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    baju koprat wanita

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    Best POS Software in Malaysia 2021

    Point of sales is a very familiar term to a lot of people. People usually associate this word with a management system for the retail of goods. While paying for something at a supermarket, you may notice a check-out counter and this is where the POS system comes to play. Barcode readers, inventory management, product details, product quantity are some other terms that are very relative to the POS design. Modern software offers a similar design for people to use.

    The following list includes some of the best POS software in Malaysia 2021:

    1)Smart POS:

    This software has a specialty for handling all restaurant affairs. The POS system is cloud based and is suitable for small time businesses who sell products upfront to customers. It is a software perfect for all Malay restaurants because it’s really non-tedious to set up.

    2)Store hub:

    Store hub stands out because of its amazing design. It features an inventory management system along with a customer relations section that will be sure to boost your business. And you can set it up for free. How cool is that. The design requires you to get iPads which will host your POS system itself and you can use it to easily stand out.


    Rated Best choice for Malaysia and is a pretty old company that was established all the way back to 2002. It’s an easy-to-use software that is pretty effective in managing retail. The software features mobile as well as desktop applications and has a lot of clients from all across Malaysia. It can handle checkouts seamlessly and at the same time offers features for vouchers, discount codes and a member-only section.

    4)UBS POS:

    UBS POS is a brand new software from Sage technologies based in Malaysia. The software is optimised for Malay businesses and features a minimalistic UI that is easy to use and navigate. Plus it’s PACKED with features from inventory management to providing a detailed analysis for consumer facts. Rated best on this list because it simply is

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    Royalq - Macam Mana Nak Start Trading Dengan Robot Royal Q Bot

    Royalq – Macam Mana Nak Start Trading Dengan Robot Royal Q Bot

    Royalq – Macam Mana Nak Start Trading Dengan Robot Royal Q Bot  Invitation Code: 3Y2W5 Trading Guna Robot – https://rq.mudahsangat.com/ source

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    Top 6 Best Inventory Management Software in Malaysia 2021

    One of the most crucial operations of a successful business is well-organized inventory management. And what better way to achieve that if not a high-functioning software designed specifically for this task. There is no such thing as the best inventory software. It all depends on your business type and requirements. Let’s talk about the top inventory management software in Malaysia 2021.

    List of top 6 best inventory management software in Malaysia 2021

    Both cloud and on-premises inventory management software can be used by businesses depending on the preferences of the business owner. Following is a list of the best desktop and cloud inventory management systems in Malaysia.

    1. UBS Inventory Software

    UBS Inventory Software has multiple variations allowing different numbers of users. This can help manage inventory while involving more than just a single employee. Moreover, UBS Inventory Management Software is more popular with most business types, especially small or medium enterprises because of more complex inventory management features.

    2. Autocount

    Autocount Inventory Software is a desktop software offering great inventory management features for all sales, purchases and stock levels. This facility is much more useful for small and medium enterprises.

    3. Smart Dynamod

    Smart Dynamod has a Point of Sale System and can be used to manage stock in different branches of the same business. Moreover, it has features such as multi-channel sales which can help control inventory. 

    4. SQL

    SQL Inventory Management Software offers the facility of an online dashboard. This is web-based so all inventory across the entire business network can be managed online. So, it is suitable for most business types including SMEs.

    5. QNE

    As a cloud inventory management software, QNE Inventory Software offers a multitude of features that make inventory management easier. These include but are not limited to a record of purchases and sales, billings, stock and invoice management.

    6. Autocount Cloud

    Autocount Cloud helps you make quick, real-time decisions by providing both profits margins and increased stock visibility. More importantly, it offers online back-up so you don’t have to worry about losing data. Overall, you must know which features your business needs the most and decide the best suitable software accordingly.

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    Must Read Before Buying Property Management Software in Malaysia

    Are you a landlord or a real estate professional who needs to track leases, residents, and maintenance tasks? If you're searching for a solution to the above-mentioned query, you've come to the right place. I'll tell you about some property management software that can help you collect rent and handle finances to save expenses and simplify operations. So, what is property management software? Property management software is a program that helps property managers in managing residential and commercial properties on behalf of their owners. Let’s talk about the top property management software in Malaysia 2021.

