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  • pillowbelphs
    14.12.2020 - 5 monts ago

    Mammon and Seek

    Genre: comedy, fluff

    Prompt: 38. “You owe me.” “Fine, whatever you like.” from this list

    word count: roughly 600

    if you have any requests for prompts from that list, do not hesitate to drop a message!

    xoxo moon

    tw: light cursing

    “(Y/N)!” you’re awoken from your sleep with a loud knock at your door—scratch that, more like several loud knocks at your door. (Y/N), (Y/N), open up please!”

    you knew that rushed, forced whisper all too well.

    it was non other than your boyfriend, mammon, coming to disrupt your slumber for a reason unbeknownst to you , as he usually does.

    you waddle to your door, rubbing the sleepies out of your eyes as the knocking becomes more and more rapid, the situations intensity seeming to increase as you made your way there.

    “What is it, mammon?” you ask mid-yawn, placing your hand on the door knob and turning it lightly.

    what you weren’t expecting, though, was the crashing landing that you had on your floor once you had done so.

    the minute you turned the knob, mammon laid his full body weight against your door, pushing it open with full force and, to both of your surprise, making him push against you, both of your bodies landing on the floor from the force of him bumping into you.

    “if i wasn’t awake, i am now,” you mumble, a low groan escaping your lips as Mammon lifts himself off of you. He helps you to your feet rather quickly, before leaning over to the door, shutting it, and locking it. then, he turns back to you.

    “i need you to hide me.”

    “no fucking way.”

    mammon looks at you, an exasperated look on his face. “What? what do you mean n—c’mon (Y/N), please! i’m your boyfriend, you’re supposed to help me out!” 

    you cross your arms over your chest, looking at him with a straight face. he may be your boyfriend, but he wasn’t going to endanger you at 3 in the morning, when you were barely cognizant of what was going on. “What did you do, why do you need to hide, and from whom.”

    though you asked these questions, you could easily predict the answer that would fall from his lips.

    he looked at you for a second—he knew you would probably reject him again, but he couldn’t lie to you.

    “I went to the casino—“

    “i’m going to stop you right there,” you interrupt, placing your hands on his chest to push him towards the door, “if you got yourself in debt and mister debt-collector Lucifer is hunting you down, I want absolutely no part of it.”

    “Please, (Y/N),” mammon says, taking your hands in his. he gives them a soft squeeze, making your heart flutter. “Just this once. You know how mad Lucifer gets when he’s angry—he becomes irrational. I have a plan to pay back the casino by tomorrow, but if Lucifer finds me, i may not live to see tomorrow.”

    He looks into your eyes, giving your hands yet another squeeze. he knew he could get through to you, he was your boyfriend after all, but he knew how equally afraid you were of Lucifer that he was, so it may take a bit more effort.


    you looked at him for a moment, his eyes seemingly growing in size to plea for your kindness and help. that’s when you heard it.


    Lucifer’s voice boomed down the hallway—he was mad, a mad that you could only equivocate to when he became upset with you for defending luke and beel. it was a mad that you had not witnessed in a long time, and a mad that, if it weren’t towards those in the House of Lamentation, would have the one he’s looking for trembling in fear.

    “that bad?” you whispered, half in shock, half in disbelief.

    mammon nodded. you sighed, pinching the bridge of your nose.

    “you owe me,” you said, a smile immediately spreading across mammon’s face as you began pushing him toward your bed.

    “fine, whatever you like!”, he said happily, pressing a soft kiss to your cheek, “Thank you so much baby.”

    “I guess if you’re going down, i’m obligated to go down with you.”

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  • endingfrst
    14.08.2020 - 9 monts ago
    #ㅤ‹ 🌼 : answered — just cause i said it don't mean that i meant it › #ㅤ‹ 🌸 : muse — francesco bae › #O FRANCESCO RECEBENDO ASK #os mimos pro mammone #OBRIGADA BB
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  • italiancultmovies
    02.08.2020 - 9 monts ago
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  • nitia95
    22.05.2020 - 11 monts ago

    Mammon: Hi, I'm Mammon!

    Me: *thinking about a similar Italian word* You're a "mammone"?

    Mammon:... What's that?

    Me: It means you're a "mama's boy" in Italian, someone who really loves his mum.



    Sorry not sorry, don't @ me, I never played obey me but I thought it could be funny.

    #Obey me#Stupid chat #Wrote for joking #I actually thought he was a mammone!
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  • wentworthlindamilesfanpage
    18.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    Informer 3838 airs Monday. 8:45pm

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  • italiancultmovies
    14.04.2020 - 1 year ago

    #testa di sbarco per otto Implacabili #sbatti il mostro in prima pagina #la classe operaia va in paradisl #TernoSecco#Operazione Poker #il Gatto mammone #il divorzio #i moschettieri del mare #anna maria pierangeli #pierangeli#lando buzzanca#vittorio gassmann#vittorio gassman#rossana podestà#gloria guida#giancarlo giannini #gian maria volontè #mariangela melato#elio petri #in urlo nelle tenebre #roma a mano armata #tomas milian#umberto lenzi#maurizio merli#victoria abril#nando cicero#spy movies#euro spy#romolo guerrieri#anita ekberg
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  • entitledgods
    15.05.2021 - 46 minutes ago
    #obey me#yandere #yandere obey me #obey me yandere #obey me mammon #mammon#yandere mammon
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  • lucinferno
    15.05.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    mammon: mc are you ok

    mc [visibly shaking]: lucifer walked into my room with his sleeves rolled up and i accidentally called him a slut

    #literally im all for mammon x mc with mc having a side thing w lucifer. mm we love to see a girlboss winning #quotes #obey me lucifer #lucifers just like: ill show you just how slutty i can be
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  • inviouswriting
    15.05.2021 - 1 hour ago


    Simeon x Fem!Reader

    Smut. Very... very... smut.

    Below the cut has the content for it.

