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  • junothewolf
    03.12.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Nemesis Lol

    This was the story I wrote as a trade. Nemesis is from Resident Evil btw.


         Brad let out a satisfied deep breath as he continued his nightly stroll through urban Fandom City. The light of the moon and the few street lamps that were still properly functioning were the only things guiding his way across the otherwise abandoned stretch of street and sidewalk he was traversing.

         Brad was only able to hear the light clopping of his shoes against the sidewalk as he went, as the streets on this particular night were almost eerily dead quiet, not a single car on the road, nor any living soul in sight, not that you could see very far in these conditions anyway. Yep, the sweet, precious silence of night, only interrupted by Brad’s own footsteps. That was his ideal vision of a walk.

          *CRASH* All of a sudden, Brad was snapped out of his own headspace as his ears practically dragged his body towards the source of the abrupt crashing noise. Based on what his ears had told him, the sound was coming from the nearby alleyway, perhaps from the large dumpster leaning against the wall.

         Anyone using their rational mind would most definitely choose to book it out of here at this point, however, Brad was not currently using his rational mind. In the moment, his curiosity was peaked. He took one cautious step after another into the alleyway, and slowly inched his way towards the dumpster. Once he had at last made it in front of the stinking container of filth, Brad simply stopped. And then he waited. He waited, and waited, and waited. For Brad, it felt like hours, but in reality, it had only been three minutes.

         At last, Brad simply shrugged his shoulders, assumed it just must’ve been the work of some rouge alley cat, and turned away to begin making his way out of the alleyway. It was right then and there that a great big, and rather long tongue silently slithered its way out of the dumpster, making no indication as to its presence. The sticky, saliva-coated tongue positioned itself to strike at Brad in the form of wrapping itself around his leg in an inescapable grip, before at last, it struck, winding itself around Brad’s leg and forcing an instinctual yelp out of him as he practically tripped over himself in his panic, causing him to fall to the floor.

         When at last he was able to see what it was that had captured him, Brad’s adrenaline began pumping even faster as he prepared to fight this thing off of his leg. He was just about ready to begin the struggle before the lid to the dumpster opened up slightly and some creature whispered out to him:

         “Shhhhhhh….ceace your hard breathing. There’s no point in struggling. Not after you’ve become captured by me, that is.”

         Upon realizing that he now had a second option to get this tongue to let him go, Brad decided to adhere to this creature’s words and began catching his breath in hopes of possibly taking it out of letting him go.

         “Um...hello...whoever you are! What’s your name?” he anxiously attempted to converse with this being that currently had him at its mercy.

         The creature let out a little chuckle. “Oh, me? Why, I’m Nemesis. And you? Why, you, you my unfortunate victim are the fool gullible enough to take the bait, and now, you shall have the privilege of being my little midnight snack!”

         Brad’s heart practically skipped a beat as soon as he was able to comprehend the last sentence, leaving him unable to form a coherent response.

         “W-Wha-Wait, what did you say?”

         Nemesis let out a small bout of chuckling. “Oh, you silly human. You heard what I said.”     And with that, the lid to the dumpster opened but slightly as the tongue began to lift Brad off the floor. Brad made a last-ditch attempt to free himself from Nemesis’ grip by tugging frantically at the binds of tongue that were currently wrapped around his leg, yet all to no avail. Before Brad could even comprehend the stench of the rotting dumpster hitting his nostrils, he found himself chest-deep into the mouth of this creature.

         Nemesis’ maw was dark, damp, and warm. The long, sticky tongue still held onto Brad’s leg as he began forcefully struggling to get himself out. All of a sudden, the area around him lifted up in height, almost as if Nemesis was standing up.

         Brad wriggled around fruitlessly  within the confines of the maw. Saliva dripped down on him from the roof as his body began heating up from a combination of his own stress and the natural heat within the maw. Nemesis did possess a fine set of razor-sharp teeth, that which glistened when illuminated by the moonlight, making Brad shudder in terror for his very life. 

         Nemesis began maneuvering Brad towards the back of his throat in order to fit his whole body in his maw. Brad did his very best to resist getting pushed back by placing his hands on the floor of the maw and pushing as hard as he could, but even his great strength was eventually overcome by the sheer might of Nemesis, and Brad soon found his head dangling over his gullet as his feet were inserted into the maw, causing Nemesis to seal him in permanently as his jaws clasped down around him, the razor sharp teeth barely avoiding Brad’s left foot.

         Now that Brad was fully within the maw, Nemesis at last unraveled his tongue from Brad’s foot and began to streak it over Brad’s entire body, seemingly to get a taste of his flesh before swallowing.

         “Ahhhhhh….the exquisite taste of the flesh of living humans…” Nemesis reminisced as his tongue made its way across Brad’s right arm. Brad would have said something, anything in response, if only his body and mind weren’t so dumbfounded and shocked by the situation at hand as to be unable to find any suitable words to react with.

         When the tongue reached Brad’s face, Brad could not help but wince a bit as the hot, sticky fluids of Nemesis’ saliva began coating it, as who had any clue as to all of the disgusting rotten things he had been putting down his gullet?

         Then at last, Nemesis tilted his head back to get ready to swallow. He let out one last murmur as he got a taste of Brad’s hair before a great gulping sound rang in Brad’s ears. A few more consecutive gulps were required in order to get Brad’s body all the way down, but eventually, he found himself being shoved and squelched by Nemesis’ throat muscles, and down towards whatever lay within his stomach.

         After a few seconds, Brad was at last able to pick up some faint rumbling noises, telling him that he was very close to his perhaps final destination.

         When at last Brad plunged out into the liquids within Nemesis’ gut, Brad could almost immediately sense the organ expanding a little in order to fit his body within. On the outside, Nemesis let out a great sigh in delight as he began to rub over his newfound large gut.

         The walls of the stomach were wet, warm, sticky, but most of all, tight. Brad was barely able to move his arms and legs as he did his very best to find a comfortable-ish position for himself within the constantly churning organ.

         With a quivering lip, now that his fate was sealed, there was only one thing Brad was able to do.

         “Um...Nemesis you said it was? When will I be let out?”

         Nemesis on the outside let out a few murmuring noises as if he was lost in thought. Then at last, he finally spoke.

         “I don’t give such answers to little snacks like you. Now you better start squirming, or else I may just decide to never let you out at all.”

         Almost immediately, Brad began thrashing around within the cramped organ, doing what little he could to push and strain against the tight, slippery confines of the stomach.

         “Ah...better.” Nemesis let out with a pleased air.

         “Okay, okay, I’m struggling now! Could you...possibly make an exception and tell me when I can be let out?” Brad attempted once more to converse with Nemesis.

         “Hmmm...let me think on that one…” Nemesis’ voice began trailing off. “How about...no.”

         And with that, Nemesis retreated back into the dumpster and closed its lid, curling himself up over the fuming stink of the garbage within as he placed a hand on his large gut, giving it a few rubs before beginning to drift off to sleep.

         Brad, from the inside, kept on struggling for a few minutes longer, as he had no idea whether Nemesis was actually asleep, or just pretending to be asleep so he may yell at him when Brad decided to stop struggling. After a while, Brad determined that Nemesis really was asleep, and thus at last began to relax his limbs.

         Despite his situation, Brad was forced to admit that the squirming he had done for Nemesis had exhausted a lot out of him, and soon, he too found himself drifting off within the confines of Nemesis’ stomach.

         There the two would lay for the rest of the night, with Nemesis lying comfortably within the dumpster, and his midnight snack Brad laying considerably less comfortably within his stomach.

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  • junothewolf
    01.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Eteled Lol

    Alright, Eteled is done! Next up: Something I’m doing as a trade with a friend. Not the one who I wrote the Gary and Greeley stories for, but a different one. Also, fun fact, out of all the “Lol Stories” I have written so far, this one’s the longest.


         The very first thing you ever remember were the light streaks clouding your vision as you attempted to open your eyes. You distinctly remember wincing from the sudden exposure and then rubbing your eyes a few times in order to soothe the burning. Then, you remember opening them. Opening them to at last gaze upon the young, pure, and loving face of your creator. The young child who would go on to accompany you all throughout the golden years. You remember the feeling of this child meddling with your settings for a little bit, and then the feeling of plummeting downwards until you at last hit a white tiled floor, a floor that laid the foundation of Mii Plaza. You remember the first time you ever saw other Miis. It was a bit of a shock at first, but after you managed to get through the initial hurdles, all of those Miis that you met that day in Mii Plaza, as well as many more Miis that your creator would drop into Mii Plaza in the future, would come to be known by you as your people. Your community. Your family.

         You longingly remember all of those long-winded conversations you had with them in the plaza. Chatting and laughing away like nothing in the world would ever be able to take you away from this moment. You remember casually strolling your way around the pale beaches of Wuhu Island, the dazzling sun sparkling against your skin, and your light footsteps leaving indentations in the sand. You remember all of the Jogging that you had done around Wuhu Island. Oh, but not just jogging, of course. Swordplay, Tennis, Archery, Golf, you name it. If it was a sport and could be played competitively, you had probably tried it at least once or twice while on Wuhu Island.

         Yes, those were the good ol’ days. The happy golden years. But, as you came to learn after they tragically came to an end, nothing special lasts forever. It soon became a sad fat of your life that your creator began logging in more infrequently. Wuhu Island slowly yet steadily lost more visitors. The mood in the air of Mii Plaza was no longer that of joy and innocence. No, now, the perpetual agony of grief and disbelief were forced upon all of those who dared enter, as it at last began to settle into all of your minds one simple fact about your creator: “He was never coming back.”


         “THE DAY HAS COME! THE DAY HAS COME! ARISE AND FACE THE END!” a voice screeched out from outside your bedroom. 

         It took a few moments to come to, but once your brain had successfully transitioned out of unconsciousness, the ramblings of the rabid group outside your window had transformed from distant muffled cries to rather close screeching. Though, like all of the Miis in this community, these recent times had put a rather large strain on your being, the fact that the end was coming soon was absolutely no excuse to start forcing people out of their beds at six thirty in the morning. 

         You can’t help but roll your eyes as you take a second to pull back your curtains to take a peek at the hysteric group outside. You audibly groan. Every day, it was the same routine. Every day, these nutcase apocalyptic preachers would run rampant through the neighborhood, spreading fear and trying to get people to turn to them for aid. It was blatant manipulation, you knew, but you also knew that the best way to get rid of them was just to ignore them, so that was what you had been trying to do.

         You do your best to block out all the turmoil from outside as you wobble over to your closet to start getting ready for today. And just like every day in this recent era, you had to make sure you dressed nicely, because this day, just like every other day, may just turn out to be your last.


         “Hey, is he here yet?” somebody whispers to you after taping you on the shoulder.

         You turn around and shrug. “How should I know? I can barely tell where anyone is with how thick these crowds are getting!

         It was habitual at this point for your community to gather around the fourth wall in the middle of the day, simply watching and waiting to see if on this particular day, they were at last to meet their end. Stories of these kinds of events had been spread far and wide between the different Mii communities, and each Mii community knew at this point, that after their creator was to leave, one day around ten years later, their creator would make their fated return. Usually, for the Miis, this meant apocalypse, for not only would they be deleted, but their entire world and memories would be deleted as well. Gone without a trace. Lost permanently to the universe.

