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    He said MakoHaru rights

    #persona 5#p5#makoto niijima#haru okumura#ren amamiya #i have to re-upload cuz the quality sucks
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    3 days until Royal!!

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    “We Are Going To Beat You To Death” squad

    #persona 5#p5#ryuji sakamoto#makoto niijima #wish she tagged along during workouts #it would be nice to see her embrace her rowdy side #just like when u got to watch that movie w her ☺️
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  • head full but only of fluffy okujima

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  • Learning to use Premiere uwu

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  • A first person view of Makoto and Haru kicking your ass!

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  • “I won’t let those distorted lies deceive me anymore… And I won’t be led astray by other’s voices either!”

    “Justice has prevailed”

    Royal Countdown: 7 and 6- Futaba Sakura (Navi/Oracle) and Makoto Niijima (Queen)

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    I made a Makoto Niijima setup! Might fix it up later. Was doing this while hungry so I might have rushed it, but I still like it!

    #persona 5#makoto niijima#acnh #animal crossing new horizons #animal crossing
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  • Akechi: “That’s ridiculous, Amamiya-kun doesn’t have a crush on me.”

    Makoto: “Yes he does.”

    Sae: “Yes he does.”

    Ryuji: “Yes he does.”

    Ren: “Yes I do-”

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  • happy kiss ryuji day (march 24)!!!!!!

    I didn’t have the time to clean this up the way I inteded but what matters is that the feeling stays true and Ryuji deserves the love

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  • Smooch. 

    “Hey!” Ryuji whirled around as he felt a gentle pair of lips meet with his cheek. He managed to catch a glimpse of the long legs running around a corner, prompting the blond to scramble up from his seat and chase after the thief. As soon as he rounded the corner though, Akira was nowhere in sight, and Ryuji could feel his leg start to ache a bit. He scowled before returning back to what he was doing, a very noticeable blush in his cheeks. 


    A rather timid kiss was pressed to Ryuji’s temple, a soft hand resting on the top of his head. The blond flinched a little. Those weren’t Akira’s lips. He turned his head to see Ann, a rather sweet smile on her face. She stuck her tongue out at him, her smile turning into a smirk. 

    “That’s from Akira.” She snickered before turning away, walking back to her room and leaving Ryuji absolutely baffled. He thought about getting up and going after her to demand answers, but for some reason he stayed planted in his chair. 


    Ryuji felt a small shiver go up his back. Sitting in class often led him to daydream, or fidget, or anything other than paying attention. However, the small breath of air that dusted his neck brought him back to reality, the blond turning around to look at Yusuke. The artist had a very kind smile on his face, leaning forward to whisper to Ryuji. 

    “Akira asked me to deliver that to you.” Ryuji’s face went bright red, whirling back around to look at the black haired teen. Akira was busy with his school work, but the blond was sure he was smirking. 


    Ryuji’s hand hovered over his paper, dumbfounded as he watched Makoto press a kiss to the top of his notes. She handed them back, the blond shakily taking them back. Before he could ask why, the girl spoke up softly. 

    “Akira asked me to send you a kiss from him. Your notes look good.” Ryuji blushed, both from the delivered kiss and Makoto’s praise. “I can tell you’re working hard.” The blond was looking like some tomato with how brightly he was blushing. It was hard to focus for the rest of the study session. 


    Futaba tackled Ryuji’s shoulders, wrapping her arms around his neck and clattering her mask against his head as she kissed his neck. He stumbled forward a bit, not that Oracle was heavy, just that she caught him off guard. She dropped off him, bouncing around to face him. She was giggling, the sound of mischief. 

    “Mwehehe! That was a kiss from Joker, he wanted to heal ya a bit!” Futaba ran over to where the thief in question was talking to the other two leaders, leaving Ryuji to realize that the kiss had in fact replenished his health a bit. 