    Warnings - It's a smut, but has cockwarming, blowjobs, cunninglus, hairpulling, overstimulation, a mild predatory Simeon, letting that other side he has surface a tad bit, mirrors, a good time.
    “What do you say to something sweet?”
    “I could use some sugar.” You smile up at him, and his eyes seem to shine from the idea of something more.
    “Give me a little time to prepare something then.” Simeon disentangles himself from you, you sigh when you move off of Simeon’s lap giving him a forlorn stare at being out of his arms. He just beams a gentle smile. You forgive him, it is hard not to when he has a look of innocence to him. Yet you know what lays underneath that gentle exterior he puts up.
    “Alright, I am going to go shower to warm up a little.” You inform him, and he nods in agreement, Simeon looks at the mess left behind, a smirk graces his lips at just how much you were turned on. He goes to work on cleaning the table of the water and yours and his evidence you did anything on the table. He will now have memories of what you both did while eating at it.
    His attention is drawn to your DDD going off, and he lifts it to see who was messaging you this early in the morning. It was Mammon, Simeon quickly responds to the message saying you are unavailable, before shutting the phone down so you are alone with Simeon longer. The brothers can wait one day without you.
    Simeon feels a little selfish for it, but when the others hog and hound you every waking moment in the day. He does feel jealous when they ask for your time when you are with him. The angel sets about preparing something, hearing the water of the shower just starting. He thinks of something that he can use with you in the shower, tapping a hand to his face. He still feels the sting in his back from your nails, scratches he might enjoy showing off to make others wonder what he does to make you lose control.
    Simeon looks in a pantry for an idea to jump out and grins as he tugs out a hidden box he has for chocolates, out of Luke’s reach. He takes a few pieces setting them on a plate and starts heading into the bathroom to catch you before you get out.
    You were finishing rinsing conditioner out when you hear the door open and close. The clink of a plate being set down, and gentle humming from Simeon as he stripped to join you. You feel arms circle around your waist tugging you back against himself.
    “Sorry I kept you waiting.” Simeon murmurs in your ear, and you relax more when he turns your head to meet him for a kiss. You meet him in a sweet one, a chaste peck before a full deep one. The tongue that prods at the entrance of your mouth is welcomed. Your eyes widen over the sweetness that graces your tongue; you instantly kiss him harder to get more of the chocolate that was on his tongue.
    Simeon turns you in his arms to make it comfortable and walks you back to pin you to the shower wall. He pushes his tongue deep into your mouth letting you suck on the appendage as he explores your mouth, memorizing your own unique taste. You hadn’t realized you were moaning into the kiss until you come up for air, panting at the loss of his lips. The tingling kiss that leaves you wanting so much more.
    “Air, my lamb, you need to breathe.” He kisses the side of your mouth, and you part your lips for another kiss, only to have him lick your lips. A tease, you chase after him, wanting to kiss him longer. Simeon avoids your mouth, planting small kisses along your jaw, even rubbing his cheek to yours affectionate before he gives you another kiss that makes your head spin.
    Simeon lowers his gaze to yours as he seals another kiss with you. You keep your lips parted as he prods your tongue to explore him. You tilt your head up into the kiss, you feel one of his hands palm a breast, squeezing it till his fingers tug at your nipple rolling the nub between his index and thumb. You feel your head spinning much more and legs quivering from the way he makes you feel with affection like this.
    The angel breaks the liplock in favor of biting down on your shoulder, you can feel a fang digging in enough for the pressure but not enough to break your skin. A full suck placed on that spot, he even grazes his teeth along your flesh, being mindful of where he leaves his love bites, never on main veins or arteries. When he is satisfied with the red on your neck he gives it a loving kiss, before moving onto the next spot.
    You soak up his attention, every ounce he gives when he is like this. You feel your legs trembling, even more when his other hand slides up along your thigh to press his fingers into you. Simeon holds you up against the wall when your legs buckle from the pleasure of him pushing deep three fingers curling them just right. Hot moans fall from your lips right into his ear your mouth is next to, Simeon feels your teeth on it tugging. This makes him thrust his fingers into you a bit faster, you feel yourself losing your grip on standing.
    “Go ahead, I have you.” Simeon says into your ear, and under his guide he helps you onto the floor of the shower. He keeps your legs apart as he has free range now to thrust his fingers as deep as they get. You feel yourself overwhelmed in pleasure that you move a hand on top of his to guide him into touching you. Simeon responds with using his thumb to circle and flick over your clit. He sees your legs shaking and stops his hand ministrations, pulling his fingers free from your pussy. You see his fingers covered in your fluids and he looks at it impressed.
    “Really made a mess of you here. I am sorry to be a little selfish now but listening to you... and seeing you in such a state.” Simeon sits so his back is against the wall out of the spray of the water. Your eyes go down to his cock and see what he is asking for. He is painfully hard that you see precum streaming from the tip.
    “Would you please suck me?” Simeon asks face pink, even grabbing the base of his erection to offer himself, the allure of his blue eyes heated and you crawl forwards to help him out.
    “Of course.” You agree, seeing his face light up in relief to the request. You lean down and move a hand to take over for Simeon. You touch over the soft skin of his cock giving him a few tugs to hear him sigh impatient. You run your tongue along the underside following a path of precum to the tip. Once there you sweep your tongue along the very end of the slit teasing him as he had teased you earlier. His response is his hands on the back of your head to guide you down to take him. You deliberately miss taking him into your mouth in favor of kissing along the top of the head and down the shaft.
    The grip in your hair tightens just a hair harder from the building pressure he feels. Maybe a bit frustrated, if you had to chance a stare up to the angel’s face he is giving you that one stare to stop messing around with him. You give him one more tease in apology, kissing back up the length of his shaft along the underside paying close attention to the very sensitive spot just below the glands, a spot he loves when you go down on him.
    You admire the color difference of the bright pink tip among dark skin, before you take the head into your mouth. Simeon sighs in approval when you go down as far till the tip hits the back of your throat. You still had three inches till you met the base, but you move up to suck on him, following the rhythm of his hips when he thrusts into your mouth. Moans falling from your angel’s mouth in almost a sinful song. Yet what you two do is far from a sin with the love you have.
    Simeon feels a blissful sensation run through his spine when you take those last remaining inches. You concentrate on not gagging on him, pulling up to lave your tongue around the head then back down. You press your fingers on his sac rolling it as you please him. Simeon’s hand on your head pets through your hair lovingly.
    What he wasn’t prepared for was when you pulled your mouth off to suck just on the tip of his cock, looking up at him as you do so. You focus your attention right here, seeing your angel come undone with a visual that will wonder if he will be able to return to the Celestial Realm after his time with you. A sweet and salty flavor spreads across your tongue, and you look up at Simeon’s face. His eyes are closed, and he is panting hard as more floods your mouth. You greedily swallow his cum down, not wasting or spilling a drop, even squeezing his balls for a little more as you milk him of his seed.
    When Simeon opens his eyes, he is greeted to another sight that starts making him hard all over again. You noticed him about to open his eyes and rest the flat of your tongue against his cock underneath as the last of his semen coats your tongue. You give him such a stare, as you use the tip of your tongue to tease the slit.
    “My lamb... you have no idea what you do to me.” Simeon rests his hand back on your head and guides your mouth off him. You sit on the floor as you clean your face from any remnants. Simeon watches you for a few minutes, then remembers you have yet to cum yourself. He tilts your head up with a hand and presses a kiss to your cheek.
    “Let me return the favor now? I was unfair to you.” You get his words, and sit back only to be guides to lay on the floor. Simeon reaches over to turn the water off feeling it running cold. He then lifts your waist up and strewns your legs over his shoulders. You shiver when you feel his hot tongue against your slit again, and pushes his tongue inside of you. He wastes little time in pleasing you, aiming to get you off fast to match him to relax before he is ready for another full romp.
    Simeon’s fingers fit in along his tongue, scissoring your hole open to hold your walls so his tongue can delve deep like how he was kissing you earlier. You feel heat pooling at your belly, and you don’t control your voice anymore when you feel him swirl his tongue inside. He never cares about his own taste, not when he aims to please you. Your toes curl when he focuses running circles with his tongue on your clit before sucking on the nub till he feels your entire body shaking.
    You cover your own mouth with your arm, biting into it to keep from making high pitched cries. Simeon uses the fingers he has inside to pump when his tongue is outside, then hold your hole open to push his tongue deep, then pulls back to suck on your clit.
    “Don’t bite yourself my love. Let me hear you, you know I won’t let up till you scream my name.” A teasing but chiding lilt to his voice, and you pull your arm from your mouth to moan out when he focuses his attention solely on your clit. He uses his fingers to push the hood covering it back and you feel immense pressure in your belly.
    “That’s it... about to cum for me... let go...” You feel mortified, as you hold back, you didn’t want to on his face. Yet he was drawing it out of you. Even pushing his tongue deep again his mouth closing over your pussy. The pleasure is too much and after his fingers bump one spot inside of you, you let go in a full gush, screaming his name as loud as possible letting it echo through the shower.
