiled at her. Kyoko nodded before looking at her grandfather as he started to make his way towards the meeting area. "Follow..." Kyoko said to all the other griffins before following her grandfather.

    The amount of trees dissipated as they stepped into a brighter area, all glancing around before settling down slightly. "So, do you think we will beat them?" Makoto asked, turning to Sayaka as she thought for a moment. "Well... I think we have a fair chance! You specialize in non-element combat, so as long as all three of them specialize in element combat, we have a chance." she chuckled before thinking. "Though one of them does have darkness magic, so... I... don't know how that works..." she chuckled again. "Well... you and Kyoko can freeze their talons and paws to the ground, right? Then they can't move." Makoto suggested, Sayaka thinking for a moment. "As long as they don't have a fire griffin here, that plan just might work..." she said, smiling slightly at Makoto. Their talk about the training slowly turned to more casual conversation as they waited for instruction on what to do.

    Byakuya, Mukuro, and Junko all had been talking before Mukuro's ear twitched at the sound of laughter. She turned her head slightly, "Ah, the griffins from The Sun Spears seem-... to... be here..." she started, the other two's attention being driven to where Mukuro was looking, confusion filled Byakuya's gaze as he stared at Makoto, the grey gem around his neck catching his attention as he stared at it. "I um... Wow, who exactly is that?..." Mukuro said, her ears going down as she stared at the blue feathered-snow leopard griffin, Junko glanced at her sister before looking to where she was exactly looking. Junko chuckled before nudging her sisters front leg gently, "No idea, but she seems pretty, eh?" she said, Mukuro nodding her head very slightly in agreement, before her eyes widened, shaking her head quickly after a second. "Um... n- no, she is not..." Mukuro said, looking away from the griffin as Junko laughed slightly.

    "Hush, you two... come on." Byakuya said harshly, standing up as he hopped off of the small rock they were sitting on. Junko followed his lead before looking up at Mukuro, who was still looking away. "You seem distracted..." she chuckled, Mukuro's head quickly turning towards her as she grumbled slightly. "Shut up..." Mukuro said, causing Junko to chuckle more before her sister got off of the rock and began walking towards the two griffins. Makoto and Sayaka glanced over and froze up slightly as they watched the three of them approach them. "Hello..." Byakuya said, staring at them. He watched as both of them dipped their heads towards him slightly, he touched his beak to Sayaka's forehead as she greeted him quietly, before leaning down to do the same to Makoto's forehead, before the brown griffin quickly went to put his head up.

    "Ah! Excuse me??" Byakuya said, Makoto felt confused as he rubbed his own forehead gently, having hit Byakuya's chin with it. "Why did you move your head above mine? That was bound to happen since you're not supposed to do that greeting-" Makoto looked at him before realizing. "... Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry! I forgot that you were the future king, Idon'tknowhowbutI'm-" Makoto started saying, stopping when he realized that Byakuya's elemental mask was around his face. "I... I apologize, prince..." Makoto said, slight fear in his voice, dipping his head again as he closed his eyes tightly in embarrassment. "... It's fine, and I won't hurt you, the mask happened out of instinct..." he heard Byakuya say after a moment before Makoto felt the Griffins beak gently tap his forehead, some water hitting the top of his head as Byakuya's elemental ice mask began melting away. Junko had been greeting Sayaka, before she looked around, seeing Mukuro watching slightly before turning away. Junko thought for a moment before walking over to her and pushing her slightly. "H- Hey!" Mukuro whispered slightly, as she hesitantly walked where Junko was pushing her to avoid causing a scene, Mukuro only looking to see where Junko was pushing her when she was right up to the griffin who had caught her eye only minutes ago.

    Sayaka watched as Makoto tried to have small talk with the prince after what had happened before she heard the sound shuffling noises beside her. She looked to her side as she saw one of the royals standing unusually close to her. She jumped slightly as her feather puffed up for a second, before quickly dipping her head. "Um... Hello, you're um... uh..." Sayaka said, failing to remember her name before the griffin spoke. "Mukuro... My name's Mukuro..." she said, Sayaka lifting her head up again as she looked at her, her feathers puffing up slightly again as she stared at her. "... U- Uh... Excuse me, princess, but do you mind just... backing up... the slightest bit?" she suggested, Mukuro's expression filling with slight embarrassment as she nodded slightly, shifting away from the slightly smaller griffin. Mukuro stayed silent for a moment, her tail wrapping around herself slightly, "It's fine to just call me Mukuro, I... don't like the formal term's much..." she said, Sayaka nodding quickly. "Yeah, yeah... sure, sorry Mukuro." Sayaka stammered, Mukuro looking slightly confused. She didn't seem this nervous when interacting with her brother or sister, strange...