    Haru laid a gentle kiss across Ryuji’s dirty knuckles, causing him to almost drop the scissors he was holding. He had gone over to her room today to help with her plants, and ended up busying himself with a cute little bonsai by her window. Haru giggled softly at Ryuji’s expression. 

    “Thank you for helping me out. That was from Akira, by the way.” Ryuji shook his head and smiled as he turned back to the bonsai tree, carefully snipping leaves away. He watched them lazily fall to the windowsill before Haru spoke again. “He asked us all to give you kisses throughout today from him, as a way to show you how much we appreciate you.” Ryuji felt himself burn hot, almost cutting himself on the scissors as he set them down to run out of the room. 


    Ryuji threw Haru’s door open just to be met with a smooth pair of lips crushing against his own. He recognized them instantly, having kissed them time and time again. He melted, arms slithering to wrap around Akira’s shoulders and pulling him closer, deeper into the kiss. Right when he would have taken the kiss further, Akira pulled away with the sweetest smile. 

    “Hey there Ryuji. Did you have a good day?” 

    “Of course I did, ya dork. Getting your kisses all day? Am I supposed to complain about that?” Ryuji kissed Akira again. “Thanks. I love you.” 

    “I love you too.” 

    So I know I haven’t been active over here as of late and am now very behind on Hashi BUT in honor of Kiss Ryuji Day, here’s this lovely boy getting all the smooches. 

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  • Queen raw sketch

    P5 © Atlus

    #queen persona 5 #makoto niijima#persona 5 #persona 5 royal #persona 5 makoto #fan art#video games#queen
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  • Chapter 1:A new team for a new beginning

         Note: So one of the characters has two nicknames which I use both of them. So if it annoys you, I am sorry but I’m using both because I want to and I feel like it’s easier for me.

     BEEP…BEEP…BEEP…BE-“*Groans* Fuck” The alarm is still ringing as the young boy tryed to find it. “Make it sstop.” Screech a bearded dragon who was in a little reptile tank with a heating lamp over it that was on. “What the hell do you think I’m doing, mate?” Said a green hair teen who was groaning at this point as he finally hit his BB-8 alarm clock.


    Upon doing this his roommate/ best friend walked in. “Raise and shine sleeping beauties.” Said the black haired boy as he put on his glasses. “We don’t want to be late on our first day.” He walked off as he pulled up his school uniform shirt. “*groans* Yeah…yeah.” The green haired boy replied as he got up out of bed and walked over to his closet to grab his school summer uniform. “Jaden, are you going to leave me here or what?" 

    "Can you wait until I put on my uniform, Draco?” He asked him as he put on his pants. “No.” The bearded dragon said as he watched the dark white boy put on his shirt. “Really…you can be a brat at times, you know that?” He said as he took him out of the tank. “I know.” Draco said with a smile, well what looked like a smile. Jaden sighed as he did the rest of what he needed to do to get ready. He walked out with his book bag and the bearded dragon in it. “You sure about bringing him? What if the home room teacher gets a panic attack from seeing it?” The black haired boy asked looking at Draco. “I see your point mate, but what else can we do.” Jaden starts up. “What if we have a mission at school and besides Xander he’s going to be hidden in my desk anyways. So he’ll be fine as long as he stays hidden." 

            "Yeah, and when have I ever got out of his bag back at our old school?” Draco asked looking Xander in the eyes. “Fine but remember,” He looks towards Jaden. “Keep him hidden. And” he points at Draco. "don’t make any noise. It will be hard for us to pretend that we didn’t hear anything.” He tells them.


    “Alright Xan.” Jaden said. “Weird, usually you’re the one giving leader like orders.” Draco said as he looked at Jaden. He just rolls his eyes at the creature as they head off to their new school, Syujin Academy. They get on to a subway to their new school. 