    Simeon hums happy to himself as his tongue is greeted with a sweet taste. He knew the difference between fluids, and getting you to squirt was a favorite of his. He keeps lapping at your folds from opening to clit to get all of the fluid that you released.
    You are let back down and all you could do was shake and shudder from your last orgasm. Simeon grins to himself at reducing you to such a state, he crawls over top of you, and you lazily greet him in a brief kiss. You smooth your hands through his dark hair, petting his head, paying attention to the top of his head and his face. Gentle rubbing that has him nuzzling his cheek to yours in affection, wanting more with you.
    “I want more...” Simeon says, and you knew what he meant. You know the angel wants a lot more than just oral, you admire the way he has stamina to burn through. Part of you wonders if you had a whole day and night with him, of when you can wear him out. You haven’t been able to yet, wondering if it is an angel thing to never tire.
    Simeon kisses along your neck again, over the love bites he made. He notes how high they are, that you will have a hard time hiding them from anyone else.
    “Good, I want more too... you think we could have fun in front of the mirror?” You voice an idea to Simeon, and see his face light up at the idea. He gets to his knees and collects you into his arms. You both had dried enough for this, and your angel brings you both over to the full floor length mirror. Simeon tests your body to see if you are ready for him again, pushing two fingers inside of you gently, pumping them enough to arouse you. He enjoys the way you grip his fingers, still sensitive to his ministrations.
    You are guided with him to sit down with him, Simeon guiding you to sit in his lap, adjusting himself so he can enter you. You press your face against the cold glass of the mirror at the stretch, his fingers and mouth were never a comparison to the size his dick is. After Simeon bottoms out entirely, you feel arms circle around your waist and tugs you to sit in his lap. The motion sends him as deep as he gets, and your hands go to your abdomen where you feel him.
    “Good? Too much?” Simeon checks with you, as he moves his hands to guide your legs to rest over his knees. The mirror in front of you; your eyes wander to it, and you were not prepared for the sight that greeted you. Simeon keeps your legs apart with his knees, you see a predatory gaze in his eyes. One you’ve seen on the dance floor. His gaze pins your eyes to his, and you fidget in his arms.
    Simeon settles with resting his head in the crook of your neck. He drops his eyes down to from yours to where you are connected to him. Your eyes follow and your face lights up pink at how much of you is stretched to fit the angel. He even tests how much more he can fit with a bump of his hips up, the thrust makes you yelp in pleasure.
    “You look good like this, on me, with me inside. I fit perfect... you are so warm and wet. I never want to pull out again... I want to keep doing this.” Simeon lowers a hand down to spread your folds apart getting a better look at your stretched hole around his cock. Simeon uses his free hand at your waist to push you down till the only part visible is his sac, while the rest is buried to the hilt.
    You feel full of him, even with his subtle rocking to keep from being stuck. Loving kisses are placed along your shoulder, to the corner of your cheek. You tilt your head away, and Simeon kisses more of your neck, pressing his cheek to yours to feel the soft of your cheek to his own. He is lovingly like this, and you see the expression on his face. Purely happy that you keep it in mind.
    Simeon tilts your head back to his, seeking your lips for a kiss. You follow his guide even as he begins to move, bucking his hips up to bounce you on his cock. You open your mouth for a moan only to be muffled with Simeon pushing his tongue deep into your mouth again. You wish you could cling to him, your hands clench and unclench till your angel finds them to lace your fingers together.
    Through a cracked eye, Simeon watches you through the mirror, seeing the way your pussy swallows his cock, you feel him twitch. He sees how drenched you are, and the sounds of skin against skin filling the air. Simeon focuses on the sensation around him, tight and warm with wet, he sees the way you glide down on him. He even stills himself a few times just to make you grind on him.
    “Please... Simeon...” You plea with him, you feel a kiss on your neck.
    “Please what?” His tone is always gentle in your ear, you grip his hands tighter, and he matches your needy grip grounding you to him.
    “I want to...” Soft nibbling kisses on your lips, he catches your bottom lip to bite enough to feel his teeth but not enough to break skin.
    “You want to what? Cum again? Hold out a little longer my lamb. I’m not anywhere close yet.” You let out a moan, and hold yourself back from that feeling. Simeon feels you clench around him, and he drives himself harder into you, his hands now on your waist guiding you down, rocking you with his hips. Simeon tires of the position you two are in, and arranges you to have you pushed against the mirror in front of you. You brace yourself against the surface, pressing your face against it; Simeon pulls your hips back to his and begins a hard and unrelenting pace to get himself closer to that blissful release feeling.
    You are met with pleasure surging through your entire body, your toes curl and your legs shake from each thrust in as he sheds being gentle for want and need now. Each thrust in you are met with the feeling of him bumping your cervix. Your nails scratch at the surface of the mirror, not able to leave indents in it like you did the table earlier.
    Simeon lets his own moans out, focused solely on the sensation of your pussy gripping his dick when he thrusts inside. You feel a hand smooth into your hair, nails scratching delightfully along your scalp as Simeon grabs a handful and starts tugging till your head is arched wonderfully back not going far to where it strained. The pull of your hair adds onto what you are feeling, you whine in a way, where he shoves himself deep and stills to bring you down from an orgasm.
    “Not yet.” He warns, you feel shivers down your spine from his tone of voice. You hadn’t heard it since the play, and it excited you than scared you in this moment. Simeon lets go of your hair in favor of pulling you up with an arm under your chest, pushing you flush against the mirror. His eyes going down to focus on his cock thrusting in and out of you. You feel him twitching inside of you and your eyes open to find his face twisted in absolute pleasure.
    “Alright, my lamb... alright.. Now.. Please.. Let me feel you. Cum for me please...” Simeon’s free hand goes to slip along your folds rubbing your clit in fast circles to stimulate you further. His thrusts are jerky and uneven, There is a swell you feel accompanied by loud moans against your neck where he buries his face into. You are turned on by the sight of your angel completely gone out of control of himself that when you cum again you release such a loud moan that his eyes snap open to see if he hurt you by accident. Instead he is greeted to the same look in his eyes. Fully blissed out and he has to thrust up hard to bury himself from you almost pushing him out.
    “My own angel... my love.. My lamb... you are beautiful like this... let me enjoy this further.. Please..” Simeon cums shortly after you do, his own voice echoing out in the shower that seeing him lost in bliss. You can almost make out the halo. You feel hot seed flood inside of you, and Simeon pulls you into his arms to sit back again. Your head tilted to his as he claims your kiss bruised lips swallowing further moans before moving to lay on your sides together.
    Simeon stays connected to you for a bit longer, enjoying the heat he feels around him. He keeps his face in the nape of your neck, both of you just outside the view of the mirror. He has one of your legs strewn over his and a hand down massaging your folds around his cock. He spreads them and when you respond by closing your leg on top of his hand to trap it there and grind. Simeon nudges your legs apart enough for him to tease you again.
    “I’m too sensitive, Simeon please have mercy.” You plea with him, and feel a kiss to the side of your face.
    “Alright, we still have a bit more time. What would you like to do with me?” Simeon runs his hand along your arm and shoulder, feeling how soft it is. You think about his question.
    “A bath before we continue? I want to be in your room again.” Simeon hears you and thinks about moving. His thoughts are drawn out when you squeeze him.
    “Can we stay like this a little longer? I’m not ready to separate.” You hear him and feel a moment that is beyond just a little intimate. He is insatiable and you are as well with the time allotted to you both to spend exploring and loving each other.
    “We can stay like this a bit longer, but can we adjust so I can see your face too?” Simeon agrees and pulls from you long enough to flip you to face him. You blush when he guides himself back inside and you roll your hips down till his cock is fully buried into you once more.
    Here you meet his gaze and stare, gentle and you roam your palms over his chest. Simeon enjoys the feel of your palms like this, he returns the touching with his hands down the middle of your back pulling you closer. You move your hands up to his face and rub your thumbs over his cheeks tugging him to meet you in a kiss. You never give him just one kiss, after he has expressed how much just one doesn’t convey his feelings. You rapidly give him kiss after kiss, all over his face earning happy hums of approval. Your fingers get brave and you run a teasing scratch on his shoulders, grazing the skin till he pins you underneath him again.
    “If you keep this up, I’ll just have to take you again right here, forgetting the bath and bedroom. Think we can make it to the bedroom?” You look up at him, that same predatory gleam to his eyes, you know it lurks within him, you have seen it with the brothers. They all possess that stare when they want something. Simeon’s are directly on you, and you know he wants you alone, to himself.
    “I think we can make it to the bedroom. However, I don’t think I want to.” You answer him truthfully.
    “Good. I don’t think I want to either. If I had my way, I will have you on every single surface of Purgatory Hall. Before anyone we know is set to return.” Simeon affirms that he rather stay in the bathroom with you, taking you repeatedly till you are too worn out to move.
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  • irgmugurg
    15.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Mammon’s Music Taste Hcs

