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    Really quick sketch of The Child, or Baby Yoda from “The Mandalorian”.

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  • @ disney where are the mandalorian bloopers. WHERE

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    Originally posted by gameraboy1

    Din Djarin x Reader 

    Summary: A force sensitive reader and Din cross paths… It’s gonna be a real slow burn baby 

    Warnings: none now, smut later

    Author note: The amount of research I did for this is so dumb. I looked up every type of droid and the mechanics of the ships but if you know more than me please share your wisdom.

    When the ship had first landed on your planet there was talk. Of course there was. Nothing ever happens here and now there’s a mandalorian in the flesh. You had not taken much interest as to who he was or why he was there. He had come into the parts shop you were working in asking for a few things for his ship but had only interacted with your boss, not you. That was until the night of the town festival. 

    Keep reading

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  • i forgot i did a baby yoda one

    fuck, i would burn the world for this cute little baby 🥺

    i watched the whole show with tears in my eyes because everytime baby yoda was on screen i wanted to cry because he’s too cute. and it’s not even a joke, i was crying and my brother would ask me if i was okay and then laugh at me. but he actually understands.

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  • Being quarantined and waiting on a chest plate based off of the new look, I decided to build the classic shocktrooper look. I guess it’s cool to have both looks. Gotta adjust the ab plate and attach the diamond, but other then that I’m proud of this.

    By the way, I just want to thank everyone who have been encouraging me and cheering me on. You guys are the best :) You guys be safe!

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  • The gladiator mandos give me unholy ideas 👀 stay tuned?

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    I’ve been writing for most of the day and I’m starting to get tired, but I’m really close to being finished with this request. 

    Have a little snip bit of fluffy Din

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  • Serbian chef knife build is on Youtube now , and i reveal the winners for it #handmade #casting #titanium #starwars #damascus #smoker #anodizing #mandalorian #powerhammer #chefknife #anvil #starwars #forging #forgingknives #fab #titanium #turning #welding #tigwelding #disneyplus #aluminumwelding #forgedsteele #handmade #ironworker #machinist #pantograph #serbianchefknife (at Toronto, Ontario)

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    Baby Yoda does quarantine

    1 - climbing the walls of his egg and playing with his ball

    2 - force workouts

    3 - stocking up and hoarding frogs from the local Frog Emporium

    4 - having a Zoom watch party of his own show with his dad

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  • otp meme

    got tagged by @drthrvn :)



    (bold = mutual, italics = one person)

    height difference (she’s 5'6 and I’m guessing he’s like 6'1 or so) | mutual pining | first kiss | first love | wedding | in-jokes | lgbt+  | family disapproves (their families are dead :/) | friend disapproves | would die for each other | fake relationship | arranged wedding | cuddlers | pda friendly | and they were room mates (ship mates) | holding hands | secret relationship | opposing worldviews | opposing personalities (sort of; Dree has a vengeful streak and gets a little too zealous about the suffering of her enemies) | opposing goals | getting a pet | have kids  | want kids | grow old together (haven’t decided anything yet, but I feel like I want this to end tragically, so…) | relationship failures | rests head on shoulder | share a bed | token dummies (Dree’s an idiot in the best way possible) | relationship doubts | they have a song | first date | share a jacket | sharing a blanket | mutual interests | study buddies (he taught her how to speak Mando'a) | bathing together | crash into hello (she judo-flipped him once as a greeting, so) | accidental nudity | laundry | same hobbies | cooking for each other (Dree’s a terrible cook, but Torian enjoys making food) | big fancy gala | sibling rivalry | hair stroking | dancing | laying in the grass | watching stars together | watching the other sleep | shared values | friends to lovers | enemies to lovers | lovers to enemies | childhood friends | slow burn | love triangle | toxic relationship | sitting on each other’s laps | can’t be together | hugs | forehead touches (with helmets, no less!) | neck kisses | car/motorbike/speeder rides | compliments | nicknames (a mutually shared nickname too) | falling asleep together | late night talks | gifts