           Everybody in town freaked out when they realized that their community was nearing its predicted end, and as such, in order to do their best to quell the people’s fears, the leaders began to search far and wide for anybody who could help them with surviving the devastations of the oncoming inevitable. Thus, after searching for many weeks, they were at last able to get their hands on one well known and infamous Mii only known as Eteled.

         “Wait, there he is!” somebody calls out before you notice that the crowd has begun to part. You take in a deep breath as a bald Mii dressed in black wielding a large axe slowly steps through the crowd on his way to the fourth wall. He had a rather serious and determined look in his eyes, and nobody dared bother him as he went. Then at last, Eteled was standing mere feet away from the fourth wall, his axe situated in his hands, just waiting to be used. The paranoid crowd slowly inched away from him to give him some space. If on this day, their creator came back, who knows what Eteled might end up doing? They would certainly need to keep a distance in order to remain safe.


         At this point, the crowd had been standing near the fourth wall for about two hours straight now. Your feet were getting rather tired from all that standing in one place for one hundred and twenty minutes, so you eventually decided to sit down on the floor. Apparently, many other Miis had gotten the same idea. 

         Instead of being held up and at the ready, Eteled’s axe now casually dangled at his side. Many sighs of relief were being exchanged from the crowd, as it seemed that the community was past danger for the day, and would once again survive to see another morning. That wasn’t to say there wasn’t any anxiety in the crowd, saying that would be a lie. Everyone had just accepted at this point that one day in their near-future, their little community would indeed come to an end, and as such, this same spectacle would be repeated each afternoon. Each afternoon, the townspeople would gather together, staring blankly at the dark, cold fourth wall that hadn’t been on for ten years. Just waiting for the dreaded,terrifying day that their creator was to return.

         All of a sudden, some sort of electric shocking noise began to ring out from the fourth wall.

         A great gasp echoed through the crowd as, for the first time ever in ten years, the lights in the fourth wall flickered on, thus giving the Miis a look back into the dimension of the being who had created them, and now, a being that was seemingly set out to destroy them.

         Panic rippled through the people as the cold, almost dead-looking eyes of their now adult creator stared paralyzingly back at the Miis, almost literally freezing them with fear, as nobody in this moment seemed to have any strength of mind left to be able to move.

         You had to admit you did wonder what your creator would look like grown up. Now that you finally knew, however, now that you had finally been able to see it with your own two eyes, now that the curiosity was satisfied, reality was at last setting in. This was it. This was the day that everybody within your community would meet their doom. That is what everybody in this crowd thought, and that is what everybody believed would now be their present reality. That was, all except for one Mii, Eteled. Eteled, instead of possessing a shocked or horrified expression, did his very best to remain cool and composed, gripping the handle of his axe rather tightly. He narrowed his eyes at this human, as if to say: “If you even attempt to delete any of these Miis, I will not hesitate to use this.”

         The human, however, just did not seem to take the hint. The little symbols that would appear around the feet of a Mii when they were selected for something by their creator at last began to show up within the crowd, making people either screech or faint with sheer terror for their very lives and beings. The cursor moved around for a while, before to your utter shock and horror, it at last landed on you.

         All you could do was let out a stiffled whimper of terror as you practially convulsed with a shudder. Eteled’s gaze had been turned from the fourth wall and out into the crowd as he watched with meticulous intent for any signs of this human’s motives or plans for the Miis he had created. One solid sign that he wished to delete them, and the axe would remain clean no longer.

         Doing your very best to hold back your primal urge to freak out, at least, for the moment, you beg and pray to your creator for the symbols to move away from you and towards another Mii. However, to your utter shock and horror, as if your creator was indeed able to hear you, he did the complete opposite. You let out an audible gasp as your breathing can be heard by all of the Miis around you. 

         Eteled watched the actions of your creator very, very intently as he took a prolonged amount of time to decide what he wanted to do now that this Mii’s menu was open. Everyone held their breath, just waiting for the signal that it was at last time to have a complete and total group wide uncontrollable psychotic meltdown. All that was needed was one, little, sign. And that sign at last came when your creator finally decided what he wanted to do, took in a deep breath and pulled up the option for “Delete Mii”.

         Almost instantly, everybody went absolutely berserk. It seemed like every Mii in town began screeching at the top of their lungs as mass hysteria swept through the crowd. Every Mii, including Eteled. But instead of letting out a screech of terror or panic, his was more akin to a ruthless battle cry. Somehow, Eteled’s rage made him audible over the hysterical crowd as he yowled out to the human on the other side of the fourth wall: “DON’T! DELETE! MIIS!” before literally hurling his axe at the fourth wall itself, causing it to crack slightly and lose significant resolution. Glitching began in many corners as well. Those who were still watching him gasped or shrieked out in disbelief as to what Eteled had just done. The human too, became rather dumbfounded over the situation, and made the decision to get up off his chair and begin running away. Eteled would not let this happen. Sprinting up to the fourth wall to retrieve his axe, as soon as it was in his grasp, Eteled took one more gigantic swing at it, causing it to completely bug out and practically overwhelm itself with error signals as sparks shot out from every direction, until the poor broken and overloaded fourth wall at last shut down as it bleeped out with a large, echoing boom. 

         You, in your tumultuous, inconsolable state, did not prepare yourself at all for the impact of the sound wave, causing you to get completely pummeled by the incoming blast, knocking you straight to the floor. All of the stress and terror coursing though your being in that moment could not do a thing to stop your brain from shutting down in that momet, causing you to fully black out.


         “...hey...are you okay? You’re alive, right?” a distant voice began to ask. “H-Hey! Wake up!” it semi-aggressively ordered as your sore and aching body was jostled back and forth on the floor a few times, causing your heavy eyes and your pounding head to immediately snap back to reality. After taking a few seconds to reorient yourself, you at last recognize the one kneeling down in front of you as Eteled. Eteled wore an expression filled with anxious concern as he stared upon your pained body.

         “Okay, so you made it out alive after all!” he murmured somewhat to himself with a great sigh.

    “Well, it looks like your creator attempted to delete you before the fourth wall shut down. It’s good you're alive, but these injuries look pretty serious.” he explains to you as you do your best to take in his words, despite the current state of your brain.

         Deletion attempts were not unheard of in your world. They were of course possible to survive from, but the injuries received from such an event currently know no effective treatment, and as such, many victims were left permanently crippled from the attempt.

         “Now I know what you’re thinking, so please do not freak out!” Eteled attempts to quench the rising anxiety and dread inside your body as you began to consider the medical consequences of the attempt made on you.

         “Yes, yes, I know, the medical field hasn’t found any cure yet...but I think I do know something that may help!”

         Your eyes suddenly widen with a stunted gasp as that tiny sliver of hope that Eteled had given you begins to foster itself as trust for him. You knew that whatever he was going to do was most likely going to be an awkward process, but you were prepared for that so you may be able to recover. You decide with a nod right there and then that whatever he was to do with you, you wouldn’t protest and would instead simply trust him.

         “Okay, okay, now, while I do this, all I need you to do for me is to do your best to relax, and not panic. Got that?”

         You give Eteled a firm nod as you prepare for whatever actions he was going to take next.

         “Good.” Eteled responds with a small sigh of relief.

          It was at that point that you realized that despite the fourth wall having been shut down, for whatever reason, your menu remained open. Eteled immediately takes advantage of this, selecting your size option and slowly but surely shrinking you down to about the size of the common rat.

         Though you were holding firm in your promise to trust Eteled and not freak out, you couldn’t help but wonder just why he was doing this.

         Once he was done, Eteled gently scooped you up before bringing you close to his face. He closed his eyes for a sec to let out a small sigh before murmuring out a simple: “Now please just trust me with what I’m doing here…” before letting his voice trail off.

         After you give Eteled an affirmative and reassuring thumbs up telling him that you were, indeed, prepared to trust him, Eteled gives an appreciative nod before opening up his wet, black maw as wide as was needed to fit you within before gently placing you down on the tongue.

         Any instinctual confusion you had about this situation you had in the first few seconds were all swiftly shut down as the explanation to all your questions at last came when you were able to feel the liquids accumulating within the maw lapsing gently at your bodily wounds and beginning to heal it. The methods behind how this was happening were completely lost on you, but that did not matter right now. What mattered was that the liquids within the maw were beginning the process of helping your body heal.

         Eteled moves his tongue around a few particularly injured parts on your body as the natural warmth of the maw and the comfort you were receiving in the healing wetness began to sooth and slowly ease away all of the day’s traumas. You can’t help but give a small smile and comforted sigh as Eteled continues to carefully maneuver his tongue around your grateful, tiny body.

         Eteled opened his maw slightly so he may speak to you as you lay within.

         “So...as I’m sure you’ve figured out, the saliva has healing properties. This will be a lot more efficient if you were to be submerged in it, however, so, please bear with me here.” he nervously states to you, making sure that you knew he wasn't going to hurt you.  

         You give Eteled a light pat on the tongue in response. After receiving the message, Eteled silently nods before the tongue begins to lift your body up. Slowly but surely, your body slides down its slick, squishy surface and towards Eleled’s throat. Once you are at the very back of his maw, Eteled lets out a tiny sigh before his throat muscles shove you past his gullet and into his throat. It isn’t a particularly forceful move, which is good news for you, considering the state of your body. 

         The sleek, black muscle walls within Eteled’s throat begin to gently guide you down towards his stomach. The squelching motions are actually very relaxing for you as your rather sore and cramped body is gently massaged on the way down. You give the side of the throat a gentle pat as you begin to be able to pick up the sound of a heartbeat, and a few moments later, the sound of gurgling coming from the stomach.

         Your body is gently maneuvered out of the throat area and into Eteled’s stomach. Almost as soon as you have landed within the liquids below, your eyes begin to water with gratitude to Eteled, as you could feel the liquids gently working with your body to speed up the process of healing. A few hours within this liquid solution would most likely be enough for you to be able to get back on your feet again.

         With nothing but teary-eyed thankfulness and a sudden bout of euphoria from knowing that this event would not leave you crippled, you gently squish yourself against Eteled’s stomach wall before attempting to reposition yourself in a more comfortable position. After this, you begin to give Eteled some thank you internal tummy rubs, as this was really the only way you could tell him how grateful you were for what he was doing.

         On the outside, Eteled took a second to clear his throat before speaking. “*Ahem*...Um...well, I’m just glad you’re alright in there. Yeah, don’t worry at all. The liquids in there will do their best to help you recover. I can...tell you’re thankful...so...you’re welcome. Man...I-” Eteled swiftly cuts himself off before he breaks into a ramble. “...yeah.”

         You give a slight giggle on the inside as you begin to prepare yourself for a nap. “This was by far the best way to end this day.” you think to yourself as you begin to drift off. Throughout these last few weeks, apocalyptic anxiety flooded through your community, leaving no Mii unharmed. But today, now that the threat was officially over, and you would be able to make a full recovery, there was absolutely nothing more to worry about. Everyone was safe. Your community was at last safe, and perhaps most importantly, you were safe. Safe from the overarching threat of being deleted by your creator. Now, thanks to Eteled, that threat was completely gone, leaving you with so much more life left to live.

