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    general yan!Malleus smut hcs

    anything posted and written on this blog is fictional and should not be recreated and/or idolized in real life

    what better time than to post this in (slightly late) celebration of the twst eng localization (and as a belated happy birthday post for our dragon prince).

    these are written with my own interpretation of yan!Mal for my reference. I say general because these kinks are ones that’ll pop up often in my writing of yan!Mal.

    I hope you enjoy your stay here in the memory shop - perhaps leave a like or rb if the shop’s service satisfies you, or even drop by the front desk and chat with me, the memory keeper~

    (I’ve made the main kink in italics since it seems like I have it scattered throughout all these hcs)

    pairing: Malleus Draconia x afab!reader troupes/kinks included: yandere x willing darling, exhibitionism, extremely light dub con, possessiveness, no sense of TPO, begging, biting/marking, dumbification, mentions of lingerie/sexy clothing, mentions of multiple rounds, orgasm denial, blowjob/oral sex, praise kink, slight verbal degradation word count: 2.2k words warning: each bullet point is quite long in length (especially on mobile) despite my attempts to shorten them, reader gets compared to a bitch once in description context: You’re so sweet, aren’t you? Just his dumb little darling queen, relying on him whenever things go bad for you (which is almost always). It’s okay, because Malleus loves doing that! He loves taking care of your problems and you and everything in your life so just follow his rules and you’ll be spoilt rotten. 

    What he expects

    A warm body to come home to - completely pliable for him to fuck into. Don’t worry about preparing yourself, Malleus will do that himself so all you have to do is lay there and make those sinful sounds as he takes you from both ends, over and over and over again. Even better if you’re all shy and embarrassed about how lewd you sound, that’s fine too because he’ll just make you moan louder so everyone can hear you!

    He decides when the two of you are finished, and he’ll hear no complaints from you. After all, you wouldn’t want to be denied his cum as his darling cumslut, wouldn’t you? You wouldn’t want to be denied cumming on his cocks after bouncing on the thick lengths for so long, wouldn’t you? Feels so good, doesn’t it? So just listen to him and keep cumming until he’s satiated.

    You two will always be attached by the hip - he just can’t keep his hands to himself! Malleus will fuck you anywhere, anytime. It doesn’t matter if there are nearby onlookers because they will make themselves scarce, and if not, well, it wasn’t his fault some people wanted a look at you in your most shameful state: squealing and moaning as his cocks pound into your pussy, making you see stars. 

    Malleus will throw them a bone. His darling is so lovely, so alluring and tempting that he understands. As long as they know who you belong to, there’s no problem with people staring at your sopping wet pussy being abused and toyed with according to his whims. Even as you sob out not to look, even as you desperately try to close your legs, it only makes you look so much more sluttier when you’re squirting all over yourself as your mouth squeals desperate “nooo!”s.

    He’ll even play along and spread your legs, give them a better view of your slutty parts against your begging, whisper into your ear about the numerous people masturbating to the image of you, like you were simply a toy meant for their pleasure instead of their queen.

    You’ll cum on the spot and because Malleus is mean, he’ll make fun of you for that until you’re in tears then soothe you with possessive kisses and comments that only he was allowed to fuck you so Don’t cry, my darling little queen. Look, I’ll give you more of my cum, hm? Shh, don’t cry anymore. It makes me want to bully you more.

    On special occasions

    You’re always so shy, so sweet and kind. The picture perfect darling for him that he loves and cherishes. He protects you like a dragon does to its most precious treasure in its hoard. When the day of his or your birthday arrives, it’s a given you won’t be able to walk after he’s done with you (well, you can’t walk either way after, he’s just so much more animalistic when something special is happening that you’ll feel the ache for even longer than usual!). 

    Malleus will be a bit more feral on those days, he’ll want to imprint on you, bite you and claim you for everyone to see. He’ll take you at midnight, breathing birthday wishes into your skin as he fucks you dumb or demand birthday wishes from you and refuse to let you cum until he’s satisfied by the squealed and broken H-Happy bi- ah! ah! Birthday! he gets. 

    On the occasion you decide to be a bit more bold, to seduce him yourself even though he was already obsessed with you with his entire being- well. You should prepare yourself.