    I would first like to say that I BEEN SAID MAMMON LIKES R&B. 

    I also hc that he loves rap music too. Mostly based off his character song and because rap can really complement R&B (and I’m projecting again) 

    Definitely listened to gospel in the celestial realm. 

    Listening to yolanda adams while he does his work. Wings tucked behind him while he sways.. i’m SWOONING

    One of his favorite genres is 2000s R&B. Get this man some Usher, Destiny’s Child, Rihanna, Mario, Beyonce and Alicia keys. THIS MAN BOPS TO THIS. 

    The pussycat dolls, Suga Suga by Baby Bash. Salt N Pepa

    Probably the latest songs from the human world that he knows 

    Also R&B from other languages. Have yall heard Japenese R&B i fucking LOVE it

    Probably gets really into his emotions when the cheating/breakup songs come on. It's just so emotional, okay! 

    totally doesn’t think of him and MC when the cheesy romance songs come on (he does, and he wishes they were in his arms swaying to the music with him)

    I am BEGGING you please have dance parties in mammon’s room. They will go late into the night with old songs you can barely remember (songs your mom played Saturday mornings while you cleaned type beat) or songs that fill your chest with so much nostalgia and love. 

    Please make memories with him where you both jump on his bed and see who can rap the fastest or go the highest note

    Likes listening to slower R&B when he is doing something (homework, counting money) so it doesn’t distract him too much. 

    Cannot hit Mariah’s high notes but boy does he fucking try

    High pitched, cracked screaming from Mammon’s room

    “Mammon, shut the fuck up!” 

    If the lyrics get too sexual (this applies to rap too) he gets too embarrassed to sing out loud. Probably in his room by himself yeah but if he’s in public where anyone can hear him? nope no way. 

    This man probably watched those old R&B music videos and memorized the moves. No matter how stupid some of them looked. He thinks he looks so fucking cool doing them tho, please cheer him on

    WILL grab a mop or sponge and use it as a microphone. If he’s in the middle of chores when he’s listening to it he will be moving to the music and once the chorus strikes WILL be screaming the lyrics (Lucifer pretends to be really annoyed with this but is happy to see how carefree Mammon can be) 

    If you don’t wanna dance with him do NOT let him see you walk by because he WILL rope you into his silly dances and you WILL be singing

    Asmo tells him to shut up with his music a lot BUT he does join Mammon’s dance parties often and if he gets really REALLY into it will try AND ACHIEVE Mariah’s high notes. 

    When they have their monthly self care night asmo lets mammon pick the music because he loves what he picks.

    Levi while mostly listening to anime songs does get with some of mammon’s music and in turn shows mammon the melodic anime openings that match his taste

    They do watch anime rap battles together 


    Beelzebub listens to SOME rap, mostly to keep his vibes up at the gym and Mammon will sometimes recommend him a song

    Belphegor LOVES Mammon’s soft R&B. Mammon will attempt to sing these as lullabies but often forgets that it’s suppose to be a lullaby and gets way to into it 

    I think Satan’s music taste would be everywhere (mostly centered in rock and metal) but sometimes spends time listening to music with Mammon and talking about their histories

    Not Mammon listening to bye bye by mariah (you don’t understand how much I cried over this song when I was a kid) and time by Snoh Aalergra and thinking of Lilith

    If he gets some bad nightmares then he’ll play some low R&B and sing himself the lyrics as he cries to sleep :)


    Mammon L I V E S for rap songs about money. Daydreams about buying fancy things with you. 

    He watches the music videos with the fancy cars and girls and sighs, yearning for their life


    It’s one of those things that make his adrenaline sky rocket and a smile stretch hopelessly across his face

    But also gets embarrassed REALLY REALLY quickly 

    Will change a song if he’s with you and its to sexual

    When these songs come on in the club? Mammon throws down. 

    Mammon is a good dancer. This is canon. So when these songs come on he will BREAK IT DOWN on the floor. 

    Has had multiple dance circles form around him


    Its just so fucking funny to him, think TMG

    Mammon listening to WAP,,,,,

    He likes the beat but the ENTIRE time his face is the brightest red

    If you sing the lyrics to him he will not know how to act, straight shut downs

    BROCKHAMPTON!!! He simply vibes with their music

    If he’s worried about a money scheme then he’ll listen to some confidence inducing rap and goes “boss mode” 

    Okay but deadass rap do be like that 

    Please spend a night with him showing him the newest human rap and R&B. He will listen to these for nights on end. If you pay attention you can hear him singing the lyrics under his breath as he walks through the hallways at school. 

    Next time that you bring up the songs to him he will have them all memorized and put in a playlist with your name on it

    Loves Eminem but hates that he can’t keep up


    “lyrics comin’ at you at super sonic speed......” and then just really quiet mumbling of the lyrics

    anyway my point is that mammon has BOMB music taste and I love him

    #mammon #obey me mammon #swd mammon #shall we date mammon #om! mammon #obey me! #OBEY ME #obey me fic #obey me headcanons #om! headcanons #om! hcs #om! shall we date #obey me leviathan #shall we date leviathan #obey me asmodeus #obey me! shall we date? #obey me shall we date #shall we date asmodeus #obey me brothers #om! brothers #om! lilith #shall we date lilith #om! lucifer #shall we date lucifer #om! satan #shall we date satan #om! beelzebub #om! belphegor #shall we date belphegor #shall we date beelzebub
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  • horror0harem
    15.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Welcome to Hell Ch2. “Meet Mammon”

    Gia meets their new guard demon, “Mammon”. It does not go well. Also because this is my fic and I can do whatever I want Obey me is now in the same universe as It’s Always Sunny.

    Word count: 1.7 K

    The demon pointed an accusatory finger at the redhead.

    Gia resisted the urge to bite it right off.

    “Listen up, because I’m only gonna say this once!” He barked, “If you value your life then you’ll hand over all your money now! And anything else of value!”

    Was this guy for real!? This bitchass was trying to rob them!? Oh hell no, Gia was not going to get robbed by some twink that still used fucking axe body spray!!

    “Otherwise I’ll wipe that—“

    “Fuck that and fuck you!” Gia yelled, cutting the demon off mid-threat, “Listen here, asshole, I’m not getting robbed by some twink!”

    “Who’re you callin’ a twink!?”

    “You, dumbass!”

    “You don’t know what you’re dealin’ with, little bitch.” He spat, snarling down at them. Gia only bit back,

    “I’m dealin’ with a punkass that’s about to get their shit rocked!”

    “Mammon! Shut up or I’ll punch you!” Lucifer snapped, “And Gia, language!”

    And then Lucifer just punched Mammon, causing him to stumble back a bit while gripping his head.

    “GAH, OW! Hey, what’s the big idea!?” Mammon whined, “I thought you were actually gonna give me a chance to shut up before punching me!”

    Satan gestured to his older brother, “Gia, meet Mammon, Avatar of Greed. He oversees all forms of it,” he explained, “whenever he takes a liking to someone they suddenly find themselves awash in money.”

    “And he’s a masochist, that part’s important~!” Asmo added, “So I can’t wait to see you put him in his place some more!”

    Ok. Ew. Gia didn’t need to know that.

    “I didn’t need to know that.” Gia replied flatly.

    “And it just so happens I have a job for my masochist of a brother.”Lucifer stated, only to be cut off again by Mammon.

    “Quit tellin’ lies! I ain’t asked for that punch and I ain’t a masochist!”

    “Mammon, you are going to be charged with seeing to this human’s needs during the exchange.” Lucifer ordered, “I expect your full cooperation.”

    “WHAT!?” Both Gia and Mammon yelled at the elder demon.

    “Wha!? Why me!?” Mammon exclaimed.

    “Yeah, why him!? He literally just tried to rob me!” Gia argued.

    “As, lucky you, Mammon! I’m so jealous.” Asmo pouted.

    “Then you take them!”

    Wait no, Gia got the feeling staying with Asmo might just be worse than Mammon.

    “Huh? Hell no. Watching them match your energy is too funny.” He replied quickly.

    “You just said you were jealous!” Mammon all but screeched.

    “Just give up Mammon. There’s no getting out of this.” Satan looked at though he was holding back laughter, “You know you can’t deny a direct order from Lucifer.”

    “But why me!? Why can’t Beel do it?” He whined

    “If we hand Gia over to Beel we might as well just tell him to eat them.” Asmo said, now scrolling through his DDD.

    “Yeah, I can’t promise I wouldn’t.” Beel agreed.

    “...Mammon?” Lucifer asked lowley , his tone was dangerous.


    “Surely you’re not going to tell me you object to this arrangement, are you?”

    For the first time, during his introduction, Mammon was quiet. He only held a sour look on his face before loudly groaning, “Ugh, I hate you guys! Fine, I’ll do it, ok!?” His attention turned back to Gia, “As much as I don’t wanna look after you, I’ve got no choice. It’s a huge pain in the ass and I’m too important for this kind of thing.”

    Sure buddy, keep telling yourself that.

    “But Lucifer told me to do it, so I will. But in return you better not cause me any trouble, got it?!”

    Gia took back what she first thought of Mammon. He was worse than the high school boys that got stupidly mad when you didn’t stand for the pledge.

    “If you can stay off my dick,” Gia sneered, “we might have a deal.”

    “Fine by me, human. Just don’t forget whose boss around here.” Mammon shot back.

    “Now that that’s settled,” Lucifer cut in before Gia could say anything else, “Mammon, show them to the house and try not to kill each other.”