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    29.11.2021 - 4 days ago

    It’s like a desert here. Not a single ask or submission in my inbox in weeks.

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  • bunansnaccs
    29.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    10. Carnival

    Prompt 10 of this promptober list! This is what I like to call the director's cut version of the version I posted on DA, with a slightly altered ending to match the events of a story that happened afterwards. This time featuring actual snacks partway!

    Themes: g/t angst, suspense

    Synopsis: Richard and Aiden desperately search for Jac who had gotten lost in a giant traveling fair.

    CW for peril

    The carnival has come to town and everyone else was enjoying the sights and sounds of the amusement rides, the exciting games and all sorts of delicious food.

    For Richard and Aiden however, tension and- in the latter's case- downright panic was in the air, for there was one key member who had suddenly vanished from the party.

    "Did you find Jac yet?!" Richard exclaimed as he walked up to the other Wile in their meeting spot.

    "I HAVEN'T! I SEARCHED HIGH AND LOW AND--!!" Aiden hollered. He was overwhelmed to the point where he failed to finish his sentence.

    "We need to stay calm!" Said Richard, but it was clear from his shivering voice that it was much easier said than done. "Oh, gawd! How could I have lost her?!"

    "She was with me last time, so..."

    Richard then walked straight up to Aiden and pulled him by the collar of his shirt.


    "I-I-I-I'm sorry man! I didn't mean to! Honest! One minute she was on my shoulder and the next, she was gone!"

    "You're just taking the blame." Richard sighed. "I'm pretty sure she probably got excited and wandered off on her own..."

    A giant carnival is no place for a tiny human to traverse by themselves. They are barely retrofitted to accommodate for their sizes (as many of these are old and time centered attractions), and with so many distracted giants around, there are bound to be accidents just waiting to happen. Humans and elves almost always stay away from these county fair type events, but Jac- being the adventurous gal she is- didn't care about the trivial things such as personal safety. The Wile giants had agreed that so long as she would stick with them at all times, she can come along with them. That seemed like a reasonable plan.. right?

    Richard hated the fact that the one thing he could best rely on for tracking Jac down- his nose- was completely useless here since there were too many different smells competing and colliding with each other in a tangled mess. Aiden, being a Wile himself, fared no better. While he largely kept this to himself after Richard's reaction to his confession, deep down Aiden really blamed himself for losing Jac and was beating himself up internally over it.

    Richard decided to restart his search near the ferris wheel and the other rides, for gawd knows she would be reckless enough to actually try to get on one of those without his help. Aiden, meanwhile, felt it best to retrace his steps to the checkpoint where he had last seen her. He's well aware that Jac could have traveled far in little time if she wanted to, but he figured it wouldn't hurt to have a look.

    After walking halfway up to the food stands, the crowds had increased tenfold, and the various scents of every greasy and sweet foods imaginable were craving for his attention. Guessing that it was worth a shot, he followed his nose to the one small hint of cherry he could find.

    He eventually wounded up at the cotton candy stand. He sat down on one of the seats and looked around at the other folks who were eating their meals. Within the deafening murmurs of the various people walking buy, he heard what he thought was a little yelp.

    Aiden shot up from his seat and perked his ears once again. He turned around and picked up a tiny fragment of a familiar scent. And with that, another squeak- this time it was cut short by a muffle. Aiden pinpointed it exactly this time, and he raced towards the source in a mad dash.

    When he arrived on scene, he saw a woman who had dropped the cotton candy she was holding and was gasping for air. Aiden reacted quickly by using the Heimlich maneuver- after several hard thrusts, the object dislodged from the lady's throat. The lady coughed up a bit but before she could thank him, Aiden was already off, using his instincts to catch the thrown-up target in midair.

    Aiden opened his hands to find the chewed up remnants of the bag Jac was carrying. Tears began to well up and sting the base of his eyes, when he suddenly heard a tiny, yet familiar voice that had once again sounded as if something was covering her mouth.

    Aiden spun around, and thankfully was able to locate the source as the fallen cotton candy on the pavement. At that moment, someone who was walking by suddenly stumbled and was about to fall on the thrown away sweet. In a spontaneous sweep, Aiden turned on his inner ferality and ran on all fours to the site. Within seconds, he used his body as an anchor for the man who had tripped, and just as swiftly grabbed the cotton candy spill into his mouth. He then bolted for cover, inadvertently knocking the man to another side, though he was able to catch himself by holding onto one of the food stands.

    Aiden made it to a secluded place behind the haunted house attraction and used the few moments of personal space he had to cough up a storm. The Beta Wile had apparently torn off a large chunk of the candy he was holding in his mouth and swallowed, for he could feel the weight in his crop and stomach when he had completely returned to his normal state of mind. As well as the telltale sign of a familiar taste in his mouth.

    He felt a tiny form as she began to wriggle inside- and the voice within confirmed his suspicions and helped the young Wile giant to relax exponentially.

    "Ri-Richard?" Jac spoke with a timid cry.

    Aiden had to break the news to her.

    "Heheh... yeah... no. It's me..."

    "AIDEN?!" Jac screamed.

    "Uh-huh... hi..."

    And with that, he felt a sharp kick in his gut, which almost caused him to fall over. This was normally the case when he eats her.

    "LET ME OUT!!"

    "Okay! Okay! Okay!"

    With Jac's help to push things along, Aiden had successfully released her from his crop, spitting the tiny woman out on his hands. The bits of half churned cotton candy were still stuck on her clothes, which had made the process more difficult than it would have been usually. Aiden tried his best to explain why he did it, which after the initial shock of the ordeal was finished, helped her to form a better understanding. That still doesn't mean she was happy about it.

    "I'm sorry... I didn't really mean to take it that far."

    After a long sigh, Jac grumbled. "Honestly, you probably helped me to get out of that sticky mess I had gotten in faster. Compared to earlier..."

    Shivers began to crawl down her small body, which Aiden quickly tried to calm with a loincloth he had pulled from his pocket. After a minute of taking in deep breaths, Jac finally had the energy to explain.

    "I almost got chewed up by another giant. I'm almost certain she wasn't a Wile. If it wasn't for my bag, I might have..."

    Aiden began to well up once again. "It's all my fault!!"

    Jac still had some pent up anger from being eaten by the Beta Wile, but she didn't let that get in the way of what she said next.

    "If I had known you would come back for me, I wouldn't have wandered off. I was the one who wandered too close to the damn cotton candy dispenser. I fell in and almost suffocated." Jac continued "That lady did unknowingly save me from that first calamity, but she wounded up being the next. I'm sure if she didn't have her earplugs on she would have heard me."

    Large tears finally dropped down Aiden's face. He was certain everyone was just being nice to him, but in his mind's eye, all he sees is the fact that this wouldn't have happened if he hadn't forgotten her near the stands.

    Just then Richard rushed in, no doubt drawn to the sound of Jac's voice, which was as clear as rain now. Aiden had already wiped her clean from the slobber she was covered with because of him, but he was still worried that the older Alpha Wile would still pick up his scent on her. That ultimately didn't matter to Richard as the first thing he did was scoop Jac up and nuzzle her lovingly against his cheek.

    "What happened?! I was so worried about you!!"

    "I'm fine now!" Jac said with a faint hint of a smile. "I..."

    Jac looked at Aiden who was still besides himself in his own dark bubble he had created. Jac decided to hold back her initial thoughts and instead replied:

    "I'm sorry Richard. Long story short, I had wandered off and...well... Aiden saved me from getting squished."

    Richard looked at the other Wile, who had widened his eyes quite a bit. He then wiped his tears and explained.

    "Yeah, a guy almost fell on her, but I managed to pull her away just in time."

    "You son of a gun! I owe you one, big time!!" Richard exclaimed.

    "Uh.. Please don't..." Aiden replied.

    "How about I get you a large helping of something for all of us then? I heard the cotton candy from this fair is really good."

    Jac and Aiden both felt sick to their stomachs upon hearing that. Neither of them wanted anything to do with the sticky sweet stuff for a very long time, so that was off the table as soon as it was said. Ultimately Jac opted to go home for the day, which had a unanimous vote.

    One thing that bothered Aiden, or rather what perplexed him, was why Jac stood up for him. She explained later that she wanted to take the load off of him during that time, and quite frankly she was too tired at that point to want to witness a potential brawl between two Wile giants- an exaggeration, sure, but it wasn't too farfetched as far as Richard is concerned.

    Despite this, Aiden still felt the need to make up to Jac for the trouble he believed he caused. Little did he know that soon he would pay her back in a big way.

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    28.11.2021 - 5 days ago

    9. Leaves

    A story I wrote on the ninth day of this promptober list here! That I posted back in October on other sites. There's plenty of Wile giant snack lore in this one so I hope you enjoy!

    Synopsis: Autumn is the best time for Richard to play games of hide, seek and nom with Jac, but the latter tries to stall him for time.

    CW for blood near the end

    The color of the season was in full view in the forest just outside the Beanstalk Society's capital city. The ground was blanketed with the telltale signs of autumn, yet there was one key distinction- the foliage was massive, matching the trees that they had fallen from. Every single one of these orange and brown hued leaves were taller than a full grown man, and there was enough of the stuff for anyone of human height to jump into and easily get lost in. The weather and setting was perfect for fun outdoor activities such as hide and seek. And for a certain group of giant, that translates to prime conditions for games of cat and mouse with their tiny companions.

    Autumn is one of the best seasons for Wile giants to go on the hunt, second only to winter for they have more opportunities in that time. The leaves wouldn't soften their steps so they're more likely to have to work to catch their game, which made it a much more fun experience that allows them to tap into their natural instincts in a safe, controlled environment.

    Jac knew exactly what she was expecting when Richard offered to carry her here. The cedar forest is a frequent spot for the two friends, so this was on par for a weekend away from the hustle and stress of city life. But it was usually Jac who insisted on going, not the other way around. If it was the latter, it could only mean one thing. She had always prepared for these occasions, but so far her efforts have been in vain. If there was one game she couldn't beat Richard in playing, it's outsmarting and outrunning him when his hunter instincts are set in motion.

    Jac really didn't want this today. She would much rather be frolicking in the forest canopy and enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of fall. Being stuck in a crop all day was not her idea of fun, at least not when she could be spending time doing much more productive things. Since she can't beat him in his own game, the best course of action was to stall him for time.

    "Jac..." Richard whined teasingly, "When are we going to play my game?"

    "Not now!" Jac replied grumpily, "I want to bounce in the leaves and relax and do things in my own pace, okay? Can't I have my fun for a few more minutes, please?"

    "Sure thing. Just remember..." Richard loomed over the much smaller human, casting a dark shadow over her. "You can't keep me waiting for too long, sweet cherry. Pretty soon it will be my turn."

    Jac could care less about his mock intimidation, for she's used to it by now.

    "Yeah... I can't avoid that. I've already come to terms with it."

    "You'll be helping me out, Jac. I promise I'll make it quick."

    Jac could only sigh by that remark. At least she had been given ample opportunity to do other things before they get to that part.