    What can you do to seduce him? It’s obvious. You wear some revealing clothes, flash a bit of skin and he’ll be clawing at anything separating the two of you, throwing anything out of the way and pushing your clothes away to reveal your wettening cunt— he can smell that: the slick dripping down your thighs, your arousal. You’ll never be able to hide how turned on you get and it only makes him bend you over the nearest surface faster, plunge into your pussy with the reasoning that he was just doing his duty as a husband and satisfying you.

    Surprise, surprise! You really wanted to impress him, it would seem, so you’re wearing extremely revealing underwear... basically nothing! Malleus will pause for a moment, staring at the string in his hands as you squirm before chuckling lowly. He doesn’t know if he likes the idea of what’s his walking around in basically nothing but it was too good of a chance to pass up fucking you in such pretty clothing.

    Don’t worry, he’ll forgive you after he’s satisfied, after he’s taken you enough that he can smell his cum off you. Surely, any other fae will be able to smell the same scent of cum and stay away, not that you were aware of it (a little reprieve for your fragile pride). But be careful, Malleus will purchase so many different outfits for you from then on... and you’ll have to put them on and satisfy him when he tells you to do so.

    It’s hard to go into detail about all the different things you can do to seduce Malleus… so do whatever you want! Of course, only if it’s within his rules…

    What he forbids

    Oh dear, you won’t want to do these things when you’re with Malleus. Break his rules and you’ll find that little bit of freedom gone before you can even blink. That calmness on the surface is a lie- inside, he’s all rolling anger, spiraling into dark, dark possessiveness.

    What is it, you may ask, that causes this entire mess, the catalyst of his anger? Of course, it’s his possessiveness! If you keep talking to people without his approval, he’ll get the urge to lock you away all for himself. Stop flashing your smile at them! Don’t you understand that was his property only, that you were his entirely? You’ll talk to the people he deems fit and those he disapproves of - you shouldn’t even look in their direction.

    Don’t even think about making a joking comment about that one ‘handsome’ man because he’ll be livid, he’ll become out of control as paranoid thoughts start to overtake his mind. Could it be, he wasn’t satisfying you enough? You’ve become aware of other men? You were conversing with other men, interested in them? Now that just simply won’t do, Malleus will have to fix that immediately!

    And by immediately, he means ripping your clothes off and fucking you on the spot. It doesn’t matter if you’re in another’s home, another palace, another kingdom. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a public space, if you’re in the middle of a busy street window shopping, in the showroom of a boutique getting fitted, in the middle of attending a ball— they’re irrelevant when Malleus needs to show you how satisfactory he is as a partner!

    No one else will treat you like this, he reassures darkly, pinching and rubbing your aching clit. He won’t let you cum until you say you’re his, until you’re begging for relief even as people murmur at your shameless behavior. No one would dare gossip about Malleus for he was a king but you, you were a random woman he married, his most treasured toy as far as the people knew. And Malleus won’t lift a single finger to dispel the rumors, not if it only drives you further into his reassuring arms.

    The double standards of high fae society show increasingly more obvious when it comes to you, their queen in nothing but name. They stare and point at your breasts hanging out, bouncing with each harsh thrust but not at the hand pinching your nipples, whisper and mock your brokenly leaking pussy but not the cocks that fill it with thick, sticky cum until you’re overflowing. The worst part? You’re so naturally slutty that Malleus has trained your body to get aroused from situations like these, you no longer have the choice to pick and choose what arouses your body because Malleus, your dear husband, does that for you already.

    There are so many more of Malleus’ rules you could break, things he explicitly forbids but just describing one of them has taken so much time! So just sit back and relax - as his darling queen, there’s not much else you can do when he’s angry. Just let him take you in front of all those people! Let him assert his dominance over you, don’t listen to them, listen to him, he knows what’s best for you.

    “Say it”, he growls, pushing you further down into the plush material of the resting couch, digging his sharp nails into your skin. You’re too overwhelmed by pleasure to speak, only able to drool and babble in an attempt, like a dumb bitch in heat. Cold air leaves goosebumps on your skin as the ballroom spins, dangerously tilted through your blurred vision. You’re naked, you realize faintly, you’re on your front with your ass lifted up, Malleus filling you up just right, putting you on display like a whore meant to entertain. You’re sure anyone could see the rim of your hole fluttering around his cock - it makes you squirt out a little load of cum, shame and humiliation forcing it out of you but the rest is cut off when Malleus pinches your clit harshly. “Say you’re mine and I’ll forgive you this time, my little darling. I won’t be so lenient the next time.”