    *time skip* 

    They finally made it to Syujin. “Woah. This place is kinda big.” Draco said. “Shh and stay down till lunch, mate.” Jaden tells Draco as he pushes the dragons head gently down back in his bag. Both boys shook their heads as they walked into the building. They look around for a bit looking for the principle. When they found his office they went inside. The principle looked up from the papers he was looking at. “Ah, you two must be the new students. Come in and sit down.” He said to both of them.“ As they both took a seat the principle started up again. "So you two must be Jaden-Drake Etheren and Xander Auditore, correct?” They both nodded without really saying a word to him. “Awfully quiet but I understand since it’s both of your first day of Syujin Academy.” He told them with a smile.


    Just then the door opened to reveal a girl in her summer school uniform walking in. “Ah, Ms. Niijima. You’re just in time I was about to call you. Can you show Mr. Etheren and Mr. Auditore around the school and then take them both to their respected home rooms.” He asked the girl. She nodded. “Of course. Please follow me, you two.” They both got up and followed her out. “I’m Makoto Niijima and both of you are?” She asked them. “I’m Jaden-Drake Etheren, you can call me Jaden and or Drake, and this guy is Xander Auditore.” Drake said to Makoto. “Well nice to meet you two. Well, let’s get started.”

    They began to walk around and Makoto showed them the different classes. They were walking to the home room building when Jaden-Drake accidentally bumps into a tall black haired boy with messy hair and glass in his summer uniform. “S-sorry I didn’t-” he began but got cut off by the boy. “It’s fine. I should be the one to say sorry since I didn’t see you.” While talking to the boy, Draco popped his head out of Jaden’s bag to see a black cat with blue eyes. They both stared into each other’s eyes. Both sensing something familiar about one another while the humans carrying them walk away. “That boy had a cat in his bag but…something feels…strange about them.” Draco told Drake and Xander. “I can tell what you mean. That boy felt strange as well but I guess in a nice way.” Jaden said to them. “Agreed.” Xander said. After that Makoto walked them around some more then led them to their home room classes. First was Xander both him and Drake said their goodbyes. Then she leads him to his class. “If you have any questions you can always ask me.” she told him. He nodded and thanked her. He then walked into his room home and saw a young looking woman with a yellow shirt and blue jeans skirt and fluffy black short hair. 

    “Oh, You must be our new student. I am your homeroom teacher Ms. Kawakami.” She said introducing herself to him. “Everyone calm down. This is our new student. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?” She looked at him with a force smile. Um, is she okay? Jaden thought to himself. He shakes his head a little bit. “Um, Yeah…Well My name is Jade-Drake Etheren I go by either Jaden or Drake, it doesn’t really matter. I love to draw and do artsy stuff. I, uh, also love Japanese animation. They’re really good in my opinion. I also love reading manga. That should be it. I hope that we can be good friends.” He finished off with a small smile.


    “Alright, thank you for that. Go sit behind Akira Kurusu. Uh, Akira can you please stand so he knows where you sit.” Akira stood up as he nodded. Drake was a little surprised and kinda embarrassed as he saw who he was. The boy he had bumped into early when Makoto was showing him around. As he walked to his desk he gave the boy a small smile. Akira watches him the whole time as he sits down. He turns around when the teacher starts back teaching. As soon as he settled down in his seat he passed out due to the lack of sleep.

    *time skip: lunch time*

        As their last period before lunch ended, hungry students filed out of their classes and into the cafeteria to get their food or take out their lunches and sit down with their friends to talk. Drake slowly walked up to the cafeteria with a nervous expression since he hadn’t been in a school cafeteria in almost a year cause his old high school had an open lunch period. “Nervous much Drake?” said Xander walking up to him. “What? Oh, yeah.” They walked in and found a table away from a lot of the nosey students but close enough to people they’ll soon meet. As soon as they sat down at their seats and take out their lunches, Jaden asks them. “So do you think there is someone at this school that has a distorted desire?” “Probably, however it could be difficult for us to find one. We can’t just fiddle around the Matenav.” Xander explains to him. “That’s true” Draco sighs out while eating dumplings Jaden had made for him the previous night. Jaden thinks for a moment before he suddenly remembers something important. “Wait, I know who would have a distorted desire.” He states with a smile on his face. “You do?”Both Draco and Xander said in surprise. 