    The day went by faster than Jac would have liked, as the two friends got swept up in their own amusement. Jac ruined many a leaf pile, which was a feat for someone so small, and they even had a small picnic while basking under the rays of the hazy sun. As the day rode on, Richard had gradually carried Jac a good ways away from the entrance to the forest to the deepest parts of the canopy. Here, the trees were twice the size of the Wile giant, and the light of the day could barely peek through the branches of them. Hardly anyone steps foot this far into the woods, which made this the best place for the Wile giant to go about his game.

    "After all that excitement, I was worried that you'd be too tired to play," Richard crooned.

    "Oh. Well it takes a lot to do just that..." Jac didn't want to admit it, but the hint of a fragile crack in her voice confirmed the Wile's suspicions.

    "And that's why I wanted to do this earlier. I was hoping that you'd be more of a challenge."

    "Since when... have I ever been a challenge to you?"

    "Sure, I always catch up to you. But you are getting better. Your training is paying off."

    "As is yours."

    Richard and Jac both looked at each other and smiled, for at the end of the day, this was a friendly sport. The two competitors shook hands (or rather, Jac shook Richard's index finger), after this the Wile giant placed her down on the leaf littered floor in front of his feet.

    "You know the drill." He spoke, his eyes turning a sharp pencil slit as he smiled with a fanged grin.

    Jac was given a head start. Waiting until the tiny human was clear out of his train of sight, Richard turned around and counted, his voice increasingly becoming grisly the closer he came to a hundred.

    Jac meanwhile had found the perfect spot. Digging her way into the biggest pile of leaves she could find, she was sure that the various smells would keep the hunter's nose busy for a while. And it was in range of a particularly enticing plan B scenario that she was almost certain she would utilize.

    Soon enough, the Dragon was unleashed, moving with just enough velocity and precision through the leaves so that his footsteps made as minimal sound as possible. Though this plus the weight of his steps was enough for the Knight to take notice, as practiced trials had made her more keen to her senses. It took the predator only a minute to get to this exact place, and now he was carefully circulating the area in order to track her scent down. Despite her best efforts, it was only a matter of time.

    Then came a pause- it had became eerily quiet, not a peep could be heard...

    When suddenly, there was a swift rustle, and in no more than three seconds flat the leaf mound that was the human's main line of defense had exploded on impact. Jac immediately slid out of the way and made a break for it, with the giant hot on her tail. His fingers were almost right above her- just one more dive was all she needed, but her window of escape was quickly slipping away from her.

    Just then, there was a surprise counterattack. Jac threw some dust from a small sack in her pocket, which then ignited with a blue flame, smacking the giant dab on the cheek. This didn't hurt him at the slightest, but it gave Jac enough time to dive under the tree roots that was her plan B escape route. The Wile giant tried to claw his way into the small gap she had entered but it was no use. From inside, Jac could only see his mouth and fangs, and she could only imagine what the ferocious giant must be going through right now. Needless to say, Jac was jumping for joy.

    "You can't stay in there forever, Jac..." Richard bellowed.

    "I can sure try!" Jac laughed. "You didn't expect that little sneak attack, did you?"

    "I GAVE you that spell. You used MY magic." He replied with a guttural voice. He snarled and hissed for that moment's time as his half-ferality was beginning to wain, the young woman meanwhile was laughing hysterically all throughout. After he had calmed, he spoke once more, but still in a sinister manner.

    "Well played."


    "I'm not giving up."

    "Neither am--"

    All of a sudden, Jac heard a loud shaking of leaves from behind. She whipped her head around in time to see a giant monitor lizard with jaws parted wide- it was gaining ground fast, and Jac had little time to out maneuver it. She and the monitor simultaneously crashed onto Richard's lower jaw, which stunned all parties for a second. The lizard, which was small in scale compared to the Wile, was the first to come to.

    The reptile had the small human pinned to the ground, it's sharp claw piercing the skin on her left arm. Her cries were gut wrenching, which immediately triggered a sensory to go off in Richard that caused him to spring into action. He charged at the beast in a brief moment of ferality, aiming at its neck with one swift bite. He lets go just as quickly by tossing it afar; the monitor then ran for its life, steering well clear from the area.

    Richard turned his attention back to Jac. His eyes remained pencil sharp, and his low grumbles haven't fully ceased. But he picks her up gingerly with both of his hands and went right to work in tending her wounds. When she saw the parting off lips and his strong pearly whites, Jac didn't protest. She was still too wrapped up with the events that happened prior, and she knew the Link between them gave him the ability to act as a disinfectant in this way, which would make this a better alternative than nothing. After fully encasing her in his jaws, Richard headed straight back the route they came from. Surely there was a ward nearby that could treat Jac's wounds better than he can.

    As he ran, tears began to sting his eyes. The taste of iron from the blood that trickled down Jac's arm was enough to make the Wile giant's stomach curl. Jac was able to sense his distress; with her right hand she began to stroke the soft palette of the Wile's tongue. Richard grew tense by the action but he quickly relaxed his muscles and snapped back into focus. He understood what Jac was doing, and he used this as a resolve to keep going while he allowed her to continue her gentle rubs. This still did nothing to lessen his tears, however.

    "I'll be alright. It's just a scratch."

    "It's my fault..." Richard choked up.

    "It's not. It really isn't." Jac was beginning to well up herself as she spoke these next words. "Thank you for saving me."

    Richard continued his trek towards civilization. The few minutes it took to get there felt like hours, but he was determined to get help no matter what it takes.

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  • junothewolf
    28.11.2021 - 6 days ago

    Pico Lol

    ...and now back to our regularly scheduled program. Alright, the Pico request is done. Next up on the list is Eteled, but he may take a second since I’m still figuring out how to characterize him.


    *Boyfriend had just arrived at the train station when he slowly brought a knuckle up to his lower lip and narrowed his eyes so he may thoroughly search the area for anything that may indicate the reason he had been sent here. It hardly took him a few seconds, however, before a gun-wielding orange-haired man suddenly caught Boyfriend’s attention from the corner of his eye. Boyfriend recognized him instantly, just as he recognized Boyfriend. It was Pico, Boyfriend's ex from many years ago. Despite being exes, Boyfriend and Pico were actually on pretty friendly and constructive terms, and just as soon as Pico noticed the giant speakers that Boyfriend's new Girl was sitting atop, he excitedly whipped out his microphone and casually approached Boyfriend for a friendly rap battle. Boyfriend almost instantly accepted, and the two went off right away, rapping the night away without a care in the world, just like they had done together in the old days.*

          After a good few minutes of rapping, the backtrack at last came to an end, and Boyfriend could not help but give a leap into the air in the name of victory. 

         "WOOHOO! I WON! TAKE THAT, PICO!" he enthusiastically cried out.

         “Ah...oh alright. Fine. You win fair and square.” Pico conceded with an only slightly begrudged tone as he tapped his foot on the stone floor. In order to distract himself from this recent minor loss, Pico’s eyes swiftly diverted upwards and towards Boyfriend’s Girlfriend. “So, this ya girl now?” he nonchalantly asked Boyfriend.

         “Yup, that’s her!” Boyfriend energetically responded. “The one and only daughter of the Dearest family!”

         Pico’s eyes widened. “The dearest family? Holy crap, dude! How did a blue-haired midget of a college dropout like you end up with someone like her?” he eagerly questioned. “You got a fucking steal, bro!”

        All of a sudden, Boyfriend’s eyes aggressively narrowed. “Hey, don’t talk to her like that! She’s not ‘a steal’, she’s my girlfriend!” 

         Pico nervously took a step back after realizing what he just said. “Uh..uh-ah…*ahem*. Yeah, you’re right man. Sorry ‘bout that.”

         Boyfriend let out a sigh and shook his head. “No, no. Don’t worry about it. It’s fine.”

         Pico took a step forward. “Well, anyway, ya laid down some fire back there, Boyfriend! I’m actually really proud of how far you’ve come since we last rap battled!”

         Boyfriend could not help but give a bit of a bashful smile. “Aww, thanks. Yeah, I’ve been practicing a lot since we last saw each other, just like we practiced together in the old days.”

         “Yeah…” Pico reminisced as he began to let his voice trail off. 

         Boyfriend could sense the feelings of nostalgia emulating from Pico’s dreamy-eyed figure, and an idea suddenly began forming in the back of his head. “...in almost the exact same way, I’m sure you’d be excited to see how much improvement I’ve made in Smash Bros since we last played.”

         Almost as if on cue, Pico instantly perked back up. “Smash Bros? Dude, you’re making a big mistake challenging me to play Smash! You remember how salty you’d get whenever I whooped your ass with my Joker!”

         Boyfriend could not help but chuckle as all those memories suddenly came flooding back. “Ah, yeah. That would happen a lot. And then you would always have to calm me down by-” Boyfriend gave a small shudder as he abruptly cut himself off, realizing that he couldn’t exactly say those things while in public, or around Girlfriend. 

         Sensing this, Pico gave a brief tease to the flustered Boyfriend by winking at him while opening up his maw just slightly. It was an obvious enough gesture to Boyfriend that he almost began turning red, but it went completely over the head of Girlfriend, much to Boyfriend’s relief.

         “Well…*ahem*...yeah. So...why don’t you come back to the Dearest’s mansion, I’ll hook up the switch, and we can play a few games?”

         Pico gave a firm nod before holding a hand out in front of Boyfriend so the two may perform their old secret-handshake, the process of which had almost been completely forgotten by Boyfriend before Pico helped jog his memory. 

         Boyfriend smirked. “Yeah, as soon as we get into the game, I’ll finally be able to show ya exactly what Boyfriend’s Little Mac can do!”


         “GAME!” the Smash announcer boomed out as Boyfriend fought back the urge to let out an audible groan. “JOKER WINS!” 

         Pico gave a satisfied nod before playfully giving Boyfriend a light punch on the shoulder. “Well, I mean, I did warn ya.” Pico said with a shrug.

         “...I seriously can’t believe I lost that one…” Boyfriend began mumbling under his breath.

         “Dude! You chose Little Mac against Joker! Of course you were going to get edge guarded! What else did ya think would happen?”     “...I don’t know...I would win?”

         “Well here’s your second chance!” Pico attempted to encourage Boyfriend as the fighter select screen popped up.

         Boyfriend initially maneuvered his cursor back over to Little Mac, before stopping to think for a second, and instead moved his cursor down towards the DLC characters, moving just one to the right of Joker. 

         “HERO!” the Smash Announcer called out as Boyfriend selected the red bandana skin.

         “Ah, I see…” Pico casually let his voice trail off as he nodded. “RNGesus take the wheel, huh?”

         “Well, if RNGesus is on my side, then it seems that I have at last found the key to defeating your sweaty Joker!”

         “Sweaty? My Joker? Did you see how hard you were focusing last stock back there?” 

         “...shut up.” Boyfriend not-so-subtly attempted to get Pico to stop talking before the game at last began.

         “THREE, TWO, ONE, GO!” The announcer called out before Boyfriend immediately kicked off the game by opening the Down-B menu. Accelerate appeared on top, that which Boyfriend eagerly selected so he may be able to approach Pico’s Joker. 