    List of top 7 best property management software in Malaysia 2021

    1.      UBS Property Management Software

    As the importance of property management has grown, UBS Property Management Software has created the necessary property management tools. The advantages of this software include paperless database storage, quick retrieval of information, and the creation of an efficient and productive workplace.

    2.      LANDLORDS

    Landlords Property & Facilities Management Sdn Bhd (previously known as Landlords Management Services) was established to offer a comprehensive complete solution to facilities management and building service maintenance for commercial and residential properties.

    3.      DTSMKT

    Hurricane Property Management System 5.0 is based on web-based engines and the Microsoft.net Framework, and it includes three core modules for managing shopping centers.


    OG Software Solutions is one of Malaysia's most reputable MLM Software Development companies and website design service providers. We design attractive, durable websites and provide a complete variety of Digital Marketing solutions to suit your goals and budget.

    5.      VYROX

    Malaysian VYROX Smart Home Automation. VYROX has reimagined the connection between you and your property. VYROX PMS is a groundbreaking property management system that is built on the internet cloud using AUTOSERVA technology and is already integrated with the most popular VYROX smart home features such as home automation control, CCTV surveillance, burglar alarm sensors & emergency panic button, lifts & access controls, guests & parking management, and so on. VYROX PMS seeks to bring renters and management closer together. You have complete control over your property thanks to the APP.

    6.      IRESIDENZ

    iResidenz - Resident Portal for Property Owners, Tenants, and Management Companies Make your life simpler. iResidenz is a web-based resident portal designed for condos, serviced apartments, and gated communities.

    7.      Condo Control Central

    Condo Control Central property management software was created to assist property managers, condo board members, and security personnel in streamlining all areas of building operations while saving time and money.

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    #online gambling malaysia
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    DON’T buy payroll software in Malaysia until you read this!

    These are some must know facts about the best payroll software in Malaysia.

    Managing a growing company is never too easy. It can be stressful, especially managing employee payroll. Well, it is 2021, and in the world of computers, I present to you the best payroll software being used in Malaysia. This information consists of all the things you must know before buying payroll software. The following descriptions are of the relevant software and their features to help you decide which one to use.

    1.            UBS Payroll:

    With the services that UBS provides, you need look no further. A customer of UBS can minimize HR staff – the software is so good and easy to use. The scope of this software expands to large companies and helps them avoid taxation penalties while managing all employee payrolls. Buy now for maximum benefits!

    2.            H2Reazy:

    H2Reazy is a very easy to use software as the name itself suggest. The software can be used to create numerous payrolls for all employees at the same time. It provides a full report on employee working rates, overtimes, deductions, and allowances. Another prominent feature is the reconciliation report which keeps track of the employers’ details.

    3.            Payroll Panda:

    Known for its distinctive user interface and the special feature of processing bulk payments to employees. Payroll Panda is packed with features like employee self-service where staff can put in their requests.

    4.            BOSS solutions:

    BOSS solution also makes its way to this list with its compliance with Malaysia’s statutory laws. This would be a good choice for people who manage multiple companies at the same time. The software also calculates employee pay and can break it down further to hourly and weekly expense.

    5.            Ramco:

    Ramco is an international best-seller software. The UI is pretty easy to use and the software has a lot of credible users from all over the world. However, the software is not very efficient and therefore is low on this list. Rest assured; the software DOES comply with local statutory laws as well as international laws.

    6.            Netiquette:

    Netiquette has a cloud-based payroll system that can work on your browser as well as your smartphone. Although this feature is present in other software’s as well, Netiquette is amazingly efficient in managing payrolls.

    So, do not make any decisions about which payroll software you want to buy unless you’re aware of all your available options!

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    Best Accounting Software in Malaysia 2021

    For any business, the best accounting software can provide the specialty that financial reporting and analysis may require. Not only does it make all your accounting operations easier but way more accurate and timely. Let’s begin with the top 10 best accounting software in Malaysia 2021.