    On the topic of freedom

    Ah, ah, ah, what a touchy subject you bring up. To Malleus, you have all the freedom in the world! You’re allowed to do almost anything you want as long as he’s around - even better if it’s something he takes joy in too. There are still certain limitations to your activities but Malleus thinks he’s given you the most freedom anyone could have. To others, that may not be the case but you should only listen to Malleus anyways, he’s your dear husband so of course you’ll believe him over them!

    So what if you eat what Malleus dictates, go where Malleus needs to go, bathe when Malleus decides your nighttime activities are finished? It’s just Malleus being the best husband and looking out for your health! Your meals are all planned down to the smallest detail - you won’t lack in nutrition at all. He’s hired the best nutritionists to come up with your diet. The same goes for the rest of your life: what was wrong with being a good husband?

    If you want sweets or snacks outside of your meal plan… you’ll have to convince him yourself but that shouldn’t be hard with the soft spot Malleus has for your teary eyes and trembling pout. He can’t resist kissing it away as he caves and lets you eat your sweets. It comes with a price, as all things do, but it’s not anything difficult. Just kneel and open your mouth, yes that’s a good girl, open your mouth and suck on the tip- oh dear he may have gotten a bit impatient but you can take it, right? Your mouth was trained to take in his entire length - don’t worry about the other one, he’ll slap it across your face and paint your face white when he cums. Isn’t he so generous? You get both a nice shot of cum down your throat and dessert!

    If you want to go somewhere, you’ll have to account for Malleus’ exceptionally busy schedule. You can’t go without him! What kind of silly solution was that? Didn’t you promise to never leave him behind? Just sit with him through his boring council meetings and paperwork - it’s guaranteed to be less boring if you’re there to sit on his lap. He’ll make it up to you later when his schedule has freed up some time so don’t even think of going out behind his back! He’ll be so upset he may just leave you on edge, tied up for the rest of the night, plugged up with vibrators, in a precarious position waiting to be discovered. It’s all within his rights as your husband, of course.

    If you ever decide that you’re not in the mood for some loving from your dragon… don’t. Malleus wants to love you every night, wants you to feel how passionately in love with you he is. Why are you declining him? Are you rejecting his love? The term ‘not in the mood’ isn’t in Malleus’ word bank, he won’t listen to any of your explanations - only try to prove himself right by arousing you with his tongue, fingers, kisses. You can’t stop yourself from getting wet when Malleus knows your body so well, has trained your body to react to the slightest provocation. ‘Not in the mood’ doesn’t exist for you physically anymore so you’ll have to fix that mentality of yours before Malleus does so for you… or maybe you’re actually looking forward to being fucked silly by your dragon prince? That’s okay, Malleus is more than happy to help.

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    Look at how tiny ortho is compared to tall ppl + azul

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    SSR Malleus Draconia Union Birthday Personal Story: Part 3

    Requested by @anischa22 an Anon on the Other Side!

    "Happy Birthday"

    (Part 1) (Part 2) Part 3

    [Diasomnia Dorm – Birthday Party Venue]

    Riddle: Now, we move on to the next question.

    Riddle: “If you were to join any dorm other than Diasomnia, which dorm would you choose?”

    Malleus: A transfer, is it? I cannot imagine there would be any reason for me to do so…

    Riddle: Whatever do you mean?

    Malleus: No matter where I choose, I would become the Dorm Leader and build an atmosphere that suits my needs.

    Malleus: Of course, that includes your very own Heartslabyul.

    Riddle: In other words… If you were to choose my dormitory, you would challenge me to a duel and take from me the position of Dorm Leader?

    Malleus: Indeed.

    Riddle: I would like to see that. If I were to take your head with my Unique Magic, then my estimation as a mage would increase dramatically.

    Malleus: For you to think that you would triumph over me, how insolent. Although, I suppose it would not be quite as entertaining, if you weren't.

    Riddle: …Ahem! Pardon, we seemed to have deviated from the original discussion.

    Malleus: I suppose an answer of "anywhere" is inappropriate for the purpose of this interview…

    Riddle: The 7 dorms each have their own individualistic characteristics. Perhaps it would help if you viewed it from the perspective of "gaining knowledge"?