         A few random move-hits later, and Joker was now at 30%. Boyfriend opened the menu once more. Snooze was second on the menu, and as such, Boyfriend wasted no time selecting it in order to cease Pico’s Joker’s approach. 

         Pico began fervently mashing as Boyfriend charged an F-Smash.

         “I’m not dead if that’s a crit, right?” Pico nervously asked right before Boyfriend released the F-Smash. The infamous crit noise rang throughout the room as Joker was sent flying across the stage, and despite Pico’s efforts to DI, straight into the blast zone.

         “...oh...welllllll…” Pico did his very best to remain calm as he made Joker hop off the respawn platform.

         “HA! I KNEW RNGESUS WAS ON MY SIDE!” Boyfriend began cockily taunting as Pico began searching for a way to start a potential zero-to-death combo in order to bring himself back into the game.

         It was now down to a last-stock situation as Joker’s rebel meter was almost full. Boyfriend’s Hero hit Pico’s Joker with a nair, at last causing Joker’s eyes to narrow as he cried out: “ARSEN!” 

        Arsen was instantly summoned behind Joker, making Boyfriend rather nervous that he would lose the game to an Arsen Back-Air. Thus, he popped the Down-B menu one more time in hopes of getting Wack or Thwack. Instead, his top option was Hocus Pocus. Deciding it would be best to take Hocus Pocus over nothing, Boyfriend selected it, but almost instantly regretted it when the great yellow sparks signifying a Kamikaze began to emulate from his Hero. Pico’s Joker wasted absolutely no time in escaping from Kamikaze’s range as Boyfriend’s Hero blew himself up, thus causing the Smash announcer to cry out: “GAME!”

         Boyfriend sat in dumbfounded silence as he internally contemplated which end of the room he should yeet his Pro Controller to.

         “JOKER WINS!” the Announcer enthusiastically hollered as Joker began running towards the left of the screen.

         Sensing Boyfriend’s saltiness, Pico fiendishly smirked and let himself lean a cheek onto a balled up fist. “Awww, is someone salty?”

         Boyfriend scoffed and turned away from Pico.

         “Does somebody need time in Pico’s very own personal calm-down slash desalination area?”

         Despite his saltiness, Boyfriend could not help but get slightly flushed cheeks at Pico’s propisation.

         “Is that a yes?”

         Boyfriend made a “Pfft” noise. “Yeah, yeah. Just...get it over with.”

         Excitedly rubbing his hands together, Pico let his tongue extend from his mouth before he began salivating. Opening up as wide as he possibly could, Pico lay his hands upon Boyfriend’s shoulders and slowly slipped his head into his mouth. Pico let his tongue travel across Boyfriend’s blue hair before at last letting it lick across the back of his neck. Pico then retracted his tongue in order to examine the taste he had gotten from it.

         “Mmm, this taste, it’s very…”

         “Yeah, yeah, yeah! Salty! I know! You don’t have to rub it in my face, ya know-hey!”

         Pico’s tongue slowly slid its way across Boyfriend’s face, forcing him to close his eyes for a few seconds.

         “Bleuck...oh ha ha ha! Very funny there Pico, now would you just-”

         Boyfriend’s words were abruptly muffled as Pico began to move Boyfriend’s body further towards the back of his throat. Boyfriend’s chest was half-way within Pico’s maw at this point. The warm breath constantly being blown onto Boyfriend’s face and the natural heat of the area was beginning to soothe him, though.

         Pico tilted his head back before initiating the first swallow. Boyfriend’s head was pushed past Pico’s gullet and into his throat as the rest of his chest was forced into Pico’s mouth, just leaving his legs outside.

         Allowing himself just a few seconds to enjoy the moment, Pico’s tongue maneuvered around Boyfriend’s body, whipping much of his salty flavor off his body and onto the tongue. Then at last, Pico swallowed again, forcing the rest of Boyfriend’s chest into his throat, and pushing his legs into his mouth. Pico’s jaws clenched shut around the legs as Boyfriend impatiently gave Pico a tap on his tongue with his shoe. Sensing this, Pico gave the great bulge in his throat a soft rub, possibly in an attempt to reassure Boyfriend that he was getting onto it before swallowing one last time, thereby pushing all of Boyfriend’s body into his throat. 

         Now that he was all the way inside of it, Boyfriend could feel the muscles in Pico’s throat squeezing and squelching around him as he was pushed deeper and deeper into Pico’s being. Then at last, the sound of a heartbeat began to boom in his ears, telling Boyfriend he was getting very close to his destination. 

         When at last the grumbling and groaning of Pico’s stomach became audible, Boyfriend was forced to admit that he was no longer feeling excessively salty. Nonetheless, as Pico’s throat finished its job and pushed Boyfriend out into Pico’s stomach, Pico on the outside was able to feel his stomach rapidly expanding in order to fit the massive load it had just been delivered. As Boyfriend was plunged into the depths of Pico’s guts, Pico could see his stomach bulging out in front of him, pulsing and rumbling with delight as Pico gave it a pat. He let his tongue loosely dangle out of his mouth as he carefully repositioned himself on the couch so that he could more easily support the weight of his ex inside his stomach. The liquids within sloshed slightly as the stomach was moved around, at last settling down as Pico sat cross-legged on the couch with his massive gut seated atop his legs. Pico let out a great sigh as he gave his tummy a few pats. “So...feeling calmer now?” he casually asked his prey.

         From the inside, Boyfriend had to admit that, despite not having been in Pico’s stomach in years, the place was still pretty much just as relaxing as he remembered. The pink muscle walls squished and squeezed around him, lightly massaging his body and thereby releasing all the tension within it. The pillowy nature of the walls and the natural warmth within the gut almost made him want to drift off, although he had to answer Pico’s question first. “Well...basically yeah. I’m still mad that RNGesus betrayed me, but..I’m not so...aggressively mad anymore I guess.” he wearily answered as the small liquid pool around him began to lapse around his body.

         Pico gave a great nod before beginning to give his gut some rubs. “Yeah...I thought you’d like this, even though we’re not together anymore. Doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy these kinds of moments now that we’ve friendzoned each other.”

         “...of course.” Boyfriend responded with a hint of fatigue in his voice. Allowing himself to let out a large yawn, Boyfriend’s eyes dropped shut as he snuggled up further against the stomach walls of his ex.

         Pico gave a chuckle. “Well goodnight then.” he calmly spoke as he himself began to get comfortable on the couch. Leaning his back up against the pillows, he stared up at the ceiling for a few seconds before closing his eyes and slowly drifting off as well, with one arm extended over the pillows, and the other gently wrapped around the large bulge where his ex Boyfriend currently lay.

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    Someone turn my boyfriend into a pred

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    Some Thanksgiving themed scenes in my inbox would be awesome <3

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    Happy American Thanksgiving! To celebrate, Kat got poured with gravy and was sat in lettuce and cranberries. A delicious main course for a handsome pred!

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    26.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    i greatly apologize for the watermark there’s nothing i can do.

    anyway contributing to the bakula fandom with this!! beloved supervisor enjoying a nice meal

    bakula is from heart pangs,, which belongs to @mmmleckerlecker ily

    #this is l’s art #male pred#soft vore#fatal vore #v.ore #vo.re #vore animation#vore art #heart pangs fanart
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    howdy do dudes! new vore/tum in general account for that sorta stuff yknow. heres grizz lol

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    Gonna need a hungry shy gamer twink to wonder why he feels so painfully hungry in a room full of beefy bodybuilders and be shocked when one mindlessly comes to him and shoves his hands in his mouth, followed by the rest all mindlessly feeding themselves to the meek, starving gaymer boi until he’s left groaning and pinned under his enormous bulging belly yet feeling very satisfied.

    Turns out his strange hunger made him give off hypnotic pheromones that made the men want to be eaten!

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    #twinkpredfanasks#mass vore#twink pred#male pred#male vore #same size vore #I wanted to say more but this has been in my inbox a while and Ive been so busy but didnt want this hot scene to just be left catching dust
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    #twinkpredfanasks#twink pred#male pred #implied mass vore #same size vore
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    #twinkpredfanasks#twink pred #implied mass vore #male pred#male vore #same size vore
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    BF Lol

    As you can see, I decided to continue with the “lol” trend when naming request stories. 

    I have no idea if that anon who requested this is still around here, but regardless, this was the request that was made during the season finale celebration for “The Story OF P.O.V.”, so here y’all go. I wanted to try something new for this, and so I included both a pred P.O.V, and a prey P.O.V., since I was kind of yet to write the former before now.


    *Having just finished rap battling the spooky kids, Boyfriend let out a victory beep and high-fived Girlfriend. He was feeling rather ecstatic having just successfully defended his girl from being taken away by them. Boyfriend had no idea why they were so interested in Girlfriend in the first place, but that didn’t really matter right now. All that mattered was that she was safe. Or at least...that’s what Boyfriend thought before yet another crack of thunder shook the mansion around them, causing Boyfriend to let out a frightened “BAP!” and leap up onto the speakers, practically throwing himself into Girlfriend’s arms. Her warm embrace was the only thing Boyfriend knew that could calm him down after such a shock. Boyfriend was just about fully de-stressed before the door to the mansion suddenly creaked open, and some sort of lemon-headed monster burst in. Boyfriend could tell immediately that he, too, wanted a chance to snatch up Girlfriend, and thus, after climbing back down from the speakers, he narrowed his eyes and gently tapped his microphone in order to prevent feedback. The monster gave a wicked grin before the backtrack began playing. Despite his unnerving deep voice and the contents of his lyrics, Boyfriend did his best to not let that bother him so he could focus on taking the win once more. That was, until one particular line graced his ears: “...and then I’m gonna eat your Girlfriend!” the monster sang out in a rather suggestive tone, indicating that this statement was more than just an odd threat. A chill made its way down Boyfriend's spine as he came to realise that Girlfriend was in real danger here, and was relying on him to save her. Boyfriend shakily glanced over at Girlfriend atop her speakers, to which she responded by giving him a simple thumbs-up. Boyfriend gave a tiny sigh and slipped right back into the song’s flow no problem. Boyfriend continued rapping along with the monster before he was once again thrown off-beat when the words: “...you’re just a little snack! And so is your girlfriend!” rang through the large, open mansion. Having done this once before, Boyfriend did his best not to get shaken up by the monster’s words before all of a sudden, something happened that neither he nor Girlfriend could’ve ever seen coming. Some sort of ray-device was seemingly pulled out of hammerspace by the monster, who wasted absolutely no time in aiming it at Girlfriend and pulling the trigger. It was then that Boyfriend was able to fully understand what the monster meant by “a little snack” as Girlfriend began freaking out due to her form being swiftly shrunk. Once the shrinking was finished, the monster cast the device aside, and began to lean in to catch Girlfriend in his grasp, and thus, sealing her fate. A sudden jolt of adrenaline rushed its way through Boyfriend's nervous system as he immediately realized that if he didn’t act now, his Girlfriend may soon be gone forever.*


    Boyfriend P.O.V.: 

         Boyfriend wasted absolutely no time swooping down in order to grab ahold of Girlfriend before this Lemon Monster did. Snatching Girlfriend up as gently as he possibly could, Boyfriend was immediately snapped back to the full extent of the situation when the monster let out a low growl while a gaze of discontentment and anger began to creep its way across his face. Boyfriend knew right then and there that he needed to book it out of here as soon as possible for him, or else he, too, may end up as this monster’s “little snack”. This in mind, Boyfriend swiftly rushed to put Girlfriend in the only safe place he could think of in the moment, his mouth, and then immediately sprinted past the angered monster with panic and dread rushing through his veins, as to make it out the door before he could close it on him. 