        “YEAH. MY DICK BAG RELATIVE. JONATHAN BRADEMIRE!!!” He yells in a medium tone without realizing that, like perusal. What he didn’t know was that there was a group of people who heard this and their leader turned his head to see the green haired boy standing up looking happy…well what he could tell since he can only see the back of his head. Xander shakes his head trying to signal Drake that there are people watching him. He looks down and sees this then sits down in embarrassment. “Okay so now that we have the person we just need to find him. Thankfully I just know where he is.” Drake tells the other two. Nodding they go back to eating and go talking about their classes with Jaden earning a scowling from Xander for sleeping in his homeroom on their first day unaware that they were still being watched. 

    *time skip after school*

        The trio walked to a giant ancient looking museum. Upon entaining they all were very surprised by the inside. The inside held the most beautiful paintings, statues, and other artworks that have been kept by the man who, for over the years, that he has stolen from others and has profited. Jaden-Drake looked around and sighed. I knew he wouldn’t put that painting up. I’m so dumb. “What painting are you talking about? Is it a baby photo?” Xander asks, looking at him. Drake turned around and looked at him. “What? Oh, Kinda. It’s a family painting that he really did paint just when I was a baby for me as a gift for when I got older. My dad explained to me that he never gave it to us and that he found out that he was stealing others paintings and selling them.” He sighed out while looking at a painting of a knight. Xander then started to look around the room. “Are you using that eagle sense of yours again?” Drake asked him. “You always have a weird glance in your eyes and that mask of yours doesn’t help it.” Xander just glanced over at him. “I know but if it’s important to you then we got to find it.” he told him. “Alright but we’ll get it back when we change his heart, come on let’s get into the metaverse.”  The trio didn’t notice a group of six walking in, due to their conversation. Both groups say what they needed to get into the metaverse without noticing each other. The palace looked like an old medieval castle. It had paintings and statues of Jonathan and the people he once considered beloved everywhere. 

         “Huh, I didn’t expect this.” Drake said. The three of them looked up to see a painting of him as a toddler dressed in princely attire.


    “I wonder if this is how he views you.” Xander said. “Yeah.” Draco agreed with him. “*sigh* Maybe.” Jaden saids. All of a sudden they hear voices coming from down the hallway. It didn’t sound like any of the mini bosses or the hinch men. “What the?” Draco said in confusion. The voices got closer and they got into their fighting positions just in case they were foes not friends. They got closer to reveal a group of five humans and one humanoid cat all in different matevese suits. Jaden and Xander look at each other before the group finally notices them. “Who-” Before Jaden can finish that the cat interrupted him. He looked at the boy with black messy hair. Which Jaden could tell it was like the boy he met early today and had that strange feeling with. The cat looked at him and askes. “Are these guys? Could they be friend or are they foe?” Looking up the group saw what the strange talking cat was talking about. Confused but a little bit scared Jaden puts his sword down on the ground then puts his hands up signaling his peace as he slowly rises from the ground. “Friends. Trust me.” Everyone just looked at him a bit confused. Getting out of his confused state Xander raises his hands as well. However, as a precaution the blades are concealed ready to attack.

        Draco follows them by dropping his axe and raising his hands. But notices something odd about the black masked feline. “We’re not going to hurt you guys, We’re just here for someone’s heart to change it. That’s it.” Drake explains to them. “And how do we not know you’re lying. You could be someone ready to destroy us or the distortion hinch men.” The girl that had a metal looking mask said to them. Drake gave them a WTF look. “…Okay first we don’t even know who you guys are. Second, why in the hell would we kill people that we barely just meet today mind you. Also how do you think we got in here without saying the requirements needed. I mean you can follow the person in but we didn’t really see you until now. And how do we know you aren’t going to do the same thing.” He said. “I…I don’t think they are..something about the blue eyed feline feels familiar.” Draco said to the two humans he knew. “You guys seem to be rather recognizable, Makoto Niijma. My vision is quite useful in identifying people.” Xander told them. “H-how in the effin’ hell?” The boy with spiky blond hair with a skull masked explained. “For someone who pretty vulgar I didn’t expect you not to say fuck. Ryuji Sakamoto.” Jaden said looking at Xander if that was correct. “He appears to be holding back his language.” Xander said looking at Jaden. “Like someone I should now.” “Hey! Anyways to answer your question, Him and I both got unique talents after we made contracts with our respected personas.” Jaden explains to the group. “That is quite interesting.” The bluenette boy with a japanese style fox mask. 