    height difference (she’s 5'8 and he’s around 6'3) | mutual pining | first kiss | first love | wedding | in-jokes | lgbt+ (I originally wanted Briseile to date Lana but that romance glitched out) | family disapproves (duh, minus Senya ofc) | friend disapproves | would die for each other | fake relationship | arranged wedding | cuddlers | pda friendly | and they were room mates | holding hands | secret relationship (extremely low profile, not 100% secret) | opposing worldviews (formerly) | opposing personalities | opposing goals (formerly) | getting a pet | have kids  | want kids | grow old together (maybe?) | relationship failures | rests head on shoulder | share a bed | token dummies | relationship doubts | they have a song | first date | share a jacket | sharing a blanket | mutual interests | study buddies | bathing together | crash into hello (more like “stabbing hello”) | accidental nudity | laundry | same hobbies | cooking for each other | big fancy gala | sibling rivalry | hair stroking (they don’t have hair!) | dancing | laying in the grass | watching stars together | watching the other sleep | shared values (post redemption) | friends to lovers (…sort of) | enemies to lovers (well, enemies to friends to lovers) | lovers to enemies | childhood friends | slow burn | love triangle | toxic relationship (but they only got together well after his redemption) | sitting on each other’s laps | can’t be together (shouldn’t be, at least) | hugs | forehead touches (and nose rubs) | neck kisses | car/motorbike/speeder rides | compliments | nicknames (Only he’s allowed to call her Bri) | falling asleep together | late night talks | gifts

    Tagging: I’m lazy, so… anyone who wants to do this that hasn’t been tagged

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  • (bonks ur head gently to tell u ily) @gruvu

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  • I really don’t like taking pictures of myself out of cosplay so it was hard to find ones I liked for this trend on TikTok.
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    We’ve been hard at work during lockdown to bring you more nerdy treats.

    Come back friday to see our next tutorial videos!

    We have spoken.

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    Originally posted by klassyfeels

    AN / warnings: umm….. Smut. F!reader


    A— Aftercare

    Mando is either or. Either you’re both in a rush (ie. the kid, youre in a public place, there’s gunfire somewhere near? We’re running) and he does his aftercare when y’all have access to a quiet and safe place. But once he does have the time, of boy is he a soft boi. Usually, when you have time, you’re in your cot in the pitch black closet you two call a bedroom and he’s curled around you. His armour is long forgotten, and with a whispered promise of ‘no peeking’ his helmet clangs to the floor. His mouth is on you then— dusting over your shoulders and neck and jaw as he showers you with praise, because frankly, he can be a little rough sometimes. He always manages to get you clean— either with the blindfold you wear or with one of your shirts, and he always lets you curl up and relax in his arms because while he’s the head everyone wants, you’re the caregiver of not only him but the Kid. You deserve to have time to shut your eyes. 

    B— Body Part (outside of sexy parts)

    For Him, it’s your hands. They’re always so soft and gentle on him— something that he needs and wants after a long, hard day. Your touch on his shoulder as he’s flying or rubbing his back in the dark of your room as he nods off, cheek pressed to your chest. Your touch on his hands after you take his glove off. Your touch on his cock, working him up until his eyes disappear up into his skull. 

    For You, it’s his neck. It’s never exposed, and it rarely touches the air, but when it does you bet your hands are there, holding him. Your lips are on his neck— his throat or his spine and making chilli erupt over his body. You especially like knowing that when he’s out killing people or defending you your dark marks are on him. 

    C— Cum

    He really, really, really, really tries really hard to not cum inside of you and just stay there because it’s so warm and soft and nothing like how it is outside of this ship. But, neither of you are ready or able to expand your family. Maybe one day in the distant future he can take you to some mountainous jungle moon and build you a cabin on a field where he fills you over and over again, but until then, he’s okay marking himself on your thighs and stomach.

    D— Dirty Secret

    He gets really turned on when he sees how good you are with kids. Sure, maybe Mando has a breeding kink, but god damn, he’d really love to see you be the mother to his children. He sees how the Kid loves you so much and how you brighten up when you’re on a planet and stumble upon a festival. He sees how much you brighten up when you watch the kids watching a puppet show or squealing when their dads win them prizes. He never misses the way you smile up at him after, either. 

    E— Experience

    You have your experience, and he doesn’t judge you for it. If you’ve had a lot of people then he just needs to up his game and make sure he’s the best you’ve ever had. If you don’t have that much experience, if at all, he takes the trust you put in him very seriously. He always makes sure youre feeling good and that youre okay. 

    For Him, he has okay experience. Nothing crazy on either side, but he’s had enough experience to make sure you feel good and that he knows just what he’s doing. 

    F— Favorite Position

    You’re trying to tell me that Mando doesn’t love shoving your face first onto the bed and pinning you down and just fucking you from behind as youre pressed hard into the mattress? He eASY it would be to stay there forever? Taking you over and over and wrapping his arm around your middle to play with you and rest his weight into your back? mkay. 

    G— Goofy

    You’re the goofy one. He sees sex as a super intimate experience of trust and acceptance, but you being the ray of fucking sunshine he would never get rid of, never fail to crack a joke that makes him huff out a breath of amusement. One time you got him to laugh just as he came, and he slapped his hand over your mouth and said “if you keep running your mouth I’ll shut you up a different way, huh?” And since then you’ve been trying to get him to that point.