    Malleus: "Gaining knowledge" …I see. I cannot think of anything new that I could possibly learn at this school…

    Malleus: Ah, actually, there is one. If I were to think of increasing my comprehension in something, I would choose Ignihyde.

    Riddle: That would be the dormitory that was founded on the King of the Underworld's spirit of diligence.

    Malleus: Indeed. In Briar Valley, where I was born and raised, most everything is done with magic.

    Malleus: However, regardless of whether they can use magic or not, Ignihyde students delve into using their machinery.

    Malleus: If I were to join a dorm in which a majority of students are proficient in magical engineering, I believe it would be a perfect opportunity to obtain new knowledge.

    Riddle: I see… If you were to place yourself into a vastly different environment than what you have become accustomed to, it is likely that you may learn of new experiences.

    Malleus: Just by joining the dormitory and living amongst them, I am sure to be able to naturally learn how to use electronic devises.

    Malleus: Eventually, I wish to gain the ability to use a smartphone to summon objects directly to my hand.

    Riddle: Eh. A smartphone with the technology to summon objects…? That maybe a new magical technique… This is the first I've heard of it.

    Malleus: Is that so? If one were to follow the proper procedures using their smartphone, the item of their choosing could be instantly ordered.

    Malleus: I recall Lilia telling me of such a phenomenon in the past.

    Riddle: Is it possible you're speaking of online shopping…? I have an inkling that magical engineering wouldn't teach you that…

    Malleus: I am not quite skilled in handling machinery, however I cannot avoid the quickly arriving future.

    Riddle: With this, the interview has concluded. Lastly…

    Malleus: I am to receive the "Gift of Good Fortune" from my presenter, is that not right, Rosehearts?

    Malleus: I am prepared. You may present it to me when you wish.

    Riddle: …I am slightly shocked. I believed entirely that you would dislike this portion, Malleus-senpai.

    Malleus: We had not any custom such as this in Briar Valley. Something such as this that could only be experienced while at this school is precious to me.

    Riddle: So, you've been looking forward to this the most, I see. …Then, please refrain from any retaliatory lighting strikes once this experience has concluded.

    Malleus: I would never strike with lighting during a celebration. Quickly now, I'm greatly looking forward to your efforts.

    Riddle: I shall perform my final duty as your presenter… just as the rules state.


    (Part 1) (Part 2) Part 3

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    SSR Malleus Draconia Union Birthday Personal Story: Part 2

    Requested by @anischa22 an Anon on the Other Side!

    "Happy Birthday"

    (Part 1) Part 2 (Part 3)

    [Diasomnia Dorm – Birthday Party Venue]

    Riddle: Now then, let us move on to the interview. The first question is…

    Riddle: "If you could bring one person with you to a deserted island, who would you choose?"

    Riddle: However, you may not consider your own dormmates…

    Malleus: I see… Then I shall choose you.

    Riddle: Eh, m-me!?

    Riddle: My only experience with the outdoors comes from my club's training camps, so I'm not sure how much use I could serve…

    Malleus: Oh, so you wish to decline my request? It is lonely indeed to be refused by a fellow Dorm Leader.

    Riddle: That look… Are you enjoying yourself at my expense? I'm certain that anyone would be acceptable for you.

    Malleus: Heh, that's exactly right. I would be perfectly fine on my own.

    Malleus: I would simply need to fly until I come across land, for there would be no danger that I would deplete my magic before I arrive.

    Riddle: …How about in the circumstance where your magic would not work on the deserted island? Do you not think you would change your selection?

    Malleus: That would be an unfortunate situation… However, in the end, it would not matter to me one way or the other who I were to bring with me.

    Riddle: You seem to be quite confident that you could strive even without magic. Have you any experience in survival situations?

    Malleus: No, none.

    Riddle: Eh! Even so, you still reply as such!?

    Malleus: Yes. Although I have no experience, I do have some knowledge on how to live in this situation.

    Malleus: In the past, Lilia had me read and memorize a book on how to survive on a deserted island, "just in case."

    Malleus: In addition, with or without magic, my body is much stronger than any human.