    "Um… I can go away if you want, I just... uh..." she thought, thinking of the fact she was forced to approach her. "...just... wanted to say hi..." Mukuro said, Sayaka looking at her as she shook her head a bit quickly. "No, no... You just startled me, is all... I didn't expect to look over and see... well, you." Sayaka chuckled slightly, Mukuro's ears going down slightly as she interpreted that as a bad thing. "I mean, you are very pretty after all, I just got a bit spooked, especially since your sister said you showed special interest in me..." Sayaka laughed slightly, Mukuro's ears going down more before shooting Junko a death glare slightly before looking back at Sayaka. "Thank you... um... you are too..." Mukuro mumbled slightly, Sayaka staring at her for a moment before chuckling slightly. "Thank you..."

    All the griffin's began chatting with each other, a few of them getting along quite well. After a few minutes, they all stopped and glanced over as they heard King Fuhito speak. "Everyone, get into your positions and listen... It's time for the leaders to discuss everything." he spoke as all the young griffins went to where they should be standing. The king and queen of both kingdoms sat on relativity large rocks, the royals sitting on their own smaller rocks. Kyoko's friends all sat beside her rock, Taka sitting on the other side of the rock. Mondo flew up into a tree where he could see everything well, seeing the griffin he had seen there last time, greeting her as the large scarred Griffin nodded her head slightly.

    They all listened as King Ryo and King Fuhito spoke about food supply in both kingdoms, land security and dragon sightings, the progress of training and reviewing the peace treaty between the two kingdoms. The young griffin's began to slowly feel bored as they sat there, waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and-

    Celeste felt something touch her head before she looked around, raising her talon up and gently taking a small dark red flower off of her forehead, she looked around and spotted the rest of the flowers on The Moon Mythics side. She looked at all the royals, seeing one of them glance at her and smile. She stared at them before her eyes widened slightly, her thought getting cut off by sudden loud talking.

    "All the royal's, take your mantles off! The training will start now!" King Ryo said, all the royal children standing up as they all walked to where they would put their mantles. After a few minutes they returned, Kyoko telling Makoto, Sayaka, and Celeste to put their masks on, Makoto placing his on his face as he watched water and fire go around Sayaka and Celeste's faces, respectively. Makoto looked over as the royals from The Moon Mythics, Byakuya's face covered in the ice mask Makoto had seen prior, and he glanced at Mukuro, her face surrounded by fire. He glanced at the last of them, her eyes stood out like stars in the night sky as she looked back at him, he looked confused for a moment...

    ... Oh yeah, how could he forget?

    Darkness magic.

    #makoto naegi#sayaka maizono#mukuro ikusaba#byakuya togami#junko enoshima#kyoko kirigiri#kiyotaka ishimaru#mondo owada#sakura ogami#celestia ludenberg#fuhito kirigiri #Danganronpa Mythical Griffins AU #feel free to ask anything or request any drawing ideas! #for this AU and others I have also #my danganronpa AU's are my pride a joy #trigger happy havoc #thh#danganronpa#danganronpa thh
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  • blastthechaos
    21.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Broke:Shuichi as a Naegiri child.

    Woke:Miu as a Naejunko child.

    #Shuichi being a Naegiri fankid #Danganronpa#Naejunko#Naegiri#Makoto Naegi#Junko Enoshima#Kyoko Kirigiri#Shuichi Saihara#Miu Iruma #I had ideas ok? #But just in case I have no problem with the I love it in fact #Trigger Happy Havoc #Killing Harmony#DR#NDRV3
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  • naegamisupremacy
    21.09.2021 - 13 hours ago

    which byakuya free time event is this??

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  • simping-harm0ny
    21.09.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #hajime hinata#Ibuki mioda#makoto naegi#mod makoto #mod makoto is crying #ohlookitsnorman is typing. . .
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  • simping-harm0ny
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago
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  • lavender-edits
    21.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    aoi, kokichi, mikan, and makoto tumblr headers !!

    requested by: @pekowithabat !

    hope you like these !!

    like/rb if saving ^^

    #‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ everything is written in the stars ☽༓・*˚⁺‧ completed request #headers !! #aoi asahina#kokichi ouma#mikan tsumiki#makoto naegi#aoi kin#kokichi kin#mikan kin#makoto kin#danganronpa#danganronpa kin
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  • fablestarlet790
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    9 more days, just 9 more days until hope arc came out and brought back Naegiri for us Naegiri shippers

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  • atlathame
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago

    maybe they can be soft

    #art#my art#danganronpa#byakuya togami#makoto naegi#naegami #naegi x togami #i didnt know what to do for the background so thats why its half assed
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  • loveletters-to-cosplay
    20.09.2021 - 1 day ago
    #🪡 tsumugi shirogane 🔪 #💌 inter: makoto naegi
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