         “HEY! WHY YOU...YOU GET BACK HERE RIGHT NOW YA LITTLE-” the monster at last screeched out in rage that his “little snack” had been stolen from him. Boyfriend swore could hear some slight pounding against the floor of the mansion before the monster took off himself.

         Boyfriend had no idea just how far behind him the monster was, and he wasn’t exactly going to check. He gave a bit of a shudder as he began to imagine just what the monster would do to him and Girlfriend once he caught up, but at the very least he knew he could keep one of them safe.

         Thus, Boyfriend began to, gently as he possibly could while under this level of stress, maneuver Girlfriend towards the back of his throat while he ran. It wasn’t exactly a quick or easy process, and Boyfriend had no idea how much saliva he was accidentally dousing over Girlfriend in the process, but eventually, she was in the right position to get pushed down. It took a few seconds for Boyfriend to get over his hesitation before he gulped Girlfriend down. He could slightly feel the bulge she made in his throat being pushed downwards as he forced his feet to keep moving through the dark, damp underbrush of the forest around the mansion, the silver light of the moon being his only guide through the chilling winds and musky, fogg-choked pathways of this blue and purple forest. Girlfriend didn't seem to be struggling at all as she was squelched through her Boyfriend’s throat and down towards his stomach. Boyfriend was rather relieved at this, as it told him she wasn’t terrified at all from what he had just done. 

         Then at last, Boyfriend could lightly feel the splash of liquids as Girlfriend landed in his stomach. She almost immediately gave him an internal pat, presumably in order to let him know she was okay. Boyfriend nodded as an audible grumble could be heard on the outside. 

         Nonetheless, Boyfriend still knew he couldn’t run from this Lemon Monster forever, and thus, began to desperately glance around the mysterious understory for a place to hide. A part of him wished that he himself had someone around that he could dive down the throat of in order to hide, but that thought was swiftly brushed away as soon as he laid sight on a rather large patch of tall grass. Without any hesitation whatsoever, Boyfriend lept straight into the rustling plants and immediately curled himself up into a little ball in order to remain as inconspicuous as possible. 

         Boyfriend had no idea if the Lemon Monster was even still following him, but at this point, he really did not have the courage to check. Better to be safe than sorry, after all. Thus, as Boyfriend did his best to quell his echoing heartbeat and breathing while tucked away within the swaying, slightly itchy grass, he placed a hand over his stomach area, if only to provide another layer of protection over Girlfriend. 

         Boyfriend had expelled so much energy in his rampant dash for survival, however, that he found himself starting to black out. He could barely do anything to stop his drooping eyelids and fuzzy mind from pulling him into a state of deep sleep, and thus, Boyfriend decided not to fight it, and instead just let it happen. 


    Girlfriend P.O.V.:

         Upon fully realizing her current situation, Girlfriend’s body immediately froze up and tensed its muscles as to brace for what was to come. Girlfriend could not help but close her eyes as she began to shake slightly, just awaiting this monster to snatch her up and bring forth her inevitable doom.

         Girlfriend’s body practically convulsed from fear as a hand clenched around it, raising her body up off the speakers. As a bout of warm breath was puffed onto Girlfriend’s small form, she swiftly opened an eye in order to risk being able to have at least one final glance into the maw of her killer before the end. Instead of the blackened, twisted maw of the Lemon Monster, however, her eye was instead greeted to the much more familiar and relieving sight of the warm, light blue maw of Boyfriend. 

         Girlfriend immediately understood what her Boyfriend was doing as she was laid down on his slick, glowing tongue. His jaws swiftly closed around her as she let out a large sigh. She was now safe.

         Girlfriend’s nerves rose once more as the Lemon Monster’s distinctive voice yowled out some sort of fury-filled sentence, that which was too muffled for Girlfriend to hear. The scream did seem to be losing volume as the seconds passed, however, and this told Girlfriend that Boyfriend must be running away. 

         Saliva began to drip from the roof of Boyfriend’s maw as his tongue began to awkwardly shift beneath her, doing its very best to properly maneuver her towards the back. Girlfriend simply let Boyfriend do his thing instead of attempting to fix his positioning for him, as to not confuse him more in this rather already confusing situation. 

         The tongue lightly caressed her a few times as Girlfriend got rather soaked in her Boyfriend’s saliva. Eventually though, Boyfriend at last managed to get Girlfriend positioned at the back of his throat. Girlfriend could sense him hesitating for a few seconds before he at last pushes her down with a great gulp. Girlfriend’s body thus began to get squeezed down to Boyfriend’s stomach by his throat muscles. It was a rather relaxing experience, actually, and thus, Girlfriend didn’t struggle at all as the sound of Boyfriend’s heartbeat began to reverberate around her being.

         Eventually, Girlfriend began to pick up the grumbling and groaning noises emulating from Boyfriend’s guts before she reached the end of the throat. Doing a sort of half-somersault as she splashed down, Girlfriend gave a large smile of relief and comfort as she began to give Boyfriend some thank-you pats from the inside. She could tell that he was enjoying this, as his body gave a rather loud rumbling noise just a few seconds later.

         Girlfriend casually lay her hands against the back of her head as she snuggled up against her Boyfriend’s light blue stomach walls. The slick, comfy, almost pillowy sensory touch of the walls was a special kind of relaxing that Girlfriend hadn’t felt in a while. The light churning of the walls was certainly a plus as well. 

         At last, Girlfriend could sense that Boyfriend had lept into something and was now laying down as she was forced to reposition herself within his tummy. It wasn’t that drastic of a spacial repositioning, save for the small wave of tummy juices that had washed over her as Boyfriend flopped down. 

         Regardless, Girlfriend knew that whatever was happening on the outside, her Boyfriend would always be there for her, and would never, ever let anything bad happen to either of them. With this reassurance in mind, Girlfriend once again snuggled up into her Boyfriend’s stomach walls and began to doze off with a great smile on her face.


    *By the time Boyfriend at last awoke, the forest around him was much less dark and spooky as it was...well...normal. The previous dark purple and blue tones around the plants in the underbrush had now been replaced with shades of green and brown, as was expected in a forest. Boyfriend could hear a few birds calling out for mates within the treetops above as he got up. He was considerably dirty from having just spent an entire night sleeping in a patch of tall grass. Nonetheless, Boyfriend managed to pick himself up off the ground, brushed himself off, and started making his way back to the mansion. As he walked, he began coughing and hacking slightly in order to get Girlfriend out of his stomach. Boyfriend could feel her form rising up in his throat before she was launched out his mouth and into his hand. Girlfriend was still slightly groggy from having just woken up, but still managed to greet her Boyfriend with a weak thumbs-up. Boyfriend nodded back and brought his other hand up from his side in order to gently wipe off all the saliva that had gotten on Girlfriend while she was in his guts. After doing the very best he could to get her dry, Boyfriend carefully placed Girlfriend on his shoulder, and started focusing on making his way back to civilization.*


    *About an hour or so later, Boyfriend at last caught a glimpse of the mansion. A part of him was a little nervous to come back here, as that Lemon Monster might still be lurking around. However, all of Boyfriend’s worries were swiftly washed away as his eyes laid sight on the little cluster of police cars that were stationed in front of the entrance to the mansion. One officer was standing at the door, while two others behind him kept a tight grasp on the very same Lemon Monster that had tried to eat (and digest) Girlfriend last night. No matter how much wrath was simmering deep inside the monster’s heart, it was nowhere near enough to overpower the handcuffs around his wrists. Another officer was leaning against his car as he looked over the ray-gun device that the monster had used to shrink Girlfriend. Boyfriend could not help but let out a gasp in excitement. Upon letting his presence be known to the officers, a few of them, including the one holding the ray, slowly came up to him, acknowledging the tiny state of Girlfriend, who was still sitting atop his shoulders. One of the officers gently scooped Girlfriend up in his own hands and placed her on the ground before fiddling with the ray’s setting for a minute. Both Girlfriend and Boyfriend knew what he was trying to do. At last, once all the settings were calibrated, the officer pulled the trigger, and Girlfriend was slowly but surely returned to her original size. Once she was back to normal, the very first thing Girlfriend did was rush up to her Boyfriend and give him a ginormous reunion hug. Boyfriend began to tear up slightly upon realizing that he and Girlfriend had at last fully made it through the night’s horrendous ordeal together, and that whoever that Lemon Monster was that tried to harm her would be able to harm her no more. Girlfriend was safe, and in the moment, that was all that mattered.*

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  • colonsoup
    21.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    i don’t have a title for this sorry

    posting this at 3 am so i can’t physically restrain myself later

    this is my first time sharing writing out anywhere but my own friend group so i beg you be gentle on me. i’m only testing the waters and seeing if i’m truly comfortable sharing my stuff so this is safe and lighthearted. if this does well i will definitely look into sharing my more angsty and whumpy writing in the future.

    i don’t have a summary rn so sorru check back later

    contents: safe vore, male pred, m/f, m/m, multiple prey, they’re just messing around

    “Please! Someone! Help me!” Azz cried out. She wriggled, fruitlessly attempting to wrestle herself from Silas’s grip, but she proved no match, and her hands slipped past his lips.

    Another loud gulp, and her thighs easily entered his throat.

    She could feel her feet in his stomach, so tight she could barely even wiggle her toes. “Save me!” She called again, and Silas could only chuckle slightly.

    His middle began to swell, stomach stretching to contain his new meal as she slowly gathered inside him.

    Her shoulders disappeared into his mouth, and now came her head.

    “Please..” Azz whimpered as a tongue wrapped around her head, covering her mouth and muffling any and all speech.

    He pulled her in and closed his jaws, a final gulp sealing the girl’s fate.

    Rune watched with horror as Azz disappeared down Silas’s throat, the chimera tracing her journey with a claw tipped finger.

    “You beast!” Rune shouted, rage in his voice.

    “You won’t get away with this! I’ll cut her out myself if I have to.” He flipped open a knife, and Silas watched it glimmer in the light.

    But the chimera only laughed, running a careful hand over his now full belly. “Really now?” He took a step forward. “You think you’re any match for me?”

    For a moment, Rune faltered. It was a given how much stronger Silas was. In comparison to Rune, even the scrawny chimera seemed like a muscleman.

    He swallowed down the growing lump in his throat, and his sense along with it.

    In a fury, Rune charged.

    Silas caught him mid dash, gripping his wrists and forcing them above his head.

    The knife fell out of Rune’s weakened grasp, clattering to the floor. Silas kicked it away.

    “You know.” Silas began, leaning close to Rune.

    Rune bit back a shiver as Silas drew close. He whispered a chuckle in the pink-haired male’s ear.