    Malleus: For example, in a survival situation, in order to take shelter from storms, one would need to find a cave or some other shelter…

    Malleus: However, even if there is no cave, as long as I am able to find a large boulder, I can crush and excavate it with my bare hands and easily secure a shelter.

    Riddle: C-Crush a boulder with your bare hands? You are capable of such a feat!?

    Malleus: Indeed.

    Riddle: I never would have assumed you would be that strong, Malleus-senpai…

    Riddle: Th-then, how about meal preparation? That isn't something that can be solved by strength alone.

    Malleus: There is no need for worry. No matter how swift the fish or animals may be, there is no doubt that I would be faster.

    Malleus: To catch them would be a simple task.

    Riddle: Now that I recall, Cater had said…

    Riddle: He tried to capture a photo of you, but it would not come out well since you'd move too fast.

    Riddle: In addition to being a prominent mage, you seem to also possess a resilient body, Malleus-senpai.

    Malleus: Fufu. Do you not agree that I would have no issues surviving on a deserted island alone?

    Malleus: If you ever find yourself castaway with me, Rosehearts, do not hesitate to rely on me.

    (Part 1) Part 2 (Part 3)

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    SSR Malleus Draconia Union Birthday Personal Story: Part 1

    Requested by @anischa22 an Anon on the Other Side!

    "Happy Birthday"

    Part 1 (Part 2) (Part 3)

    [Diasomnia Dorm – Birthday Party Venue]

    Malleus: It is almost time for the chosen student to come interview me.

    Malleus: Even so… "The presenter who was chosen by the Magical Birthday Dice will bless you with good fortune," is it?

    Malleus: Heh, I wonder what sort of fortune they will bring…?

    ???: ―Excuse me.

    Riddle: It's me, Riddle Rosehearts, and I've been selected as your presenter. Malleus-senpai, I appreciate your time today.

    Malleus: Oh, so you will be taking care of me today.

    Malleus: What a relief that we will be able to stay on schedule, then.

    Riddle: This interview is a school tradition that has existed for generations. We cannot waste even a second of our time.

    Malleus: I would expect nothing less of the Heartslabyul Dorm Leader, with your austere approach to all things.

    Malleus: I will also do my utmost in today's interview.

    Riddle: Yes, let us make this a rewarding experience for the both of us.

    Riddle: Let us begin with this, the present I've prepared for you. Please open it.

    Malleus: Right.

    Malleus: This is… A glass bowl.

    Malleus: It seems to be quite small to utilize for food servings. What function does this bowl serve?

    Riddle: This is an ice cream cup. There is also an ice cream spoon that comes alongside it.

    Riddle: During an Equestrian Club meet, I had heard from Silver and Sebek that you enjoy ice cream, and…

    Riddle: I placed an order with the vendor that provides the tableware for the tea parties in Heartslabyul.

    Riddle: "It is not only taste, but also the aesthetics of the dish itself that make a meal even more delicious."

    Riddle: …I selected this one based on its description in their tableware handbook. I do hope it strikes your fancy.

    Malleus: The color is absolutely divine, almost resembling the green flames that the Thorn Fairy could conjure.

    Malleus: The floral pattern engraved on the glass is also detailed and beautiful. I do like this sophisticated design.

    Malleus: Rosehearts, you made a fine choice.

    Riddle: It is a relief to hear you say that.

    Malleus: One should enjoy their meals, not only with their tongue, but also with their eyes… I see.

    Malleus: I'll test it soon enough, whether the taste of the ice cream will change just by using this bowl.

    Malleus: …In Briar Valley, I would often eat alone, therefore most things felt tasteless.

    Riddle: Is that so…

    Riddle: I'm a tad surprised, as I see you taking lunch in the cafeteria alongside Silver, Sebek and Lilia-senpai often.

    Malleus: Indeed. Ever since I enrolled at this school with Lilia, my meal times have become quite lively.

    Malleus: Perhaps that is why taking my meals alone has grown all the more dull…

    Malleus: Although, if the dish itself is elegant, it may be possible to lift my spirits. I will search for some nice tableware for myself sometime as well.

    Riddle: …If you find yourself invested in searching for tableware, I could bring you a catalog later.

    Malleus: Mm… How considerate, Rosehearts. I thank you, for both that and your gift.