    ‘No promises.’ Gia thought, reluctantly following Mammon out of the hell.


    That lack of depth perception was really biting Gia in the ass. They felt more like a bird trying to escape a hall of mirrors, bumping into and bouncing off of walls. It also didn’t help that Mammon was practically speedwalking away from them.

    “Oi! Human! Would ya pick up the pace, we don’t got all night!” He shouted over his shoulder.

    “Oh sorry! Lemme just pop my eye back in and magically gain perfect vision!” They sarcastically called back, “OH WAIT! I can’t!”

    Mammon stopped mid-step before turning on his heel and striding over to Gia.

    “Wait...you’re missing an eye?” He questioned.

    Oh great, was he gonna do that mock-sympathy schick they got more than enough back in their world?

    “Damn, Lucifer couldn’t even get a human with all their parts!” He cackled, clenching his gut, as if this were the funniest thing in the world, “He had to grab some broken fucking human! That’s hilarious! ”


    Did he really just call them BROKEN?

    Gia saw red, their lip pulled back into a venomous snarl. How fucking dare he! They were a lot of things but broken was not one of them.

    “Oh, I’ll show you broken!”

    The redhead kicked the demon’s kneecaps with all this might.

    “OW! YOU BITCH!”

    Satan and Asmodeus watched as the two left for the House of Lamentation, absolutely transfixed on the two’s interaction. It was like one of Asmodeus’ trashy reality tv shows came to life, neither of them could look away.

    “Uh, Lucifer, they’re already fighting.” Satan said, earning a groan from the eldest. Lucifer could feel a migraine coming on, a bad one.

    “Oh my god the human just kicked Mammon’s kneecaps!” Asmo laughed, he was recording the entire interaction, “Oh he’s mad!”

    “Shit, do I need to intervene?” He asked with only mild concern.

    “Hmm, maybe..” Satan watched as Mammon grabbed for Gia, “wait, no he’s just carrying them back to the house.”


    “PUT ME DOWN!” Gia beat on the demons back, “This is demeaning!”

    “Just be happy that the Great Mammon was kind enough to help you!” Mammon shot back, “If you think this is demeaning then imagine how I feel! Why should I have to look after some human !?”

    “ Um,bitch, I got isekaied to hell without my consent and now I’m stuck with a bunch of rich boys who reek of ‘I peaked in high school’!”

    Mammon gasped, “I did not peak! The Great Mammon only goes up!I’m practically a golden god!”

    Why did they feel like they heard that somewhere before? Maybe...back home? Oh shit yeah, Mammon talked exactly like this one guy who owned a bar they’d always go to when they were bored. Wasn’t his name Denny or something?

    “And just so we’re clear,” Mammon continued, “it’s not like I can’t say no to Lucifer, okay!?”

    Gia didn’t ask.

    “I only agreed to babysit you because, um...Well you know, because…...uh…”

    “It’s ok, take your time.” Gia said

    “Grr! It doesn’t matter! Just don’t go thinking I’m scared of Lucifer or anything! Because I’m not!” He snapped.

    “Uh-huh, sure.”

    Mammon finally put them down when the two got to the house.

    Gia whistled, taking in just how...elegant? No, elegant wasn’t the word they were looking for? A better way to describe the house would probably be maximalist. When they entered they were met with a double stairway accented by two gigantic gargoyle statues. Purple wallpaper clung to the walls littered with paintings of people, Allistar Crowley being the only one Gia recognized.

    “This is the House of Lamentation. It’s one of the dorms here at RAD.” Mammon explained, stepping forward, “Well, it's not just one of the dorms. It’s the dorm reserved for student council members….and you I guess.” Mammon prattled on, mostly about himself, “Lucifer, Asmo, and the others take every chance they can get to insult me. Callin’ me scum, sayin’ I’m a money- grabber and stuff…..”

    Gia was really only half paying attention, they opted rather to try and figure out who the other people in the photos were. Cultists, perhaps?

    “...In other words, I’m a big shot. A real big shot. Like, even other big shots are impressed by—hey are you even listening!?”

    “Hm? Sorry, what? I got distracted by the pictures.” Gia gestured loosely to the walls.

    Mammon growled, “I was just saying, don’t you go thinkingI’m just some ordinary demon. I’m nothing like those other peons walking the halls here.”

    “Ok, cool. Figured as much.” Gia shrugged

    “So I suggest-wait what?”

    “I figured all of you were pretty powerful, why else would Diavolo leave me with all of you? Demons eat humans, so you put the human with your most powerful and loyal demons as protectors.” Gia elaborated, “So that implies that you’re the most trustworthy and capable of this task, right? Even if you did..try to rob me. But why else would Lucifer and the rest of your brothers leave me in your care?”

    Mammon stared wide-eyed down at Gia, they could practically see the gears turning in his head—wait did his cheeks get darker?

    He turned around before Gia could really tell, “Well-I’m—I mean!—Duh, of course the Great Mammon is capable!!” He sputtered, “B-But don’t think flattery is getting you anywhere! You’re still just some stupid human!”

    “I wasn’t trying to, it’s just logic.”

    “SHUT UP. Just-! Let’s just go to your room, OK!?”

    Instead of lugging Gia over his shoulder, Mammon instead grabbed their wrist and began dragging them up the stairs, avoiding looking at them.

    “Ow! Fine! Lay off the dragging, though!”

    Gia’s room was cottagecore as fuck. That was the only way they could best describe it. The room looked like it had been taken out of a fairytale book, it wasn’t exactly Gia’s style but they could appreciate the aesthetic. Objectively, the room was very pretty. That idea was hammered in the more Gia explored it.

    It was bigger than the apartment they shared with their mom. In truth, it was more like a closet that somehow fit a bed and dresser.

    “Holy shit this bed is soft.” Gia commented once they flopped onto the comforter, “And these pillows! They’re not flat! I forgot they could be fluffy.”

    “Oi, human, I got some advice for you,” Mammon leaned over the bed, “ If you wanna survive even a day here in the Devildom, you’d better listen real close to what I’m about to say.”

    “Aight.” Gia turned their attention back to the demon.

    “If it ever looks like a demon is about to attack you..run. Either that, or die.” Mammon said grimly.

    “That’s...Honestly not the worst advice I’ve ever gotten.” They replied.

    “How about I vote you to die, Mammon!”

    Gia jumped at the new voice, shooting up out of the bed and looking towards the door frame. There stood a pissed off looking guy with purple hair, glaring daggers at Mammon

    “AH..! Levi…!” Mammon exclaimed.

    #🏩self insert🏩#self ship#🖤 romantic#mammon💵🪶🤑 #obey me fic #obey me shall we date #self insert writing
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  • mychicagodaddyjohnny
    15.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Got7 as the Seven Deadly Sins

    ❥ Genre ~ demon!au

    ❥ Pairing ~ none

    ❥ Warning ~ slight implications of physical, mental, and emotional harm

    ❥ Taglist ~ @atiny-ahgase, @seongsangsgf, @parachuuuus, @yunhofingers-writes, @pikacuuuuuuu

    ❥ A/N ~ ENJOYYYYYYY 💛💛 (p.s I decided to elaborate more on the fact of them being demons ^^)

    [this scenario is fictional and only made for entertainment purposes]

    [edit pics made by me]

    Lucifer [Demon of Wrath]

    EXTREMELY short tempered

    Brutal, vicious, and savage

    But also exceedingly subtle and convoluted

    Isn’t afraid of punishment in any sort, welcomes it in fact

    Despises being mistaken for Lucifer and even Beelzebub but is still fairly close with the two

    In addition to his short temper, he has utterly no time or need for patience

    At least that’s how he feels

    Shows mercy for NO ONE AT ALL

    Another mischievous demon, just more tenuous

    Takes pride in steering those who are naive and innocent away from any and everything holy or blessed

    Asmodeus [Demon of Lust]

    A lustful little fucker

    Enjoys teasing and using people’s erotic needs and vulnerability against them

    Absolutely breathtaking and uses that to his advantage

    Can and will bring you a heavenly pleasure like no other

    Even considering the fact that he’s a demon

    Finds joy in manipulating and playing with human’s sexual desire as well

    Very seldom will he fully give into someone’s yearning

    One of if not the most luring demon

    Will use you for his pleasure only and thinks nothing more of you than one of his many play things

    Leviathen [Demon of Envy]

    Envies anyone who does or has something superior to him

    The silent type, believe it or not

    Lives by the motto “Be afraid of the quiet ones, they are the ones who actually think.”