    H— Hair

    Neither fo you have time to really care about that stuff, and since you dig each other so much it doesn’t really bother either of you. Sometimes you get access to a razor and a bathroom, but outside of that there’s really no need. 

    I— Intimacy

    Discussed in ‘Goofy’

    J— Jack Off

    He and his left hand? Well acquainted. Even when you first joined the crew he was still touching himself since you were just dancing around each other for MONTHS!!! It all came to a head (ehehe) when you walked in on him jerking off in the cockpit (eheheh). HE’d just pulled himself out of his pants, so he was still in full armour and he was trying to finish before you came back from putting the Kid to bed, but you’d come back just as he came into his fist, a tiny grunt of your name rasped through the respirator. The rest? History. 

    K— Kink


    L— Location

    He really loves his ship. He’s debating between watching you ride him in the cockpit seat with his helmet (either you ro him wearing it) on. If your wearing it, it’s blocking the vision. The second place is in your bedroom. It gets completely dark so he can fully undress and let you come undone with his mouth. He can kiss you as much as he wants wherever he wants and he can moan and breathe and talk without that stupid fucking mask he just wants tot throw out the door 

    M— Motivation

    Mando gets going not only when you’re with the kid, but when you can show youre fully capable of taking care of yourself. Flying the ship through an astroid field? Boner. Watching you take on all the baddies by yourself, only to smile up at him like a golden retriever? Sure as hell he’s dragging you back to the ship and fucking you senseless. 

    N— No

    He doesn’t want to hurt you. Ever. He doesn’t spank, or whip or whatever. He doesn’t to weapons or wax or anything too cold because he’s hurt enough people. He doesn’t want to hurt you. Sure, he gets rough— really rough sometimes, but he constantly checks in and if he so much as notices you tense, he’s off of you and pulling you into him lap and apologizing. 

    O— Oral

    He loves blowjobs. Sure, any dude does but he really loves the way you taste. He loves working his mouth for once, and just soaking you up and just feeling you come on his tongue is a thrill. He has no time to taste food or drink, but he has all the time in the world for you. 

    P— Pace

    He can be either or. If adrenalines going or you need to be somewhere five minutes ago or the kid is awake, it’s quick and effective and rough. However, if he has the option of taking it slow he does. He works you up slowly and works you down only to have you come back up. He could eat you out for hours, or he could fuck you so slow, feeling every centimetre and memorizing the way you shake when you come.

    Q— Quickie

    Y’all are two vigilantes with prices on your head and a child. Of course you have quickies. 

    R— Risk

    Nah, you’re not really ones for fucking anywhere without a locked and closed door for the same reason you have to do quickies. 

    S— Stamina

    He. can. go. for. hours. For real this man is a beast and it SHOWS.

    T— Toy

    He likes being the only thing that undoes you. sure, theres blindfolds but that’s really more for necessity than anything else 

    U— Unfair

    You don’t get needy very often. Youre an independent being who don’t need no Mandalorian, but god damn if he doesn’t love the way you whine and pout and get touchy when youre really horny. Not only is it so gratifying to hear your triumphant squeal when he picks you up or pulls you into his lap, but it low-key makes him feel wanted and desired. 

    V— Volume

    You both really want to be loud, because holy fuck do you feel good, but really it’s not too realistic is it? Maybe in your cottage in a field he’ll finally be able to make you scream. 

    W— Wild Card

    Your guy Dyn is as top as they get. He has you wrapped around his pinky finger, but he loves when you take care fo him. Maybe it’s you bandaging him up, or maybe its you on your knees in front of him making him relax and letting him fuck your mouth for HIS pleasure. Maybe it’s him half asleep after a long day and night and day and you’re riding him and praising him and making him feel really good. He loves being taken care of and you love taking care of him. 

    X— X-Ray

    He’s an average length— 6 inches maybe? But your boy is thick as fuck EVERYWHERE okay? Sure, he doesn’t rip your cervix to pieces, but holy shit you’re actually being impaled. It always takes a second of adjustment before he can move. And either you always have lube, or he makes you come enough you’re the lube. 

    Y— Yearning

    You both feel like youre teenagers with your first big love. Always handsy, always have an eye on the other, always reaching, feeling, loving. You haven’t said the l-word yet, but wowowow, y’all are pros at yearning for each other and showing the l-word

    Z— ZZZ…

    Usually he liked for you to fall asleep on him. He loves when you bury your face in his neck and just relax into him as he traces your spine and feels your weight on top of him— it grounds him. However, there have been times where either he or you both have pulled several all nighters in a row and there HAVE been times either one of you or both have fallen asleep during sex. Not being it’s not good, but Maker. What if you just closed your eyes for one second…..

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    It’s done!!! Deeks’s final helmet redo!!

    Message me and ask about my big man, pls, I love him

    Bonus, some emotes

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