    Part 1 (Part 2) (Part 3)

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    I MET MY HUSBAND💚💚💚💚💚🥺👌👏

    They kept Child of Man thank gods sksksksksk


    Pretty sure I won’t but got off king—


    #malleus draconia#my malewife #disney twisted wonderland #eng twst
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    • Ok Who Left Him Behind? 😤 •

    • I Would Never Leave You Malleus ~ His Pouty Face 🤣 •

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    Who hurt you

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    Yo this really slaps it’s amazing 👏


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    “Eyes on me” [Twisted Wonderland]

    based on the prompt: “no need to impress me since my attention is always on you anyways.”

    Characters Included: Lilia Vanrouge, Malleus Draconia, Sebek Zigvolt, & Silver + GN! Reader

    Notes: Uhh i think these are more chaotic than the heartslabyul one. Favoritism is obv here hehe. Which dorm is the next? Probably Scarabia, one of the few who has the easiest characters to write for. Pomefiore is the hardest one for me because of Rook :') Hope ya'll enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it!

    Warning: Small spoilers here and there and I think there's swear words?

    Heartslabyul || Savanaclaw || Octavinelle || Scarabia || Pomefiore || Diasomnia

    Lilia Vanrouge

    Keep your eyes on him, he once said while hanging upside down with an innocent smile plastered on his face. All your attention should always be on him, and if not, he’ll get it back anyway. He has plenty of tricks under his rather large sleeves after all. Doesn’t care whether he’s scaring you or the other person, either way, would have the same result - your undivided attention. Smirks cheekily whenever you start to scold the old bat fae before silencing you with a kiss or two (or a load of them-). Or if he’s holding his guitar, he would strum wildly and rather loudly to bring your attention back to the stage. Works plenty of times.

    Before you two started to date, he would try various ways to win your attention. Some were successful, some weren’t unfortunately (which makes Lilia pout). Would find every possible excuse just to gain your attention, which frustrates the other person (especially if its the Adeuce combo). “Darling, is it me or is the sun shining brightly whenever I see you?” “You seem cold, do you want me to warm you up?” *proceeds to give you his oversize jacket* and more. Yes, most of them were pick-up lines (which frustrates the Adeuce and even the Diasomnia trio). Silver can’t help but think “is this really the same man as the one who raised me??” SO MANY CRINGE- HELP THESE POOR UNFORTUNATE SOULS-

    So since Silver and his fellow Diasomnia duo were sick of watching their (father) friend doing a weird dance with his crush, they decided to help out a bit. Give Lilia the push he needs to finally confess his feelings. And what does this plan include? Trying to get your attention away from Lilia until he gets annoyed and do something about it. Not exactly a good plan but it’s the best they could do (i mean what’d you expect from a trio that consists of a sulking and closed-off dragon, “WAKASAMA” guard, and a sleepy boy? honestly speaking I think it was Silver’s idea that they went with). I mean it miraculously worked-

    “how did we manage to make this stupid plan worked?” bebek “Your idea was more stupid, ‘force y/n and lilia-sama to confess their feelings through extreme torture’?? yeah no-“ silvy bb “i honestly believe it’s better than mine that consisted of locking them inside a tower.” - mal-mal

    Anyways, unsurprisingly, Lilia already knew what they were doing when Sebek suddenly dragged you away while you were talking with the bat fae. He applauds them for making this plan (*proud papa crying noises*). He finds it amusing at first but turns a sharp turn when it began to be annoying. Just when he was about to steal your attention, it’s either of the trio that intervenes and stops him so while using various stupid excuses that they could think on the spot. (his favorite so far was Sebek’s - “UHH WAKASAMA REQUESTS YOUR HELP FOR HIS BOWEL PROBLEM-“ poor bebek). So when the sun was already setting in the horizon, enough is enough. Swooping in like the prince in those fairytales, he picks you up bridal style and flies away with you to a place he knew that you two could be alone together. Malleus, Silver and Sebek could only watch the kidnapping happening (“are we getting punished for this?” “probably” “hopefully not”)

    “Those boys I swear. One moment they could be a trio of angels and next they are a pack of demons.” Lilia clicks his tongue, disappointment dripping from his voice. You giggled. “Can I safely presume that you were jealous?” He pouts at your question. “How could I not?! I have a bunch of good pick-up lines today…” You laughed. “I would love to hear it. Oh! Before that, I have one as well. You must be a rather good thief because I didn’t realize that you have already stolen my attention and heart.”