    Once in his sea creature form, he enjoys causing ruckus and destruction in the seas

    Aside from his physically harming, he’ll use his power to intimate and terrorize those just by his spirit

    Has a fond liking for Lucifer but only by the fact of his arrogant nature

    Not many dare as to even go near him due to his dangerous status

    Except he relishes on this and chooses to not associate with other demons

    Amongst all of the many other ancient, terrifying sea creatures, he is by far the most powerful and deadly

    Similar to Mammon, there have been a variety of different depictions of this demon but they all surface back to the conclusion of his powerful ness

    Beelzebub [Demon of Gluttony]

    Okay first and foremost, usually hates every single living creature equally but has a special hate for humans

    Loathes them with everything in him

    Has a tendency to go out on a whim and just destroy nearly everything

    This going hand-in-hand with how much he truly loves chaos and causing it

    Typically has no sense of memory from his previous rampage actions the within the next few hours

    But if he does, he’ll just grin sharply and squint his eyes cunningly

    A jealous demon, which is partially where his raging fits transpire

    Finds the unholy acts of mortals downright hilarious

    Especially if he’s the one who encouraged them

    Lives for spreading fallacious reliances to others and the concept of battle and ardor

    Mammon [Demon of Greed]

    Greedy, no doubt, but he is not only greedy for materialistic items, he can also be extremely greedy for power

    Instead of corrupting those who are sexually innocent, he likes to corrupt those who are innocent and less greedy than himself

    And this power is dangerous because of how influential it can be

    Even the greatest and most wholesome of men can be driven to corruption by this demon

    Gets a special kick out of watching his victims fall apart and become horribly obsessed with wealth and power

    There is no assigned image of him, judging by the fact that he is able to transfer hisself into practically anything that comes to mind

    This making it easy for him to homogenize with regular people

    Often can be even more conceited than Lucifer himself

    Proving this by boasting and flaunting his wealth and treasures

    Is known to have many slaves and demons under his command

    Belphegor [Demon of Sloth]

    Is overly lazy and on occasion, even more lazy than people may think

    Tries to avoid causing destruction to things altogether

    But if entirely necessary, it can take place

    Only because he prefers to do his dirty work in the shadows

    Becomes easily distressed and agitated by the idea of having to work hard or constantly

    In all of this however, he fancies having the best of items and riches

    Likes to dwell in hidden places away from life and its drama

    Uses his shapeshifting abilities to trick and deceive mortals into thinking they’re either hallucinating or going insane

    Is one of the few demons who is friendly with Leviathan but only speaks with him once they’re far from everything else

    Despite him being an idle thing, whenever he does find himself doing something, he’s very efficient with his work

    Lucifer [Demon of Pride]

    A conceited demon

    Doesn’t hesitate to hurt anyone who endangers his ego

    keen intellect

    unlike Satan and Beelzebub, is in pretty good control of his temper but has ephemeral patience

    Very arrogant in the sense that he knows exactly who he is and what he is capable of

    Howbeit, he is partial to fair dealings and play

    And respects those who prefer to conserve their morality and prestige

    Not really too open to catching feelings or any other emotions of that sort

    Favors negative sentiments to a greater degree

    Immensely obstinate and absolutely refuses to change his thought process due to one’s other but he does pay much attention to other’s point of view

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  • obeyme-ever
    15.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Do you love me or not? Asmo x GN!MC

    Summary: When the Avatar of Lust falls in love with you his insecurities stop him in his tracks.

    Word count: 1,628

    “Asmo!” He looked up searching for you when you came running down the hall towards him, propping yourself on his shoulder. “Hi Y/N!” He eagerly said back going to look at your face his voice getting caught in his throat, did you always look so perfect? He shook it off beaming at you as you spoke, “I was wondering if you wanted to have a self-care night this weekend?” You asked raising an eyebrow and scanning his face. The demon before you nodded, “Yeah we can!” You hummed happily at his answer waving to him before running to catch up to Mammon, who was waiting for you outside your next class. An overwhelming feeling of jealousy enveloped him seeing you with his brother and he gritted his teeth pushing the thought far back into his mind, what was wrong with him?

    After that day it just kept happening everything you did made his chest swell and his worlds jumble in his throat from the way you said his name to the way you smiled at him whenever you caught him staring. It wasn’t just that though, when you came to his room for your self-care night that weekend he was way more nervous than usual making sure everything was perfect. It made zero sense to him why he was acting like this, he was usually confident and flirty but now he seemed to be the polar opposite. He was busy putting on your face mask when it dawned on him. The way your eyes fluttered closed and the peaceful expression on your face only adding to it as he stopped in his tracks, the small popsicle stick dropping as his eyes widened. “Asmo why did you stop?” You furrowed your eyebrows asking the fifth born only to get a squeak out of him and a panicked apology, “Sorry I was reading the instructions again to make sure I was applying enough!” The demon lied but you seemed to buy it as you nodded, letting him continue. After the face mask he couldn’t take it anymore ushering you out of his room with the excuse of being exhausted.

    He quickly locked his door when you left flopping on his bed, “I’m not supposed to love! I told myself I didn’t deserve it so why do you make me feel like this...?” He shouted into the void his plush sheets cradling him as he cried. An internal battle within him as he had finally realized while doing your face mask that the recent achy feeling in his chest and the leaps it did was because he was in love with you. Without realizing it he had fallen for you the only person who’d ever seen him as more than lust. He yelled at himself wishing he hadn’t developed real feelings for you, too scared to lose you or what you’d think. For centuries he indulged in his sin feeling no true romantic feelings for others even when they worshipped him and yet here you were. “Would you even feel the same? Of course you wouldn’t...You’re too good for me.” He shook his head at the thought burying himself into his pillow as he cried, for once in his life being scared of heartbreak.

    Ever since then he’d been avoiding you, doing everything in his power to stay out of your way. He hoped that if he didn’t interact with you his feelings would go away but they didn’t. His mind was clouded with you at night and he couldn’t help but watch from afar, your laugh ringing in his ear as you hung out with his brothers. He wanted nothing more to shout into the abyss how much he loved you but he was terrified, you deserved so much better than him. You deserved someone that wasn’t so lustful or narcissistic, someone that wasn’t him. Asmo repeated this mantra over and over in his head refusing himself the right to his own feelings.

    His heart ached worse and worse everyday as he spent more and more of his time in his room drowning himself in his usual favorite things to distract himself from the feeling that left him rendered useless. “I don’t understand just make it go away! I can’t love you! If I love you what if you don’t love me too?” He croaked throwing the makeup he was applying at his vanity mirror. He no longer cared about the makeup as he sunk into his sheets curling himself up in a ball, his heart pounding in his chest. “So this is what heartache feels like? They haven’t even done anything but I’m going insane. I can’t have you I just can’t!” The demon bawled placing his hands over his eyes to stop the tears, trying to rationalize his thoughts the best he could.

    A small knock on his door snapped him out of his thoughts as he rubbed his eyes to get rid of any tears before saying, “Come in.” His heart stopped as he saw you walk in and close the door behind you, “Sorry I didn’t mean to bother you if you were sleeping, but we haven’t gotten to spend time together lately and I was wondering if you could help with me my homework.” You spoke softly stepping closer to him as his eyes softened, How could he say no to you? He cleared his throat silently cursing how hoarse he sounded from yelling moments before, “You didn’t bother me I’ll gladly help you!” He said in the best voice he could, scooting over to make room for you as you graciously sat down next to him pulling out your homework.

    He nervously watched you answering your questions as best he could until you asked the one question that broke him, “What’s love to a demon? I don’t really know the answer to this one since I’m not one.” You casually asked writing away as Asmo took a deep breathe, “Love to a demon? Well love to a demon is when their heart aches so bad it feels like it’ll explode or how everything they do makes the demon question everything he ever knew. A demon in love is like...” He stopped his tears overtaking him now as he sobbed into his hands.