    In order to use the best accounting software for businesses in Malaysia, you should understand what features are provided by each of them. So, if you want to find out which software is most suited to your business type, keep reading!

    List of top 10 best accounting software in Malaysia 2021

    The list comprises of the best on-premises and cloud accounting software. Certainly, the accounting software you like will depend on your preferences. Following is a list of the best accounting software in Malaysia with their best-selling features.

    Best On-Premises Accounting Software in Malaysia:


    Autocount is software best suited to the needs of businesses that require customized accounting software. Apart from being a user-friendly software, it can be tailored to meet a company’s needs. This clearly gave Autocount a unique selling point over other software. However, more and more accounting software are now becoming customizable.

    2. UBS Accounting


    Moving on to one of the most popular, on-premises software: UBS Accounting Software. It has the best package of the most complex accounting features. So, if you have a small scale business or SME and require a localized accounting software with unlimited flexibility, Sage UBS is your best option. Install now!

    3. SQL

    SQL is another desktop accounting software fully adapted for small business use. Its best feature is a round the clock back-up option. This makes it useful as a desktop software with a back-up database facility.

    4. QNE

    QNE is spread across South Asia offering the most user-friendly accounting experience for all sorts of businesses. And that is what brings it to the top 10: its comprehensive accounting techniques for local businesses.

    5. Freshbooks

    An innovative accounting software, Freshbooks can be used on portable devices such as iPads, iPhones and android phones. This makes the accounting software more accessible and widely available. While its accounting features are not that unique, it enables communication.

    Best Cloud Accounting Software in Malaysia:


    Biztory is a common accounting software offering GST with a great many features such as automation of accounting, financial reporting and billing. So, cut back on paperwork and do it all digitally.

    2. Quick Book

    The most effective selling point of Quickbooks is its presence as both cloud and on-premises accounting software. It offers an all-rounder package with functions such as payments and payrolls best suited for big businesses.

    3. Financio

    This GST-ready accounting software is mostly ideal for small businesses. More importantly, it’s built for users with not so many accounting skills. Therefore, it is easy-to-use and best suited for business owners who prefer a hold on their accounting records.

    4. Xero

    Would you prefer an accounting software which keeps all your accounts stakeholders connected? Xero is the platform where you can not only operate your accounts but keep the accountants and banks connected. This gives Xero an edge with the easy flow of information.

    5. Autocount Cloud


    Autocount Cloud Accounting helps you manage your accounting data with an automatic update facility and low overall costs. Its best features is the flexible, multi-user access. Like any other accounting software, it is timely, accurate and data-sensitive. What’s more, you can get a free trial to this low-cost, user-friendly software here.

    In Short

    Certainly, you may find the perfect match for your business from the above mentioned list of top 10 best accounting software in Malaysia 2021. In the end, it’s up to you which accounting software you would pick for your business type. However, always make sure that your accounting requirements are met by the software you choose.

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    Malaysia Bus Simulator Apk Mod for Android [Unlimited Coins/Gems]

    Malaysia Bus Simulator Apk Mod for Android [Unlimited Coins/Gems]

    Download Malaysia Bus Simulator Apk Mod+ OBB/Data for Android + Unlimited Coins + Gems + Money + Free Resources + Unlimited Free Shopping. Download Malaysia Bus Simulator Apk MOD Malaysia Bus Simulator is a simulation game based game for all players. Your task is to take people from one city to another and show them amazing places and landscapes. Get experience completely realistic routes,…

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    Doodlesssssss. The first one is piri as the philippine eagle (his official national bird). Also nyo!mex and piri both in their indigenous and native clothes!

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    #ig_dailypic #ig_dailypost #ig_worldtravel #ig_dailyphoto #backpacker #traveling #photography📷 #malaysia🇲🇾 (di Malaysia - Kuala Lumpur) https://www.instagram.com/p/CT91TRLPUMf/?utm_medium=tumblr

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