    LISTEN UP BOYS YOU GUYS HAVE ANOTHER PARENTAL FIGURE :D (hopefully you know how to cook

    Malleus Draconia

    Attention-starved and touch-starved are two different things you say? Well too bad because they’re now the same thing. This giant dragon fae that is supposed to be the next heir of the Valley of Thorns (or Briar Valley in the official english translation) is a literal puppy for you. It’s actually almost identical with Deuce’s since they both decided to follow their s/o wherever they go just for your attention. But whoever these brave souls are, bless your soul for you have the courage to steal Malleus Draconia’s lover’s attention whilst in the presence of the almighty dorm leader. Quite literally pouts beside you while glaring at the other person, how dare thee steal his future queen’s/king’s attention? Demands kisses and cuddles afterwards, clings to you even more and becomes more protective of you. I can imagine him hissing at anyone getting close to you- (Lilia doesn’t know whether or not to cry in embarrassment or happiness-)

    Before you started dating, he would gaze at you longingly from afar as you hang out with your first-year friends. As much as his desire to be with you in broad daylight, it just feels special when he’s with you in the cold evenings of the moon. The moon and stars being the witness of the blooming romance between you two. Of course everyone can see the tension between you two, heck even Silver who is often slumbering away can see it. Malleus for sure isn’t as oblivious as people would think he is, he just can’t differentiate the feelings between platonic and romantic. So Lilia, being the ever so gracious father he is, taught him the difference (with Sebek screaming in the background about his master having gained a love interest and Silver sleeping away as usual).

    Once he becomes educated between the difference of the two, he quickly got the gist that he should make a move (Lilia being not so subtle about it). He starts to court you in his culture’s style, dragon and/or fae. But for some reason, you don’t understand his actions since you aren’t aware of the fae’s culture of courting. But he always notices how your eyes shine whenever he does something in the process of courting, how your attention is always on him which makes him happy. It isn’t until he had to spell it out for you to finally understand what he’s trying to do. Chuckling at his pouting and flushed face, he looks away while mumbling - “how on the Great Sevens are they so smart yet stupid at the same time?” (wow harsh there Mal-)

    “I don’t think you understand it either, Tsunotarou (i refuse to call him what the official english translation called him).” His attention was soon shifted to you again, watching your face morph into a huge smile. “I was also trying to get your attention in my own ways. Looks like we’re both fools in love.” You laughed. “I’m acutely aware of how protective your race is so, let me make this deal with you. My attention and heart is yours if you also give it to me.” This deal is even more sweeter than ice cream-

    Sebek Zigvolt

    “NONSENSE! MY HEART AND ATTENTION WOULD ALWAYS BE ON WAKASAMA!!!” ouch. Not even a hint of hesitation there okay. Just when you’re about to walk away from him, he suddenly grabbed your hand before you could go. Watching his face go from bright red (courtesy of him screaming his head off just a minute ago) to flushed pink was rather amusing. “But.. if it’s you, I wouldn’t mind.” He mumbles quietly, and rather shyly. He loves your attention as much as he loves you and wakasama. But since he’s constantly busy guarding Malleus, he can’t spend more time with you without him being ordered back. Luckily Lilia and Silver rarely calls him back since they could also take a break from his constant helicopter nature over Malleus (and their ears are forever grateful, including Malleus’). He doesn’t mind much if someone were to take your attention away from him, but if its over 5 minutes, he would shoo that person away already.

    “CAN’T YOU ASK OTHER PEOPLE ON HOW TO DO THIS TASK INSTEAD OF THEM?! BETTER YET ASK THE TEACHER THEMSELVES!” “Sebek…” // “HEY! ITS OVER 5 MINUTES! TIMES UP!” “There’s a time limit????” (poor ace and deuce have to suffer from sebek’s lecture of wasting your precious time)

    Before you two started dating, it was honestly the worse thing that the people around them ever witnessed and it’s mainly Sebek’s fault for that. He was in a crisis where his judgment was being clouded by the whispers of his heart that yells for you, but his rational part is fighting back for his position as being Malleus’ guard. So he was torn between wanting yet not wanting your attention. One moment he’s yelling your name, next he just walks away like nothing happened. Lilia swears his handprint is firmly printed on his forehead from the number of times he facepalmed from Sebek’s stupidity.