    “Asmo are you okay?” You asked concern filling your voice as you looked over his frame. He looked up at you his face tear stained as he cried, “I can’t take it anymore!” “Take what?” “I love you! I’m in love with you but I shouldn’t be! I can’t love you...” Your heart broke as you saw the pain in his eyes as they flicked everywhere around the room but yours, “Asmo...” You started before getting cut off by the demon, “I don’t deserve you, I’m not supposed to love like this I don’t deserve it! I’m the Avatar of Lust I’m supposed to help others indulge in their deepest desires but now I can’t because you’re the only thing on my mind!” “Asmo stop, please listen to me...” “I thought I would be okay I thought I could just avoid you and it would go away but it didn’t...” He croaked looking back down as he hiccuped trying to catch his breathe. You leaned forward wrapping your arms around him, his body growing still in your arms, “You deserve love.” You whispered letting his head fall onto your shoulder as he silently cried, “You’re not just the Avatar of Lust you’re so much more than that.” “I’m not I can’t be trusted, stop trusting me!” He pushed you away finally realizing what you were doing.

    “Why are you still here!? I don’t know how to truly love! I’ll just hurt you!” His hiccups started getting in the way of his words and he stared at you, his glossy eyes begging you to leave. Your lip quivered as you finally broken yourself, never seeing the demon before you like this. How much did he keep to himself only acting confident for others? “Asmo, stop it and listen to me! You deserve so much more than what you allow yourself!” You yelled looking at him his body still shaking as he gawked at you. “I love you Asmo! I love you more than the world and yet you are so adamant that you shouldn’t love and you’ll hurt me!” His heart fell into his stomach your confession making more tears fall down his cheeks as you continued, “You know how to love! Stop being so scared to let yourself feel it! You deserve to love and you deserve to love me! No matter what your insecurities and fear tell you...”

    His arms wrapped around you resuming the embrace you held moments before, “Say it again...” “What?” “Say the three words again, tell me you aren’t lying.” “I love you and I’m not lying about that.” His breathe hitched in his throat and he held onto you tighter, “I’ll say it as many times until you believe it.” “I don’t deserve you.” You shook your head leaning against him further, “You do and you always will, you’re much more than the Avatar of Lust. You’re Asmodeus the demon I fell in love with.” His head tilted up to look at you a small smile tugging on his lips for the first time in weeks, “Then can you teach me what love is?” “I don’t need to, you already know how.” You said leaning in to capture his lips in yours the aching in his chest turning to the butterflies in his stomach as he melted into your touch. Perhaps he could let himself learn how to love just the once if it was you, he thought chasing after your lips.

    If you like my work, reblogs and comments are welcomed!

    #obey me #obey me shall we date #obey me asmo #obey me asmodeus #obey me angst #obey me fluff #obey me asmo x mc #obey me asmo x reader #obey me asmodeus x mc #obey me asmodeus x reader #om! asmodeus
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    Infernal Translations - Mammon

    What did your demon boyfriend say that would cause him to get so red?

    Get access 1 week early to posts like this as well as Patron Exclusive Chats by subscribing to my Patreon at the link below 🧡
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    Going for Goldie (6)

    Pt. 1 / Pt. 2 / Pt. 3 / Pt. 4 / Pt. 5

    After Beelzebub departed, Mammon and I were once again alone together. The white-haired demon had resumed his place on the sofa, only now he was laid out on it with his back propped up against the armrest. This left me inside his stomach at a kind of incline. I’d taken to leaning against the back wall and was taking advantage of the surprisingly relaxing warmth the fleshy surface provided.

    “I can’t believe I’m going to be stuck in here for hours,” I moaned, flopping my arm over my face dramatically. “So much for having a midnight snack.” It wasn’t uncommon for Beel and I to run into each other at the kitchen in the middle of the night. We both seemed to have a habit of craving late night treats.

    “Well,” I felt Mammon’s hand plop down onto his stomach, causing a small tremor around me, “I could always swallow somethin’ for ya to eat.”

    My face instantly formed into a grimace. “Don’t be disgusting, Mammon,” I chided. The idea of eating someone’s second hand food was positively repulsive. Though I knew the demon was joking, I still didn’t appreciate the crude commentary. A chuckle rumbled around me, but otherwise Mammon said nothing more.

    “You know, I think since this turned out to be a lot more than a quick trip into your stomach, that you owe me Goldie privileges for at least three days,” I stated. Had I not already committed myself to helping Mammon keep his credit card from Lucifer, I might have abandoned the whole thing as soon as things got complicated. But, if I gave up now and made Mammon cough me up, then the whole thing might end up being for nothing.

    A strangled noise of outrage came from Mammon. “Three days?! Ya gotta be kiddin’ me!” The stomach walls all pressed in around me slightly, I could only assume as a result of Mammon clenching his hand around his middle. “I--I’ll give ya two days, but that’s it!” he exclaimed after my lack of response displayed how serious I was about the matter.

    “Fine, but you also have to take me out to dinner some night,” I declared.

    Mammon unclenched his hand from around his stomach, but I could tell that he’d now tensed up all over. “Wha? You can’t be--pfft, like the Great Mammon would ever be caught goin’ out to dinner with a--with a human,'' he stammered. I had to stifle a giggle, I could just tell his face had become all blushy.

    It was a pretty common occurrence that whenever I took part in some playful flirting with the Avatar of Greed, his face would heat up while he stuttered out insistences that he had no interest in humans. I knew it was just one of his defense mechanisms, so I had stopped taking offense to it a long time ago.

    “It can be lunch if you prefer,” I replied, feigning ignorance.

    “Huh? No--I’m only havin’ a meal with you if you’re the main course,'' Mammon finished the sentence proudly.

    I rolled my eyes. “This is the last time I’m ever going to be in your stomach.” While I felt pretty sure of my own statement, there was a part of me that wondered if I really would be able to avoid being eaten again. Yesterday I would have said I would never let a demon eat me under any circumstances, and yet here I was sitting in the belly of the beast.

    The pressure at the front of the stomach returned as Mammon rested both his hands on top of it. “Well ya better not end up in any other demon’s stomach,” he warned, a hint of possessiveness in his voice. “You are my human, after all.”

    Being the Avatar of Greed, it wasn’t surprising to me that Mammon tended to be overprotective of his belongings. However, I never would have guessed I would be considered among those belongings. His possessiveness over me wasn’t only in regards to me being eaten, he had also expressed jealousy when his brothers tried to get a little too close to me. In a way, it was kind of endearing. Although, I always made a point to make it clear that I was not an object to be owned.

    “I’m your friend,” I corrected smoothly, “and you don’t have to worry about anyone else eating me, at least not with my permission anyway.”

    Mammon was silent, and for a moment I wondered if I’d made him upset in some way. But then his hand began to slowly and gently rub his stomach. I smiled softly and leaned forward to pat the outermost wall in response. The guy wasn’t the best at accepting compliments or genuine displays of affection, but he had his own little ways of showing his appreciation.

    “Hey, Y/N?” Mammon spoke up, now idly trailing a finger over his stomach. “You’re not...I dunno, scared of me or nothin’, are ya?”

    My eyebrows lifted in surprise. The genuine concern in the demon’s voice threw me off guard. He usually made an effort to try to convince people that he was an incredibly powerful demon that ought to be feared. And while his brothers often treated him as though he were weak, I knew better. Mammon was the second eldest of the seven Avatars, and therefore the second most powerful. However, the thing with Mammon was that the guy pretty much never flexed that power. For whatever reason, even when his little brothers smacked him around or called him names, Mammon never lashed out.

    As a result of all that, it was easy for me to sometimes forget that I hung out with a potentially deadly demon on the daily. Of course, when Mammon had shrunk me I’d been reminded of that latent fear. However, I wasn’t about to tell him that. I didn’t know how he’d react to the knowledge that my natural instincts insisted I be wary of demons like him (especially when they were giant sized), but I certainly didn’t want him getting the impression that I was some scared little thing. Besides, logically I knew Mammon could (mostly) be trusted. Plus, having a pact with him meant I could stop him if he ever were to do something that really freaked me out.

    “Oh please,” I dismissed. “It would take a lot more than an overgrown demon to scare me.”

    “Hmmm,” Mammon hummed thoughtfully. “Maybe next time I should eat ya in my demon form, that might really give ya a fright.”

    The joking tone of his voice was obvious, but I still sent a kick into the nearest wall in retaliation for the comment. “How many times do I have to tell you there won’t be a next time?” I huffed.

    “Is it really so bad in there?” the demon inquired, once again prodding at the outside of his stomach.