        “Thank you.” Jaden said with a smile. They all looked at each other trying to see if the other group would run or fight. Realizing that the situation wasn’t going anywhere Draco thought of something. “Wait! I got an idea.” He said. Everyone looked at him. “What if we all worked together.” He told them. They all looked at each. The black haired boy nodded in agreement. Suddenly they heard footsteps coming from the hall where the trios back faces it. When they turned around they saw three huge bodyguards like knights coming towards them. The knights were wearing what looked like a bodyguard’s uniform but had a more knightley apprentice. Right behind them was a man who was wearing a grown and a kingly outfit. Right in front of him was a toddler who looked just like the painting. They stopped as soon as they saw them. “Who are you and what are you doing in my castel?” The king asked the group. The group looked at each other. Most likely due not expecting to meet the main guy that fast. The black masked feline spoked up. “We are the Phantom thieves, come to take your heart.” He points to the group of six. Draco grabs his axs and spins around. “And we are the mysterious ones, the ones once called the hidden ones, we are groupless now but we come here to steal your heart so we can change what you have become.” The humanoid bearded dragon said. 

        The king took a good look at the three and sneered. “Weren’t you the group that was in America? What happened to the lot of ya?” he asked, having some idea what happened but not the full story. Drake looked at him with a serious expression on his face. “…That really ain’t any of you business. Just give us your treasure and we’ll be on our way.” he said in a serious tone. One that even surprised Xander. The poor nicely dressed boy from the painting looked very uncomfortable/ upset. He doesn’t seem to like the situation at all and is very scared. “Agreed it is none of your concern.” Xander said to the king. Drake could see the little toddler and he in a way understands how he feels. He used to be just like him. Love Jonathon without a care in the world till he found out he had stolen others works of art for himself and claimed it. He sighed to himself as he tries to regain himself before anyone sees. Unfortunately the black messy hair leader saw him and walked up to him. The boy can tell who he is just by the hair color. “Uh, Jaden-Drake are you alright? You don’t seem as calm just like you were a few moments ago. You seem more uncomfortable.” The boy said while putting a hand on the shorter boy’s shoulder and looked at him with a concerned look. “What? Oh, yeah Akira I’m fine. Just wish I didn’t have to deal with this right now since I just transferred here in all. Also like I already said you don’t have to call me by my full first name” He tells Akira. Wish more and more for the infiltration to end so they can do the rest the next day. 

        Getting back to his zone Drake bent down and grabbed his sword. Swiftly pointing and the shadow regaining his serious expression. Surprised with his action the king chuckled. “I know who you are now. It should have been obvious from the start.” The Shadow began. “It’s nice seeing you again, Jaden-Drake. My little nephew.” He points at Jaden with a smug look on his face. Most of the whole group looked and the two. Jaden looked around trying to find a way out of the situation. While they were busy no one noticed that Xander was missing, He decided to sneak around trying to find the treasure. 

    -To be continued-

    Words: 3009

    Posted 3/23/2020

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  • I’m going to try to look at things a little differently from now on. And, well… I think that will help me break out of my shell.

    Makoto Nijima for @justeasing

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    Okujima week day 7: Anything

    Never give me this power because my gay ass will always make makeout images between characters

    #okujima week 2020 #haru okumura#makoto niijima #sfw? #its gay #im gay fuck off
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