    His breath was warm on Rune’s cheek, leaving behind a wet spot as its only mark. The angular curves of Silas’s face fit perfectly into the crook of Rune’s neck, and the chimera carefully nestled into Rune’s collar.

    “You smell delicious. I can’t get enough of you.” He chuckled again. “I’m so full, but-maybe I could go for seconds.”

    His words were supported by a hungry growl from his still squirming belly.

    Rune glanced down in horror, already beginning to tremble as Silas licked a stripe up his cheek.

    “Oh Rune, beloved, hold still will you?”

    Silas took Rune’s face in with ease, pinning the boy with the strength in his arms alone and carefully guiding each part of him into his mouth.

    He began to salivate, coating Rune’s face in saliva and earning him a slight squirm. How entertaining. Silas gulped, and his throat stretched to make way for the second course.

    The sensation never got old, and was always one of Silas’s favorite parts.

    He whined slightly, moaning around Rune’s shoulders as they were gently pushed past his lips.

    After a few seconds, he felt Azz jolt, and begin to squirm uncomfortably, and he knew Rune’s head had entered his stomach.

    Swallowing was difficult now, rushed, instinctive. Silas was far too focused on the sensation in his middle.

    Skin was stretched even tighter than before, pulled taut over his swollen stomach.

    He grunted, almost feeling his gut touch the floor with how close to the ground he was kneeling.

    He hastily removed Rune’s shoes, and swallowed down the investigator completely.

    For several minutes, Silas could only sit and pant, both pleased and exhausted by his meal. His face was flush bright blue as he licked his lips.

    His stomach gurgled beneath his touch, fingers drumming the taut surface as its occupants struggled to get comfortable.

    “…”How was that?” He asked suddenly.

    “That was amazing!” Rune cheered from beneath the skin.

    Below him, Azz’s muffled voice came through. “It’s a bit cramped though.”

    Silas blushed. “Yeah, sorry.” He rubbed his gut sheepishly in apology. “I’ll cook dinner tonight for you both.”

    He yawned suddenly, falling back flat to the ground.

    His stomach lurched, but held strong, and Silas sighed in relief. He really didn’t want to be sick right now.

    “I hope you don’t mind if I have a nap. I’m exhausted, and I’ll need quite a bit of energy to let you both out later.”

    With only a small movement in response, Silas closed his eyes.

    #this is l’s writing #male pred#soft vore#safe vore#fearplay vore #half size vore #v.ore #vo.re #vore writing #these are l’s ocs
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  • hs-artist
    20.11.2021 - 1 week ago

    Looks like Boyd’s finally gotten a taste of dessert. Now just to sit back and relax -w-

    A small continuation of the last piece I did with Boyd (Sammy’s OC). Seems like the Fox is less than pleased with the situation.

    #my doodles#male pred #similar size vore #male prey#m/m vore #Friends OC: Boyd #He’s such a pretty monke
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  • mmmleckerlecker
    19.11.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Heart Pangs - The Betrayal (Part 57/?)

    Read this story on Wattpad - Read this story on Ao3

    Table of Contents - First part - Previous part - Next part

    Summary: With time nearly up, Lux and Camille finally get the chance to make a move.

    Contents: hunger; just some classic Lux hunger; starvation; (coughing up) blood; mentions of physical abuse; restraints; betrayal; vore - size difference, m/m, willing pred, unwilling prey, non-fatal

    Wordcount: 3,944

    * * * * * * * * * *

    A staggering pain wracks itself from deep inside Lux's core and tears its way outward, coursing through the rest of his body. He squeezes his eyes shut and grits his teeth, waiting for the spasm to pass. They seem to be lasting longer and longer each time. He's not sure how much more of this he can bear.

    Two days. Two and a half full days without food. Nothing. Not a single bite has passed Lux's lips since he'd been dragged into... whatever dungeon this is supposed to be.

    He had thought he'd been at his worst when on the run with Benji. He had thought things couldn't get any worse when he'd stooped to going to a Collector. He'd been wrong. This is so much worse. He's never been hungrier.

    He'd been given no neutralizers to dull his stomach acids. He'd been given no meals to at least abate the hunger somewhat. He's left with raw, unabashed, and unending hunger. He's not sure how much longer he'll survive this.

    What makes it worse is that every day, two prey come into his cell and stand before him, just out of reach. There is Epomis' leader himself, the only thing appetizing about him is the fact that Lux knows he'll at least fill his belly. But then there's Camille.

    She's the only reason he's glad he's restrained. Despite the fact that he can't sit without his arms being pulled above his head nor can he stand fully without his wrists tugging him back down, despite the fact that this damn collar has rubbed his neck raw, he's glad there's at least something keeping him from shoving her down his throat.

    Camille and her leader have only come down to his cell a few times. Their interrogations aren't really what Lux had expected. Aside from Camille's initial beating, most physical harm to Lux had been sporadic and inflamed. The majority of the questioning comes from the leader. His inquiries are always rapid-fire, in a fervor. They come across as unorganized, as if he is simply spewing out whatever comes to mind. From security procedures at the Facility to the location of the Supervisor's home, he wants to know it all.

    However, he never seems to be expecting a real answer. He barely gives Lux an opportunity to say anything (not that Lux ever has anything to say) before snarling and giving Lux a swift punch or slap or kick. Normally, Lux wouldn't even find the leader fit for hiring as an extractor, but there's something showy about the whole thing, as if the interrogation isn't all that important. Just a formality. What really seems to bring him glee is entering Lux's cell and asking how he feels. Cruel pleasure sparks in the leader's eyes every time he comes downstairs and sees how much hungrier Lux has become.

    And Camille stands by and watches it all. She barely moves, her arms folded tightly behind her back. Just her eyes follow the action. Every once in awhile she and Lux lock gazes. Just for a breath. Just enough to say what needs to be said. Lux wishes he could read her expression, but she keeps her face empty and detached.

    Now he's here. Alone. Cold. Tired. Bored out of his mind.

    He sits on the ground, arms pulled above his head at an awkward angle. His shoulder muscles are past strained. His head hangs, the edge of his collar cuts into his neck, and his eyes are closed. If he can just get a little rest, if he can just claim a few minutes of sleep and escape the endless demands of his stomach...

    For the briefest of moments, the merciful oblivion of unconsciousness overwhelms him. There's nothing. No pain, no hunger, just an endless dark void. Somewhere, deep in the recesses of Lux's mind, he imagines just a little more relief. A scent. Something familiar and inviting. It fills him with warmth and longing, and it's so, so near to him. If he could just reach out and catch it. If he could just make it his...

    But then the scent is right there. Right in front of him. It's real. Lux's stomach lurches. Adrenaline pulses through him. It's his.

    He lunges forward with a snarl, reaching out for it. His shackles stop him just short of his prey. His shoulders wrench agonizingly out of place and force him to draw back.

    Camille stares down at him with wide eyes.

    Lux comes back to his senses.

    "Camille!" he gasps. His throat is so dry, even that single word hurts to speak. This is the first time he's seen her alone since he's been taken captive.

    "Felix," is all she says in response. She's clutching a plastic water bottle to her chest. Her eyes are round and dark circles paint the skin below them.

    "I'm sorry," Lux apologizes. "I didn't realize it was you. You're just so... I'm so hungry, I'm sorry. I can't think clearly." Lux squeezes his eyes shut. Camille's scent is intoxicating and his head feels like it's spinning.

    "It's fine," he hears her mutter. "Nothing happened. Here. I brought you some water."

    Lux opens his eyes to find her unscrewing the cap.

    "Drink," she urges as she raises it to his lips.

    Camille tilts the bottle up and water fills Lux's mouth, pouring in a continuous stream. He swallows fast and precise, making sure not to lose a single drop. The entire bottle is empty within the minute.

    Lux lets out a heaving sigh as Camille pulls the bottle away. He feels a little ill at having drunk so quickly, but it's not enough to outweigh the relief of finally having something in his belly.

    "What's going on?" he asks, still catching his breath. "It's been days."

    Camille screws the cap back on the empty water bottle. "I'm sorry, but you don't know how difficult it is to gain Arthur's trust, even if you think you already have it. Convincing him to give me free access to you without looking suspicious took a lot of tact. I'm not even sure if I completely managed it. Having less than a three day timeframe to work with didn't help either."

    "It won't matter if he's suspicious," Lux tells her. "If this works, you won't have to worry about him ever again. If it doesn't, well, you'll have a lot more to worry about than just whether or not you've aroused his suspicions."

    The glare Camille shoots him is both accusing and annoyed, "Yes, thank you. I am well aware."

    Lux grits his teeth. He's asking a lot of her, he knows.

    "Do you have everything?" he says instead, changing the subject.

    She nods. "This evening. Tonight will be the night." She sets the water bottle on the ground and pulls something small and metallic from her pocket. "Hold still," she tells him as she cautiously approaches. "I'll get you ready."

    Lux does as he's told, but it's harder than he expects. The moment Camille draws near, every instinct in him begs him to pounce, to seize this opportunity for food. He smothers that instinct and buries it deep.

    Every muscle in his body is tight as a bow as Camille leans over and starts working on his shackles. He has to hold his breath when she accidentally brushes against his shoulder. Several tense moments pass while Camille fiddles with the shackles and Lux stays frozen in place. He lets out a long exhalation when Camille finally steps back.

    "I've loosened them up," she tells him. "If you pull hard enough they should break."

    Lux shifts to adjust his shoulders.

    "But do not pull on them until it's time," Camille scolds.

    "I'm not," Lux insists. "I was trying to get comfortable."

    Camille narrows her eyes. "Well, don't. Don't even test your limits. Remember, if you break them too early, this whole thing will be ruined."

    "I'm not going to break them early," Lux insists.


    Lux twists his head to the side "What about this?" he asks, showing off the collar still locked tight around his throat.

    Lux can see the conflict in Camille as she answers, "Yes, of course. I was doing that next. Of course."

    Once more, Lux grows completely still as she draws close. She reaches down with her tool, grabs ahold of his collar with small, careful fingers, and begins working at it. Lux doesn't dare move an inch. Her face it right next to his. The scent of her hair washes over him. Every breath she exhales and every twitch of her fingers is a tantalizing whisper over his neck. Even when she finally pulls away, he has to stop himself from pressing forward to stay near to her.

    They meet eyes.

    "It should be unlocked now," she tells him. "Just remove it normally when the time comes."

    Lux nods. He is suddenly acutely aware that, for all intents and purposes, he is free. He can break out of his bonds at a moment's notice. And he's so, so hungry. And Camille is right there, so small and defenseless. He swallows reflexively then flinches as his stomach twists angrily inside him.

    Camille must notice something because she shifts her weight and clears her throat.

    Lux blinks. He hadn't even realized the heavy silence that had fallen between them.

    "Listen," Camille says, "when you do this, make sure you..." She grimaces. "He has a knife hidden—"

    "I know," Lux interrupts. "I've seen." The image of Epomis' leader pulling a knife out to slit Benji's throat will forever be burned into his mind.

    Camille's eyes widen but she doesn't question him further.

    "Then good," she says. "Just don't mess anything up."