    I took a moment to assess my surroundings. It was just as pitch black as ever so I could only imagine what everything actually looked like. Surprisingly there was no foul odor, the stomach acid that was pooled at the bottom didn’t seem to have a scent to it. The temperature was a bit warmer than I’d prefer, but it was thankfully tolerable. And while the squishy stomach walls still kind of grossed me out, I had gotten pretty used to them already.

    Being in the stomach itself wasn’t terrible, really it was the mere fact that I was in someone else’s stomach that I disliked so much. It was a matter of pride. Being in the Devildom, it was very important that I keep my head held high. Showing weakness would just encourage potential enemies to target me.

    “It’s...well it’s not exactly the Ritz,” I responded, unsure of how exactly to explain it to Mammon. “I have no idea how I’m supposed to sleep in here either.” I couldn’t deny that it wasn’t entirely uncomfortable, but I wasn’t really sure if I’d be able to fall asleep with the knowledge that I was literally inside someone’s stomach.

    As if on cue, Mammon gave a yawn that caused everything around me to tighten for a moment before loosening once again as he exhaled. “Well, let’s test it out,” he announced. That was the only warning I got before Mammon sat up and got to his feet.

    With Goldie safely tucked away in a pocket, I was able to easily brace myself against the walls with both hands. I felt quite secure--that is until the floor suddenly became a wall and one of the walls I’d been holding onto suddenly became the floor. “I suppose I should have seen that coming,” I thought to myself.

    After a few moments of shifting as Mammon got situated, everything around me finally settled and I was able to get myself comfortable. It wasn’t like there was a ton of room to spread out, but it was plenty of space for me to lay flat. The stomach acid had seemed to dissipate shortly after Mammon had laid down, as if his body had finally caught on that I wasn’t going to be digested so it had no business sticking around.

    “Comfy?” the demon asked as he went back to gently rubbing his stomach in a circular motion.

    I snorted. “About as comfortable as someone can get in a stomach.”

    “Good,” Mammon replied cheerfully, unphased by my grumpy tone.

    “You better not roll onto your stomach,” I warned. While I figured the action wouldn’t necessarily hurt me, I doubted it would be comfortable being squished by the entirety of the giant demon’s bodyweight.

    A chuckle echoed around me. “Don’t worry, I’m not much of a stomach sleeper,” Mammon promised.

    With nothing else much to say, and exhaustion beginning to heavily set in, I said, “Okay...then goodnight, I guess.”

    “G’night, Y/N.”

    In a matter of minutes I could tell Mammon had already fallen asleep. His breathing was slow and even and his heartrate had dropped to a resting level. Honestly, the natural ambience of his body was kind of relaxing. The up and down motion his breaths caused almost made me feel like I was on a gently floating boat. It didn’t take much longer for me to drift effortlessly into a deep sleep.

    The next morning, as soon as Mammon and I woke up, I demanded he quickly get me out and unshrink me. My urgency was in large part spurred by the fact that my bladder was absolutely screaming at me after having not been emptied in so long. I didn’t even get the chance to relish my return to normal size before I darted out to the bathroom, but not before ordering Mammon never to tell another soul about the previous night’s events.

    After dumping everything I’d been wearing into the wash, taking an hour and a half long shower, and then absolutely stuffing myself during breakfast, I actually felt back to normal. Of course, I wasn’t about to forget the experience of being eaten anytime soon. And something told me Mammon wouldn’t either.

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    Yandere Mammon, Beelzebub, Barbatos, and Simeon with a Darling who is Being Stalked

    Anonymous asked: “ Can I please have an Mc who genuinely does not give a flip about their Yandere tendencies, but will step in if it goes too far, pulling them aside and telling them, "Hey, I don't know if you've noticed but a group of lesser demons have been following me home and taking stuff from me. I don't know what to do." (For Barbatos, Beel, Mammon, and Simeon)”

    A nonchalant darling is very hard to write for. It’s just not my forte, I prefer to focus on the darling’s suffering. Because of that, I’ll be doing their reactions to the Darling saying that before they have revealed their intentions. Thank you for the request!


    Unhealthy mindsets, murder both implied and stated, manipulation, torture, and certainly more. Disclaimer that I do not support the actions taken here and suggest that anyone who does please leave.


    We all know he prides himself on being your guardian, and your only guardian. If there’s anything he’s unwilling to budge on when it comes to you, it’s that, so you can imagine how pleased he is that you came to him first.

    He’s not pleased that those wretched demons are following you of course, but they’re only the lesser ones. The fact that you can’t even handle what’s practically a mouse to him makes him want to melt.

    You humans really are so fragile, you know? It’s no matter, he can take care of you and whatever troubles- whatever obstacles get in your way. You’d do best to remember this!

    He thoroughly enjoys their torture. He’ll drag it out as long as he can manage before he gets too ahead of himself and ends their suffering earlier than he hoped. He wanted you to watch, but he knows you can be squeamish, he understands.

    It’s just too unfortunate he wasn’t able to show off their mangled corpses. And after seeing your face when you heard through the school gossip what happened to them, he decided to hold off on telling you that was his doing. You most likely already knew anyway.

    But, really, what does it matter? All it means is that he can protect you. They had it coming, those disgusting vermin. You’ll come to agree with him eventually. 


    He’s been trying to avoid you for the most part, but he can’t possibly get himself to ignore you when you willingly come up to talk to him, no matter how dangerous he’s sure it is to talk to the object of his obsession.

    Finding out that you’ve been stalked? Now that sends him into a rage he didn’t know he was capable of. What foul things would they have to be in order to go so far against someone so innocent? Someone so so kind?

    It doesn’t matter. He’ll get rid of that filth. This is something he can easily do for you, something that he has to do for you. 

    Unlike the others, he doesn’t announce it to you, he doesn’t make it clear that you’re safest around him, he simply kills them. The only way you’ll know is when he comes home with blood on his clothes and those demons no longer stalking you.

    He’s going to be paying extra attention to your surroundings from now on. Anything he sees as a possible danger will be wiped out.

    He’s still not sure about interacting with you, but if you see him as a protector, as a guardian in any way, well, he’ll have to live up to your expectations, won’t he? Just expect him to be coming home in blood a lot more often, now.


    As much as he’d like to believe you could be capable enough on your own, he knows that could never be true. He ought to get more accustomed to saving you from disaster. How many times does this make it, hm?

    It doesn’t matter. He can handle this. Their vile intentions would never come to fruition, he can easily make sure of it with just the flick of his finger. He’ll even let you watch so you can see first hand how capable he is compared to those filthy creatures.

    He can be busy, but he much prefers you come to him with these problems. He enjoys it, even, the thrill of saving you and the gratitude in your face when he does.

    There isn’t much he enjoys, so just let him have this simple pleasure. Don’t you like it when he rescues you, when he keeps you safe? You’re always more willing to do as he says afterwards, after all. 

    In fact, there are better ways to keep you nice and protected all the time. The devildom is such a dangerous place for a human, it’d be better if you could stay by someone as powerful and caring as him. 

    You don’t necessarily have to agree now, but the clock is always ticking. You’ll realize how much safer it is to be with him in time, he can make sure of it.


    Oh dear, what should you expect from demons? He figured something like this would happen sooner or later. A poor defenseless human such as yourself would be bound to attract much unsavory attention. 

    Don’t fret, he can keep you safe. What kind of angel would he be if he didn’t, after all. If those putrid demons can’t play nice, going after someone so innocent and precious to him, then they don’t deserve the life so graciously given to them.

    He’ll make sure to let you know that they won’t bother you anymore after the deed is done, with emphasis that it was him who kept you safe. Surely if you had gone to anyone else they wouldn’t have been nearly as understanding as he was.

    Humans are so delicate. In a land of demons and other powerful creatures all out for your demise, you need someone to ward off those creatures. Someone like him.

    Don’t you think it would be better if you stayed with him at purgatory hall? There’s always room for you there, you know. You could share his chambers.

    Though… Maybe it’s best if you avoided the dangerous wizard and left Luke alone as well. You should just stay with him, let him watch over you, let him take care of you. It would be rather foolish of you to decline him, wouldn’t it, now?

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    MC: Where's Mammon?

    Leviathan: He's, uh... busy.

    Asmodeus: Being an idiot.

    MC: What kind of idiot?

    Asmodeus: The "everything is now on fire" kind.

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