    Honestly speaking, he would never confess his feelings for you. He swears to every saint and patron and whoever else that he will take it to his grave. So in this case, you two switched roles. He was ignoring you, thinking it was the best solution to stop his heart (news flash: it obviously didn’t work). You were the one who confessed to him, which makes him surprised at your revelation. It happened when he was trying to avoid you by walking past you as you decided to corner him near the magic mirror which leads to his respective dorm. “I’m in love with you, Sebek Zigvolt. Whether you believe it or not, my attention is always on you.”

    Haha oh no im in danger - sebek 2022

    Calmly enters the mirror before full-blown panicking when his mind finally registered what you said. His mind and heart were having an intense battle within him as he stumbles his way towards his room. The trio was worried for their eccentric electric half-fae companion, so Lilia decided to help him as his not-adopted father. After offering him the best advice (in Sebek’s eyes at least), he decided to pursue you while still being in the care of Malleus. Cue the epic scene of him running after you, lightning speed (which is honestly scary) and confessing his fears and feelings to you. “M-My heart have always been with you, but my attention was clouded by my concern for wakasama. Please give me a chance!!”


    Honestly the least jealous amongst the guys since he’s often asleep anyways, it isn’t like he can see you shifting your attention away from him while sleeping right? WRONG. Even though he’s a heavy sleeper, the instinct inside him are still active, it could literally sense if you shift your attention to another. Squeezes your hand to give him your attention again and lets out a soft smile when he feels your fingers running through his silver locks. Grumbles when he hears another voice while nuzzling his face on your stomach or side of your neck. Quite literally glares at the person discreetly without you noticing. But when your eyes land on him, he would act stoic as usual. Pulls you along when he’s had enough and brings you to a clearing in the woods to sleep.

    Before you two started dating, you were already acting like a couple without meaning to. You would let him lay on your lap or shoulder as he gets lulled to the dreamless sleep. And wakes him up if it’s already time for classes. You two pretty much spend time with each other that the rest of the Diasomnia trio were used to your presence. The habit of glaring at anyone who dares to steal your attention away stayed even before you two started dating. Gets so disappointed whenever you two part ways to go to class. Also the diasomnia trio ships you two hard, Lilia being the leader of the mini fanbase.

    “Go, my son! swoop in for that kiss!” “Isn’t that too soon?” “Shhh”

    One day, while he was slumbering on your shoulder in the library whilst you were reviewing for your upcoming test in Trein’s class, someone decided it was the best time to confess their feelings to you. Silver miraculously woke up in the middle of their confession and can’t help but feel the green monster of envy creeping up inside him. He decides to listen in on the conversation before stepping in. So whilst pretending to be asleep still on your shoulder, he listens to you promptly rejecting the other guy which makes him smile a little.

    When the guy finally left in disappointment, you two stayed in a comforting silence you broke it. “I know you’re awake.” Cursing himself mentally, he slowly opens his eyes and lifts himself from your shoulder to meet your amusing eyes. Chuckling at his slightly pouty face, you grabbed his face with both of your hands. “You’re so cute when you’re jealous! I can’t believe the other guy didn’t notice you being awake.” “… He had the audacity to confess to you in my presence…” You lightly pinched his cheeks which made him let out a muted whine. “But you gotta admit that you at least respect his courage! Though, unfortunately, they were all in vain as you are the only one that I’m willing to give my full attention and love.”

    😳 - silver


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    Okay but sebek would rather get buried alive than call malleus by his first name.

    Twst jp sebek: you are weak

    Twst eng sebek: I am you

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    What the hell is wrong with Cater in the English version I'm crying-

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    Seriously, dude, do some research before you review it, and one damn thing that I get mostly pissed off about: "Disney turned their villains into weebs" – um, the characters were inspired by them, they aren't entirely the original villains.

    And wtf is this description...

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    lmao was looking at the characters’ heights out of curiosity and converting to inches (i’m american, sorry) and holy fucking shit, he’s 6’7.5” he’s goddamn almost 7 ft tall

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    I have never seen, Malleus look so happy! Aww, Tsunotarou!! You're so precious!! 😭

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    Malleus mi ray como te amo mi amour!! This scene is everything two royals arguing !!! Help 📸 I’m simping badly!!!))

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