    "I'll do my part if you do yours."

    "Don't worry," she tells him. "I have it all ready to go."

    She hesitates and Lux can see the way her face pales and she looks as though she's about to be sick.

    "It'll be okay," he tells her. "You're doing the right thing."

    Camille's expression hardens. "I know," she says. "Be ready for tonight." She doesn't wait for a reply before grabbing the empty water bottle then turning and exiting the cell.

    Lux doesn't expect the strange surge of emotions that come over him as he watches her ascend the basement steps. Disappointment that he's just let his chance at a meal slip away. Relief that Camille managed to get away safe from him. And also, surprisingly, loneliness. He didn't realize how much his imprisonment had been affecting him before he'd been shown just a few minutes of kindness. He wonders, perhaps, if this is what it's like to be a prisoner at the Facility.

    Hours pass and Lux's bonds become excruciating to deal with. Before, they had simply been uncomfortable on him. Of course, his shoulders had felt perpetually strained, but at least he could hang his weight on his chains if he ever needed to rest. Now he's afraid to even jostle them lest they break open.

    The longer he waits, the more Lux wishes Camille had at least brought a snack with that bottle of water. His stomach feels as though it's tearing itself to shreds. This is somewhat confirmed when his abdominals contract, and he's sent into a coughing fit. The dry coughs wrack his body until Lux watches a small spray of crimson splatter across the floor.

    He retracts in surprise. That's blood, he realizes. His stomach has started digesting itself. He needs to eat soon or he really will die down here.

    Lux squeezes his eyes shut, the taste of copper still on his tongue. He has to take several calming breaths to quell the sudden panic within him. Soon. He'll be out of here soon.

    It's a small mercy when Lux finally hears the basement door unlocking and opening. He tries not to look as relieved as he feels.

    He is unsurprised when he sees the now familiar shoes of Epomis' leader descending the stairs. He's followed closely by Camille. Lux makes short eye contact with her. It's not a lot, but it's enough to see she's bone white. She's terrified. Lux hopes her leader hasn't noticed and wishes she didn't have to be here for this.

    "You look unwell," the leader comments once he's in Lux's cell and standing right before him.

    Lux licks his lips. "I've seen better days," he agrees.

    The leader leans forward so his face is directly in front of Lux's. "I disagree," he murmurs. "I can't think of a better position for you to be in."

    Lux clenches his jaw. He should do it. There isn't going to be a better time to do it. The leader is only inches from his grasp.

    But there's this small burning desire in him to deliver some sort of final blow before he does anything else.

    Lux flares his nose. "Do you know who you remind me of?"

    "Is it any of the hundreds of prey you've carelessly consumed?"

    Lux lets out a short laugh that quickly devolves into a cough.

    "No," he says when he recovers, "I actually felt sorry for those prey, or at least, they looked somewhat appetizing."

    He pauses to enjoy the look on the leader's face.

    "No, actually, you remind me of my boss. Supervisor Bakula."

    The leader's face pales. "I am nothing like—"

    "And how would you know?" Lux interrupts. "Have you been working at his right hand for the past few years? Have you been subject to his subtle manipulations every day? Believe me, I know that man better than anyone, and the way you act, the way you treat people, you're one in the same."

    A muscle twitches in the leader's neck. "You don't know anything," he spits at Lux.

    Lux curls his mouth into a grin so cruel and wide that it stings his cheeks. "I know exactly what you are," he growls.

    "You don't know anything!" The leader's last word is punctuated by a sharp backhand across Lux's face.

    Lux doesn't hesitate. In one swift movement, he lunges. For a terrifying second, the shackles hold fast. And then they snap apart at his wrists. His shoulders scream at him in protest as he throws his arms forward to grab the leader. The force of it sends the leader sprawling onto his back. Lux lands heavily on top of the old prey, realizing for the first time the extent of his own weakness. He mostly has to rely on his body weight to hold the leader down.

    The leader cries out in pain when he hits the ground and takes several moments to recover from the daze.

    "How...?" he chokes out when he recovers somewhat. "How did you...?"

    With one hand, Lux pins the old man by the sternum. With the other, Lux reaches up and presses at the clasp of his collar. It opens, and he tosses it aside.

    "You don't command as much loyalty as you think you do," Lux says, leaning his face in close to the leader's. The man repulses him, but he's still prey. And Lux has never craved prey more.

    The leader's eyes widen. His gaze slides from Lux over to where Camille must stand. Lux wouldn't know. He doesn't dare tear his attention from the man.

    "Camille?" the old leader asks, voice small and shaking.

    Lux waits for her to respond, but he only hears a quiet intake of breath and a shifting of clothes. He takes that to mean she had no words. So, to spare her further begging, he reaches out and grabs the leader by the chin. Gently but sternly, he turns the man's face back to him.

    "You shouldn't have turned on her brother," Lux informs the man. "That was your fatal mistake."

    The leader's face grows flush. He squirms against Lux's grasp but it does no good. Even in his weakened state, the old prey is no match for Lux.

    "He's a traitor," the leader hisses. "He turned on us... on me. And Camille... my dear...." His last words come out as a groan. His eyes squeeze shut and a tear escapes. "Why did it have to be you?"

    "Shut up," Lux tells him. He keeps one hand on the leader's chin while the other starts rummaging for where he knows a knife is hidden. "With the way you've treated her, I can't believe she didn't turn on you sooner." Lux's fingers close around something small and metallic. "Aha!" he murmurs as he pulls it out. His eyes widen as he takes in the knife. "You won't be needing that anymore," he says as he tosses it away.

    The leader jerks sidewards, as if he has a chance at recovering the weapon.

    "Please," he begs as Lux pats him down for anything else of note, "don't do this! Camille! Dear, I'm so sorry. I didn't realize how you really felt. If you could just call him off, we could talk about this—"

    The leader is cut off by Lux jerking upwards on his shirt front.

    "Don't speak to her," his breathes. Their faces are now so close that Lux can see the fine glimmer of sweat over the leader's forehead. Lux's fingers tremble from holding back. "She's not yours anymore," he goes on. "Nothing is yours. You've lost it all. This is your ending."

    A shiver runs through the leader's body. "Please, don't," he whispers. "Anything but this."

    Lux's heart flutters with glee.  "You know, begging's never really worked on me, right?"

    The leader's jaw clenches before he opens his mouth to say something more, but Lux realizes he's lost his patience. He's done waiting. It's time.

    He moves so quickly, he surprises even himself. One moment he's looking into the leader of Epomis' eyes, and the next he strikes. His jaw stretches painfully wide as the leader's head is shoved inside, but he hardly notices. He barely even hears Camille's gasp. The only thing he can concentrate on is the absolute relief of having the taste of prey on his tongue once more.

    Lux takes his first swallow and is so overwhelmed that has to brace himself on the floor with one hand. With the other, he holds the leader as still as possible. This becomes difficult when the shock finally seems to wear off and the prey begins fighting back in earnest.

    Lux can hardly be bothered by the struggles. He can hardly be bothered to enjoy himself. All he wants is to be full again. All he wants is relief from this endless hunger.

    He swallows and his ribs are stretched wide as his prey slides past his chest. He swallows and whimpers as his prey finally begins entering his stomach. Lux abandons holding the leader still in favor of putting a hand to his middle. He swallows once more and lets his eyes fall shut to better feel the way his belly grows full, to feel the skin grow tight and sensitive. It only takes one last swallow before the last of the leader is forced to curl up deep within his core.

    Lux gasps for air as soon as his throat is clear. He falls forward, hunched over. One hand is pressed into the ground, supporting him, and the other clutches at the weight in his middle. There's only a moment of hesitation before Lux's prey fights back. And he fights back hard.

    Lux grits his teeth and can't hold back a grunt of pain. Not only is Epomis' leader far stronger than he looks, but he seems to know quite literally every sensitive spot in a pred's stomach. Lux twitches as a particularly hard kick nearly shocks him into regurgitation. He swallows down the urge. Regurgitation now would be the worst possible outcome.

    Yet, despite all the pain and discomfort, the relief of fullness is still nearly incomprehensible. And Lux's stomach is excited. It pulses with warmth and contracts in anticipation. It's been deprived of food for far too long, and now there's a perfectly fulfilling meal just waiting to be digested.

    All of Lux's concentration goes into shutting down that impulse. Not yet. He needs the leader in one piece. He needs to bring him to the Supervisor alive.

    "Camille!" Lux calls sharply as the leader's struggles send another shooting pain through him. He flexes his abdominals tight and digs his fingers into the skin of his belly. "Please. I need them!"

    Blindly he reaches towards where he thinks she is. He senses her drawing near, dropping something small and plastic into his palm, then scurrying back. The nervous movement distracts Lux for the briefest of moments before his focus is abruptly drawn back to his stomach. He looks down at the bottle in his hand. His fingers shake as he opens it and pours three neutralizers out. He downs them all in a single gulp.

    It's probably not enough to completely neutralize the acids, but he had never intended to make his stomach a comfortable place for the leader of Epomis.

    It takes Lux several minutes to recompose himself. When his stomach finally begins to settle, he pushes himself to kneel back on his haunches. He immediately feels the weight of Camille's gaze upon him.

    He looks over and his heart sinks.

    Camille is frozen, hand over her mouth, eyes impossibly wide. Her face is sickly pale and she sways slightly on her feet. She's looking at Lux with what can only be described as horror. But it's not exactly Lux she's staring at.

    Lux instinctively wraps a protective hand around his stomach. He hadn't wanted her here for this before, but seeing her now, he resents she had to witness any of that.

    "Camille," he says, his voice coming out rougher than expected.

    She doesn't move. Doesn't even blink.

    "Camille!" Lux repeats, a little louder. "Hey! Look at me!"

    Finally, she tears her gaze away. A tear escapes as she meets Lux's eyes.

    "Listen, I know this feels wrong, but you're doing it for the right reasons, Camille," he tells her. "You're doing it for Benji."

    Camille's hand falls slowly from her mouth. "After all Arthur's been through... and then I did this to him."

    Lux grimaces. He has no idea what exactly the leader of Epomis has been through, and he doesn't really want to find out. So instead he says, "And what about what you’ve been through, what he's put you through? And I'm sure you're not the only one. I swear to you that you're doing the right thing."

    Camille swallows and her eyes briefly drop back to Lux's middle.

    Lux sighs. "Whatever you feel, you'll have to deal with it later. We're running out of time, and if we don't see this through, we lose everything."

    Camille looks back up at Lux. They lock gazes.

    "There's no turning back now."

    Camille purses her lips. "Fine," she whispers.

    Lux nods. "Do you have what I need?"

    Camille reaches for her pocket, fumbling slightly with shaking fingers. She pulls out a key and tosses it to Lux. "It should be parked just around the bend."

    Lux catches the key with a single hand. "Thank you." He pushes himself to standing, ignoring the way Camille shrinks back and instead concentrating on keeping his balance with the extra weight on his middle.

    "You take care of everything on your end, and I'll take care everything on mine," Lux promises. "And when you get home tonight, your brother will be waiting for you."

    The corner of Camille's mouth twitches upwards. "Don't let me down."

    "I would never."

    And Lux heads for the exit.

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